Jeff and I believe that there has been some amazing game play!

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Samoa': episode 9

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Okay to this weeks episode…

Little ole Natalie is really coming of age out in Samoa.

Natalie killing the rat is one of my favorites moments of all time.  It’s wrong on so many levels but never ever fails to make me stop what I am doing and watch.

If you pitched this as the opening scene to a new Wes Craven horror movie, you’d sell the idea in the room:

Extremely attractive twenty-something blonde wearing a skimpy golden-roped string bikini is wandering through the woods alone. Tired.  Scared.  Reallllly hungry.  She encounters a rat scrounging for food.  So as not to alert the rat or mess up her pedicure, she tip toes through the jungle inching closer and closer to her prey.  Silently picking up a large stick she hammers the rat to death with one strong blow.

Natalie: “It was really hard for me because he was looking at me.. he was cute… but I’ve never been this hungry in my entire life.”

Therein lies one of the most beautiful things about Survivor.  If forces people to confront truths about themselves they might otherwise never have to face.  Think about what you witnessed.  A pretty little pharmaceutical sales rep walking barefoot thru the jungle, in a bikini, whacking a rat until it’s dead.  That’s not normal behavior.

I believe it was difficult for Natalie to kill the rat and I also believe she never second- guessed it.  She had never been so h-u-n-g-r-y in her entire life.  Who knows how far she would have gone for a burger.

YES, that will most definitely be a part of the live Survivor: Samoa Reunion show on CBS Sunday, December 20th in Los Angeles.

The Sliding Rocks are one of those amazing natural wonders that you often find in the most unlikely of places.  They were as fun as they looked, both for adults and for kids and I think it’s one of those moments the Survivors will probably only appreciate years from now when they look back and remember the time they spent in that beautiful little pocket of the world.

But let’s be clear, as fun as the rocks are they’re not nearly as much fun as sliding down a hillside built on a million one-dollar bills… that is always the ultimate goal in this game.

While the Galu gang was sliding down the rocks, frolicking in the water and eating chocolate brownies, Russell was putting himself one step closer to the million dollars doing what he does better than anybody in the history of this game… finding another HIDDEN immunity idol without the help of a clue.

You need not waste any time responding to this blog about how I give Russell too much credit.  I won’t respond.  Nobody has ever done what he is doing.  So smart and so obvious when you think about it.  Of course the idol has to be somewhere that is somewhat easy to find, because we want it to found.  If we hid it in the middle of nowhere people wouldn’t find it even with 20 clues.  We just have never had anybody take the initiative to start looking without the clue.  It’s really quite brilliant.  Like it or not, the pirate with the missing tooth continues to reinvent the game.

Come on, just admit it – Russell is growing on you a little bit, right?

I’m still shaking my head because in many ways it reminds me of Richard Hatch in season one.  It’s as though the rest of the players are playing a different game.  It certainly doesn’t mean he’ll win or even make it to the end but there is no denying he is playing a different game than anybody else.

INSIGHT: While we’re on the subject of hidden immunity idols.  A lot of people have been asking me why I have not been asking “If anybody has the idol and you want to play it now is the time to do so…” before I read the votes.  Here’s why – this season the clues have all been secretive.  So there is no way for me to be certain that everybody knows there is an idol in play.  Therefore, I can never ask for them to play it at tribal council because I might be giving something away.

That is why every Survivor is told before the game begins that regardless whether I ask for it or not, if they want to play the idol I will always pause before reading the votes giving them ample time to stand up and declare their intention to play it.


Regardless whether you like the way Laura is playing or not, you have to give her credit.  She is a smart and scrappy player who is holding her own in challenges.  Individual challenges are one of the great elements of the game.  You have the chance to save yourself and if you’re good enough, nobody can stop you.

Laura came through in a big way and clearly had no idea how desperately she needed immunity.  Had she not won, she would have been voted out and Kelly would still be in the game.

I also enjoy Laura’s cocky swagger.  She doesn’t pretend anything.  When she’s feeling it she says it.  I dig it.

I think Dave should publish a book filled with witty comments and observations on life.  I’d read anything he wanted to write.  My favorite from this week:

Dave Ball: “And as soon as we burn all the Foa Foa’s we kill a chicken.  (flashes a peace sign) I’m not sharing with anybody who isn’t purple.”


It was a bummer to see Kelly go, as she was a bit of an innocent bystander.  But when you’re playing the “quiet” game that can happen.

Coming into tribal council Galu was clearly cocky, but they damn sure did not leave with the same confidence.

When Russell stood up to play the idol once again, the reactions of Kelly, Dave, Monica and Laura were solid gold.

As I continued to read Russell votes, you could feel the Galu tribe growing anxious… wondering… whose name (from Galu) was going to come up on the parchment.

When Kelly saw her name, she knew it was over.

Goodbye dreads.  Loved having you and you will be missed, although I’m sure Erik is excited you’re sticking around to be on the jury.

So… it’s now 6-4.  Or is it 5-5?  There’s another idol in play.  What are the odds that Russell can do it again?  If not, are his days numbered?

Look forward to your thoughts.  I’m gonna go replay the rat scene one more time before bed.

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  1. You can be first tomorrow aggie… unless the new post is up before I leave for work!! :lol: Aggie, I saw your “puzzle” from yesterday. Don’t give us the answer.. just keep dropping hints til somebody gets it… more fun that way :roll:

  2. In case y’all missed it…. M W S T M H D T M N O T S A S C O F A F… (we have to figure out what it stands for and what the hell aggie was talking about)

  3. Ted likes me to talk dirty to him ,their is no curse words , It has to do with self abuse.Phillip, if you get this ,YOU ARe THE MAN.

  4. Man with short tallywacker must have determination to masturbate nonstop over the sink and spunk clear over fixtures and faucets. That has to be it :lol: Think we need to buy a vowel aggie

  5. Aggie… This has got to be the decoded answer. :lol:

    M W S T M H D T M N O T S A S C O F A F


  6. TED, just saw the new nickname for Russell..The Great it because he is the greatest to play the game.Is it Thursday yet

  7. It’s not Thursday yet. Can’t wait til it is. Sunday’s are good for me too though. Football, Football, Amazing Race, Simpsons, Dexter, CYE,…. and more Football!! :smile: (Mad Men is over for this season) ……I wish they would spread this stuff out to all the other days when I have nothing to watch!!

  8. I just checked my tv listings… and I am PI$$ED!! My CBS station is only showing one game today… KC vs Oakland.. :eek: :eek: WTFITBS?! I want to watch Cincy vs Pitt!! People in Oakland and Kansas City don’t even want to watch that game. I’ll watch Dal-Phil on FOX, but still… pick a better game for us CBS!! :mad:

  9. Damn if my football choice was limited to KCvOakland I wouldn’t be nearly as pissed about having to attend a wedding today. While I understand it’s the woman’s day, why piss off a good portion of the people that will be attending by holding your wedding when there are major sports on?

  10. A wedding on a Sunday during football season?? That’s messed up!! I hope you just got them a toaster or something. I’ll be watching Dallas while Kc-Oak is on. It still would be nice if they would give me a good game to flip to during commercials.

  11. I’ll bring Laura back some day (well, most of her anyway). I’m stuck with “Terminator Smiley” til Wednesday though. I can’t make changes on webtv and the computer is having ISP/Modem/Router issues??

  12. And don’t even get me started on MNF! Browns vs Ravens? :eek: I just might have to join aggie watching DWTS if the NFL keeps this sh#t up! The only thing that could make me watch that game would be if Baltimore busted out throwback unis from when THEY were the Browns. That would really pi$$ off Cleveland and might be worth watching.:lol: The “No Fun League” would never let it happen though.

  13. Jt….That’s what I said about MNF. The only thing that
    would be worse is KC and Oakland….or in my case….New
    Orleans at St. Louis. I could have gotten 3 free corporate
    tickets with a parking pass for free….No thanks. I would
    rather watch paint dry.
    JT….do you have a hard drive?
    aggie….not a flippin idea what that is supposed to be. :roll:

  14. Dok…I feel your pain…who plans a wedding on FOOTBALL
    day? Or a bridal shower, or a baby shower. That’s just
    plain crazy. :twisted:

  15. Ok…so I guess everyone is icing up the beer and
    making all the munchies before kickoff. Catch ya’ll later.

  16. fp2… I just coated my entire body with water based hot pink paint. It should only take about an hour to dry. You busy?

  17. Well AGGIE… you do have me at a loss. Especially after you said no swear words… but then, you really don’t use a lot. Good Try PK and PGA… both inventive. I think we need more clues.

    JT… I feel your pain… at least one of them is guaranteed a win. I picked the Raiders only because they are at home. I like the Terminator Smiley, but, would like to see Laura. Who was the guy before TS early yesterday?

    Glad DONNA is in TGO fan club… FRANNIE is in… and I know AGGIE will follow soon. I know STARFISH, CYNTHIA and PRINCESS love him too.

    FRANNIE… Ula is 8.

  18. Ted, that was Justaguy for PK to slap. Apparently, he has changed his mind and wants to see her back… errr.. her front!

  19. I get the Vikings and the Steelers games this a.m….NASCAR this afternoon since the game is Seahawks… who suck!

  20. This page is freezing up on my computer, so I just finally got to see the interview with the humble and soft spoken Russell… My daughter Ashley said he was trying to lose on purpose until he heard Laura was catching him. I like Laura in the game though, so I was happy with the outcome. Good comments by Jeff. Will have to vote for Survivor in the PPCA.

    DONNA… where do you live? And how is PRINCESS doing?

  21. Aggie… This has got to be it!

    M W S T M H D T M N O T S A S C O F A F

    F(add letters here and season to taste)

  22. Ted I am a New Yorker..still celebrating our 27th world championship because it seems like the Giants, Jets, Knicks,Rangers and Islanders are gonna suck this season.

  23. Is this it Aggie? I think so…

    M W S T M H D T M N O T S A S C O F A F


  24. DONNA P… Love the Yankees! Great World Series!!! Don’t count the Giants out yet, there’s still hope. Enjoyed visiting NYC a few years ago, seeing as many art museums and B’way shows as I could in a week. I went to see NY’s national treasure MADAME X at The Met and Jennifer Garner in ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ at The Richard Rogers Theater. I saw it the night before the strike.

  25. Oops… the ‘D’ is for DARINGLY! And Temptingly should have been Tempting. I thought something was strange. I had to do it twice because I lost it the first time. Thank you for checking up on me.

  26. Halftime… Vikes ahead by a touchdown… Saints too… Steelers by 3… Dolphins way ahead of the Bucs… Whose CYN rooting for?

  27. Vikes 10-3 starting 2nd half. They need to quit fumbling. It should be 28-3… as long as they win, that’s good.

  28. The NFL commissioner must be kicking himself because the game tonight should be the Monday nighter. Love Randy Moss and the Patriots hope they kick Payton Manning’s butt.

  29. Well FRANNIEP & JT must be happy! But SAL not so… and to make matters worse Cincy leads the division! Yes all field goals.

  30. aggie….you like movies…. Have you ever seen Imitation
    of Life with Lana Turner? That is one of my favorites.
    It’s an old movie from 1959. They did one years before
    with Claudette Colbert but I never watched that one.
    I have the double collection on one cd but never
    watched the older version.
    aggie…show yourself.

  31. and Ted… that another picture of yourself?

    Football sucked today. I had quite a few losses but as it turned out….most of my losses were other peeps
    losses today too.

  32. Ted…I don’t want the Rams to lose since they are my
    home team, but each week I pick the opposite team.
    Besides….my son is still in the BIG football pool and that
    could get someone big M & M’s, if you know what I mean.
    I got knocked out in the fifth week…damn Eagles.

  33. Franniep2, I love sports in general. I also like NASCAR but can’t stand to watch it now because Junior didn’t make the chase and I can’t stand Jimmie Johnson and his cheating crew.

  34. I can’t get into Nascar. It takes to long to finish a
    race. The only races I like are HORSE RACES. I can’t wait
    until summer when THEY’RE OFF.

  35. Ted… Go back to The Nicholson/Bacon look-a-like pic before somebody mistakes you for Jeffrey Dahmer returned from the grave. Horror!

  36. Nice try FRANNIE… using movies to lure AGGIE back… She is probably sitting in a Great Chicago Bar somewhere watching football. Would be nice to see the Rams win. What is happening with the Raiders? Be halftime soon and I’ll know… hope for my sake they are winning.

  37. fp2… I can’t wait until summer either when all the winter clothes are replaced by bikinis at the beach. And THEY”RE OFF!

  38. Franniep2,yes that was Helio CastroNevis and he was awesome on DWTS.Then he got into some taxation troubles.

  39. Ted and Phillip ,you are both incorrect. Another clue would be i actually said two of the words recently.Frannie , I have seen imatation of life with Lana Turner. You guys have to think like me, theirs no big words in here.

  40. Later all….gotta go see some football scores. Maybe the
    later games will be better and I can pull out a winning week.
    I’m not going to hold my breath.

  41. Oh No… KC is ahead of Oakland by 3.. Well FRANNIE, if KC wins then I guess you should have listened to your grandson!

    PK…I forgot what Dahmer looked like. Now my Russell imitation has popped up. I think different people see different pics. My pic here is whatever is on facebook… until now. And speaking of avatars, the Tennessee Titans wore old Oilers uniforms today… check out the helmets on the highlight films, JT.

    Looks pretty inevitable that #48 will get it again DONNA P.

  42. Okay, I hated Russell, but he is beginning to grow on me. I didn’t like the “Dumb Ass Girls” talk, but still it made for good publicity and we will remember him when it’s over whether he wins or loses. He is smart and I would like to see him stay awhile longer. I am ready for Laura to go.

  43. Thanks for the correction… I missed that. Good try at AGGIE’s puzzle earlier.

    Hi NELMAREE… Maybe Russell is mellowing… that was a stupid thing to say at the start of the game as it only made him look ignorant. Glad he is getting more fans, because he is the best. We will see what happens Thurs.

  44. I just made up something crazy to go with the letters :lol: What would we do without Russell? Even those that dislike him would have to admit he’s brought a lot of entertainment value to the season. Next Thursday should be interesting watching the now desperate “Galu Crew” chasing him around. Why is it that nearly every year the tribe with the numbers advantage at the merge finds a way to screw it up? Pick off the other tribe and then deal with your own issues :roll:

  45. Where did Prince Avatar (formerly “guy on restroom door”) wander off to? The Dallas/Green Bay game isn’t that exciting.

  46. Ted, Phillip is right the Kevin Bacon picture is nicer.Another clue two words a nickname for a friends junk, and im not talking about in the trunk.Think silly guys.

  47. Ummmmmmm aggie, I’m worried about the guys you hang out with if they have nicknames for their friend’s junk.

  48. Ted….that’s ok, I forgive you for telling me to pick
    Oakland, that was my original choice. We all had too many losses this week. IF New England wins tonight, I can still be
    in it for tomorrows game but it comes down to points.

  49. Dok, you’re right! That Dallas game was so boring that I wandered off… to sleep! Never thought a Dallas – Green Bay game could put me to sleep. “Prince Avatar”…. I like it!! I told AC that there is only one King Avatar and I was justa wannabe. I am in the land of the “Purple Prince”, so that name works pretty damn good. Nice job!

  50. I just want to stop by for a second—yes another hit & run—sorry—& say a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of you that wished me a Happy Birthday on the 14th. I wub you guys. :lol: You are sooooooo kind–when you’re not slapping & spanking each other. hahahahahaha But I wouldn’t have you any other way!! :mrgreen: I WILL be back tomorrow night. (beware) :twisted: But right now, must go take a shower & get my butt in the bed. LOTS to do tomorrow that I didn’t expect UNTIL my birthday. :lol: You guys & gals have a blast & be safe.

    @Aggie—no slapping too hard—they might get addicted hahahahahahahaha

    Papi–I miss you & I’ll be here tomorrow night ok??

    Snake & JT—was that really pics of you guys I saw?? hehehehehe I saw no eyes on Snake WTF?? & JT was tiny WTF??? But looking good. :lol:

    Peace Out :lol:

  51. 5 ft 11 and 1/2 was pretty average when I was in school in the 80s. When I’m around a young crowd now, it’s like trying to find my way through the forest. Seems like they are all 6-4 or taller.

  52. At least Sal understands my feelings towards the Vikes. Yes, they have made many play-off appearances… had some really good seasons.. it just makes losing in the end that much tougher. I’m never disappointed with the Gophers.. we don’t expect much.

  53. About Russ being a genius. Not so much. Anyone can dig and hunt and root. A genius would find it in five minutes. He’s just looking at so called landmarks. I think they should hide it underwater deep enough you have to dive for it. No way could you hide that you’ve been in the water.
    He is entertaining but so is my chihuahua when he farts then tries to run from it. Cute for five seconds, then just gross.
    I want Nat to win. Took me a long time to have a fav.

  54. All I can say so early in the morning is…..DAMN Patriots.
    But, why should I have expected any different. I went to
    bed with them winning…..I shouldn’t have taken anything
    for granite.

    5:22 A.M. with a temperature of 45 degrees and RAINING…

  55. After watching the highlights of the Colts-Patriots game, the
    Colts had a little help winning that game. Sure the Patriots
    should have gone for the field goal but bad calls by the
    refs killed them. How unfortunate to go out that way.

  56. Good Morning Franniep2, I agree with your thoughts on the Pats-Colts game. I guess Payton Manning is the hero..again

  57. Hi Frannie and Donna,Kind of acold one in chicago only 48, right now. Frannie as far as the puzzle goes ,their are two of the letter M that mean mister, and the w is a funny name for a dick.

  58. The Amazing Race was good last night,I was sorry to see Matt and gary go. Their is some real rivalry ,betweenSam and dan and the globetrotters, Sam and Dan seem so threatened by them.

  59. Hi Aggie, yes it’s finally fall in Chicago and I have lots of errands to run in this yuk weather! Love the race but sad to see Gary and Matt go, too. I like any rivalry, it makes it interesting! Next week looks good, too on both the Race and Survivor.
    On another point, I can’t wait for you to reveal but it’s funny watching PK’s guesses!! I also crack up when they talk about you doing a “fly by”, too funny!

  60. HOLLy, yes im doing alot of flybys lately im not sure why maybe its the sports talk. Nothing could make me hit the road quicker.Yes I liked Pks answers, they were definetly better than mine.

  61. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That could hurt Sal.
    BBL….I still have work to catch up on before I can play.
    Ted….did you hear what I said…..I have to work FIRST. :lol:
    Just giving you some chit….aka shit

    Thanks aggie….I will try again to figure out your word game,
    but first I have to finish my morning reports. Boo Hoo

  62. aggie….your’re too funny.
    Now I really gotta go. Hell, I haven’t even had a sip of
    my morning joe yet.

  63. Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ down
    Sometimes I’d like to quit
    Nothing ever seems to fit
    Hangin’ around
    Nothing to do but frown
    Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down

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