Lets all learn to survive together!

Lets be more Friendly, y'all!
Lets be more Friendly, y'all!


Survivor Samoa Blog Code of Conduct


It has become evident that we need to establish a code of conduct for the blog. This is not a private Blog and as such the public has access to our comments.

Therefore they should not be subjected to some of the past/recent comments that have been posted on this blog. As adults y’all should be able to conduct yourselves as such. The nature of some of the sexual content has gotten out of hand and needs to stop. Please refrain from such in the future, if need be taking it to a private chat.

The arguments should be held to a civil tone and not a bantering by all sides of the discussion.

I have refrained from doing so until now. I have had too many complaints from people who are just come and goes and old regulars. This is supposed to be a Survivor Blog, but it is hard for the people who frequent it to continually talk about the game with just a 1hr episode each week. For now try to maintain civility and discuss Survivor and other Reality shows that y’all seem to enjoy. Keep all off topic discussions to a minimum, please! If need be I will delete all inappropriate or offensive material and warn the commenter.


Please try to keep this a friendly place to hang out and be civil to one another when arguing a point.




(SnakeBit Sal)

211 thoughts on “Lets all learn to survive together!”

  1. Does that mean that in the future having graduate degrees and extensive world travel experience is not acceptable grounds for launching personal totally off topic attacks? Please say it’s so…

  2. Amazing Race or other reality show discussion in the future based on performance in the race? Yes, I hope.

    Amazing Race or other reality show discussion based on affirmative action, hardships or any other non-game related social issues? No, Please No!

  3. An educated man/woman should keep their off topics to a minimum Phil. Just be reasonable, lots of us spend considerable time her. Just be courteous, socialable with the guests and things will be just fine.

  4. Just be reasonable, lots of us spend considerable time here. Just be courteous, socialable with the guests and things will be just fine.

    That is a general statement to all posters on this blog? Right?

  5. I guess the tone of this site will never change.

    Sitting on the fence opining from the outside never changed anything DonnaP. Change it. You have the power just as much as anybody else on here. Go for it! I’m listening…

  6. Sal, it sounds good in theory but there are some rebels here who are just looking to stir it up! That’s what has kept some of us away. It certainly isn’t as friendly as BB!

  7. PK ..You are the one with the power because if I was the one behaving like GOD on this site, I would be banned.

  8. way to go, snake. i appreciate the parameters. perhaps your request will return this blog to the place we all had fun!

    missed you all, but wasn’t quite willing to jump into what i’ve read recently – it’s been really confusing, strong feelings seem to have prevailed more than fun communication.

    hope you are all well, aggie, frannie, pk, justa, ac, cyn, snake, donna, mama margie, ted, starfish, donna, and anyone else who’s name escapes at the moment.

  9. Sitting on the fence opining from the outside never changed anything DonnaP. Change it. You have the power just as much as anybody else on here. Go for it! I’m listening…

    Change can only happen when y’all agree to discuss a subject with humility without degrading the character of someone for their opinion!

  10. Holly… go back and read the posts. You disagreed with me about Barbie and Ken deserving to win AR based SOLEY on the fact that they were not deserving enough but that Brian and Ericka were since they were a mixed couple and qualified for hardship consideration.

    Nothing I said after that supporting my opinion supported by numerous published facts that Brian and Ericka are not and have not faced any significant hardships resulted in personal attacks from you and affirmative action argument from Liz.

    I defended myself against verbal assaults and Sal I will do so in the future should it ever happen again from any regular or guest at any time. If that is unacceptable to our supreme leader, delete this post and kindly accept my parting Ciao.

  11. PK ..You are the one with the power because if I was the one behaving like GOD on this site, I would be banned.

    Just another undeserved one liner you go girls insult… So much for your guidelines, Sal.

  12. ok y’all, simmer down. Phils point is valid. There are no personal reasons why someone should deserve to win a reallirt game. You can root for them for personal reasons, however it’s a game and luck, sportsmanship and knowledge all play a part in the outcome!

  13. Thank you Sal. Reason prevails at last. Keep affirmative action ANYTHING out of this blog. Let the courts deal with that as they have been doing quite well without any assistance for the blogt community.

  14. ok Pk, here goes………I would never try and insult anyone, that is not who I am or what I am about. I guess what got on my nerves today was your superiority over the trotters cause you can name a million people name Franz! Now, I know many of us can but they cannot and yes it was frustrating but I felt sorry for them and then you started about living abroad and blah, blah, blah. Next when Liz and I simply stated that interacial couples are not easily accepted even in this day and age and that must be a hardship, you proceeded to grind your opinion into us once again.

    All I’m trying to say is that we all have our own opinions and yes it is fun to share and speculate on who will win it all but the way you do it can be grating on some of us some of the time. I hope that there are no hard feelings as I have had interesting conversations with you in the past, but you know as well as the rest of us that you can be VERY GODlike in you opinions.

  15. Just because of someones personal character, for whatever cause or belief you have on that subject is no reason the put down their opinion or outlook. If you don’t like what they have to say, just bypass their comments and converse with the others on the subject.

  16. Hi Princess, I know I’ve been staying away too but for some reason I jumped in today and boy am I regretting that!

  17. Minority pressure is a fact of life. Mixed relations are taken on by people who no the pressure of such a relationship. We need not judge them for good or bad.

    The Globetrotters (whom I was rooting for ) have (at least Big Easy did) a small issue with common sense challenges. If you remember he had trouble with the watch as a combination. When I saw the previews I was worried because of the type of puzzle it was. To me (who works jumbles all the time) I know how to set up and solve them. Big Easy who has spent more time on the basketball court is way better than me at BB. The other teams struggled with it also. It was just bad luck that he didn’t try to sit down and arrange the letters in more combinations, i’m sure he repeated some a few times.

    PS — you don’t need to know all the people PK mentioned , Saturday Night Live used to have … Hanz and Franz the body builders!

  18. I like to SHARE the privilege, opportunities, education, career and 66 years of from the White House to the slums of Haiti and many many ports in between experiences and knowledge with others on this blog and elsewhere over the years. God as some allege? No. Been there done that savvy. You bet.. Many many times over and over again.

  19. Yea Sal, I thought it was crazy that he took a 4 hr instead of just trying other combos! yes I have of course heard of Hanz and Franz but I was giving the trotters the benefit as I was rooting for them also!

  20. but he had a sheet of paper and was working out combinations. i think he was so sure it was a chech word that he was out thinking it. frankly, it was just a show of the character of that particular brother that at the end he didn’t give a better clue. i understand it was game play, but he’s been whiney, loud, and fairly obnoxious during the whole show!

    donna, your sources better not tell you the brothers won!!

  21. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: Nice try Sal, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be working well. Any chance of getting the MTH unlocked?

  22. Phil, there are times when your lawyer/experience terminology escapes some of us and leaves us wondering. WTF did he say? :grin:

  23. I don’t know how he didn’t get it princess! I think he wasn’t crossing them off as he was trying them because how many combos can there be, it’s only 5 letters!

  24. 1 vowel, try the middle first “A”
    Z, last, not many words start with Z
    The rest could have been figured out

  25. I remember on past seasons, this site actually discussed the game of Survivor. Just looking at the responses, it now looks like a bunch of complainers and whiners! This is my only post to say I will not re-subscribe if this is what the theme of discussion is always.

  26. Flight Time should have done the challenge because Big Easy is not too bright. They were fun to watch and really nice guys.

  27. Denise… We actually do discuss Survivor but it only comes on once a week and we look for other topics like Amazing Race, Dancing With The Stars and other reality shows on the Survivor off days. Some on here love TGO Russell, some hate him and the reasons for both vary widely. To some -women only – Laura was an ugly bitch but to others, particularly Ted, Laura should be featured as Centerfold Grandmother of the year. Like her or hate her, she played the game just underplayed the Shambo factor.

    Opinions on here vary as to who will go next. The majority say John will go. I am in my own minority and think Russell needs to get rid of Brett (a possible JT emulator) now and worry about the other Galu misfits later on.

  28. Denise, if you want to talk Survivor, just jump right in with a comment, I’m sure someone here will agree and someone else will disagree with your thoughts

  29. Russell needs to methodically eliminate the remaining Galu first (Shambo excluded though she is not really Galu anymore) so as not to anger his own tribe mates until it’s Shambos turn to go and at that time Russell must dig deep for a way to keep Shambo in the game as he starts to send Natalie (my favorite and I hope he fails) home first followed by Mick and Jaison in that order. Russell in final two with shambo, he wins outright. Russell with Jaison or Mick, possibly close but Russell still wins. Russell and Natalie, Natalie wins by a landslide.

  30. For you Frannie by request: :smile:

    I call your name but you’re not there.
    Was I to blame for being unfair?
    Don’t you know I can’t sleep at night
    Since you’re been gone.
    I never weep at night; I can’t go on.

    Don’t you know I can’t take it;
    I don’t know who can.
    I’m not gonna make it;
    I’m not that kind of man.

    Don’t you know I can’t sleep at night.
    But just the same,
    I never weep at night; I call your name.

    Don’t you know I can’t take it;
    I don’t know who can.
    I’m not gonna make it;
    I’m not that kind of man.

    Don’t you know I can’t sleep at night.
    But just the same,
    I never weep at night; I call your name.
    I never weep at night; I call your name.

  31. Looking forward to Thursday.
    Tonight is the show about finding the missing family member.
    It’s great.
    AND soon a new Bachelor Show (which i usually watch while i complain about it) but it’s the pilot i loved from the bachelorette so I DO look forward to it. Will
    someone watch it with me?
    my grandson 9mos. is of mixed race and absolutely beautiful.

  32. What does TGO stand for… oh and Sal the Jef/Jordon AR-16 is gonna be a riot because although pretty and sweet Jordan is slightly clueless I wonder how much Jeff can take of that on AR. Tendr the finding the missing family member sounds good but i’d love to see a Reality show where you can hide from your family members (preferably during holidays) lol

  33. They were photographed at LAX Saturday afternoon, and because one team used someone’s laptop to research locations in Santiago, Chile. That’s their presumable first destination, as every season since 12 has started in L.A. Season 15 filmed in just 21 days, so if the production holds to a similarly fast schedule—which saves money—they’ll be done the weekend before Christmas.

    Here’s a series of Twitter postings about the sightings. From Shlok Vaidya’s posts, we’ve learned that, besides Jordan and Jeff, the teams include two male cowboys, who are shorter and in their 20s; a team of “big guys,” named Mike and Louie; an older woman and a 20-something brunette woman that may be a grandmother and grandaughter; a tall man and a shorter blonde woman; and a middle-aged couple. There are also reports of a teams two black women, a married black couple, two frat guys who may be twins, two Asian people, a father/daughter team, and a team with two women who may be lesbians (or who are being stereotyped as such).

    Jordan and Jeff follow former reality show contestants including Rob and Amber to run the race, and their casting has led to a wide range of responses. The fact that they’re polarizing, never mind amusingly inarticulate and frequently stupid, probably led to their casting. I’d bet casting and CBS is convinced we want to know how their relationship has progressed, if at all, and much their intelligence—okay, stupidity—affects their performance on the race.

    While I have grown bitter and jaded about reality stars being recycled on other reality shows and taking spots away from potentially more interesting people as they inevitably prove to be less interesting than they were the first time, I have a feeling that seeing what their relationship is like three months later, and how it survives under the stress of the race, will be interesting, although their stupidity will be even more entertaining.

    A year ago, Survivor and Amazing Race casting director Lynne Spillman told me that she only wants to cast former reality show cast members who are couples. “We want relationships that you relate to, that you understand, that you care about,” she said.

  34. Count me in on the bachelor with you girls! I am sooo excited that Jeff and Jordan are gonna be on the race!

  35. Hi All… good call SAL, I was guilty too. That’s why I was instituting the kinder gentler Ted policy.

    So, who exactly are Jordan and Jeff? Did they meet on BB and fall for each other?

    I must say that I am excited that so many people are seeing the light concerning The Great One. I definitely agree with PHILLIP that the only person he could beat would be Shambo. I think Nat will be in the finals but not Russell. I think it will be a final three.

  36. DONNAP… please no spoilers on AR. I was hoping you were wrong about the ‘trotters’, but really knew you were right.

    I’m sticking with John going Thurs. night.

  37. Oh, PK… when can we expect the link to ‘Rebecca and Phillip’s Wedding’?

    Only if and when we are considered a hardship case by anybody for any reason and proving otherwise which you already know seems necessary under the circumstances.

  38. Im glad to see Jeff and Jordan ,are going to be on the amazing Race, I hope it works out for them, being Jordans not the brightest bulb ,it could mean alot of fighting on that show.

  39. Hi kids! Knotty… Russell is ‘The Great One’!
    The Food Auction is always fun… some interesting choices. And, the strength challenge looks like one that Russell should be able to win! A Dave/Russell alliance… well, you can’t say TGO discriminates.

  40. :shock: I CANNOT BELIEVE TED JUST ASKED WHO JEFF & JORDAN ARE!! WOW!! They were ONLY AMERICA’S Favorite couple on BB. :lol: Oh Ted, Ted, Ted, what are we going to do with you dear?? :lol:

  41. Alllllllllllrighty then—I’m going to go watch Cake Boss. LOVE THAT SHOW. Wish I could decorate cakes like they do. BUT—IF I can stay awake I’ll check back in later. (Yeah I know—-thanks for the warning Cyn) I can hear ya thinking it. :lol: You guys & gals be good & don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ok?? No comments from the peanut gallery on that one either. :mrgreen:

  42. Hi Aggie me, knotty and PK kinda got into it and this is what happens! Just a minor difference of opinions! so excited about J and J

  43. well Aggie you know PK can be kind of hard to take sometimes and today was just too much for me. It seems that most people were complaining about the tone of this blog and thats why nobody’s been on!

  44. We’re all in trouble Cynthia… But in his benevolence our fearless leader is granting a stay. Hey… AC should be happy… this is a good game! Donna not so at the moment, but the Pats will be back.

    I’ve never watched BB, but I said I would watch the next one… when is it?

    Hi Aggie…

  45. I don’t dislike PK, but sometimes his superiority can get to people. I feel sometimes he talks down to people with different opinions.

  46. Hi Holly… wow to girls from Chicago at the same time who both hate Russell… I have my work cut out for me.

  47. I’m trying Aggie!! Hi Ted! We don’t like how Russell looks but I for one like his gameplay…….well maybe not like but can appreciate what he is doing!

  48. Holly Phillip kids around alot ,as you know he was mad at me, although im not sure why, But it was upsetting to me im glad its over with.

  49. And by the way what happened to Jt, It doesnt look like he is coming back ,what a shame, he was one of the ones on here i really liked.

  50. Trust me Aggie he wasn’t kidding, he was getting mad and I didn’t like it. I was just voicing my opinion and it differed from his. I even said something to him like no hard feelings but he’s still being PK.

  51. Ok Aggie, since I love you, I will try and keep my mouth under control but as you have been on the bad side of PK, you know how I feel! I can’t wait for the next race, did Sal say when it’s starting, hopefully in January!

  52. PK is a good guy and my opinion is this… he likes to get a rise out of people and will do whatever to get it… and may even highlight, and italic this comment.. so just ignore.. as Sal said if you don’t like a comment disregard it.. i’ve been guilty of debating but some debates are not worth it. So as long as he is playing nice answer back… but if he isnt ignore, stay here, and keep talking Russell… oops I mean Survivor!

  53. Ok girls, I’m with you on this…………I will just disregard and not comment on what I don’t like but you have to admit PK does pretty much take over this blog and he can be GRATING sometimes. I tried to make nice but I guess he doesn’t want to, so whatever………….lets go back to the whole survivor/ race talk!

  54. Hi I’m back girls… so let’s just give it a rest and get on with Survivor and the other shows… when does BB start? I keep asking and no one tells me.

  55. I really don’t think I’m overly sensitive but he really likes to beat a dead horse! Did you see all the stuff he posted about Brian and Erica just because of what you and I said Liz?

  56. I’ve got to go cook some Brussells Sprouts… I’ll let you know how they came out… Good football game on! Think Coach and Debbie will be on this week… Highlight of my week… hahaha

  57. Julie is the hostest with the mostest! You need to go to you tube and check out some Jeff and Jordan clips, they’re funny

  58. Mine too Aggie, it was nice that my favorite guy Jeff was from here or maybe that was why he was my fav, he reminded me of our people…….we are unique here in Chicago!

  59. That should make for really good tv. I think he will be kind to her though. He doesn’t seem like one of those yelling kind of guys

  60. As for BB I may be the only one that thinks this but Lydia annoyed the sh** out of me last season…. yeah Natalie did too… but that was expected she started off annoying… i expected Lydia to be the one who had my vote with the whole cute chick, tattoo look, and Suicide Girl (google it ted,lol) girl thing… but she was blah.. anyone that would fall for Jesse makes me gag!

  61. I thought some of the other guys were so much worse than Jeff, like Russell, I really didn’t like him. He seemed very mean

  62. Yea Aggie, he did have a bad mouth but I’m used to it living here!

    Liz, I agree about Lydia, who would have thought she would go for Jesse,YUK

  63. you’re probably right about that. Jeff was the chosen “good guy” and Russell the chosen “bad boy” who knows what anybody is really like?

  64. Just so you all know that Jeff and Jordons make me want to throw up in my mouth. Now they will be on TAR..hope they are the first to go.

  65. oh lol i thought you were talking about Russel SS cause his gut is evaporating… and you know what they say about short men only their height is little, lol! Lemme stop before Sal bans me! I will talk to you tomorrow in the early morning the rice is done! Peace Aggie… Fran… Holly.. and all SSB. Nite!

  66. Liz ,I had my sister send the E- mail in case i screwed it up If you see something From Mary R.Its from me I also gave you my E- Mail address..

  67. Can’t we all just get along? ;)

    So…should I start hanging out here daily again?

    Keep it fun, keep it real, keep it clean and smile.

    Peace, BBBlogger

  68. Anybody who hasnt seen the Rock and Roll hall of fame its great, they just had U2 singing with Mick Jagger and Fergie, which was really good. worth checking out if you havent seen it.

  69. skipping alot cuz it’s one a.m. and my eyes burn….Frannie, i have like one brain cell so i don’t remember the bach.’s name that’s the pilot but i liked him so much and got so tired of him being told he’s too perfect. so i’m looking forward to seeing if i change my mind. i’m not into looks as much as i am about how a man treats a woman. but he is cute-so far.
    my newspaper didn’t have a tv guide in it so i’m like lost. i don’t watch AR-for some reason it makes me tense but i love Jeff and Jordan and I know his lang was kinda bad on BB but I’d prob be kicked off that show living with those ppl. (use only plastic knives) I can barely stand being alone all day and most of the night with my chihuahua. lol
    He’s soooooooo naughty and clingy.
    I’m not saying much about Survivor becuz it’s not in agreement with most so i’ll just read and watch. “go Nat”..:)
    I HAVE ONE CAR NOW RUNNING>>>>>YEAAAAAAAAA. Thanksgiving was sad cuz i had no cars running and missed seeing my grandson and my parents.
    As soon as the car (tho it looks awful) is running my front door lock broke to this house i rent just as soon as the car is working. So that got replaced tonight and i’m sure the landlords will not like that we hand them a receipt.
    Tomorrow is my son in law’s bd. My daughter just had hers. So i made them both 2 hats each. Now i just hope she comes over this week and brings my only grandchild. The daddy is bi-racial and my daughter is so white she glows in the dark so the baby is white with yellow lashes and brows but a yellow fro is growing and his eyes are green like mine. He’s so fat and funny and frowns like his dad.
    I’m making myself miss him grrrr.
    ok i need to stop i’m getting way off subject.
    OK that show ‘find my family’ made me cry tonight. recently i found after about five yrs my husbands half bro’s and one sister. we’ve talked online and on the phone. they were babies the last time he saw them. only one will be a good experience. you wouldn’t believe me if i told you about one of them. Let’s just say he was in the national news.
    but one is so sweet and phones us about every two weeks. the girl emails every few mos. We’re in Ok. and he’s in Ill. sure wish we could see him. he’s the age of one of my children.
    OK my soap is on. B&B……i need a tv guide…c u tomorrow.

  70. Tendr your grandson sounds so friggin’ cute! Luv the yellow fro! I am on your side with Survivor… I love Russell but would not mind Nat winning either. Shes a tough chick! Didn’t watch the Bach forgot to tivo it. But if your having TV Guide problems you should be able to look up TV guide online right? I will google and check for you.

    Aggie thank you!! I will check my email once I get the kiddos to school. I tend to get really sucked in to my emails since I rarely check them I have gobs to go through when I do do it!

  71. knottylbc, thanks..i put that link in my favs.
    I don’t know when the new Bachelor starts but i hope someone will watch it and we can talk about it here also. if not i guess i’ll talk to my dog.
    sorry i blabbed soooooooooooooooo much before i went to bed. but thanks for your sweet comment about “Jude” i’d say more but i saw in today’s blog we’re to stay on topic.
    *note to self….do not blog when you’ve had coffee.

  72. I’m glad to read this post, I had stopped coming by because it had stopped being about the game and the show, it’s nice that some have created friendships and all on here, but when you want to talk about the game, read what others think about the game, I don’t really have the time to sift through 100s of post about some of the other things I’ve seen on previous posts.

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