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Coach  |  A Probst-less Challenge is Like Yogurt Without Fruit

October 9, 2009

Jaison, the Dragon Slayer says, “With self discipline comes success. For the pain of regret is far greater than the pain of discipline.” In other words: Buck up man! Don’t go second guessing yourself no matter what decisions you make in life. You make your bed, you gotta lie in it. Knock it off or you’ll be gone next.

Shambo, I loved what you did last week by going over to Foa Foa and fitting right in, but it looks like Galu is now your enemy camp. So instead of joining Jaison in the wizardry whiny world (the new www) you should buck up as well. And be careful whom you trust.

Again look at previous words of wisdom from the dragon’s lair (I think these previous entries into my blog will soon replace Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”). Trust no one. Slay everyone. Talking about clues to the idol might prove costly down the road. That and your incessant complaining about your own tribe.

Onto the reward challenge. Hmmmm. A Probst-less challenge is like yogurt without fruit, or Frosted Flakes without milk or like Survivor without the Dragon Slayer (only kidding). Without Jeff’s verbose, varied verbiage (the new vvv) it seemed to lack the punch. I was almost yelling “Survivors are you ready” to the TV. But… we do get to see another win for Galu.

As I said during my season, “The poison apple needs to go!” Let’s take one guess who the cancer is on Foa Foa! You guessed it Russell (aka Gollum). So, in the meantime I am enjoying the slaughter! That is until challenge number two, when the other Russell, decided to sit some of the strongest challengers in Laura and Shambo. Not a smart move, well that and bandying about “I am the leader” crap like you did towards the end of the episode.

So another idol is in play, and it was found while everyone else was sleeping! Love it. Nice job Erik, just watch for clotheslines next time. At least that was more interesting than watching chickens or watching Shambo pretend she was a chicken.

After another long, interesting and grueling interesting immunity challenge (welcome back Jeff!), Yasmin gets voted off. Obviously Russell’s posturing did not help and I think he might be next.

Interesting note from someone who has played the game. Some people work a lot around camp (like our princess Debbie) and others don’t do a lick of work (like Yazmin). And although it is sometimes NOT a factor in who gets voted out, I have to agree with Debbie, it does weight heavily on everyone’s mind. It builds up resentment and eventually wears thru everyone’s nerves like the strand of hair that held up the Sword of Damaclies (another interesting dragon-esque story from Greek Mythology). It’s just nice to see that laziness around camp was for once a major factor in who got voted off tonight. THIS IS SURVIVOR by the way!

That’s all for now. Heading back into the Dragon’s Lair.



Debbie  |  It Only Gets Worse, Jaison

October 9, 2009

Hello everyone, It’s Debbie coming from the “Queens Quarters.” Week three shaped out to be full of interesting scenes, conversations and some surprises.

O.K., before we start though, I don’t know about all of you but Coach, come on! I am a principal and have to have a dictionary to read half of the words in your posts. I just can’t compete…Are we writing physics dissertations or a Survivor blog???

Turning to the show, I have to admit, I am a bit worried about my man Jaison. I am sure it is crystal clear by now that Jaison from Foa Foa and Russell from Galu are my early favorites. Yet it’s only day 9 and he makes a statement that he is “cold, hungry and thirsty” and that agreeing to participate in “Survivor was the worst decision of his life.” “Cold” and “Hungry” are two adjectives that describe “Survivor” perfectly. I hope he can get it together mentally. Believe me, it gets much worse as the game goes on.

Although Coach, I still totally disagree with your take on Jaison! Watch him, he is outstanding in challenges. You are wrong about him and I know that despite this rough patch he will prove it to you!

This week though illustrated exactly what I have been saying about camp life. What you do around camp and how you help your tribe is CRITICAL especially because that impacts your performance in challenges! Honestly, I was surprised to learn how important this component is to the game when I was in Brazil.

I also can’t help myself; I have to make a couple of “Little Russell” comments as well. Coach, listen and learn, I just might use terms that are not in your dialogue. Despite “Little Russell’s” unhealthy physical BMI (Body Mass Index, yes! a medical term) he is performing outstanding in the challenges. Heck, he is as round as he is tall, but I have to say he is rocking the challenges. You know I have to be honest, even though I don’t like his tactics, low-down lies or name calling; he is performing much better physically than he appears. I believe this will help him stay in the game…. At least for now or at least until somebody wises up to his tricks!

Now for Mick. Coach, you mentioned how much you liked Laura last week. I have to do the same about Mick this week. WOW, he is gorgeous and he looks better each week. I hope Mick stays in the game just for us gals to gaze at weekly. Actually, Mick stood out a little this week. He is not only great eye candy but also very smart. I personally hope Mick stays much longer, for many reasons.

Shambo, YOU DID NOT LISTEN, but, you hung in there and did not get one vote! Honestly, I’m kind of shocked. I thought she was toast when she lost the chicken. I keep saying this cast must not be hungry. Coach, back me up here, but wouldn’t true Samurai Soldiers circle around their prey and trap it? Why didn’t Galu help catch that chicken? More importantly why did they give up so quickly?

Watching Erik and Shambo running around an island trying to catch a chicken was hysterical. Did anyone else catch the statement from Shambo? She said that she knew how to care for chickens, BUT she didn’t know they COULD FLY! I nearly died laughing… I can’t help but love her!

Oh, and we can’t ignore the fact that she told Erik that the idol was around bark! I was yelling at the TV when she told that to not only Erik but also to John. Why didn’t she come into her camp and look for the idol herself. She has to know the target might have been on her back. Wake up and play the game! She actually reminds me of Sandy from our season. Sandy is a doll and so down to earth. I think Shambo possesses some of her “salt of the earth” qualities.

As for Yasmin, the tables turned quickly. I was actually shocked when she was voted out. I really did like Yasmin. I thought she had a “no holds bar” attitude and was a natural. Hey by the way, I LOVED the shoes at tribal. She was still styling and profiling, at least for Jeff.

Now I have said all along that the one component people tend to forget in this game is working around camp. If you noticed, that was the main reason she was voted off. I could have sworn Russell voted for Monica until I saw the end of the show and he actually voted for Yasmin! His early statement, “if the tribe doesn’t vote with me there will be asses kicked” scared me. Any good leader listens to the voice of their people. Russell, I was so proud of you. I believe if you share your vote with the tribe, they will continue to respect you and follow your leadership. They may think you voted for Monica, as you had stated earlier, but go in and politic and let your tribe know you listened to them and you will have them in your pocket (even more so than you seem to now!)

Russell in Galu and Jaison in Foa Foa are still my early favorites. However, Dave came through this week. I think he may surprise all of us. He has a great “lay low” personality, very intelligent and seems well liked by his tribe. I like him I think he is playing the game very well.

Monica was clearly weak in this challenge. Physically, she looked in anguish going over the rope bridge, unlike “little Russell,” the troll, who basically ran over the rope bridge. (Side question: Don’t trolls usually live under bridges?). Monica must be working hard around camp and forming tribal bonds, because otherwise I can’t figure out how she wasn’t voted out. Yasmin would have brought more fun and laughs for the viewers. I believe she is a real true person and I actually hated to see her go. Although I guess the personal relationships are bigger than challenge performance.

Coach, I tried to keep up with you this week, but your lengthy montages are hard to match.

That’s it for now.


180 thoughts on “Lets belly up to the bar for some smoothies y’all”

  1. Debbi said O.K., before we start though, I don’t know about all of you but Coach, come on! I am a principal and have to have a dictionary to read half of the words in your posts.

    By today’s school principal standards, two dictionaries might be needed. I recall a school principal in Salt Lake City responding the a news reporter after two small planes collided mid-air, with one of the planes crashing in the school yard. “We was in the building when we heard this loud noise.” Call in the grammar police, please? Or maybe have the principal sit on a third grade English class.

  2. I was surprised about Deb’s comment about the big words Coach used and that she had to look them up in a dictionary. I went back and read his post again to see what she was talking about since I didn’t need a dictionary. Were “verbose” and “verbiage” the words she looked up.
    Well, I am 70 years old, read a lot and subscribe to a dictionary word of the day, so maybe I am out of touch.
    My daughter and I watch Survivor together every week.

  3. PHILLIP, Your the wise wizard of this blog , very good points.Survivor looks like its going to be good tonight theirs alot of tension with the men in the galu tribe It looked like smart guy Dave is not getting along to well with Russell because of his bad decisions.Who knows if galu goes to tribal council tonight the guys might try to get out RUssell. Its now 8:32,on adreary rainy cold chicago day.

  4. Aggia… Here’s my Chicagoland story for today…
    I picked up a college buddy in Oak Park on the way back to Utah from DC after Christmas vacation in mid 60’s. Rather than continuing on the Utah immediately, he suggested that we drive up to Crystal Lake north of Chicago for a University of Illinois frat new years eve party. Well, it was a party like none ever before or since. I had never had a Gin and tonic before that night and have never had one since. But on that new years eve, I floated in Gin and tonic and was a vegetable for two days after the party. University of Illinois frat boys sure did know how to bring in a new year and then miss the first two days of the new year as a bonus.

  5. Must be a gremlin in my keyboard, ’cause when I think I’m typing to it sometimes turns into the. Weird

  6. PHIllip, THe ole GIn and TOnic a mighty potent drink, I always hated the taste of gin, I always thought vodka and tonic was good ,but you have to be careful with that to, their is something about quinine water, that doesnt always agree with people.AGGIA, Phillip thats funny, but I think its worse than my name ,god forbid..My brother went to the university of ILlinois, I think the only reason he did ,was because it is known as the party school Probably alot of people go there for the wrong reasons.

  7. Coach does have a way with words, eloquent or not they ARE words!
    Debbie must have onlky graduated the 8th grade:
    verbiage: a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content
    verbose: given to wordiness – Sounds like coach might be talking about himself!!
    However Coach did make a boo boo . (Sword of Damaclies) should have Damocles!
    Guess i better slow down when I read, missed it the first time through

    Debbie did make one good point – why didn’t those lazy bums at Galu ALL get up and help get that escaped “911” chicken?

    Aggie – you should not be ashamed/dislike your given, you are named after a saint “Saint Agnes’ Eve” Besides, I like Aggie and I don’t even like the school who uses it! :lol:

  8. good one FRannie ,Ithink Phillip is trying to mess with as if my name isnt bad enough, In school my name in spanish was Inez, I thought that was horrible too.And Phillip ,dont start calling me that.

  9. IM glad someone likes it Sal ,Aggie is avery old fashioned name people just dont callanyone that anymore.As I said my Mother named me after her twin sister ,who passed away otherwise I would have changed it long ago.

  10. aggie… BYU was not a party school in the early 60’s. No
    fraternities or sororities either, just “social clubs.” I was in CAA aka Collegiate Athletic Association which pretty much consisted of the rowdy unmarried athletes.

    Nothing fancy back then either. A coke (Cola) date was all it took to get real close to the coeds with one semester to get their MRS degree or they were gone. What the coeds didn’t realize was that the horny Mormon boys interpreted MRS to mean Men Require Sex. Cola drinks we against the Mormon “words of wisdom” but so was casual sex. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  11. franniep2… Now I do really like the name frannie (nothing against the name aggie or my aunt mildred or my mom, lelia) but Frannie McCollum was my first “everything that really mattered at the time.” First true love, first lover, first real date, First kiss that led anywhere, first prom date, and first major breakup. I will always have a soft spot for frannie, wherever she is now and no matter how much weight she has gained since high school. Since she always had the biggest boobs, I suspected that at some point the rest of her body would catch up size wise.

  12. My MIL does not mind it all, I’m sure….. Her parents 100% Irish fresh off the boat. All the girls where given true Irish names. Margaret (Maggie) etc, etc.

    As for me, I have 3 first names – William Edward Thomas, my middle name is for my uncle who died in Korea and I never got to meet him. You want a name to hate, my brothers name is “Delbert”

  13. Here are some “real” cruel names straight out of my high school yearbook. Geraldine Hoar, class of 60. She was smart and beautiful, just had a insensitive father who refused to change his last name to something more uptown.

    Les Payne, class of 60. Never was very good at sports and never saw him in the weight room, so maybe his name was appropriate.

    Carol Lettvon, class of 60. Don’t actually know for certain if she ever did “let one” in school, but sometimes it sure smelled like it, particularly when she walked by the chemistry lab.

  14. aggie… I’ve been bitch slapped so many times I’ve been nominated to the “take that you smart ass SOB” hall of shame located in the back lot of Harpo studios in Chicago.

  15. aggie… my wife has big boobs. 40 EE bra is a bit snug, but it does emphasize the cleavage. And it is the cleavage that has major benefits. Believe me, if my wife and I were on Amazing Race, both of our Passports, all of our money, my english to every language on earth pocket translator ,all clues while in transit and a family sized container of Tums would be stored in my wife’s cleavage for safe keeping until needed.

  16. Sal… I didn’t either. Actually there is a Phillip Knudsen out there somewhere who is half of a husband and wife singing act. I was a pop/rock singer in my younger days, even appeared many times on the Milt Grant Show in DC during the late 50’s, but I’ve only written and produced since then.

  17. What is strange about my wife is that she is the youngest of three sisters and only my wife got the big boobs. Her oldest sister got the big belly and flat chest and the middle sister got the big thigh/butt combo. So much for consistent genetic probability.

  18. I’m slightly appalled at “princess” Debbie’s response to Coach. He used appropriate language in an appropriate fashion. It makes me shudder to think of the state of schools in this nation if she, as a principal, required a dictionary.

    Onto other items, I intensely dislike the word boob and its offensive surrogates such as boobage, etc. which is not a word. As for your braggadocio, Phillip, your posts are no longer worth reading. They are narcissistic and self-aggrandizing. Your discussion of you wife’s physique is appalling to me.

  19. aggie, i just saw your post late last night. I DID see manhunter. once you reminded me of who was in it, i remembered. i think that’s why i was a little disappointed when i saw the remake – the story was so familiar to me…

  20. I think Coach was stretching it a little when he made the very tongue-in-cheek remark that his wisdom would replace Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.”

    Hubris! Anyone who has made the effort to read would know The Art of War stands the test of time.

    Coach is a very interesting man, but just a man at that.

  21. karyona…..there is only so much Survivor to talk about since
    it is only on once a week. We are all here trying to have fun.
    If that’s your attitude….find another site to go to. Otherwise,
    if having some fun is on your agenda…..chime in any time.

  22. i for one love fun despite yesterday’s accusations of a misplaced stick at birth (lol). i do read these blogs for fun and 95% is really good stuff. if it weren’t, i would have moved on. we can disagree on what is fun. aggie is fun. franniep2 is fun. cynthia is fun. even phillip is mostly fun. i just don’t think his comments when he breaks his arm patting himself on the back is fun. i like fun. i’m all for more fun and less bragging. phillip has good stories, tell them without adding how many houses you have and that will be fun. is this the part where i get shouted down again? oh well, so be it.

  23. I watch Survivor, Biggest Loser, DWTS, So You Think You Can Dance,
    The Bachelor (which they have revealed Jake from last year will be
    the Bachelor), The Bachelorette, Hells Kitchen, Big Brother. Wow….
    I didn’t realize I was such a reality junkie. I’m sure there are more if
    I would put on my thinking cap.

  24. I believe karyona actually translates from wannabe mensa to I concoct holier than thou faux intellectual BS to bolster my own ego in standard English.

    Not to be confused with, Vanessa, as we already know.

  25. yes franniep2, i (like a lot of others) watch more than a person probably should. it’s a guilty pleasure i guess. and after all of these are done, american idol can’t be far behind.

  26. i have watched all of 24. i enjoyed it, but think it has run it’s course. i have also watched heroes. not yet this year though. is it still any good? i also watched all of lost, but have pretty much had enough of it too. i am glad that they decided to end prison break. that was getting way out there too. great 1st season though.

  27. LOVED Prison Break, but like you, nothing compared to the
    first season. Heroes is good, but season 1 was the best. They
    are bringing in too many people now. Never watched Lost but
    hear from everyone that it’s good.
    Soaps…..I only watch Days of Our Lives.

  28. Well, all this excitement is too much. I guess I’ll go do my
    football research so I can come up with my winning team
    for this week.

    Lonely… I’m Mrs. lonely…. I have nobody….to call on
    this blog…. :(

  29. Sometimes it does come off like I’m bragging and I probably am even though my truth is better than most author’s fiction. I proudly pat myself on the back constantly because I was born physically handicapped, spent the first year of my life undergoing reconstructive surgery, survived polio, was heckled by smart ass insensitive bullies in elementary school until I became strong enough to kick the shit out of each and every one of them, and still somehow found the time, strength and determination to graduate at the top of my HS class, letter in 3 sports and turn down an full academic scholarship to Yale to accept the more appealing full athletic scholarship to BYU. No amount of my parents money could ever do for me what I did for myself and I am damn proud of it.

    And regarding my boob comments, my mom had huge “breasts” and, according to her, I couldn’t get enough of them, so that is probably why my eyes have a natural propensity to gravitate to just below a woman’s neckline and work up from there – eventually. My bad!

  30. Phillip, that post was enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your accomplishments on a personal level. I can absolutely applaud that.

    I apologize if my first remarks on this page came across too strongly. I am an intelligent, educated woman who loves to watch reality TV. Your posts at first were extremely interesting, but I have stated my reservations and there is no need to revisit them.

    Yes, I’m very interested in having fun. I’ve been reading these posts without comment for sometime. I thought people were very hard on Vanessa, but she has approached it with a sense of humor – I hope to get to know all of you a little better.

    I have watched Survivor since its inception. I had no idea there was a place to “talk” about it. I also watch Days, and some other reality TV.

    Phillip, I do hope you come to find out that your translation of my “name” is incorrect. Time will tell.

    For now, I am very much looking forward to Survivor tonight.

  31. karyona… Time will tell. I never watched reality shows until my wife told me to sit down, shut up, and hand her the remote. It was her wanting to know inside info on BB11 that got me here on this blog in the first place.

    I’m more of a Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, NCIS,CSI anything kind of guy. But once I surrendered control of the remote to my wife in a moment of weakness/stupidity I was doomed to reality even when it is contrived.

    I could always go to another room and turn on another TV but then my wife would complain about not getting her required daily attention time. Sort of like Catch 22 you might say…

  32. KARYONA, Looks like another one on here born with astick up her BUTT, Come ongirl, l were just trying to have alittle fun on here thats all, did you ever here of fun ,your being a little to uptight

  33. Oh, I forgot to mention another of my favorite shows, Law and Order SVU with Mariska Hargitay. She is hot, but seeing her always reminds me of her mother, Jane Mansfield, who along with the other Jane, Jane Russell, were my two “they don’t get any better than that” motivators to begin puberty as soon as possible.

  34. PRINcess, That movie Manhunter was great Their was even adifferent Hannibal lector who was also very good but their is no one who could come closeto Anthony HOpkins version He just totally embodied that role. The movie BUNDY, on cable was also a great movie, about of course Ted Bundy the serial killer.

  35. Well my 2 cents on the Coach and Debbie is that they are both too long winded to bother reading. Didn’t need a dictionary although I always keep on close justincase. I get all I need from reading the above posts and oh so much more. Love this site. Thanks BBBlogger and Snake, Sal, William maybe Bill, you are the best!! Anyone from Beaver Falls must be good. :grin:

  36. PHillip, Not bragging at all, I for one like the stioriesAS far as MARISKA Hargitay she is an attractive woman ,BUt she doesnt hold acandle to her Mom Jayne MANSFIELD, she was a beautiful sexy woman and yes PHILLIP she had GINORMOUS ta tas.

  37. Hey aggie… Even my wife who sometimes looks over my shoulder while I’m typing says, “shut up” with true Jordan enthusiasm even though she knows I’ll keep typing regardless.

    She learns something new about me every day. Fortunately for me, her clothes are still in her closet, so we must be good for now and hopefully we’ll be getting even better as we go.

  38. starfish… you left last night after you mentioned places you used to hang out in LA. I lived in Manhattan Beach in the summer of 65 and I hung out at the Cheetah Club near Santa Monica Pier as I recall. It was a huge venue with light shows and upcoming rock groups like Iron Butterfly, Love and others. See through tops or less were the fashion statement at the time and it was a trip with or without drugs.

    Do you remember the Cheetah?

  39. aggie, thanks for not yelling at me again or making accusations as to where a misplaced stick may be found. i like your comments. i like your comments too phillip. the one earlier was touching and showed a side of you that is missing far too often. good for you to overcome early obstacles. aggie, i haven’t gotten any lighter (or heavier) in the past 24 hours. i know you like hearing about all of phillip’s sexual conquests and his homes and his brushes with greatness. we can still disagree on that. i like the humble, funny phillip (as in his most recent posts). i like his takes on reality tv and anything else he wants to talk about. more about funny, less about money. that’s only my opinion though. i’m in the minority and that’s ok with me. i’m a strong girl.

  40. Vanessa, I dont think I was really yelling at you, Just making some comments ,we are both entitled to are opinions. To me Phillips stories are funny, and interesting you dont have like them, thats your opinion.

  41. Looking forward to the show tonight… I agree with STARFISH about Coach and Debbie ~ nothing interesting to say! And, I too, had to re-read Coach’s blog to see what ‘big’ words Coach was using. Debbie may be a principal, but was probably never a ‘teacher’.

    I have to side with KARYONA regarding PK. I think his posts are a figment of his imagination and somewhat offensive.

    Looking forward to see what Russell H. cooks up tonight. Well, maybe nothing if they don’t have fire. Be interesting to see what happens to the other Russell since they could use a tarp now.

    And, Shambo… what’s up with that pic with her and Foa Foa?

    PRINCESS.. didn’t you get any rain yesterday?

    3:40 to go… you East Coast guys must be on your couch and ready to go!

  42. Damn, and I thought the humidity waas bad in here in Houston. :oops: It’s getting so thick in here I need a cookie cutter to seperate the light hearted comments from the Blue Lagoon sexual ha ha’s. Just kidding of course. I guess are little group has gotten used to the way we interact that we forgot the rest of the world is observing us also.
    My personal welcome to Vanessa and Karyona ( is it pronounced Car – Yona?). I listen more than talk most times but do get involved in some of the conversations. Trouble with an Survivor Blog is only one show a week. We had a little group that moved over here after BB finished and most of the conversations are friendly with no intent to harm one another. A few of us (you know who you are) sometimes take offense when someone new makes a comment which I totally understand when it seems offensive and touchy in personal way!! I’m sure Phil who loves his life and will glady tell you personal details means no harm, unless he’s talking to aggie :roll:
    So enjoy the blog site aand I hope we are friendly enough for y’all to hang around with!!!!! :grin: :mrgreen:

  43. KARYONA, AS to the word BOOBAGe ,I know its not aword But it just sounds funny to say it, The word BOOBs believe me, is the least offensive of the Slang words for Breasts.

  44. snakebit sal, i read along all during big brother 11, so i know who’s who. i only commented a few times during the entire season. i know that most on here are from there. i enjoyed you as a commentor there and as the “blog master” here. you are doing a great job.

  45. sorry aggie, i mistook “S T F U” as yelling at me. i should have known you were only teasing. my bad.

  46. HI Ted, I think your wrong about PHILLIP ,I have to say he is just being funny, not trying to be offensive believe me, and I for one totally believe his stories.

  47. Trust me, all it takes is one friend or happenstance early in life and your circle of friends and things you do throughout can seem like such an exageration to us working stiffs who weren’t lucky enough to be world travelers. We envy their ways and means and doubt their deeds and shinanigans. What it would be like to do the unimaaginable and be able to brag about it. I know it is hard to listen to ones worldy deeds, BUT wouldn’t you trade places with them in a heartbeat. Phil, i’m glad you had the opportunity to do the things you did and I’ll always wish I would have been at your side. But, as they say “shit happens” andI slipped in it long ago!!

  48. :?: Just sitting down to watch the 5th episode (finally!) of SS. I was just wondering… how do they choose who are on each tribe? And how do they choose the tribe leader? (Chief?). I know we are way past that point… but justwondering. :shock:

  49. That’s ok aggie……he gave me the pissed off look yesterday
    when I asked him what bumber cars were.

    Sal….Whe I put my cursor over your smilies, it highlights
    them and a box appears with a sideways arrow. Now what??

  50. Hey kinogirl, haven’t had a chance to chat with you in a while. Good to see ya. Enjoy the show. Got a clear favorite yet?

  51. Justa…Can’t pick Minn., 49ers, Giants, Balt., or Pitts.
    Other than them, any one I think/know will win. Once I
    pick a team and they lose, I will be out.
    Thinking about the Eagles. Watcha think? I have to think
    ahead too in case I am still in it next week, or possibly the week after that. It will get harder as time goes on.

  52. Thanks Sal.. I guess I do remember that now. I barely remember yesterday, much less a month ago! :lol: Do you know how they choose tribes in the first place? Is it just a random draw with equal number of guys and dolls?

  53. Hey! Justaguy
    I was hoping I see ya blogging tonight. Of course I like Jaison and the Doctor Mick on the other team I thought I liked Russell S and Dave but I’m not too sure both of their egos are in tact. Commercials over. I’ll be back

  54. fp2, yeah, that’s exactly the team that jumped out at me. I guess you need to be strategic too.. having to use 16 different teams. I guess I’d take the “easy” pick of the Eagles and live to pick another week. Do you pick them straight up or against the point spread?

  55. Hey Justa, I’m from Missouri and Moose(GOD)forbid I would
    ever have to pick the lambs, I mean the Rams.

  56. fp2.. you can always blame L.A. for the Rams.. or better yet, blame Cleveland from way back. You don’t have to pick the Rams to win, but you can pick who they are playing! Lemons to Lemonaid!

  57. I was pullin’ for Ashley only for the shallow reason of her being a fellow Twin Citian (is that a word?.. it is now!). I went to High School a stone’s tumble from Maple Grove. There was a “Trainer” on our basketball team. Wonder if Ashley is related?

  58. Liz is a keeper. I just wonder how long she will last with the guys in charge. Maybe if she keeps her feeling to herself, she already made one slip to Russell S.

  59. You have to give everyone credit for drinking that crap.
    Poor Ashley didn’t have a chance listening to everyone make
    sounds like hurling. She was weaker than the rest so
    hopefully their tribe will be stronger.

  60. franniep2 I agree. I’m not going to be too hard on her I’m not sure I would have even tried. I would have thrown my entire throat up.

  61. fp2, You are right about that. It’s good you got your Vikings win out of the way early. The have a trend of starting very strong and falling apart down the stretch. Don’t be shocked if they lose the next 3 in a row (against Ravens, Steelers, and @ Packers).

  62. I think the reason I like Russell S is because his nerve makes me laugh so much. Even if I were on the island with him I would not be able to take him seriously. When I play cards (hardly ever for money) and people get really uptight it just makes me laugh harder. Especially when were not playing for money it’s just a game. So, maybe I wouldn’t appreciate Russell S if I were on that island with him and he was standing in between me and all that money.

  63. Gotta confess, I’m a bit of a panzy when it comes to eating/drinking gross sh#t! Never liked watching them eat stuff on Fear Factor either. Huge a$$ spider legs hanging out of their mouths while chewing?!! :eek: WTF? NO THANKS! Prime rib… medium, baked potato, and a salad please!

  64. fp2, yeah I know the Pack aren’t that great any more.. but one thing almost as sure as taxes… The Vikings can’t beat them twice in the same season… especially when the 2nd game is in Green Bay.

  65. My heart went out for the little boy everyone thought was in that balloon this afternoon. He’s on Larry King right now. But, I must have been hearing wrong. Larry King asked the father to ask his son if he heard them calling him when they were looking for him. The little boy said yes, and the mom said you did. Then the father ask him why he didn’t answer and the little boy said because you said we were doing it for the show. I know that’s what I heard. If I heard right these parents are suspect

  66. Oh man…..what some people will do for attention.
    That’s just wrong on so many levels. Thanks for the
    update kinogirl.

  67. Justa….when I first started watching football, Green Bay
    was my favorite team, because of the color of their
    uniforms. When I was growing up, green & yellow worn
    on Thursday, meant queer day, and I don’t mean strange
    either. I called my brother a queer one time and I got the
    holy crap beat out of me. Then when he was done, I said,
    “What’s the matter, the truth hurt?” Oh boy was that the wrong thing to say.

  68. PK, no, sorry never went to the Cheetah that I can remember. I graduated from Santa Monica High and the Santa Monica Pier was a great place to play or Marina del Rey. Never got to Manhattan Beach but a couple times walking up and down the street and hitting the top spots. It was easier to go north or is or east to the strip (whiskey a go go was horrible) but Gazaries (sp?) was fun. Cinnamon cinder in the valley was great and I can’t remember names of all the places we hit. Hip hugger pants and tie back top, shaped in a trapezoid just covering what was necessary, was one of my favorite outfits. Of course bras were out at that time. ;) Great times those days and didn’t have to worry about STDs like today.

  69. fp2, Green + Yellow = Queer day…. hmmm.. gives me some good ideas to raz my beloved Packer fans at work next week. I think we may have found some good entertainment value for me….. now where did I put those damn running shoes? prolly gonna need ‘em..

  70. Green + Yellow = Queer day…. everyday in Minnesota!! Sorry cheese heads, you gotta be able to laugh at yourselves.. ’cause the rest of us are!!

  71. Kinogirl, The Phillies are in a close game 1 with the Dodgers (5-4) and you are watching Larry the Lizard? I do want to see that story you were talking about.. I’ll record the late night rerun of Larry.

  72. Hey Justa, do you keep up with college football? I may have missed it because I justdon’t have too much time right now. Anyway, I love Penn State, USC and I’m not crazy about Notre Dame who I hope gets their a$$ kicked this weekend by you know who.

    Love Steelers, of course, would like to see San Diego take Denver, NYJ because of Mark Sanchez from USC, tired of New England winning all the time. Oh I like New Orleans too. No rhyme or reason to any of it but it’s fun. I’m disappointed in Oakland. Al Davis and Georgia Frontiere (she’s dead now) both were the worst and Al still is. They’ve ruined the careers of a few players because of their egos not to mention their game play. Used to love the Rams of course but we’ll see what happens with new ownership. That’s all I can think of for now.

    I was happy to see K11 is okay and we’ll see him for BB12.

  73. Pink & Green on Thursdays meant you were “queer” in my day. A long long time ago.

    Sunny and 70s in Dana Point, CA today. That huge storm never materialized. No kidding. :roll:

  74. starfish, as tough as it is, I do try to keep up on college football. My Gophers never do much, but I have the Longhorns to root for. Do you guys need a football team in SoCal to replace the Rams? You will probably be getting one in 2012. The purple will match nicely with the Lakers. We like to start teams.. dress them in purple.. and let them run off to L.A. The Vikes lease is up at the Dome next year and they will not re-sign. We (the taxpayers) will not build them a new stadium… so get ready for the Vikings in 2012 L.A. They’re probably heading your way. Funny, we built the Twins a new stadium (opens next Spring), we built the U of M a new football stadium (they started playing in it this year), We built a new hockey arena for the Wild… yet we are willing to send the Vikings packin’? WTF?

  75. Sorry went a way for a while. while watching Anderson Cooper it was not my imagination. The little boy said they told him to do it for the show. Wow! That’s deep.

  76. Thanks Kinogirl, I’ll have to check that out. Your Phillies are lookin’ good… 8-4 over Dodgers in the 8th (if you’re a baseball fan, if not.. that’s cool)

  77. Okay, someone tell me, has a girl ever won survivor? Since this is my first time watching it all the way through, it looks like the girls are at a pretty big disadvantage in this show. Since brawn seems to be the major criteria to win this game even though game play is a big part too, it still seems to me the one with the most testosterone wins. Poor Ashley, she was doomed after her shake mishap and she only had a tiny bit to go. God, it made me sick just watching them chug that stuff. Darling Jeff made sure he left lots of chunks. :evil:

    Justa, the Vikings? Are you sure? We do need a team in L.A. but why can’t we just start a new franchise? I guess because the money boys want experience? Or what? And no Brett in 2012 for sure. Purple is good though. :???:

  78. I FElt sorry For SHAMBO, when Russell sent her over too the other team, He was getting back at her for losing the chicken, ,she was so pissed, That junk they had to swallow look so nauseating that I know I wouldnt be able to keep it down ,YIKES, I give people credit who can, and the fact that it smelled bad too. Poor Ashley I felt bad for her too, But thats the way it goes for her.

  79. I can think of at least 5 female winners. Probably more.

    The girls do good when they stick together. Like in season 16: Fans vs. Favorites. I think the last 4 were all women and Parvati won.

  80. I should clarify my remark about PK being offensive… I only meant that he was insulting our intelligence to think we would believe that B.S. I do, however enjoy a good story.

    Seven women have won Survivor. Sorry to see Ashley go. And yes, I think Liz is one of the better players… certainly one of the most articulate. Finally got to see something of Brett… very impressed with him… smart guy. And Eric, what a wuss… Dude step it up when you are on camera! Poor Shambo… she’s in for a tough time if they don’t shuffle the teams soon… feel that coming. Liked the challange a lot… too bad Foa Foa sucked so bad at getting a coconut in a basket… would have been more fun if it was closer. Russell S was pretty funny explaining his reason for sending Shambo.

  81. Hi everyone, FRannie what did you think of survivor I felt bad for Ashley, I knew she was doomed when she couldnt swallow that crap, man ,I cant even eat sushi, I would never be able to keep that down. I thought that was lousy of RUssell ,to not let shambo eat any of that food that they had ,man she was pissed ,he was paying her back because of the chicken. Russell H has his eye on Liz, I think her days are numbered she accused him of lying.FRANNIE, any thoughts as to who the woman is in TEDS picture, thats the third time he changed his picture.

  82. I can understand how it’s possible for some people, and even someone who has to board a ferry to pretty much go anywhere, might have problems believing stories about a wild and crazy guy’s many off the beaten path adventures during the late 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. That’s OK though, I understand, believe it or not.

    When I reached my “story rich” prime in the 60’s and early 70’s, Most guys my age or slightly younger were obsessed with lining up for the draft or trying to avoid it. I, on the other hand, though I was a collegiate athlete and marksman both on and off the shooting range, was classified 4F because the Army has always been strong on procedure and short on brains. I did oppose the war, hung out for a while with Angela Davis and other activists and even orchestrated a scheme to get a HS buddy expelled from the Naval Academy days before graduation, thus fulfilling his military obligation without going to war anywhere (rules changes immediately after that so that time “served” at the academy did not count as military service). He transferred to George Washington University and graduated in less than a year with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He is still one of my best friends, not one of the more than 60,000 guys nobody even remembers anymore unless they are into reading names on a stone monument in DC. I admit it. I am one of those rich Democrats – always was, always will be. Best part though is that some of the very lucky ones like me were actually able to live out our wildest dreams and fantasies and live to tell about them.

    Starfish is one of my peers and she mentioned the big three letters in an earlier post that brought my big adventure to a sudden halt by the early 80’s. STD’s I didn’t ever get any during my wild and crazy run and I sure as hell did not want to count on luck any longer. I had also decided by the early 80’s that I really needed to focus more on making money than spending it.

    Now I am just a boring, over the hill, 66 year old, fortunately still rich Democrat, who is constantly taking orders from my ultra conservative, Babtist, Republican, but lovely Southern Belle wife.

    Such is life.:)

  83. Now about Survivor Samoa. Elizabeth had the best and last opportunity to unite the Foa Foa women against Russell H. for a surprise exit off the island. Russell H. exposed the REAL Russell to her including the threats but Elizabeth did nothing to eliminate the threats. Before last night’s tribal council, the total IQ of the Foa Foa ladies was 3. Now it is down to 2.

  84. THats telling him PHiilip ,GOod story ,ANy thoughts as to who you think the woman in TEDS picture is ,thats the third time he changed it.

  85. aggie… No idea who the girl is, but the different lighting and texture on the faces is an obvious clue that the picture includes superimposed images via Photoshop or who knows what?

  86. PK, i’m about 10yrs behind you, i did do my 4 yrs of military service, enlisted before Nam was over(72). My draft number was high and no worries. I took a chance, some of my buds ended up going, luckily the war was almost over. Spent my time in Newfoundland and Atlanta as a Seabee. I understood the viewpoint you and lots of others took, the government should have to send their kids in first(or they could go in place of their kids) see what would happen then. Never been rich, wouldn’t know what to do if i were! Enjoy it baby, many kudos to you and yours.

  87. Sal… Buffy Sainte-marie expressed my position on war, any war, in 1966 in “universal Soldier.”

    He’s five feet two and he’s six feet four
    He fights with missiles and with spears
    He’s all of thirty-one and he’s always seventeen
    He’s been a soldier for a thousand years
    He’s fighting for Britain and he’s fighting for Iraq
    He’s fighting for the USA
    He’s fighting for the Russians and he’s fighting for Japan
    And he thinks he’ll put an end to war this way
    He’s fighting for democracy he’s fighting for the reds
    He says he’s for the peace of all
    He’s the one who must decide who’s to live and who’s to die
    And he never sees the writing on the wall
    But without him how would Hitler have condemned him at Le Val
    Without him Caesar would have stood alone
    He’s the one who gives his body as the weapon of the war
    And without him all this killing can’t go on
    He’s the universal soldier
    He really is to blame
    His sword has come from far away no more
    They come from you and me
    And brothers / sisters can’t you see
    This is not the way we put an end to war?

  88. Well ok–I thought everybody took off when I showed up. LMAO I’m about dead on my feet. Been up 40 plus hours working on some files. So I’ll have to catch the new blog later. BUT when AC & JT get on here—I’ve got a bone to pick with them. :grin: Because In Cynthialand—hehehehehe —-it is 11:03AM & muggy. Plus I want to know what all of this speaking in code is about. :evil: So look out you two, I’ll be back later. Much later. :smile:

  89. Anyway—-good morning Aggie, Snake, Pk, & all of you others I can’t remember right now. Sorry—brain is on overload & I better not come back here later & find where AC or JT made a crack about that. :lol:
    Pk—I think you are a riot. Don’t change a thing dear.

    Goodnight—-well no—good day everyone. WTF ever–I have to sleep now. :mrgreen:

  90. Good morning all…I’ve been busy at work this morning,
    go figure. They keep piling on more reports that need to be
    done in the morning. Just got done, don’t they know I have a
    blog to read???

    Hey aggie, I missed you last night. I figured you were taking
    care of business :lol:
    I really felt bad for Shambo too. That was wrong of them to
    to that to her. She earned the right to eat too. A..holes. I
    was gagging just watching them drink their Samoan shakes.

    Phillip…..don’t change anything that you’re doing. You keep
    this place jumpin :grin: Who cares how much money a person
    has or what they have done in their life….it’s how you turn out
    later in life that matters. You rock!!!!

    Ted……..where did your friend go??? We hope you didn’t get
    mad at our comments. You can have any picture you want.

    Thanks again Sal for smilies 101. You rock TOO :roll:

  91. Sheesh what was up with Yasmin and the fancy shoes and attire?! This is Survivor, NOT America’s Top Model. Survivor is based on physical and mental challenges. It is NOT a fashion show. What is up with people like that!?
    Poor Shambo, If I were in her tribe, I would help her catch the fleeing chicken by throwing a sheet or other garment on it as it was running off. It would be stuck under the garment giving us time to capture it and put it back in its cage. I like Shambo. It was a shame that she was badly judged on that accidental move.

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