Lets get moving, 2 from Galu -Russell Swan, smooth operator and Yasmin Giles, yap trap!

russellsRussell Swan (42)
Hometown: Glenside, Pa.
Occupation: Attorney

At 5’11” and 220 “semi-solid” pounds, this attorney spends his working hours suing companies and individuals who violate environmental laws. In addition to practicing law, Russell enjoys spending time with his wife and five-year-old daughter and watching independent films.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Russell’s father fell victim to layoffs at a local steel mill and struggled to support his family.  Forced to move into Section 8 housing, his parents eventually divorced but the separation did not weaken any of his relationships, including the one he shared with his parents. Russell’s hero is his dad whom he says, “really loved his family and was a perfect example of what a husband should be to his wife, and what a dad should be to his child.”

Despite tumultuous circumstances (or as a result of), Russell has been attracted to jobs with responsibilities ranging from environmental protection, minority youth education advocacy and representation for homeless individuals. He is a dedicated father and a loving husband and describes a perfect day as spending time with his daughter and ending the day by “talking” privately with his wife.

A passionate man, Russell cannot stand hearing over-generalizations about specific groupings of people and avoids discussing topics relating to race and sexuality because he feels that others usually have a hard time dealing with his conversation style.

Always prepared to joke and laugh at himself, Russell is willing to go to drastic lengths for a million dollars in order to win including making a vow to cut off his dreadlocks if he wins the title of sole SURVIVOR.

Currently, Russell resides in Glenside, Pa. His birthday is February 17

Russell Swan was interviewed byAndy Dehnart / September 14, 2009 for Reality Blurred 


Yasmin Giles (33)  Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.  Occupation: Hairstylist
Yasmin Giles (33) Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Hairstylist

Yasmin Giles is nicknamed “Sassy Yassy” and is ready to show everybody how she got this moniker. An opinionated motor mouth from the Motor City, she always speaks her mind.

Growing up in Detroit, Yasmin claims her life experiences have prepared her for anything that comes her way. She is aware that her know-it-all attitude can rub people the wrong way, but she doesn’t care. “If you’re going to give it to somebody straight, real and raw, then a big mouth doesn’t matter, because they are going to think about what I said and realize Yasmin was right!”

Yasmin believes that once you get past her constant chatter, she is likeable, funny and quick-witted. In addition, working in a beauty salon has helped her learn how to hustle because she is constantly competing with the other employees for new clientele in order to earn a living. While she may look feminine, Yasmin insists she’s a tomboy at heart.

A firm believer in the mantra “winners never quit and quitters never win,” Yasmin claims she’s a winner and she’ll never quit SURVIVOR. “I want to do this and I want to take it all the way.”

Yasmin is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif.


Yasmin Giles was by Andy Dehnart on September 3, 2009 for

Reality Blurred

CBS video Meet Yasmin

35 thoughts on “Lets get moving, 2 from Galu -Russell Swan, smooth operator and Yasmin Giles, yap trap!”

  1. MORNING EVERYONE, IT is 7:23 in CHI- town, RUSSEL seems like a smart LIkeable guy, That could get him far., YASMIN, I just Hope she goes away soon, ON BB we really hated GNAT, SHe is the GNAT of SURVIVOR ,That mouth of hers will always be flapping ,and getting her in trouble.

  2. Survivor… Is the time clock for our posts set to Mountain Daylight Time or Central Standard Time? When I post where I am in Central Daylight Time, the posting time is one hour earlier than my actual time… Just curious…

  3. I agree 100% with Phillip. Although I grew up outside Detroit in the burbs, it is true most people from the area don’t mince words. But Yassy wastes them! I know that people think I’m abrasive…don’t care, if you ask me a question BE prepared for the answer. Yassy has taken upon herself to inflict her opinion where it wasn’t needed or even expected. Yap trap is perfect. Russell S. is an okay guy, he seems to still be checking things out…but does what he needs to.

  4. AGGIE…you may be right. Last night you said F Ben might be
    Chima. She may very well be putting her 2 cents in here.
    Like Russell S….hell no to Chatty Yazzy.

  5. frannie, either chima or a relativeof hers,F BEN DO EVERYONE a favor and just go away,your being a whiny little bitch.probably the only date you ever had was with your MOTHER!!!!!!!!

  6. Almost 3PM Saturday here in North Carolina. I was not able to post yesterday..I could get in to read, but “it” wouldn’ let me post. I also tried to get into the chat rooms…tried signing in and it wanted me to type some letters in a box, but there weren’t any letters to copy…what do I do? Hope it’s a good day for you all. We are cold and rainy here, but that’s OK.

    I agree about Russell Swan..I liked him from the get-go…I also had liked Betsy altho knew she wouldn’t last long. I can’t stand Russell H…he is really being edited to appear horribly evil..hope he gets his soon!

    I like Mick pretty much, and I think Ashley is brighter than she appears. Yasmin, unfortunately, won’t last but I don’t dislike her.

    I also was interested in Russell H looking for and finding the idol…I’d love to see him use it at tribal council and then be told it belongs to the other team…that is the one thing he doesn’t know yet…I don’t think Yasmin figured that whole idol thing out at all…her loss.

    well, have a nice day..I’ll check later to see if anyone tells me how to get signed into a chat room…either for Survivor or the other rooms…thanks one and all.
    have a great day.

  7. By the way, my pick for winner so far is Jaison…he seems like a really sweet, nice, educated, pleasant kind of guy I’d enjoy having lunch with or whatever…so for now he is my favorite.

  8. Oh no…….what’s his name, Russell?…..looks like another Coach……how long will viewers have to watch this IDIOT???…..owns an oil company?????……cannot believe this guy could maintain a life, let alone a buisness!!!

  9. too bad CBS doesn’t share survivor with their sister company showtime, as does Big Brother.

    I would enjoy survivor after dark, just like they do with Big brother every night for 3 hours!

    Anyone agree?

  10. Russell S seems to be using his head and hopefully will go far in this game. he’s scoping out the situation but I think we’ll see him as a player soon if they ever show us more of Galu. As of snappy yazzy, you all said it, she’s got a big mouth but even worse than that she has a superiority complex – very disrespectful to people.

    Kimorosen, I couldn’t possibly watch Survivor 3 hours every night for many reasons, one I need my sleep and the other, I’m just not hooked yet like BB. I’d record it and only watch when you guys said it was worth it.

    I thought we would see our own times when we signed up. It’s now 1:25pm in CA. It usually shows central time though, right PK & PGA? I don’t know either. :)

  11. Starfish, I couldn’t watch 3 hours every night eiither, however as with BB I dvr’ed every episode and would fast forward throgh them if something inTERESTING was mentioned in a blog.

    Showtime doesn’t edit out the F word, bad lanquage or nudity, no more black ditto marks….

    Since CBS owns showtime, why not?

  12. CARLA, I dont agree about RUssell, being like COach Idont like RUSSELL ,but at least he is going to be entertaining for the show.As far as coach goes He was a jerk, BUt easy on the eyes.hE was somewhat entertaining also.

  13. KIMOROSEN, I agree about survivor after dark, their would be more to talk about on here we only see survivor once a week, ,you dont get to see or know as much ,as you do with big brother.

  14. @aggie
    There are 2 Rusell’s in the game and I believe Carla was talking about Russell S. See top of page for his bio if you hadn’t seen it

  15. In the context of the game Survivor, Yasmin’s biggest fault was not in her attitude and mouth, but in her laziness to not even try and look for the hidden Immunity Idol at Pau Pau (or whatever that Tribe’s name is) because there “were so many trees.” If she could have found it (though bald Russell beat everyone to the punch), she could have had some leverage and mainained her cocky attitude and had a chance to make a run at the money, as she’s in Galu, the Tribe that appears stronger now. She’s her own worst enemy. And love somebody that refers to themself in the first-person, and old girl did in the bio.

    aggie, franniep2, I highly doubt that your “F Ben” is Chima theory holds any water. All black people don’t know each other, don’t think the same way and if she is a Journalist and spent time in BB11, I highly doubt she would write such a simple statement. I think both Ben and Yasmin are racists in their own silly, stupid way. And her initial point she didn’t like him because he tackled her started their little talk, and Ben had a point that there were no rules in that Game. But as competitive as I can be, I don’t think I’d tackle a girl. I’d worry about the ball, as that’s how the Tribes scored the points. Yasmin is doomed, as you need protein for muscle and energy and she didn’t seem to like the taste of anything they had. And I doubt she’s much of a hunter. Maybe there’s a mystical Nacho Cheese Doritos tree hidden somewhere near Galu’s camp. And have you noticed, it’s the Natalies and Ronnies and Chimas and bald Russells that get the most talk here, so in a way, these idiots are justmaking the TV show a little better with their actions.

  16. KEVIN, I agree the nasty ones on a show are always interesting to watch ,they always give you alot to talk about,I know F BEN most likely isnt CHima or a relative ,His personality seemed alot like her. Yasmin has apersonality similar to Chima, loud and Obnoxious.As far as Ben goes I dont think hes Rascist ,If a white person acted like her, I would call them White trash, GHetto Trash is exactly what Yasmin is.HE called it the way he saw it good for him.

  17. Gooo aggie. If someone got in my face and carried on like
    Yasmin, no telling what would come out of my mouth.
    I have a tendency to talk first and think later. Bad habit,
    but I’m sure there are many of us out there like that. I
    think that’s exactly what Ben did. Granted, he is a jerk, but
    he is probably the type of person that even if later he feels
    what he said was wrong, he would never admit it. THAT”S
    me at times.

  18. FRANNIE, SOme people just dont get it sometimes, If you dont bit your tongue in this game ,you wont last very long,people are hungry and tired and if you are starting trouble they are going to get rid of you.People like that are digging their own grave.

  19. I would be one of the first ones out then because I
    definately couldn’t bite my tongue. No way…no how.
    The dispruptive ones are the ones that last. They are
    also the ones we complain about the most. But, when
    they are like bald Russell…that is too extreme.

  20. My wish list:
    1) Russell H voted out
    2) Yasmin to lose her voice (for a little while)
    3) To watch Russell H go 1 on 1 with Shambo &
    Shambo kick his a$$
    4) Show more of the other tribe so we can start
    forming opinions of other people
    5) for Jaison to find the other immunity idol

  21. Well I guess everyone has left me so I’m going to do
    something constructive for awhile. I have some shows
    to watch that have been taped.
    Watched a good one Thursday night. It’s called “Flash
    Forward”. Pretty good stuff.

    Night all

  22. The thing about RUSSELL H ,he will talk about people behind their back ,but he doesnt really get in peoples face and yell at them which is smart ,because it will probably keep him in the game longer.They have no idea just how creepy this guy can be,As far as Shambo goes, that girl can definately kick his Ass ,you would probably have to have her shoe surgically removed from his ass.

  23. Another Saturday night & I ain’t got nobody,
    I got some money cause I just got paid,
    But how I wish I had someone to talk to……..


    Well—Ditto on all the comments tonight. Well most all anyway.
    Prosen, I had the same problem last night, it would let me read everything but it wouldn’t let me post. How weird.

  24. I like Yasmin and Russell….contestants like them make the show interesting, and you have to realize that in Russell`s case we are seeing a side of him that the other contestants at this point, probably havnt realized. They will soon realize that if you cross him you wont be on the island long. Yasmin is very refreshing and i love her diret approach… although very dangerous for her longevity.

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