Lets Make a Deal, and a Deal, and a …..

The Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal. His was in a bind and way behind and willing to make a deal, with every member of the Galu tribe.  Russell looks like he is going to make an alliance with everyone before he trys to screw them over. Lets see if he can sweet talk all the girls in Galu to do his bidding!

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Coach  |   Farewell, Warrior Princess

November 2, 2009

After two weeks of straight misery and rain, a new day dawns. The sun comes out. Spirits soar. There is nothing like the feeling of the sun’s warmth on your cold, tired and wet body after battling the wind and cold and rain for this long a time. Trust me, I can sympathize and I’m not trying to minimize your experience. It’s hard!

I remember my time on exile…No fire, no shelter, rain soaked clothing. I stood up on that majestic sand dune looking at the horizon, shivering slightly, waiting for the sun to peak over the mountain tops. And when it did, the rejuvenation, the resurgence, the revitalization, the Risorgimento of it all! But alas I digress.

Last week I talked about Erik being my young Dragon Slayer in training. The elements are not an element to him. His braggadocio in tribal rivaled some of the slayers lesser banterings. You are reeling Shambo into your web of alliances by putting a wedge between her and the other girls. You were not only astute enough to see that chink in a possible all girls alliance, but you also hatched a plan to have her elected leader, thereby securing her allegiance to you down the road.

But if you are out there listening Erik, we need to work on your eloquence. You said Shambo would be “like lint in the bottom of my pocket.” Hmm. Maybe you could say something like “as the grasshopper clings to the morning dew laden blade of grass, so Shambo…” Or even “as the archers close ranks among the cavalry”. You get my point.

Which leads me to the point of my newly formed warrior alliance. Dave, Erik and Brett. A deadly combo if they work together. You have the brains, the brawn and the charmer. Worthy of new nicknames…

Dave: Gandalf
Erik: Boromir
Brett: Aragon

The reward challenge was interesting and it is always welcoming to have a mental challenge instead of a physical one. But don’t underestimate how feeble your mind becomes when you are hungry and tired. And I swear that pot was the same one we used at Timbira! Did you see the bottom of the pot? It still has the charred bottom where I burned the beans! That brings back some memories when Coach was still Coach and had not yet morphed into the slayer of dragons.

Mick you better be superstitious. You lost again. A pox? More like a poisoned apple flavored Gollum. “My precious” is permeating thru the peaceful partiality of your tribe. Guess what Mick, it’s not the necklace. Open your eyes, wipe that smirk off your face, and get rid of that hobbit! In Jeff’s words “one of the worst performances of any tribe in the history of survivor.” Look in the mirror and be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

I feel your pain Liz. When Laura was talking about a book club and you were the one working on the fire, I was mad also. Every warrior alliance needs a kick ass female. You put value on camp life, work hard, kick butt in the challenges and stand up to Gollum (Russell H.) A warrior princess truly!

Speaking of Princess, Debbie please tell me in next weeks blog one thing Jaison did right in this episode. He was useless in the challenge, again. In fact he gave up! Can you please tell me once and for all I was right? (Doesn’t happen that often but hey when it does I want acknowledgement.) Jaison might be missing the samurai sword chopping block and skirting by to next weeks episode, but he has not lived up to half of his potential on this show.

Not that I’m being judgmental or anything. I’m just pissed off that here I go making a warrior alliance again, bandying about the name, and another worthy competitor (Liz) gets voted off. Yes I know this game is about trust but as Sun Tzu says “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Sorry Liz, I was really in your lair, I mean corner.



Debbie  |   Girls, Get Your Head in the Game

November 2, 2009

Samoa continues to break records and secure the title for “firsts”.

Foa Foa has now earned a losing streak that only rivals the Ulong tribe from “Survivor: Palau.” As a member of Timbira, I can recall the dreadful atmosphere our team experienced because of our “losing streak.” It is utterly depressing. There is nothing that makes this game more excruciating than continuing to lose challenges. You are already miserable because of the conditions and losing just rubs salt into the wounds. The good news is the merge is on the horizon. Coach, I hope you crawled out of your Dragon Den to catch that one.

This season is clearly divided by gender. The alliances in Tocantins were more diverse with a mixture of personalities and sexes. Once again I am amazed at the strength of the girls and their performances in the challenges, but they are not playing the strategic game. The women are letting the guys do all of the strategizing and decision making regarding their fate. If my memory is correct, Shambo is the only woman that has even mentioned the idol or shown any interest. Even Sandy looked for the idol, she paced, walked, stepped, or whatever she called it, seeking the treasured jewel. Each week I continue to expect the girls, on either tribe, to make some type of move and get involved in decisions and strategies, again it did not happen. Is it too late? Time will tell.

Come on girls, I want to see more initiative out of all of you! Get into this game!

Shambo continued to entertain me this week. The Galu guys were brilliant in luring her into their plan. I cracked up when Shambo was cheering on Dave while he was “fishing” for the puzzle pieces and he kept telling her to shut her mouth. She has taken her leadership role seriously; however, as we all know, the leadership appointment is a farce.

The afternoon boat and food reward would not have been appealing to me. As I watched that boat rock back and forth, the thought of sea sickness would have had me begging to be sent to the other tribe. Eating makes a starving body do crazy, awful, terrible things. Adding sea sickness to the mix would have been a recipe for a complete mess. I was shocked when no one suffered from the combination of food and the bobbing boat.

Tribal council was a surprise. I was concerned for the fate of my favorite, Jaison. Unfortunately, he struggled physically and mentally in the challenge and then he appeared to be lying around camp after the challenge. If you think your head is on the block, you work harder, socialize with others, and secure your place in the tribe. Thank goodness Jaison survived this round and I anticipate that he will intensify his game next week. Come on Jaison, we can’t let Coach be right about you!

Side note: Whew, Mick’s name has not been brought up. He has not made any strategic moves, but he is still great eye candy.

What about Russell telling Laura that Ben had the idol? It was a quick statement and a great strategic move. He is into this game 24/7, unlike many others. We said “good-bye” tonight to Liz. I hated to see her depart because she had figured Russell out and she was such a strong physical player. However, I did not see her connected socially within her tribe or form any alliances. I believe her mental/social game was her ultimate demise. Again, the girls do not seem to be involved in any strong alliances.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week after the merge. Names were flying and the “pecking order” is being formed. Jaison is still my favorite, but he was a disappointment this week. I am beginning to like Dave and his quirks…he is starting to be entertaining.

Let the strategic games begin!!!!!


149 thoughts on “Lets Make a Deal, and a Deal, and a …..”

  1. GOOD Morning everyone, Its 8:33 and a pretty cold day here only 34.T he guys shouldnt think they can use shambo ,she might get tired of them telling her what to do, shes no fool she was in the marine corp.

  2. shes no fool she was in the marine corp

    aggie… Semper fi does not always signal a possible phi beta kappa. Shambo has already told the enemy more than “her name, rank and serial number.” Too much information, Shambo. Strategize your battle plan more and run your mouth less would by my recommendation to her.

  3. Aggie, I was in the Navy and knew a bunch of Marines, trust me, they were no whiz kids. For fun there were a few that would eat glass(the one their drink came in)

  4. I think Shambo just likes to talk….thinking that it will make her
    more liked by everyone. She wants to be part of a group. She
    needs to be careful….you never know who to trust. The guys
    are all making a fool out of her. She’ll wake up to it….but it will
    be too late.

  5. It took me awhile to notice but our posting times are now
    correct. Thank bullwinkle. I’m sure all of you have noticed already.

  6. aggie….I think you’re right…..I think Mark will be the next to
    go on DWTS. Man, that flu bug is making it’s way around to all
    the dancers. If Mark does get eliminated, Lacy will be upset and
    think it was her fault. Too bad….I like Lacy.

  7. I see Coach is at it again, using all those big words. Someone should tell him to keep it simple because not everyone understands what he is talking about.
    Not everyone speaks Geek.

  8. YEAH COACH, Is only easy on the eyes ladies, otherwise i cant stand him. maybe put some masking tape on his mouth and that will be great. then maybe we could possibly get along, just lay there and shut up.

  9. Way to say Phillip. I wouldn’t want someone with diarrhea of the mouth spilling anything at any time before or even after the merge. Keep the mouth shut, the eyes open and hope that people think you are an asset instead of an A**.

  10. SAL, I believe you the marines are probably not brainiacs, but who cares their pretty cool and some are nice to look at also, and I think Shambo is pretty cool and she has made some bad choices, but she is astrong woman and I hope she can hang in there.

  11. PHILLIP, I still like SHambo regardless of the screwups ,the other galu girls can seem pretty bitchy at times, they should have made her feel welcome.

  12. What’s that, Coach/Dragon Slayer/Justlovestohearhimselframbleaboutabsolutelynothing/Hope he goes out first on SS20 so I never have to hear from him again, was expressing his opinion on things. Sorry, scroll feature is on auto pilot to conveniently move beyond anything coming from him. I’m sure if he had anything worthwhile to say (there’s always a first time) someone will talk about it.

    I fail to understand the support for Shambo. If she were in your tribe you’d want to kill her by now. Hot or not, if you’re worthless in challenges (she is other than when she sits out. Which is every other challenge), lose key components to the fishing gear, and let food sources escape, it should come as no surprise when your torch gets snuffed. The only thing keeping her around now is that the guys want to use her as a vote. Even if she manages to align with anyone from Foa Foa it will be for the same reasons. She’s useful as a vote and that’s it. If I had been Galu I’d have proposed a trade. Shambo for Liz and toss in a bag of rice to sweeten the deal. Foa Foa would never get the rice because Shambo would lose it on the way to her new camp.

  13. PHILLIP, I bet you would have a different opinion of Shambo if she were a hot looking woman.

    Aggie… My opinion concerns Shambo’s game play, not her visual display. Unfortunately, even a nice personality wouldn’t help her either if she doesn’t start playing the game wisely.

    Granted, if Laura from BB11 was running around half naked on Survivor Samoa I could care less how she plays the game as long as the camera catches every possible move and nothing is edited out. I would, of course, call on the Gods of the South Pacific to strike dead anybody who even as much as whispered about voting her out at any tribal council for any reason.

  14. @Aggie, I like Shambo too. She is real and not stuck up like the other b*tches at Galu. Rather her win the game than any of the other women.
    The other Galu women didnt make any mistakes because they do nothing but sit around and whine. Club Med. At least Shambo is trying.

  15. Count me in too ladies. I also like Shambo and I think they
    are treating her like s@#t. The women don’t include her in
    with anything they do. I for one would not like to spend time
    with anybody that can’t treat me right. Like you said DonnaP,
    at least she’s doing something and not just sitting around. Yea,
    she did screw up, but I’m sure none of us would be perfect

  16. aggie….sorry hun but I have to disagree with you on something.
    I don’t think coach is easy to look at. I find nothing attractive
    about the man whatsoever. I know….I know….beauty is only
    skin deep…..but ugly goes down to the bone. That’s only my
    personal opinion and I’m sticking to it. :roll:

  17. Huh!!!! Whatch talkin bout William???
    1:22 pm
    no tatoo either
    you already said that at 11:25 am.

    Are you overworked?

  18. Huh!!!! Whatch talkin bout William???
    1:22 pm
    no tatoo either
    you already said that at 11:25 am.

    Please spellcheck earlier post!!

  19. Sal…..2:27 pm…..are you getting pissy with me? :lol:
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. :razz:

    Off to face the traffic.

  20. FRANNIE, How can you think dear coach is unattractive? Did you see the body the tattoos, whats not too like, except when he opens his mouth of course.

  21. aggie… Laura from BB11, not Survivor Samoa. Pretty for me starts at chest level and works both up and down from there, EVENTUALLY!

  22. Ok! Now I know why I’m confused about the old tv series “V”, I NEVER even watched it!! :lol: (no wisecracks… unless you really want to). I watched the 1983 2 part mini-series. Then I watched the 3 part one in 1984. They were really good. I recorded the series marathon on Sci-Fi today and watched a little when I got home. I didn’t remember a damn thing about it! It was like watching a soap opera with aliens in it! Didn’t like the little bit that I saw and quit watching. Mini Series was Good… Series?… No good. (IMO).

  23. I’ll give it a shot.. but I agree, I don’t usually like mini series…. tv movies aren’t that good either.. most of the time. Too much censorship.

  24. aggie, I have to say that I was laughing my a$$ off when I read your comment about slapping AC around a littlt bit. :lol: I probably deserve a bit of slapping around at times too… there’s a long line though! :cool:

  25. I am watching V. They have come a long way in special FX since 1983! (No! really?) …. even for a tv show. I see a girl from “Lost” is on there.

  26. Calm down princess, we’re not giving anything away… it is a remake after all. I wasn’t surprised that Norman was the killer in the remake of Psycho… were you?

  27. Don’t fall for her charms kid!!! She’s a lizzard girl under that pretty exterior!! Trust me!! Run kid run!!

  28. Is that the best I’ve got? WTF? Of course that’s the best I’ve got!! Haven’t you been paying attention? Everybody knows that’s the best I’ve got! :lol: :roll:

  29. Ok, a half hour through V and I’ve probably only watched 7 minutes of it. I’m not a good multi-tasker either! I’ll be back later.

  30. and i always thought there was SO much more…

    ok, i’ll just get in line, then..

    but i’ll remember this and you’ll pay dearly. i don’t know how yet, but i can make it happen!

  31. Let’s think this over before you tell the kid to run “guy on restroom door”. A lizard girlfriend could have some advantages :wink:

  32. If I had been talking about you, you would have definitely been moved to the front of the “slap JT” line!! …that’s the best I’ve got. (BBL)

  33. Dok, glad you’re here. maybe you can explain (to JT) my comment on “it depends on what position you take on the subject.”

    he seems a little off his game tonight – or maybe your right, it’s just the lizard girl he’s noticing…

  34. I knew you couldn’t resist watching aggie!! oh, you’re just waiting for DWTS to come on… right. SPOILER for princess.. they got rid of those rediculous 80s red jumpsuits.

  35. i won’t miss thoseQQ they were just a little too star trek for me!

    although i did own jumpsuits in the 80’s. sigh…

  36. Maybe if you used some of those scented candles, some of your famous flower arrengements, and dug out one of those jumpsuits you could make him understand princess :lol:

  37. how can one remote control keep getting lost in 3 blankies, 8 cushions, and one tush so often??? (well not in the actual tush, but, you get the drift…)

  38. It might help take him back to the days when he should have learned that concept in the first place princess :lol: As for things in the tush, from previous posts you might want to ask aggie :lol:

  39. Dok, i’m afraid of aggie’s answer….

    besides, JT has deserted us for DWTS, so i’ll never get his attention now!!

    i’m going to lie down and try to remember that it only FEELS like the flu is trying to kill you… i have to go to work tomorrow, too. board meeting and i don’t have all my stuff in order. yuck.

  40. aggie… Helmut retired from the luftwaffe just after WWII and spent the final years of his life as a hairdresser on Long Island specializing in helmet hair.

    We all hoped that when Helmut died, helmet hair would die too, but unfortunately it is still a once a week set and style for millions of women. :lol:

  41. Ok I won’t be here long. Had no sleep since sometime yesterday morning. And got a BIG meeting to go to in the morning. BUT—I just wanted to say….

    1. Princess—found your post & was very touched by the apology. Very gracious of you. I know I left a post on yesterdays blog for you but it was written quickly & I didn’t do it justice. SO wanted to say it again. And YES I wholehearted accept. I hope you can accept mine as well. I was kind of laughing my butt off when I read that other stuff. And YES, cousin “it” forgives everything. I understand why you did it. BUT it’s all good now & HOPEFULLY will remain that way. :lol: HOWEVER, I’m still a little concerned about why you were in the ER. But that info will come I guess. Just take care ok??

    2. Aggie—sweetness—-Sarah is NOT my sister. Honest to God. She is just someone that floats around from time to time doing STUFF!! :lol:

    3. JT—-no more middle man for you. I’m sure you are very pleased with that. :mrgreen: But you did an excellent job my friend. :lol:

    4. AC–I still hate you. LMAO Just kidding. No worries. Princess don’t make me invisible for that. It’s a joke. LMAO MUAH!!!

    Ok gotta go now. Like I said No sleep & my butt is dragging bad. NO COMMENTS ON THAT PLEASE!! LMAO Lots to do tomorrow. So—I’ll “See” you guys & dolls tomorrow night.

    We now send you back to your regular TV programming. :lol:

  42. Hey Snake—you have been VERY patient while we got all of this mess straightened out. Love you for it man. VERY, VERY SWEET OF YOU!! You are an ACE in my book. Goodnight all.

  43. Now we can all concentrate on the main purposes of this blog (as I see them). 1)Share a bit about our lives with our little blog community. . 2)Have fun and add some humor for each other 3)Chat about sports (right aggie?). . 4)Chat about other reality shows. . 5)Chat about movies & music. . 6)Make fun of JT :lol: … oops, almost forgot, we can talk about Survivor once in a while too! :oops: I know I’m not much help in that department, but I promise to make up for it when BB12 starts! I’ll have lots of gametalk then (if PGA hasn’t already said what I was thinking!) :cool:

  44. Just checkin’ in before I get my 5 hours of sleep. Good to see you again Cyn… and thanks. Goodnight all!!

  45. Heeellllllllllooooooo!! I can’t sleep. Been awake too long & now when I lay down my eyes fly wide open. This ought to be great for tomorrow!! Anyone still here??

  46. Ok I guess I will try to take a hot shower & sleep. Maybe that will help. It’s all AC’s fault anyway. LMAO “See” you guys later. Goodnight one last time :;;):

  47. Oh Snake—that is such a long story. LMAO But to keep it short, we’ll just say—trying really hard to get my foot out of my mouth. :lol:

  48. I mean I agree about the chat program. But yes feet are hard to swallow as well. BUT they are not hard to get stuck in the wrong places.

  49. No sweetness, I think I HAVE to sleep somehow or I’m screwed for tomorrow’s meeting. So I’ll just say goodnight now. Thanks Babe for your concern. Hugs. :lol:

  50. SAL, I dont think i qualify as a hit and run, im on here alot, believe me i would never mind talking to you. Talk to the spell check cop about that one, its pretty much his M.O. except of course when sports are on. EWWWWWWW

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