Lets make plans to paint the town red!

Protection for Shambo!  An alliance with the Devil! What the hell is going on in the Jungle. It’s looks like no merge before the reward challenge which Foa Foa must win so that Russell can visit the Galu camp. Wonder what he’ll call this alliance? Maybe it’ll be the “Super Secret G-Whiz Alliance”! Even though it might not last if Foa Foa wins Immunity and Galu votes out Laura.  With the numbers getting closer to 10 which is when the merge should happen things are getting dicey! The jury usually has 7 members if I remember correctly. Sometimes its a final 2, sometimes it’s a final 3.

The liklihood of a Foa Foa member winning this game depends greatly on the next 2 immunity challenges, otherwise their numbers when a merge happens puts them at a big disadvantage.

I see the guys at Galu making an all boy alliance and keeping Shambo around to help with Challenges. She can still be an asset even after the merge and easy to vote out. Shambo will need the Foa Foa’s to allign with to help her have votes against the Galu men. She is sitting in a good spot if things fall her way!!  The Devil will have trouble at the merge if the Galu men see his evil ways. Everyone else is going to have to pray for help. The girls from both tribes look to have the longest odds because they are in the minority on both tribes and don’t seem to have any alliances to speak of.

Game play is getting very important. We now must watch carefully to see what becomes of the tribes from here on out!

Galu is now at 8 members:

Laura, Monica, Kelly & Shannon     ……   Brett, Dave, Erik & John

Foa Foa now @ 5

Elizabeth & Natalie    ……    Russell, Mick & Jaison

It’s a close balance of men to women now, 7 men, 6 women!  The men on Galu however are ready to make Shambo the leader and make her a Puppet Dictator. It looks likely no matter who wins immunity that 1 of the women will be voted out next. As of last week, Monica was close to being voted out on Galu. Foa Foa on the other hand could go either way depending on Russells ability to sway the vote.

A look at one of/ or the combo Challenge comingup this week. Seems to be some kind of memory puzzle.

challenge pic


CBS Press Release 10/26/2009


 Now that both idols have been found, you’d think they’d stop providing clues and sending contestants to the opposing camp. But apparently you’d be wrong. As is TV Guide, which claims Russell visits Galu.
Now that both idols have been found, you’d think they’d stop providing clues and sending contestants to the opposing camp. But apparently you’d be wrong.
    It appears, from multiple angles, that Laura visits Foa Foa in the scene below, from the post-Ep6 preview. To our eyes, the beach shots look like Foa Foa. chaoswva at RFF pulled some images from Foa Foa beach which look like a pretty good match for the rocks and trees in the Russell-Laura shots. Also, from the RC page shots, it looks like Laura departs Galu after that challenge, so it seems like case solved.
    Except of course that TV Guide somehow has the exact opposite story in their synopsis: “Evil Russell from Foa Foa visits Galu and strikes up an alliance with one tribe member.” Our advice? Ignore TV Guide.

    In the previews, Russell’s already making a final two deal with Laura (apparently he was running short on blondes).

138 thoughts on “Lets make plans to paint the town red!”

  1. The Galu men better be careful with this Shambo thing. If they alienate the girls it might backfire when they merge. It would be so easy for Galu girls to team up with Foo Foo and flip the game. Hope not because my fav is Erik and Shambo.

  2. Thanks for help AC, was a bit late when I wrote that post … couldn’t remember all my comic characters

  3. It would be so easy for Galu girls to team up with Foa Foa and flip the game.

    DonnaP… You’d think, BUT Galu women sans Shambo only do yoga together.

  4. TED…..from an earlier post, you asked what the 2 was
    after franniep2…..Nothing significant. Seems everyone always
    puts a 1 or 101… so I just wanted to be different.

    Princess….. No relation to P2 from BB11. We just have a common
    name. :)

    JT…Rams-Raiders joke was for this year. It was because the
    Rams are hopeless and I had to choose another team doing bad
    this year. I could have said the Lions. Originally the joke had
    two different nationalities playing a football game. Didn’t want
    to offend anyone. :sad:

  5. DWTS…..The right people went a packin, finally. I think the
    next one to go SHOULD be Michael. Unless a miracle happens
    and somewhere he finds his comfort in dancing.
    SYTYCD was great last night. Fans didn’t get to vote this
    week….I guess it’s because of the baseball game so 1 guy and
    1 girl was eliminated by the judges. I think they made the right

  6. FRANNIE, Dont count on MIchael Irvin going anytime soon , he has his own Radio show and alot of fans, unfortunately someone else thats really good will be sacrificed to keep him in.

  7. aggie….he did get to the bottom last night. Eventually, he will
    be voted out. Surely his fans cannot continue to vote for him
    if it means letting Mya or Donny go home. People that are voting
    for those that have already been eliminated, will start voting for
    those that are better than Michael. JMO….:)

  8. Also aggie….he was only saved by the judges. It could have
    been him very easily. He should be thanking bullwinkel right now. :lol:

  9. oops……………rain has finally let up here. Still don’t see Mr. Sun.
    Rain will be back tomorrow night and Friday. They are calling for
    two more inches. My basement decided to start leaking right in the
    middle. Weird thing is….it’s not at an outside wall, it’s at an inside
    wall. I shop vac’d for 2 hours this morning before I left for work.
    Left fans running so hopefully the carpeting will dry out before the
    next rains begin. :cry: :sad:

  10. Heard that they are back to doing two challenges and Galu is triumphant again. I am so over foo foo (Foa Foa) except for Russell.
    Jaison & Mick dreamy are a huge dissappointment. Loooosers

  11. 7 hours is enough to work in one day… right? Just checkin’ in. fp2, I hope I am wrong, but sounds like a possible leak in your roof. If you have another wall directly above it upstairs, rain could be getting in your roof and following the wall to you basement. I’ve had that happen before. I guess someone will have to take a look… could be the foundation too. I know this… leaks SUCK!!

  12. Looks like nobody has been here for a while. I did actually leave work early for a reason… so gotta get to that. But first.. I agree with the thought that Galu better be careful with Shambo. If they think she is “not a threat”, they better think again. Foo Foo (I liked that one Donna P, mind if I use it?) likes her and if she makes it to the merger… look out!

  13. aggie, I’m not a DWTS fan, but I did watch last night just enough to believe that Michael will be gone soon. I am still a Cowboys fan and loved when they had Michael, Troy, and Emmit… but I wouldn’t vote for him on this show.

  14. JT, Hopefully he will be gone soon, but sometimes they do get rid of somebody really good, to keep a more popular person in ,its not fair but it has happened before on the show.

  15. Sal, are you getting into the Halloween spirit? You do a fine impression of a ghost?…. on second thought… he’s probably booing my mentioning of the Cowboys. People love to hate ‘em… guess I would too if I hadn’t lived there as a kid.

  16. Greetings: did anyone see Richard Hatch on the Joy Bahar Show last night? She is on HLN (CNN’s old regular news channel) at 9PM Eastern and reruns at midnight. They do rerun her shows on the weekend if anyone wants to check in. Second half was Ben Stein, and then Eric Roberts talking about spanking children.

    Rich had the whole first half hour and I thought it was an excellent interview. Joy annoys me sometimes because she is always jumping in with some stupid joke, but last night she let him speak. He tried over and over to explain this tax mess and she kept saying “but I read this”…guess she doesn’t know you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

    Some may remember I wrote about Rich’s troubles a couple of weeks ago, and he pretty much said everything I had written as true. Also, he sure did look good, a real relief for me…I was worried after that last local jail stint with the solitary confinement..Rich needs outdoors, and he said he had to choose between a shower OR going outside for an hour each day…very hard for him.

    Well…not enjoying Survivor much so far…felt really bad about Russell Swan leaving though..I liked him a lot. Have a good night everyone.

  17. prosen, Thanks, I’ll have to check that out. Not a Joy Bahar fan, but if she let him talk, it might be worth checking out.

  18. aggie, :lol: you’re right!! I can’t help it though. I do wish sometimes that I didn’t give a sh#t about sports. It does eat up a lot of weekend time. :roll:

  19. AC, that was the best impersonation I have seen on here! I had to do a double-take and look at the name again! Spot on! :mrgreen:

  20. Cyn, Good to see you on here again! Glad you are feeling better. I think you’ll handle your “problems” just fine. I know I wouldn’t mess with a woman with a 9mm in one hand and an axe in the other!! :lol:

  21. princess, you are correct! Jerry Rice did play in SB 24 (Jan ’90). You can hang on to your “girly-girl” card for now though… The Bears and Dolphins never played each other in a SB. (sorry aggie… more sports junk.. just answering a question this time though)

  22. I’ll be on later aggie. Not real late though…. damn alarm clock wont let me! :sad: Hope to see you then!

  23. Hangin’ just fine up here kinogirl. Good to see you again! Are you a sports nut like aggie? :lol: Are you watching your Phillies? They look pretty good so far (sorry Margie)…

  24. Hello to anyone who might be out there. Aggie Snake, Kinogirl—oh & let us not forget the impressionists & other jokers that might be in the crowd.

  25. Some people call me the space cowboy ….but you can call me the joker if you want :lol: Sorry, I got pulled away for a while. Looks like I might miss some fun tonight…. damn alarm clock!!

  26. ok, you guys are all crazy tonight. good to see. justa, not to argue with the master, but i distinctly remember being in chicago in the 80s when the dolphins took out a full page ad. the guys in the shop i worked in were all running around talking about it for days. if it wasn’t superbowl, what else could it have been?

  27. AC, i saw the state of your eyes on first post. i have two great eye cream products that can help with that…

  28. Beer? Too early for that.. don’t think work would like it much either! I don’t drink coffee. Glad you got your keyboard back from the aliens!

  29. princess, I think Sal is right. That must be the game you remember. I remember it, and it was one of the best ever. Aggie’s Bears were undefeated going into that game. That was the only loss they had all season. Everything went the Dolphins’ way.. even a Marino pass that was deflected for a TD! The Bears won the Super Bowl…. just 2 days before Challenger blew up. :sad: Quick breakfast then it’s on the road again.. traffic is pretty good when I leave. Shouldn’t have much trouble with bumper cars. Have a nice day everyone! :cool:

  30. Come on BBBlogger…..today is Thursday, Survivor day,
    and then you will need to X out three people. Are you still
    with us? Hope everything is ok. Sal….do you know if
    all is okay? Just wondering. :roll:

  31. 7:00 in ST. Peters, Mo. with a temperature of 52 degerees.
    Rain is moving in again……DAMN. Just got the carpet in the basement dried from Wed. morning. Expecting 2+ inches.

  32. JT, I actually thought the bears were at least bearable, when they had DA Great COACH at one time MIke DITKA, I would actually watch sports after a game ,to watch DA DITKA bitch to are sports guy at the time JOHNNY MORRIS, who also played football with DA DIT in his time, their were interesting fun guys on his team at the time Like MONGO Mcmichael DAnamil hampton, PUnky qb MCMAHON, FRIDGE perry, I could go on and on .I couldnt name one now im not even sure of the coaches name or the guy before him even more boring.

  33. JT, Speaking of MONGO MCMICHAEL, I wonder if you have ever seen that goofy commercial that he did at one time, with this little chiuaha named chula he looked so strange in the commercial, he was either drunk or burned out way too many brain cells, he was quite the crazy man for sure.

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