Mano, Manischewitz what a whiner

With the merge happening this week, the Hidden Immunity Idols have made their way out of the game. With only one person using his immunity idol for protection from the 12 people voting and  11 people not knowing hat the other idol has left the game when Eric was voted out.

Russell’s new stratagey seems to be make an alliance with everyone who he can sweet talk into some sort of deal. If Russell wouldn’t have come into the game and messed with everyone would Foa Foa still have lost and would we think of him as the Devil or just a Whirling Dervish of energy who competes all out? He’s made all kind of alliances but never needed one to save him, but has backstabbed someone that was an alliance. Now moving to the other tribe, he has a whole new bag of suckers to lore into playing his deadly game! However minus the HII which he decided to play he will need many, many friends or the big catchall, he needs to win individual immunity every challenge until the numbers are in his favor.

Clearly there is no leader but there is power in numbers and the 7 Galu tribemates have that power. But as was seen last night, that doesn’t always mean your safe. Your only as safe as your weakest link. Will the girls worry that the boys are after them or will they stick together as the old Galu’s.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and now he is the first juror and initial resident of Ponderosa(partII). Who will join mighty Humpty next week remains to be seen. Everytime someone is seen talking to someone alone now will get the rumors started, and boy do we have some talkers.

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  1. GOOD MOrning Jt, Sal, SAl,You have the cute picture, Jt what is that freakish thing you have on both of them, really.Looks like Ted has a new facebook picture, better Ted. Eric truly got what he deserved being overly cocky has a tendency to do you in. T he big baby could not believe it, when he was totally blindsided. The look on his face was priceless.

  2. Amazing Race was great I thought Sam and Dan were going to punch each other out.That hay thing was pretty frustratingI know it would make me crazy, It was good to see the globetrotters #1 again Sam and Dan feel so threatened by those guys. Luckily for Gary and Matt they got a non elimanation round, otherwise they would have been gone. I hope they can manage too stay in the game.

  3. *I was having trouble with my computer. So I called Eric, the 11 year
    > old next door, whose bedroom looks like Mission Control and asked him to
    > come over. Eric clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem. *

    > *As he was walking away, I called after him, ‘So, what was wrong? He
    > replied, ‘It was an ID ten T error.’***
    > *I didn’t want to appear stupid, but nonetheless inquired, ‘An, ID ten T
    > error? What’s that? In case I need to fix it again.’***
    > Eric grinned…. ‘Haven’t you ever heard of an ID ten T error before?*
    > *’No,’ I replied. ‘Write it down,’ he said, ‘and I think you’ll figure it
    > out.’
    > ***
    > *So I wrote down: I D 1 0 T** **
    > *
    > *I used to like Eric, the little **shit**.*

  4. 64 degrees in Mobile, Alabama, on hurricane alert with generator on auto turn on if power goes off ’cause “I don’t want to miss a thing.” And I don’t want my 20 plus Edys/Dryers cartons of french Vanilla in the freexer to melt.

  5. aggie…those folks wore me out just watching. That
    was alot of haystacks to unroll. Speaking of roll…

  6. You folks from down south better keep all that
    moisture down yonder. I’ve seen enough rain for
    a long time.

  7. We are pretty fortunate here. Our power lines are
    underground so it would take alot for us to lose power.
    I’m not saying we can’t….because we have, but not
    for about 5 years or so.

  8. frannie, the rain in one of our little storms gives us as much rain in one day as you get in a month

  9. I just want to say….after seeing Paranormal Avtivities,
    I had NO trouble sleeping. That’s all I kept hearing, people
    that went to see it couldn’t go to sleep.

  10. I live on high ground in West Mobile County near the Mississippi border 45 miles from the Gulf. High surf can’t come inland this far and water doesn’t flow uphill even in Alabama.

  11. I took a furlough day off today. The company I work for
    made us take off 1 week without pay. That includes everyone up to and including the president. We could take them all together or one day at a time. This is my last one. We had to use them before 11/30/09. I guess it beats job losses.

  12. Frannie ,That Hay thing would have really drove me crazy because their were so many of them. Sam and Dan were especially frustrated by the whole thing.

  13. I’m off to the mall to see if I can get some Christmas
    shopping done. Damn I hate this time of year. I don’t
    mind going shopping for presents if only thay would tell
    me what in the hell they want.
    See ya all later.

  14. As a Scandinavian, let me assure you that a “roll in the hay” entails something quite different from the Amazing Race version. :grin:

  15. By no means am I trying to correct everyones spelling.
    I am THE worst speller. I went to catholic school where
    they pushed penmanship and I still have a horrible
    handwriting. I was really good at recess. :lol:

  16. The Amazing Race was good last night. Boy do I hate the gay guys..well just one of them…the one with the big azz mouth. Why are they so threatened by the Trotters? Glad that Pinky and the Brain didnt go home they are nice people.

  17. That sounds like fun PK and I’m sure you have a story
    or two, but I really have to leave now. Later……….

  18. Franniep2, if I have game why should I be threatened by anyone. and they seem to have game if they could only run their own race and stop worrying about another team.

  19. Because look at the size of them….They can get places
    alot faster and with more ease than most. Just their
    size is indimidating.

  20. Look how quickly they unrolled the hay. That took strengh.
    I realize the weaker ones perfomed too but it was a lot
    harder and it took them more time.

  21. I agree that they are bigger in size than the other team, but the challenges are not always about size. Sometimes the size is a disadvantage.

  22. aggie… Edys/Dryers ice cream went on sale a while back at Wal-Mart in West Mobile for $2.25 a carton so I caught the vendor in the store and had him bring in all of the french vanilla he had in his truck that day. Usual price is about $3.85 a carton.

  23. aggie… the only sticky-icky purpose I have for the french vanilla is to collect as much hot fudge on top as possible.

  24. Some athletic challenges favor the Globetrotters and some don’t. Hay rolling was good for them. Rowing an inflatable boat was bad.

  25. Okay PK, what I wanna know is can you possible eat it all before freezer burn sets in???? If the answer is yes, you must be much larger than the pic I have seen!! (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

    Back to business, the race was and is AWESOME, so glad it was a non elimination round, I’m rooting for pinky and the brain, they seem like nice normal people (even with the pink hair!)

  26. Holly… I still work out in my gym an hour a day and my BMR is 3,200 calories a day SLEEPING. The best sell by date on the cartons is 06/20/10 and I know the ice cream will all be long gone well before the sell date.

  27. WOW, I want your metabolism!!! Happy eating!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Think of those of us who can’t eat like that and are sooooo jealous!

  28. Holly…

    Me at 18… 6’1″ 180 32″ waist (skier, gymnast, baseball, football, basketball, sex)
    Me at 30… 6’1″ 235 plus 32″ waist 26″ thighs, 47″ chest, 19″ biceps and 18″ calves. (body builder, power lifter, poser lol, sex)
    Me at 66… 6’1″ 180 32″ waist. (skier, softball, basketball, football, running wind sprints, moderate weight lifting and resistance exercise in my gym, sex)

    Though I quit the steroids and protein powders years ago after my serious body building days, I still frequently eat a whole chicken for dinner with veggies followed by french vanilla/hot fudge swirl dessert. I don’t particularly like cakes, pies, donuts, etc., and I never eat salty tasting foods including any kind of chip or snack and no hot and spicy foods.

    My wife HATES watching me eat. She is soooooo jealous.

  29. 51℉ in Friday Harbor Big Rain coming… dry so far, but PRINCESS is all wet… Glad it wasn’t an elimination leg… I like those guys. Glad the Globetrotters won too. And, I would love to slap Dan myself… what a jerk… well, maybe he’s just emotional…don’t want to be accused of being insensitive… but, AGGIE, there was nothing cute about Dan crying. Too bad his brother isn’t running the race with someone else… he is a cool dude. Those were some hard physical challenges back-to-back. And what a wuss Cheyne is… you could tell that he knew the hay was going to be a bitch, by watching what Sam was going through, and let Meg do it. That was cool when Meg faked him out at the end. The hay was all a matter of luck and persistence.

    FP2… that was a funny story about your computer, and when it comes to buying presents, get them what you want them to have. And JT, nice to see a face in the box… SNAKE needs to show a couple of our girls how to use ‘Gravatars’.

    Well, it seems like they are trying to paint The Great One with a target on his back… hopefully The Galus will find one of their own to vote off… Russell needs to keep the Foa’s united and bring in The Mullet into the fold. But, Jaison seems to be able to command some respect with his ideas, which are pretty good. Would love to see a Laura/Great One alliance get rolling. It would appear we will have a final 3 this time.

    So FP2… what did you get at the Mall?

  30. Phillip I knew you werent a fat ass, I could tell by your picture ,your just lucky you can eat like that, its always harder the older someone gets with the calories.

  31. That look Cheyne gave Meg prior to the hay roll is the same look my wife gives me every time the cars need washing, the grass needs cutting, the dishes need washing (rinsed and placed in dishwasher), trip to the grocery store, mail to post office, and cleaning anything – her ring around the tub tub – in particular.

    On the other hand, she gives me her “have we left yet” look when Dillards is even mentioned in conversation.

  32. I agree that Cheyne was a Wuss for letting Megan do the challenge although Megan is so controlling. I like this team alot, Megan just needs to chillax a bit and they will be in the F3.

  33. aggie… My “richness” has spoiled my wife and still “I get no respect!”

    I remember a buddy of mine who figured that if he married a foreign woman of modest means who had worked hard throughout her youth that he would get some respect. As it turned out, though, the other ladies in his neighborhood had Hilda (from Bavaria) totally “Americanized” in no time at all.

  34. Aggie, I like Matt and Gary too.
    Hope they are able to do the speed bump fast and not get eliminated . And I must say “The Mullet” is kinda funny.

  35. The mullet is getting freaky now!! Eric, Eric who? And thats after she gave him a big wet one in the ear!!!!

  36. Don’t like Russell H. (greatest Survivor ever) being called the Gnome. Let’s save that for The Amazing Race. I do hope the Farmers can survive their private roadblock next week. Actually, I like all the teams and would be happy with any of them winning. My order of preference would be: Globetrotters, Farmers, Ken & Barbie, Brothers and Miss America & Spouse. I think the final challenge will be a doozie.

    Did anyone see Shan’s interview when she talked about her hairstyle? She said she has always had a Mullet and always will…that it is her identification. Will be interesting to see if she has it at the reunion show.

  37. Stopped back home for a minute….needed to drop a load
    (of presents) and back out. Ted…got my son a DeWalt
    cordless power tool set, but not at the mall. Still have
    to go there. Heading out to have lunch with my sista.

    Sex…Sex…Sex…. why do you all talk about that stuff
    whenever I’m not around? And Sal….what a mouth full..
    I like it, I like it, especially in the afternoon.
    Ted…you never said what that avitar was that we were
    all asking about.
    And PK….never did see the one you were talking about.

    Later all….BBL

  38. Just watched Eric’s interview… Great inside stuff, and interesting to see that the first person to meet the losers is a psychologist. Wish he could have stuck around a little longer for more interaction with The Great One. Aren’t all the prior losers at Ponderosa also?

  39. Good one SAL!!!

    FP2… what avatar? And, power tools… good gift! Good brand too! Is your son old enough to use power tools?

  40. SAL… are you kidding? It hasn’t always been like that. But maybe that was before they started calling it Ponderosa, I’ll bet. I know when Survivor started they were all sequestered for the duration at a resort.

  41. were do you think all the spoilers come from ted, the losers are seen before the show airs and people put 2 & 2 together

  42. fp2… My avitar is my facebook (set up specifically for this blog) profile photo. Some in here can see it and some can’t. Can’t explain that…

  43. Sal… DeWalt Tool is for fp2’s son, BUT her grandson is probably old enough to use the tool set as I stated earlier with a grin.

  44. Hi all! Loved AR last night. Love the Globetrotters too. They were lucky to find the flag so quickly and I was happy they made #1.

    As for SS, my guess is Russell will probably go this week as many of you have stated. He just keeps burning bridges. We’ll see how Shambo does. It should be interesting.

    Foggy this morning but it’s now 65 and sunny in Dana Point, CA. Walked my pup 2 miles this morning. No way do I burn 3200 calories sleeping. Just for that PK, you should be slapped. Well you might like that though. I’ll think of something. :lol:

  45. Well, I was under the assumption that all contestants were kept under wraps until the final vote was taken, to avoid anyone from seeing someone come back to civilization early. Spoilers could come from anyone during the airing of the show.

  46. aggie… I can’t cry you a river, BUT there’s always “Yellow River” by I.P. Daily… :grin:

    Before we got married, my wife informed me that she required a lot of attention. Little did I know then just how much a lot can actually be.

  47. LOL @ aggie!… I’m surprised you didn’t recognize those “freakish” avatars being the movie buff that you are.

    Here’s a couple that are probably more to your liking. :lol:

  48. JT, The first one of yours looks like its from strangeland ,the dee snyder movie, i dont know about the last one. Both are creepy but kind of cool.

  49. aggie, The first one was Russell Crowe in Gladiator, the second was just an unfortunate sole that he was fighting (Please don’t tell me you didn’t like that movie). There should be baby pictures on there now.

    Enjoy DWTS while I enjoy MNF :mrgreen:

  50. I loved GLadiater I thought JOaquin Phoenix was even better than Russell Crowe, It was hard to tell by the picture it does look like Dee Snyder. The other one does look like michael caine as a woman, he did look that bad.

  51. Tyler just wanted to have a look around in here :roll: and see what all us crazies are up to… now he’s gotta get to bed…. (spoiled little sh#t! :lol:

  52. That’s great that the Steelers beat the Broncos! Texans too… SNAKE must be in Hog Football Heaven!

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