Mr. California, he’s smart, he plays water polo, can he play Survivor?

Jaison Robinson (28)
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Law Student

Both physically and mentally prepared for the game of SURVIVOR, Jaison is a very educated 28-year-old, who is currently working on his law degree from the University of Chicago. Before deciding to obtain his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, this goal-oriented academic was given a congressional nomination to attend both the Air Force and the Naval Academy. Even though Jaison chose a route other than the military, he still contemplates one day working in the armed forces in order to serve his country.

In addition to his current focus on education, this Eagle Scout is extremely active. Named “Mr. California” by Cosmopolitan magazine, Jaison is also an avid sports lover and enjoys basketball, football and hiking – he has even scaled the top of  Venezuela’s Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. He also feels that one of his greatest achievements is making the U.S. National Water Polo team. In addition to his love for physical activities, Jaison plays both the piano and the cello.

He dreams of waking up to the view a top Mount Everest and boasts that, for a million dollars, he would snowboard all the way down. His favorite board game, “Diplomacy,” gives a bit of insight as to how he plans to play SURVIVOR.  Much like SURVIVOR, “Diplomacy” is a strategy game that uses communication, negation and deception in order to win. Even though he plans to use positive elements such as strength and intellect to win, he will not hesitate to betray others if it wins him the title of Sole Survivor.

Jaison resides in Chicago, Ill. His birthday is September 25th.

A complete Interview of Jaison by Andy Dehnart on September 13, 2009
can seen  be at  Reality Blurred

58 thoughts on “Mr. California, he’s smart, he plays water polo, can he play Survivor?”

  1. I just typed an entire days worth of info on yesterdays blog…go back and read that people!!!!

    You’re too quick SS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jaison seems too good to be true. He will either win or be considered to big a threat to leave in the game!!!!!

  3. SKELLYGIRL, DANcing with the stars was awesome, DONNIE, ,aaron and MARK were the best, they probably havethe best shot at hanging in their .They always try to make the older people look pretty silly, like TOM DULAY dancing to wild thing, ,IT might have been different if it were a sexier older guy ,like when GEORGE HAMILTON was on one time ,BUT DULAY doesnt have asexy bone in his body. ASHLEY HAMILTON, IS a very handsome kid, HE LOOKS LIKE GEORGE AS A YOUNGER MAN, BUT he doesnt quite have his charisma or charm ,and really his DAD was alot more entertaining.

  4. JAISON ROBINSON,It is good to see someone on survivor from CHICAGO, being from CHICAGO my whole life, thats nice to see. .and JAISON seems like apretty talented guy as well ,he could possibly be one of the really strong players of the season.

  5. I like this guy. Jaison was on everyone’s radar when he swam. He is built and he is smart, will these things help him or will they be his demise…we shall see. I for one hopes he lasts until the final four at least.

  6. HOLY CRAP!!!! Big news Big Brother fans…..just saw it on Youtube!
    Jeff and Jordan are in a relationship!!!!
    They both confirmed it with James.
    They were in Vegas and then headed back to LA to visit some of his friends. They both go back to hometowns on Friday.
    Jeff said…they would see how Vegas goes…then how LA goes and if they weren’t sick of eachother they would go to Hawaii!!!

    You should have seen the look on Jeff’s face when Jordan grabbed the mic and said “Jeff and Jordan are together”!!! soooo cute!!!!!

    Sorry Survivor fans……had to let the BB gang know the news!!

  7. First of all, I would like to thank K11, PK and Skellygirl for all the
    well thoughts sent to my cat Peekie. She went to the vet last
    night and seems to be improving. Another round of antibiotics
    and hopefully she’ll be all better. I just worry she will become
    immune to them. At her age, any kind of surgery if needed would
    probably be fatal.

    Now, to all the Dancing w/the Stars fans. I think Tom Dulay will
    be the first guy to leave. That’s a shame because I really like
    Cheryl Burke, his partner. I really like Chelsie Hightower. She got
    her start on So You Think You Can Dance. That’s pretty impressive
    to now be one of the trainers. Her and her partner may go pretty
    far in the show. Of course not as far as Donny or Aaron.
    Lacy Schwimmer also got her start on SYTYCD. Pretty amazing
    stuff huh?
    Tonight is the night for the women stars to shine. Or fizzle. Looking
    forward to tonights show.


  8. Skellygirl…you just put a smile on my face with your latest
    bit of BB info. I hope their relationship goes far. They do
    make a cute couple. Hopefully Jeff got him some in Vegas.
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. LOL.

  9. Franniep2…
    I would like to get Jordan alone and give her some truth serum….and let her talk….talk….talk………yowza!!!!!

  10. Food for thought ……. Survivor 20 will also be on Samoa, 20 pcast-aways again, heroes vs. villians, All Star cast ….. and I know who they are!! heh heh hhe hehhhh

  11. Very sinister Mr. Snake I would say. hee hee At least to anyone who knows what you’re talking about. :D I haven’t a clue but it just sounded a bit sinister (big grin).

  12. fp2, I do empathize with you and I’m so happy your kitty is doing better. I know what it’s like and how expensive it can get. My dog had bone cancer but we gave him 3 extra years of life but it cost enough that we could have put him through college. It was worth every cent.

  13. Sal or BBBlogger…..I am as tired of saying this as you are of hearing it but…i am STILL not getting emails from here!!! you ARE in my addy book and I just went thru my spam again. Nothing. Help??

    Skelly….I did read your post before I came on here….us girls are smart like that!!lol I think you and I are in Fri OR Sat. If we get the word out I am sure others will show up.

    Thanks for the info on J&J…how exciting!!! i was a skeptic too. I thought they were both acting weird at the finale…guess they were just trying to protect their privacy!

    Got an appt. so gotta jet. L8ter!!

    Peace OUT!

  14. Skelly….part of my post went POOF!! It should have said I think you and I are in the same TIME ZONE as I am in Mich. DUH!! Guesss the cyber monster got hungry …he hasnt been fed much since we were on the BB site…lol
    Now if he would just spit up my emails!!!


  15. I’m really looking forward to the 2nd survivor show. Love the bios Snake, they really help us understand the islanders. Great work on them. As for Jaison, I liked him a lot. He showed his strength by being humble and swimming like a fish. I think he surprised a few on that.

  16. DWTSs, I agree with everyone. I think Ashley Hamilton should go first though. He’s had some horrific medical issues and may get the sympathy votes for that. Love Donny, very cute. Someone said he has too much enthusiasm when given kudos and I agree that could be conceived as cockiness. Tom Dulay was just plain funny and you have to give those guys some credit who simply can’t dance and have no rhythm, they seem to be really trying hard and it’s fun to watch. What about Chuck you guys, the fighter (I forget what kind of fighter)? You could see his gentle side and that he tried too just like Michael Irvin. Poor things they tried so hard that I grinned throughout their entire dances. Gotta love em.

    Skellygirl thanks for the update on J & J, great stuff. Truth Serun for Jordan, do you like inflicting pain on yourself? :) She is cute and I’m glad they’re seeing how things go. I’m sure Jeff has never met anyone like Jordan in his life.

  17. skellygirl, Thnks for the update on Jeff & Jordan. They looked like a couple on The Bonnie Hunt Show. It’s hard to find someone you “click” with, so if Jeff is smart and listens to his Mother, she’ll tell him Jordo’s the real deal. That news makes me happy. Good digging sister! 8)

    Sal, U2. Great news on Survivor 20 with the All-Stars. If Rupert comes back (You know? Let me know!) I may have to go to Costco and get a skid of Depends. It all depends. Hey sal, how did Santonio Holmes go from catching everything to dropping everything on Sunday? And Jeff Reed? Kick it, don’t chip it in the rain #3. 8) k11

    Star, starfish, Nice to see you ladies here today. This will cook with gas the more we know about everything. 8)

    BBBlogger, Houw about a Recent Comments sidebar section like BBB with the last 5 bloggers names? justathought brother… Looks good, works good now. Good job. k11

  18. fp2, On Peekie, I’d stick with the antibiotics and avoid the surgery and go that route only as a last resort. We’ll pray and send positive energy her way from this spot and with time hopefully your girl’s condition will improve. Time is the great healer.

    On SS, I like this Jaison guy as he is an athlete, is from my hometown of Chicago and has a chance if he alligns with the right Tribemates at this point. Haven’t seen much of that evolve with all the bald Russell editing in the Opener. There are several good players in this season and I like the fact the hidden Immunity Idols are hidden in the other Tribe’s camps this time around. Cool twist.

  19. Phillip, Star, Just went back and read your late posts and wanted to respond. Believe it or not PK, our family’s first dog was a miniature schnauzer (Star) named Blue who was independent as an dog I have ever seen despite his small stature. I would see him from a car or a bus walking down the sidewalk of a fairly busy street toward Jewel Food Store in Clarendon Hills, Illinois– a different suburb than where we lived. Blue’s balls (no joke here) hung like a 1/4 inch from the ground and I always remember them swinging low as he trekked up and down that sidewalk. Think food was his motive? Anyway, he always made it back home somehow from the 3-mile round trip.
    We have had 4 schnauzers since Blue (Franz Gustav The Elder {Gus},Barney, Bargus and now puppy Abner, my brother’s new dog) and that breed is phantasmagorical (Tks starfish) as Star knows, but may be the reason my family has never cared for cats. Talking about cats or reality TV is my family is tantamount to saying you’re insane, so this insane blogger has the pleasure of knowing about BB and felines, two things that will always be a part of my Life. The theory cats smell and are independent has been knocked out of the box in my apartment. My cat smells like Heaven and hangs with me like the most loyal dog you can find. Almost everyone who approaches me with my cat asks, “How did you get that cat do that”? I tell them I didn’t and that she had some pretty good owners before me. It’s great. And when she follows me up the stairs daily, it puts smile on everyone’s faces and they too have a new reality to ponder about cats.

    PK, starfish, fp2, Have you ever heard your cat fart? I haven’t in 3 years owning mine…

  20. PK, Also, your song about Blue was remarkable. Beautiful words, great cadence and perfect meaning and flow to anyone who stopped to read it. In my mind, as you reflect in your words, you and Blue will reunite one day in that Big Dog Park In The Sky and he will let you be his dog for awhile! 8) It’s amazing how talented and diverse and well-traveled my newfound CyberGrandfather is. And anyone who goes out of their way to look out for animals is a stand-up guy in my book. We’re all in this together after all, right?

  21. AC. The last thing I see in the right margin is “Reality TV Links.” Could this be a result of my O/S or browser?

  22. AC, Ahhhh, scroll, there it is! Tks King Avatar. Need wider screen (among other things).

    Sal, Thanks for Rupert info. Hope he make final cut. Was fun to watch. Off to the Las vegas Hilton SuperBook to het all sheets for the weekend. Falling in love with Boise State out here, man… Later

    franniep2, I may be lucky with the cat farting thing I guess!

  23. K11… Thanks for the kind remarks. As an only child, animals have been an integral part of my life’s experience. Dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, rabbits, turtles, frogs and snakes among other of natures creatures have been my friends and dependents over the years.
    I’m old enough and far enough removed from my nature boy youth in rural Maryland to acknowledge that until I was about 12 years old, I was “Bambi” to everyone in our neck of the woods. There probably still are some very old neighbors from my youth who still only know me by that name that I somehow acquired because squirrels and birds, etc., would come to me as though I was one of them. The fact that the Disney movie about a little fawn with the same name was released one year after I was born was also probably a contributing factor.

  24. PK my hubby and I were recently in New Orleans and there are pictures of a Blue Dog everywhere, in every art store and just all over the place. I know it has some significance in New Orlease because the painter was born there or something but I’d have to look it up. I think it was something about the moon’s light shining on the dog or not.

  25. starfish… Guys just can’t be guys without ‘em. Without ‘em, a bull becomes a steer, a stallion becomes a gelding and BB11 Kevin is just being Kevin…

  26. looking forward to girls night, on dancing with the stars ,I wonder how KELLY OSBOURNE will do, I bet SHARON AND OZZY will be their to .AS far as the guys go, ASHLEY HAMILTON could be the one going HES A Nice kid, BUt not all that interesting. THey would probably let the older guy TOM DULAY ,stay over him” at least he was alittle more entertaining.For everyone who is afan make sure youvote at ABC.COM

  27. k11, the Jewel in Clarendon Hills. Lived 3 blocks from there for 3 years…. Had my Westie when I lived there. He thought he was a lion! not yappy at all. Just tough. Tuffy, actually. (akc Aramis Toughboy Lastname).

    My baby.

    Wonderful picture of Saki! thanks for sharing.

  28. starfish, If you saw this Schnauzer Blue walking down the sidewalk like a human with his business swinging from left to right like a yo-yo, you’d write about his ‘nads too! Never seen a dog with such a long sack! (I apologize, but you had to see him)

    PK, Dig your animal soul. I too, looked for painted turtles, snapping turtles, crayfish and bluegills growing near the aforementioned Jewel in Golfview Hills, in unincorporated DuPage County. priness, If you knew of that Jewel, you know of Ruth Lake and Johnson Slough right across Route 83. That’s where I got my Nature on, and the place that led me to be open-minded enough to perceive bigger cryptozoological things like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and Skiunk Apes. I’ve had toads, pirahnnas, red-eared sliders, gerbils, hamsters, lizards and tons of fish, but until Saki, have never had a close soul that was so dependent on me. Being a single guy getting older in a changing Las Vegas in a changing USA, having her here (she’s sitting right next to me on the couch waiting for some Love) has made the world of difference and taught me a great deal about myself. And PK, loved your SS analysis in yesterday’s blog about the bald Russell. He is letting the girls in his “Dumb Girl Alliance” pick themselves off while he sits by and laughs. At least that what it looks like after Episode 1. Love the fact there will be an All-Stars Survivor 20 next year. Gotta go. Got a cat to pet! 8)

  29. And starfish, After watching Kevin from Big Brother and constantly waiting for “his kiwis to drop” (they never did), the guys there and here probably could help talk about the old onions. And the fact that some guys don’t have the intestinal fortitude or courage to call douchebags out like Jeff did with Jessie and Chima and Natalie and Russell in BB11, makes guys like PK and Sal and myself and justaguy and FRANKS and AC and bulwinkle almost have to call out one’s balllessness in that context of the word. Remember Justin from BB8? Same problem. Men respect another man who confronts him on something as opposed to going behind his back or avoided the matter totally. And we worry our balls may get hit at that is a pain I can’t explain. It’s like a magical hell…

    PS I may have a neighbor who wishes his balls weren’t there so put that in your pipe and smoke it. The noun balls and the concept of having balls are two different things and if anyone would like to hire a guy to write a long-ass, silly book titled On Balls, I’m your man.

  30. K11 & PK, loved your responses and grinned the entire time reading them. I didn’t mean my comment to be offensive at all, it’s just that “balls” seem to be quite a topic and I received quite a reaction. Love it! As for the noun balls and having balls or cajones, I certainly know the difference in men and it does make a difference.

    Now as to the noun balls, our puppy Gus (10 mths & 67 lbs) has a red ball (one of those heavy Kong balls) and he tossed it right in my husbands lap right on his balls. Now that was funny even if it was magical hell he laughed and cried at the same time. That must be the definition of magical hell. :shock:

  31. starfish, If men could yelp, we would! LOL 8) And love the name Gus. That was the name of first dog we had as a puppy in our house. He once ate like a big-ass, 5-pound Hershey’s kiss that was under the Christmas tree as a gift one winter! Needless to say, Gus blew some chocolate chunks later that day! k11

  32. K11… Lucky (pictured in avitar) thinks Saki is hot.

    On another off topic subject, Might “On Balls” be considered a sequel to your last thriller, “Tigers Revenge” where for obvious reasons your briefly adopted the nom de plume, Claude Balls?

  33. PK – lmao

    Ok, here I go, can’t help myself. Did you see the season premiere of Two and a half Men? That show is hilarious but to keep with the “ball topic.” The brother comes in from a night swim in the ocean and his girlfriend says, “let’s go upstairs & take care of Mr. Scholopagus” and he says, “It’s Bert & Ernie I’m worried about, they’re up in my rib cage right about now. Hilarious at the time.

    K11, my literate non-yelping friend, you can add that to your “On Ball” book with non de plume of Claude Balls. Love it PK!!!

  34. FOr the Dancing with the stars fans, I was surprised how well Kelly Osbourne did ,I hope she is able to hang in their her biggest female competitor is Maya, that girl moves like a pro, ,she seems like she will go along way.I thought it was funny seeing the look on DOnny Osmonds face ,some of these women have alot of potential ,Unfortunately probably the worst was MACY GRAY, I Feel sorry for her partner JONATHON ROBERTS ,SHES a piece of work, what i also heard about her is that shes BIPOLAR ,he is definately not going to have it easy with her.

  35. starfish.. Both the writing and casting on “Two Men and a Boy” and “Big Bang Theory”(same producers) are great. What I find to be rather hypocritical regarding censorship on network TV is how the actors can describe in the most descriptive details everything you could ever want to know about sex and human anatomy, but dare not “show” it in the same detail.

  36. oops… Sal… My mind was off in a uncontrolled tailspin and I have no clue where Two Men and a Boy came from. Was that one of the countless movies I’ve never seen?

    It is, in fact, Two and a Half Men,/i>

  37. Yep PK, very insightful and I would have to agree. Love Big Bang Theory too.

    Yes Snake, I think he meant Two and a Half Men. PK, yes?

  38. aggie, just now watching DWTSs. It’s only 9:20 and I haven’t seen Kelly yet. I agree Macy was not great but there was somthing about her. Yet, she wasn’t good at all and Jonathan definitely has his hands full bipolar or not. The swimmer was darling and the one model was great, the one who got all 8s. I’ll get better in knowing their names as it goes along. Back to the show.

  39. PK, Two Men And A Boy? You made a big funny and you weren’t even trying! LMAO 8) And after reading all this, maybe writing a short book on the importance of balls wouldn’t be such a bad idea, eh? PK, I’m blaming BB11’s Kevin for starting cojones talk. Had the kiwis evr dropped during the season, we’d have talked about balls half as much.

    aggie, Who goes first, Macy Gray or Tom DeLay? Or maybe someone else? Agree Maya will be in the running in the end and hope Donny Osmond can represent. Haven’t tabbed anyone to pull for yet, have watched with half an eye.

  40. KEVIN11, I would say of the guys possibly ASHLEY HAMILTON,HE really waspretty bad, for a young guy , TOM DULAY was at least somewhat entertaining ,even though not good . Of the women possibly it will be MACY gray, I dont FInd her at all entertaining, She just seems like she really isnt into the show, I just wonder why shes there, I was never a Fan of hers, I just HAte, her singing voice.A really big surprise was KELLY OSBOURNE ,I really didnt think she would be very good I am glad It was nice seeing OZZY AND SHARON in the audience. Glad to see you watched KEVIN, dont worry you still have your MAN CARD.

  41. STARFISH,I AM glad to see im not the only one on here that likes dancing with the stars, Of the men I like DONNY OSMOND, MARK the iron chef,AARON CARTER, LOUIE that skate boarder guy,tHE women I like KELLY OSBOURNE, MAYA, JOANNA , THE ONE THATS the olympic swimmer i forgot her name, DEBI MAZAR.t looks like you , STAR, KEVIN AND ME, are the only ones on here that watch to bad ,make sure you guys VOTE at

  42. Of course Survivor 20 will be on Samoa, budgets have been cut back so far that they have no choice.

    Mr. California is a super nice guy, but seems to “shy” to really make it happen.

  43. K11… Imagine this scene. BB11’s Kevin arrives home to after the game and asks his hubby, “What are kiwis I keep seeing kevin eleven talking about on BBBlog?” Hubby thinks for a moment and says, “that must be the Maori word for gays in New Zealand.” What else could it mean they both wonder?

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