News just in …… Excitement comes to Survivor!

CBS has confirmed to Zap2it that next week, a twist will end up sending two contestants home. Furthermore, the official release for the episode (titled “Damage Control”) says, “One castaway gives a shocking performance at Tribal Council.”
What could that mean? Our money is on Russell doing a soft-shoe routine to “Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey.”

219 thoughts on “News just in …… Excitement comes to Survivor!”

  1. OK so one more day to go until another exciting episode of Survivor. I hope Russell is up to his old tricks again..but who else is going to make TC exciting. SYTYCD-they were all so good. Love Jakob he is an awesome dancer but my vote goes to Russell for stepping up under the circumstances. I think Ashley and Ryan should be leaving tonight.

  2. Ok….so I didn’t see this post up until after…so here it
    is again………….

    franniep2 December 9, 2009 at 6:32 am
    Ted….Legacy is my favorite on SYTYCD. However, I think
    Jakob will go further if not win. They are all so good, I wouldn’t
    even want to call in a vote. I would be ok if any of them win.
    They have a good bunch this year.

    and good morning DonnaP

  3. I started off not liking Russell, now I wonder what the show would do without him. It might just be another boring show. I look forward to Thursday nights now just wondering what shenanigan he is going to pull. The look on John’s and Shambo’s face this past week were priceless!

    My daughter thinkd that this is the BEST

  4. Donnap i think the person thats gonna react crazy at tribal council is Shambo… maybe she will finally figure out she has no power and is not a Foa Foa member!

  5. Shannon was the first name that popped into my mind when I read that.
    Incidentally, I went to Zap2it and couldn’t find the Survivor info.

  6. Hi Liz… do you know how google friend connect or talk or whatever the hell it is works? Down at the bottom☟!

  7. That Zap2it is a pretty good TV site. Oh Great, just what I need another good site. Good thing this is my slow time of the year and I can waste a lot of time on the computer… Didn’t mean this place of course.

  8. So who is going to the shocking performance??? It could be Jaison who admittedly wears his emotions on his sleeve. I don’t think it will be Russell… unless he doesn’t play the Idol, and gets voted off and calls himself a dumbass,

  9. I dont think it’ll be Jaison… he gets mad then checks himself rather quickly remember the “my dad is a man of honor” thingy after he went off on John?!

  10. Geez Ted…. Monica bores the heck outta me! She has no personality and is as bland as peeling paint…. can’t Survivor just pay her to get the hell off the Island?

  11. GM Liz… Of Course CBS will make shocking out of nothing too. Got to be Shambo… can’t wait to see the night shot when they get back to camp… that dream sequence was pretty funny last week. I don’t think they use Monica enough… she can be pretty funny. And Brett is just bland… way to articulate for this show.

  12. Yeah Brett is bland… but they seem to give Monica a lot of airtime… she just looks off into the sky and comes up with lame ideas or boring statements… the only time I saw a genuine expression is when she got that roasted chicken… that was really cute. Besides that…. BLAH!

  13. Yeah Aggie… when two people with gmail are on at the same time on their e-mail and apparently here… that box will show their name with ‘available’… you click on their name and at the bottom is a box to type in a message and hit ‘enter’. It works on SSb if you are logged into gmail at the same time. I never log out of gmail.

  14. It’s confusing to me Aggie… you just have to give it a try. That’s the only way to learn. Do you know who Torchered Soul is? I think it’s Liz.
    Aggie… who do you think is the shocker @ tribal?

  15. Torchered Soul is my daughter… guess thats a dig at my parenting skills… lol… you guys will love her… she’s great… but I hope PK is really ready to butt heads… she doesn’t share my *happy place*… gotta take babes to school be back early afternoon!

  16. Hey… aggie… Sal, Liz and I do it! We’ve got to get PK in the fold. Can’t get too much of his wisdom.

    Hey it’s 9:22 in MO… work should have started by now.

  17. It could only be Russell if he totally loses his cool and flips out. Don’t think that’s going to happen, but everyone has a breaking point.

  18. Don’t ever close your eyes to something new, Aggie. What if you had never tried this site? Think of what you would be missing by not knowing me!

  19. Aggie… since it’s just you and me… what part of Chicago do you live in? And, don’t worry, I won’t come and stalk you. I thought it was hilarious when you accused me of wanting to go to Bellingham to find Princess. Hope she is in better spirits… I need my WestCoasters…

  20. Ted… Aggie no longer flips out at me. Just flips me off now while her Irish eyes are smiling. So cute nobody could take it the wrong way, even me

  21. Ted….I’m having trouble getting into here. It takes 5 minutes to refresh and all I get is a green screen

  22. Hey PK… what’s at Sam’s… That column in the post is hilarious… have never read him… I do recall reading a review of his book and thinking it would be fun to read… I love that brand of humor.

    My mouse just died… have to find some AAs

  23. sure aggie, ted, liz and the usual cast of characters, I wake up from my drug induced sleep and everybody is off doing errands!! My ass is attatched to this stupid couch!!!!! Sorry, I’m a little grumpy, not used to sitting still for so long

  24. Hey… no grumpiness allowed on this site! I can’t get away this morning… to many distractions… like now BBB has put on his BB link to lure me over… just saw a familiar ‘mug’ pop on… and I don’t mean Sal… but at least he is hidden by the Barber Shop Sign!

    You feeling better??? Question of the day… who is going to cause the big shock???

  25. I don’t know, it’s the first I have heard about a shock!! What’s gonna happen Ted?

    No, I don’t feel better, the only time I feel better is when the drugs kick in and then I think I don’t really feel better I just don’t care at that point. Waiting to be at the not caring point!

    I keep missing my homegirl Aggie!! She says we can only talk SS and I told her we’re allowed off topic from time to time.

  26. Hi Holly… Read the top of the blog… CBS has announced that there will be a shocking ‘performance’ at tribal this thurs’

  27. Doesn’t sound like it was planned, more like someone was acting up…… do ya think? Interesting………… Where is Pk, curious about his thoughts

  28. Ok, caught up. I agree with Sarge, I didn’t like TGO at first either but now I look forward to his antics. Wouldn’t be SS without him!! Or I should say it would be EXTREMELY boring without him!

  29. My thoughts exactly Holly… except I was on board with TGO from before the start. PK is at Sam’s Club buying Rebecca’s dinner.

    The easy guess would be Shambo going off. It may be Russell losing his cool. It could be Jaison too.

  30. I wish I had a retired hubby at my beck and call, how nice for Rebecca!
    I must agree, I can’t think of anyone freaking out except Sham! Now I can’t wait to see what happens!!

  31. alright Ted, I tried, it doesn’t work. I like the facebook chat but this isn’t as easy! I’m gonna have to agree with Aggie

  32. Sam’s Club items:
    1 rotisserie chicken
    3 pack of baby back ribs
    2 pack rack of lamb
    6 pack split chicken breasts
    2 2lb tubs of Healthy Choice margarine
    8 pack Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pies
    48 pack AA batteries

  33. Very small army, hopefully he’ll be there a while, wouldn’t want you to get chubby! Hey, what is your opinion on the shocking tribal?

  34. Update: As for the “Master manipulator Russell pulls the boldest move ever at a tribal council,” as the ads claim, he still has the hidden immunity idol (and is shown fondling it in camp in the ads, at right).
    If he could manage to win an IC (no luck so far), he could hand off the (visible) necklace and brag that nobody’s going to vote for him anyway, he doesn’t need it, then play the hidden one after the vote. That seems a little obvious for a guy who’s already found two idols that people know about, but maybe the remaining contestants are sufficiently gullible to fall for it. Alternatively, he could also hand the hidden idol off to the actual IC winner, and have them hand him the IC necklace to draw votes.
    But this might best fit for the second (F7) boot of the episode, since they appear to be rushing past the first one to get to it.

  35. The way the show is edited you never know what will happen so i’m not even going to try but I don’t think Russ will give his idol away or anything else that might keep him from staying. jmo
    but i think it’ll eventually catch up with him even if it only results in alot of the players hitting themselves in the forehead and asking “why did i trust Russ?” I will admit he is an interesting player and shambo is too but i still look away most of the time they’re talking lol.
    still a “natalie” fan.

  36. Sal… The moment Russell hands off the immunity necklace, assuming he could actually win it, is the moment everybody including Dave know Russell has the Immunity Idol and not vote to oust Russell but still it will most likely flush it out.

  37. OH, and i want to buzz cut Dave’s head. When you’re going bald, you’re going bald. Accept it and go with the flow.
    Maybe Russ sneaks in and cuts off sham’s mullet?

    ok just being silly now but I’m all ‘for it’.

  38. Tendr… There are probably things living in Shambo’s mullet that would have even been to gross for “Fear Factor.”

  39. ok what if he won an IC and then saved Shambo? He’d really piss off alot of ppl but I can only see that if he wants her by his side so he’d win in the end..her or that mossy rock and i don’t think they’d allow that.
    You see him saying he’d do anything…i don’t dare let my imagination go lol.
    ok i’m creeping myself out now.
    cultr i think my grandson is coming to visit so i need to go do some cleaning. she (daughter) already acts stressed when the dog licks the boy. You know, i didn’t even know my dog shed until i recently got new glasses lol. on the down side..i looked alot better in the mirror before then also.
    *note to self…this time don’t give grandson dogs toy to chew on.

  40. lol PK…….i wish i could just sit here but my dishes won’t do themselves. but i’m all full of caffein and ready to talk and can’t. i live in a house . <– that big and so i have to really move things when the ten mo old grandson with a monster grip comes over. he's trying to walk and i do crafts so you can imagine i look like i live in a mini factory of things fun to tear up and spill. i wish my daughter would just drive by and toss him to me out the window so i could really have fun with him when he's here. i'd let him paint and get all messy.

    if i had sham's hair i would have put things in there to fish with.

  41. Disregard my typo comment @1:30… I meant to say ‘Why 2 Tribal Councils’.

    Tendr… you are too funny… she thinks her son will be your dog’s chew toy… wasn’t he (the dog) chewing on your toes one night as you were on SSB?

  42. Oh man, I loved Fear Factor!!! Good memory PK… What’s cookin’ tonite? Check fb. Must marinate overnight!

  43. Ted… Thanks for the “houseboat” Chicken recipe. I have spent many summer weeks houseboating at Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona.

    BBQ Ribs tonight…

  44. PK – you are so funny. “There are probably things living in Shambo’s mullet that would have even been to gross for “Fear Factor.”

    So who is the hellraiser at TC. maybe Brett (not)

  45. Should we make a fan page for Survivor Blog on Facebook (I know a little late but be good for Survivor 20 next season right)

    I will get on it!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  46. That would be so funny if shambos mullet, was cut off ,then maybe she would be the one freaking out ,she does love that odd look, lord help her.Later

  47. Aggie… Shambo has a nightmare that the two chickens she failed to protect pecked her eye out, not for failing to save them from the knife, but for boiling them to death again after they were already dead…

  48. Phillip, your so funny, It looks like it probably is Russell acting up from what sal said, we shall find out tommorrow, good luck with dinner Phillip, It sounds really good ,Take care.Holly, sorry i missed you again, will try tommorrow.

  49. Hey Ted where are you???? I was going through SS withdrawls so I watched the episode with Johns eviction again… can’t stop laughing at his jaw dropping on the floor! Anyways.. I noticed at the end Dave winked at the Jury… as if to say he’s got some kinda master plan! LMAO! By tomorrow night he should be sitting in Ponderosa drinking a hot cup of STFU! Can’t wait till tomorrow!! Is it Thursday yet????

  50. So… who’s out there? Let’s see… On the West Coast Liz is chasing kids around… Starfish and Princess will be back after a break… It’s almost 6:30 in the MidWest where someone is on a forced time out, some are who knows where… a woman has just got home from work and is checking her computer… further south the silver fox is grilling meat and a man in Texas is scouring the internet for tomorrows Survivor fix! Further to the East two women, one on each end of the country are getting ready for Prime Time TV or going out on the town. And I’m sure a few ne’er-do-wells are lurking about… Is anyone ready to talk about SURVIVOR?

  51. Here is a survivor question sort of:

    What is the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Claus?

  52. Interesting question Phillip. Lots of Germans invading the blog. Well, maybe an Italian who was married to a East European!

    I think the shocking thing will definitely be a meltdown. Did you see the confident look on Russell’s face when he was at Tribal? Maybe it’s he? But I think he would be in too much control.

  53. Yes, poor Frannie had to work today, as her SSB was blocked… of course that didn’t stop her from e-mailing everyone.

  54. Liz, I saw that shady looking wink! What’s up with that? I can’t believe that Russell would lose his cool at this point, but tomorrow will tell the tale, AND I CAN’T WAIT!!

  55. Did see the wink and think he thinks he is so cool. hhahaha

    And I do hope the idol is played! Think Russell will be safe for the first one!

  56. Holly hes a freak lol… i think russell is gonna be cool at TC if he does do something wacky it will be something where the audience knows wtf is going on and the others are still clueless! Seems he likes playing with our heads just a lil too… gotta luv him!

  57. I didn’t always love him Liz but I sure have learned! This season would be so boring without him! What happened to Mick? He started out McDreamy and ended up Mickmoron?!

  58. The answer to the joke is ENDS… as he ends his visit by saying Ho, Ho, HO.

    Now here’s a question… WHO INVENTED THE CAT DOOR?

  59. I don’t think Mick is a moron… just so low key as to be not even there. The challenge he won was the arrow and that could have been mostly luck. But I think he will start to kick into gear this week.

  60. Rebecca looked good minus the hair… but something was a little off to me…. could she have been amped on diet pills??? Something pharmecutical her way comes!

  61. Shay on BL is looking good as well… glad she lost that funky attitude… but that was prob from hunger anyways… what a drastic change to go through mentally as well as physically being on that show!

  62. Yea, I said, “oh look how pretty her face is” about Shay and my husband was like yea and “she has a great personality”

    I told him nobody likes a smartass!

  63. Yea, he’s only 20, she can’t even take him out to the bars with her! She needs someone closer to her age. I don’t usually think age matters but when one is too young, it has to, right?

  64. p.s. age does friggin matter under 40 no matter what anyone says…. its a mental maturity. Now if both couples are over 40 age isn’t as important because you have the experience to make better choices.

  65. I’ve become a Survivor fan and, like many of you, didn’t care for Russell in the beginning. I agree, it may be boring without him. I feel sorry for Shambo because she just seems loopy to me, even scarry sometimes. Really scarry. Jaison is as boring as a dial tone and so is Monica.

    That’s my 2 cents. Going to watch SYTYCD and it will be interesting to see who gets voted off. They are all such great dancers and Mollee is just as cute as can be. I can’t choose so I guess it’s up to you guys and the rest of America.

  66. Well, where is everyone??? I know you aren’t on the new Survivor facebook Page because I looked! I’ve sending out invites… you guys are going to have to join.

    I guess watching SYTYCD… my predictions are Ryan and Ashley in a husband/wife combo boot… or Ryan and Kathryn. tivoing it for my granddaughter to watch tomorrow before SURVIVOR! But I will take a peek tonight.

  67. Ted, NO…i let my grandson chew on my dogs toy..well i did it again..a different one this time. If my daughter doesn’t want my grandson to chew on my dogs toys then she needs to bring him some of his own, right?
    He was soooooooo cute. I heard him say byebye and i don’t get to see him enough and this is the first time i’ve heard him talk and he’s getting really curly yellow hair in back and a yellow fro on top. so cute.
    and yes my dog chews on me constantly. i have holes in my pj’s and shirt sleeves.
    ok need to talk about SYTYCD. i did watch it….and I’m SO glad Ryan and Ashley are still here. I like Ryan.
    I hope survivor isn’t just editing it to make it look like more happens than it really does. Guess we’ll know (i started to say tomorrow but it’s already after midnight)
    ok guess i’ll go surf. my fingers are so sore from crochetting too much. at least i hope that’s why. I have a swollen knuckle.
    nite all (tho i’ll be up a few more hours i bet most of you are asleep)
    i changed my avatar or whatever it’s called but it’s too small to really see.

  68. i’m going back and skimming comments. last one tonight i promise..i took diet pills once and where i lived at the time was a new house and it made me so hyper i tole painted my wallpaper…lol

  69. Hi tendr… That looks like a fanciful seahorse to me… where exactly??? I’ll bet that was a joy to hear him talk. Maybe you should buy him his own chew toy for his next visit. That dog sounds like a character!

    I thought for sure that Ryan was going home… I was happy that Ashley stayed… I think she is the best all around dancer, and to go because of an injury would be unfortunate. Molly, not that much a surprise, but Legacy… that was a surprised, I thought he had a bigger fan base.

    I was not impressed with Kris Allen at all. The song sucked and he didn’t sound to good. But then, I never thought he should have won.

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