No More Mister Nice Guy

Dave Ball (38)    Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif    Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Dave Ball (38) Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif Occupation: Fitness Instructor
“Danger” Dave Ball grew up in a family full of preachers but don’t be fooled because he is not your typical “son of a preacher man.” After he earned a degree in opera from Oklahoma State, this “rock and roll rebel” took many odd jobs to stay afloat including one as a flight attendant at a major airline.

Although Dave’s fiery personality may have gotten him into hot water more than once, he has a knack for reading people which has helped him through the rough spots. His innate intelligence has been honed through years of playing strategy games and his body benefits from the martial arts, biking and hiking he enjoys in his spare time.

Dave is currently teaching fitness and nutrition to people who want to lose weight and improve their health. “It took me a long time to sort out my own health issues and if I can help others get healthy, then it will be worth it.” Dave is the most physically fit he has ever been and he is counting on the element of surprise to propel him to the top of this game.

After spending 10 years on the road, this journeyman says, “I’ve never been terribly concerned with money. I’ve always been more interested in making my life a rich experience. Having said that, I can do anything for a million dollars because that will set me up for life.”

Dave is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif. His birth date is August 13th.

Dave was interviewed by Andy Dehnart / September 8, 2009 for the website Reality Blurred

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  1. DAVE BALL,LOOks like he could do pretty well in the game,seems kind of cool ,knows martial arts. It is 7:27 looks like a pretty descent day today, its 55. I do not look forward to those bad ,c,HICAGO winters, they really can be brutal.HI, everyone have a great day.

  2. 67 and a muggy cool in houston this morning, and my alergies are kicking up big time. itchy eyes, runny/stuffy nose, sneezing …. other than that everything is good.
    Hoping to see the yoga freaks in Galu tomorrow night, sounds like Galu is the wierdo’s and Foa Foa is the wimpies(except you know who)

  3. Aw crap… computer blocked out the Q & A with Jaison.
    I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, I can get into pretty much
    from work. I’ll check later at home.

  4. hey kinogirl…..about your post last night regarding Biggest Loser.
    I watched it last night too and I’m with you…they cried and I cried.
    It is always so emotional what some people go through. It is so
    amazing to watch what each one goes through to lose weight.

  5. Just like last night………………….
    I think we’re (I’m) alone now….there doesn’t seem to be any one
    around. (oldie)

  6. I keep saying this until I am blue in the face. We get 3 episodes a week of BB, people sitting around a house. And we can’t do more then one night a week on an exotic island. Man, Thursday can’t come fast enough for me.

  7. What makes it bad is it is all taped and edited. They would have to edit a lot of material for some kind of SSAD, and no live feeds because they are actually only there 39 days. We just plain SOL.

  8. hey kino and frannie i watched Biggest Loser last night, too.

    All i can say is i hope that purple witch gets voted off the very next week. She purposely chose many of the weakest links. she’s not so much there to lose weight as to game play – and she was hospitalized for the first two weeks. WHAT A JERK she is. she disgusted me with her choices, both of them, last night. I REALLY want to watch Jillian get to slap her around in the gym next week.

  9. I feel like I’ve been away all day. It’s the end of the month/quarter.
    Many, many reports and logs to balance. Makes my brain hurt. I may
    not do too much but when quarter end is here…..WHEW!!!
    Tomorrow will be pretty much the same. The beginning of a new
    month/quarter. I will be around, just not as often.

  10. aggie….I think they got it right. I said last week That I
    thought Kathy Ireland needed to go. She was way too stiff
    and it seemed like she wasn’t even trying. My favorite
    to win is Mya. That girl can move. I also like Aaron Carter.
    They are both good in their own way.

  11. After a while, their personalities get them further than
    their dance. I mean they’re good, but sometimes the
    really good ones get voted out before their time due to
    how well they are liked and their fans. Doesn’t seem
    very fair but that’s the way it goes.

  12. I agree FRANNIE, REMEMBER last time everyone thought GILLE MARINI had it in the bag ,and they gave it to shawn Johnson the olympic gymnast, I thought she was really good, but I really wanted GILLE to win it.

  13. I do remember that. He was robbed. He should have won that
    without any problems. Could that show be fixed? They can
    disregard some votes and have it end the way they want it.
    Why do we watch?
    ………Because we are addicted. I know I am.

  14. FRANNIE, It seems like every time an olympic person is on there, ,they win I dont know why ,because sometimes i dont think they are necessarily the best.

  15. Hey… I thought this was about SURVIVOR… Let’s focus people! ‘Danger Dave’ is my guy in the Survivor Pool… too bad… he won’t last long. Wish I had the white Russell… Don’t think he’ll win, but what a player.

    50’s and Sunny in Friday Harbor!

  16. frannie, i KNOW how you feel. today is our fiscal year end and guess who’s in charge? i’m also responsible for our inventory on Friday (mfg.) and p/r is due monday. i’ll be working over the weekend for sure!!

  17. hey danger dave, i’m the spawn of a preacher man. actually both my mum and dad were missionary-evangelists and i travelled with them quite a bit as a child to teen. my aunt and uncle the same, my sister and former brother-in-law were ordained at one point and my nephew and his wife also.

    can be a little different lifestyle…

  18. franniep2 & princess Back at yeh. Biggest Loser is getting fiesty.

    Well, one more day and well all have something to talk about. I’m on the East coast so for some I’ll see it ahead some of you. I’ll try and be good and not post anything at least for an hour after I watch. If I get excited I’ll start with Spoiler alert in all caps so if you don’t want to know you can by pass my blog. Oh crap never mind I have back to school night. I’ll miss everything.

    I’ll tape it and watch along with you guys. Sort of.

  19. TED, SURVIVOR is only once a week ,you cant keep rehashing the same old stuff ,You want to talk about survivor be here thursday night, after the show. we also do not get to see enough of the people on the show, being as how the show is only once a week.

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