Old McDonald had a farm, Eei, Eei, Oh …..

and on his farm he had a chicken, wait, Russell let it go, Eei, Eei, Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Russell is one mischevious dude!

This game has definately come to the point were is is Russell’s to lose. He does  look to be in total control. Now that Foa Foa cast-a-ways have the numbers inside the Aiga tribe with Shambos aid it will be tough for the ex-Galu’s to mount a charge. Russell seems to have the trust of all the ex-yellow’s. The re-cap show verified just how much control  and trust Russell has from with-in. Russ has the Galu’s so paranoid that they picking each other off. Can he do it again this coming week?

Just what is it that this little man from Texas has that so many previous and current cast-a-ways have not figured out. He’s been a pest, an amazing HII finder, 2 with no clues, 1 with 1 clue

‘Survivor: Samoa': Recapping the recap!


Ah, the formerly-dreaded Survivor recap episode. We used to mock it even more than gratuitous Palm Pre product placement. But then something unusual happened during the Tocantins season. The recap episode became less of a recap and more of a collection of deleted scenes and storylines. And some of those deleted scenes and storylines were actually pretty decent. So it was with moderate hope as opposed to unwavering boredom that I approached the Survivor: Samoa Thanksgiving recap episode. And that moderate hope was rewarded…with moderate entertainment! In case you were too busy stuffing your face with, um, stuffing, click below to read the full post and see what you missed, as we were treated to previously unseen sabotage, threats, tears, and vomit!  

• We always assumed Mick was a crappy tribe leader since the only things we saw him leading were Jack and s#&@. Well, we were presented with irrefutable visual evidence as we saw Mick offering no direction whatsoever at the Foa Foa camp, stammering on and on to Ashley and Natalie about, well, nothing. “He sucks,” said Russell.

• Yasmin called Shambo “Shamu.” That’s mean, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh.

• As far as I could tell, every single member of both tribes was hoarding secret stashes of papaya. Erik even cut a whole tree down and was hauling it away to God knows where. Now, I’m now arborist, but wouldn’t it have been a tad more inconspicuous to just leave the tree standing there camouflaged by its buddies as opposed to plainly dragging the entire thing across the beach? Just sayin’.

• Very interesting exchange after the basketbrawl challenge (the one Ben was kicked out of). We saw Jaison spanking John and complaining about getting kneed in the chest. But he wasn’t done. Just as Probst was about to award victory to Galu, Jaison interrupted him and gave a speech about playing within the rules and how “I’m coming for John. I’m coming for him.” This caused Shambo to say she was “disheartened” by Jaison’s comments, to which Jaison actually concurred, talking about all the obstacles his dad had to overcome in his life and how he never
complained once about them, and therefore neither should he. It was a combative moment that turned into a touching one as well. Good stuff.

• I always wondered what happened to Daisy the chicken after Shambo accidentally let her escape. Well, we now have our answer. Erik was a man on a mission, trying to capture the bird and even comparing himself to Rocky trying to catch the chicken in preparation for fighting Apollo Creed. The persistence paid off, as he set a trap with a net that Shambo used to finally catch Daisy and return her to the coop. Erik was so out-of-his-mind thrilled after that he was acting like he had won the damn Super Bowl. Seriously, I half expected him to dump a cooler of Gatorade over himself and proclaim that he was going to Disney World.


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  1. I could have been first, but I knew that if i did, Frannie would come behind me and call me a brat. Good thing I waited…

  2. I am about ready to leave for work. Hopefully plans
    will change and the X-mas tree decorating will wait again.
    One can only hope. I am not feeling the holiday spirit
    just yet.
    I may get a chance to come on at work….
    Talk to you all later.

  3. Liz… Went to Rebecca’s sister’s house. Brothers, kids and grand kids everywhere. Yesterday was the Iron Bowl at her brother’s house with two grand kids and many servings of invisible tea from their tea set

  4. Liz… Rebecca was out with her mom yesterday in the Friday madness early in the day. She picked out some things at Rooms To Go that she liked and, since there was no way in hell I was going to get in the crowd yesterday, I have to go down to Rooms To Go and “sign” for the goodies Rebecca picked out shortly.

  5. You guys need to suck it up and be friends again. We should
    probably watch how we talk on here. What do you think?

  6. Aggie….I have to go help put a tree up now…
    Be back later. Maybe after I get home. Please try to come on.

  7. Aggie….my boss lady is waiting. She can be demanding at times.
    I still like her though. I just ignore her.

  8. Hey frannie I have a 10 footer to set up and decorate and then chuckle as Reb gets mad when my two cats compete to see which one can jump the highest and knock the most decorations off the tree.

  9. My cat is too old for taht now….but she used to climb
    up it. This one we are doing is 10 ft. Steve, the teller here
    has to climb a ladder to get to the top.

  10. Judging from the numerous non-posts earlier today, it would appear that somebody is losing it. Holiday stress maybe…

  11. Jeane Dixon was a family friend too, so don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking before you think it. :shock:

  12. Sorry Frannie. I know that is not where I usually start but be patient, I will start working downward in due time…

  13. I am getting a customer…I think. Don’t go anywhere in
    case it’s a quick one. I am in new accounts and things here
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  14. And I thought it was because of you that they needed the Missouri compromise to accomidate you in the first place.

  15. OK guys I have to go tend to my herd(overstayed brother and wifey and Kids) but before I go..PK please make up with Aggie.. Later

  16. DonnaP. Those who dis others often get dissed in return all in fun (both ways supposedly). Too bad BF only read the dissed not the dis. Know what I mean?

  17. Picket lines and picket signs
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    Frannie… That’s what’s going on…

  18. ok I have been reading some of the last couple of days posts. I want to tell LIZ that I am terribly sorry to hear about your nephew.
    Elizabeth Tipton November 25, 2009 at 7:06 am
    its starting to look that way! My 19 year old nephew has been unconcious in ICU since Monday, but he opened his eyes briefly and wiggled his toes so its definitely getting better.

    BUT I am VERY happy to hear that there has been some improvement. Hope things get better daily!! I’m sooooooo sorry that it took me this long to pass good wishes your way. But I was —-ummmmmm—-a tad busy with a personal issue of my own & wasn’t reading as much as I normally do.

    Which brings to to the day crew. WTF is going on there?? I KNOW I missed a memo on this one. Well it’s none of my business really—but since I rarely let that stop me :lol: I will just say this: Tighten up & get it together ok?? I thought we were all one big happy “family.” Gotta say—NOT feeling much love here. Get with it ok??

    And where the hell is JT?? Is he ok?? And AC has been gone too. WTH is going on??? Princess is still not back??? Is everybody bailing on our blog here??

    Ok I have said more than enough I’m sure—so I’ll catch you guys & gals later. Play nice & have fun. OK?? :mrgreen:

  19. tendr… too bad about your Pep Boys experience. Some of their mechanics are actually quite good and others lousy just like every other repair shop. It is best to hear from others in your area to learn who does good work at reasonable prices and who does lousy work.

  20. Hello everyone… Phillip, come out and play nicely.
    You guys need to get it together, really. Life is
    too short. You need to live for the moment. Forget about what has happened and let’s just start fresh. It’s not fun
    anymore coming here. There is too much tension.
    Shake and make up….for the whole gang.

  21. Frannie… I always play nicely. You know that. I’ve just decided that it may be in my best interest to be more cautious about who I include on my dance card. No tension so far as I’m concerned so strike up the band and let’s party.

  22. O CRAP….aggie I’m sorry I missed you. I check back every little bit so hopefully next time you’ll stick around longer.

  23. Hey Cynthia, stating they everyone is bailing is putting it mildly. I check in once in awhile and haven’t seen much of AC, JT, Princess or Star or a few other we used to chat with. So I guess they’ll pop in once in awhile but I expect they’ll be back for BB12, I hope.

    What you said is perfect!

    @Ken – HI!

  24. You guys are the only ones I talk to here…pretty much anyway. I amy as well leave too. I sit and refresh and no one ever shows up,

  25. Hey guys,
    had a great turkey day, glad left over are gone
    I have been so busy and really have no interest in survivor
    thus my absence from blog, but i do try to read it or at least scan the blog,
    I miss talking to you aggie and fran
    maybe i can try to pop in more often

  26. wish i could get more into survivor, hey snakebit u r doing a marvelous job simply marvelous even though i have no clue what the heck you all are talking about.
    i do love the biggest loser and get that blog, but i seem to be the only one who resonds to it, lol
    so what else is new i am still talking to myself,
    How is my pal JT doing? I read most of the blogs and he is seems to be AWOL?
    And I see cynthia seems to have straighten out her stalker.
    Never a dull moment, huh guys?

  27. Well I am off to surfing the net.
    I will try to “pop” in when you guys are in full swing.
    And when things seem to have calmed down a bit.
    Aggie, I have no idea what is going on, but just remember one thing, when you chat on line be it in blog or email or what ever
    sometimes true meanings seem to get lost, you do not get to see facial expressions, body language etc, it is so easy to miss the point, I know this blog wouldnot be the same without our Aggie, am I right guys? Even though I am not a regualr as many of you are, but I do love to read and fly by and just knowing that you guys are here when I can drop in means a lot.
    Look at JT, he is awol and I can see he is missed as you would be too aggie,
    Sorry please forgive me for butting in, guess I am just being a grandmother, lol or even a mom.
    Now I am off my soap box, and please feel free to let me know if I have over stepped my bounds, ok?
    And I would love to stop in and discuss biggest loser with anyone who would care to chat it up with me.
    hugs to all
    ciao for now mama margie

  28. Hi Friends… I see I haven’t missed anything today. This is my post from last night, which many of you may have missed:
    Just saw the Survivor Recap Show and was delighted to see so much time devoted to The Great One’s strategic play. And a little more insight on Mick was interesting. Dave continues with his hilarious comments. And, didn’t you think that Shambo was unduly harsh on Laura. Nice to see Laura enjoying the beach. Hope to see more of life at Ponderosa, for sure! Eric and The Chicken was fun. Looking forward to next week! Everyone have a nice weekend!!!

    Now on to tonight… To FRANNIE, from her true BFF…HI! To Mama Margie and others I do not know yet.. hopefully when you log in to SSB I will be on! To JT… when you watch the Great interview which Dalton did with Laura, with guest commentator Steven from Tocantins, keep watching after it ends… you won’t be sorry! To Donna, my steadfast ally with TGO; and Starfish and Miss T… I guess the only West Coasters left… Hi! And AC, Bacon,Tender and of course the inimitable PK… Hi! And of course our Fearless Leader, your first line of the song… Priceless! And of course the best interview of the show yet.

    And to AGGIE… hope you feel better soon… don’t let the weather in Chi-Town get you down…

  29. I’m assuming your talking football. I haven’t down my sheet yet. I usually work on that on Sunday mornings.

  30. Phillip, I really would like to talk to you sometime today, this situation really bothers me, and i hope it can be resolved.Believe it or not, i do think of you as a friend.

  31. Good Sunday morning to everyone.
    Thanks Liz for some updates on SS.

    aggie….I hope you slept well last night, but I think I know that answer to that.

    PK…dear, what more can I say.

    I have to shop e-bay now. Im looking foe a
    KC Chiefs mouse pad. No mall, no stores…just a few
    clicks and delivered right to my door. It doesn’t get
    any easier than that.


  32. Sunday film critic:

    “Knocked Up” has got to be the most inhumane use of 35 mm film since “I Know Who Killed Me.” Seth Rogen with Katherine Heigl as a couple, one night stand or even a first look much less a second look, doesn’t work for me even in make believe land. No amount of booze or even rohypnol could get Katherine Heigl in the same room, much less the same bed as Seth Rogan who is not suave, not handsome, not funny, not shaven, and not even a good actor. You really can do better Katherine, MUCH BETTER! Nothing about the movie deserved subjecting the audience to two hours of drawn out, mostly stupid. barely credible, scenes that could have been reduced to a thirty minute sit com.

    Rebecca concurs with my opinion in its entirety

  33. Thanks to SAL’s little helper for the links… I guess if Santa has his elves, then SAL has his Imp! Especially since he is now sitting in a bar in Houston, sipping a diet coke and ready to watch all the games.

  34. PK… totally agree with your movie review… There is NO amount of booze anywhere for that coupling. Nice to see Rebecca let you off your leash for awhile.

  35. AC… this may be the week… Tampa Bay… feel it in my bones… hope not, would love to see Saints go undefeated.

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