One win and counting to bring new hope to Foa Foa!

It’s simply amazing how winning one challenge after 11 days in the jungle can raise your spirits. Now your thoughts turn to more wins and hopefully a good reward challenge win.

I haven’t seen much food that available for either tribe. Galu has fishing gear but never see them eating fish and they complain about being hungry just as much as Foa Foa does. I wonder how the chickens are doing, they do lay eggs, but nothing like a leg and a thigh!  Hmmm, those look good on women also(he he he).

In the aren’t we glad she’s gone category, I offer the following video. Wow, isn’t she soooooooooooo smart? ROFLMFAO!!!!

A thought about the last reward challenge, so much for all out war at the challenges. What do y’all think about how violent some of the challenges are in survivor. Are they getting to carried away with the games they come up with. What’s the possibility of serious injury or someone going to far? Mike was hurt/exhausted but alot of the was his age and physical condition. Should he have been kept out of that challenge?  


‘Survivor Talk': Yasmin dishes on her blow-up with Ben

by Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly
This interview was 2 parts so be sure to watch both videos.

61 thoughts on “One win and counting to bring new hope to Foa Foa!”

  1. really they should only have people on the show thats healthy and in good shape, its hard enough for people that are healthy, As far as the challengesbeing to tough sometimes, things are not tough enough, Look at what they do on amazing race, They make them do some pretty scary stuff.SUrvivor could be a little tougher sometimes.

  2. I agree with you aggie on all counts. They’re challenges last
    a short time. Usually. But on Amazing Race they go for hours,
    and sometimes the whole day. They put some people on there
    that are already skin and bones, and after a couple of days,
    they look like they could break. They could use some as a
    poster person for world hunger.
    aggie…..Amazing Race is on tonight.

  3. I could never survive in a setting like that. First of all, me and
    bugs DO NOT get along. I see one bug in the house and it’s
    time to spray. They need to stay outside where they belong.
    Bugs are my biggest fear. HATE BUGS!!! My cat doesn’t like
    them either. I can always tell when she has seen one. She
    walks around slowly like she is scared.
    Secondly….I do not like any kind of fish, no way, no how.
    I do not even want that crap cooked in my house. PHEW!!!

  4. Nice interview with Jaison… Looks like Foa Foa may be bonded as a tribe… more so than Galu. But Galu has the numbers to be stronger. Yeah, haven’t really seen what they are eating… looked like maybe rice was on a leaf someone was eating 2 shows ago. And, as far as challenges go, I think they have gone a little far with the direct group melees. I would rather see challenges that test the mind and create frustration and stress. Like the mazes. The boxes was a good one.

    Condolences FRANNIEP2! 49ers will win today! Don’t know if PRINCESS is a Dolphins fan. AGGIE… go Bears! Going to Seattle to see Steely Dan tomorrow.

    45 and Sunny in Friday Harbor @ 10:46

  5. That’s ok Ted, I never pick the Rams to win. For my big pick,
    the suicide pool, I went with Pittsburgh to win. So far….they are winning 21-13 at the half. GOOOO STEELERS.

  6. Frannie, Glad to see the amazing race is on tonight ,It looks like one team lost their passport ,and Phil told them if they cant find it their out of the race, what a lousy break, if you have to go home for areason like that, Im looking forward to the show ,I hope nobody good gets booted.

  7. TED, I wish i was a sports fan like you and FRANNIE, but no i was never into sports but im always glad if my home team the BEARS wins.

  8. aggie….I saw a preview for amazing race. The team that lost their passport is Zev and Justin. We all know how they show
    only what they want us to see. It looks as though they may
    be eliminated but it probably happened early enough for them
    to find them. They call it editing. I guess there are rules that
    they have to follow, but you’re right, it will be lousy if they
    have to leave.

    On a brighter note….Steelers won. I am STILL in the pool for
    another week. Actually, no one was eliminated this week.

  9. Did anyone see a commercial for Survivor? The rains are
    definately going to cause havock on the tribes. You have to
    feel bad for them. (well, some of them anyway)

  10. I’m here fp2… I’m sure it won’t be Z & J… they wouldn’t have shown that… but what stress it must be to lose them.

  11. hi, I never could understand girls showing up on Survivor in a dress or boots (dressy) or heels. I’d have so many layers of clothes on and prob have a knife on a fishing line around my neck and earrings i could use as a hook and lol…i’d find a way to make all my jewelry out of fishing line (i use it to make the necklaces i make just make a really long one) and anyway i’d have to be younger and in great shape..know how to make a fire..know what i can eat in some jungle, so on. In other words why do ppl come on there that aren’t prepared for it? I’d even find a way to wear my toothbrush lol…

  12. That’s what I’m talking about. They always show us stuff
    and nothing ever comes of it. Who are you rooting for?

  13. If Jaison says he’s thirsty he should go get some water. Maybe he’s lazy… or they have no fire and can’t boil it. They go dressed as the show tells them to. And you can’t wear a lot of extra stuff because they search you and confiscate anything you shouldn’t have.

  14. Hoping the Globetrotters and Poker Girls have a good night! Signing off before you East Coasters start talking about the results.

  15. Wow!!! I can’t believe Zev and Justin went out that way.
    I feel really bad for them. This has to be a first. In all the
    years I’ve been watching, this has never happened. I
    remember last year when a team received a penalty for
    taking a cab when they weren’t supposed to. And another team got a penalty for making a mess out of one of the
    things that needed to be done by another team. Just vaguely
    remember that, but not the details.

    Next weeks previews look pretty fun. A little bit of everything.

  16. Ted…poker girls survived this week due to Zev & Justin
    losing their passports. I guess Lady Luck is on their side.
    They did play pretty good this week without being mean
    to anybody. I know it’s a game but I make first impressions
    with people and I didn’t care for them from the beginning.
    That’s a very bad trait I have.

  17. OK..STILL alone on here so I am going to watch the
    Indy-Tenn game. Go Colts.

    See you all tomorrow, if I’m lucky. Tommorow is a holiday, so
    I am off work. Hip-Hip Hooray

  18. Frannie, That was real upsetting with ZEV and Justin, going out that way, they took it real well though, The really sad thing is they came in firstthey are nice guys, It was sad.The poker players better be careful ,if zev and Justin didnt lose their passports, they would be gone . The globetrotters came in third this time they will probably makeit to the end.

  19. Hey aggie…it’s not too often we are on here together.
    I liked the show but I am sad they were eliminated too.
    You’re right….the poker players are lucky. It should have been them.

  20. KINOGIRL, Frannie and I were wondering to ,what happened to K11, I hope everything is o.k. with him its not like him, not to be on here.

  21. YES remember when zev and Justin told someone the wrong directions ,they were talking about karma to the cab driver, it is strange how that happened to them.

  22. Sometimes they have a non elimination week. You have to
    wonder if this was one of those weeks. I thought Z & J
    were funny.

  23. aggie, they probably have all found a new blog site and
    FORGOT to invite us. There are so many of the usuals that
    have gone AWOL come to think of it.

  24. Well aggie, I hate to leave good company but I have been up since 3:00 this morning when my cat decided to cough up a
    fur ball. Had to get up & change sheets. I hate when that
    happens, but I would never trade her for the world. She is
    17 yrs. and 5 months.

  25. about DWTS…. It better be, oh hell, my mind just went blank.
    The girl that played Sabrina, the teenage witch.

  26. aggie….Ted will probably be on in a little while. He signed off
    so we couldn’t give him any cluse to Amazing Race since
    his starts later than ours.

  27. First of all—LMFAO@franniep2—welcome to my world sweetie.>8-} It seems like everytime I finally get here all the people have gone somehwere else. But never fear—they do come back sooner or later.>8-}

    I don’t watch DWTS or AR so I’m out of the conversation. Have no clue who you are talking about. It’s all I can do to keep up with Survivor once a week with my schedule & then when BB comes on—life takes a back seat.>8-} Well mainly because I have no life in the Summer. But that’s a whole different story. NOT to be told here. hahahaha I DO usually watch NFL Football. But this season haven’t seen one game. Too much going on to care. I’ll make the Superbowl though for sure.

    As for the challenges on SS being to “violent” well—that would be a matter of opinion & on how you define “violent.” And somehow—I just have a feeling that MY definition of violent DOES NOT jive with what I am seeing on this show. Sure–on some of the more “challenging” challenges, the not-so-fit people need to sit it out if they can. But so far, there have been no broken bones so I’m good with it. Like Ted though—I would like to see more challenges that require use of the mind instead of brute force. Mostly because in a situation such as this—almost anyone can over-power a tired, hungry, physically rundown person. But being able to still use the mind while being those things is more challenging —JMHO.>8-}

  28. I see there is still no sign of K11, justaguy, the moose, or AC for the last couple of days. Surely they haven’t gone AWOL to go to another site. Maybe they are just very busy with life ya know? I hope they are ok.

  29. Snake can you find them by any means & tell them we are all worried?? We don’t have to worry about Snake—he is always here somewhere, although he did have me worried last Sunday too.

  30. CYNTHIA, IT is really strange about K11 ,he hasnt been on in quite awhile, it really is not like him ,I know it happened another time to ,and it turned out he had some kind of problem with his computer.I justhope he is doing o.k. he was one of the best people on here , Princess was especially concerned about him.

  31. Last post for the night. Man–I’ve got to start trying to get on here in the mornings so I can meet up with everyone.>8-}

    But yes Snake—try to find them. Tell them WE WANT THE REST OF OUR GUYS BACK!!>8-}

    Goodnight everyone!!

  32. Have always read these blogs but this is the first time posting. It was about midnight here on Channel 5 and there was SHYMA, CHEEMA, however her name is spelled, interviewing someone from the American Idol. Could not believe my eyes that she came out of this with a money making job. Thought some of the followers of Big Brother might be interested in hearing how well she fared.

  33. Hi Snakebit Sal,
    It was here in CA – a Sunday midnight Hollywood gossip show, like they have earlier in the evening week nights. I just can’t believe that someone so self absorbed and often mean would come out of that smelling like a rose and probably making a lot of money.

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