Ponderosa, Life after eviction!

It ain’t a million bucks, but I bet it sure feels like the lap of luxury. The tension of game play is off and no worries or challenges. It’s just a small vacation before the big Court decisison that decideds the $1,000,000 winner.

This is Samoan Chief Yagua. We are looking for Sal also, and when we find him he will look like this:

Please heed are warning and turn him over to us. We have a clue that he is hidinig in the shadows. have him come out from the trees were we can see you chicken man. We know we will catch you.

Find me     when you have a clue to his whereabouts!

We also have the next HII serum for Russell, so he may find a third Idol. Tell him it is in the tree trunk!

582 thoughts on “Ponderosa, Life after eviction!”

  1. BB…I think Sal has finally lost it. He wants us to come looking
    for him. Stay there Sal….we will start our search after we come
    up with aggie little game.

  2. aggie gave us some clues to what the letters spell out.

    M W S T M H D T M N O T A A S C O F A F

    She only comes on for a one liner & then leaves. No one
    has been able to guess it yet. It started yesterday A.M.
    I don’t think it is a well known phrase…something aggie
    said. It could be anything.

  3. My
    More (like a)

  4. Sal, you know if aggie doesn’t come on until tonight, you will
    just have to stay hidden. At least you’ll stay out of trouble. :roll:

  5. The Mind Of AGGIE is a mysterious thing… But, Without her we would be Lacking… The Puzzle it Seems… Only Solvable in our Dreams… Okay for a Fly-by… As long as it’s not a Drive-by!

  6. Ted…drive by’s are no joke. I was a victim of a drive by about 15 years ago. The bullets came in through my living room about
    8 inches above where I would usually sit on the love seat. Luckily
    I was in my bed.

  7. FRANNIE… Didn’t mean to be frivoulus about drive by’s… but remember who she wrote the puzzle about. Think she’s still mad at me?

  8. M W S T M H D T M N O T A A S C O F A F —- this is a tough one ……

  9. She can never stay mad at you Ted. She likes giving all the guys
    trouble. Just smile at her and give her a wink every once in awhile.

    BB….are you challenging us with a new puzzle? :roll:

  10. Of course…why wouldn’t the T’s stand for Ted.
    That would make sense then. I didn’t know the puzzle was
    aimed at him. Thanks BB.

  11. Fun look at Ponderosa… I guess Eric had a nice week with Kelly before the next loser arrived. That must be fun to go your first jury. So, who will go next… ? I’m guessing… Laura.

  12. Yeah… go back and look at when it started. She was furious with me. Ask PK or JT… they were there. And the puzzle revolves around her favorite subject re: guys.

  13. Ted…I’m not sure when it started…What in the hell did you do
    to her? I might have to slap you for her. :lol:

  14. I don’t know what to do about making amends… I tried a poem, but that only made FRANNIE irritated with me. I will have to consult my new friend Russell and see how he would handle the situation.

  15. When did I get irritated with you? Are we all on this blog
    together? I sure don’t remember. Refresh my memory, please.

  16. Going to lunch now. Ted, are you going to tell me what you
    said to irritate me? I don’t hold grudges long.
    BB….waiting for your answers too.


  17. Thanks DONNA… How’s NYC today?… I hadn’t noticed Monica’s armpits… I guess guys look at different things on Survivor Monica.

    FRANNIE… I meant the drive by thing… that must have been scary. To really hear gunshots, much less bullets, in a neighborhood is very scary… not at all like on TV. Had that experience in Chicago and Portland. Speaking of Chicago… where’s the Blond Bombshell?… maybe working.

    Re: Origin of Puzzle… Refference 11:01, 11:04, 11:10 & 11:54a.m. When in Samoa…

    BACONBITSBOB… I’m not the frazzled one here… Like the Avatar!

  18. Ted…that didn’t make me get irritated with you. It takes alot
    more than that to get me pissed. However….when I do…I can
    hold a grudge better than anyone. I have stopped talking to
    a couple of my best friends and there is no way I would ever
    be the one to make the first move.
    Ted…about aggie…I don’t think she’s mad at you for that. I
    think she is just having some fun with you.

  19. I got it BB….
    It’s the days of the week and the months of the year.
    How’s that?

  20. aggie….HELP!!!!
    We can’t leave yours unresolved. More clues please!!!
    and aggie….Don’t be angry with Ted. He really is an ok
    kind of guy. :)

  21. Pouring Rain but warm… 50f… in Friday Harbor… Very Windy

    BBL… have to work… but, I’ll keep my laptop handy… (smile)

  22. Back…..I ended up doing a little work before I got signed back
    in. Then……slooooowwwww computer just didn’t want me to
    come back. Postings showed up one post at a time, so I decided
    to actually work.

  23. dixie, if there is something new we learn about we will discuss it, other times we wait around and try to keep our little gang together

  24. Lordy….I hope we don’t work for the same company.
    We use all caps on some of the puters and on the others,
    it doesn’t matter.

  25. Aggies mind sure works in a strange way, i just ca’t put together a phrase with that mix of letters

  26. I’m sorta lost in here since i just skim through and leave a comment and go. CUZ I’m so overwhelmed with Cmas coming and all the birthdays and i’m ‘crochetting’ stuff, rugs, hats, scarfs, afgans, fingerless mittens AND i’m not fantastic at it and i’ve even made a few Amagurumi toys (not as easy as i thot it’d be) for my new grandson SO my time here is limited (plus i’m trying to re-finish furniture passed down by my mil that once was worth something but it wasn’t treated well so it’s a mess but i can’t throw it away) and winter is coming and i’ve NO garage to work in so it’s grab a pretty day and work a few hours trying to remove gummy thick laquer or sumpin’ awful.
    I have a drs app this week (wed) and i’m already freakin’. I do this every six mos. why why why?
    ok so you don’t know me so i’m most likely taking up your time.
    I wouldn’t cry if Shambo went bye bye….Eric and Kelly might tho. (ha)
    ok you all go back to your fun. CULTR

  27. best way to chill tendr, watch us being weird

    I think one of the guys from Galu tribe will bite it this week

  28. I didn’t care for Russell at first because of the lies he went
    in there telling. Now….He’s the man!!!

  29. TENDR… sounds like you have a life. Your remark about Shambo is priceless… that would kill Eric and Kelly… that’s a Ponderosa Moment I’d love to see!

    Well DIXIELEE… I don’t know if you will ever read this, but I had the same reaction as you. Very annoying… but, if you can’t lick them… join them! However, I do enjoy setting them straight on Survivor… and once in a while someone actually has something of interest to say. I usually just skip over the longer winded ones, unless it has something to do with SURVIVOR or ME. So just do that and talk about Survivor.

  30. So Ted….what you’re saying is you ignore what we’re
    talking about. Not everything has to be about you.
    Damn….that’s what people say to me. I guess we are
    a whole lot alike, but I do read it all. :)

  31. Ha..peeking in again. It’s cold outside so i don’t feel like messing with laquer thinner on the porch while i have to keep the door open and my ghetto chihuahua barks constantly to be with me. so he’s in my lap and i’m curled up at the pc drinking MORE coffee (trying to cut back)
    Survivor-ok, get this visual….Natalie, starving in her tiny bikini. Russ nibbling on all fours on a banana…Nat “Keep on eating your treat you rat.” “Don’t look at me.” “Oh, I’m so sorry” she walks up to him with a big rock while she says quietly “I’m so hungry.” “I’m so hungry.” OPPS……”HEY YOU GUYS LOOK WHAT I FOUND”..dragging Russ by his swim trunks/shorts…
    OK, i promise i’m not into murder. It’d be more fun to see someone ‘pants’ him , he falls, hits his head and for the rest of the show thinks Laura is his momma.

    I’m watching the Bonnie Hunt show. I love that woman. Everything I’ve ever seen her do has always made me laugh so much. (or cry) She’s so down to earth. Her animal bits make me tear up. It just showed a soldier walking up to his house (just coming home after being gone on duty) and i guess wifey is filming it unless another house pet can use a camcorder……..anywho, the dog ran out and jumped on him and wouldn’t stop jumping and whining so he (dad) sat on the ground and apologized to the dog for being gone so long. SWEET.

    Survivor-the next idol should be a ‘set mouse trap’…..
    ok i’m being bad. I’ll go read my Bible now.

  32. I saw that on TV about the soldier coming home. That dog
    really missed him. The wife said when he first left…the dog
    was hard to manage.

  33. TENDR… your Survivor fantasy was so funny… till you got to the end dissing TGO… are you drinking something other than coffee, or maybe the lacquer fumes have gotten to you.

  34. Time to go play in traffic. Talk to ya’ll later.
    Maybe aggie will show up tonight….it’s DWTS night.
    Monday night football too if you want to watch a
    lousy game.

  35. FRannie, your answer is very close, the winkie answer needs to be changed around a little. As far as Ted im not mad at anyone I guess people dont really get me, i can understand that, i guess. i cant keep comments in i will end up killing someone. My mother and i get along real well ,its the only issue she has with me ,she is avery catholic kind of puritanical kind of person, we have had many fights about comments i made to family members, or others that she was embarrassed about. I have my Dads temper we were alike in ways.

  36. Dixielee, Ted’s right. He called us all crazy drunks…. then threw up his hands and sighed.. “Oh, what the hell, might as well join this bunch of kooks”. There’s not anything that’s worth talking about 24-7. (PK might argue that). Join us, you’ll like it.

  37. Ted, very funny comment about skipping stuff that’s not about Survivor or YOU. :lol: I get your sense of humor.. you’re harmless… a little sarcastic.. but in a funny way.

  38. fp2, Loved the little tribute to Karen this morning. I could almost hear her voice. I’m sure PK loved it too.

  39. tendr, I remember you from BB11 blog. Your Survivor “visual” was very funny! ..even though I’m on board with Ted’s fan club for Russell (TGO).

  40. Still working on Aggie’s Crypto Loco.

    I think it begins: Mister Weenie Said To Mister Hand

    M W S T M H D T M N O T S A S C O F A F

  41. How about my Cheyne and Meg dynamic duo on AR. On AR, “Barbie and Ken” should be designated TGO’s (The Great Ones) going into the final three race base on their consistent winning ways. I liked them from the very beginning to take it all in the final sprint for the million bucks.

  42. Not Bad PK… you may be on to something! I think more clues are warranted, but am far too sensitive to try to work this one out. Agree about Karen… that was a loss.

  43. I missed AR last night. :sad: They don’t even have it On Demand! WTF!? I agree that they deserve to win. I’m not going to forget to record it again!!

  44. The Hardest Part of Solving Aggie’s Crypto Loco is that there is no way of knowing, considering the source, whether it works out to be a sentence fragment, run on sentence, a phrase possibly missing a conjunction or verb or something else. :grin:

  45. No you guys i wouldnt use weinie or willie its too obvious another clue is my friends junk has a curve to it so the W stands for that.

  46. Hanging my head in shame.

    sorry i don’t share your luv for the toothless one. He’s just tooooooooo mean.

    but you can adore him enough for the both of us.
    Nat is still my fav.
    TEDDY, no i don’t drink and not using anything with fumes.
    what’s your excuse?
    (i’m teasing you)
    I CAN just read if it’ll make everyone happier. I’m pretty quiet but, hey i took a chance.

  47. Mr Weenie Said That Mr Hand Did Too Many Narcotics Over The Summer And Should Concentrate On Fiddling A “Friend”.

  48. Men

  49. It was supposed to be gone. I put my pic up for PK to slap. On webtv it is “Terminator Smiley”. On my comp it’s me.. but will be changed when I can.

  50. I don’t like using my comp for blogs…. but webtv is painfully slow!!!… It works ok when things are slow on here.

  51. I need a little help… not just with this puzzle… but for the fact that I am trying to solve it!! :lol:

  52. Nice Pic JT! FRANNIE, WTF… JT used all the good one liners after that one. And I do not get HUH…? AGGIE you are too funny… and that is not Guys favorite thing to do.

    No TENDR… don’t Stop!!! We need you… I just wondered how you judgement was so clouded.

    And FRANNIE & AGGIE… you should both be on facebook… you can always quit if you don’t like it. Then you could be my facebook friend!!!

  53. Enjoy the movie Ted… and you are right, THAT is NOT a guys favorite thing to do…. help is always preferable!

  54. Aggie… This has to be it! It includes a double negative, but no surprise there.. :grin:

    M W S T M H D T M None O T S A S C O F A F

    Mister Wiggly Said To Mister Hand Don’t Tell Me None Of That Stuff About Sensuous Contact Only Following After football

  55. Pk!! I think you got it!! Of course aggie would include a football reference … sports nut that she is! :roll:

  56. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBA…….. oh wait, almost forgot,.. tonight’s game sucks. I wouldn’t watch it with YOUR eyes. Maybe I’ll watch my glass of water evaporate instead.

  57. Mr

  58. Aggie, are you saying that the football reference one of PK’s was right? Never would have guessed that!!

  59. aggie….I think Donny might be leaving DWTS unless
    lots of people call for him. I said from the beginning
    that Mya was going to win. We will see.

  60. Ted…you said

    And FRANNIE & AGGIE… you should both be on facebook… you can always quit if you don’t like it. Then you could be my facebook friend!!!

    Does this mean we can’t be your SSBlog friend? :sad:

  61. Ted….before I sign up on facebook….I have questions
    that need answering. If and when I do…I’ll let you know.

  62. I don’t watch DWTS.. but I gotta believe Donny will stay. He’s to popular to leave. Hell, I even went to see him and Marie perform at the Astrodome when I was 12 in 1977.

  63. I am young at heart. When I started my new job 2 years ago….that place was like a mortuary. Well….I wasn’t going
    to hane that. Now, I have them takling like me.
    Hell….my manager called me a bitch today. I had
    to laugh. I am what I am.

  64. It was because I said I hear high pitches. I then said
    I must be part dog…..She said, ” so that’s where the
    bitch come in.”

  65. instead of scrolling to the bottom of the page, use the “end” button please, it’s right next to the “home” button which will take you back to the top of the page

  66. I did it. Sorry, I should have told you before going
    through all the trouble of typing. Sometimes I feel like
    Sal is talking to a third grader. :roll:

  67. aggie….I have to go now. Talk to ya later. I’m in the basement
    and my daughter is home. This is her space and she has to
    go to bed. The light keeps her awake.

  68. Frannie, I know you were joking.. doesn’t bother me at all. If someone wants to tell me to shut up, I prefer STFU! …always makes me :lol:

  69. Haven’t played yet.. just signed on and got my home page set up. I tried that puzzle from Saturday… it was tough for me. I have a lot of rust to shake off before I’ll be much competition. I tried some speed chess.. that was a mistake. I made some really stupid moves!

  70. Puzzles that need 4 to 6 moves are ok. But when they expect me to see 10-15 moves ahead…. they got the wrong guy!!

  71. Dear BACONBITS BOB… Sometimes this can be a very strange place, but very entertaining! Do you girls evergo back and read what you have written??? To come into this conversation cold can be a frightening thing. Almost as frightening as ‘A Christmas Carol’ which was a very cool movie. Was the puzzle ever really solved??? Only AGGIE knows for sure. And yes, of course I would like to know what you look like… who wouldn’t. That’s what makes it fun. You might enjoy facebook… ask your kids and your friends who are on it.

  72. According to aggie, PK got it right. I would have never thought to include the word “football”…. or anything else sports related.

    Glad you liked the movie. I bet your Granddaughter loved it!

  73. SAL… I’m curious, what and where are the end and home buttons?

    Major storm here… Big time winds with 70mph gusts. Lots of rain, but warm… 52f. All kinds of stuff crashing around.

  74. My Home and End buttons are to the right of my keyboard. They are included with calculator keys 1 and 4.

  75. I think it’s kind of a Ditka bad ass look JT… very nice. Ditka is definitely Da Coach!!! Right Aggie?

    I never use that keyboard. I’ll have to try it… I don’t know what most of that stuff does on that one. I have a real fancy keyboard that works with my laptop, which is what I usually use. I’ll try the end button now.

  76. Oh, I see… those buttons make it go to the top and bottom (end) of page. Cool. When I refresh with my laptop it automatically goes to where I was when I refreshed.

  77. Mike Ditka is from Aliquippa, Pa. a town about 10 milles from where I grew up. His HS team played ours. Joe Namath went to my HS

  78. Thanks aggie… it’s just me though. I’ll have to see if others see the Ditka thing. I don’t see it. Do y’all think aggie needs to go get her eyes checked? :roll:

  79. I think she does, I grew up watching Ditka play college and pros, don’t remember him looking like you JT

  80. Come on aggie.. you should know I don’t get pi$$ed off on here… unless F-Ben or Chris from Penn St show up and start ripping all of us as being ignorant.

  81. Well JT… Ditka is a god in Chicago and we all love him, so to resemble him, which that little pic kind of does, is a +!

    Our Goal tomorrow is to talk about Survivor! Good night all…

  82. You know I couldn’t leave that easily… AGGIE, you are right about JT ad Ditka and those guys are full of shit. Hey… look at SAL’s Photo… now we know where the snake comes from!

  83. I can’t believe you two aren’t talking about SAL’s new pic… that’s as Bad Ass as the ‘older mike’ pic he posted!

  84. Frannie has seen it. I hope you can all see my new avatar now. I see AC found another cute pic of Monica.

  85. aggie, you know who you look like? You look like me before I got into all this avatar business…. things were much simpler then.

    Memories… like the corners of my mind
    misty water-colored memories

  86. She knew it was me… she read the part where I tode PK that I would put my face up for him to slap because I was looking at Laura.

  87. Ok just made 521–going for 522, Just wanted to say hello but it looks like everybody has already gone to bed. Soooooooooo, nite nite blog land. Have fun!! :lol:

  88. franniep2 November 16, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    JT….it is about one particular post.

    aggie, Yes I did see JT’s pic.

  89. Good morning fp2. You got me beat today by 18 degrees.. that will teach me to rub it in when we are warmer than you! :lol:

    28 degrees in the Twins this morning. (I know y’all can do the math.. just felt like writing it any way)

  90. Does this count as today yet? Or do today’s comments officially start when the new post is up…. I don’t want Ted pi$$ed after I promised him to talk about Survivor today!!

    Aggie, congrats on being number 500! I knew you had it in you! :oops: …that sounds wrong somehow. :lol: We will even break the record for comments on BB11!! I’m not sure, but the number 536 comes to mind… and this will be a legit record!! ….we didn’t talk about Survivor during those 536 comments either!! :lol: :cool:

  91. Ohhhhh… I’m drivin’ my life away….

    When’s the last time somebody made an Eddie Rabbit reference? Time to play bumper cars…. CUL8R!!

  92. Step By Step

    Last Night I was counting how many steps it was going to take before Kym Johnson fell out of her costume. Too bad that the malfunction happened at the bottom, not the top as hoped.

  93. Over 500 comments..WOW
    DWTS – awesome last night. They were all good but my Dmitry & Mya should win it all. bye bye Kelly and Donnie you guys were great.
    PK I watch it for the candy too, so you are not alone.

  94. You guys are probably too young to remember truly live TV and “The Kate Smith Show.” The early days of TV had no editing or bleeping and whatever happened, happened. One night while my Dad and I were watching Kate Smith belt out another song – not sure if it was “When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain” or some other song, but before she got very far into the performance, the entire top of her gown collapsed under the weight of her two “mountains” and there was no moon in sight anywhere as if anybody would be looking for one, all things considered.

  95. Frannie, I saw that picture and i said he must be a mike ditka fan, i never thought it was him. i would say alittle like Josh brolin too, i dont know they could be around the same age. It wasnt a insult i always liked ditka, Im talking younger Mike ditka of course hes older now.

  96. PK now I can see why you are so obessed with boobs..you started at an early age.
    Len on DWTS was fixated with Mya butt last night.

  97. I like how Bruno carries on about the women, and Man hes about as fruity tooty as they come ,i bet he really would have made out with Donnie if he let him.Thats whats funny about bruno, hes so effeminate.

  98. Mya and I were both born in Washington, DC and raised in suburban Maryland so for that reason plus her superb dancing and Len endorsed Butt, she should be the winner.

    Aggie… Pretty left the building when Natalie was voted off.

  99. Aggie… They were DD in high school, thereafter maturing to EE. Now her bras only come in black and white striped boxes labeled Z-bra.

  100. Aggie… Joanna has the kind of body Hugh Heffner would most like to mount in his mansion, but her face – when she opens her mouth or attempts a smile – could stop a train. I vote to put her younger sister’s face on Joanna’s body and the combination might then be a real Polish treat.

  101. I know who Mike Ditka is. Ditto Dick Butkus, possibly the greatest linebacker of his era. Do you remember Virgil Carter?

  102. Donna I would say probably Kelly will be going, i dont think they would get rid of Donnie , i think he is more popular and i think hes a little better than Kelly.

  103. Aggie… Virgil Carter was a Chicago Bears quarterback in the late 60’s and 70’s. He was the first of the emerging “aerial offense” at BYU. Jim McMahon continued the BYU aerial tradition and was also a Bears quarterback.

  104. Big hands Phillip, are you trying to infer something.

    Aggie… Yes I am. I have big feet too, and according to my wife, a big head too most of the time.

  105. I can’t believe the topics you guys talk about this early in the a.m. Yes, 500+ was a staggering amount of comments yesterday… due almost singlehandedly to our 2 midwestern ladies.

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