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Coach  |  Top Ten, David Letterman Style

November 30, 2009

As we watched the recap of the season this week I was reminded of my own dynamic, polarizing and sometimes comical memories so far. I hope this will spur a pinpoint of recollection in your own memories. Here are my top ten in David Letterman style.

10. Shambo revealing that she is not the sharpest tool in the shed by saying so on the first day.
As Mark Twain once said “Its better to keep your mouth shut and for people to think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

9. Russell the troll dumping out the water of everyone’s canteen.
As the Dragonslayer once said “Evil dwells in the hearts and minds of the most unworthy opponents who are too short and insecure in developing brain matter and a sense of honor and dignity while growing up.”

8. Danger Dave starting a fire not once but twice when Shambo and Russell maligned him saying he couldn’t.
Coach Wade once said “If at first you don’t succeed, move over for cryin’ out loud and let someone else try!”

7. Russell “Gollum” Hantz using a national disaster to his own discredit, disgrace and disparagement.
Mahatma Ghandi said “Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.” Are you listening gnome?

6. Shambo losing the snorkel mask and sheepishly walking back into camp.
Mr. D. Slayer also said “Ownership of your own actions is the key to self improvement and discipline.”

5. Good Russell almost going in to cardiac arrest.
One of the most dynamic and dangerous moments ever seen on Survivor. He went out as the noble warrior. As Dan the Man said “Give it your all no matter what. Push past the threshold and find a new level, a new limit. Never be satisfied.”

4. Everyone walking around like chickens with their heads cut off letting Russell H. outrun them in the pursuit of the idol.
One of my heroes Martin Luther King once said “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to penetrate it.” How could you all let him do that!

3. Mother Nature. Showing everyone who’s boss by pouring a deluge of water for the first two weeks straight.
Charles Bronson said “Mother nature throws you a curve ball.” You said it Charles!

2. Ben telling Yasmin to go back to ketchup sandwiches and kool-aid.
By far the most racy and daring line ever uttered on the show. See quote above from Mark Twain.

1. Erik the Viking. The warrior. The new dragonslayer of Samoa.
Brooking no compromise at tribal. Using his sixth sense to ferret out the truth. And falling on his sword at the end, leaving with his head held high and proving once again that unless you are an evil conniving backstabbing minion of evil, you cannot win survivor.

Dragon Slayer over and out!


Debbie  |  Deb’s Top 10 Favorite Samoa Moments

November 30, 2009

While recapping this season of Survivor Samoa, I have several quick thoughts. Hey Coach, did you hear that, QUICK thoughts?

First of all, this season had a slow start and now is spinning out of control. What a turnaround! I eagerly wait to see what will happen each week. Because of the unknown, I look forward to watching this season’s show more than watching Tocantins. Since I had insight to our season, there were few surprises. With the exception of the private interviews…Yea, JT and Stephen I heard you talk smack about me!

As we all know, Russell is the main character of Samoa. Coach, you were the character of Tocantins. Well, maybe Tyson had that title a few times! However, our “characters” played a completely different game. I cannot compare Russell’s game to anyone in our season. I started this season’s blog loathing Russell. His comments about Katrina really struck a nerve. I still stand strong on my thoughts regarding using a natural disaster for your sympathy vote; however, this guy is amazing. I cannot wait to see what he is going to do each week. His comments, his moves, and his strategies are so entertaining. I was actually cheering for him last week.

Jaison is still my pick to be the winner. I know he is not standing out in any area, but in this game, that can be the best move until the end. I saw something in Brett last week that made me take notice. He reminded me of JT, our winner- cute, quiet, and can win a challenge. For some reason, I still think goofy Dave is funny to watch. His expressions and comments are hilarious. He could be a threat as well. Time will tell.

Deb’s Top 10 Favorite Samoa Moments (not to be confused with Dave’s Top 10)

10) Mick, weekly eye candy
9) Yasmine and Ben’s nasty-crazy-mudslinging- verbal altercation
8) Yasmine exiting tribal in high heels! Still styling and profiling for Jeff.
7) Erik and Shambo chasing the chicken while everyone else watched.
6) Shambo loosing the fishing equipment and telling the truth! (and not seeming to care)
5) Dave’s “Gallagher” face when Laura was voted off (did you see his hair?)
4) Natalie killing a rat with a stick- You go girl!
3) Dave chasing “The Troll”, Russell, through the “forest” and not being able to keep up with him!
2) Shambo claiming to be the chicken “expert” and not knowing they can fly!
1) Russell finding NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE IDOLS. Genius!

This is shaping up to be a great season. Hey, it is up for a People’s Choice award. GO VOTE!


234 thoughts on “Recap of the Recap of the Season!”

  1. No big words this time Coach, you are slipping bro..even moi can understand what he is talking about this time.

  2. This is a great Survivor show! I wish it came on twice a week instead of once. Wonder what’s going to happen tomommow!!!

  3. Phillip, very funny ,now you have to send me your Email address.I already got an Email from Ted, and Homegirl already.I regretted putting it on when ,acertain someone decided to send me weird emails Probably trying to give me a virus.Fran ,i still have not recieved yet.

  4. Erik the Viking. The warrior. The new dragonslayer of Samoa.
    Brooking no compromise at tribal.

    Brooking is a synonym for tolerating. I only point that out because brooking is seldom used in modern English except when Coach scours the dragon infested past for inspiration in Boewulf.

  5. Coach scours any book with 2″ of dust on it in the library

    Get the wounded somputer to the doc franniep2

  6. Hey Pk….did you watch SYTYCD last night? I taped it
    and watched it this morning cause I was busy last night.
    It was a good one. They are all such good dancers. I
    like Jacob and Legacy.

  7. Frannie… Reb got hooked on DWTS which meant WE watched the show. Fortunately, Reb has not discovered SYTYCD yet so I have been spared the dance shows double feature. Last night was devoted to Law and Order SVU marathon/Mariska Hargitay fix.

  8. 34f and clear in Friday Harbor… Morning all… Going to read those two noted literary luminaries above.

    PK… went to ‘’… couldn’t find her! Good Billboard find.

    My faves on sytycd are Ashley and Jakob. You should try it Phil. You could watch it while Rebecca is at work.

    Like the Truck BB.

    Don’t get sick Franniep2!

  9. Great… I get on and everyone leaves… Well, here’s my thoughts on Coach ~ I now know why I look forward to wednesday… other than it’s one day closer to Survivor… Coach! It is clear that he does not fully understand what some those quotes mean. And, he may know what he wants to say (debatable), but does not know to spell it, i.e…. Racy instead of Racial in #2… nothing titillating about Ketchup Sandwiches.
    I will admit that the quote in #8 is clever.

  10. Oh Hi PK… she may need all the help she can get… but, It sounds like Frannie needs the help if her throat is starting to scratch.

  11. I’m in a holding pattern Ted. No fly by scheduled though, just landing at will when the runway is clear

  12. Well, glad to see you… What’s with the big bang up top? Other than a great show… except I could do without the laugh track though. Must be a fave of SNAKE’S. Going to read Debbie now.

  13. Ted… Laugh tracks are the bane of all sitcoms. If the lines are funny, I’ll laugh. I don’t need a cue…

  14. Debbie actually had some pretty good comments. It must be fun for a contestant to watch Survivor on TV… and surprising sometimes. I remember the conversation between JT and Steven about Debbie.

  15. Hey Sal… I’ve got an idea… put up that BB Russell guy’s nude pic that they are all frothing at the mouth about! You could kind of blur it a bit. Then put on the VS clip!

  16. Thanks Ted….feel better in that sense. Now if I can just
    get my throat to stop hurting. Nothing I can’t handle.

    Yea Sal….hows about somthing for us gals.

  17. Just a thought… as knopttyb and holly would say… WHY does everyone insist on equating Russell, the best ever, with a troll or a gnome? He is looking better each week, and by the end of the game… our SSB Girls will be searching the web for photos of TGO!

  18. Okay Ted, while I think Russell is a GREAT player, thus the TGO, you must admit that he is verry troll-like in appearance!
    Yes, his belly is getting smaller…………..IDK, maybe it’s just cause he’s soooo short!

  19. Guess I’m in the minority, but I think Russell’s puss would make the perfect cover for Mad Magazine with the caption, “What, me sexy?”

  20. Say what you will majority, but I would bet good money that every woman on this blog would run for their lives if they ever crossed paths with any guy who was or closely resembled Russell H on a dark street late at night.

  21. I personally would look to see if there was a bridge anywhere in sight before I decided how the deal with a Russell encounter at night.

  22. Frannie… Your short break before the fresh air break just before the pre-lunch break is OVER… Get back here now….

  23. SS Laura is no substitute for BB11 Laura, but despite her hiss appeal from most women, from Shamdo to our own kick Laura off the train with prejudice ladies, she does nevertheless create a rather sexy grandmother image from all angles.

  24. Ted, I think of it as the “dark side”!!
    I never thought I would like Russell, but alas, you have to appreciate his gameplay

  25. Russell H may be TGO but JR Ewing would have run him out of camp before he could empty the first canteen…

  26. I have no choice….I have to look at Russell’s face everytime
    I get on facebook. Thanks Ted… It is now embedded in my
    brain. I have to admit, it is a fine pic of him.

  27. Frannie… I sent Aggie an e-mail… She will probably delete it though as spam since I may have included Ted’s name in the subject line.

  28. Frannie… did you see the make believe e-mail I sent to Aggie this morning on yesterday’s blog?

  29. ok….my coffee is gone so I guess it’s time to take
    lunch so I can start on diet coke. That is….if it’s ok
    with you Phil!!!

  30. Frannie… You always appear to be the one taking the pics in all of your family photos. Try standing in front of a mirror and shoot. That way you can do both and finally send me your pic.

  31. I have pics of me….they all seem to have a hand in
    front of my face. I don’t know how that happens. :roll:

  32. They get deleted right away….sorry. Some day someone will
    get a pic and put it in on their FB. Then…I’ll have to delete them
    as a friend.


  33. ewwwww, that’s the other thing…..what’s with the missing tooth??!?!?!? He is a millionaire/ceo, can’t he get a tooth?!?!

  34. For all we know, Russell may have lost his tooth just days before leaving for Survivor Samoa when he told his wife for the first time that there would be half naked women more than likely sleeping next to him on the beach.

  35. DonnaP… they were cuddling with Natalie… Good one PK on Russell’s tooth… and, you hit the nail on the head re: the Laura jealousy with the SSB Girls!

  36. Yeah what is up with Jaison’s toes..they are disgusting.
    And his clothes is dirtier than anyone else..anyone noticed that.

  37. I saw something in Brett last week that made me take notice. He reminded me of JT, our winner- cute, quiet, and can win a challenge.

    Me too Debbie, That’s why I’ve said repeatedly in here that Russell should focus his attention on eliminating Brett at the next tribal council.

  38. That’s another big ewwww to Liz! I have a thing about gross feet! Now watch, it’ll be like a train wreck and I won’t be able to look away. I don’t even like my own feet and I get a pedi regularly!

  39. I don’t think coach could write a simple beautiful poem that anyone/everyone could understand. One that’d touch the soul without having to ruin the moment by looking up what it means.

    ok, now back to reading you lovely ppl’s comments. :)

  40. I don’t like how when any female stands up to russ, he then threatens them. I could never think he was sexy (acting as he does). If i met him in a dark alley i’d get on my knees and kick him in the pecans. jk

    I’m still hoping Nat goes far. I like her. I know she’s being all sweet to russ but maybe that’s the best way to stay in the game. Oh what we girls have to do sometimes just to get far.
    (sounds like my first marriage)
    the Bachelor starts Jan4…..So at least that’s something to look forward to for “next yr” that’ll be here before you know it.

    Don’t take anything meanish i say very seriously unless i’m screaming it. Just in a smartypants mood.
    Frannie, as my momma would say if your throat’s sore gargle with very warm salt water. Hope you feel better. It’s just gotten really cold here.
    Ted, Go ahead and post the little girls on vic’s secret. You know they start them in the catalog very young, very tall, very skinny. In other words “pretty boys”
    my daughter’s are beautiful but the models of today have always made them feel fat and ugly. I remember when twiggy came out..i stopped eating so i could look like her.
    I’m sure i can find some pics of guys i know who are very buff and not young, i can share with the ladies…..(big grin)

  41. For you Tendr… To rid the sour taste of Chief’s ramblings from your senses.

    From John Keets Ode to a Nightingale

    Already with thee! tender is the night,
    And haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne,
    Cluster’d around by all her starry Fays;
    But here there is no light,
    Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown

  42. Tendr… I was trademark counsel for Mary Quant,Twiggie’s fashion designer. My favorite trademark of her’s was Booby Traps for bras that was, unfortunately rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office was I still have some of the original packaging in my funny trademark collection.

  43. PK… good thing you weren’t trademark counsel for John Keats, but that was very nice for tendr… which incidentally tendr, I wasn’t the one doing the posting.

  44. I do think Russell has thought of who should be in final two with him, one that the jury will loath more than he. Think Shambo here. He will not let it be Nat for sure.

    BTW…Booby Traps is a cute name… I don’t think it is offensive, but I am not female. Do our lady friends here think so?

  45. Ted… I was too young to handle Keat’s intellectual property, but weren’t you his designated spokesperson?

  46. PK, that was beautiful. I love anything to do with night. I tend to write about night and it’s the only time i really feel like going outside to be honest. (i have a moon tattoo-among others)
    twiggy…she looks almost a normal size now that she’s older. When i get skinny (which is right now only a memory)..well let’s just say, when i was in HS i’d get in the car of my gf and take my bra off. My mother would make me wear a padded one to school. My sr yr i refused to wear one. I stopped wearing make up. I stopped straightening my frizzy hair and i stopped conforming and haven’t fit in since and am finally myself. my mom used to say “why don’t they make pancake bras?” (i guess that’s a question) of course my answer was “Mom, a man with no hands doesn’t wear gloves” i think what bugged her was my matter how many layers of clothes i had on they’d show. My mother would ask the air ‘where did you get these?” (like i knew?) she tried to make me wear bandaids to school/church over them. Finally i just told her i used them for weapons to put out eyes of guys who made passes. But they came in handy when i had children. I nursed over 2 yrs so you don’t need a big bottle. :)
    so we can call this conversation How to survive HS with small breasts.
    (accent your butt)
    here’s one of my simple worded poems which i’m sure could use alot of editing or ‘correcting’.

    Cosmic dust

    As cosmic dust I gently fall
    Upon the lovers shared delight
    On face on neck in mouth I dwell
    Then washed away as sweaty brow.

    As we explode in heavens realm
    Joined as one we come unglued
    I upon the wind do ride
    To rest upon the petals dew.

    Fingerless we cannot touch
    Yet hear each other’s cry
    I am as dust upon the earth
    You engulf the sky.
    ok, so i won’t get into trouble. i watched sotycd (i don’t like caps)
    um, forgot his name but ashley’s hubby? i like him. drool. ha

  47. Ted, I have to agree with you on Shambo in the final 2, it only makes sense since her own tribe doesn’t like her. No, I do not find booby traps offensive, it’s kinda cute but only works for small boobies! Big ones need a bigger name!

    Tendr, that was nice

  48. Will be back later tonight if anyone is on,I am going to have agood time with friend tonight. Frannie and Phillip, you areon Facebook to much, I dont see enough of you.

  49. Tendr… your poem was lovely… And I loved your story. You crack me up with the disclaimer at the end about sytycd. I like Ryan also, but something about him seems a little too slick. Maybe too polished for that group. He is an excellent dancer. I like Ashley best.

    That’s what I’m thinking Holly, we’ll have to see who he goes gunning for tomorrow night. Only 15 hrs to go!

  50. Ted should like SYTYCD tonight….Snoop Dog is on there.
    Just kidding…we know how he feels about this kind of music.

  51. I built Reb’s PC computer and my Mac computer. I can help you with computer questions when you have problems

  52. I have been trying to get on for fifteen min. had to reboot everything. Then i went to the living room (small house) and i have this monster foam round chair that looks like a giant beanbag on steroids and i need to fluff it which means move everything else in the room to one side and roll the chair across the room and i knocked over a cd holder and they’re alover one side of the room now.
    I’m gonna say the dog did it………………………snort
    you all make me laugh.
    I guess Ryan and Ashley are like Barbie and ken. They look like they fit perfectly. sometimes i wish they’d pick a fav girl and a fav guy instead of just one person.
    I took some meds yesterday and it made me so sick i was ill all night and so today i’ve been scared to eat much and so i’m just picking at food and my dog follows me everywhere i go to see if i’m going to eat anything. we just shared a banana n p.butter.
    I’m watching Glee…’s silly but i like hearing them sing.
    ya know there are alot of questions i have about the girls on there that is really just for girls most likely (just thinking out loud) I couldn’t stand to be that dirty and stinky.
    What i don’t understand is how ppl can go on that show and not know how to swim or start a fire with ‘air’ ya know? The only way i’d do a show like that would be if i was younger and in perfect shape and know how to find food in any kind of wood or jungle, how to fish with my teeth, swim perfectly, make fire out of a sunray, build shelter from hair…you get my point. I never would last there one hour. I’d be like….NO TOILET? Where’s the anti-bacterial soap? No bottled water?
    what do you mean i can’t have a sleeping pill?
    so it always amazes me when ppl go who aren’t healthy and don’t know how to do anything. Just like AR…i’d be lost in the airport before the show even started.
    They need a show for the person who can stay indoors the longest. I’d win.
    go Nat.
    I hope the next idol is a dildo. I wonder if Russ would keep it or put it back?

  53. Not much happening….I think I will go to bed and watch
    some TV too. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow. Later

  54. Hi, anyone here? Frannie? sytycd doesn’t start for another hour… I will check to see who got the boot… then we will ‘speed watch’ it before Survivor. My granddaughter had Yasmin and Russell S in the pool, so she is history. I have Shannon and Dave… go figure. My daughter Ashley had Liz and still has Russell. I begged her to trade and give me TGO… then I ordered her to let me have him… nothing worked. Damm!

    Tendr… you are a great story teller! I agree about having a man and woman… it is hard to choose… This show’s group is very talented.

  55. Nice try Dm, Secret scenes of dancing with the stars, Man you have to be a little more creative, what happened to the magical Genius of you.

  56. Holly, you wouldn’t be a dec baby by any chance would you?
    pretty name.
    Frannie i hope you feel better soon.
    :) ted
    I’m bored. Hubby came in from work…saw the cds alover the floor. looked at me. i looked at rocky (chihuahua) and just when he was going to get chewed out i said I DID IT.
    they’re still there.
    I’m so close to a railroad track it drowns out the tv.
    well, i was just peeking in. Waiting til one a.m. so i can watch B and B. i don’t know why it doesn’t come on daytime here.
    then i wait around til 2:30a.m. to watch “the next generation”
    then i try to go to bed but i get caught up in judge perez.
    everyone have a great night. mine doesn’t end til tomorrow morning…ok something with sharp teeth is pulling my sock off OH pbs has the british shows on…i do like them. c u ltr

  57. tendr… you are never talking too much! You could fill an album of country music songs… and I would be listening…

    Speaking of Music! Just watched the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert… 4 hours of pure joy.

    Speaking of the BBC… tendr, did you ever watch ‘Absolutely Fabulous’? That is my all time favorite British show. Don’t forget to pick up the cds…

    I’ll see the rest of you guys tomorrow…

  58. Ted, your right the Rock and roll hall of fame, was a great show I especially liked, Mick Jagger and Fergie Together. I dont know if i saw the whole thing, but most of it anyway. goodnight, sleep tight.

  59. Good morning all….HaHa PK….I got here before you. You
    would have to wake up very early to beat me here.

    Aggie…got your e-mail. Watch for my response. I will
    send it from work.

    Ted………RUSSELL POWER… and tell your grandaughter
    the charge to come over to watch SYTYCD is to trade
    Russell in the pool. That might work!!!!

    Sal…..slacking on the new blogs. Busy were we? Just
    kidding….we all need/have lives.

  60. Dear JT’s friends and stalkers. I was talking to Sal and he said JT is fine, he’s been busy and he has been reading what y’all had to say. He’s a week behind in reading on the blog and will drop by again when he gets the chance!

  61. Well Aggie, not to get personal, but is Aggie blonde or brunette today? Inquiring minds want to know…

  62. Let’s see if we can catch Bob off guard and ask if he is from Beaver Falls, PA, originally.

  63. Wow… The last time I kissed a girl with an acid tongue I had to watch Bacic Instinct three times to neutralize my lips

  64. Sal….Josh has AIM on my puter. That makes it run real
    slow. I am having it taken off. He will not like it but, oh well

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