Russell, the Lover ……..

Russell definitely is playing the women.  He doesn’t seem like a ladies man, but he sure has been able to control them.  We know it’s a game. Why can’t these people see that. No one seems to be wise to his ways. Why is it that they believe him. 

He hasn’t had anyone turn him down for an alliance even the guys on his tribe still have alliances with him. Like Mick said, it’s something about his southern charm. I can see right thru him, he will throw you aside if he needs to!  We do have the advantage of edited game play but these fools are with him 24 / 7.

Unbeknown-st to us all, the Galu buttheads tried to keep the HII clue away from Russell at the reward picnic. Talk about being  an asshole, this makes Russell look like a saint! “Go Here”

344 thoughts on “Russell, the Lover ……..”

  1. Only loud, booming bass, rap music can make me talk… Nothing else. Just name, rank and serial number…

  2. Frannie… now what we want to know is what do you have hanging down from your rear view mirror and what color LED’s do you have on your hubcaps. One final thing, how high does your ride lift when you push the hydraulics button?

  3. Image for today for our bloggers and bloggettes. You pull up to a stop light and in a hopped up ride next to you is our Frannie playing her Rap so loud that even the street is vibrating from the bass riffs. Cool huh! You go girl….

  4. And did you know that Mardi Gras has its first US roots in Mobile, Alabama, not New Orleans. Still going strong too in Mobile after all these years, just more family oriented than the copy cat one to the west.

  5. Thanks SAL, for the links… After AGGIE sees this one, I know she will be ready to embrace Russell. What a fine family man. And getting better looking every episode.

  6. Galu buttheads is an understatement..this is the stupidest tribe in the history of the game. Shambo is right,there is no Galu after the jackasses voted out Erik before a Foa Foa. The news this week is that eye candy John will be leaving.

  7. From a good source, 70% chance it will be John (because of his vote) 30% Monica because people don’t like her! (except maybe Ted)

  8. That’s what I heard… due to Russell I’m sure. Someone asked somewhere, if Shambo was going to cut her mullet for the reunion show… She said that it was her identity and she would never change it. It will be interesting to see what happens with that.

  9. HHR …………… Grenn stuffed Frog on dash and Penguin hanging from mirror …………… music on stereo a wide variety with very very very little Rap.

  10. PK… I think Frannie just said she liked Rap to appear cool and diverse.

    And SAL… what the hell you talking about? Are you describing the dash of your car?

  11. PK was laying out Frannies car (per his imagination) I was laying out mine as reallity see’s it
    Black Chevy HHR
    Stuffed Green Frog on dash in front of me
    Penguin hanging from RV Mirror

  12. I can’t understand the hate for rap and the love for heavy metal..they are both bullsh*t.There are exceptions of course.

  13. I’m not looking forward to Steelers game tonight … 1st and 2nd string QB’s out 3rd string will start , Dixon 2nd year man and a free agent from Pitt that sign Thursday

  14. Rap and Hevy Metal both have a few exceptions that sound like music and not a screeching cat or a foul mouthed pimp

  15. I must admit to an embarrassing mistake… earlier, I ignorantly commented on football games using last weeks schedule. Now this weeks Saints game should be good. And I hope they are the only team 11-0 come tuesday.

  16. Ted Monday nights game will be bitter sweet for me because the Pats and Saints are my fav teams..I hope New England wins though. Sal, Big Ben is not playing?

  17. From a good source, 70% chance it will be John (because of his vote) 30% Monica because people don’t like her! (except maybe Ted)

    Let’s think through the above possibilities as I am sure Russell has already done several times.

    For Foa Foa, loyal Galu members should go first makes the most strategic sense. John was useful to Foa Foa and may come in handy in the next tribal council or two. Monica is no threat to anybody now that Laura is gone and Dave is descending into his own mental fog more and more from one episode to another. Brett, on the other hand, reminds me somewhat of JT from the last Survivor. He’s young, athletic, smart when he needs to be and ready to kick some immunity challenge ass in the weeks leading up to the final two.

    If I’m Russell, I would focus my full attention on Brett as the next to go. Get him out now if he does not win the next immunity challenge or he may totally destroy the radar he’s been flying under so far and follow in JT’s footsteps with one win after another and become the next Survivor millionaire.

  18. I’m stuck with the Seachickens and the Rams this a.m…. guess I will get some work done. Bears and Vikes this afternoon… I’ll be rooting, along with AGGIE for the beloved BEARS, but hoping Farve does well too.

  19. John has a big target on his back and Russell will play the unfaithful Galu member against his teammates and make friends while eliminating John. Brett has no voting base to help him, some of his teammates see him as useless, he’ll be around for 2 more weeks then bye bey

  20. That’s a pretty good analysis PK. Brett may emerge as a JT type… so far he hasn’t been given the exposure. I do think that John will cross Russell this week… he is to strong a personality to put up with Russell’s style of gamesmanship. I agree it won’t be Monica. And your image of Dave descending into his own mental fog… beautiful. I don’t think that Foa + Shambo led by TGO is going to change soon. I think Russell will perceive John as more of a threat than Brett.

  21. Tear yourselves away from football to see Russells clip in the go here spot above. That was pretty funny. Dave better be careful… I think Russell has seen his share of barroom brawls.

  22. Hey SAL… look around the bar… Isn’t Russell from Huston? That would be great if he strolled in to watch the game. Good luck with the Texans… would love to see them beat the Colts. And, I think the Steelers will need a lot of divine help tonight. Won’t be able to see the game because I have to help strike the set of a local theater production tonight.

  23. Sal… With Foa Foa 5 and Galu 4, under the best case scenario for Galu, none of the Galu members have a voting base. Dave – other than as a fire starter, Monica and John, assuming he is still Galu, better define useless than Brett ever has or will.

  24. Oh DONNA… Yes a quandary… I do like Brady and The Hoody and usually root for them… however, would love to see the Saints have their turn.

  25. FRANCES… I do thank you for the correction on spelling your name, which I think is very lovely by the way. And Yes… I am Big enough to admit my mistakes. However, I am not Stupid enough to cross the Fearless Leader and put the evil eye on his favorite teams!

  26. Only reason why I can imagine anybody listening to rap is that over 50 is that they don’t have to turn up their hearing aids to hear it.

  27. And incidentally, I think that ‘fuddy duddy’ is the wrong description for disliking Rap music. Unfortunately, the lack of intelligence needed to create and perform this style of music is in abundance in this country.

  28. Oh FRANNIE… I slipped and forgot to live up to my new image. Please forgive me… going to talk to Thumper’s Mother now.

    KNOTTYIBC… do like this avatar better… And how is MISS TIPTON”S nephew today? Feeling up in spirits I hope.

  29. Frannie…
    All you need is love, all you need is love,
    All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
    All you need is love (all together now)
    All you need is love (everybody)
    All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

  30. Good start PK… maybe this will help:

    Love us Frannie, love us sweet, never let us go.
    You help make our life complete and we love you so.
    Love us Frances, love us please, all our dreams fulfill.
    For, our Frannie, we love you and we always will.

  31. Damn, wish I was watching the Texans game… Seahawks 7 and Frannie’s precious Rams 7… Agree that the Steelers can beat the Ravens without Ben. Thanks for the update Sal… waiting for halftime report, then going to watch girls soccer.

  32. Oh I wish Phil! Miss Lambert… Player of the Year!!! I wonder if Playboy has contacted her yet? But she did see the error of her ways. No these players are in Middle School.

  33. I know a couple of fellas on here that need singing
    lessons. Now…can I hear that in rap because you
    really don’t have to a good voice to rap.

  34. Google Shaggys “Angel”. You would like the words
    and over time the music. Not rap…just something I
    like to listen to.

  35. Frannie and Angel side by side in the same sentence makes dark clouds suddenly appear, thunder to roar and lightning to strike. I know I ducked when I read it.

  36. rap, reggae, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and religious all begin with “r”. All the same, isn’t that so Frannie?

  37. I like most all music – honky tonk country music excluded – prior to music video production number with no memorable melody same old same old crap circa anytime after 1990.

  38. Randy Travis has a most remarkable voice. His ability to go from mid-range to deep bass in smoother than 20 year old sour mash. Alan Jackson is also an excellent male vocalist. Too much twang from both of them for my tastes but I don’t like twang country no matter who sings it. I’ll take my Kansas gal, Martina McBride over the lot of them any day.

  39. It is what Shania Twain, Terry Clark and Keith Urban, two Canadian’s and one Aussie do a lame job of faking. Genuine born and bred southern drawl puts the twang into most Country music.

  40. Ted is watching middle school girls’ soccer. And there is no way I am saying anything more on that subject. No way!

  41. Liz… Ted is getting very old and has a very short memory. He has already forgotten that he said he wasn’t talking to you any more and he is already back in love with his high school sweetheart, actress Lillian Gish. Laura is but a distant memory now.

  42. Liz… The subject was soccer. An Arizona State girl hair slammed one of my alma matter BYU girls to the ground and I am still pissed that Miss Lambert was not banned from collegiate soccer forever after that incident. There are plenty of diversions to potentially bring out the worst in girls of all ages, middle school included, but now soccer has to be added to the list. My initial response was perhaps too abbreviated and did not take into consideration other interpretations I now acknowledge after reading your post. I consider no possible interpretation of what I said to be funny, just so you know.

  43. Well, I’m back, and judging by the comments it looks like Peyton has done it again. The guy is good. Soccer game was fun. Our team lost, but played well. It’s hard to beat the teams from the mainland. They have so many kids to choose from, and we can barely get enough girls to field a team.

  44. Ted.. As long as the girls have fun, get good exercise, and learn to work as a team, all is good. Playing only to win – not good – sometimes brings out the worst in people, even the girls, as we saw recently.

  45. PK… I don’t think Knotty was talking about Miss Lambert, who was suspended by her team, and has apologized. I do think that banning her for life is a tad harsh. Hopefully, she will learn from this incident.

    And speaking of KnottyB… sometime ago she posted a nice photo of Laura, which I have misplaced. Perhaps she can be a dear and post it again.

    Oh, one other thing, Lillian Gish, although a beauty, is not my favoritte… Louise Brooks has my heart.

    Chi 7 ~ Min 7… might be a good game.

  46. You are right Phil… they do have fun and play hard… what I meant is that in spite of overwhelming odds, they maintain a good attitude and look forward to playing, which is as it should be. But they have no one on the bench to spell them, so they all have to play every minute. By the end of the game they are pretty spent. And it does get hard to take losing every game. Another obstacle for the team, and all of the different sports teams here, is that there is no other team to practice with or play. All the games have to go off island, or teams come here.

  47. Ted… The good people of Transylvania got your heart long before Louise Brooks had her shot at it…

  48. Ted… Maybe the girls soccer team could practice with the boys team until the island’s birth rate increases…

  49. There is no boy’s soccer team. Same problem with the boy’s baseball team. Interesting dynamic here… you take the good with the bad.

    Looking forward to AR tonight… will be interesting to see if Barbie & Ken can continue… Do agree with you that they will probably win… barring a bad cab ride.

  50. Hey… didn’t you think we were doing a humanitarian effort with our songs? I don’t think we got the recognition we deserved.

  51. No Ted, unfortunately the Chicago game has taken a turn for the worse! PK, I thought that soccer girl was out of control!! That’s my fly by for now!

  52. I like both Barbie and Ken and the Globetrotters but it would take a major mistake, wrong direction etc., to knock Barbie and Ken out of the race, but a much lesser “miscalculation” could be all it takes to send the Globetrotters home as we almost saw happen earlier in the race.

  53. You are spot on with that PK. Which one do you think will do the last challenge? Don’t think Barbie will do well with that one. And, I bet Ken makes her do it. I predict that Team Miss America will go home tonight, unless one of the other teams really melts down.

  54. Isn’t it cute how FRANCES likes to complain about decorating? I think she really loves it.

    Holly… I forgot that it was you that also lived in Chicago… yeah, Bears game not going well, just about to be scored on again!

  55. ok…time to get back to work. Tree # 1 is done, upstairs.
    And everything else is done. Time to start on basement
    and tree #2. Outside stuff will have to wait. Next
    year I think I will just rune away from home.

  56. Do not like the Brothers because of the whiney one. I like the other one … he is intelligent and sneaky. I like that. But the whiner ruins it for me. Would be happy with any team to win the race.

  57. Who is 5’10”, blonde – really blonde, loves caps lock more than the space bar, has learned to override spell check, knows more than one fuddy duddy (just my opinion), leaves posts with numbers – nothing else, still can’t pronounce KnottyAwetizmMama and claims to know more about Ted’s sex life than Ted does. If your answer was anything but Aggie, you are in the wrong blog.

  58. yea Ted, I am from Chicago and my husband has been non stop screaming at the tv since the game began!!

    I also think Barbie and Ken are gonna run away with the race but he seems kinda wimpy the way he makes her do everything. He never mans up!

    Chi 10 minn 24 but the viqueens are about to score again!

  59. Aggie… If you were really dumb nobody including me would ever say you were dumb. I’m sure Ted isn’t sexually confused either, know what I mean. All is said in jest and should be interpreted as such when we get “personal.”

  60. That’s the way my mom used to be. She always wanted
    to come to my house….even though she had 2 other
    daughters. I guess I was her favorite…..

  61. If you think about it….Russell is sneaky too. It’s
    how they play the game. Things have been done in
    the past worse than what they have done.

  62. I know, there really is nobody to root for on the race! I agree with you on the YUCK for Russell but he is playing a hell of a game!! I’m rooting for him just cause he and Natalie are the only ones playing the game!

  63. maybe not aggie….but it’s what draws most of the attention to. I didn’t say he was hot…just good lookin’

  64. Ted sorry i still think your in love with russell

    might be more accurately stated, “Ted, sorry I still think you really admire and respect Russell’s out wit, out last and out play successful strategy.

  65. I guess Barbie and Ken only cause they deserve it on the race and I think Natalie is playing really hard on Survivor. I didn’t expect that from her. The way she killed that rat and then hung on that swing thing. She is way tougher than she looks!

  66. aggie….gotta look at they’re personality too. I’m
    not saying his is great, but he would be fun to be with

  67. Oh Aggie, it must be us Chicago girls that cannot appreciate a man with that size gut, YUCK!! What is he about 5’3 anyway??

  68. Aggies Theme…

    Short people got no reason
    Short people got no reason
    Short people got no reason
    To live

    They got little hands
    Little eyes
    They walk around
    Tellin’ great big lies
    They got little noses
    And tiny little teeth
    They wear platform shoes
    On their nasty little feet

    Well, I don’t want no short people
    Don’t want no short people
    Don’t want no short people
    `Round here

    Short people got nobody
    Short people got nobody
    Short people got nobody
    To love

    They got little baby legs
    That stand so low
    You got to pick em up
    Just to say hello
    They got little cars
    That go beep, beep, beep
    They got little voices
    Goin’ peep, peep, peep
    They got grubby little fingers
    And dirty little minds
    They’re gonna get you every time
    Well, I don’t want no short people
    Don’t want no short people
    Don’t want no short people
    ‘Round here

  69. The very first survivor, I hated Russell. Since last week, when he got the 3rd immunity idol. I said the rest of these idiots are fools. Especially when they were chasing him around. I couldn’t stand Laura and was so glad to see her go. She thought she was so much better than anyone else. I had such a big smile on my face. Now I have totally changed my mind about him. He seems to be the only one really playing the game. Go Russell!

  70. too short for an adult woman would be under 4’10” and 85 pounds. Below that weight, when they start spinning, you can’t get them to stop.

  71. What do you mean….you don’t care if they are not cute, but
    you would’t go out with someone shorter? Oh…I get it, you could put a bag over his head.

  72. And then some guys have it all, but after all is said and done, “diamonds are a girls best friend.” never have to wait for them to croak either

  73. Its all about Charisma too ,some guys arent handsome ,but they have that and its a big plus.SEan connery for example, Fran i know you dont find him hot, but i do.

  74. As we approach Christmas, I must confess the nastiness of my past Christmases as a young womanizer who, without fail, would break up with whoever I was dating just before Christmas and start off the new year with somebody else.

    Forgive me Santa, for I knew what I was doing, why I was doing it and I really am sorry now.

  75. okay Aggie, Sean Connery is soooo hot and Donna P you are showing how young you are for not knowing the short people song!

    Yes Aggie, Russell is a midget and my man is a tall drink of water at 6’2 so I think we like the same kind of guys.

    Hi PK!

  76. Time to put dishes in the sink and get settled down for AR and some Rebeccanizing. Good night all and may the best team (Barbie and Ken) win.

  77. Nothing really going on so I guess I will go lay own
    and maybe get to sleep early for a chance. Talk to all
    you fine people tomorrow.
    Pleasant dreams everyone.

    Peace out….

  78. Hello everyone—been reading again—the posts that is—& I’m very happy to be feeling the love again. :lol: Hope everyone is doing well.

  79. I’m with you Aggie,what a disappointment!! So much bitching!! I think if you are lucky enough to race around the world, you shouldn’t be allowed to bitch constantly. I couldn’t stand Ken’s whining so I am also rooting for Erica and Brian! Nighty nite all.

  80. NOW—with that being said—I have an OPINION—mind you it is just MY OPINION—about some of today’s posts.

    Ted Strutz November 29, 2009 at 11:57 am
    And incidentally, I think that ‘fuddy duddy’ is the wrong description for disliking Rap music. Unfortunately, the lack of intelligence needed to create and perform this style of music is in abundance in this country.
    Phillip Knudsen November 29, 2009 at 1:31 pm
    All you need to rap is a tone deaf audience

    TED & PHILLIP—-shame on you. :lol: Rap may not be YOUR thing but I assure you —-you have to be neither “challenged intelligently” or “tone deaf” to like it. Some of the greatest minds in music have created & performed songs in this genre. I am a fairly smart woman–although you can’t prove it by my posts on the blog :lol: & I LOVE Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, etc., etc. It is just a taste preference, just as your preference is something else. There are MANY of these songs that do not require blaring bass (although I prefer it) or foul language (not all Rap lyrics are foul) to be good. BUT just as I am entitled to my opinion—you are entitled to yours as well. We just agree to disagree & move on right?? :lol: So Frannie–I am with you on the Rap babe. :lol:

    DonnaP November 29, 2009 at 5:40 pm
    Its Russells eyes..veddy nice

    Oh girl—you said a mouthful there. :mrgreen: I couldn’t agree more. :shock:

    Now I HOPE I haven’t made anybody mad. That was not my intention AT ALL. Just stating MHO!!! :lol:

    Going to bed now. Have to be up very early. Have a great one & play nice & be good. Goodnight :mrgreen:

    HEY YOU—right back atcha—you know who I’m talking to also. :lol:

  81. Hey—before I go—could somebody send out a search party for JT, AC, & Princess???

    Really I’m done now. Gotta go.

  82. Cynthia, I have been wondering the same thing about Jt, he has been gone since last week, Ac has not been gone that long, maybe not gone at all ,im sure he is looming in cyber space somewhere.

  83. I used to date a man paralyzed from the chest down. So believe me short is nothing. Besides if he’s rich and short, he can stand on a stack of his money :)

  84. Grrrr…. The Globetrotters were my favorites, but Big Easy frustrates me with those simple ass clues he can’t figure out. First he couldn’t figure out that the time on the watch was the combination. And that almost cost them the race… good thing Mika was too afraid to go down the slide, else they would have been eliminated way back then. Now tonight he couldn’t guess a simple ass 5 letter word. If you know F was the first letter, then common sense tells you the next letter could only be R or A. At least that would make the most sense to me. And then to give up and take a 4hr penalty??? Huh?? Sorry but they deserved to lose, if just for that. :roll:

    ~~~~> Phillip Knudsen November 29, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Yep you got it right.

  85. So pissed off ,that the globetrotters got the boot, They were the only ones i wanted to win. Now of the ones that are left i want brian and erica to win. But, i think either sam and dan or meghan and cheyne will win.

  86. Hi Aggie! I’m not happy either about the Trotters…but I’ve always liked brian and Erica even though she gets bitchy under pressure… i still like them. I agree with Frannie, Russell is getting cuter by the minute… his gut is evaporating!

  87. Franz Schubert
    Franz Liszt
    Franz Kafka
    Franz Joseph Haydn

    Ok.. I know I’ve studied music, lived in Europe and I am fond of both American and European literature, but still, the fact that none of the four teams could properly put the five letters together to immediately spell out Franz tells me a lot about the cultural shortcomings of generation X-box. The Globetrotters never did figure it out. Even not knowing that Franz is a common European first name, with only five letters to play with and 2 1/2 hours of attempts to get it right before accepting a 4 hour penalty for giving up, every possible combination of those five letters could have been assembled to get “FRANZ” unless, of course, the same wrong sequence of letters were submitted over and over again.

    All three of the final teams have one designated whiner now, so not including that possible not-worthy-of-winning factor, Barbie and Ken are my favorites to cross the finish line first, just as they were my favorites to win it all on day one in LA.

  88. Pk, you’re right about each one having a whiner now although an argument can be made that Erica is less of a whiner and more of a bitch! I think I have to give props to the bitch and wish for them to win. It looks like Barbie and Ken haven’t had many hardships in life, I think they will do fine with all the prizes they have won along the way.

  89. Holly… Is being crowned Miss America and all of the goodies that are included in the “queen’s” package considered a legitimate hardship? Just curious.

  90. Liz… My guess (probably a very good guess) is that nobody on any of the three remaining teams has ever experienced a real hardship anytime in their lives.

  91. Miss America is not such a big deal, come on PK! I think even in this day and age a bi-racial couple have hardships to deal with from small minded people. On the other hand, what hardships could Barbie and Ken ever have had with their ridiculous tall, good looking personas! thx knotty

  92. Sure Holly… Tiger Woods and his very blonde wife are just the most recent mixed-couple hardship case right?

  93. Pk, you’re a know it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “My guess (probably a very good guess)”
    always tooting your own horn!

  94. I’m glad you mentioned the interacial thing because out of Brian and Erica per her bio, she actually had the easier life. But interacial marriage in itself is a challange and to be accepted and win an All American challenge (albeit set in other countries) is in itself another step in progressing as a country.

  95. If you want to see what hardship REALLY looks like, take a trip to parts Louisiana and Mississippi still hurting every which way you can hurt from Katrina.

    All of the final three teams could use the money. Barbie and Ken would probably use it to start off their soon to be married life with a good financial start.

    Brian and Ericka are already married and would also likely put the money to good use.

    Sam and Dan… No comment…

  96. Likewise Holly! And PK hardships aren’t just about money. You don’t have to preach whats going on in different states to me… I live in LB Cali all I have to do is look out my door… after I unbolt the 3 locks and Security Gate of course.

  97. Pk, you’re a know it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “My guess (probably a very good guess)”
    always tooting your own horn!

    No Holly, I just read all of the bios to get me very good guesses. Did you?

  98. PK, read what Knotty just wrote cause I couldn’t agree more!
    and yes, I did! You’re still a smart ass know it all

  99. Now it’s socioeconomic based Amazing Race, may the the team with the most hardships win? Tell that to CBS so that can do better hardship worthy casting in the future.

    Best team should win in Amazing Race just as the best player should win Survivor Samoa. Leave the hardship business to UGF and others.

  100. Regardless who has read what the information highway is like the news its as accurate as it wants to be. Bottom Line is this… everyone wants to throw Hurricane Katrina, Phuket Thai, Police Brutality, and my fav 911 as a subject when its convienent. There is poverty and dispair everywhere… and here not some third world country that America loves to run and help to make themselves feel better. It cant and wont change until US unites and understands this is a melting pot of everyone and to help you must help yourselves first, and love your own. This is where I think its pertinent that we start grasping every couple (inter-racial, gay, etc.) as a family.. thus my reasoning for saying it’d be nice to see Ericka and Brian win because of their Hardships.

  101. I think Pk you have a few good points in your own way. And blogs are forums to discuss them all… and i personally love it. I like to debate and respect an avid debater. I think the problem you have is you begin to talk to people as if your above them and that sucks… because you are a good guy… i mean seriously telling someone Get it? Get it? is like a schoolyard scolding. And for someone whom is so smart and holds himself to a high character that diminishes any point you are trying to make.

  102. Liz…

    America came through for “hardship” in the last Presidental election big time. And I am a liberal and I voted for Obama too.

    Amazing Race is a reality show, not a morality play.

  103. I voted for him to, and as a black woman i can honestly say i voted for him because the other side sucked so bad there were no other choices. Given better choices, I may not have done the same. I love the president and his family and hope that he can lead us the way he promised but it will take at least two terms.

  104. Exactly!!! Even how he started, with all his Franz crap and I know I’ve lived in Europe…blah, blah, blah……

    Acting superior just makes you look small and annoys people

  105. Bye Knotty, if Pk is the only one on, I guess I’ll go to the gym!

    Pk, don’t want to talk to you….GET IT??

  106. Frannie your bff is being his usual arrogant, know it all self and I can’t take it this morning so I’m going to the gym! Good luck with him!

  107. Holly… You are a newbee and that is fine, but when somebody disagrees with you, accept it as just that. Most on here already know my funny stories about living in Europe and most on here know of my music background and most on here know that I was a practicing attorney for over 30 years and most on here know I was born into privelege and got the finest education money, or in my case athletic scholorships, could buy.

    I am smart, well traveled and have opinions.

    You are really the only person annoying in here at the persent. My opinion.

  108. Pk, couldn’t care less if someone disagrees with me just the way you do it. I am not a “newbee” have been with you since BB, maybe your finely educated mind is going in you old age!
    I also am smart, well traveled and have opinions but try not to be so arrogant about them.

    Since I am not old and senile, I think I’ll head to the gym now!

  109. PK….I read everything posted. You need to settle down
    until people know how to take you. Everyone is entitled to their
    own opinions but we don’t need to turn this blog into a debate.
    Esp. racial or polital…ok? Now you need to calm down too. Can’t
    every one just be friends?

  110. My point EXACTLY Frannie… Two posters were giving a whole new meaning to “hardship” in my opinion and disagreed. Even as a die=hard liberal, I found their hardship arguments weak at best. Amazing Race is a Game. Not a United Way benefit.

  111. PK….if you don’t agree, then just read. You don’t need to comment
    on everything. Sit back and read.
    PK….do I need to babysit you? :lol:

  112. Holly November 30, 2009 at 8:32 am

    Pk, you’re right about each one having a whiner now although an argument can be made that Erica is less of a whiner and more of a bitch! I think I have to give props to the bitch and wish for them to win. It looks like Barbie and Ken haven’t had many hardships in life, I think they will do fine with all the prizes they have won along the way.

    I disagreed with this post and apparently Holly did not like my argument that none of the players on any of the three remaining teams have experienced real “hardship” as most people would define it in my opinion. And despite Holly’s harsh words about me, I suspect that most Amazing Race fans, producers and CBS casting would agree that there are no hardship cases on the final three teams racing to the finish line.

  113. Go Meghan and Cheyne. You’ve run the best race and deserve to cross the finish line first. Now that is positive, accurate and well deserved.

  114. After watching AR last night, I have changed my mind about
    the brothers. The whining was unreal. …with that being said,
    I will have to go with Barbie & Ken.

  115. Ericka Dunlap Biography

    Ericka Dunlap is a native of Orlando, and is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. While attending college at the University of Central Florida, she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. In 2004 she was crowned Miss America becoming the fifth African American woman to hold the title.

    Dunlap’s platform was “United We Stand, Divided We Fall Behind: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion.” Dunlap appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey Show, Hollywood Squares, Live With Regis and Kelly, and Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor. She also served as Grand Marshal of a NASCAR race. She also visited the troops in Kuwait, which was her first trip abroad.

    Dunlap is currently pursuing a career in country music. She married Brian Kleinschmidt on February 18, 2007.

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