Shambo – Need I say more?

Shannon Waters (45)
Hometown: Renton, Wash.
Occupation: Sales

Shannon Waters is proud to be the first female Marine Sergeant to play the game of SURVIVOR. Although she has completed her military service and is now in the world of sales, Shannon will always remain true to her roots as a second generation Marine.
After serving her country for five years, Shannon went onto become a chef before changing gears to be a sales representative for a food service company. She credits her success to her industry knowledge and people skills. In her sales role, she feels connected to people soon after meeting them and is able to understand how to deliver what they genuinely need. This ability helped her achieve “Salesman of the Year” in 2008, along with the support of a great sales team.

On the weekends, Shannon splits her time between riding her Harley, which she’s affectionately named “Chunky”, enjoying the companionship of her dogs and hanging out with family. As number 8 out of 9 kids, she has plenty of family in close proximity to keep her busy.

Shannon is committed to preparing for the game. She has lost 4 pant sizes and 70 pounds but admits that she may have trouble staying under the radar. “I’m like this ball of energy just ready to explode, because I’m putting it out there and I think that rocks.”

Shannon is a native of Renton, Wash., where she currently resides with her canine kids Bruce and Kali.                                  

A complete Interview of Shannon by Andy Dehnart on September 15, 2009
can be found at Reality Blurred!

56 thoughts on “Shambo – Need I say more?”

  1. I hope Sham-wow stays in the game for a while. Seems like she’ll be fun to watch. Gotta have some characters to keep it interesting. Unlike Russ, she’s just being herself. Russ may be an a$$hole in real life, but a lot if his stuff is staged on SS. Poser!! Wannbe! Thanks for posting another bio Sal, now that’s 2 people I know better…. I can feel the hooks diggin’ in already! Is it Thursday yet?(lol).

  2. Not sure if Shambo will be a friend or foe to her tribe, her cooking skills could help, her mouth could hinder…all talk, little action. Don’t know if she will be warmhearted or butchie klutz.

  3. Does any one else think Shambo can kick Russells a$$?
    If anyone can take him down a few notches, it would be

  4. i hope shambo stays in the game for awhile. she’s going to provide some fun and distration is she does. so far, (one show) what we’ve seen of her seems totally in tune with her bio, while john seems to be describing the person he’d LIKE to be. i guess there’s a lot of people like that.

    gnat comes to mind. her discussions always seemed to revolve around who she thought she was. gotta stop mentioning her name. she’s gone now. gotta bury her, get her out of my mind, free up some clean space in there!

  5. Shambo sitting in camp while all the other tribe mates are in the water doing whatever is probably not a smart strategy. Best to keep her friends close and her potential enemies even closer.

  6. This is the problem with so many of the people that want to do Survivior…..they just want to be stars! You expect this from some reality shows, but Survivor used to be about people who were crazy and thought they were Bear Griles!!!! Now everyone expects to be on Ellen and have speaking tours. God Bless you Shambo…but I’m not going to spend money to listen to you speak……….sorry!

  7. Another one who’s not here for the money. She’d rather be famous. SMH.

    Agree PK. If she don’t try to fit in, she’ll either be the outcast and easily voted out, or the swing vote if the tribe is split.

  8. I love Shambo and I hope she stays around, she’ll need to de-emphasize her itch to bitch, even if when she bitches she’s right on (like with John in episode 1)!
    If she is flexible and adjusts herself to compliment the younger group and forms some strong partners…she can go very far.

  9. I like SHambo, she seems like shes kind of cool ,I hope she manages to stay there shes a strong personality, If you start getting bossy you sometimes dont last very long.

  10. Shannon is a native of Renton, Wash., where she currently resides with her canine kids Bruce and Kali.

    So she’s single? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 8)

  11. aggie,

    For some strange reason, I sort of like the bald Russell. He at least has a game plan and is entertaining. Need to see how the season evolves as it seems there are a number of smart and strong players in this massive cast. Will get more interesting as we start to know personalities.

    justaguy, 8) Sham-Wow

    BBB, Site much prettier and easier to navigate this way. Good job. 8)

    After being on the BBBlog for months, it seems Survivor is justa show while Big Brother is more of an experience. k11

  12. Worst part of Survivor is how our BBB tribe is pretty much stuck on exile island from Thursday to Thursday.

  13. k11 My avitar, though hard to make out the detail, is my oldest cat, Lucky, being intimidated by a western scrub jay at my home in Utah. So much for cats doing the chasing, lol

  14. PK, That’s a cool shot. You know I love cats and Lucky is a great name. Never heard of a western scrub jay before. Still have Lucky?

    PK, My avatar. though also hard to make out (and make out with), is my girlfriend Shambo, being intimidated by a reality TV show photographer after she ate a western scrub jay at our home in Las Vegas. So much for me wearing the pants in the Sham-wow family! 8)

  15. I just had my last post go the way of cyperspace. My computer decided it didn’t want me to post so I switched to my laptop. What a pain.

    Snake, love your bios! Very enlightening and gives us a good perception of these folks. I think I’m gonna like Shambo (Justa, Sham-Wow :lol: ). She will have to watch her “itch to bitch” (Sarah hilarious) because no one wants to be nagged or bossed around (yea Aggie, I agree). As for Shambo kicking the a$$ of Russell the pimp per Franniep2, I would love to see it. I think she could do pretty well and that’s from a Survivor newbie, justahunch.

    Thanks BBBlogger for getting everything straightened out for us computer challenged bloggers. I get my emails every day so far.

  16. I would also LOVE to see Sham-WOW (justa how sweet) bitch slap Russell. But you’re right–it certainly wouldn’t shut him up, in fact he’d probably say she had a “thing” for him. What an a$$. That dude has serious issues. A little prank is cool & funny but emptying the water out of people’s canteens was a bit too much PLUS it’s could be considered dangerous. And burning socks in the jungle, another health hazard. Dry socks are important. Thanks not “pranks.” Like I said before, not that anyone read it cause nobody was there, HEY MUCH LIKE NOW, if I could have 10 minutes with this guy & a weapon, I could teach him about control. Hate him!!!!!

    PK—loved the top ten last night. You are a riot.

  17. Cynthia, Get a hold of yourelf girl! You can get an avatar at The chat is slow because the season hasn’t evolved yet. And BB gives us the luxury of talking about the show daily because of the Live Feeds and BBAD so this will seem sluggish at times.

    I know the bald Russell dumped out water and burned a sock, but I found myself amused by that and his “Dumb Girl Alliance” talk. There is something wrong with me, I know. On BB I pull for my players harder than Survivor as it takes a while to see who’s who and what’s going on. To me, Survivor “villians” like Richard Hatch, Rupert or this Russell aren’t really that bad and provide more entertainment value than some of the other Scared Yuppie Drones is The Jungle.

    This fight during the challenge they are showing on previews looks intense. They said someone got kicked out of a game for the first time in show history.

    Odds On Sex Of Person Thrown Out Of Game Thursday
    ———–(For Newsmatter and Blogmatter Only)

  18. Great to see JEFF PROBST won the emmy for survivor host, it usually goes to the amazing race . K11, Does Russell seem like a smart guy to you? I know he is a millionaire ,a self made man,but alot of millionaires are stupid, sooner or later someone will catch on to his B.S.

  19. STARFISH, Shambo is so much taller than Russell, she could probably squash him like a bug, Love her, GO SHAMBO.I hope shes able to hang around for awhile, but her mouth could get her in so much trouble, Alot of guys especially, would have a problem with a really strong formidable woman.

  20. Ok K11—(slap slap to my face) I’m better now.>8-} Yes I know it’s slow because there’s not much to talk about yet. But dammit man, I always seem to be on at the wrong times to catch everybody on here. That’s what watching BBAD will do for you. LOL Yes Russell is entertaining–I have to give that to you because he is so easy to hate. And yes, I can’t wait to see this “fight” on this weeks show. Probably one of the girls beat the rocket scientist’s a$$.>8-} Thanks for the gravatar addy. I’ll go get one in a second. Hope it tells me how to put it on here.>8-}}

    Aggie—I would have to agree with you that a lot of millionaires are stupid. I’ve known several, plenty of book sense but too full of themselves to be very bright otherwise. It will be GREAT to see who finally takes him down.

    I don’t really have a fave yet. But it’s NOT Russell Nor is the dude that said “Black people can’t swim.” WTF?? LMAO

  21. Ok I sent them my e-mail address. Have to look for a verification e-mail in a minute to get started. But while I’m waiting, K11—-you commented on the “Scared Yuppie Drones” on Survivor & I found that right dead on. It has ALWAYS amazed me how they are all surrounded by walking & swimming animals, IE: snakes, fish, gators, & other assorted meat, yet they are sitting there whining about eating nothing but rice. WTF?? My very favorite show of all time was when that dude, can’t remember his name sorry, grabbed a tree branch, sharpened it & RAN DOWN a wild hog, JUMPED ON IT, & did his best to kill it for food. Don’t remember if he actually killed it & got to eat it or what. This same dude got burnt in a fire & had to leave the show but I thought he should have won by default just for having the balls to do that. LMAO Now THAT guy had heart. But there must be some kind of rule that says you can’t kill the wildlife walking around you or something because every season I still hear them whining about eating rice & there’s MEAT everywhere.

  22. CYNTHIA, the guy who said black people cant swim ,is the 62 yearr old chef, I forgot his name ,but he will probably get some flack for making that dumb comment .

  23. aggie, Cynthia, Really dumb considering that black guy got his Tribe out to a healthy lead (they won) and that he’s a member of his college’s water polo team!

  24. Dammit man—I tried to put up an avatar of my sister & myself but all it will give me is this crybaby thing that I was playing around with. Oh well, guess I’ll just be the cry baby. hahahahahaha

  25. Ok–I’m done. This one looks better than the cry baby AND the one of my sister & I. LMAO Thanks K11 for telling me how to do this.>8-}

  26. Cynthia, The guy that had to leave once cause he was burned in a fire, was MICHAEL SKUPIN, HE really should have got another chance, to come back on another show. I dont know maybe he wouldnt want to.

  27. K11… I rescued Lucky from Strawberry Reservoir, a remote watershed on the southern slopes of Utah’s Uinta mountains, in early November 1997. He was only about 10 to 12 weeks old at the time and could have only been there because some creep/s abandoned him.

    The rescue was not easy, either. Blizzard was in progress, and the abandoned kitten hid under a slab of concrete whenever I got close to him. I did continue rescue attempts through the night freezing night with no success and finally drove out of the mountains just before sunup and returned to Salt Lake City to get a “squirrel” trap from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and returned immediately the Strawberry Reservoir with the trap and a can on tuna.

    Within five minutes of setting the trap with tuna, and with nobody at the reservoir but the kitten and me with the blizzard still dropping snow like crazy, we were out of there in a warm car on our way to the vets for a preliminary check up.

    It was actually the vet tech who named the kitten “Lucky” when I had no name for him and told her how I went more that the extra mile by far to rescue the kitten during a major mountain snow storm. One more time when my Ford F-350 4×4 was Ford tough when it really needed to be.

    Lucky is now almost 12 and has soon to be 4 years old Opie, another kitten that adopted me, as his shadow and best buddy.

    Western scrub jays are a bluish gray bird smaller than a blue jay and less adorned with plumage. The squawk continually and love peanuts.

  28. PK…that is a wonderful story with a happy ending. I am
    always glad when people treat cats like some would treat
    a dog. I have a cat that is 17 1/2 years old now and is
    very sick right now. Last month I spent almost $1,000.00
    trying to get her well. The vet had her on steroids and
    antibiotics (sp) and after being off the meds for only one
    day, she started having urinary problems again. She is actually
    peeing blood. I have an appointment later today with the vet.
    There are some people here at work that tells me I’m crazy for
    spending that kind of money on a “CAT”. I will not give up hope
    yet. Last year she had the same problem and recouped. It took
    a couple doses of antibiotics and all was fine until recently.
    Thanks PK for sharing your story.


  29. Shambo is an underdog…
    I always like underdogs-

    and she’s got a great personality, i hated all those fake players-

    Most hated: Dave, Monica, Diva, Laura. (not in order)

  30. So sorry to see you go.My Favorite. Russell HAS to go. He has proven himself to be a scab. He is probably NOT an oil barron as he claims, but just a poor, ignorant want to be gas station attendant.Be yourself on the judge seat, don’t be deceived, give it to the best deserving player.

  31. Really shambimbo, feckless!! There is only one reason you know that word and its cause you were called it so much you had to look it up. If you knew the true meaning, Mick would have been the last person you would have called that “stupid” word

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