Shambo Stew 0r The Saga of Survivor 19

Well, looks like Shambo is fit to be tied. After voting John out with 7 votes, and only 1 (Shambo’s) vote for Dave.  Looks like dreams no longer come true for the Shamster. After thinking Dave would go next, the blindside of John took place. Daves vote for Mick was no suprise. And again, the old Galu tribe ousted another of their own. Eric enjoyed the vote from his Jury seat as 1 after 1 the votes mounted on John. Suprise John your the 10th person evicted and 4th member of the Jury.

It is simply amazing after such dominance in the first half  of the game that the now wimpy dumpies can’t keep themselves in the game. Unless there is a total breakdown in the FF4’s alliance(and I doubt it) the remaining Galu’s will drop in order. I don’t believe Shambo will make the F4, she has served her purpose and Russell can now dump her.

The remaining threats, Dave, Brett and Monica are at best minimal without help from the FF side. Russell has treated his alliance good and they appreciate it. Thinking of him as a snake is hard to beieve, so we again wait for next week to see what the file editing didn’t show us.

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  1. Doing well Sal. How’s the snow in Houston? Couldn’t agree with you more on Shambo. Both sides have simply used her as a vote to further their own cause. It still amazes me that year after year you see a tribe go into the merge with an advantage and manage to screw it up. Vote out the other tribe first and then deal with the issues inside your own tribe.

  2. Loved the episode and was really enjoyed seeing the jaws drop.

    This is beginning to turn out to be the best Survivor yet.

    I feel like Jeff, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. If Mick and/or Jaison had any “game” they would have discovered by now, if not before, that Russell H is the head coach, quarterback and play by play announcer all in one. If either of them want a shot at the million bucks or even the final two, Russell has to go, the sooner the better, and what better time than now.

    Mick and Jaison need to secretly join with Dave and Monica without Natalie, or even Shambo, having any knowledge whatsoever of the plan to oust Russell H at the next tribal council. Mick, Jaison, Monica, Natalie and Shambo all agree with Russell H to oust Dave, but at tribal council, Russell never sees the 4 surprise vote with his name and out he goes with his HII stuck in his pocket.

  4. Frannie… I’m with you… Did I say Mick and/or Jaison have enough game smarts between them to pull a Russell attack off? Should that happen, I would forever thereafter have to believe in miracles.

  5. Phil, I believe that a deal was made by the FF4 before the merge to stick together until they became the F4. I’ve been trying to get pieces from the interviews on CBS where I can say for sure Russell came into the merge to divide and conquer the Galu members and so far it has fallen just as he has called it.

  6. I’m with you PK. Not sure either of them have the game smarts to make that move (at least they haven’t shown us to this point). This would be the time to do it, however. You just get the feeling if they do attempt it, they will mess it up by telling either Natalie or Shambo. If they do that we all know what will go down at tribal.

  7. Aggie…

    Ted said “Good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite” with the equivalent expression in French

  8. HOT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unclear (mostly based on John’s Ponderosa videos), but there may be a single day before the next tribal council. If so there won’t be a reward challenge (although there may be two tribal councils and two ICs). We’ll need more info to know for sure, though. If there are two ICs, we’ll probably repurpose this space to follow the first one.

    Update: The web promo confirms two ICs and two tribal councils in this episode. There are two challenges shown: a catapult-based beanbag toss, and bowling. It’s not obvious which one goes where, but since this one features actual contestants, and showing participants in the second one would narrow down the F8 bootee, we’ll guess this one comes first. (It’s also first in the web promo, for what that’s worth).

    As for this challenge, the contestants are underneath towers with baskets on them. Their goal is to use a seesaw-type board to flip beanbags into their basket (very similar to the Ep8 RC “Stompede” that Ethan won in Africa – luckily for those remaining, they just booted the ex-semipro soccer player). First to certain number of shots made wins immunity?

  9. Morning all, well I guess some of you are having lunch, thanks for the kind wishes.

    PK… good scenario and probably a good idea for those guys… but I agree with Sal and think they will stick together. Will be interesting to see what happens when it gets down to 5 if TGO is still standing.

  10. Thanks PGA…I knew I would look like a fool! hahaha on me. I was trying to figure out how to get idol or necklace out of a C. I thought your earlier comments were most succinct. STFU should only be spoken in jest and to close buds. No place here unless with a big laugh… such as Fp2’s comment @10:30.

    Looking forward to John’s arrival at Ponderosa. It’s fun to see that side of the game and a look at the contestants when not in game mode… kind of… there are still cameras to play to.

  11. Hi, early for me. I’m mostly reading. Not enough coffee i guess. Just trying to stay warm and thinking twice about going anywhere knowing i really need to. ( I didn’t know what IC meant either) yawn. :)

  12. Big News on a Hallmark Survivor Holliday Ornament perfect on a tree or candle holder…{url}[;221071;221122%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores[/url]

    Okay… I am trying this again… if it does not work, then go to 9:42p.m. yesterday… Sal was kind enough to put the link on.

  13. good morning,

    going off -topic but i’m sure snake will forgive me.

    first, belated hb, ted. we saggitariuns should stick together.

    on thusday, after a long and grueling board meeting wednesday night, it was decided that after more than 40 years of business the sheltered workshop (for adults with developmental disabilities) that i have worked for, for 10 years, would close its doors for good on december 15. we are a manufacturing company of wire harnesses and cable assemblies and we teach adults with moderate to very severe mental disabilities workplace ettiquete (sp?), they earn a paycheck and talk about how they are going to movies with friends and out to dinner, and they learn a trade. it is devastating news for our 21 adults. the unemployment ratio for adults w disabilities is 80 percent.

    we are also laying off 30 workers, some single parents, some single income, some whose husbands are seriously ill and could lose their homes.

    i am dealing with lawyers, CPAs, the board, the exec. director (i’m the comptroller) to close the business, auction the equipment and hold off the vendors while trying not to let this knowledge “leak” to customers. (there’s a fairly common practice in business that if a customer hears you are going out of business they just stop paying you.) we are fortunate that we are a 501c3 (nonprofit) corp. and our customers are pretty good to us.

    this morning, my sister called me to let me know my father had passed away at 5:05am indiana time. the funeral is on my birthday, december 11.

    many of you will remember i lost my aunt in october, as well.

    i’m pretty numb right now.


  14. star, if you’re out there. daddy was an aquarius and yes, very cerebral. it is also true that aquarians die of drowning or drowning related illness more than any sign, and it was (finally) pnumonia (sp) that took him this morning.

  15. princess, I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your Father. My best wishes are with you.

    I am also sorry to hear about the company going out of business. I know that was a very real possibility last time we spoke.

    I hope you saw my post where I told you that my webtv has been down over 2 weeks. I think it’s a phone line issue that I am trying to get resolved this Tuesday. I’ll have your e-mail addys then and can write more.

    Take care princess, I have missed you on here and on e-mail.

  16. My sincere condolences, Princess. We have wondered why you have been absent of late… now we know. My thoughts and prayers are with you… see you when return to your SS family. ❤

  17. thank you ted.

    i sent you an email last week, jt, and one this morning.

    my firstname @

    does that ring a bell?

  18. Just watched the first Ponderosa video… boy did John ever walk into a hornets nest! They were even playing ‘Survivor music’ during the ‘discussion’! Eric’s comment at the end was hilarious…’I’m the only one without blood on my hands’… he was doing an aside to the camera like he was still on the show. Priceless footage!

  19. ted, where is ponderosa video. trying to take my mind off things. didn’t mean to be short with you, at all. just distracted and have decisions to make in the next hour or so.

  20. Sorry about your father as well as the business issues princess. Very sad to see something of that nature have to shut down. Not enough businesses that are willing to hire and educate adults with developmental issues. They are far too often cast aside and forgotten about. When many, if afforded the opportunity, can be very productive in society.

    How’s the Land of 10,000 outdoor ice rinks “guy on restroom door”? Almost forgot I renamed you “Prince Avatar” :lol: Ted that extra bday may have given you crs and caused the IC brain fade :lol:

  21. Try this Princess…[url][/url]

    Should help distract you a bit… and I second what AC said about your business… people forget or are too clueless to know that there is a smart person locked inside somewhere… this can be a key to let them out.

  22. Try this princess… It should help distract a bit.

    I agree with AC about your business… People forget there is a person locked inside there somewhere… Sometimes that can be the key to let them out.

  23. Yes princess, that does ring a bell. Couldn’t remember .com or .net and I mixed the CI addy with the Comcast addy and came up with nothing that worked.

    I dont think I really need to worry about unwanted e-mails here so until I get my webtv working again.. feel free to send e-mails to …real original huh? :lol: But that is my gmail addy I have used since before this blog.

    I hope on Tuesday that I can get access to webtv e-mails as well.

  24. thanks, dok! it so heart breaking. it would only take $250,000 to keep us in business for at least another 5 years…

    there is no difference between our adults and workforce. several of our assembly techs organize bowling, movies, pizza nights and a whole group go out after work; just like any other work force.

  25. Heartbreaking is the correct term, Princess. It is hard enough for people to get a new job as it is. And the opportunities your firm provides are fewer and farther these days.

    Thinking about Survivor and the shambles Shambo is in and watching a football game… it is snowing. Well, that time of year I guess.

  26. Oh Princess——I’m soooooooooooo sorry to hear of the loss of your Father. My heart goes out to you sweetie. And I’m sorry about the business too. PLEASE KNOW that you will be in my thoughts, heart, & prayers. OK?? Try to stay strong babe. It WILL be ok. If you need to talk just holler & we’ll work something out ok??

    With much Love & kindness sent your way,

  27. Heeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooo PGA Dok. Yep I saw that!! I got the point ok?? :lol: Gotta go. Catch you good folks later.

  28. cynthia, thank you so much, i was hoping to hear from you.

    i love your new avatar btw! i appreciate the kind words very much.

    i’m also so very pleased that you got your business wrapped up in a safe and definitive way!! you rock, girl!!

  29. princess, if you need anything you have my e-mail. One bad circumstance at a time is plenty, and you just had a shitstorm dropped on you. I hope it’s not too overwhelming and you make it through. Remember, i’m here for you

  30. Princess so sorry to hear about your father. I can only imagine that pain. To add insult to injury you now have to close your business?! I am so sorry to hear that you have to go thru this but remember what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger so you’re gonna be one mighty chica who nobody will want to mess with.

  31. holly, thanks for the kind words. during the board meeting a few people found out what happens when they push me too hard, and i was just pissed off, not even really angry – lol!!!

  32. <ahref=;221071;221122%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores<ornament

  33. Okay… I give up… thought I would see if I could do it on a slow Sat. afternoon… at least I got it blue! Just doesn’t go anywhere… oh well, at least it’s Survivor related!

  34. Princess sweetie if you are still around—if you need to unload just ask Snake for my e-mail address ok?? And Snake PLEASE give it to her ok??

    PGA Dok —I know it was all in fun. :lol: And right back atcha :lol: heeeeellllllllllllloooooooooo!!! LMAO@PGA Dok & myself. :mrgreen:

    ummmmmmm—SURVIVOR!!! What a great show!!! :lol:

  35. Ted, baby, you sure do seem to be having a problem gettting your link to be clickable. What’s up dude?? Let me give it a shot. This should be good. LMAO

  36. OT… No.2 Alabama is HUMILIATING About not to be No.1 Florida in the SEC Championshilp Game 32-13 4th quarter Alabama on offense AGAIN….

  37. There ya go Ted, just for you. :lol: You were missing the ” “marks & a > in your code.

    Ted Strutz December 5, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    It should have been like this < a href=Ted Strutz December 5, 2009 at 5:20 pm
    Ornament With no spaces.

  38. OK THAT WAS WAAAAAAAAY WRONG. Let me try it this way.

    (a href= “;221071;221122%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores” ) ornament (/A)
    BUT with no spaces & where I have ( ) there should be

    Ok let’s see if this works.

  39. OK thank God that went through BUT did it make sense?? Highly doubtful. hehehehehehe


  40. But really the only college football I have ever watched was the Florida / Georgia game & I ALWAYS root for Georgia!!

  41. Howdy PK…

    Princess…so sorry to hear about your father. I know this
    isn’t very comforting right now but it will get better. You
    just have to know he is in a much bettter place. Now he
    can watch over you and yours from above.

  42. LMAO —-I’m just playing Frannie. I know you have to say hello to your sweetpea first. :lol: How have you been??

  43. Real good. I know you have to be doing alot better now.
    That was very impressive how you handled your problem.

  44. Yep yep—I have been doing pretty good lately, well as good as it can get here anyway. LMAO I got my whiny baby avatar & all. SO I’m good.


  45. LMAO @ Frannie—you’re doing it to huh?? Great minds do think a like eh?? :lol:

    Hey Miss Aggie—what’s up with you tonight??

  46. Thanks for your help Cynthia… I tried doing it like Sal said and it didn’t work. He is going to have a shitfit when he sees his blog! How did you do it the first time? I did the “the first time exactly like he said and nothing showed up.

  47. I’m sure PhillipK is laughing his ass off right now!

    Hi Frannie… what have you been doing today? Not working I hope… Oh, silly me… you haven’t been on all day!

  48. Cyn…Ted gives me trouble because I’m on so much
    while at work… He hasn’t noticed I have let up a bit.

  49. Wow that was #’s 1 & 2 teams… just saw highlights… So Alabama is the #1 team? Is Rebecca happy?

  50. Well Frannie I noticed & somehow—Aggie—I doubt very seriously that Ted would be jealous of anything that I can do. LMAO

  51. Well Aggie now—quit hard timing Ted. :lol: He probably did not have webtv to teach himself html on. Right Ted?? But see I did. I thought I had done a wonderful thing when I made my first webpage after having taught myself html–but after I got a computer & found that there were programs that did it all for you & thought, “Well chit—no wonder nobody was that impressed.” LMAO

  52. You are so wrong Cynthia… I don’t know why I’m so lame at this. Very frustrating. The very first time you did it and it said SS ORNAMENT.

    I knew it!!!… AGGIE is starting to find Russell very attractive. Frannie tells me she is secretly going online and looking at Russell pics.

    I may have to repost some of my brilliant Survivor thoughts from last night when no one was on.

  53. I found a really good pic of Russell. I wish I could get
    it to come here for aggie to see. Hot damn

  54. Ok Ted I’ll try to do this in a way where it ALL shows up. :lol:

    First of all, wherever I put a ( symbol —you put a symbol OK?

    (a href= “;221071;221122%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores” ) ornament (/A) And leave NO SPACES. God I hope this all shows up. here goes nothing. :lol:

  55. Are you at the bank?

    Wow… Cynthia… throw it down! Must admit I would be smothered.

    I’m sure there is a Big Brother Ornament… I’ll have to check it out… oh wait, I can’t put it on… oh wait, I’ve never watched Big Brother… Oh well!

  56. Well ok Ted there they are—those are the symbols that you replace the ( & ) with—of course facing the same direction & the ONLY space is between A & HREF

  57. Princess, I’m so sorry. Times like this it seems the right words don’t exist. I’m sorry for your loss and I know at times life just is not fair. I wish you peace and joy. And a light at the end of the tunnel. t

  58. right that’s the ones & you ahve to remember your ” & “at the beginning of http & at the end of the url

  59. See ya all later….have to check the football games for
    tomorrow. I guess I’ve been slacking a little.

  60. Ok dammit this machine IS NOT going to beat me at this—–here we go Ted with one last try.

    ..>a href=“;221071;221122%7Cnull%7CP1R4SO%7Cstores”/A<…

    Now flip the "brackets" around & take out all of the spaces EXCEPT between A & HREF

  61. Yeah me neither. I think I will try a different type of link. Thanks for your help. Will consult my computer and see about a program… Hell I must have $100 worth of books… but that’s not my type of thing.

    AGGIE… It will be Meghan and Cheyne barring a cab ride disaster. Would like Miss America and Brian as my second choice.

  62. Aggie… I’m so glad you are warming up to TGO. I think his next target should be Brett, but he will probably go for someone he perceives as more of a threat. Who do you think will go? PK had a pretty interesting theory earlier today.

  63. Well what do you know! Don’t know what is going on with the other one? I’m sure everyone is elated!

  64. No Aggie, Shambo is a loose cannon who will do her thing. Russell will talk her down. She is used to taking orders when given with respect.

  65. Yeah, how about that… wait till you see the next clip I put on Aggie, can you guess what it will be?

  66. WAY TO GO TED—now I know if you can do that link—you can do the other one too. Are you messing with me Ted??

    Aggie—did you get the e-mail??

  67. Did not like that photo AC put up! He is a scalawag. Disrespecting TGO! Yes, I’m sure that Shambo is getting fed up with that. But you know… there isn’t much she can do about it. UNLESS PK’s scenario comes into play. Sham is starting to crack big time.

  68. No way am I messing with you Cyn… I don’t know what it is with the Ornament link… It is so long that it made a funny space at the start.

    E-mail me.

  69. Yea, Aggie, I think they should have got rid of Dave too. Why rock the boat, keep everyone happy!

    Russell is getting smaller but he is still Russell, short is not sexy, right Aggie?

  70. Ted eventually Russell’s number has got to be punched. I HOPE NOT but only one can win. HOWEVER I will say that if he loses—it’s because HE made a real dumb move—NOT because the others out-smarted him. :lol:

  71. Ted I can’t e-mail you—I don’t have your address. BUT I e-mailed Aggie something to send on to you. I hope she doesn’t get mad or anything. Just didn’t know how else to get it to you.

  72. THANK YOU AGGIE—you aren’t mad that I e-mailed you are you??? I hope not. Just didn’t know how else to get that to Ted.

  73. I agree about Dave, Aggie plus why make Shambo made?? I agree with Ted’s theory that Russell will be able to talk her into believing whatever he wants but why put everyone thru all the aggravation?!?

  74. Yeah I saw when he did that–I snatched it too. But I don’t know—he might get mad if I e-mailed him without asking first. :lol:

  75. Hey—just remember–if you do e-mail me—put your name in the subject line as it appears on the blog—-cause I don’t open e-mail if I don’t know who it’s from. :lol:

  76. Okay I got your instructions… will do. but that is what I did. I did not use cap A’s. will try. Sal is going to kill us. At least it’s about Survivor.

    Did not see that movie but I’ve heard of it. My son-in-law is from Dublin so my grand kids are half Irish. The Tain is the classic Ancient Epic of Ireland…’The Tain Bo Cuailnge’ written in the 16th Century. I’m giving it to them for Christmas so they will have a part of their history. Don’t know how that will go over with teenagers. I asked their dad if he was familiar with the story and he just groaned.

  77. Thanks Sal…Did you see I got one?

    What sucks Aggie… we were talking about survivor… my computer keeps going out… tell Cyn to watch the Amazing Race Sun. for the finale. I think you guys are seeing some messages I’m not.

    Laugh my ass off with Frannie’s Survivor Qualifiers!!!

    I will have a very special Survivor post when I know you will both be on.

  78. aggie…Ted is having trouble with his computer
    tonight. He sais it’s going in and out. His words, not mine.

  79. Okay guys & gals—I think I’m going ot have to go for the night. I’ve been awake almost too long now. So everybody have a great time & enjoy SURVIVOR!!! :lol: I know I do!!!! As does Frannie. :lol:

    Sorry about the botched html 101 lesson. But I think Ted’s got it now. Talk to you all later.


  80. Where is Ted???? It’s way too early for you to be asleep.
    I guess you’re still having computer problems.

  81. Hey everyone I’m back!!! That is bizarre. All of those posts after 8:39 disappeared when I sent them. Then they all came on later.

    Thanks for the link to the practice site, A C… sorry to mess up the blog, but you will all thank me in the future. That’s a great place to practice.

    Holly… we are having a big windstorm… gusts to 50, and it’s cold as hell. My computer’s been weird. I didn’t know the mail thing worked.

  82. Knock, knock…….. anybody home? Hmmmm… pretty quiet tonight. I guess all the Survivor chat has worn everyone out. :roll:

    I put my gmail addy on here for princess as we had been out of touch for 2 weeks due to my webtv problems. It didn’t bother me in the least to put it here. I knew that only princess would use it. However, anybody else on here can feel free to use it anytime…. don’t all jump at once though. (LOL)

    I don’t do e-mail on my computer generally and when webtv is back on-line, I’ll go back to using that. Believe it or not, I find it much easier for e-mail. Maybe Cynthia agrees with that. I had an e-mail from Sal sit for a few days til I found it at gmail. On webtv, I know instantly.

  83. Correction… anybody can use my e-mail addy except Gobbki!! (Just teasin gobbs, you can use it too).

  84. Well… one last check to see if it works… I see the posts I did have appeared… I’m probably on moderation as a subversive! I’ll e-mail you JT. Vikes @ Ariz. tomorrow night… could be a close one. I’ll bet Warner plays.

    Well… see everyone tomorrow morn to talk SURVIVOR.

  85. Do you actually watch the episodes? If you don’t, you seriously need a editor. John voted for Mick not Dave.

    I have to admit that your blog has more talk about this show than any other. Good job on that front.

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