She didn’t know what she was headed for …..

Kelly Sharbaugh (25)    Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.    Occupation: Hairstylist
Kelly Sharbaugh (25) Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Hairstylist

A free-spirit with an edgy twist, Kelly prefers to take life as it comes and embrace the unknown. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, she now lives in Southern California, arriving there after one of many cross-country treks.

Self-described as spontaneous and passionate in her desire to live life to the fullest, Kelly makes her living as a hairstylist, which fuels her creative side.
As homage to her outlook on life, she has chosen to place fairly permanent markings on her body that represent some facets of her personality and life. Among her multiple tattoos are the words “cuidado” (Spanish for “careful”) on her forearm and “trouble” on her left foot. 

Her unconventional life experiences and choices have resulted in a positive outlook on life and her belief in the power to change. She feels that making small attainable goals end up contributing to the greater good which is, ultimately, what she wants to do.  Her open and straightforward communication style allows her to delve into the deeper meaning of life and provide insight to those closest to her.

With a highly addicting and sociable personality, Kelly is certain she will stand out in the game of SURVIVOR.

Kelly resides in both San Diego and West Hollywood Calif. and her birthday is December 26th

Kelly was interviewed by Andy Dehnart / September 11, 2009 for the website Reality Blurred



Monica Padilla (25)    Hometown: San Diego, Calif.    Occupation: Law Student
Monica Padilla (25) Hometown: San Diego, Calif. Occupation: Law Student

Monica Padilla is the first in her family to not only complete her undergraduate degree but also obtain a Juris Doctor.  Recently, she graduated from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, where she perfected, what she describes as, her power of persuasion. She fully intends to use her beauty and the fact that she “can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo” to her advantage in the game.

Exotic looks, in addition to intellect, have landed her a wide range of jobs, such as a clerk position at a well-known investment firm, as well as a position playing a theme park Pocahontas. With the keen ability to change from bookworm to party girl in a matter of moments, she is sure she will be able to adapt to anything she comes across on the island. She says that while in the Samoan wilderness, she will miss partying, clubbing and lunch with friends the most, which was exactly what she did in her free time even as she was in the home-stretch of obtaining her degree.

Much like Parvati and Amanda (from SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA), she plans to be as “sweet as pie,” while subtly using the “flirt card,” in order to come off as endearing rather than overbearing. In addition to killing her fellow castaways with kindness, she has every intention of pulling her own weight around camp while studying their words and actions meticulously to “learn about her enemies before she chooses her weapon.” Confident that she can win the title of Sole Survivor, Monica plans to buy a designer purse as her first selfish purchase.

Monica resides in San Diego, Calif. and her birthday is July 14th.
Monica was interviewed by Andy Dehnart / September 9 for the website Reality Blurred

CBS Video of Meet Monica

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  1. Hopefully the cameras will move beyond the Foa Foa dysfunctional tribe so we can actually see Kelly and Monica’s survivor skills, if any, in action.

  2. kelly SHARBAUGH, WELL she will definetly be eye candy for the guys ,as to what she can do time will tell.MONICA PADILLA, ALso an attractive woman ,She could do better than kelly, considering she is the smarter one, that could take her far.It is 7:47 on a brisk CHICAGO day. Hi everybody.

  3. Goodmorning aggie, you too PK.

    After reading yesterdays blogs and all the attention that was payed to F Ben and all his stupid, rediculous remarks, maybe we can just all forget that dumb, moth%* f&cker even exists! It’s a shame with all the good people on this site we have to read something from that low-life.

    On another subject, I missed the first 20 minutes of the “Amazing Race”. Can someone tell me why a couple was eliminated before the race even started?

    Hope your feeling better bulwinkle. Last week on the news I saw in Massachusetts a ‘moose’ was running around the neighbor in peoples yards, etc. for about a week. They said he may have been looking for a ‘mate’. I don’t think that is your problem. :lol:

    Kevin eleven, I just love your insight along with all the other commentors!

  4. At the beginning of AR there were license plates on a wall, you had to ge the correct one(which was in the clue) to get a pair of tickets to Tokyo, 12 teams 11 tickets, one team stays home!!!

  5. Hi Aggie… know what those brisk mornings are like in Chicago. Sure miss that town. First brisk morning here in Friday Harbor this a.m.

    Yes, hoping to see more of the other tribe this week. Sorry to see the cop go, and can’t wait to see what Yasmin comes up with next! And sorry about Mike, but he was a mistake for sure.

    Great start to AR… instant mayhem.

  6. First, good morning Aggie, PK, Franks, Ray, Snake, & Ted.>8-} Well the chick with the hair is ok, but I think she is too worried about her hair to get far. Is this the same chick that had the beehive thing happening the other night? No wait, I’m confused. Screw it. Don’t know which girl that was now. Monica seems pretty smart & has a good strategy.

    Now as for all of the posts last night & yesterday, WOW, people, Just WOW!! I can see Tuesday night seems to be the night to be on here as we have went over the 100 mark each Tuesday, so far anyway. And of course—I MISSED it. Not much new there. AND it seems I missed a great night last night to take my aggravations out on a certain poster—not saying the name–>8-} DAMMIT MAN I always miss the good stuff. But he/she messing with my buddies here would have definitely gotten him/her a good one from me.

    AGGIE—you make me ill. hehehehehe Just Kidding. Your BRISK Chi-Town days make me want to BE THERE. I’m sweating my butt off here in Florida STILL. So send some of the “briskness” down this way ok??

    Well, gotta go. Duty calls. Hopefully I’ll be back later to check things out. Sooooooo—along with everyone I’ve already mentioned, I hope when K11, the moose, AC, Princess, Starfish, justaguy, Shelly, Skellygirl, & all others read this & see where I said HELLO!!!

    Snake—I know I always say this, but it deserves repeating. YOU are doing an excellent job on the bios.

  7. From the web promo, the layout to the challenge is clear. Each tribe has four crates tethered in the water. They’re brought back to shore, presumably to make a puzzle – there are structures on the beach that we think the colored panels on the crates probably slide into. But there are also people waiting in the shallow water, trying to prevent the opposing tribe’s people from getting out to the crates.
    Shown competing are, for Foa Foa: Jaison, Mick, Natalie (getting crates), Liz, Ashley and Ben (tacklers). For Galu, we see Dave, John, Monica and Laura (crates), along with Kelly and Russell S (tackling). There may be some rotation in the roles, as well as people unseen in the ads.
    So who wins? First, a bit from TV Guide: “During the reward challenge, the chief of one tribe makes a controversial decision that lands him in hot water back at camp.” This is in line with a Jeff Probst story from his EW interview with Dalton Ross: “Do you want comfort and pillows, things like that, or do you want a tarp? And it plays out. Very interesting who they pick, very interesting what happens to the leaders, and just the whole notion of whether a leader can survive in this game, coming into it with that target on their back.”

    This is important, because as the PIP preview from 9/26 shows (above), Galu (which means chief Russell S) chooses what appears to be bedding, instead of a tarp. Could be important, since it’s also supposed to rain for about a week straight fairly soon: see outfrontgirl’s weather analysis at Blows.

  8. Isn’t it wonderful now that IT is no longer. Just a figment of IT’s own twisted imagination… Even the air smells fresher now that IT is totally disregarded into IGGY ad infinitum? I’m just sayin”

  9. I did pick up on the “Getting to Know You” blog title though. I played the role of King Mongkut of Siam in “The King and I” many years ago in DC.

  10. Sal… It was Princess, K11 and me. I knew Roy Buchanan, the great blues guitarist, very well back in DC. He died way too soon.

  11. I see that penis breath, I mean IT, can’t take the hint that
    IT is not wanted here. Time to go Fuck yourself and do something
    constructive with your (low) life.
    Like I said yesterday…..IGNORE the Bastard

  12. I found Long John on e-Music and downloaded his “It Still Ain’t Easy” album, cool stuff , also found a neat Chicago Blues man … Magic Slim, he has some cool stuff, dowloaded on of his W/The Teardrops “Blue Magic” great music …. I have a lot of the old NO Blues guys, all great music …. I do have an extensive collection of CD’s and LP’s of all kinds of music, started collection back in the early 70’s

  13. Well had to check one last time before turning this into a work station. YUCK!! Good morning Franniep2. Hope to see all of you great people later.>8-}}

  14. Sal… I’m no fan of digital recordings, but my wife made me add a cd recorder/player (to play her Gereration X CD’s) to my Audio Research Tube preamp/amps, Transcriptors TT, and 4 RTR electrostatic hybrid speakers I’ve had since the early 70’s.

    I do have hundreds of pristine LP’s though including virtually every half-speed mastered and direct to disc recording made from all genres from classical to blues.

  15. I have over 800 Lp’s, and own a Pioneer system from the 80’s, i did go out and did buy a turntable so i could record the LP’s to digital(which I haven’t yet). I also have a reel to reel which i need repaired and can’t find anyone to fix it for me. Mostly rock and Country music, lots of Blues and Jazz added in the last 10 years.

  16. Forever
    Boring and
    eternally a
    from ‘you all’!

    And by the way, Phillip doesn’t need anyone to defend him.

  17. Sal.. I have a Revox A-700 2/4 track (interchangeable head assemblies) machine from 1974 and Studer professional 2 track and 1/2″ 4 track machines. I repair and align my machines and heads and fortunately Studer/Revox still have most parts available when they are not to be found on ebay. What kind of RtoR tape deck do you have. I may know where you can get reasonable repair in the Houston Area if you are interested in the future.

  18. Back and forth, looks can help but only if the men think with their penises… Women who think they’ll win with that game plan should think again.

  19. Sal… No pro work in the studio any longer, just for entertainment now and playing master tapes and occasional mixing. Check the Pioneer Model Number and I’ll check availability of parts and service.

    On a very different subject, have you tried that new toilet bowl scrubber called “IT”… Makes a whole lot of unnecessary and strange noise but “IT” does the job every time.

  20. Breaking news flash >>>>>>> AP just leaked news that IT actually is an IT. Whether IT was neutered or spayed has not been determined and sources close to IT (all wearing EPA Certified protective masks) would not elaborate other than stating that they really didn’t care one way or another how IT became an IT.

  21. i like the new bio of monica, i hope we get to see her a little next show. she looks like she has the potential to go far!!

  22. Now IT calls me sweetheart. Yikes! Sorry IT, but you’d best stay stuck to the side of the toilet bowl where you feel most at home, cause my wife don’t put up with any IT talkin’ shit…
    Me either… :)


    A tsunami warning was issued Tuesday for several islands after a strong earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    The 7.9-magnitude quake shook about 120 miles southwest of American Samoa, the USGS reported.

    The tsunami warning was issued for New Zealand, American Samoa and other Pacific islands, Reuters reported.

    In addition, a tsunami watch was issued for Hawaii, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

    Could you imagine if they were still filming and a tsunami hit — Reality turns Real. Now that would be interesting.

  24. Like Kingfish often said to Andy when IT got out of control, “Time to give IT an ultomato.” Flush or Shush!

  25. Location of the Quake…

    180 km (110 miles) ENE of Hihifo, Tonga
    200 km (125 miles) SSW of APIA, Samoa
    700 km (435 miles) NNE of NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga
    2685 km (1670 miles) NNE of Auckland, New Zealand

  26. Damn BW Moose… Quake near the smaller islands of American Samoa. Survivor was filmed on Western Samoa but still too close for comfort for any tsunami triggered in that area of the South Pacific.

  27. princess… I believe Sal said that Survivor 20 all-star was completed prior the the current Survivor Samoa which has also completed filming.

  28. Hi princess,

    been working, studying for a cert test I have coming up in a few weeks and fighting with my computer at home… But I still try to stop buy from time to time to add my two cents…

    OMG, I have the radio playing behind me and the top of the hour news just reported that some guy did a study that if you’re ever chased by zombies the best place to hide is the Mall — something about the more complated a place is, the harder it is to find you and eat your brains I guess…

    My wife would dig up zombies to generate an excuse to go to the Mall… LOL

  29. I enjoyed writing about watching BB but now i feel i’m in a room with children who were raised by cable tv. so i’ve lost all interest or rather ……….it’s just not fun being here anymore. maybe the next BB will be better

  30. Tendr, if you have something to talk about with Survivor go ahead and post it, we will discuss it. There is just so little to talk about in SS the first few weeks we tend to use the forum to keep up, i’m sorry if we offended you, but you are more than welcome to join in when you want.

  31. OK everyone….enough!

    I really do not want to shut off the comments on this blog but I may have too if this stuff keeps up! :(

    I have removed all of F Ben’s comments. I do not need one person making so much of a headache around here.

    The reason my blogs are so popular are because…

    1. They let you comment and interact without censorship (within reason)


    2. They focus more about our opinions then only on the show.

    If you enjoy this site stick around…it will keep getting better. If you want to chat live with people then check out and jump into a different craziness. :)

    Love you all. Please….behave and be good.

    Peace, BBBlogger

  32. Tendr… My family’s first TV got plugged in about 1949. It was black and white, picture tube was small, and only two networks broadcasting at the time, CBS and NBC. ABC came later.

    I really don’t know where exactly you are coming from or where you were hoping to go with your post, but there ain’t no children in this house, and none of us were raised by a TV, cable or otherwise.

  33. When I was growing up, we didn’t have all the comforts of
    today. Have you ever lived without AC? We had a family car
    and only 1 driver. We would FIND things to do to have fun.
    Roller skates that came with a key so you never outgrew them
    or so other siblings could wear them. And you know what….I
    would never change any of it for the modern conveniences of

  34. Lets see:
    No A/C
    Coal Furnace for heat in winter
    B&W TV for the longest time
    Bicycles, Playground, Neighborhood, Community Swimming Pool, Hide and Seek, Tag, Football in the streets, Little League Baseball …… dang, no electronic stuff
    Only Cells we had were at the police station

  35. regarding the end of SS20, i wasn’t paying attention. sorry, have to translate princess into american sometimes…

  36. BTW BBBlogger. You are much loved and respected for your decision. We enjoy this site and hate to see something happen to it!

    looking forward to the next Survivor, only 2 days away….

  37. I’m so old I can even remember sneaking into Bolling Air Force Base in Anacostia and jumping into the cockpit of a jet trainer when I was 10 and nobody, including the ground crew who finally spotted me and escorted me back to my bicycle, thought for a moment that I was going to try to use that plane to terrorize anything or anybody. Was a different time right after WW11… never to be the same again

  38. princess… I’m a nearly 67 year old Yankee and I celebrated my mother-in-law’s 68th birthday this past weekend here in Mobile with my very dear and charming southern belle wife. :)

    Sherman plundered, I plucked… lol

  39. that’s great! reminds me a little of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. I think Mr. Douglas in a year older than his wife’s father!

    my dearest friend is married to a man 16 years her senior and they have been very happy together for almost 30 years.

    age does not relate to love.

  40. princess… So true. Love rules. My wife. however, acts more mature than me most of the time. Kind of makes me wonder though if I’m making her feel older instead of her making me feel younger?

  41. aggie….BBBlogger took care of our IT problem. Everything
    posted by IT was deleted. Amen BBBlogger.
    We don’t have to worry about him anymore.

  42. I had BBB get rid of “IT” because I wasn’t sure of the way to do it. Now that I know how, I won’t have any problem keeping he/she out. I’m smarter than the average snake.

  43. A great BIG Thank you goes out to you.
    I kept hitting the delete button but he never would
    go away. It was like a bad dream.

  44. Hey Sal, since the average snake’s brain is about the size of a dime, you damn well better be smarter than the one that bit you. :) I’m just sayin’

  45. aggie….they are equally bad. They are both so stiff.
    If I were to guess, I would say Tom.
    What do you think?
    I think the person to beat is Mya. She is gooood.
    Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance?

  46. I am watching Hells Kitchen right now. That Chef Ramsey
    is a major A$$. I would never let anyone talk to me like
    he talks to those contestants. The prize at the end is to
    get there own Kitcken and be head chef. No freakin’ way.
    It’s just not worth it. I would rather make it on my own and not take all his abuse.

  47. I guess everyone is all talked out.
    I think I’m alone now….there doesn’t seem to be any one

  48. Gotta go now….have to make sure my tape player is set
    to record So you think you can dance so I can watch DWTS.
    Also taping Biggest Loser on another TV while watching
    Hells Kitchen. What a life!!!
    Take care all and in the words of BBBlogger………………

  49. james k, you are worrying me. in all these months this is the longest that we have gone without connecting. let me know if you’re ok.

  50. Looks like Kathy Ireland is about to do the last dance. Such nice legs that just aren’t made for dancin’

  51. Frannie, I cant believe they got rid of Kathy over TOM, The guy almost fell over last night, I guess Kathy seems alittle reserved for the show, that was probably her downfall.

  52. checking in again.

    Just got finished watching “The Biggest Loser” Great epidode.
    Had you in disbelief, a little mad and in tears. Drama, drama, drama. But you get a lot of satisfaction out of this show.

    1 1/2 days till the main topic Survivor!

  53. I have to choose between Dancing With The Stars and Biggest Loser. Biggest Loser won out. They always show the highlights of Dancing With The Stars on a lot of shows and the news. Is there a spoiler alert on who got kicked off tonight?

  54. aggie… The Olympic swimmer has a smile to die for so I thing she is the best dancer whether she is is isn’t. :)

  55. aggie… I’ll try that again. The Olympic swimmer with the smile to die for is the best dancer whether she is or she is not.

  56. OMG!! I was just reading through some of today’s posts & I noticed my avatar has changed. It’s my sister & myself. How the hell did that happen?? And I can’t get into Gravatar to change it. I BET MY SISTER DID THIS. And it would seem she changed my password on gravatar too. Oh not happy, not happy!! Sorry folks for any blindness this might have caused. Will try to get it fixed ASAP.

  57. Oh yeah—she did it & is now laughing her butt off. Grrrrr!! I’m now waiting on an e-mail to change my password from Gravatar. Sorry people. I should have never shown her the site. And so much for giving her my passwords. She thought it would be funny for you guys to see what a beitch I looked like. Sisters!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

  58. Oh Aggie, bless your kind heart. This pic is almost 10 years old & was done as a funny at one of those glamour shot places. I’m on the right. But this will be history just as soon as I get my e-mail to change my password again.

  59. CHIT CHIT CHIT no e-mail yet. WTF?? They were pretty fast the other day. Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to fix this mess.

  60. aggie… Cynthia’s avitar sure doesn’t look like two sisters on my monitor. More like a growling dog with an over sized nose

  61. Once my eyes got past my wife’s chest, her smile closed the deal for me. I love a pretty smile… Go DWTS Natalie…

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