She’s Big, She’s Bad and She’s Gone.

She should have played a quiet game and sweet talked people into voting out the FF4 out, instead she sat back got paranoid and helped vote out Galu after Galu. Now she decides to become big, bad and bold and make a move. The Gnome Prince and his band of Merry Trolls can’t be swayed by the Medusa Monster. The remaining Purple People Eaters just sit back and wait. At the Tribal Council, Medusa decides to bad mouth Sir Gnome. However the mighty Prince decides to wear his Power of Immunity Necklace and tell Medusa what she can do with her power. Jeff the mighy King of Probstville questions the Princes move. The Prince hints at, “It is what it is”! Lets vote and see who carries the power bucket. After a 5 – 2 vote the Smiling Medusa is set on vacation in Pondersaville with the other Purple Punks who are feeding on Probstville goodies!

Monica’s Final Words

Monica the day after

Monica – Ponderosa Pt.1

Monica – Ponderosa Pt.2

Monica – Ponderosa Pt.3

Monica – Ponderosa – Pt.4

161 thoughts on “She’s Big, She’s Bad and She’s Gone.”

  1. Wow, I’m here just in time to be the first post!! :lol: I’m finally caught up with reading all of the posts I missed while there were problems with the blog. Scared me just now when I saw the green screen but all appears to be good now.

    But have some comments I’d like to comment on. :lol:

  2. @ PK–Phillip Knudsen December 8, 2009 at 5:33 pm
    I do agree about the average Joes, I would watch but America and Pk want to see the beautiful people!
    Holly… Since I do not have authorization to speak for America I can’t say one way or another if we think alike, but I do know that beauty to me is very subjective and not what always attracts my attention on reality TV. On Survivor, for example, my favorite has always been Rupert the pirate. Not tall, not blonde, not very handsome by my subjective standard, but fun to watch play the game every time.

    Finally Pk—something we totally agree on. Rupert is my all time favorite also. :lol:

  3. Kitty not so good….I think we may have to put her down in the next couple of days. She is 17 1/2 and not doing so good. I was ready to take her today but I want to wait to see how the antibiotics work first.
    Grandson is doing fine. Thanks for asking

  4. @ BBBlogger—<BBBlogger December 9, 2009 at 8:15 pm
    I just cannot seem to STOP making stuff.
    New SURVIVOR BLOG facebook page!
    Peace, BBBlogger

    DUDE–PLEASE try to refrain from “making” too many things for the Blog. :lol: Has nobody ever told you that sometimes less is more?? :lol: I’m not complaining though, just happy to be able to see the blog again & post. :lol:

    @ BBBloger—BBBlogger December 11, 2009 at 9:15 am
    Hey everyone,
    Great episode last night…..should make for an exciting finish!
    I have removed a few of the new things…Google Friend Connect bar at the bottom of the screen and the Facebook fan page button. Seemed those things caused some issues so all is good now. (knock on wood)
    Keep me (or Sal) posted if there are any issues with the blog. I am trying to keep it happy and AWESOME!
    Peace, BBBlogger

    AGAIN—-The Blog—It’s already awesome. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for removing some of the stuff you had on here. It’s good to be back.

  5. I also want to wish Princess a belated happy birthday. Like JT said, I know it won’t be happy though..with your Father’s funeral & all. And the business thing being bad.
    To quote JT:
    “Princess, if and when you read this, just know we are all thinking of you. To say you have had it tough the past couple months is a gross understatement. I look forward to better days for you.”
    I couldn’t have said it better myself so I stole JT’s sentiments. My bad, but thank you Jt. :lol:
    Just know Lady that my heart & thoughts are with you as always.

  6. Oh yes Frannie I know what you mean. When I had to put my dog down it was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done. At least it was in the top 5. And that was over 4 years ago & I still miss him. He was my baby, just as I’m sure kitty is yours. At 17 1/2 though—she has been well cared for I’m sure. And if she is suffering it is best to let her be free. It’s a hard choice. Wish I had words to make it easier for you. God Bless you Lady, I’ll keep you in my heart & thoughts as well.

  7. Hey to quote (or misquote probably) :lol: JT yet again, are we going to have to go to Facebook to see what’s really going on now or will the real deal still be the blog???

  8. Glad to see Monica (Medusa ROTFLMAO) gone as well as Dave. No tears for either of them. Since I can’t post very often and rarely can read all the posts, who is Rupert? If it’s Russell, I agree with PK & Cynthia, he’s really playing this game. Quite a character playing his game and moving the bimbos around like chess pieces.

    Frannie, my heart goes out to you, I still cry over my dog Sal. Yes, his name was Sal and he was a love. But 17 1/2 years is amazing which indicates you took very good care of your kitty. They say, they’ll let you know when they feel it’s time. My dog sure did. It’s heartbreaking. There’s a great site to go to: for pets in heaven. There’s a great poem on that site.

    Still spending most of my tme running back and forth to the Care Facility my parents are in. My dad is now on hospice but bounces back and he’s an amazing tough ol’ marine. He’s been in the hospital 3 times in the last 6 weeks. My mom just doesn’t remember much. The unfortunate part about Alzheimer’s is that sometimes they get real nasty and that tips me over. Ok, thanks for listening.

    This is a great caring bunch!

  9. Hey Starfish—-good to see you again. Rupert was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on Survivor. He did play good but his heart was too big. I guess that’s why he was my favorite. I don’t think there was an ugly bone in that man’s body. On the inside that is. :lol: To Look at him, well like PK said—Pirate. I personally think Pirate with a little hell’s angel thrown in for fun. :lol:

  10. Starfish—I’m sorry to hear about your Father. Like you said: “The unfortunate part about Alzheimer’s is that sometimes they get real nasty and that tips me over.” We went through that with my Grandfather. Some days he was sooooooo funny, like his old self, & then on other days at any given moment—he might pick up his cane & just whack the shit out of you with it. It an extreme rollercoaster ride for us. We just learned to sit far enough away that his cane wouldn’t reach us. And that’s about all we could do. Good luck & God Bless you babe. Stay strong ok??


  11. OK BBBloger —I said I wouldn’t complain as long as I could post—BUT—dude I’m still having issues. One—-when I try to refresh I get the green screen for just a few seconds—which is really starting to turn me off of the color green & I may end up in therapy seeing a shrink about that. And then the pages take forever to load because well, 1.— I’m on dial up. And 2.—it won’t budge until all of your digg & tweet & facebook widgets load first. COME ON BABE— I was loving you last night— get rid of that crap please. TRUST ME—everybody that has accounts at those places are already putting the blog out there by word of mouth. Do we really HAVE to have them here too?? I’m just saying……STILL LOVING YOU cause I can still post—but can’t we just have the blog back like it used to be. IT WAS PERFECT!!! If it’s not broke—quit trying to fix it sweetie. OK?? :mrgreen:

  12. Ok I’m posting like crazy I know—-but after so many days of not being able to–I feel like a kid in a candy store. :lol: Well, not really but you guys & gals get it right?? :lol: I’m pretty fricking jacked up about it anyway. :mrgreen:

    Soooooooooo, while I’m at it—I want to thank Aggie, Ted, & AC for posting about my problems getting on the blog. And I want to thank our fearless leader Snake for staing on top of it until I could post again. BIG HUGS to all of you guys.

    Ok I’ll give it a rest for now—OH wait—Holly—sorry about your leg!! I saw where you had pain pills. Do you share?? :lol: JK!! I have my own “mother’s little helpers.” Although they do NOT seem to be helping right now do they?? hmmmm, could be a problem there. YES I AM AWARE THAT I AM TALKING TO MYSELF & ANSWERING MYSELF!! So STFU JT!! WITH LOVE OF COURSE!! :lol:

    OK now I’m really going for awhile. Gotta check my mail & some other stuff for my Mom & what Mom wants Mom gets. So catch you guys & gals later. UH OH!!! :lol: yes i will be back LMAO

  13. Hey Cynthia, welcome back! I can tell you had a lot to say! I’m popping the pills but it doesn’t really take the pain away, it just makes it so I don’t care!

    Starfish, Rupert was on years ago and was a total fan favorite.
    I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t like him. He looked like a pirate/lumbar jack/hells angel to me but he was a cool cat!
    Starfish, so sorry to hear about your parents. I can’t even imagine that yet, I’m blessed with very healthy parents (yes I know, I’m knocking wood right now!)
    Frannie, I’m very sorry to hear about your kitty, too but it sounds like she had a great life!

  14. Rupert was a gentle giant and seemed always to be “a good man”
    i’m sorry frannie about kitty. i lost my min schnauzer in 06 after fourteen yrs. she was blind and deaf and just in pain alover.
    now i have a overgrown chihuaua not yet 2 that is a chore more than i ever experienced with a dog. i’m not sure they’re really dogs. tho i luv him…he’s just too smart. i’m having to spell words now.
    those of you who’ve lost family and are dealing with their illness my heart and prayers go out to you. this yr has been a hard one for ‘us’ here also. mil died at sixty when unexpected. hubby’s little sister only 20 put in prison and didn’t get to see her mom before she passed. this girl’s father just left her when she was nine yrs old and he’d even ignore her in public. she went downhill after that. i dont’ know why men get away with abandonment yet women don’t. kind of a double standard there.
    some other things i don’t even want to think about.
    every yr i just tell myself to start over but i wish i had alittle more drive.
    So many Christmas shows on all at the same time. I don’t know why they don’t spread them out more.

    Did you know it’s the female reindeer that has antlers in winter? The males lose theirs before then. :)
    wish SS was on twice a week.
    Found my grandson some wooden knob puzzles IN TOWN by looking on line forever it seems…so that’s good. no shipping and handling costs anywhere. yea. so i was able to get 2 instead of one saving shipping.
    my hands are literally bruised from crochetting. i’m working on a scarf and pot holders. i’ve made everything from a childs purse to an amigurumi lamb to thick rugs,hats..fingerless mittens (tiny hook) and i know i won’t be finished by Cmas. next week i have to bake about fifteen loaves of bread/cake.
    (used as gifts) i’m making orange slice cake with dates and raisens and orange slice candy and walnuts..
    and pumpkin bread.

    cos-btw-does anyone really know the story of medussa? when i read it i felt sorry for her. she was cursed by a jealous woman for her beauty. so now i kinda look at her in a different way.
    anyway sorry for so much useless blabbing.
    everyone have a great night.
    (go Nat)

  15. Cynthia & Holly thanks for the Rupert info. This is my first year watching as I’m sure you’ve already figured out. :)

    Tendr, yes, Medusa was a victim. Thanks for the reminder. However, I don’t think Monica or Medusa was a victim, her mouth got her in trouble. :mrgreen:

  16. Are you people all real, or is this just one hysterical medicinally induced puppet show? (clapping hands)

  17. Wow… Girls Night Out on SSB!!! Are any of you left or are you talked out??? Cynthia came back with a vengeance to catch up on lost time. Nice to hear Starfish’s voice again. The girls are right… Rupert is the most popular male Survivor and appeared on two Survivors… Pearl Island and Survivor All Stars… he didn’t win, but in a nationwide vote he won most popular and got 1 mil. RUPERT tendr… I want some of that Orange Slice Cake… my granddaughter made me an Orange cake for my birthday and decorated it with tangerine slices. I will send you my address. And don’t let your dog play with those Wooden Knob Puzzles. Frannie It is AC that likes Monica… You know were my heart lies this season.

  18. Hmmmm… Guess I’ll just take a page from Cynthia’s book and chat with myself for a bit. :lol:

    Hey Cyn! Nice to see you back on here. Your e-pals kept us informed as to why you weren’t here. You really know how to get to my heart.. don’t you? I gotta love a girl that tells me to “STFU”!! Not sure why, but that gets me ROTFLMFAO every time! :lol: Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment?

    I haven’t heard from princess since the 5th. She must still be in Indiana.

  19. Guess I’ll go watch today’s videos…. and commercials :sad:
    Jeopardy theme song huh? Not a bad idea.. I’ll play it in my head as I stare at the ceiling…. BBL.

  20. Ok, I watched Monica’s videos… and I agree.. “Blah, blah, blah”. It’s great that she is proud of herself, but I think she is a bit misguided as to how strong her game was.

    Note to “John”: I am happy for you that you switched to Sprint. Hope it works well for you. But dude! How about switching your wardrobe while you are at it? That shirt? Those pants? Those shoes? ….not workin’ for ya. Sorry, just sayin’.

    Hi Frannie

  21. WTF? did my post really just get eaten? Maybe it’ll show up later… either way.. no big loss, that’s for sure!

  22. So, if I repost my post that got eaten…. then the other one mysteriously re-appears… I’ll run the risk of having a “Star” moment… or more recently, a “Cynthia” moment. I’ll just wait and see what happens.

    I know, I know….. STFU JT!! :roll: :lol:

  23. Hey Sal, it was no biggie on the moderation thing. I was just playin with ways to have more avatars at once is all. No need to bother you with junk like that.

    As far as the post that got eaten… it showed up (10:50pm) just as I thought it would.

    I might throw another one out for moderation… but don’t worry about it. I’m just playin’

  24. Frannie, I know it’s 7 months early, but have you checked out some of the changes that BBBlogger made to the BB blog site? It’s pretty cool.

  25. no…I really never thought about it. I will have to look into that. Thanks for the info. Hey…I have to get off of here, I hope to catch up with you later. Be good!!!!!

  26. Later Frannie… I would have never looked either if BBBlogger hadn’t linked to it here a couple days ago.

  27. Hey Cyn!! Nothing wrong with you… just when I have a similar avatar… Aggie yells at me and tells me to change it! LOL

  28. Hey my eyes are open. What’s uuuuuuup???? Guess it didn’t refresh fast enough.

    JT you have made several comments about me talking to myself lately. Shhhh….that’s a secrect. I don’t want the voices to get confused. LMAO

  29. A few maybe.. but several? I get your point though.. LOL. I do a lot of talking to myself here lately too. That’s why I’m gonna love the “reply” feature on BB blog.

  30. I was feeling like Dorothy Snake….just kept clicking my heels saying, “There’s no place like home.” LMAO And poof—I’m HOME!!!

  31. So JT—you like a woman who’s verbally abusive huh?? Son—you are definitely in the right place. STFU!!! LMAO I WUB YOU THOUGH!! :lol:

  32. Not so much in real life… but it’s funny as hell to me on a blog. I don’t know why.. I guess I’m used to constant joking back and forth at work.

  33. Yeah, I hear ya there. I did dabble into that google chat thing though. That was a HUGE step for me.

  34. IDK Cyn… I was talking about that earlier. I’ll be right behind you and Aggie on facebook. I feel left out. Everybody is chatting via e-mail and facebook.

  35. Yes I liketo have the choice of when I take off. I HATE to be beaten by a machine. :lol: As for facebook—IDK about that one. Hey I have Yahoo IM. And AC has my real e-mail address. So you could get that from him. Well the Yahhoo ID too. Snake too.

  36. So that’s why PK is there… he wants EVERYONE to see and hear him! :lol: (sorry PK… it was just too easy to pass up)

  37. No you can’t show me Snake—I have dial up & when I try to “watch” stuff online—it becvomes a blurry mess & freezes. :lol:

  38. Oh there you are. :lol: Oh I don’t go to the regular chat rooms on the yahoo thing. Bit even like i do it —it will let you invite others to “conference” with you so more than 2 can chat in same place.

  39. LOL.. I knew it would get a response. I wanted to see if I got an e-mail.. I didn’t? Maybe because mine was in response to Ted?

    I’ll stop now before I confuse myself further.

  40. Ok… correction.. I did get an e-mail.. it showed up in my “spam” box though?

    That’s odd because an earlier one (when AC responded) showed up in my “in” box.

    Makes no sense to me. Oh well, I can check both.

  41. I got BBblog, SSblog, and my gmail account all going on the same screen… LOL. I know it’s pretty basic stuff, but I usually only do one thing at a time.

  42. Ted, the same cake that’s made with the candy orange slices?
    it’s so good even raw. i add golden raisens though in mine. i have so many birthedays around Cmas that i just make small loaves and give them out along with something i make. My brother loves it so i try to make him extra every dec for his bd.
    it’s a pain in the butt to make. messy and sticky. lol
    and i get sick eating dough.
    my ex father in law loved it and i’d make him some but he died this yr. kinda makes me wonder if it’s still ok to take some to my ex mom in law?
    I’m not in facebook. i can type in the name of anyone i know and see them and their friends. too easily to get info on ppl online. but do what you want. just don’t put anything you dn’t want fb to own.
    even if you leave any pics you post are theirs.
    prob that way in most places i guess.

    fell asleep during a movie so had some caffein. now i can’t fall asleep. so i put up the tree and think i’ll not put all ornaments on it this yr but keep it simple.
    nite everyone.

  43. Well snake I have an older version of Yahoo IM BUT on mine when you open a chat window—up at the top you can invite people on your list to conference with you & whoever you are chatting with.

  44. Yep, and the webtv is back online after 3 weeks. But I have gotten so used to using my computer, it’s hard to go back.

    AC… I mean I have all 3 on my computer screen.. BB blog far right.. SS blog in the middle.. and gmail account far left. Don’t laugh… that’s big steps for me!

  45. I think it sux that they are going from 8 people to a winner all in the span of about 130 minutes. There is some Survivor talk.

  46. OK guys—it’s taking longer & longer for this page to load so I’m out of here before the green screen of death eats me again. HAVE FUN!! :lol: Goodnight

  47. looks like everyone has left the blog… going to watch Taboo (my fav show.. real life survivor, lol) on National Geographic Channel.. thank god its not about outrageus food today.. tonight its about hallucenigenics around the world…. these plants in Gabon are lookin’ mighty freaky!

  48. Starfish, My Dad passed away a year ago today he had alzheimers and was out of it for the last year coming to every once in awhile to remember us I still miss him but know he is in heaven looking down on us while he is living it up.

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