She’s gone, She’s gone, She’s gone

Oh my, what a suprise! In one of the most shocking Survivor episodes in recent memory the ending was beautiful. This is the beauty of Survivor. There is know way of knowing the ebb and flow of this game. The ultimate player is so hated but was so underestimated before tonight, except for US few who saw what he was up to. He is no longer one to be judged but to be admired for his gameplay and willingness to do what he has to to win : “A GAME”

Yes, shes gone, but what led up to the event?

After returning from the last Tribal Council, Russell is desperate and worried about his future in the game. He knows he is the target for the next eviction! The other Cast-a-ways  were surprised he used his idol. But as Jeff said, pay attention people this is how you use the idol.

Day 22, Reward challenge. The coconut challenge game. Teams were drawn at random.

The purple team is :   Dave, Shambo, Kelly, John and Monica.                                 The yellow team is : Russell, Jaison, Mick, Brett and Laura.                                   Natalie was the odd person out and had to sit and watch, but she caught to pick which team she thought would win and share the same fate as they did win or lose. She picked the yellow team.

On go each team had 2 people ran down to the end of the course and untied a pole with white and black coconuts on it, then run it back and the next team of two would go. After the lead went back and forth, the yellow team had all their coconut bars back first. They then had to put the bars up on a wall to make a four digit number.  At this point the purple team finished first and they had 4673. They yelled their number to Monica who, while blindfolded had to turn a tumbler with numbers to match the coconut number. Yellow finally got their nuber figured out, 7346 and yelled it to Laura and she started. Monica finished first and pulled the pin which raised the finish flag.

The purple team won a trip to a natural rock slide which  they could slide down into a fresh water pond and then had a picnic with chicken, fruits and brownies, etc, etc, etc. They also got Clue #1 that there was another HII back at camp.

Meanwhile, back at camp Russell decided that there might be a new HII in camp and started looking for it, he tried half a dozen places and was saying to himself(camera), that it had to hidden by a landmark. At the bridge he looked under it and saw nothing, he went to the other end and wouldn’t you know it, the lucky stiff did it again with “NO” clues. The man is just amazingly unreal at this game and has the tenacity of a bulldog.

Knowing Shambo will allign with the four Foa Foa members he tells her about finding the HII and she gasps in suprise. He then tells Jaison who tells the rest of the Foa Foa people. They make arrangements to do Laura.

At the Immunity challenge it’s a game of toss and grab, followed by a puzzle. The first 3 people to throw out a hook and grab their two bags and pull them in mmove on to rd2 “the puzzlle”.  Mick is first with Shambo a little behind him. Russell is pulling  his 2nd back in when Jeff announces that Laura is also pulling in her second. Russell tries to hurry and loses his bag allowing Laura to be the third person.  Mick, Shambo and Laura begin the puzzle by untying their bags and finding 2 pieces, only 1 that will fit into the puzzle. Shambo gets the early lead and Mick next. Then Laura getsa started it’s all over. Fuddy and duddy are so confused while Laura gets it quiclky and wins Immunity. This spoils Russ’s plans. Dumbo just seems to have know common sense, she was so screwy during the puzzle she kept picking up the puzzle piece that didn’t fit and trying to sue it, come on Fuddy get real!!!!

Back at camp, the Foa Foa decid to vote for Kelly and hope the Galu’s all vote for Russell and he’ll play the Idol. Strategy was discussed by the Galu’s and thanks to TV editing we weren’t sure who they would vote for. After the votes were in Jeff asked if anyone had and wanted to play the HII at which point Russell stood up and gave it to Jeff. I saw jaws dropping to the floor when he did!! And Eric, now Jury member #1loved it!!  Jeff counted the votes, 7 straight for Russell. This means Shambo voted for Russell  and I’m sure Russell told her to to protect Shambo from her  team. Russell’s votes didn’t count and the next 4were Kellys and she had her flame snuffed out.

It now appears that the Galus will have to bird dog Russell because Jeff told them another Idol had been put into play. Let the Russell shadowing begin, LOL!!!  Next week should be fun!!

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  1. From the little we saw of Kelly she seems like a nice girl…too bad he hooked up with that biznatch Laura. Only Laura leaving could have made last night better.

    Russell is a fighter, unlike Jaison & Mick who gave up because they were outnumbered.

    Russell just have now work on pretty boy John to come over to Foa Foa, because Shambo is no longer a member of Galu.

  2. aggie….we need to be more patient with Sal, after all, he has
    to write the blog first. :roll: Plus, he has a job. Sorry Sal for not
    understanding. I personally won’t let that happen again.

  3. I just spoiled y’all, I have had them as ready much as 3 or 4 days ahead until lately. Info is tougher to find and Tv and Chatting get in the way when I’m working at night, and if I get tired …. forget it ….. i’m outta here and zzzzzzzzzzzzz’ing it. Sooooooooooooo when I’m late and not posted by 6:00am I’m at work finishing it up!! But, I do know y’all are waiting.
    :grin: :roll: :roll: :grin:

  4. That was the best episode EVER! I hate Russell but so respect his gameplay. For the first time, can’t wait to see what happens next! The previews look soooo funny with everyone following him around! I do agree with whoever said he is Survivor Samoa……………he must stay just so we can watch them try to defeat him.

    Nighty, night Sal

  5. I’m guessing that the plan was for Shambo to vote for Russell, knowing that it wouldn’t count. People doing the math might still think Shambo is still working with Galu.

    If Shambo can find out the former Galu’s strategy for the next tribal council, it would be helpful. I’m thinking that getting another person from Galu to flip for a vote against Monica is going to be the best strategy.

    Even winning the immunity idol isn’t all that helpful, since all the former Galu alliance needs to do is make it convining that they are voting for one person in the Foa Foa group – then pull a switch. Then Foa Foa could be picked off. But Foa Foa has been in the minority before …

    Also, the former Foa Foa members need to work on their firemaking skills, at least until (and unless) they get in the majority.

    I think if Galu wins out in the Galu/Foa Foa war, it will have to be due to Danger Dave (my favorite this season).

    My dream outcome – Danger Dave and Russell form an alliance and thin the heard together – both of them there at the final tribal council. It won’t happen.

    Either one side or the other will win and only winning immunity challenges will stave off being voted off for members of the losing side.

    I do find it very interesting that the idol is being put back in play yet again – and presumably it will stay a factor until deep into the season. I’m guessing Russell (or Danger Dave) will be able to find the idol as long as the producers put it back in the game.

  6. Hall and Oates story:

    I married my first wife Lynn in 1973. She had recently been divorced from Gary Talley, lead guitarist with the “Box Tops,” and was a stewardess with Braniff Airlines when I met her in 1972. She was born and raised in Alki, West Seattle and her maiden name was Gebow. Two people lived in her body, the sweet, adorable Lynn most of the time , but total psychotic lunatic Lynn at other times and always appearing without any notice.

    On a flight she worked sometime late in 1973 with a her former roommate and Braniff Stewardess Donna Wisenaught, Darryl Hall and John Oates were on the flight in first class. According to Donna (Lynn never fessed up to what she did) John Oates gave Loony Lynn a beautiful red rose and said that “only she was more lovely than the rose” whereupon Lynn smiled and then ate the rose as she walked away.

    Lynn and I divorced in 75 and she eventually “committed suicide” in 1982 (her dad, now deceased, and I always believed that her husband Alan murdered her) – no surprise there either way since psychotic Lynn eventually took over completely. Once at the Palm Restaurant in DC, a friend of mine was having dinner with Alan and Lynn and she broke a bottle of wine over Alan’s head and knocked him unconscious. You go girl! :shock:

  7. Great episode! I wasn’t sure who Galu would vote for until I saw their reaction to The Great One playing the idol. And then, poor Kelly. Well, now it’s 5-5 and I agree with DONNA P that John is the one they could turn. And TENDR, what a poem! That was great… more please. PK… I liked the Mad, Mad, etc connection. That will be funny. I hope Russell can win immunity next time, but not sorry to see Laura get it. I want her to stay. I guess we better hope Dr. Mick stays, so AGGIE keeps watching. Good recap SAL! Thanks.

    J R… I will give BB a try… I did catch an episode a few times over the years but didn’t want to get hooked. I guess I better… I would hate to miss some of the GEMS of WISDOM to be found here. I’m sure the cattiness level is ramped up big time during BB… when does it start? July? Is there a lot of contestants like last times winner?

  8. PK….that is sad about Lynn. She probably needed some help.
    She definately had some problems.
    The storyteller is back……..

    You better not leave us when BB starts. You’ll like it.

    Need to know….who is JR?

  9. Ted….your guy was amazing last night. I will be his follower
    now. He truly makes the show more interesting.

  10. Oops… Thanks for the help SAL… Of course I meant JUSTAGUY! Welcome DIXIELEE, but, don’t dis the Fearless Reader.

  11. fp2… Now you tell us you’re not perfect. So was what they said about you overdrawing your spell check account true after all?

  12. Morning…………..

    That’s all I’ll say….someone else can finish it.

    OK fp2, what is the difference between a rooster and a Ho?
    A rooster says Cock-a-doodle-do…..
    A Ho says….someone else can finish it.

  13. PK….I can’t overdraw anything…..I work in a bank and being
    overdrawn just isn’t good. BAD….BAD…..BAD
    Never believe what you hear about me. I deny everything. :lol:

  14. Ding….Ding….Ding
    I knew someone would know the answer.
    PK….I’ve been to Alabama many times. Remember my ex in-laws
    lived there.

  15. I said I was going to behave….but if you are going to
    throw that stuff at me I can send it back. As long as
    I understand what you are talking about.

  16. My favorite saying is… name is Fran and my favorite
    color is clear. BUUUTTT….it’s all in the way you say it.

  17. fp2… we know you are smart girl, but just messing with you since you maybe a little off your mensa cycle…

  18. Hey I remember frannie, she was the little girl who told her mom she got a quarter every time Jimmy told her the climb up the tree.

    Mom said he just does that ’cause he wants to see your panties.

    Frannie then said “but Mom, I fooled him this time, I didn’t wear any.”

  19. SC slogan “We love our ‘Cocks” and they tailgate in cockabooses. Usually make it up there for a double header weekend (fp2 and aggie behave on that one lol) clemson game early and sc game at night.

  20. Dixielee, nobody’s perfect so don’t judge others!! This is all in good fun. Ted, you must join us on BB, it’s the best!!

  21. Did anybody see the news clip yesterday of the Aston Martin “submarine” floating down a flooded Virginia Street. Ouch!

  22. fp2… I didn’t let my meatloaf while you were gone. I’m like the flour my wife prefers – self rising. :grin:

  23. I wonder if aggie went to get the caps lock key on her keyboard fixed. She’s been missing since her earlier fly by…

  24. PK….did you see the new cruise ship called Oasis?
    It is 17 or 19 stories high. It is huge. A customer came
    in and said he was going on it. Google it….it’s amazing.

  25. anyone see the $2,000,000 Bughati that drove into a lagoon in Galveston because driver was startled by a low flying pelican, it’s on You Tube

  26. PK…. don’t you want to know what I ate for lunch?
    I had a loose meat sandwich….which is a whole lot
    like meatloaf….except ground up. OUCH!!!

  27. fp2… Haven’t seen the “Oasis.” I checked out the “Fantasy” that arrived in Mobile yesterday replacing the “holiday.” People driving along I-10 east must freak out when they see what appears to be a huge cruise ship sitting upright on a downtown street when they approach Mobile just before the Wallace Tunnel. The “fantasy” is actually moored in the Mobile River but you never see the river from I-10.

  28. It seems like there is more action on here during the
    day than at night. That’s ok because somtimes it’s hard
    for me to get on the puter at night.

  29. fp2… The Wallace Tunnel has lots and lots of lights. It passes under the Mobile River. Tha Bankhead Tunnel has lights too but it is not on I-10 and is much smaller.

  30. fp2… If you were headed to Gulf Shores by traveling down I-65 south to I-10 east, you definitely passed through the Wallace Tunnel on your way.

  31. fp2… “The Football Game” was one of Andy Griffith’s best ever comedy routines. Was on an album back in the ’50’s I believe.

  32. Ok….Gotta switch hats now. My boss is now back so I
    can go back to my own computer. I had to relieve her for lunch.
    BB in a bit. I have to bring everything back up and we
    also have to balance the ATM.

  33. Ok…so, the ATM is balanced, the floppy is removed from the
    slit and all is well….The manager was with me….and she started
    to close the front cover and I said wait…I have to get my floppy.
    It just got worse from there. I almost had an aggie issue. (if you
    know what I mean) The best laugh I had all day. She thinks
    I’m naughty.

  34. Oh how I hated driving through Miss. It is such a
    boring drive. We stopped in Biloxi one the way home once.
    That’s the year I found out my ex was cheating on me.
    The dirty bastard.

  35. Fp2… I would go the Branson but they would probably ask me for ID to prove I was old enough. I’m NOT!

  36. He begged me to let him come back home after that. Dummy me…
    he did it again. The first time, it was the gal across the street.
    The next time, it was with the gal across the other street. Never…
    never even attempted to want to see his kids. Jerkoff.

  37. PK….I remembered to sing Old MacDonald had a Farm while
    washing my hands, just like you told aggie. Now…lotion time.

  38. I keep getting reminded about singing the wash your hands song on TV every day. Good thing it is in the public domain.

  39. TO PK..
    your post at 3:04 PM
    fp2… what did the black kid do to deserve such a “hitting on him” bitch slap?

    PK…I just saw this. I was wondering what in the hell you were
    talking about. I was just too afraid to ask.

  40. fp2… the “hitting on” expression was never a part of my vernacular since it sounds violent and I was always gentile in my approach, delivery and follow through.

    Favorite move though was showing up just before closing time at any one of the Georgetown bars and zooming in on a hottie some guy had been feeding drinks to all night and waiting for him to go to the men’s room before last call. When the guy returned, his “investment” was long gone and I was rushing against the clock to make my big move before she passed out.

  41. fp2… I considered myself to be their savior and after all the drinks they had during the evening I could swear I head a few say “dear lord” more than once before they sobered up the next morning.

  42. I guess I’m all alone. It’s almost quitting time. Signing
    off for now so I can wrap up a few loose ends. Have a great
    weekend everyone.

  43. The guy who hung out in Georgetown back then with the evil moves, according to several of my gal pals, was Ronnie Baron, now more formally called Ron Baron, the billionaire investment banker according to Forbes. He would invite the ladies into his posh apartment, excuse himself to visit the bathroom, and return a short time later totally nude. If the girl stayed, he figured he would get lucky and if she left – they all did so far as I know – no big deal. “How I met Your Mother” did a take on Ronnie’s nude routine some time ago with much better, 2 out of 3 results.

  44. aggie… Not me for sure. Ronnie was one of a kind FORTUNATELY! I first met him when he was an examiner at the US Patent Office while in law school.

  45. Ok….I guess no one feels like talking tonight. Maybe I’ll
    check back later to see if anything is happing.

  46. Ah Russell. This guy- at first I thought he was a huge jack@$%, but then he really started to impress me. I wish he weren’t so cocky, but whatever. He didn’t get where he is for nothing. Go get ‘em bud!

  47. Hey FRANNIE & AGGIE… I guess the girls of the Midwest are the only ones hanging out here… just checking in… Windy in the Strait of Juan de Fuca… 50mph gusts… PRINCESS may be getting snow in B-ham. Other than that, just reveling in the Victory of The Great One. His older brother says Russell is just like that in real life. And he says he is on S-20, so that makes me very happy! Would love to see a showdown with Laura and TGO as the final 2. I’m getting a feeling though, that the final 3 might be TGO, Nattalie and Dr. Mick.

  48. Ted….I really don’t see that happening but I wish you
    are right. They don’t have the numbers to pull that off.
    We’ll see….stranger things have happened.
    I usuall don’t the the computer at night….and the two
    nights that I have it, no one is talking.

    Helllo……warriors, come out to plaaayyy…

  49. I see I still can’t type all the necessary words so my
    sentences make sense.

    Should be….I usually don’t have the computer.

  50. Yeah FRANNIE… they do have the numbers… With Shambo with the Foas it’s 5-5. So that’s a tie. So they only have to get 1 Galu to join them. Who knows? Maybe possible.

  51. Dave is a jacka$$. He completely tuned Monica out when she suggested “What if Russell found the other idol”. Even though it still wouldn’t have worked, because Foa Foa had 4 votes. And Galu’s other person would have had 3 votes. But at least my girl was thinking. 8)

    Laura is painting a big target on her back with back to back immunity wins. And actually it worked out perfect for Foa Foa. Cause if Russell would have beat Medusa at the challenge, then he most likely would have beaten Shambo and Mick at the puzzle. So most likely Jaison or Natalie would have been voted out if Russell had individual immunity.

  52. Earlier in the game, I always thought Dave’s name was “Mick”. Not that those two look anything alike, but that Dave reminds me of a young Mick Fleetwood. Can y’all tell me why the FF4 didn’t target Dave after Medusa won immunity? Was getting rid of Kelly their best move?

    I agree with AC, Monica was trying to think of a way to cover themselves in a worst case scenario and all Dave did was dismiss her as a naive girl. It would have been funny to see Dave’s ass on the line after that.

  53. YOur right About the Mick Fleetwood Thing , I always thought Mick F was a little scary looking though, alot of Brain cells burned out . But they have the same kind of Bad hair going on ,why is it that balding guys over compensate, with too much hair.IF Dave had a haircut I think he would look good. His face still looks young not old like Mick F.

  54. Yeah, Medusa has control over the girls. They follow her. So since she was safe, they got one of her allies. Although I think John and Brett are gonna be tough to get out, if they don’t get them soon.

  55. If Medusa gets tough, which from the previews she seems to be running the Galu show. However the wild card will be the Shambo manuver. Right now it’s a 5 – 5 vote at tribal council. Russell needs to comander one of the Galu guys with the promise of safety and work on the other team. I think Brett might be smart enough to side with them. I believe that FF4 are in somewhat control of the Avengers lives and if things get played right the game will go their way.

  56. Pretty funny that Medusa can get pi$$ed about a guy playing the game. I guess he was supposed to sit back and get voted out 7-4? WTF? How can she say he’s stirring up hell when he had 7 votes against him? …. even though Sham’s vote was a sham to throw Galu off…

  57. What happens if there is a tie vote? …………..I KNOW I KNOW!! Google is supposed to be my friend……. :lol:

  58. Google is my friend! :lol: A few interesting rules there. I would like to see it come down to drawing rocks out of a bag to see who goes home. That’d be pretty funny!

  59. Wiki said there would be a re-vote. The 2 that had the most votes, couldn’t vote… the rest had to vote for one of those two. If it was still a tie, they would have 2 minutes to discuss and come to a unanimous decision…. if not, the 2 were safe and the others had to draw rocks…. and one of THEM went home!! Those must be out dated rules.

  60. Hey everyone—how’s it going?? Yes JT I saw them do that one season but it’s been a loooooooooong time ago.

    Hey—where is Princess?? HAve you heard from her? Is she ok??

  61. Thanks Cyn! It has been a long time since I’ve watched (season 1). Princess has not been feeling well…. flu :sad:

  62. I guess if I looked up BB… I could find some things they did way back too. Like not having HOHs or POVs.. and America deciding who goes home.

  63. thank you snake & Jt–you make 2nd & 3rd for telling me happy birthday. it might just turn out to be a great day after all. LOL

  64. I am 44, and I don’t even consider myself “early 40s”. Maybe that only works for women… I remember PK making fun that his wife was older than me.

  65. There was no reason for them to move. Minnesota has always done very well with attendance at hockey. The Wild haven’t had a game that wasn’t sold out. It was just owners greed!! :evil:

  66. Well I’m out of here. Need to get some sleep. Then the “babying” starts. LMAO “See” you guys later tomorrow–well tonight. :lol: Have a great one & be safe.

  67. while we are all here, google chat has it where we can all hang out in 1 room and talk. Is this something y’all want to check into seeing it if it’s betterto hang out there ( no refreshing needed)


    Interesting Logos… Utah Jazz…. that was a while ago. And JT… is that Houston Oilers? AND incidentally, I know you all think I’m perfect, but I have made a typo on occasion. Sorry JT!

    The Foas were right to get rid of one of the girls, because Laura is dangerous. I think they wanted to get rid of TGO so bad they dismissed the Nattalie idea. If he finds another, then something is rigged.

    33f in Friday Harbor & Cloudy… Hope PRINCESS is warm inside because it’s really cold there.

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