Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda !!!!!

The Ponderosa tapes, vol.2. The girls are getting to Eric and he is still trying to justify why they voted him out.

Part 3 tomorrow


Thursday, Nov. 26
All day long on Thanksgiving, Discovery will air a Mythbusters marathon [9 3 a.m.]. It’s so easy to get sucked in and watch them have fun testing myths and, well, things that only loosely qualify as myths but are still fun to watch. (Discovery will also air Deadliest Catch all day Friday and Dirty Jobs all day Saturday, which is even better). I love Survivor, but I don’t love its clip shows, one of which airs tonight [CBS, 8 p.m.] and looks back at “the first 27 days.”


Tie vote leads to Laura being voted out during an episode that was “good shit,” as Erik said

Survivor Samoa »   November 20, 2009
At the end of last night’s Survivor Samoa episode, jury member Erik excitedly whispered, “Man, this is good shit.” He was thrilled that Galu was getting its comeuppance, but he could have also been talking about the whole episode. There was a lot of great stuff, like a tie vote, Natalie dangling by her legs during the reward challenge, and Russell finding a third hidden immunity idol (though this time with a video clue, at least, although he still found it despite being chased). It was the kind of episode that proved Survivor is still going strong 19 seasons later  more…..

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  1. Aggie… I just told BB Bob you wanted to jump his bones. He must have though that meant you were going to assault him.:lol:

  2. aggie… the story for today is what went on in your “One Horny Broad and a Van” job you had yesterday.

  3. I can’t speak for Ted, BUT rumor has it that he and a ferry do Wanda Fuca frequently. I’m just sayin’

  4. Not to be judgmental, BUT my anatomy book clearly states that junk is intended exclusively for dumping, not humping. :shock:

  5. Aggie… You have two options:

    !. A hermaphrodite: both sex organs, one person typically “female.”
    2. Chick with strap-on that never needs Viagra.

  6. I have to massage Rebecca’s back for over an hour every night before she rolls over for the main attraction.

  7. aggie… After yesterday you probably got the cure for that rare Hawaiian disease you had, right?

  8. You have to be careful when you tell a true hermaphrodite to go f**k herself because she just might do it.

  9. Poor TED, what did you do to the ladies? Love em and Leave em.LOL.I like you TED.LOL. Good Morning FF2 and Aggie.

  10. aggie… can you actually see my 66 pic now?

    I look more like Jerry Sloan, Utah Jazz Coach, than Peter Graves.

  11. WOW!!! I just joined to see what was going on… AGGIE, you really need to get your mind out of the gutter this early in the morning. Streets and Sanitation will be sweeping the streets soon. I don’t recall making any comments yesterday to result in this much venom. Do you recall that I offered to come to Chicago and take you to the top… of the Willis Building?

  12. I see this plot where Aggie and Ted go on a Caribbean cruise together and bookies in Vegas start placing odds on who goes over the rail into the drink first.

  13. So, to steer this conversation back to the intent… Let’s talk about… SURVIVOR! Love seeing the losers go back to Ponderosa… the way Laura was smelling the soap… the food and drink… the comment about not having to fight for the food… all good stuff. It must be such a bittersweet moment. Interesting interview Andy had with Laura… very telling about how they edit the show.

  14. I was testing the waters to see if any survivor talk would work.

    Hi DONNA!! Glad to see you were here… come back… I need a sane voice here.

    SNAKEBIT… thanks again for digging out some interesting info!

  15. Ted… I had to explain to Rebecca that Russell found the HII the morning AFTER the chase scene. Editing never made that clear for whatever reason.

  16. OK… I give up… but AGGIE did mention Laura… but, he is so in love with Shambo, who is a nut case, that it cludes her better judgment and she overlooks what a fine person Laura is. And I think the sexiest woman on Survivor this time! I’ll bet AGGIE has a Shambo style hairdo. What is the group consensus on that?

  17. Oh, it’s Okay… Thanks Aggie! PK… what do you mean the morning after? Boy, I didn’t catch that. I did think it was odd he could lose Dave long enough to spend the time he did with the idol, so that makes perfect sense. We never really get a sense of how the days go.

  18. Ted… I knew the morning after info because he found it while the others were still sleeping according to insider info. Early bird gets the worm theory in practice.

  19. Oh Great! now everyone will lose focus (if Aggie ever has any)… FRANNIE is here. Glad to see you Fp2… maybe Aggie will stay awhile. They have been very abusive to me today, Fp2, go back and see, but be prepared to be shocked. Then you can come back and scold her.

    Helmet hair wasn’t what I had in mind PHILLIP.

  20. Hey FRANNIE… can you see PK’s pic now? AGGIE can and think he looks like Peter Graves… I’m thinking more Marty Feldman.

  21. Well Russell certainly deserves to have it. And that makes sense that he found it then. Yeah, how do you lose 3 guys crashing through the Jungle?

    How’s the Grandson doing? And what are you up to this weekend FP?

  22. OK Ted… Marty Feldman? YUK! Now if you will just tell me how to remove a certain new friend from my Facebook we can move on. :shock:

  23. Grandson is fine…Going to dinner tonight with the
    family and yomorrow is football….silly.
    Sundays are a given.

  24. You know as well as I do Frannie, you only have the time to tease the ones you love. But don’t tell Aggie I said that!

    PK where did you go?

  25. Well, I meant anything like shopping! I love shopping. Love to go to Costco and Trader Joes! I think if I lived on the Mainland I would get a job at Costco! And of course any place like Home Depot!!!
    I wanted to get my 14 yr old Granddaughter some leggings that look like leather, very shiny, at Bloomingdale’s but they only come in Med & Large. So I’m bummed about that.

  26. Don’t be fooled Frannie, Ted loves Wanda Fuca not Aggie or you. He’s just pretending with all the sweet talk.

  27. Oh, I don’t think I did… I really wanted Aggie, the PK defender to hear that… I will have to use it again.

    Hi PK… what are you up to today? And don’t tell me 6 feet whatever.

  28. Damn, if ted got a job at Home Depot there might actually be somebody wearing an orange vest in the store.

  29. FRANNIE… did you read Andy’s Blurred Reality column about Laura? I think it is pretty interesting.

    I saw CYNTHIA was here last night… that poor woman can never find anyone on when she comes on. I wonder if she has had her birthday since she is a Scorpio.

  30. No FP just interested in what people are up to… Im over that… don’t like to run anything into the ground.

  31. Ted… Today, since it’s cool, I may tinker with my Ford truck engine. 6.6 liters (400 CI’s) of fire breathing thunder.

  32. Frannie… For the record, I NEVER let Rebecca or Jamie go to Victorias Secret without me. If I’m paying, I’m playing too.

  33. Frannie… I swear on my Bible that I have never and will never guack at a woman inside of or outside of any store.

  34. Well, I have to go sew the zipper on a tent… ugh, about 4 feet worth. Would much rather be working on a truck engine.


  35. That was right…

    Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
    Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
    How can you lose

  36. OK Frannie…

    The lights are much brighter there
    You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go
    Downtown, things’ll be great when you’re
    Downtown, no finer place for sure,
    Downtown, everything’s waiting for you

    Don’t hang around
    And let your problems surround you
    There are movie shows downtown
    Maybe you know
    Some little places to go to
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    Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossanova
    You’ll be dancing with ‘em too before the night is over
    Happy again

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    Downtown, waiting for you tonight,
    Downtown, you’re gonna be alright now
    (Downtown downtown)


    And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you
    Someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to
    Guide them along

    So, maybe I’ll see you there
    We can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares and go
    Downtown, things’ll be great when you’re
    Downtown, don’t wait a minute more,
    Downtown, everything’s waiting for you

    Downtown (downtown) downtown (downtown)
    Downtown (downtown) downtown (downtown)

  37. Holy Shit… First Ted asks to be my friend on Facebook. Then Sal asks to be my Facebook friend. Cool! But cooler still is Ifigenia Manuri, female, born March 5, 1987, location not listed, who just asked to be my friend. Hell yes said I. Or maybe I should ask Rebecca first?

  38. Elizabeth… thanks for the link! Nice to have some new blood and a sane voice for a change. Boy, poor Eric just can’t let it go can he? Must be bugging Laura and Kelly to death!

  39. Ted, i’ll talk Survivor with ya. I need to ask questions about antiques but it looks like the conversation is sex and other stuff like i’ve come into the movie half over. lol.

    so i’ll go watch the clip.
    car trouble (really bad when you have 3 cars and none of them run)
    and today i have to try to teach my hubby to drive an OLD stick shift (he’s never driven one) i need a valium or ten.
    OH shamu (i really wanted to like her) i think is really a guy.
    and she’s not the so nice person i thot she was.
    she could be happy about L. getting voted off (i wasn’t) but didn’t have to laugh about it (on the outside) “no class”
    but that seems to be the going thing this time on survivor.

  40. ok i watched the clip. is there any way ericy can go home?
    he’s such a whiney baby. it’s done. get over it eric. (yes i know i’m typing in lowercase……….it’s faster.

    have a great wk end ppls..:)

  41. Well, well….looks like Teddy from a new Survivor
    speaking friend. Isn’t that special.

    tendr…. I liked it when Shambo laughed when Laura was
    eliminated. You know….they would have done the same thing
    if it were a Foa Foa person. I was not a fan of Lauras
    and I didn’t use to be a fan of Russell. Our good friend
    Theodore helped me see the light. Not really, Russell did
    that all on his own.

  42. Elizabeth, enjoyed the blog. I have liked something about Russ from day 1. I knew he was a character and lots of sh..t was going to happen because he would instigate it. To torment and create havoc in your own tribe was an extrordinary tactic and could have backfired if he got caught. I like the fact that you think he had FF throw some comps to get rid of his tribes weakest links. It was an extreme idea, but once he found out Shambo had no alleigence to Galu gave him support and a way into an advantage once the merge was made. Getting Eric out was a stroke og Genius. I think he business management skills have helped him along with the search and destroy tactics. Now, can he push people the way he wants them to go to get himself to the end game?

  43. TENDR… I think Shambo is conflicted in her sexuality… she wants to be a woman so much, but I think she has been rebuffed by males. And no wonder… But, I do think she is crying out for affection. Did you ever see the outtake when she kissed Eric? That was telling. And speaking of Eric… He is a whiny baby. Like Kelly said… “Let it go!”.

    And FRANNIE… be sure to read JANE”S blog… (that’s what her friends call her) Good insight on TGO. I was very happy when you came to your senses. Be sure to have your pal AGGIE read it, as there is a dreamy photo of TGO she should see… I will convert her yet!

  44. Well..well….all you have to do is talk SS and Bam…
    there is Ted. You must be in heaven right about now.

  45. ET… No not the one who phoned home. Russell is a savvy survivor, no doubt, but I really do think you have given him more credit for orchestrating the “game play” to date than he deserves. With perfect hindsight, it may seem that way to a casual observer with only the edited version of the game, but for most of the initial challenges, Galu just plain had a stronger tribe. Do I think Russell ever intentionally threw any challenges? No. Did Russell carefully select the final 4 Foa Foa? I don’t think so and nobody in their right mind including the wizard Russell wants to go into the merge down 8 to 4.
    Will Russell protect the final 4 foa foa until all of the Galu are gone? No way. Russell is playing Russell’s game. If Dave can get the remaining Galu to unite behind him to take out all foa foa then Russell may be more foa foa friendly, but I doubt that Dave has any say in the game any more, if ever. Russell has made mistakes and has not always had the game go as he planned. His ace in the hole for as long as he can keep it is his most recent HII. With it, he is safe. without it without immediately finding another, he’s gone, since finding is his specialty, not winning individual anything but the disgust of the other tribe members other than Shambo who sees him as her only hope for survival.

  46. Now can we get back to Aggie doing some more bitch slapping “fuddy duddy” Ted.

    I also want to know if Frannie’s deal with Merriam-Webster is working out for her.

    Do we need to expand the landing strip for our frequent Fly By’s?

    Let’s get our minds back to what is really important, OK?

  47. This looks like a fun bunch of folks here. I’ve been reading the posts for a couple of days now but have never posted before. Can I join you guys.

  48. We had a better name for them, the Navy pilots when training for Carrier landings would do what they called “Touch and Goes”, they would come in for a landing and as soon as the wheels touched, they would hit the afterburners and take back off.

  49. Sal… You gotta love those “Touch and Goes” if you work at a Good Year plant. Do that again! And Again!

  50. PHillip, for the record no helmut hair, Ted no shambo mullet. sorry Ted just like the woman, she seems like a cool person to hang out with. I hate to inform you i dont think Laura is very pretty, she looked bitchy and is abitch .Ted, Phillip, looking like Marty Feldman ,Ouch, i dont think so Marty Feldman was an extremely ugly man, who kind of looked like Frank Gorshin a little bit too.

  51. I was reading today that another major US refinery is shutting down because of lower demand for gasoline products. Over 500 jobs lost. So here is how it works apparently. Reduce refining capability due to lower demand and then raise the price of gas because there is less supply. Brilliant!

    And did you know that the US is importing refined petroleum products from Europe now. Cheaper to refine there than in the US. More jobs going overseas. Capitolism in full swing…

  52. Ted moves quicker than Frannie closing her bank on Fridays. No sooner do we have a new female blogger (Elizabeth Tipton) but Ted makes his move. Guess who has her first friend on her Facebook site? You guessed it, Elizabeth Tipton. Ted, you are the man no matter what Aggie and Frannie say.

  53. Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody
    I’ve got some money cause I just got paid
    How I wish I had someone to talk to
    I’m in an awful way

  54. I’m playing spider solitaire on the puter.
    That’s for people that don’t know much about

  55. Rebecca put the nix on Ifigenia Manuri born in 1987 as my Facebook friend. Too young she says. What’s wrong with young even if it is checking in from Bulgaria or wherever.

  56. PK SAYS
    The Cougar should be devouring her prey on Saturday night. What gives?

    I SAY….apparently not me… :lol: :roll:

  57. Christmas is coming Frannie so for the next month or so it is better to give than receice so I’m told by my tubby buddy Santa.

  58. Not yet considered a cougar but I am here. Franniep2 sometimes I only have time to do a fly by..I am always on the run.

  59. Yeah Murray was pissed. Didn’t think Sal’s remark was something to get mad over… or anything else for that matter either.

  60. Hey PK….I am getting off here for a while. Josh wants
    the computer. Can’t wait for Christmas.
    BBL PK and DonnaP…screw Ted.

  61. I Think murray is alittle bit like dungeon master, maybe he lives in a dungeon too, and thinks of bizarre things. a little touchy like dungeon master too ,calling Sal an asshole.

  62. Hey Ted,I heard somewhere that TGO will make the final three along with Mick and Nat, with Natalie winning it all.. I don’t believe these spoilers though.

  63. Did you read Miss Tiptons blog about Russell Donna? I liked it, but definitely agree with PK that Foa never threw a challenge. I was looking to make a strong alliance which he accomplished.

  64. FRANNIEP2… I was just trying to get your goat… Didn’t mean to be that rude, and it was… I apologize to you and PK. You should have got this 5 mins ago, but my computer keeps going off line… High winds tonight.

  65. Glad you are back PK… I am ganged up on big time and so unfairly… DONNA is the only civil one her.

  66. Good that all is OK with you guys. I will talk to you at another time because its Saturday night and I have to go shake what my Mama gave me. Have a good night everyone. Bye Ted my friend LOL

  67. FRANNIE… You know I’ve always got your back.

    Loved the Ponderosa videos… Great stuff.

    Damn computer keeps going out… FP2, what kind did you get Josh?

    Okay, I’m going to cook diner… Spaghetti inspired by PK, the other day. Been thinking of a new sauce to make and got some great looking Hot Itallian Style Pork Sausage at the market today. Fire roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, onions, mushrooms and peppers and white beans. Fresh angel hair pasta to boot.

  68. Okay… BBL… PK, I don’t see anything either. Not even the Silhouette.

    AGGIE… get the move done?

  69. LMAO! You guys are funny… I need to come here more often. Ted was slipping on his stalking duties as I was waiting for a reply on Facebook. Yes Aggie we took our SS Relationship to the next level. Anyways I gotta be quick to keep up with ya’ll… Good eye Sal on the seeing Russells plans from day one! And yes Ted I do give him Russell a lot of credit because last Thursday was just too good to be true!!

  70. Back to Survivor:

    I will now do my best to put myself inside of TGO’s mind and predict the outcome of the next tribal council.

    Russell is comfortable with the foa foa 4 for now and Shambo is all his and John will be begging for mercy from everybody and worth keeping around for now just as a yes man. Monica is useless without Laura and no threat for now in any challenge or anything else. Dave is the master of making all of the wrong decisions and hopefully he will continue to make more before it’s his time to go. That leaves Brett. He’s young, fit and possibly a real threat to Russell in the final days so the sooner he leaves the island the better. My prediction: Russell, orchestrates the eviction of Bret with votes from the other foa foa 3, Shambo and John.

  71. Phillip… you may be right, but I really think John is going and they tried to tweak the commercials to make it look like Russell. He was a flip flopping traitor. Yes he was right about how clueless his tribe was, which was classic, but he is exposed and the easiest to take out, and one of the smartest after Russell! Russell does not want John around now for sure!

  72. I just spent about 15 mins doing a lengthy comment in order to suck up to one of my friends, including a nice recipe to make her look like a cook and went off line and lost it.

  73. ET.. John is exposed now and not a threat to Russell short term and that is all the concerns TGO going into the next tribal council. Russell has to make his HII work for him somehow because there is always the possibility of the Brett scenario I mentioned earlier might turn into an “EriK” surprise on Russell if he even senses he is in jeopardy without surrendering the idol at council.

    John stays. No surprise “Erik” votes to oust Russell in the next council, at least. Brett goes unless he wins immunity challenge. If that happens, Russ shifts the vote to Dave.

  74. fp2… Search Phillip Knudsen. I am not the only one but one of the few in the USA. I had a girl from the Netherlands inquire on my Facebook if I had moved to the USA. Wrong Phillip Knudsen

  75. Now that makes sense Ted… oooh can’t wait until Thursday!!! Well be back tomorrow, tell Aggie don’t vote me out while I’m gone. I will stop talking Survivor on the Survivor Blog I promise :P

  76. I set up Facebook for this blog and my friends will always be friends on this blog, not 22 year old bimbos from Bulgaria or who knows where.

  77. Well Frannie, Rebecca says it’s OK and I will confirm that with her later so what should I search, Franniep2 or something else?

  78. PK you are back. I will have to try to log off and see if I don’t appear. I never log off.

    FRANNIE… I do chinese in case you are ever in this neck of the woods. I learned from my friend Martin Yan many years ago in Sacramento when he was just starting out. In fact, I was going to do a stir fry tonight and had just picked out some nice baby bok choy when I saw the sausage and thought of PK cooking Rebecca Spaghetti. I like to design sauces and have been thinking of doing one with fire roasted tomatoes. So, that’s what I’m doing tonight. Spicy Italian pork sausage balls with toms, fresh basil, white beans, mush, onion, peppers and garlic. Got some fresh angel hair pasta.
    This may be a real backwoods rural island, but at the same time we have a fantastic market here. Due in large part to the high density of Microsoft and Boeing Millionaires who retired and live here.

  79. I typed the above an hour ago and had the good sense to copy it. Could not send… so I started making my sauce. Will try to send stuff fast as I keep getting off line.

    FRANNIE… just thought you might like something easy to make that will make you look like Mario Batali… Well, not look like him, but like you can cook like him. I think Josh said you couldn’t make a grilled cheese sandwich. I will send it later when things are more stable.

  80. WHAT THE HELL!!! Did I read the above correctly??? FP2 is on facebook!!! I am going to have to check this out! WOW am I excited! Will have to read all the posts above as soon as I can, but I have to go cook.

  81. Ted dont ever mention sausage around me, now you got me started again, I think you like sausage more of the human kind ,Ted Bicurious ,Yes indeed.Ted ,did you like Sals Pencil holder thing.

  82. Ted… Aggie is just pestering you so that if you ever need to move you will use her moving company, One Horny Broad and a Van…

  83. Come back aggie. We’ve even widened the fly by landing strip just for you… Come on back now y’hear

  84. Well I am back for a few mins… haven’t had time to check fb yet… I can always tell when AGGIE is posting… without reading the name… ONE TRACK MIND!!! Egged on by PK.

    So, I guess you must be on FRANNIE… I couldn’t figure out how you could do it… until I heard a mention of a certain teenager. That does make it easy, because I was suspicious when PK mentioned your avatar… now we have to get it on here.

  85. Ted is looking through the entire St. Louis Metro Area phone book looking for anybody with the first name Frannie. Good luck Ted…

  86. Yes, FP blame the spelling on the computer. In fact, I heard that someone was getting a Merriam-Webster app for their computer, I don’t remember who. The only problem I see with that is that he/she would have to know how to use one.

    MISS TIPTON… I am so happy you have decided to stay… And yes, you may have to comment sometimes on matters other than Survivor… But they are all pretty harmless. And, Please Do Not Use Smiley Faces!

  87. Hello CYNTHIA. I ltold your friends I’d find you & here you are. I left a poem for you last night but in case you didn’t read it here it is again. Just for you.

    When I met you my life was blue
    Overnight you made it new.
    Just as quickly you turned away
    Been looking for you since that day.

    You stay away, that makes me sad
    Now all my heart feels is bad.
    You left me standing in the rain
    You left me to deal with all this pain.

    You took off so quickly in a cab
    You did not know what you could have had.
    I’ve found you now, I know where you are
    Rest assured I’ll never be far.

    You need to know how badly you hurt me
    I will show you so you won’t desert me.

    Once you know the pain you have caused
    Hurting me again will make you pause.
    We’ll be happy together, you & I
    Our last meeting will NOT be our last goodbye.

    Waiting to see you again. C_Y_N_T_H_I_A

  88. You know what—I know this is you KEVIN—just hang on & let me do a little typing here & keep you damn mouth shut!!

  89. I don’t believe I got on… I don’t think I’ll last long… OH God, AGGIE will have a field day with that.

  90. FP2… you are as cute as I imagined. No time for smart ass comments… got to go read what I’ve missed before the wind cuts me off again.

  91. I’m sorry I don’t sit here and read the whole thing…..i am overwhelmed with things here (you never know unless told what another person’s going through on the other side of this box) so i peek in to see survivor comments and i’m sorry if FRANNIE has a problem with me. I don’t know why.
    I can still have my own opinion can’t i?
    I still don’t like Russ. It’s his personality.
    I like Nat. I think she’s tough and sweet.

    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving ok?

  92. First of all—-you didn’t “find” me—cause I wasn’t hiding. Second—I am not now nor will I ever be “YOUR GIRL.” Just how many blogs did you have to actually scour to—-you know what—that doesn’t even matter. Let me make this REAL DAMN CLEAR for you. Read slowly so that it sinks in ok??

    YOU are the most twisted, perverted, egomaniac, “Got to keep a woman in her place” kind of guy that I have ever met!! And that’s saying a lot cause I’ve met several. But “MY PLACE” is where the hell ever I want it to be & it might change at any given moment. So WE will NEVER BE EVEN FRIENDS. HOWEVER—you WILL NOT come on this blog & cause problems. These are very nice people here & they don’t need it & I damn sure don’t need it. In fact—you just made your last post here. Do you want to know why? Because the moderator of this group tipped me off that you were here, not only tonight but last night also. AND HE WILL DELETE ANY FURTHER POSTING FROM YOU!!!…. Just hold on azzhole….I’m not done.

  93. Holy Cow what happens when I’m off… I keep fighting to stay on but not much I can do…

    Thanks SAL I remember now…

    So whose the poet… don’t think he’ll be back. Wow CYNTHIA… what a problem you seem to have… What a jerk! Did you have your birthday? Here’s a story to cheer you up… Both of my wives were Scorpios… Nov. 21 7 Nov. 22… AND both were named Ann… Go figure… Guess I just like Scorpios. Glad you came in early tonight… Hope I can stick around awhile

  94. You know—I TRIED REAL hard to be nice about letting you know I didn’t think we could be friends. I left quietly in the cab —hell I even waved & smiled as we pulled away. But you just won’t let this go will you?? Made you life new?? Dude—we saw each other twice. You sick S.O.B. You’re going ot show me how badly I hurt you??? GET A LIFE!! BRING IT YOU PANSY AZZ!!! You won’t know what hit you.

    As for the rest of your little poem HENRY, I can read between the lines & I see your sad attempt to intimidate me with veiled threats. You know what I say to that—–F%$& OFF BUD. You have SADLY mistaken my kindness for weakness. YOU ARE A FOOL. Dumbazz I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!! And WHO LIVES WITH YOU. See, when I found out that you were “looking” for me, I didn’t scan blogs for hours on end. I found out where you were in case you showed up. And do you know what that means for you?? It means, you simple minded fucker, that if you EVER, EVER attempt to bother me again–i’ts going to be a bad, terrible, sad day for your azz. And that is NOT a “veiled” threat—that is flat out wide open. You don’t know me sport—you better ask someone who does. LLeStone Path looked pretty good when I went by there. GET IT??????? SO DO NOT PLAY GAMES WITH ME. Go on your merry way & find a dimwitted airhead for your target cause baby—–I AM NOT IT!!!

    NOW—I’ve said all I have to say to you except one last thing. My brother read your poem. Bad bad Henry!!! It sure sucks to be you right now. You better pray to God that I don’t get hurt anytime soon—cause he ain’t playing son. I better not even get a scratch from anybody. You cooked your own azz with that one. I told you—-you better ask somebody!!!!



  95. So far so good… TENDR… glad you are here too… it’s okay if you don’t like Russell… we all have our faves… hope your clouds brighten soon… you always have friends here…

  96. OH my bad—I called you Henry. No he’s a good guy with a taste for chit for friends. But you know I was speaking to you KEVIN.

    NOW—I’m D-O-N-E!!!!!

  97. AGGIE… That is the understatement of the year… I was going to offer to fly out to Florida and Kick some Ass… After reading that I don’t think I have to.

  98. Okay, I’m going to try to go read the old stuff… I know you are all waiting for a report on my dinner, which got erased earlier… I’ll be back.

  99. Ted—yes I am a scorpio—that’s too funny that both your wives were too.>8-} And both were named Ann too huh?? That should have been an omen Ted. LMAO

    And thanks Frannie–I know you guys & gals don’t need this crap, but when Snake told me he was here I couldn’t think of any other way to respond to him that wouldn’t go against me, like writing to his personal e-mail address. But it’s ok—I have printed out his little poem & screw him. Oh Lady—it’s a wild long story. But I had friends telling me weeks ago that he was looking for me. He’s the fruity toot of the month ya hear me?? And when I found out—I immediately went to Snake cause I LOVE it here & I don’t want any problems. This is where I come to have fun. And THIS sawed off piece of chit WILL NOT ruin this for me.

    BUT I am sooooooooooooo sorry everybody for the drama… My God I HATE drama. This dude is just a nutcase.

  100. Thanks Snake–no I’m sure he has to think about it now. He don’t want to ride this train. And thanks again for giving me a heads up on this mess. I’m just sooooooooooooooooooo sorry it happened here.

  101. TED You were going to offer to come to Florida??? That was soooooo sweet. But I got this one trust me. You’re too funny.

  102. Thank you soooooooooo much Snake. That is so very, very sweet of you. My God when my brother read that poem–his face turned almost purple. He is SUPER TICKED OFF. This is just awful. ALL because of a blind date. NEVER AGAIN IN LIFE BABY!!!

  103. Hey Snake—there’s left field—then there’s the back nine. LMAO Stay out of the back nine sweetie.>8-}}}}

  104. come to houston sometime and i’ll show so wonderful parts of town …… lots of places with flowers(get pics for princess) have a place called discovery green park. there 2 shells, 1 at each end of the park, when you talk lowly yhe other person can hear it

  105. I can’t believe I actually made it on time tonight to catch part of the day crew here. WOW!! Well thanks to Sal. But still—I see you guys & gals. :lol:

  106. This blog has been hitting record highs for posts lately!! What is going on?? Not that I’m complaining—but dammit man!!! :lol:

  107. COOL—-maybe the scumbag got the idea. I guess time will tell.
    Ok I’ve got to go get some Tylenol or something. My head is throbbing. I’ll be back later hopefully. Thanks again Snake for all that you did. And thanks to you too Frannie for being so understanding. I just hope everybody that reads this tomorrow will be the same. (nervous as hell about that one)

    BBL I HOPE. :lol:

  108. Still haven’t read old ones… CYNTHIA… NO need to apologize… you made our night… although probably messed up SAL’s nap schedule! Way to kick some ass… we didn’t have to pick on each other for awhile… Now I’m going to try again before I get cut off.

  109. AGGIE… I would not have pictured you of Irish descent. Two of my grandchildren are half Irish… their father is from Dublin.

  110. This was a banner day for SSB!!! First a lot of people talking about Survivor during… even PK. And as night fell The Main Event!!! That was priceless… I’m sure it was hard on you CYNTHIA, but I bet you feel Damn Good now!

    Have to go check my new facebook friend now.

  111. What is with this stalking business… how can I be stalking anyone? And how can I see AGGIE’s photo? She’s afraid to show herself!

  112. Oh, of course, AGGIE’S IRISH ROSE!! I think I will start calling you rose… somehow that really fits! PRINCESS is AWOL… I hope she is okay.

  113. FP2… We’ve got to get your pic on here… isn’t it nicer with an avatar to look at… Look how cool SAL and I look up there!

  114. Yikes! what the hell is it? Couldn’t tell from that little photo the other day. Still can’t tell. Looks like BACON BITS BOB!

  115. hey Cynthia, nice reading your comments but i have no idea why you are so angry but you must have good reason to be. I enjoy comments from all like Frannie and aggie and snakebit sal and all you other people. Keep up the good work and i will be a regular member of this exclusive club from now on.
    Hell this is better than any soap opera i have ever seen bye you all

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