Soggy, soggy times, wish my lips weren’t blue this time…….

Just how much rain can a human take, I think we are about to find out. Stratagy is out the window, it is now time for human survival. Mere mortals vs. Mother Nature. Who will win, who can compete, damn I wish I was there. Nothing like adversity to bring out the best or worst in people. I’ve lived through hurricanes and tornados and believe you me, people show their true colors. However, there is no better feeling than to help out someone in need!!

We now have 15 needy people on Samoa, time to find out who the true survivors really are.  All this craziness and try to remember “It’s Only a Game”. Gameplay seems to have gotten washed away for the time being. The two challenges and a tribal council. Tempers have got to be short, anyone is in danger of eviction at times like this, suck it up, play hard and pray you don’t make anyone mad!

Look whats for dinner Ma!
Look whats for dinner Ma!

Yum, Yummm …… what a way to earn reward. These types of competitions aren’t my cup of tea! And guess what happens next, you have an immunity challenge.

Hope your strong because look whats next.                                                      

Now that both idols have been found, it remains to be seen if this will stop the show from providing clues and sending contestants to the opposing camp. Maybe they’ll at least edit this part out to make room for more of Russell H’s amusing antics.

Wonder why they picked me to go?
Wonder why they picked me to go?

   Update: From the web promo, Shambo is shown marching in to the IC with Foa Foa. It’s possible they just loaned her to protect their chicken supply from further depletion, but it seems more likely that Galu won the RC, and Russell S. selected Shambo to visit Foa Foa’s camp and get another (pointless) clue.

Only the strong Survive!!
Only the strong Survive!!

From the web promo, the makeup of this challenge is fairly clear. Both tribes  have two nets apiece, which are hanging from ropes. The other tribe gets to throw as many coconuts as possible into the opposing nets, while the two designated rope holders (Laura and Russell S. for Galu, Liz and Russell H. for Foa Foa) yank on the ropes to keep the nets from touching the ground. Everyone not holding nets is shooting coconuts, except Brett, Dave and Shambo, who are all sitting out for Galu.

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  1. Oh good they get to eat the bug crap, that should be interesting I know I couldnt do it .I wouldnt be able to keep it down. I hope noone else gets evacuated from the show .its going to be pretty tough for them from now on.Morning Phillip and everyone else I left a message for you on the bottom of yesterdays post. Have agood day everyone.

  2. aggie….are you asking PK to fill you in on his experiences at
    Woodstock? Agiie, I don’t think you want all the details. Didn’t
    the rod over the bed tell you enough? If not that, than how about
    the heavy dark curtains to keep the SPOTLIGHT out.

    PK….You Tiger you!!! Benefits times 3. Talk about putting a tiger
    in your tank!!!

    Sorry I missed all the fun last night. Watched “Hells Kitchen” for
    2 hours. Taped DWTS, so when HK was over, I felt the need to
    watch DWTS. Then I also had to tape Biggest Loser because it
    seems everything comes on at the same time. I watched it last
    night too.

    For those who watched Hells Kitchen….I wanted Dave to win. He
    went through alot of pain & fought through it without giving up.
    That’s what I call determination.

    Biggest Loser….kinogirl, WTF. Tracey can fall in a pile of do do
    and come out smelling like roses. Seems like she can do no wrong.
    She really needed to go last night but Coach Mo pretty much stepped
    up and said he was the weaker of the two. Maybe next week we
    will see her demise.

  3. Ladies… I was a “victim” :) of the free love, take full advantage of my VW Camper from coast to coast, mid-to-late 60’s. Things were so different back then. In 1968 while riding the DC Transit from downtown to Georgetown, before the DC riots in April, I even had a beautiful young recent transplant to DC from Knoxville, TN, flat out ask me how many times I could make love to her in a day. I politely responded, “Don’t know until I know, but when can we start?” Months later her sister asked me the same question.

  4. After all that aggie and all you can ask is did you have any
    tie dye shirts. Now you want to keep it clean? :)

  5. aggie… I left for Woodstock with my two main honey’s in the summer of ’69. Stupid me, I actually bought tickets in DC for the Woodstock “music event.” We were a comfortable threesome already with plenty of room on my super king water bed in Arlington, VA, just across the 14th street bridge from DC. The third young lady entered the fold (even more crowded VW Canper but OK by me) when the rains started and never stopped. For a short period of time immediately after Woodstock, I considered seeing if Webster added a pic of me next to the word “stamina” but I never got around to it just trying to keep up with future stamina.

    We weren’t major druggies back then, just some occasional pot, pot laced with PCP. hash, mushrooms, LSD, coke, and some others I forget the names of.

  6. Hey snake…any idea what the temps were like for the tribe members.
    Since it was done a while back, the temps might be a little different
    than today. Hopefully they don’t have rain and COLD. That would
    really suck. :(

  7. Ladies… I refuse to go into the details of my absolutely disgusting behavior during the summers of 70,71,72,73 and 74 at the party house I rented in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

  8. PHILLIP WAy to go ,I was just coming on to ask you about the drugs ,part I thought you were going to say you were on a natural high from allthe sex.Man the only kind of drug I ever had was POT, And I thought that was pretty good.

  9. aggie….I was wrong about DWTS. I really thought Louie was
    leaving. All he did was walk around while his partner did all the
    dancing. I am glad he didn’t go because I really like Chelsea
    Hightower. I probably already said this before, but she got her
    start on So You Think You Can Dance. She was just an ordinary
    girl that tried out and went far in the competition.

  10. aggie, OK, if you insist. During the summers mentioned earlier as I approached the big 30, I was suddenly the “target” of every just barely legal girl from Rehoboth Beach, Del, to Ocean City, MD. Some even came down from Margate, NJ. One teenie bopper would tell another who told another who told another and on and on. I can only hope in retrospect that some good lessons were learned by all in the name of love.

    Late in 1974, I got married and the party was over. Time to be a responsible adult. Divorced in 1976 and relapsed into my old ways until I married my soul mate (20 years my junior) in 1999. Now my wife continually asks, “what ever happened to the stamina?”

  11. Ladies… Here is a very true story that will make you laugh. It concerns Donna Dixon (now married to Dan Ackroid.) Well, back in the mid 70’s I believe it was, Donna was dating a friend of mine who was a well known club owner in DC and Georgetown. I had already been with Donna, probably the first, so I knew she was quickly becoming a party girl. So one night at Mike’s DC club in walks Sylvester Stallone. Sly likes what he sees in Donna and makes a deal with Mike. If Sly gets to leave that night with Donna, Mike gets a part in “Fist,” a movie Sly was filming in DC at the time. Well, Sly did leave with Donna, BUT I never did see Mike’s featured role in “Fist.”

  12. Again your on a roll FRannie, I laughed out loud about P.k. comment.Dancing with the stars was good Im glad Louie didnt leave I think hes kind of cute,but he will be gone if he doesnt step it up.What did you think of SHAKIRA I really like that song Hips dont lie.

  13. aggie… “time for a cool down.” That’s what my wife says I did immediately after our honeymoon to Barbados.

  14. One more thing before the cool down. One of my teenie bopper gal pals from the early 70’s who was 5’11” and runway ready at 17 actually asked me to take her to her senior prom at Wakefield HS in Arlington, VA. I accepted and was the only combination date/chaperone in attendance that evening. Am I a nice guy or what?

  15. ummm… thanks for sharing phillip? i just urped a little in my mouth. personal information is ok. TOO MUCH information is another story. This has become the “bragging phillip blog”. i guess if bragging fulfills a need for you then have at it. i like to read your funny comments though, so it’s not all bad. i just wish the boasting could be cut out or at least not every day.

  16. Shoulda seen that coming Vanessa and murray. You didn’t ask for all the dirt. A little mouth wash should fix you up though, Vanessa. Wasn’t boasting though, just reflecting on a time so long ago I never want to forget when I got lucky more often than most and lived to tell about it, but usually only when asked.

  17. sorry phillip. didn’t mean to sound that harsh. i do enjoy your sense of humor. i read this blog and have read the big brother blog. i just dont post much if at all. people get it. you have lived a full life. you are rich. you have lived everywhere. you have a young wife. you have rubbed elbows with famous people. you have been to famous events. yet you remain so humble. need you say more?

  18. Tomorrow we finally get another episode of Survivor Samoa to talk about, not a moment too soon for some, I’m sure. :)

  19. Vanessa… I need not say more, but casting my humility aside, I just may.

    FYI… My parents knew a whole lot more famous folks in their day than I ever will, but they are gone now and it’s too late for them to say anything about anything, humble or otherwise.

  20. fp2… good thing I didn’t mention the family summer house in Nahant, Mass or the family island retreat off the coast of Rockland, Maine. Whew, that would have put it over the top for some.

  21. Sal… Maine is where skunks first evolved millions of years ago and where skunks still out number people by a wide margin. Along the coast, particularly around Rockland, Maine, the lobsters are big, plentiful and delicious, not like the midget lobsters and crayfish thingies they catch here on the Gulf Coast..

  22. Ok, let’s see if my starfish comes back. I’m reading all the posts and you guys are a hoot. So much fun and PK, your Donna Dixon story is priceless.

    Snake, I was born in Aliquippa which borders Beaver Falls. The town is pretty much dead now since the steel mill left town. My parents moved us to CA ub 1957 so I don’t remember too much. I still have relatives there and visited once several years ago. It was amazing, I could still drive all over because nothing really changed. Pittsburgh is gorgeous though.

  23. Hard to believe we were that close, i was born in 52, left town for 4 years in 72 to join the navy. Came back after the service, moved out again in early 80’s to come down here to Texas.

    Ahhh, PK, thats what that smell was as i was driving to Newfoundland back in 74.

  24. Starfish… The club owner who got “screwed” by Stallone when he let Donna get screwed by Stallone is the guy who appears in the most widely sold poster ever. Poster reads, “Poverty Sucks” and it has him. Michael O’Harro standing in front of a Rolls Royce in his “riding” gear parked in front of the Department of Health and Human Services in DC. Poster was created back in the 70’s.
    Mike’s bio is a hoot. Much better than mine, lol.

  25. FYI…for BB fans last nite quite by accident I found a podcast show live with Jeff and Jordan…check it out It’s well over an hour long but it was a good interview, it takes about 15 minutes before they actually come on though.
    Looking forward to some new SS this Thursday. Never posted before but always read everyones blogs.

  26. Actually it was a Bentley he owned, not a Rolls, my bad, but both were literally the same thing.

  27. Yep… Short for Michael G. O’Harro. I actually met the two women who went to Woodstock with me at Mike’s JOPA club on the corner of 18th and M street in early 1969. A year or so later, his night manager and two employees were brutally murdered after closing and JOPA shut down forever, the building was demolished and a very high rent office building was constructed at that location.

  28. Sal… We are dying here waiting for your answer. Did it ever make it to the top of the hill?

  29. I knew what he was talking about, I’ve just been away for a
    little bit. Things at work were not balancing. All running smooth
    again so…….I’m back.

  30. My first car was a 1964 Galaxie 500. Baby blue covertible, white
    top with white interior. Nice…………..

  31. Sal… I had an attorney friend in DC who became the not so happy owner of a classic Bentley as payment in lieu of fees. He stopped by my office with his new toy to have me check it out and, of course, when he arrived, I graciously entered the rear of the vehicle and politely said. “Drove On, James.”

    Later when somebody backed into the front end and he priced replacement parts, he quickly got rid of the “Royal” tank.

  32. fp2… My first car (16th birthday present) was a 1959 Jaguar XK-150 Roadster. That was the first, last and only British car I ever owned or would care to own. Was cool to look at but no back seat for “takin’ care of business,” positive ground electrical system and totally unreliable for any trip over 150 miles.

    Traded it for a 63 Chevy Impala SS for a more practical ride while at BYU. On weekends, however, taking most exams for two Shah related Iranian students got me exclusive rights to Ferrari’s on weekends. I was their English tutor as well, and loved to hear them practice their “F this and F that in the lunch line at BYU with great pride.

  33. aggie… go easy on Vanessa. I get under some women’s skin without hardly trying. One of my exes actually sent me a just released 45 rpm recording of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” back in the early 70’s. Was one of the two ladies who went to Woodstock with me, in fact. My one and only Shirlie.

  34. aggie, why are some people so crabby? She just doesn’t
    know how to have fun. To bad…so sad for her.

  35. aggie, do you watch So You Think You Can Dance? It’s on
    tonight. They are still getting down to the finals. After that,
    it gets really good. Many people from DWTS got their debut
    on there. Give it a try….you might like it.

  36. pk….Have you ever heard of a Ford Cortina? Google it…
    I remember I had one but don’t remember the year. I had
    never seen one before nor have I ever seen one since.
    I don’t even know why I owned one. It was during my married life. He always was a sucker for cars. To this day, I can be
    with my daughter in a car and see a ???? and I’ll say “oh wow,
    look at that ????” and she will say, let me guess….you had one. BUTTTTT….none of what you’re talking about. Like
    Vanessa said….you’re rich. :) :) :)

  37. OKAY…final post from me, can anyone tell me how to get
    different smiley faces and such. You guys need to share
    your knowledge with the rest of us.
    Later duded and dudettes

  38. fp2… The Ford Cortina was built in Great Britain primarily during the 70’s for the British market, but a few did make it to the US shores with left-side drive. Both Ford and General Motors have European and even Australian plants manufacturing specific models for the foreign markets.

  39. frannie, I will check it out ,no I have never seen it the only one I have seen is DWTS and that one that Bruno and Carrie ann did A while ago ,that was a total bomb, i dont think a dance show would be as funny without a celebrity.the season premiere of NIP/ TUCK is on tonight have you ever seen that on the fx station ,GILLES MARINI IS MAKINg a guest appearance this season, I could almost drool looking at him.

  40. Sal, Thanks for the info regarding ZEV and JUstin, I felt so bad for those guys ,I dont blame ZEV for turning down the motorcycle good for him.

  41. My my so much fun you guys are having. Woodstock PK, really? OMG You had absolutely too much fun and it sounds like you are still on that track. Good for you.

    Yep Snake, I did remember all the streets because I walked all over that town when we lived there to visit relatives in different places and I would swim in that very large pool with a loooong slide that wore holes in my swimsuit. I was 12 when we left PA, born in 45. We moved to Hopewell when I was 5 and I used to walk to Aliquippa high and through the woods to visit relatives on the other side. Took the bus to downtown to the State theater for 5 cents a movie and they upped it to 10 cents when Peter Pan came to town. I was a wanderer and was always taking off and knew every inch of that town. When I was 3 my parents had the cops come looking for me because I was cruising downtown Aliquippa. Everyone in all the stores knew me. Can still see my father jumping out of the police car yelling “there she is”. Boy did I get it for that and I was only 3.

    I know not nearly as exciting as PKs antics but just the same that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I will never tell what went on during the woodstock era, that’s my secret memory. :mrgreen:

    Hurry up Thursday, we’re dying here.

  42. starfish… born in 45 were you? But that does not mean that we can’t still and always be going on 18. The only times when I’m not 18 are when I look in the mirror which I do try to avoid and when my wife says can we do that again.

  43. PK, you are hilarious and even if everything you are saying is half true, you should write a tell all book. Your literary commentary without clear specifics, gives everyone a chance to use their own imagination as to what exactly went on in the VW. Thankfully, or is it luckily, or perhaps sadly, you decide, I was never in a menage a trois. A Jag for your 16th BD and that silver spoon is still planted firmly in your cheek. Lucky you. That was not a criticism, it was jealousy, sort of. :D

    Yep born in ’45 and proud to be a boomer depending on which 10 year span you count. I’ll always be 21, 18’s still a little young even though I danced until 2am nearly every night in bars where you had to have a stamp on your hand if you weren’t 21. Do you remember the Mondo Carne (sp?) movies where they showed kids dancing and said couldn’t believe what this generation is coming to. I was in one of those movies because they taped in one of my favorite spots called the Warehouse in West L.A. Also danced on ‘Hollywood A Go Go’ – Wink Martindale was MC. Not a go go dancer but danced on the floor with many others. Still love to dance. Wish I could get my hands on some of those tapes.

  44. Oh and went to Sunset Strip a lot in those days before it turned into a carnival & freak show. We would all drive up and down the strip, radios blaring, do the chinese fire drill. All cars stopped at a red light everyone would jump out and do the dirty dog. Just as nasty as what they do today but oh so much fun and we were not drugged up or drunk either. No drugs at all. Tried maryjane but all I wanted to do was eat so didn’t do that or anything else. I was always the designated driver before there was such a thing because alcohol made me ralph. Had no choice, clean and sober me.

  45. starfish… I lived in Manhattan Beach the summer of 65 and hung out at the Cheetah Club near Santa Monica Pier. Lots of Bands started there like Iron Butterfly and Love. Crazy times in LA back then.

  46. Phillip, it is obvious you’ve led an interesting life, but is it really women’s SKIN you’re trying to get under without trying?

    Just reading and thinking.

  47. SAL… Many thanks for the info and links on Justin & Zev. Interesting the shot of Shambo marching in with Foa Foa. I’m sure she is on that team now… we’ll see tomorrow night.

    My first car was a 1955 MG TF-1500… would love to have it now!

    54 and Rainy in Friday Harbor @ 9:35

  48. what is it with you guys and your cars? that would be like remembering my first pair of high heels!!!! lol…

    or the first time i wore mascara….

    i think we ALL need our survivor fix by Tuesday, guys and gals.

  49. I’m hoping Shambo get’s voted off on Thursday. It looks like she’s making too many friends on the other tribe.

  50. ted, it’s not raining up here, but we did have a bit of a windstorm. saw the damage in seattle, was far worse. how did you fare?

  51. oh, not you too, AC. how could you betray a girl like that. i was never impressed with the size of the car, it was always what he could do with it!

  52. princess, No great car story here. No silver spoon. My parents made me work for everything I have. My first car was a ’77 Buick Regal. It did 0 to 60 in about 2.2 minutes! Did have a killer stereo though. I paid for every penny of that car myself. I thought my parents should have gave me a new Vette or something.. I guess they knew best after all.

  53. hey justa, you’re here. i was going to ask “how’s it hangin'” but i don’t want another PK type story about the back seat of your car!!

    yes, i thought my parents should have given me a car too, oh, i think they did. sorry. but it wasn’t brand new, does that count?

    AC, i get it, but what if she goes all the way to the end? does that mean you won’t have a chance to use russell h as your avatar?

  54. Not knockin’ ya princess for getting a car. I guess if my name were “princess”, I would have gotten a car too(lol). Who’s gonna buy Justaguy a car?… Exactly!! Justaguy has to buy his own cars.

  55. no, you’re my guys. but i’ll have to wait until tomorrow. i think i must try to get some sleep tonight. last night was a little tough for sleeping. so, nighty-night guys.

  56. justa, speaking of chopped liver, that was another movie i really liked, the first hannibal with jodie foster. it was great. i can’t tell you how many people i’ve had to explain I Am Legend to. that is was basically justa remake. why can’t anyone remember Charlton Heston. he was wonderful…

  57. AC, it is morning in Cynthia-land. Come to think of it, it is morning in AC and JT land as well!!… oh wait, the sun hasn’t come up yet so it is still night in Cynthialand.

  58. whoa, not only have you deciphered princess, justa, you speak it fluently! i’m scared. are your kiwi’s still intact?

    not getting too personal, but need to check. after all, didn’t you watch the Real Housewives of somewhere? and an episode of Dr. Phil?

  59. princess, I may be wrong on this, but I believe “the Omega Man” was a remake as well. It just happens to be my fav of the 4 or 5 versions of that book.

  60. OM MOOSE! a recurring version of a sci-fi theme! what next? a movie about aliens trying to take over the world and the US blasting them out of the sky? they could call it Independence Day. justa thought!!!

  61. princess, “Silence of the Lambs” is one of my all time favorites… also a bit of a remake of an 80’s movie called “Manhunter”.

  62. The Omega Man:
    This story first was filmed as “The Last Man on Earth” (1964) featuring Vincent Price. A third adaptation of the novel, “I Am Legend” featuring Will Smith, was released in 2007, and an unofficial fourth, “I Am Omega”, was also released in 2007.

  63. Damnit princess! quit calling me to the carpet like that! Yes, I watched SOME of Real HW’s of OC (GF made me do it.. swear!). No Dr Phil though. Lemme check…. kiwis still intact.. for now :oops:

  64. ok, gotta admit, that was followed by that particular laugh that anyone who has heard once, always seems to remember. (sorry about the thats) but i’m tired.

    and that reminds me of a story PK told about checking his kiwis in the 70’s at woodstock…

  65. Thanks AC!, How could I forget Vincent Price? Never saw that version, but have read about it.. should I check it out?

  66. AC, I had really high hopes for “I Am Legend”. I had thought for years/decades that they needed to do an updated version(with modern SpFX). They strayed too far from the story though. You should check out Heston’s version.. or even better still.. read the book.

  67. manhunter was a great movie, originally titled the red dragon, The hannibal lector in this one was already in prison, AND he was played by actor BRIAN COx, WILLIAM PETERSON was also in the movie, The Bad guy doing the killings inthe movie was Tom NOONAN ,Hes an awesome bad guy, as scary as hell.

  68. I signed up to hear about Survivor not some guys sexual escapades. If you want to talk like that and exploit woman why not start your own blog? I can’t believe that some of you are encouraging him to explain further. I will have to quit reading this if this is where the Survivor Blog is going.

    Another thing… why the updates about all the shows that are not called SURVIVOR? Sounds like there needs to be several new blogs.

    Here’s to reading and watching SURVIVOR .

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