Some guys have all the luck, some guys do nothing but complain ….

The new Chief!!

See the neckware she has!


Fishing for Immunity

 Surprisingly, in recovering from Russell Swan’s evacuation, which prevented a planned double-boot, Survivor went for a full two extra challenges here. Bringing us this challenge, “Canoe Dueling.” Oh well, more for Galu to win, we guess.
   The challenge itself appears to involve racing out to canoes, doing some “fishing” (presumably for puzzle pieces), then bringing it all back to shore and doing puzzles.

I think it goes over there!


So who wins? Galu wins it, since Liz is the final pre-jury boot. As further proof, photographer Monty Brinton made the trip back to camp with Foa Foa after the challenge, an honor he reserves for the losing tribe. So Galu wins the (final tribal?) immunity challenge

This episode should be taking care of the final pre-merge boot, before the merge at 12, and was necessitated by Russell Swan’s fainting and removal in the (unfinished) Ep6 RC.

    Who’s most at risk? Well, Shambo was the slam-dunk Galu boot up until Ep6, when an alliance grew up around her, much to her own dismay. That would put Monica on the low end of the vote totals, if Galu returns to tribal council.

   Liz was the decoy boot in Ep5, although it was clear from the hilariously dated clips used to build that storyline (some of which were from as far back as Ep2, when Russell didn’t have his swimsuit, and was nearly clean-shaven) that either Russell has been nursing this grudge for a while, or he initially thought of it, but had bigger fish to fry, and has all but forgotten it. Either that, or he’s just getting around to planting his “Russell seed” for the Liz boot. Probst seems to think so in his EW blog, anyway. Still, as of late Ep6, Liz and Natalie were both resigned to one of them being booted (and since we think Natalie may be the winner*, we’re guessing she isn’t booted).
    Then there’s Jaison, who seemed perfectly safe in Ep5, after coming close to quitting in Ep4, which got Russell’s ire up. After admitting in the Ep5 tribal council that he trained for the U.S. water polo team, he now may be a traditional circa-merge boot target, for being too strong. Still, as of the Ep5 story, he’s a less obvious target than Liz. Prior to Ep5, missyae said he’s the last person to get booted, pre-merge. But following Ep5, the missyae line is that Liz gets the boot, instead.

   Update: Never mind, Liz appears to be correct.

* Natalie got an apparently inaccurately positive edit in Ep5’s Gross Food challenge, since her attempt at downing a smoothie was edited out completely (but present in the press photos, oops), and Ashley hinted that others had trouble with the smoothies in her interviews. Update: Jaison confirms this in the “Foa Foa’s Bad Break” video on the CBS site: “Last time it was the food challenge where we had to chug the disgusting stuff, and we all know Natalie and Ashley aren’t gonna be able to do that. So, you know, we’re out on that.”
    Natalie also got a solo headshot as Probst said “turn this game around” at the Ep5 tribal council, and got to allay Mick’s fears of a post-merge decimation of Foa Foa in Ep6. Not to mention that Probst keeps mentioning her, for no apparent reason, in his EW blog.

The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie



Coach  |   Mother Nature Can Kick Your Ass!

October 26, 2009

What a beautiful, powerful, deep and dramatic episode. I am not just saying this because I am a former contestant but because the producers did an incredible job on this one. Did you see the cinematography? The drama? Life and death! Powerful and moving. And how about the music!!! The musicians who wrote the music for this episode? Beautiful, powerful, deep and dramatic.

Ah, the great equalizer: Mother Nature. The Creator of the Universe unleashes a visceral viscosity of venom. Battling the elements will turn some people into men (gotta give credit to Mr. Umpaloompa for taking a bath in jeans) and breaks others (no one is buying the cool “it” factor anymore Jaison). You will see what you are made of when you live and breathe and eat and sleep in the wild. Indeed you will see down to your very core how tough you really are. But then, in a blink of an eye the wilderness can turn around and display such beauty, magnaniminity, passion and power.

And in the midst of it all: young samurai in the making Brett is sitting there with a smile on his face and a rational word on his lips. He looks clean and comfortable and well rested during a rainstorm. Incredible. And Erik starting to pray and talk like a young dragonslayer. Tribal speech is starting to sound like the grandmaster slayer himself. I love it. Two young warriors in the making.

The clouds, the storm, the waves. All dark indications and foreshadowing that all is not well with Russell S. He is hurt and he is hurt bad. A scary scene indeed to watch a strong man’s body give out in the midst of battle. This goes to show you just how brutal this game can be. Galu has won the majority of the rewards. They have been well fed. Russell, their fearless leader looked good all morning around camp. And yet in the blink of an eye everything changes.

Yes I was a little harsh on you last week Russell, my warrior to be, but you have earned redemption and have left the game a true winner. You played and fought and pushed until your body could no further go on. You earned my respect this night for sure. Out of the seven layers of Viking heaven, I think you will reach the sixth layer. Well done. FYI, Evil Russell (aka Gollum), no matter where he ends up will not even make it to the first layer.

On to pre tribal debates: the arguments were repetitiveve and naïve. John, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (had to use the pun) to figure out that Shambo IS dangerous to your tribe. She has been to the other camp twice, and is much more personable than Monica. And girls… voting out someone who starts fire every day like Shambo? Your only excuse is that she wrote your name down last week? Hello??? Has anyone seen my season? That’s the worst reason to vote someone out.

And in the end…it was all for naught. Double tribal. 13 people sitting there arguing about what is next to come and then Jeff gives them a free pass. Good night everybody. Sleep tight. Don’t let the rain freeze you or the rain soak you. Wait isn’t it raining non stop? Should anyone be complaining about lack of water. Hello? Open your mouths, use a leaf, leave your water bottles in the open. But alas…I digress.

So what have we learned from this episode? Mother Nature can kick your ass! But hopefully there is something more profound lurking around your thoughts. The princess put it best last week when she said “it was during the toughest moments on my season that I remember the clearest and those which made me a forged sword of iron character” or something like that.

It is indeed in the toughest of times that we not only reveal our mettle, but forge it as well. Every man and woman has a destiny to fulfill a dream to dream and a road to travel. Trials and tribulations come about for everyone. That’s life, and if we develop perseverance and character along the way we can and will come to a fork in the road where there can be no turning back. And when the road less traveled is taken, with the right amount of introspection: it can and will lead to hope, understanding, wisdom, compassion, depth/breadth of character, passion, balance and of course love.

And this, my friends, is what life is all about.



Debbie  |   Here’s to Hoping Jaison Blindsides Russell

October 26, 2009

Tonight was full of firsts- the first time a challenge was stopped and not completed and the first time in 19 seasons when Jeff was truly scared with the physical condition and safety of a cast member.

Russell’s tears said it all. He broke my heart. When you are in the game, the last thing you want is to be pulled from the game for medical reasons. When Joe was medically removed in our season, we had just merged. It makes everything you are going through so real and you realize how fragile your body is and your existence in the game can change in a moment.

Russell S. was my one of my favorites; therefore, I was sad to see him go. He is a proud man, a hard worker and always tried to lead by example. Watching a true leader crumble was painful. Knowing the Survivor family and medical team, I feel confident they made the right decision and hopefully, Russell will quickly recover.

Rain and misery was the focus for tonight’s episode. Solid rain and only 15 days into the game will make anyone contemplate quitting. The end is not in sight and as Eric stated, “Your biggest fear is it is not going to quit raining.” Mick also stated that he was somewhat jealous of Ashley having her torch extinguished. These thoughts are prevalent when you are in pure misery. Once again, I hate to do it, but I have to give “little Russell” credit for his strong mental focus. He is not letting the elements detour his game plan. Plus, his physical ability seems to improve weekly. I am beginning to get nervous because I think he has the possibility of winning this game. I am hopeful that Jaison will blindside him since he knows Russell has an idol. It would be a great twist to this game.

I know from experience when it is cold and rainy, your desire is to do nothing, but sit and try to find comfort somewhere. Memories surfaced of sitting in soaking wet clothes. It was by far the most miserable I have ever been in my life. Luckily, we did not endure the constant rains as this group of Survivors has endured.

There is not as much to comment on this week because there was limited movement around the camps. Come on Jaison, give us some excitement and blindside Russell. Galu, who is your next leader? They have some big shoes to fill. Hopefully, Samoa will get some reprieve from the rain and everyone will start playing the strategic game again.


164 thoughts on “Some guys have all the luck, some guys do nothing but complain ….”

  1. Good morning, thought I would be first. Oh well
    What is this about blindside Russell, he is the game without him it would be soooo boring. Natalie should go because she is the weakest link.
    Thank goodness it is Thursday because I am all talked out.

  2. THe COach he never disappoints, when it comes to the big words What an Asshole , but he was always entertaining too watch, and easy on the eyes. i thought DEbbie ,not quite as interesting on the show , i thought she could be even more annoying in ways, she was kind of the coaches lap dog in ways.

  3. Good morning PK, DonnaP, abd aggie.
    It’s another Survivor day and there are still two X’s missing.
    Tomorrow, BBblogger will need to X out three to catch up.

  4. visceral (dealing with crude or elemental emotions) viscosity (the property of resistance to flow in a fluid or semifluid)of venom.

    Some people know how to combine “big” words and some, Coach included, often don’t. Nice try at alliteration though.

  5. Great catch PK. You have to chuckle at his arrogance though.
    It’s 7:05am and 40 degrees in Dana Point, CA. Might be overcast today, can’t tell yet. Can’t see the sun yet.

  6. FRANNIE, if russell h gets his way it will be Liz going, if they go to tribal council this time., if its the galu tribe it seems their targeting Monica.

  7. Remember Norm Crosby? He was funny introducing malaprops in one sentence after another. Norm always speaks from his ‘diagram’ and drinks ‘decapitated’ coffee.

    Coach needs to slay more dragons, not more words. That may be difficult, however, since one thing he has mastered is the dubious art of making a short story long.

  8. Hi all… I think the only way to read Coach’s blog is to skip to Debbie… but wait, there’s nothing there! So a big waste of time. I quit when he got to the Viking Heaven part. The only thing Coach will hear when he gets there is snickering when they shut the door on him.

    SAL… I think that’s more info than I want to know before watching the show. We will see if those guys are right. It was interesting how that one guy was analyzing the rocks and sand on the two different beaches to see where Russell and Laura were. And Shambo’s new ‘jewelery’ that will be fun to see. That fish challenge looks like a bitch… can’t wait for 8 o’clock!

    44 and Raining…in F. H.

  9. Ted… No Viking “Heaven” for Coach, no way, no how. Valhalla is strictly for true Viking warriors slain in battle, not mere samurai wannabes.

  10. Absolutely remember Norm Crosby. Since I’m a vocabulary nut, I loved him. Rodney Dangerfield too! They were both hilarious in completely different ways.

    Coach is simply verbose! :eek:

    Sun is out and 68 degrees in Dana Pt, CA. Still cleaning my garage. We rented a dumpster and we have it for 7 days. It’s nearly full already. This is just the thing I’ve aspired to all my life – to clean my garage. :mrgreen:

  11. I miss many of the truly funny (pre f**k this and f**k that) comics from the past like Myron Cohen, Henny Youngman, Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, and many others including George E. Jessel, whose only child, Jerrie, attended high school with me in Maryland.

  12. Though I am usually no fan of Rosanne Barr, she is a native of Salt Lake City and she did a comedy routine at an AIDS benefit at the Utah Opera House in 1986 that got me laughing if only because she did her uncensored “thing” in front of hundreds of Mormon women. The two slim and slimmer lesbians sitting behind me, one in a pin striped suit and the other in a designer pant suit, probably weren’t Mormon women but even they laughed at the joke on them, but not because they were lesbians.

    Rosanne’s routine:

    So many of you ladies in the audience tonight are just like me, always trying to find something in a plus size that doesn’t fit like a tent. I know your frustration and I am one of you and I love you.

    For all of you perfect size ladies in the audience who get to wear all the pretty stylish clothes in all the petite sizes, FUCK YOU!

    Not that Fuck You joke was funny.

  13. PHILLIP, out of your group of comedians i thought jackie Gleason and Jack Benny were the funniest especially when Jackie did the honeymooners i used too watch that allthe time. I can only imagine that Jackie God( rest his soul),Must have been a horror too live with.

  14. Aggie, I agree, so long Monica we hope.

    Foster Brooks was a real hoot. Loved all the comedians in PKs blog. Wasn’t George Jessell always about 90 years old? He always seemed so old to me. :D Groucho Marx was pretty funny and entertaining too. Remember ‘You Bet Your Life’? Met him once and I’m 5’8″ tall and I had 3″ heels on and he was pretty short and came about up to my boobs and I mean right up within an inch or two and he was blowing smoke from his cigar and made everyone laugh. He said, something about climbing a ladder. It was funny. You had to be there. :lol:

  15. it is pouring rain here in the beautiful downtown wetlands. and it’s cold, too. weird day. need new flowers in honor of someone being voted out tonight. have to find something interesting to share…

  16. MOnica maybe cute, but she seems a little bitchy to me, i wouldnt be sad to see her go ,you have to be more than just cute in this game. Sorry AC, I know YOu have the MOnica fixation.

  17. STarfish, Foster Brooks was a hoot I always wondered if he were really drunk he played that character so well, I used to watch YOu bet your life with Groucho ,The man was pretty funny Always struck me as kind of a PERV, I can imagine him making comments to you, He wasquite the ladies man his poor wife.

  18. KARYONA, YES AC ,will probably be crying in his beer over MONICA ,Just like he really liked NAT from BB.But PRIncess does have eye products, if they should happen to get puffy.

  19. FOA FOA loses yet again OMG, PRobably RUssell H doesnt care He wants to get rid of them anyway. He has been trying to sabotage them from the beginning, I felt bad for Liz though, I think Jaison really seems like he is giving up He should have been the one to go. I sense he wouldnt care that much if he did, nobody really wants to quit on their own.I loved it that Laura didnt get the reward challenge ,good for Shambo that she sent her to the other side. Those girls really dislike Shambo, her only chance is with the guys I hope she can makeit far.

  20. One of Groucho Marx’s greatest comedy moments on “You Bet Your Life” was when George Fenneman introduced a female contestant who told Groucho she had 13 kids. Groucho rolled his cigar around in his mouth several times and then pulled it out saying, “I like my cigars too, Lady, but at least I take them out of my mouth occasionally.”

  21. Sooooo—tonight was a good show eh? I thought for sure that Jaison would be leaving but they put Liz out. Gula seems to be either the luckiest bunch on the planet or they are so “kick ass” that they can’t be stopped. Of course it helps that they have EATEN, but hey what’s a little food when you’re fighting for a million dollars? hehehehe JK. They really need to get Foa Foa some food. I’m surprised the camera crew isn’t sneaking food to them by now.

    But it looks as if the merge will happen next week. It should get REAL interesting then, when Russell H. has to “fit” in with the “Man Club.” I’m sure they will probably welcome him right in, men stick together you know, but how will they feel when he starts his evil crap there?? Will they have the sense to take him out or will they be “Russell Puppets” too?? My guess is he will mind fornicate them to death. :razz:

    And is it just me or are his eyes getting sexier?? :mrgreen:

  22. PK you forgot a VERY funny comic that never cursed at all. Well not in his act anyway. Bill Cosby. I saw his show once & he was totally hilarious. Didn’t even say “damn.”

  23. maybe snake thinks we’re lookin’ at other people?

    can anyone see my new flowers? i can only see the old ones and i cleared my cache justas AC taught me, or was it you, snake?

  24. doing better. hope you’re getting over being sick. sounds like “the boys” were getting on your nerves last night. need any help with the th boys? i can smack them around for you, make them sit on the pointy end of my crown, poke them with my wand?

  25. Sorry to see Liz go. I thought she might go to the final 3. See now CYNTHIA thinks Russell is sexy… AGGIE will be next to succumb to his charms! Yes, it will be real interesting to see how he fits into a merged tribe. He may be able to work the women with the help of Laura, keeping his 3 fellow Foans & Shambo to build a alliance and do away with the guys. Or, he could just get in tight with them like Cynthia says.

  26. finallly, my new samoan purple something or others popped up. cleared cache 3x and rebooted 2x. sigh. like managing a man. present company excepted, of course.

    like your idea ted, clearing cache travels from east to west!!

  27. Princess–no :lol: they weren’t getting on my nerves. I can handle them, no worries. :mrgreen: I was just feeling bad that’s all.

    Hey Ted, good to see you on so late!! But I just said he had sexy eyes–I DID NOT say I liked the man. LMAO He is a pig. BUT he does make the show worth watching. In a way I hope he plays them all & takes home the money. Just because he totally messes with their heads & THEY LET HIM.

  28. It’s not up to me Princess. :lol: I’ll pass on the scented candles for now. It would be a waste since my nose is clogged up & I can’t smell anything.

  29. i know, ted, had to clear cache…. well you read.

    cyn, sorry you were feeling bad, i know being sick makes it hard to have fun, and sometimes life just beats the crap outa ya!

    did you hear/see the way he bonded with Laura? i can always spot a good christian girl. gag me! he has twins and he’s a preacher’s son. oh my bulwinkle. i’m a preacher’s daughter, missionary/evangelists – both parents, aunt and uncle, sister and her husband were ordained ministers, nephew and his wife were also in the ministry. he made my head swivel around!! and now we know natalie is a good christian girl. i’m not complaining, justobserving!

  30. Hey Princess, speaking of decorating—I got the funniest pic in an e-mail earlier that reminded me of the jokers & you. You might want to put this up at a th somewhere. Let’s see if I can remember how to put this in a blog post.

  31. the space cowboys? surprised their not around tonight. AC must be moping somewhere because monica is not playing with him (and no, aggie, this time i don’t mean lewinsky!!)

  32. Here you go Princess. Picture Maybe you guys can use that. LMAO I thought it was too funny but only because it reminded me of something JT & AC said!! :lol:

  33. Definitely a quick turn needed Snake. The friend that mailed the URL to me for that said, “Look this is where my life is.” Being sarcastic of course because her life is great. But I found a little inside humor on it myself. :lol:

  34. Actually it’s pretty easy Ted IF you can remember, which as we all know, I DO NOT sometimes. :lol: But goodnight & be safe.

  35. YEP that looks like the same damn picture!! But how did my friend get it???? Do you know a female named Cathy???

  36. Ok there’s probably a ton of females named Cathy. I should have said do you know one named Catherine R.???

  37. That must be where she found it then cause she doesn’t blog EVER!! Well shit—I guess my surprise funny wasn’t so damn funny after all. Ruck me funning!!!!!

  38. Well no not really. I saved that e-mail so I would have to url to post here because I wanted it to be funny because of the DE you & JT talked about but this takes a lot of the HA HA out of all that shit.

  39. TED, I think as Howie from bb6 would say you have a man crush when it comes to Russell H, No way would i find him attractive,he is so short he would come up to my belly button.

  40. WOW you’re right I searched & it only came up with 3 photos for “Dead End Road” & none of them were it. Maybe I’m not using the right search terms. Screw it, I’m going to have to ask her where she got it for sure.

  41. Well she does kind of look like a “working” girl :mrgreen: but certainly not from the lowest class in society.

  42. damn, she’s been awol since this post:

    princess October 30, 2009 at 12:06 am [edit]
    the space cowboys? surprised their not around tonight. AC must be moping somewhere because monica is not playing with him (and no, aggie, this time i don’t mean lewinsky!!)

  43. Yep & right after that I posted this:

    Cynthia October 30, 2009 at 12:13 am
    Here you go Princess. Picture Maybe you guys can use that. LMAO I thought it was too funny but only because it reminded me of something JT & AC said!!

  44. Yep I need to go too Snake—my night has been shot in the foot!! “See” you people later. Goodnight!!

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