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  1. Thanks for the news, Sal! It will be interesting to see how Russell fares with a more savvy group, and with egos as big as his. Also, since he probably thought at that time that he had won SS19, his moxie will be in full flight!

  2. Ted, Maybe Russell ,will be different on this show ,he might have learned his lesson, If he didnt he might not last as long ,on this show.

  3. Probably wanted to capitalize on Russell’s popularity. Personally I would love to see a team of Richard Hatch, Russell, Rupert and Boston Rob. I was a kid when season one was on so I don’t really remember Richard Hatch too much…in fact, what I do remember about season 1 is Rudy and the strange (but touching)
    friendship between Richard and Rudy…but if Richard was half the
    player he has been purported to be I think he and Russell would have been a match made in heav…ummmm…made in hell!?!

  4. I hope the first guy dumped on that show is randy, that guy really should be embarressed to show his face again ,because sugar Humiliated him ,that was one of the great moments on survivor. Of course they are going to put those two on together.

  5. Aggie… SS20 was filmed before Russell knew the results, and probably thought he had won. So, I’m sure he went into SS20 in full form.

    Randy is one of my very favorite players!!! Hope he sticks around for awhile.

  6. Ted & Aggie, even though I’m not around much, you two sure have differing opinions about who you like and don’t like. It’s makes for interesting reading. Since I’m new to SS, I have no idea who Randy is but I look forward to viewing some of these characters through all you SS fan opinions.

    Thanks Sal for the update. Look forward to it! You’re the man!

  7. Sal, I don’t think I’ll have the time or the energy to follow UK but I know many will. Great Info. Besides, I’ve been under a blanket with the flu/cold for the last 6 days and it’s terrible. Ugh. :cry: It just doesn’t want to let go. Today is the first day I’ve felt half human.

    Happy New Year to all!!!

  8. Happy new Year to you starfish, Ted always likes the people I hate, I could see him liking Russell ,at least he was a really good player, But randy was such ajerk on that show, i cant imagine anybody liking him, sugar couldnt stand him ,what was funny is he is a wedding photographer, Mr. personable, who couldnt stand the whole concept of marriage, He just seemed like a really bitter guy.

  9. So it is like a ghost blog around here lately. Where is everyone at?. The bachelor started last night and no comments.
    Well bachelor Jake seems like a really good guy with a nice bod. Not sure if he can handle some of the girls though.

  10. I’m posting here about the bachelor, girls! What a hot mess this season is! How about the lesbian crap, WTH?!?! Did anyone watch the show after the bachelor?? That was soooo stupidly funny!

  11. Holly… I need to remind you that this is a Survivor site… But, since there is lesbian crap on the Bachelor… Well, I guess I better watch!!!

  12. Frannie, where is the bachelor talking going on at??? I went to that other stupid blog and saw nothing!!!

    BTW, loved all the e-mails, especially the adult riddles!

  13. Holly…that’s because Survivors Heroes is all over the place.
    I posted on the previous date (29th)
    Here is my post:

    so I watched The Batchelor tonight. Poor Jake, seems
    like he will have heartache again this year. And why on earth
    did he keep Michelle. Wow…really dude, you were even
    warned by Ed and Jillian about her. You should have listened.
    That girl is a walking time bomb. He definately wears his
    emotions on his sleeve. By the looks of the seasons previews,
    he will be doing alot of crying again this year. Hopefully he will
    find the right woman for him at the end.

    franniep2 – January 4, 2010 at 9:34 pm

  14. Yea, Sal, not complaining either but need to talk to peeps about what’s going on!

    Frannie, I don’t think he’s gonna find “the one” but I hope I’m wrong. I do agree, not sure why he kept crazy Michelle. Who cries on the first day? I saw him on some talk show and he said you don’t have to pick someone and I stayed true to who I am……………WTF does that mean????

  15. sorry guys ,im just not into the bachelor or the bachelorette, I have seen some of the episodes, It didnt impress me at all, and pretty much seems like a waste of time, considering the relationships never work out. Have a good one guys.

  16. Holly….can you believe they all feel that attached
    and ready to marry the guy within the first few hours.
    What a bunch of hard up women. Don’t you think he’s
    a very emotional person? Makes you wonder why people
    have to go on a show and expose themselves to millions
    of people just to find a life partner. Bad thing is, they
    are not bad looking. They must have other issues that
    we don’t know about. I was glad to see that Ed and
    Jillian are still together.

  17. Sorry I find it hard to believe anyone ,is into the bachelor or bachelorette, considering the relationships never work out, Its just a waste of time.

  18. aggie…the couple from last year are still together.
    They looked happy enough but anyone can pretend
    I guess.

  19. Fran, sorry I cant get into that at all, I never liked it , I dont get it the whole thing ,seems very phony,i can actually see some girls liking this, but im surprised any guy would want too watch. some of those people I have seen ,on other shows just seem so pathetic.

  20. Frannie…
    I don’t watch The Bachelor even though it does include a bevy of often bikini clad eye candy wannabe “brides” because it is a pain in the ass constantly having to press the mute button when any of them says anything to anybody at anytime.

  21. Frannie, that is why I watch the bachelor for the pure entertainment. These girls can be crazy at times.
    Aggie you are right some of the girls are phony and are there for publicity not the man.
    Jake the bachelor is a really nice guy and I hope he can find someone special.

  22. Frannie… When they include no holds barred mud wrestling matches between the combative bikini or less clad broads, I may reconsider but I will still keep the mute button handy…

  23. Me too DonnaP…he deserves a second chance. This season
    sounds like it’s going to have a lot of controversy. The previews
    even showed him walking out of an interview.

  24. Ok, so they showed 2 girls rolling around together and saying can you believe they had an affair, to make it seem it was the 2 girls but no, it wasn’t! Chris Harrison went online saying that a producer and one of the girls had a sexual relationship and the producer was fired and the girl was kicked off!! Drama on the Bachelor, that’s why we watch Pk and Ted! That and the fantasy of finding MR right and oo la la, those dream dates are actually kinda dreamy!

    Watched the big fat loser last night and it’s just more of the same mess! How does someone let themselves get THAT BIG?!
    I just don’t get it. If I can’t get to the gym (which we all know I temporarily can’t) I get all freaky. You know when you gain a few pounds cause your clothes are tight. So, how do you just let it go until you are now a big fat loser?!?! The guy Eric who won the show a couple seasons ago is fat again and blaming the show. It’s just ridiculous!! PUT THE DAMN FORK DOWN! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell but dude, you won 250,000.00 and got into great shape and then pretty much just said fu!@ it I’m gonna be a fat ass again. Totally your fault, quit blaming the show and saying they deserted you. BIG FAT LOSER!!!

  25. Whoa Holly…..tell us what you really think. Ok now, I agree to a certain extent, but some people just have a problem losing weight.
    Yea, they are extreme but we don’t know what caused them
    to start eating in the first place. As the shows go on, most of
    them talk about why they got to where they are today. It really
    is sad to hear them talk about what is going on in their lives. I
    think it’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that matters. They are human beings too. We are all entitled to our
    own opinions so I just wanted to give mine. Just ask PK, him and
    I went round and round on this subject. Myself….I prefer a guy
    with some meat on his bones. I want to feel what I’m hugging.
    My son and grandson are both small….when I hug either one of
    them I think…where are they. Again…my own opinion.

  26. I’m not considered a big fat loser but I can tell you from personal experience how easy it is to put the weight back on. I lost 30 pounds and was so thrilled but over the last 5 years, I’ve gained nearly all of it back. :( Hate it! I can’t afford a gym but I have a treadmill to use and I walk my dog every day 2 miles. So the problem is, “put down the fork”. :lol: I couldn’t agree more with Holly’s comment but I do understand underlying emotional problems with those who are gynormous. My problems is simply, PUT DOWN THE FORK. Yep, that’s it.

  27. Sorry girls didn’t mean to get so heated up but I have been seeing that Eric guy over and over blaming the show for not supporting him and it really gets to me. Not to mention that now he has a special on another channel documenting his weight loss again!! Starfish 30 lbs is much different than hundreds! The reason I said put the fork down is everything I’ve read says that weight loss is 80% nutrition. I am understanding of the fact that some people have emotional issues that make them gain weight, like last seasons Shay. She had a mother who deserted her and had to figure out life on her own. That is an extreme case. I don’t know, I’ve never had a huge weight problem but that is because I don’t want one. I like feeling good so I have a hard time understanding not caring and giving up. I will say as I am getting older, the distribution of my weight is shifting and is REALLY pissing me off! My boobs are getting big, what’s up with that?!!??!

  28. My boobs are getting big, what’s up with that?!!??!

    Holly… I don’t remember specifically requesting that but thanks anyway…

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