Survivor Samoa – a sneak preview of Thursday

As most of you know, I am BBBlogger and I run a little website called and there are the most amazing group of people who use the comment area of the blog for their own personal playground! I love them all and they are ALL coming over here so that WILL make this blog JUST AS FUN!

One of the users over there, Snakebit Sal, is always posting things that are random, fun and off topic. Since he made a comment on Survivor and I am feeling lazy today, I am going to repost it here for you all.

Snakebit Sal….enjoy your first 15 minutes on Survivor Blog! :)

Peace, JP aka BBBlogger

I was just checking out whats coming on Survivor and Ladies, forget Jeff, y’all got some hunks in this crowd …. don’t worry guys, we have some eye candy also.
There are 2 Russells, ones the villian and you won’t believe the tuanacity of this dude, might make Natalie look tame …. oh yes, there is a Natalie in the game also…
I think i might like this years Survivor.
Quick spoiler. The first thing they do is elect a chief of each tribe, and the chief will make all the decisions with no help for his tribe.
Jeff says there are some characters in this one, he even throws a person out of a challenge(not out of the game)

A list of the cast is below, we will have plenty to blog about:grin:

John, 25, is a rocket scientist from Los Angeles, and Mick, who also resides in Los Angeles, is a 33-year-old doctor.

On the white sand beaches of Samoa, 20 castaways will battle it out in order to be the ultimate survivor. While there are some obvious frontrunners whose age and career will help them in the physical aspects of the game, there are a bunch of smart

The cast also includes two law students: Monica, 25, from San Diego, and Jaison, 28, from Chicago.

David, 38, fitness instructor from Los Angeles
Betsy, 48, police officer from Campton, N.H.
Mike, 62, private chef from Marina del Rey, Calif.
Ben, 28, mixologist from Los Angeles
Marisa, 26, student from Cincinnati.
Erik, 28, bartender from Ontario, Calif.
Brett, 23, T-shirt designer from Salem, Ore.
Yasmin, 33, hairstylist from Detroit.
Russell, 36, oil company owner from Dayton, Texas.
Elizabeth, 33, urban planner from New York.
Laura, 39, office manager from Salem, Ore.
Kelly, 25, hairstylist from Wilmington, Del.
Russell S, 42, attorney from Glenside, Pa.
Ashley, 22, spa sales from Maple Grove, Minn.
Shannon, 42, sales rep from Renton, Wash.
Natalie, 26, pharmaceutical sales from Van Buren, Ark.

29 thoughts on “Survivor Samoa – a sneak preview of Thursday”

  1. Can not wait for survivor to start, I have been a survivor since it for began, I also watch Amazing Race. both great shows and the out come has no bb watching or telling what to do. i

  2. BBBlogger…thanks for the shout out for our Motley Crew!! We Appreesh!!!
    I am so glad everything isn’t ending like it usually does…it’s usually so SAD when BB ends!! But now , we all have this and you and more craziness to look forward to.
    Good work on Sal’s part. Maybe he can be your new Mystery Blogger

    Peace OUT!!!

  3. Question..are all our comments going to have to await moderation?? Or will it be only the first few times? Cuz the way WE get blogging…..I see major hold ups here.


  4. Hi ya Star.good to see ya over here………..WAY TO GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS………ok, i can’t wait for the new Survivor, this one looks like it will be interesting……..China sucked big time……….Brazil was awesome……….look forward to blogging with my BB fans and new Survivor fans…………

  5. Are we ready for some backstabbing, lying, cheating, stealing, dumping out the tribes water cause i’m an evil kind of dude. Hard to believe we have 2 Russells and another natalie to deal with. I’m waiting to see Shambo, Jeff P. seemd to think she will be an interesting player. And Mr Evil making alliances with dumb blondes, so he says, let see who stays around longer Mr E.

  6. @Star

    The first day my blogs said that too…. but it only lasted that one day.

    Let the countdown to SS begin. GO JORDAN (oh wait….wrong show, LOL)

    I am a reality TV junkie. I watch nearly all of them. At times I am taping on 2 TVs
    while watching another program. I really need to get a life.

  7. Don’t know where else to post this, but I was trying to sign up for your RSS feed and I got a ton of error messages and my computer froze up and I couldn’t join the list. Well, that’s okay, I can always just come back and read it for myself.

  8. I’ve been eyeing the upcoming Survivor season with some trepidation – my friend and I had time to watch BB11 all summer, and we were appalled at the amount of television (and sleep!) time it consumed.

    I came to the BB Blog late in the game, and it recalled for me the BB2 chat room of 2001: an extraordinary coming together of interesting personalities and a virtual community like no other.

    A very satisfying conclusion to BB11, by the way, enhanced immeasurably by the BBBloggers – Thanks again!

    ‘Robert’ aka ‘rctowns’ aka ‘Tuna’, Reno, NV

  9. Looking forward to the new survivor. I haven’t watched all of them but this one looks interesting and I’m still coming down off the high of Big Brother. Need something to fill my time. LOL

  10. snakebit, Im a little disturbed by your avatar — I was assuming you were of the femail variety (sal), but looking at your avatar makes me think otherwise — I guess Sal could be Salvator — but living in CA, it could simply mean you shop in both the mens and ladies section of te store.

    one confused moose here… lol

  11. Hey Donna!!Good to see you too! CUDOS to Jordan, eh?? I was SO releived and happy that she won!! So was she, I

    I am a Survivor newbie. I watched about the last half of last years and that’s IT! But with all the great minds from the BB blog, I should be fine.:) I am suffering great separation anxiety tho from BB being over. This happens every year!! And even tho I am sure you guys will help, it still won’t be the same. I miss the *voyerism* i guess..isn’t that sick???LOL But I guess..*I’ll Survive…I will Survive….hey hey*….

    franniep2…I assumed as much as the posts looked different today..more like BB’s. BTW..are you teh old p2 from teh BB blog??? I remember sayingyou would be changing your name, so justaskin’. ;-)

    Ok..catch you guys on the flip side

    Peace OUT!

  12. Mr Moose, when my av changes you will see the real me, Sal is just a nickname that fits with snakebit …… just call me Bill

  13. Snakebit, sorry DUDE… Yep, definitely not a gal… lol

    Glad I got that cleared up before I flirted with you… LOL

  14. Ok I cant post.. whats up and I cant get my name to feed over.. Where am I going wrong..
    HELP ME!!!
    Kim M.

  15. Ok I am probably going to pull a Star here..
    Now I see one of my post..
    Can’t wait for the new season to start tomorrow..
    This should be fun..
    Only wish we could see it more often than once a week..

  16. Hi, I have been reading your comments all through BB11 and I got hooked on you guys…so here I am first time commentator hanging
    with all you pros. I hope I can add some insite, wisdom and just plane
    funning around. Can’t wait to hit the Samoa waters…..

  17. Well greetings everyone. I posted this noon but it said “in moderation” and I am not sure what happened to it. I know I didn’t write anythng offensive etc so I don’t know but it sounds after reading these posts, that others have had the same problem. I didn’t have a place to sign in either…it just came up with Bloggers message, and then Snakebit Sal’s piece (excellent by the way) and then about 26 posts…well, I am excited. As a few mentioned I also watch The Amazing Race, so we should have fun these next months. I am 65 and home-bound and sometimes go for days without any contact with another person, so this is really my recreation and sanity. Here’s to a great season. Have a nice evening everyone. Take care one and all.

  18. Hi to all the BB Bloggers, happy to see you all here because I’m a newbie too to the survivor blog. Looking forward to a great time here. Anxious to watch because I only watched I think the first one and then got side tracked to who knows where. 20 people to keep track of, well 19 after tonight, looking forward to reading their bios.

    Sal, great name, great comments up top! For some reason my avs don’t change. We’ll see what I get today.

    Looking forward to tonight. Yea Jordan! Star, happy to see you, our lovable moose, hpr56, lovinsweetly (new name same av) & Prosen so far. Where’s Justa, justwondering. Looking forward to knowing all you survivor regular bloggers on this site.

  19. What is with this Russell character?? He is ruining the show! I dislike him. I think his finding the hidden immunity idol was a set up by the survivor producers. He can’t be that lucky!! I hope he gets caught soon with all his lies and gets the boot by being back doored.

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