Suspicous Minds? Hmmmmmm ……..

Who do you trust? Who is sneaking around? Who has an evil grin on their face? What is really going on? Where are the Immunity Idols? (We know) When will get played? (Or will it be another year for bad idol decisions) Why is Russell getting away with his shenanigans?

Trust — No One

Sneaking — Everyone, just look around

Who has an evil grin  —-  Who Else, ha ha ha ha

What is going on —- Manipulation, Plotting, Planning, Desception, Physical Endurance, Mental mindplay, Politics

When —- for 21 more days

Why —- $1,000,000.00

232 thoughts on “Suspicous Minds? Hmmmmmm ……..”

  1. Another 53 degree cool morning in Mobile, Alabama. Autumn has arrived and fields are white with cotton, not snow.

  2. MOnica is getting a little parinoid ,she is right not to trust the guys ,they do want to get rid of her. She is starting to distrust Eric.

  3. Good Morning,
    can’t stand Monica even more now that she will try to get my fav Erik out. Hope he is not a fool (like grave digger James & Ossie) to not use the Idol.

  4. DWTS was good last night, sorry to see mark and michael go, i liked those guys it was cool seeing derek and mark perform they will probably go far, dereks sister julianne is also a talented singer i actually have one of her songs on I tunes.

  5. aggie… Enjoy the heat in Chicago.
    North Pole, Alaska, overcast 14.7 °F Overcast Windchill: 4 °F
    Humidity: 75% Dew Point: 9 °F

  6. Comments were made last night about Rod Stewart’s obviously surgically modified face only one cut short of the Joan Rivers look, but what I noticed even more was the fact that flamingos have more meat on their legs than Rod Stewart. It actually looked like only skinny leg bones were moving inside of his hokey suit trousers.

  7. aggie… not complaining, just showing you that some places make Chicago seem warm by comparison.

  8. Not to rub it in aggie, but my wife actually has the AC on in the house now and it’s only 56 degrees outside.

  9. PHILLIP, actually their have been alot of rumorsabout ROd STEWART, I know he used to like too wear his former girlfriend BRIT EKLANDS panties and they fit him perfectly, He is not exactly a manly kind of guy really.

  10. PHILLIP, I think most people look better than JOan RIvers ,shes just scary she looks like something out of a wax museum, and her daughter is looking similar too.

  11. Back off of Rod, I’ve known his songs, bod, and most everything else and he looks like Rod. He was a futball player (soccer) for awhile. He has always been very thin but his legs are very muscley, and I hate skinny legs on men. He is one sexy man, and even I can’t really explain why…but trust me he is…oooh baby!!! NUFF SAID

  12. I love Rod Stewart, but he kinda look like that old lady Catherine on The Young & Restless.
    His song Forever Young is one of his best.

  13. Fortunately for all guys everywhere there will always be, at the very least, one or possibly more women somewhere in the world who will think they’re hot.

    Fortunately for all women everywhere there will always be, at the very least, one or possibly more guys somewhere in the world who will think they’re hot.

  14. @ Brown
    First of all……welcome to SS blog. As you can see, we talk
    about anything and everything here. Anytime, if have something
    you want to add to or start a conversation….just speak up.
    We are here, maybe not all at the same time but eventually
    we will join in.

    @aggie…I really liked the performance Derek and Mark did last
    night on DWTS. Julienne went off to become a country singer but
    I hope Derek doesn’t leave too. All that talent in one family. She
    said last year that she was taking a year off so hopefully she
    comes back for the next season.

    Rod Stewart…..nah, I’ll pass. Why do these people have to TRY
    to stay young? They ALL have to know they looked better before.
    Look at Kenny Rodgers….what has he done to himself? Now that
    USED to be a good loooking man. Notice I said USED to be. :sad:

    I think the judges got it right by eliminating Mark & Micheal. It
    is only going to get harder from here. I think the next one to
    possibly go home is Kelly.

  15. @Brown
    Do you like DWTS, sports, soaps? You see, I’m asking to try and get
    an idea of your gender. Your name gives nothing away. Not that
    it really matters, all are welcome.

  16. Has anybody here, seen my old friend…., can you tell me where
    they’ve gone.
    Talking to myself again, as usual.
    BBL….maybe someone will be here.

  17. hi cynthia, thank you for that wonderful and warm acceptance. i was really touched when i read your message (from last night) this morning. Esp. after i found out you read the “cousin” comment. well, that was the bitchy persona coming out in ALMOST full regalia. like i said, we are two strong women.

    in my world, all is well between us. if it would help any, and i don’t know that it would, i would have gone after anyone who
    “attacked” you as well. unfortunately, our greatest strengths, taken to excess, are our greatest weaknesses. but thank you again for your understanding. i hope we’ll just go back to having fun!

    back problems put me in the ER. i have chronic pain and when my it gets so bad my prescriptions, in triplicate, don’t help, they have to give me a couple of shots to knock out the pain and the muscle spasms in my back. all is well now. took a couple of days, saturday and sunday to recover, worked a few hours at the office (had a meeting with the boss). now i have the flu. and a board meeting tonight – so i have to get to work, but i’ll go in a little later – and this is the fiscal year end board meeting so runs longer and later than usual and my paperwork isn’t ready. neither are either of the special projects for the board president. (i feel like i’m going backward not forward the more i do!!)

    but even a death in the family isn’t going to give me the reprieve i need tonight. business just must go on. hope that catches you up a little.

    glad you talked to AC, we would be lonely here without his fun! – and yours, too!!

  18. snake, my sweet. there you are!! i just wanted to say thank you and i’m sorry for putting you through all that. i still want to be your sweetie, even if i’m a bitchy one sometimes.

    seriously, it was my fault for bringing it here and you didn’t deserve it. i’m sorry, it was disrespectful – you deserve better than that.

    did you ever use the google thingy to see where i work? near the airport? address was listed on something you have from me. but you know that, don’t you. sigh, not everyone has blonde roots and is technophobic!!

    affectionately, “p”

  19. frannie! rafe told arianna about the baby switch theory!!!!!

    stephano almost told EJ!!!! i still think they will move on from that and it will remain a secret until after Christmas. when is the next big college holiday? that’s when it will come out, i think, but this is sweeps month so you never know.

    what, cynical, me?

    btw, someone needs to “adopt” mia. she’s 16/17, all alone and just living with maggie isn’t giving her any support. maggie needs to step in and be a mother to her or they need to do something to have an adult support this child. if will and mia get back together, sami would be a great mother to her, nicole is too self-indulgent, but this little thing shouldn’t be left all alone at her age. – and the story S came up with was just way over the top, it didn’t have to be SO graphic. a couple of different guys maybe, but half of chicago, c’mon! a little too much.

  20. well it’s your royal bitchiness :roll: he he, i mean your royal highness.
    I got thick skin and can shed it when necessary. It would take a lot to get under my skin. I think I have a skin thing going on here, hell, you get the drift.
    Yes did find where you work. They haven’t had a google photocar go down your street yet so no roadside view of the place. Interesting company, sorry i don’t know anyone that uses your products. :::hug::: you’ll always be my sweetie :cool:
    Sounds like my girlie girls are talking again, sweet sugar and spice!!!

  21. thanks, snake. i’m glad we’ve worked it all out, too. i was just sorry about bringing to our “play place.” if it’s wednesday, it’s SS a day away!!!

    thanks, i needed that hug! and you can’t get sick from a cyberhug!!

    you are a pretty wonderful guy and i’m glad i got to know you a little bit here.

    justheard from the office, have to do work at home.


  22. princess….that flu thing is no joke. I hope you recover quickly.
    Did your company ban you from work? We had a girl here at my
    office that wasn’t feeling good. She said it was only a cold but
    another sh#t disturber here went to the boss and insisted she
    have her temperature taken. She said that if she had a fever, she
    wanted her to be sent home. It turned out she did not have a
    fever. Now isn’t that a bunch of crap?

    about DOOL…. I think your right about when the truth will finally
    come out. This is November sweeps, so I hope it happens. I really
    don’t like the idea of EJ being the daddy, do you? I would never
    want any child of mine being raised a Dimera. And yes….everything
    Stephano does is over the top. That man can make anything
    happen. How many times does the Phoenix have to die for his life
    to be finally over? I do like him as part of the cast….just not
    quite such a bad guy.
    Mia is so young to have gone through so much already. She needs
    a momma to lean on. Get that poor child away from Nicole.

    As far as BOPE…. Hope better wake up before she loses Bo for
    good. They have been through so much as a couple so I’m sure
    they will get through this too. I don’t want him getting together
    with Carly. She can have Justin.

    Well, I’m sure everyone is bored right about now, so I’ll stop with
    the DOOL stuff.

    I didn’t check my spelling so hopefully I don’t get my fingers
    slapped by AC. Oh well….it won’t be my first mistake. :roll: :razz:

  23. kinogirl…..where you been hangin out lately? You haven’t been on here for a while. Did you get a chance to watch the Biggest Loser
    last night? Tracy finally got the boot. She is finally gone. Hooray!!!

  24. a little slow here again….I guess I’ll go check out e-bay.
    I’m looking for perfume and I refuse to pay retail. I also
    need to get the next James Patterson book…Trials.
    BBL :)

  25. Winkin, Blinkin and Nod (or) Dutch Lullaby

    Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod, one night sailed off in a wooden shoe;

    Sailed on a river of crystal light into a sea of dew.

    “Where are you going and what do you wish?” the old moon asked the three.

    “We’ve come to fish for the herring fish that live in this beautiful sea.

    Nets of silver and gold have we,” said Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod.

    The old moon laughed and sang a song as they rocked in the wooden shoe.

    And the wind that sped them all night long ruffled the waves of dew.

    Now the little stars are the herring fish that live in that beautiful sea;

    “Cast your nets wherever you wish never afraid are we!”

    So cried the stars to the fishermen three – Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod.

    So all night long their nets they threw to the stars in the twinkling foam.

    ‘Til down from the skies came the wooden shoe bringing the fishermen home.

    ‘Twas all so pretty a sail it seemed as if it could not be.

    Some folks say ’twas a dream they dreamed of sailing that misty sea.

    But I shall name you the fishermen three – Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod.

    Now Winkin’ and Blinkin’ are two little eyes and Nod is a little head.

    And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies is a wee ones trundle bed.

    So close your eyes while mother sings of wonderful sights that be.

    And you shall see those beautiful things as you sail on the misty sea

    Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three – Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nod.

    Eugene Field

  26. FRANNIE, your right Kenny Rodgers used to look good, Now after being overly botoxed and liposucked, and who knows what the hell else,he doesnt look good anymore, very few people usually look good after doing allthat crap ,you just look like an old person thats had something done. I really admire the people that just leave their face ALONE.

  27. FRANNIE, I really dont see JULIANNE coming back the girl is way too talented, I wouldnt be surprised if DEREK leaves too ,It looks like he really wants the singing career, They both have it all they can sing and dance.

  28. After Karen Carpenter, even Celine Dion is a wannabe singer by comparison. Just my opinion, of course.

    Most of today’s singers are more song and dance acts than actual skilled singers and it shows.

  29. Thanks Sal! If that’s the case… fp2, I really wasn’t trying to be a smart ass (this time) :lol: …. I just thought it was a soap I hadn’t heard of.

  30. Gotta go with PK on this one. …as I’ve said in the past, I’d put Karen up there as one of the all time best singing voices. Why do birds suddenly appear?

  31. Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod…. I thought those were 3 of the four ghosts on Pac-Man? …..ok, bein’ a smart ass. I know aggie… slap, slap, slap. :roll:

  32. JT… I’ve critiqued singing voices over the years including my own and no voice has ever, or probably will ever again, saturate recording media as Karen Carpenter’s did. So many pure tones and overtones in her singing voice that she virtually filled my studio oscilloscope with wave forms. Her’s is the only female or male voice that has ever done that.

  33. I agree Karen had a great voice ,Celine Dion just as good ,I played that song from titanic over and over ,the girls got a great range, But guys What about Ann wilson From Heart, I always thought she had the greatest voice, Sarah MClaughlin is another one, also one of my all time faves Linda RONSTADT shes incredible i always loved her voice.

  34. MALE SINGERS I would say TOM JONES love him great voice, PRINCE, LUther VANDROSS, CHRIS ISAAK, STEVE PERRY, (JOURNEY). I COULD GO On And on. BUT OF all of them I think I like CHris Isaak the best, I have alot of CDs HIs voice is amazing hes also really easy on the eyes.

  35. JT, How could I forget ROy Orbison hes amazing, I think thats where Chris Issak got his influence from Roy the voices are similar.

  36. OPERA SINgers I would have to go with ANDREA BOCELLI and Pavorotti of course. When ANdrea did the Prayer with Celine Dion It was incredible.

  37. ALso Left out Jon BONJovi, he does agreat duet with Leann Rimes that I have on I Tunes,So cute as well, also seems like a really down to earth normal guy, for a Rock star.

  38. JT, I would never slap you, a certain other person on here probably ,at least he changed the picture its actually nice, that picture looks like Monica.

  39. JT….on soaps, it is normal for the guys name and the girls name to be combines to become a couple….
    Bo & Hope= Bope
    Lucas & Sami= Lumi
    EJ & Sami= Ejami
    Sorry JT….I guess I thought everyone should know. And Sal,
    this doesn’t give AC the right to slap my hand. It really was
    not a mispelling. :roll:

  40. Karen Carpenter….Wow!!! That’s a name I haven’t heard
    in a long time. I agree with you JT and aggie, truly an
    amazing voice.

  41. Roy Orbison had the incredible vocal range (over 3 octaves), but not necessarily the best vocal quality. Steve Perry as best pop tenor just ahead of Freddie Mercury. Sexiest white male voice, Jim Morrison. Sexiest black male voice, Barry White followed by everybody else. Best male vocalist with a so so under 2 octave voice who could sell any song, anytime, Frank Sinatra.

  42. Thanks for the info fp2, I was aware that they did that (Benifer… Brangelina.. etc)… just not familiar with soaps……. except DOOL!! (right princess?) :lol:

  43. Posting from 7:22 pm

    JT….on soaps, it is normal for the guys name and the girls name to be combines to become a couple…
    (combines????? WTF) Now that AC….what can I say….
    slap away.

  44. I’m glad you don’t agree with Ashlee Simpson aggie…. I was being very sarcastic when I threw her name in the mix…. she doesn’t belong with those.. or anywhere near a stage… unless she’s in the front row watching someone that can sing.

  45. Manly man…. hmmm. I’ll take it, even though I’d prolly be watching all the soaps if damn work would stop getting in the way!!

  46. JT… I knew you were being sarcastic about Ashlee Simpson and you could have included Jessica as well.

  47. I could have thrown in many. Ashlee always comes to mind first after her “performances” on SNL and halftime at that football game (Orange Bowl?)

  48. Question…. Why does it always have to be the guys name first when combining couples names? I guess Hope and Bo being called Ho probably wouldn’t work that well……. nevermind.. :roll:

  49. PK, loved Barry White good make out music , Freddie Mercury also great, I also like Brian Ferry alot ,remember the great song Slave to love.

  50. now, JT, you can ALWAYS Tivo DOOL and frannie and i will bring you up to date with all the clarifications you will need for the first couple of weeks…

    who did the spoiler on Biggest Loser???? i haven’t watched it yet! damn i’m glad they finally sent tracey home. after all the damage she’s done!!!

  51. hi aggie, took a nap and i’m finally starting to feel better. i was banned from the board meeting because of the flu. yippee skippee, no minutes to transcribe!

  52. Brian Ferry with Roxy Music still have one of the greatest album covers ever in “Country Life.” A great song off that album is “The Thrill of it All.”

  53. For lyrics alone I have to say Diane Warren has no equal in contemporary music. She even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  54. aw, c’mon PK. little blue number, the infamous “shoot out the lights” walking on a wire…

    1952 Vincent Black Lightning “red hair and black leather, my favorite colour scheme”

    it’s Richard Thompson all the way, star or no star

  55. I’ll settle this. The Beastie Boys You gotta fight… for your right.. to Parrrrty!! …. case closed, hands down best lyrics ever!! :lol: :lol: :lol: (much dark sarcasm intended)

  56. Hey everyone. How’s it going??

    @PRINCESS—my brother has chronic back pain so I feel you on that one dear. I have watched him suffer soooooooooo badly with it that it just makes me cry. Sometimes he can’t even walk. It’s truly awful. They have done 2 surgeries on him & still no relief. He had a “Pain doctor” that got him all messed up on pain pills & then that bitch cut him off —so he has had to deal with it on a minimum amount of pain killers. It’s rough. Soo–My heart goes out to you for real. As for the flu. Glad it got you out of work, but very sorry to hear you have it. Get plenty of rest & fluids ok??

    As for the rest of this conversation, I’m not even getting in it right now. PK already told me about Diane Warren being the best–so I’ll take his word for it. :mrgreen:

    HELLLOOO everybody else. :lol:

  57. you cant go back, and you can’t stand still, if the thunder don’t get you, the lightning will…


  58. CYN, you’re taking PK’s side over MINE!!!!!

    OH!! The war is on!!! the WOMEN are supposed to stick together!!!!

  59. JT has a very dark sense of humor sometimes, cyn…

    how about that song that goes “i hear you knockin’ but you can’t come in…”

  60. Thank you, Cynthia. That’s much better. See that PK. Cynthia recognizes the truth when she hears it!! LMPPAO!!

    sorry about your brother! sounds really bad. it does get messed up when you rely on pain killers to move and someone decides you shouldn’t have them… pain doesn’t disappear on its own!

  61. Will this war involve lingeree and a playful pillow fight…. might not be bad to get stuck in the middle of that!

  62. didn’t you complain about being the guy stuck in the middle yesterday, justa? what you coulda had!!!

    lingerie and, well, i need the pillows for my knees..

  63. Yeah Princess—they even put wires IN his back with one of those things that “stimulate” the wires to reduce the pain & he was like —WTF?? It did him absolutely NO GOOD!! Had it removed. That’s when the doctor decided to cut his meds. She wanted to do more surgery & he refused. SO now he has a new doctor that treats patients like junkies. He gives you ONLY what HE THINKS you might need. And it’s just now enough for my brother. BUT I MUST give him credit. He fights it like hell, & then pays for it dearly when he overdoes things.

    SO I hope like hell your’s is NOT that bad. And if it is—feel free to be bitchy anytime cause I’ve seen what that kind of pain can do.

  64. In sync—well dang Lady—you could shoot from one side & I can shoot from the other. Just have to make sure we don’t miss. LMAO

  65. OR—you could hit him with a pillow dressed in lingeree–he’d be thinking it’s a good thing, then I could shoot from the back & you could roll off the bed so as not to get hit by the bullet. LMAO He’d never know what hit him. LMAO

  66. that sounds a lot like the way i live. our own AC couldn’t believe that (back then) i’d lived here for 5 or 6 months and still had a room full of unpacked boxes, but ANY lifting will require double meds and a day flat on my back, without having fun of any kind, lol…

    so, i’m REALLY careful. REALLY. we even had to cut down my work to 4 days per week that i’m required to be there. doesn’t dampen my personality, but sure slows me down on all the things i would like to do.

  67. JT is you weren’t having fun anymore I would be so unhappy!!!

    so i’ll continue to be bad! thank you!

  68. I hear ya. He has LOTS of days when he can’t get out of bed. Working is out of the question. I KILLS me to not be able to help my brother. :cry:

    As for Jt–hell I’d just nick him. Nothing serious. LMAO

  69. oh, sweetie, don’t leave unless you’re bored or want to sleep. i’m sure cyn will come around and not shoot you!

  70. DON’T YOU DARE!! I’m only playing—how can I even graze the man that was “the middle man” for me??? :lol:

  71. I’m not leaving… go ahead and take your best shots. I’ll refresh… and read them after a 5 minute delay.. then respond about 10 posts later…. Damn slow browser!!!

  72. JT I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to post my BEST shot—but we were playing anyway—so it’s all good. :lol:

  73. aggie had to go somewhere, snake is prolly somewhere LHAO, PK disappeared when we didn’t agree with him.

    sorry justa, i keep forgetting you have a s l o w browser…

    i keep thinking you’ve gone away.

  74. I think they all left to leave the three of you to play :lol: :guy on restroom door” you better fuel up the hamsters or those two are going to wear you out in a hurry.

  75. ok, jt, easily confused. maybe i should become a redhead for awhile, see if that helps. i was a redhead before…

  76. Cyn, princess, and PGA….. sure nobody else wants to help these 3 make fun of JT? Aggie? She’s prolly watching baseball!! :lol: :roll:

  77. Hey I would NEVER make fun of you JT!! Have fun WITH you yes. It’s like that—-I’m laughing WITH you—not at you type of thing, unless of course you aren’t laughing. LMAO

  78. Much more entertaining to sit back with a drink and watch him scramble for himself :evil: Besides he can handle himself and I can still throw in a shot here and there from my observation post.

  79. ok, i know the browser is refreshing, but i’m going to lie down again for awhile…

    it’s amazing how much time we can spend on here discussing lingerie and the best use of pillows, etc.

  80. DOK—when I said OMG not you too—I was talking about the hhhhheeeeeeelllllllllllllloooooo thing!! Are you going to tease me with that now too?? LMAO

  81. Princess you take care of that back dear. Talk to you later. Be GOOD!! And if you can’t be good—BE GOOD AT IT!! :lol:

  82. Just like I said…. he’s like Beetlejuice! Say his name and there he is.. except you only have to mention AC once!

  83. Well yeah—once is enough. I’d NEVER say it three times—he might do that tongue thing & that would just blow my hair off. LMFAO

  84. I see you got a better pic of Monica—she looks good in this one. You REALLY have a thing for her don’t you??

    Well chit—the dogs are looking at me with that “LOOK”. So I need to take them out. I’ll be back in a few.

  85. I wonder if Cynt’s dogs look at her and go “Heeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooo, we have to pee!!!!” :lol:

  86. I’mmmmmmm baaaaaaack!! LMAO

    Hello Donna. Good to see you.

    DOK—yes they DO look at me like that!! Although I’d probably have to kill them if I really knew what they were thinking. It’s probably more like, “Hey a$$hole—we gotta go—now get the hell up.” LMAO

  87. Confession… I did have my message to Margie typed up so all I had to do was wait for the 3rd out and hit submit… But hell, if I did everything on the up & up, I’d just now be posting that the Phillies won the World Series! (They won it last year princess).

  88. Our dogs DO NOT know they are dogs. They are soooooooo pampered it is unreal. In fact, we really don’t own this place—they do—they just let us stay here to pay the bills & stuff. :lol:

  89. OK am I the ONLY one that refreshes every 2 seconds??? I know why JT’s response is slow but dammit man–what are you guys doing??

  90. Yeah I know what do do is–No I didn’t pick it up OUTSIDE because we have an acre & 1/2 for them to DO DO on. But is that what you are talikng about AC??

  91. OK—with that “NO ANSWER” I’m going to assume there is. :lol: So I’m going to go check my e-mail now. Be back later to see if anyone is still around.

  92. Just as I thought… 227 comments at my last look. Good thing it’s time for my 5 hours…. damn slow piece of sh#t!! Goodnight blog peeps!!

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