The Devil made me do it! But, is Russell really a devil?

Ben continues to drive his fellow tribemates crazy with his banter and foolishness. All talk centers on getting Ben out of the game. However, Russell still wants him in the game and tries to talk people into keeping him and getting Ashley out.  Jaison is on a get Ben out crusade and mananges to persuade the tribe to lean that way. Over at Galu, is a life of leasure as most everyone other than Shambo is doing Yoga or just chillin’.

The scene finally shifts to this weeks IC/RC combination event. The teams must swim/run out into the water to retrieve 4 crates and return them to shore where they must stack them so colors do not repeat on each side. An obstacle is in the way (opposite tribe member) in the water to slow them down on the way out to the crates. The winner will get some pillows, blankets and beach mats for there tribe. Galu wins after Foa Foa gets done first but does not have the colors correct on their stack of blocks.

A twist happens when they get ready to get their reward. The Chief must choose between comfort(the orginal stuff, pillows,etc) or function …. tarp, lantern and a few other items. Russell S. chooses the comfort items and some of the tribe thinks he blew it with that choice.

Also, Russell S. sends Shambo to be the observer/idol hunter back to Foa Foa. She hits it off well with the opposite tribe. After reading the clue, she openly starts looking for the HII while the Foa Foa members just seem to ignore her. She manages to dig under the tree where Russell found it, but no luck ….. I wonder why?

At tribal council there is a heated argument over who should go. Most talk centers on Ben and how much of an ass he has been. After the vote Ben is voted out making him the third person evicted from SS.

……………. Do you watch the preview for next weeks show before changing the channell?? …… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..


Russell Hantz will be on Survivor 20  

Russell Hantz, do you see the horns under his hat?
Russell Hantz, do you see the horns under his hat?

 Russells brother in an interview  by Andy Dehnart on September 29, 2009 for Reality Blurred



Last nights episode gave us some new insight to the Galu Tribe.  Just call them Yoga bears. They don’t seem to do anything around camp, and Russell S. sure made a bad choice for the reward. They will definately need a roof over that leanto of a hut!  The Foa Foa people seemed to hit it off with Shambo!  The Galu tribe has managed to set up a Day Spa, wonder when they have time for fire, eating, collecting wood and the fundamentals.

Shambo sure didn’t hide the fact that she was looking for the HII, also if you watched the previews for next week, it sounds like Shambo told someone about the clue to the idol. 

55 thoughts on “The Devil made me do it! But, is Russell really a devil?”

  1. All I know is my girl Ashley is hangin on….I would HATE to see her gone from the show. She is my home town girl and that has added a whole new dimension to me watching this season.

    Plus I think I am in love! LOL

    Peace, BBBlogger

  2. Sorry I missed the after Survivor blogging last night, but my wife was tired after returning from a trip.

    Ben was a hothead; Ben probably said some things that came off sounding racist (to Jaison, at least) and Ben was pathetic in the immunity/reward challenge last night. Bye Ben and make that one strike for Russell H thinking he is calling the shots.

    And then along came Ashley, the supposed weakest link in Foa Foa (according to Russell H) and performed like a wild momma bear protecting her cubs/cubes from the big bad Galu raiders wanting to get to her cubs/cubes. Now if Ashley can somehow light a fire under, on or anywhere near the other two women to unite the three women together and get rid of Russell H (without telling him in advance) before it is too late.

    And now that Jaison has become an Al Sharpton, everything is about race even when it isn’t, wannabe on Survivor Samoa he can leave with the next outgoing tide as far as I’m concerned. Jaison had the perfect opportunity to put his “sista” in her placen without any possible racial overtones when she first arrived with her disrespectful attitude at Foa Foa and nipped it in the bud with true Deputy Barney Fife authority. But he didn’t. Two more kiwis in search of a drop zone. Nobody but Ben stood up to Jasmin’s verbal attacks on Foa Foa. Time for Jaison to go build his soap box in Hyde Park, London, or wherever as long as it is nowhere near Samoa.

    Dysfunctional Foa Foa continues to contribute to its own demise and even the naive Doc is unable to spot Foa Foa’s version of swine flu (Russell H).

  3. You said PK…..I agree with you 100%. Why do we always have to
    have one in the bunch that thinks everything is racist. I like
    Jaison until last night. Bye Bye to Jaison (even before Russell H)

  4. OOOOH, Princess, FISCAL year-end is a whole lot of
    headache. I am done with my quarter end now so I can
    relax a bit.

  5. Well folks, Survivor didn’t show in CA at least not in Orange County. We just got a blank screen with one word which I forget and I went back a couple of times and that was it, no show for us. :cry: It’s bad enough we only get it once a week. I’m not surprised they lost the challenge and that Ben is gone. Thanks Snake for the update and everyone with your posts.

    I have to comment on the Chicago love fest because I’ve visited a few times and one of my best friends in all the world lives there. Too bad they lost the bid for the Olympics. I watched all the videos for the 4 countries and my order of best video is: Rio, Spain, Chicago, Madrid. I know they review more than just the videos but that’s what I thought. The blues music for Chicago video rocked though.

  6. ted, left your answer on yesterday’s blog re fb. of course you didn’t offend my ladyship, i justwanted to point out the issue!

  7. aggie, about last night, being in the PNW (ie the Great Pacific NorthWET) i have to log off at 5pm ET so i don’t get ‘spoilers.’ i i get back on, it’s after midnite ET and lots of people have left – so i wait til Friday. it is Friday isn’t it? i don’t know if i can take another day of this…

    keep on goin’ frannie, i’m hanging in with fiscal year end as well. crying myself to sleep at night, but hangin’ in.

    k11, last chance to magically appear!!

  8. Good for Jaison for taking voting control at tribal from Russell,about time someone other than Russell used their brain. Ben could have gone far if he kept his nasty mouth shut.

  9. Agree with the thoughts re: Jaison… I think he carried it a little too far too. There were plenty of reasons to get rid of Ben. So far no one has waved good-bye.

    And what’s with the trip wire in the previews? My daughter fell off the couch laughing!

    Chicago Love-fest! I love it! And Princess… if you get on fb… look up Ted Strutz… but, there are two of us… I think you can figure out which one I am.

  10. Thanks for the tip of Russell the Hat being on Survivor 20… I’ve liked Richard, Johnny Fairplay, Rupert, Rob, Tyson and anyone else truly original and Russell joins that group. In fact, I will be changing my profile pic soon in honor of Russell.

  11. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! Sorry, anytime “Coach” (should that ever be a loosely used term concerning him) flaps his gums my eyes glaze over and I get very sleepy. Heard enough of his bs last year and was hoping I’d never have to waste anymore time with him. Stick to boring the kids on the futbol field you wannabe badass.

    Speaking of wannabe badasses. The only person Ben was a badass with, was a female, in a coed challange. Against men he was a worthless little toothpick who liked to talk big, but couldn’t back it up with anything. I said last week he was STUPID, and last night certainly helped to prove that. Give some people the chance to open their mouths and they will eliminate themselves.

    As for Shambo WTF? Did anyone actually verify that she was a Marine. The only outdoor thing I’ve really seen her do is show the girls of Foa Foa how to make “poofy torches” from palm fronds. Wait I forgot she was a self proclaimed excellent spearfisher, that somehow couldn’t manage to catch a single fish (I’ve seen people in years past with absolutely no skills hit fish with the spear rig) and lost parts of the equipment lounging her sorry ass in the water. Can’t wait for Galu to finally lose just so I won’t have to see her wasting space anymore.

  12. How in the heck are they going to have all those chiefs together
    on Survivor 20. Doubt they will be able to get along with
    each other. They will have to have Coach on one tribe
    and Russell H on the other. The only things getting speared
    will be the players.

  13. K11……
    You wanted me to let you know which football team I would be
    picking this week in the Survivor pool. Well, I have decided to go
    with the 49ers. They are playing the Rams at SF. However, we have
    until 10:00 AM on Sunday morning to make any last minute changes.
    I was torn between the 49ers and Chicago but I figured I would save
    them for another week….if I make it to another week. Whatcha think?

  14. this last show tells me there is much more to russell than just a nut case. He is not only very devious, but intellegently so. He controls situations but also lets others have their say and makes the best move. He could go a long way.

  15. Russell H is a master fabricator and manipulator and thus far those “talents” have worked very well for him, but can he win individual immunities when he needs to for survival assuming he even gets that far in the game?

    If the challenge involves nothing more than brute low center of gravity force, Russell H probably takes all comers except Russell S who, though a bit older, appears to be a whole lot stronger.

    In any memory challenge:
    Russell H loses with or without his hat on.

    In any puzzle challenge:
    Russell H fails to make the puzzle pieces do as told.

    In any foot race over 10 yards:
    Russell H loses the all guys and most women.

    In any water sports competition:
    Russell H probably floats, but nothing more.

    In any endurance competition:
    Russell H loses unless most time on camera is added to total.

    In any physical hitting targets with misc objects competition:
    Russell H finds it’s harder than tossing socks in fire and loses.

    As I see it, Russell H’s legacy will be as the first player in Survivor history to totally eliminate his own tribe, thus avoiding any possibility for a merge.

    Russell H is gone in the first round.

  16. Russell H, needs to go. he is a pompas ass, and his team mates had better wake up. I see a weasle ever time i see his face.

  17. I was sorry to see Ben go last night, even though hes an ignorant jerk, he was entertaining. It really would of been better if ASHLey were the one that left, their is nothing especially interesting about her. JAISON should have put his feelings aside, and did whats best for the team ,Ben is the one who knows how to start afire, what are they ging to do without that.

  18. Phillip K… That was Brilliant! And Betty… show Russell the Hat some Love, that tribe would be pretty boring without him. Look into his eyes and you can see him laughing inside. I know he was laughing when Shambo (my female in our pool) was halfway up inside that tree. And what’s up with the tripwire in the preview? My daughter almost fell off the couch laughing. And then there’s Russell the Sugar Daddy… that move may have sealed his fate! I’d love to watch that guy in a courtroom.

    And what’s this about a football pool… I want in!

    Does anyone know how to change their pic? I can’t seem to do it, even though I’ve added a new one to Gravitar.

    56 degrees and partly cloudy at 4:44p.m. in Friday Harbor

  19. Ted… I don’t know all the ins and outs of the avitar placement procedure, but I do know that once I linked my blog account with my Facebook account created just for this blog, from that point onward I had to select a specific pic in my Facebook profiles photos as what appears as my avitar on this blog. Then if you change your Facebook profile photo, that photo becomes your avitar on this blog…

  20. Thanks Phillip I figured that was the case. I have a hat just like Russell H and wanted to put on a pic of me in it trying to look like Russell. I couldn’t do the look though… no one can replace Russell H!

  21. INteresting that RUssel h. is going to be on survivor allstars ,I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt last long on there ,considering people will know how he plays the game, he will be the number 1 target, along with any other strong personality. Remember when fairplay was on an allstars he was gone quick.

  22. oh, aggie, i didn’t take it personally, i was just ‘splainin’

    k11 has been awol for 3 days. not even justa knows why. he and AC keep telling me not to worry, but it’s way too late for that…

    i justkeep telling myself he’ll be back when he’s ready. maybe he got a new job and he’s justtired!!

  23. ted, i couldn’t really find you on facebook, but i’m so new to that i’m probably not doing it right (hmmmm…) there was only one you, but i think i have to send a request. i’m unclear about the ins and outs of facebook. maybe i’ll learn a little at a time, i’m pretty much a technophobe and moose and snake have taught me a bunch of stuff.

    i think it was franks who also tried and gave up when he realized he just didn’t speak blonde. moose and snake are my computer heros!

    k11, you are worrying aggie now! come out to play!

  24. I think Aggie is right about our boy Russell on All-Stars… But, Fairplay had been injured before they started and then injured himself on the boat on the first episode (i think it was the first) and couldn’t have pain killers and wimped out.

    Princess… what’s your fb name… I’ll find you.

  25. Princess… oh, yes you do have to send a friend request… so send one. If I look like this pic, then it’s me. Getin’ chilly… 42〫

  26. Princess, maybe KEvin is having problems with his computer again I know he did before. Kevin, were worried about you ,Whats up ? The ladies here are missing you, It doesnt quite seem the same without you.

  27. TED, CAREFul About the Ill find you comments to Princess, your sounding a little STaLkerish.I know that, would scare the hell out of me.

  28. I sent you a friend request Ted.
    Princess, a shortcut to Teds facebook can be done by clicking on his name on one of his comments. That will take you to his SS profile, there you can click on his facebook link and request to be his friend.

  29. How will people know how Russell plays the game? Survivor 20 (All-Stars) was finished before Survivor Samoa even aired. They probably had no idea who he was, unless somebody else from SS is on there too. Looking forward to it though.

  30. Oooo Sugar. I liked her a lot. Cute & Sweet. I liked how she found the immunity idol on her first try. Then when she went back, named the lil hut “The Sugar Shack”. I wanted her to win the favorite juror award in her season.

  31. SUGAR ,why? was she agood player, I think not ,It should only be the best of the best.They should have no lightweights on the allstar show.

  32. aw, aggie. i liked sugar, too. everyone thought she was riding what’shisnames shorts, but she made it to the final 3 and during the questioning, this homeless “pin-up” girl who’d been sleeping in her car said basically F-U to one of the questions from a woman who didn’t like her and then sugar said she wasn’t looking for her vote anyway. maybe not the smartest way to win a mil. but i think she knew she was not going to get it so she spoke her mind. not arguing, just my opinion, i really, really liked sugar and i will be very happy to see her back. i bet russell h raises her instincts and hackles to a degree we haven’t seen yet in SS19. she WAS street smart.

    i’m glad you mentioned kevin’s computer, makes me a little less worried – it crossed my mind also – but no less concerned.

    snake is going to ‘friend’ ted and he’ll let me know if it’s safe. i’m sure ted is ok. we live within, i’m guessing, 50 miles of each other? about an hour? maybe less. and i think he meant he could only find me with my real name. but i appreciate the concern. a woman can never be too careful these days. i’ll trust snake’s judgment. (no offense, ted, please, fb is new to me and snake is safe and will keep the women here safe also. he’s that kind of guy.)

  33. AC, good to see you. i want a veranda and some other stuff i mentioned, elsewhere. you all build, and i’ll decorate! seems like a fair trade of work to me.

    i totally agree with you about sugar. she’s been one of my favorite players. i hope they bring back her boy, too. the one with the accent. i LOVE rupert. what a great guy.

    i think i’m getting more excited for the SAS20 (Survivor All-Stars) than i am about this game. russell seems intent on genocide in his own tribe. soon there will only be a couple of them left and his games may not work in the yoga tribe.

  34. What you mean lightweight? She was final 3 and the reason why Bob won the game. I know if she kept Matty he prolly would have won. But thats only because the bitter jury voted emotionally Sugar outplayed them all. Found the idol her first time on Exile (Lawyer boy was clueless when he went to Exile). She got Bob to give the fake idol to Randy (bitter), who then played it and still got voted out (Funny as hell). She gave her Immunity Idol to Matty to save him, which got Crystal (bitter) voted out. She voted to keep Bob at the end which got Matty (bitter) voted out….. I could go on. I think that qualifies as a good player. Definitely All-Star material.

  35. I admit the RAndy fake Idol thing was funny, because he was just an asshole,THAT was a really great moment, she made a complete fool out of that pompous guy ,.how I hated him.I never said I hated Sugar, she had her moments, You really like her cause your a guy, and shes a cute girl. I just dont think of her as allstar material.

  36. Sugar’s bio prior to Survivor 18

    Name: Sierra Reed
    Age: 23
    Location: San Diego, Santa Monica, NYC
    Occupation: Model

    Quote: Not only did this beauty not have to try out to get on Survivor (“I was at a taco stand when the recruiters came up to me,” she says), she doesn’t need the prize. “Money comes and goes,” says Reed, who turned down a Tommy Hilfiger campaign to do the show. “If I’d saved when I was just starting out, I’d be a multimillionaire by now.

    Now she lives in Santa Monica, where she leads what some would see as a glamorous life, dating celebrities and modeling. She appeared on MTV’s reality series, “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.”

    Considering the above pre-show bio, my question is: was this homeless “pin-up” girl who’d been sleeping in her car have bed linen and pillows custom made to match the Hummer or the Bentley?

  37. Hey everybody

    Missed Survivor on Thursday because of back to school night. Just getting around to watching it this morning on On Demand.

    Well, seems like Russell can be reasonable and lay low. Jaison was pretty adamant about have disruptive Ben leave. I think Jaison really took the racist remarks personally. As a black person it’s hard not to. As I said before, Jasmin was a jerk and should have been put in her place. Unfortunately they left that up to Ben who was being attacked by her. However, only a small minded person has to use racial remarks (and they were) to get their point across.

    Foa Foa is going to have to step it up. What’s going on. The other team is really boring so far. Russell S didn’t make a very good decision picking pillows and towels over more useful items. Note, Jasmin was all over him choosing that crap. I just know she’s going to be trouble.

    What ever happened to having two challenged every episode? I feel cheated.

  38. AC, no baby, there in the nightstand drawer on the passenger side of the bed where i always keep them. the measuring tape is on the driver’s side.

  39. Not to worry Aggie… not stalking just curious to meet a NW friend… It’s easy to find people from Chicago… But, BELLINGHAM… now that’s something. You do get to meet some snakes in dog’s clothing though!

    Something I’ve heard indicates Sugar will be Back. I think CBS will be going for the popular vote in casting and not necessarily the best players. But Sugar was damn good and has a big following. Would love to see Courtney back but don’t think she would do it. I’m sure we’ll have Coach and maybe Tyson, hope so. And Corrine would be great! To bad Richard can’t play, but then, would he really add anything to the game at this stage? And I guess, the question is, is it a ‘game’ or just a ‘show’ at this level? Whichever, I’ll be glued to the tube on Thursday Nights! (oh, I guess it’s a screen nowadays)

  40. Hey Phillip… You made an error… Sugar is Jessica Kipper, not Sierra Reed. And yes, you do have her life after Survivor correct. Not sure what became of Sierra… something good I hope. Would like to see her back… AND Randy… how could I have forgotten him. Would like to see Dani too… and the poker player!

  41. I am glad that Ben got voted off. How will that vicious Russel H be able to handle it now that his lovie partner is gone and won’t be able to help him. Oh poor dear! lol.

  42. The only people who like Russell are people just like him and that SHAMbo is just another typicl example of a brain-dead woman who people like Russell think the world os full of. Russell is sure intimidated by a woman with brains and he detests them, as much if not more than the SHAMbos of the world.

    And can you believe her being such a xenophobic, that she has to hate on anyone who does Yoga? OMG! If she don’t get it, well that’s a good reason to hate someone, yeah right…what a total effing idiot. Oh yeah, SHAMbo they dodn’t wanna sit around and listen to our “Coach” type mouth running about things you lie about (like being in the Marines!) so now you go and hold that grudge. Dumbass.

    Both S & R must GO!

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