The Devils curse, have Russell’s lies doomed the Foa Foa?

The rhythmic beat of the drums could be heard in during mass! It was because of this that in 2009, the Samoan Gods decided that any tribe that was not Catholic would not be allowed to practice within on the island. Foa Foa beach, now deserted was the location where the early Voudoun held their rituals. The Voodoo religion is based on one main supreme deity and several demi-gods called Loas. The Loas are much to Voodoo as the Saints are to Catholicism, each one serving a specific purpose. In the language of the Dahomey tribes, the word Voodoo means Gods or Spirits. The Dahomians believed that these spirits had the ability to enter the worshippers. This was believed to be a valuable experience, warding off illness and misfortune. It was in the Foa Foa camp where the  Voodoo Gods became irate with the Mandevil called Russell with the Houdini magic. 

It was not uncommon for crosses of death, tiny coffins, and strange concoctions of Samoan smoothies or hidden immunity idol dolls to be found within the tribal camps. At dawn on the doorsteps and beaches of cast-a-ways warnings could be found.  Sometimes there would be just a black candle or a black crepe wreath. Superstitious tribe members of the Galu tribe would constantly seek protection from such curses. Much of the Voodoo practitioners’ spells that were sought after were for that of protection or uncrossing, removing hexes. The Galu being truthful, found another Hidden Immunity Idol dol which could hold off curses. One of the most common practices to protect one from evil curses was to scrub the feet of the Tribal Chieffront on the stoop of the hut with palm leaves. Many Samoans made Gris-Gris bags (good luck charms), and would wear them near the body or place them in the home. Rumor has it that doctors at Survivor hospital told of patients being brought in wearing their Gris-Gris bags and refusing to part with them. These bags were usually made up of a variety of herbs or even animal parts. One of the most powerful animals to use in Voodoo was the cat, particularly, a black cat.

Hmmmmmmm, maybe the curse is working!!!!!

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  1. Sal….you’re up early this morning!!!

    JT…..your post from last night. :lol:

    Don’t be sorry about your comment starfish.. I’m just glad I didn’t get any backlash about Sam & Dan possibly being Packer fans!
    Jt….that oriface should be an exit…not an entrance. :lol:

  2. Good morning everyone, The amazing Race was good last night , I was sorry too see the poker players go ,they had a pretty tough time of it. the globetrotters was of course great as usual. I hope they manage too stay in the game. ITs 8:14 and actually a pretty nice day for a change ,its not raining.FRannie, Icant say your right about, that oriface should be an exit not an entrance, dont Knock it unless you have tried it.

  3. Damn Sal, I’m still trying to figure out WTF was going on in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” when you spring “The Devils Curse” on me this morning.

    And I thought all the stuff I heard in Mormon Sunday School was confusing? Whew! :shock:

  4. franniep2, i was actually running a little behind (no jokes) because i set my alarm clock back 2 hours instead of one. When the alarm went off I thought I still had an hour of sleep to go. But when I heard Freda growl at me I looked at my watch, damn it would have been nice to have just 1 more hour to sleep this morning

  5. Well, sorry to see the poker players go home. Don’t really think it’s fair to have a challenge that is physically beyond someone’s ability. But then, I know it’s how you hit the thing too, so maybe they just couldn’t luck onto it. But, they did have a lot of swings. It would have been interesting to see how Tiffany would have done counting the bells. And speaking of bells… what a jerk Brian was crying about his feet when Erica had climbed so many steps. A friend of mine googled them and they have each won around 350 grand at poker. I too want the Globetrotters. I do think that if Brian and Erica make it they have no chance at the final roadblock.

    Happy the Yankees won and it’s 44℉ in Friday Harbor… Partly Cloudy!

  6. I disagree that Brian was acting like a jerk, I’d say that Erica was the whiny one. bye bye poker brats.

  7. naughty, naughty aggie. I was talking about Sam and Dan
    from the Amazing Race. Besides, how do you know I haven’t
    tried it? I’m just saying…
    I was glad to see the poker players go. Better them than
    Brian & Ericka. Although, as long as it took Ericka to count those
    bells, maybe they should have been eliminated.
    The globetrotters are hilarious. It will not be the same IF they
    ever have to leave. Does anyone know if they are playing for
    the money for themselves or charity? Just curious, either way
    is alright with me.

  8. My goodness Aggie & Frannie are into it this morning aren’t they? :D I say, whatever trips your trigger.

    PK, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” was very interesting. Makes you want to visit Savannah, just to go to the cemetery. As for the “Voodoo” in the book, well, I’m not so sure hers worked but for $25 a pop, what the hay.

    I couldn’t believe the poker players were so weak. Neither one of them have any strength in their arms. Doesn’t take much muscle to hold cards does it? :lol: They should stick with their day job. $350,000 isn’t chump change. I did feel sorry for them on one level though. Go Globetrotters!!!

    Last day in the garage. Thank the Voodoo Gods! Sunny and 70s in Dana Point, CA today and really clear. Can even see the mountains and it’s gorgeous.

  9. OK aggie and fp2… no more exit/entrance debate and I do mean that, no if’s and’s or butts. :lol:

  10. Very cute Sal. Sweet little bottoms or butts. Now I think the boys should cough and the girls should scoot down a little more and we can all exit this conversation. :lol:

  11. LOOKING forward too dancing with the stars tonight. hopefully Michael Irvin goes this week, but who knows its all about the fan base,and he definately has one. sometimes they let a better person go because of that.

  12. Sal… Don’t know where you got that pic, BUT be assured that I have no kids regardless what the mothers’ say or the statistically flawed 1 in 20 trillion DNA results. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

  13. cynthia, i hope you’re out there and still reading along. i just wanted to leave a message for you about the other night.

    i’m sorry. I apologize for jumping on you like that when you were only concerned about how i was feeling after my little trip to the ER. I’m not going to excuse myself by saying i didn’t feel well or i was just upset. i was wrong. i should have left the entire situation alone and i apologize. you told me it was none of my business, and you were right.

    i hope you do read this and, whether you choose to accept or not, i am sincerely sorry. there are too many things we have to deal with in RL to come here, where we play, and have me deal with life, and you, that way.

    to everyone else who read and had questions, it was my bad. there was a misunderstanding and i blew it out of proportion. i shouldn’t have brought a private matter into a public forum. and i apologize.

    since i did, this is where the apology should be, not whispered in some corner where i hope Cynthia will come across it. the apology should be as public as the error itself – that’s why i posting it here.

    we’re both strong women, Cyn. that’s why we got along so well, but i should have been offering support and i didn’t. i’m sorry for that too.

  14. snake, we’ve ALWAYS kissed and made ou…. er, up!

    justa, thank you, i hope she gets a chance to read it and understand that i mean it – i’m sorry i hurt her feelings like that.

    ok, how ’bout them vikes!

  15. Princess, I know you are probably not related, but one of my first true loves was Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring, but her Father, Chief Thunder Thud, blew my chances with her when he said I was just another white boy who wanted to spoon with forked tongue.

  16. Somehow I missed the Cynthia – Princess “misunderstanding”. I knew there was one but been too busy to catch it all. Please I don’t need a recap at all.

    I just want to say….Way to go Princess and I believe Cynthia will accept. What a great apology!!

    I agree with JT, back to “our regularly scheduled fun!” :D

    Looking forward to DWTS and Aggie, I agree, I hope Michael goes this week. He does have a radio show following though.

  17. starfish… Tell me you haven’t forgotten all of the characters on the “Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody show” in your advancing years? :shock:

  18. strfsh, i don’t know if you’re into sci-fi, i LOVE it, but “they” are redoing the series “V” on ABC. of course it is on tuesday night and that’s my biggest loser night – your DWTS night. there’s also a new movie from James Cameron called AVATAR, that instantly made me think of AC!!

  19. STARFISH, I dont think its going to be Michael this week he didwell this week It could be Mark this week he got a pretty bad score, Aaron did fantastic I dont know what it is with Len goodman it seems like he doesnt like Maya, and she is great he always gives her a sore thats undeserving, Im still watching it but so far Mark is the worst.

  20. dammit, JT, you’re getting me kicked out of the boys club at work! not that i was in, but the ED and GM are SOCCER fans. Football in the uk and elsewhere, of course.

    Will Smith is playing football, i thought he was an actor!

    Dirty Birds = Falcons. dear bulwinkle this education is taking a toll on me!

  21. princess, I have seen a lot of commercials for “V”. I was wondering if it was a remake of the early 80s one (I really liked that one). I’ll be watching it… I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I hope it’s good. I also got sucked into The Terminator series.

  22. I saw the Avatar promos too and thought they should have named it King Avatar ….but then I would be after them for my cut of the action! :lol:

  23. The group dances were great, But team Tango was on fire they were definately the best, they even got a 10 from bruno ,Love that dance its so sexy.It looks like it could be Mark going home tommorrow, he did get the worst score.

  24. i read that it was based on the series, but Diana (Jane Badler’s character) is not included. however, it seems they have another lovely, evel brunette! i can hardly wait for this. and for Avatar!

  25. Ok Phillip, you got me. :lol: I guess my advancing years have advanced. Until you said it, the only thing that slightly resonated was Chief Thunder Thud but I didn’t put it together.

    Well, what can I say nothing because I don’t remember what I was going to say. :shock:

  26. aggie, i did apologize to you that night, also… but i think you left the building. i’m sorry and apologize to you too!

  27. Princess, I love Sci-Fi and I definitely plan on watching V. I know I’ll like it. Didn’t see the one in the 80s though. Loved the Terminator Series also. When it was just my two kids and I, we used to watch all the sci-fi stuff together. Some of my best moments just the 3 of us. Pop corn and all.

    PK, don’t you dare ask me what movies we watched. :)

  28. Aggie, I’ve given up trying to figure Len out. I think sometimes he has a couple shots of something and sometimes he doesn’t. His credentials are good but he’s not consistent anymore INHO. I agree Maya is great. You are probably right, it may be Mark this week.

  29. Justa I haven’t seen anything for Avatar yet. Sounds good though and I’ll be on board for that too. Where’s AC on this?

  30. has anybody on here seen True Blood on HBO ,what a great show that is ,some pretty freaky stuff. I dont usually watch reruns but that show i would.

  31. aggie, I’ve been meaning to check out True Blood. I think I might like it if you recommend it. I’ve noticed we have similar taste in movies and music …. not sports or DWTS though, but that’s ok :lol:

  32. STARFISH, YEah LEn GOODman is amajor crabass, I dont know what too think of that guy, Bruno and Carrie ann give Maya a 9 and Len gives her a 7 what the hell is his problem.

  33. I don’t remember the characters from the original V. I just remember them being lizzard people!! Ahhhhh!! :shock: I wonder what the twist will be this time?

  34. JT, Love that show its probably the best on cable of course i would like anything on vampires. They had some pretty scary stuff this season ,Anna paquin is great in it so is Stephen Moyer and Alexander skarsgard.You would probably have too see it from the beginning otherwise it wouldnt make alot of sense.

  35. Thanks Sal, I see they are doing a 12 hour marathon starting at 7am (CST) tomorrow morning. I will have to record it.

  36. I dont really like alien stuff as much i liked alot of the movies ET, close encounters , alien, I remember seeing V the series it was ok but i really dont know if i want too see this new one really.

  37. Aggie, You may love a guy that doesn’t like sports…. would he love you though? (or any other woman)…. We are what we are. Bulwinkle made us this way :lol:

  38. PHILLIP, What are you talking about, thats the girls name i know sometimes native americans have some bizarre names but thats really weird.

  39. JT, plenty a guys dont like sports and their not necessarily gay, come on now, i have known some. But their is just nobody on here that doesnt.

  40. that’s odd. they ran the V series on syfy today! i think they picked up in the second season when after the alien child was born. i originally had it set to tivo, but i didn’t really want to spend 10 hours on the older series. i want to start fresh with the new series.

    that’s why i always try to read the book AFTER i see the movie, otherwise it’s just a complete disappointment.

    aggie, i’m sorry i didn’t see true blood from the beginning, too. maybe it’s available on netflix. OMB, i hit 500 on netflix and they wouldn’t let me add anymore!! i dislike restrictions intensely!! LOL!

  41. aggie, he was really good in the first one. the next 2 or 3 weren’t as good, but i watched them anyway. who could resist an alien nation that gets drunk on sour milk!!

    by the way, there’s a lot of buzz about that new movie, name gone blank, that was filmed on shoestring and is an analogy of apartheid. it’s sci fi, too.

  42. You’re right princess, I can record those 12 hours, but when will I watch them? And the new one starts tomorrow.

  43. thank you!

    a mouthpiece that makes you more flexible? oh, there are SO many places to go with that!!!

    don’t worry, AC, Saints haveta win now!!!

  44. well, it’s not football, but you mentioned that wednesday was nonfootball night, justtryin’ to help out!!!

    i wouldn’t miss it!!

  45. snake, didn’t get to watch flash forward from the beginning. would it work if i started now? besides, it clashes with SS!

  46. I don’t see FF listed for my On Demand. I wonder how they pick which shows are on there and which aren’t.

  47. I really don’t want to see that. Either or, but not both. Last Saints – Colts game I went to , they laid 55 on us. :shock: And Manning had like 6 tds. They were still scoring as we were walking out the Dome. :roll:

  48. I figured you’d rethink that one. I remember years ago it was my dream to have a Cowboys-Oilers SB.

  49. I just knew Sal was leaning towards Steelers-Saints rather than Colts-Vikes. Sal, you got so much music that you can’t decide what to listen to?

  50. Aggie there IS a Sarah. For real, well kind of. :lol: She just couldn’t make it & she told me to come instead.

  51. AC is there some way I can speak privately to you. I DO NOT mean over there. I mean REALLY private.????

  52. BUT—you have to give me your word that NO MATTER what—you will NEVER give my info to ANYBODY—NOBODY ok?? I MEAN NOBODY!!!

  53. Princess I won’t be here when the new blog goes up so I hope you read this. Apology accepted & likewise dear. It was all messed up but me & AC are all good now. OK??

    “No more stress, now I’m straight, now I get it, now I take
    Time to think, before I make mistakes just for my family’s sake
    That part of me left yesterday
    The heart of me is strong today
    No regrets I’m blessed to say
    The old me dead & gone away.”

  54. Good morning Cynthia and Princess…..I’m glad to hear you
    guys are friends again. Not sure what the problem was but
    we’re all here to have fun and fun we shall have. Smile and
    everyone have a great Tuesday. :)

    It’s a chilly 37 degrees here in St. Peters, Mo. at 6:46 A.M

  55. CYNTHIA, I got it now SARAH is your sister ,I dont understand the mystery though, if she was your sister why didnt you say so.I havent seen a sarah on here, so i really didnt get it.

  56. FRANNIE, I know what you mean, Some people on here are being very mysterious ,Unless you commited a crime I dont get it i, really dont.

  57. Cyn, thank you for your note. I appreciate you accepting my apology. I can tell you and AC are good now, and that’s the most important thing. i hope you get the chance to see this.

    I’m sorry you won’t be here for the new blog, it’s been fun…

    Take care of yourself and your situation. i’m sorry i didn’t give you enough support on that. esp. after having experienced similar. all my best, “princess”

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