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  1. ok well THAT one did…………………doesn’t really matter about the votes. did he just read them as he picked them up?
    i’m ready to just move on to Bachelor………

  2. Yeah PK… noThe Loop here… but there is a kind of loop that goes around the downtown… if you can call it a ‘downtown’! Do you think Aggie knows where the Loop is?

  3. Probst has said he Looks at the votes and arranges them in an order that will create the most drama/suspense. If it was a close vote I have to think he would have shown them all. I’m sure the voting breakdown is listed at CBS.com, wikipedia, or somewhere else online. I had been wondering who other than Shambo voted for Russell but now this really has me wondering.

  4. It would have been much more dramatic to have strung it out. Russell says he knew in advance, and I’m sure he did, and that’s why he sat there in such a pissy mood! Nice Outfit!!! Is that the fashion in Texas these days? And around his neck, a little replica of the HII. Also, which sounds strange… a little pacifier of all things!

  5. 5 to 4 really? He made it sound like the remainder of the votes were for Natalie. I also thought writing Ratalie was tasteless unless there’s something I’m missing. I just didn’t like it.

    How would Russell have known about the winner? Yes, his shirt was too small. He probably should have won but he really doesn’t have any class. Nat was quiet, stayed under the radar and but didn’t deserve to win IMHO.

  6. i’ll go look at comments. someone say a prayer for me. 3 cars and all dead. trying to get someone to jump one car so i can go get a batter (hope that’s what’s wrong this week) for the other car. hard when your cars have to sit outside. so many little things i miss in life. ya know?
    YES i had mentioned that pacifier on russ’s neck. actually very weird to me.
    he didn’t look happy did he? but nat did look surprised.
    anyway i have so many probs here right now i’m stressin’ myself sick.
    it’s starting to drizzle and i need to go find a way to take hubby to get a battery (wish he knew how to drive a stick…he’s never driven one and i hate driving in traffic)
    if you have a garage…say a prayer of thanks…when i was a kid if you had a garage we thought you were rich lol.

  7. Hey Star…. Watch Russell’s interview with Dalton. They probably all told him how they voted. Or he browbeat them into submission. I don’t think it was 5-4. Would loved to have seen that Ponderosa!!! There is a website called RussellGotScrewed.com with t-shirts for sale… that doesn’t happen in a day. Especially with the quality of that site. I posted a link yesterday. Check out his demeanor and body language when the Reunion Show started… not a man excited to find out if he won or even be there.

    I’m sure that he and TNGO are sick of these interviews together. Especially Russell!

  8. ok i yakked a bunch in the link….the one sal sent.
    i also have a myspace if you’re brave enough to look there..it’s either under tendr or tendrplace…..i forget. i just got there cuz my puter remembers who i am tho i don’t.

    yum i smell like gasoline.

  9. Okay, I found the new website and I obviously was already signed up. Had to find password, etc. etc. Now I’m in so where do I find you guys??????????

  10. @ Starfish….don’t give up on the new site. People come and go there. We just show up at different times. We are all waiting for some new shows to start and then we’ll have more to talk about. So, until then, drop in and post about whatever
    is on your mind like everyone else. Take care and have a
    Merry Christmas.

  11. Thanks Frannie but I gave up because I couldn’t find where to find you guys to post. I finally got in but where do I go after that?

  12. starfish, i don’t even know for sure if i was in the right place but i just scrolled down to the end and blabbed there. it is easier here..wasn’t this the big brother site before the Survivor site? if you wait til jan4 it could be the “bachelor” site.
    ok, so i’m reaching…..

  13. Starfish….on the right side of the blog is each new day.
    Click on each one until you get to the newest one. Let me know when you get there

  14. Hello tendr…..you have to give the new site a chance.
    Who knows how long this will be around. The other site is
    for all reality shows. And just to hang out. Sal worked
    hard on that and we really should give it a chance.
    I sent you a couple of e-mails

  15. Starfish….did you even see a comment box? Once you get to the last page….post in the comment box. You will have
    to wait for Sal to moderate you. That may not be until tomorrow but it will show up after that.

  16. I made a comment and now I can’t get back to it. I log in and then I get a dashboard page but where do I go from there? Boy it’s tough being blond or rather all white! :(

  17. LOL…..not sure where you’re at. Try signing out and back in. See if that helps. BB…going to check out the site for you.

  18. Starfish…you should be on the page where I said
    het aggie…you still here?
    Does it say waiting for moderation?

  19. Damn.. no wonder I couldn’t find anybody at the new site.. you’re all here!! LOL. Now I gotta go back and catch up on reading.

  20. No…because Russell could have wanted one of the
    others out. You know….Russell always got his way
    when it came to voting off people.

  21. I think everybody that plans on posting for BB12 should go to Sal’s new site. The format is similar to what BB12 will be like. It will be good to get used to some of the features such as “reply”.

    We’ll all be pros by July!! :lol:

  22. ok…so I am finally done wrapping gifts for the night.
    I will same the rest for tomorrow.
    I am going to watch some TV now and try to sleep.
    Night whoever is still here

  23. Yep, all caught up… that didn’t take long!! LOL I know when I was AWOL for 2 weeks it got a bit overwhelming. Y’all had almost 1500 comments in only 2 days!!

  24. That could get pretty confusing. Besides we will be talking about other stuff too. People will get PISSED….

  25. It will be chaos Frannie. But at least we’ll be used to the format. Some of the old regulars seeing it for the first time will go batty.

  26. I would say that about 90% of what I wrote during BB11 was BB talk. It was easy to keep it fresh with BBAD and live feeds to talk about all the time.

  27. ok JT….now I’m really going. I’m starting to
    go cross eyed. Been up since 4:00 and I’m on vacation.
    That’s just not right.

  28. Hopefully Kim will get live feeds again. I know she was really hating them at the end, but maybe 9 months will make her want them again. I loved getting the inside scoop from her.. and she was pretty funny.

  29. Frannie, I guess what I’m trying to convey is: I hate final three, final two is better advantage for the winner of the challendge. Am I right there, frannie?

  30. I like a final 2 better also. I still wonder what would have happened in a 3 3 3 tie vote. Or even a vote of 4 4 1.

  31. i’m reading.
    after Cmas i am going to diet and work out. anyone wanna do it with me or nag me at least? trade recipes? i know, you hate me now.
    i hate me now.
    i’m hungry.

  32. my ex sent me an email telling me how he and the new wifey loved the pumpkin bread i made them (he hates raisens to death) so i wrote back……….i put one raisen in your bread…let me know which one of you finds it. (i did too)

  33. tendr… you crack me up… How could I hate you. But, do you really think you are going to diet and work out? Then, in the next breath you say ‘trade recipes’… or did you mean diet recipes? You don’t look like you need to diet judging by your photo. We can all use some working out and I say I am going to start all the time but never do. So I am willing to work out with you… but diet… never. Let’s start with something easy like walking. But, we can’t start until Holly can go with us. Glad you got your car running. Didn’t take you for a cougar… can only say…WAY TO GO tendr! So don’t be hatin’ yourself because we don’t. ❤

  34. Just saw Avatar at the theater… Don’t miss it! Quite an achievement. The audience didn’t move a muscle during the movie it was so engrossing.

    Goodnight all… or tendr… I think it’s just us. By the way… what are you reading? I just started Clive Cussler’s new one ‘Artic Drift’… typical Cussler. Love it.

  35. tendr….you are too funny. I give you credit for making an
    ex ANYTHING. My ex would never have accepted anything
    given to him by me, homemade or otherwise. Kudos to
    anyone that can remain on speaking terms with their
    ex’s. If I ever saw his car broke down on the side of the
    road….that is exactly where I would leave his happy ass.

  36. at sweetabaca…..I agree to the final two….I think
    they do it for more suspense. They should have the final
    two stay an extra night and go at it. Like on BB.


    I will talk to you all again when the new season of Survivor starts because I cant get on to the new site.

    Have a safe one

  38. Donna, As far as the new sight goes, I had trouble getting on there because of a problem with the password, try having yours changed to your birthday, then its easy, Its a really good sight, if i can do it you certainly can.

  39. Tendr and Ted, I’m with you on the diet/exercise, this being confined is killing me. As soon as I get the ok, I’m in! I know it will be after new years so until next year, everbody eat, drink and of course be merry!

    I prefer the final to include only 2. What happened, to that? Didn’t they have a final challenge and whoever won that decided who he/she was taking to the end, right?

    Liz,, they were all acting like babies at the reunion! The jury and the final 3. They were all kind of annoying!

    Now I’m gonna go check out Aggies site!

    Hi Everyone

  40. Hi there… anyone here??? I like final 2 better than final 3… but nice to mix it up once in a while. Good guess Liz, about the pacifier.

  41. ok i’m trying to find the ‘new link’ and yeah, jan 1 is kick butt diet and work out so if you don’t hear from me it means i had a
    Myocardial infarction.

  42. Hey everyone ,make sure you kiss at least one person, under the mistletoe, have a good one, dont drink and drive, designated driver please, thats usually me.

  43. I have an important announcement: For the first time ever in the 20 or more years that I have had them, my two Christmas Cactus plants are actually blooming at Christmas. Miracles actually do happen…

  44. Merry Christmas Everyone! A special thanks to Snakebit Sal for all you did to help make watching Survivor Samoa that much more enjoyable for me and the rest of the fools on SSB!

  45. Merry Christmas everyone….
    It’s almost 8:00 here….Santa came, and no one wants
    to get up to open presents. I’m going to give them about
    another half hour and I will wake them up….I guess that’s
    what happens when they are older. They know the stuff
    will be there no matter what time they get up.

  46. Aggie… Green background would work too all things considered.

    Frannie… Sorry, Santa got your address wrong so your present got delivered to Hillary Swank by mistake… Bad Santa…

  47. Hi Fran and Phillip, Phillip I dont get the hillary thing She is agreat actress, But not really that pretty, she probably should have gotten braces as akid.

  48. Hey Aggie, hope you had a GREAT Christmas! Of course I hope that was true for my entire survivor family!! Looking forward to Lost, The Bachelor and of course 24!!

  49. HOLLy, im still a big lost fan, i dont think i could get tired of that, I did have a good Xmas ,im not a big holiday person ,im always glad its over, have agood one Holly.

  50. Can not wait for Lost and 24… they will ease the pain till Feb 11th… can’t wait to find out who the cast is for SS20. Will be looking forward to some cute baby pics Holly!

  51. Thanks Liz for sharing the Top Fav moments in Reality TV.
    I’m sorry to say but I remember ALMOST all of them. I
    really do need to find a hobby or something.

  52. the posts are taking a long time to go through….a very
    long time. That’s what I get for doing a scan on my computer

  53. why thank you ma’am. Usually the only time I can sleep during the day is if I’m sick or while watching a movie.

  54. Next stop… SSblog. Looks like I am late again. Our own little game of cyber hide and go seek. i am going to count to 100 and make the rounds again…. I’ll find you people!!

  55. I do that sometimes Frannie… just ask AC, princess, and Cyn. This is all one big playground to me.

  56. Jump.. jump… jump around I am wearing myself out running in cyber circles. I need to rest for a while. Broncos – Eagles going down to the wire. Later Frannie! (and whoever else is hiding out there!)

  57. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate. I am not a fan but the Colts didn’t want to be perfect so they didn’t show up for the game.

  58. Don’t make sense to me. They had a chance at history. First they were on a 23 game regular season win streak… thats over. Plus they could have been only the 3rd team in NFL history to go undefeated in the regular season…. thats over. And the possibility to be the first team ever to go 19-0… not possible now. And you give all that up cause someone might get hurt? And if the starters don’t play, they’ll lose again next week to the sad Buffalo Bills and start a 2 game losing streak. :roll:

    “You play to win the game.”
    ~~Herman Edwards

  59. sorry ac…..I just know that sometimes in sports, that’s
    what coaches do to keep their starters from becoming
    injured. You’re right….they did lose alot then.

  60. LOL @ AC …”You play to win the game.” That gem from Herm ranks with all time greats…. such as

    Playoffs?! Playoffs?! You’re talking about playoffs? Are you kidding me?

    They are who we thought they were!…. now, if you wanna crown their ass, then crown ‘em! But they are who we thought they were!

    (Paraphrasing both as best as I can remember)

  61. And AC… the Saints never trailed til about their 6th game and won by an average of 20. Then they played a game of falling way behind and then kicking it in gear. Then they ran out of ways to escape defeat. ……And now.. now they found a way to escape victory! Gettin’ a lil nervous?

  62. Well… SAL is doubly happy! AC is crying in his beer! And JT will be doing the same tomorrow night when the Bears kick the Vikes ass!!!

    If anyone sees the Blonde Blogger, tell her she’s got mail.

    I hope the Colts lose their first playoff game! You do play to win the game.

  63. Don’t start Ted. A few weeks ago I thought the Vikes had a lock on the 2 seed. Now the Saints have to win to stay ahead of us. And we have to win to stay ahead of Philly. The Vikes really need that bye week.

  64. A lil nervous?…. How bout a lot nervous. Starting to look like the old Saints. Can’t stop the run, can’t make a 3rd down stop on defense, can’t convert a 3rd down on offense, a weak link at cornerback (Jenkins). Lose 2 straight at home…. And they’re worrying about home field advantage? Well you gotta win at home first. :roll:

  65. LOL AC… yep, that’s what being in the hunt will do to ya. Those damn Packers and Eagles will be scary in the playoffs. Cards and Cowboys can rise up at any time too (as we both have witnessed). Should be a very interesting January!!

  66. Good morning everyone, Still very cold here at least the snow has stopped for now we have a major snow fall heading are way.see ya later, have agood one.l

  67. So many places to go so much to do and say I have become addicted.

    My name is Phillip Knudsen and I am a blogaholic….

  68. Funny…. I thought it was a Phillaholic!!!
    And Aggie…. still protecting her boys!!! I meant Near Beer…. oh, that dates me. When I was in high school I took a girl to the Drive-In Movies (for you youngsters, that’s where you watch movies in your cars… well not exactly) and got some near beer… I had to be careful not to let her see the can. hahahahaha

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