The heat is on, on the street …..

Inside your head, on every beat
And the beat’s so loud, deep inside
The pressure’s high, just to stay alive
‘Cause the heat is on
Do you think he can make it 3 in a row?

Russell “ain’t finished playing just yet” as stubbornness leads to Tribal Council surprise

Survivor Samoa »   by Andy Dehnart / November 13, 2009

A look at the games for this week. No one has been able to tell which challenge these are for or if they are a combo event for one challenge.

Break the Plates!
Target Practice with a Crossbow!

305 thoughts on “The heat is on, on the street …..”

  1. BB Bob… As the result of last night’s one round fight that I instigated where AGgie, as expected and with help from FrannieP2, kicked Ted’s butt and sent him ferrying back to Friday Harbor in defeat and required him to somehow discover the location of the latest HII and disclose its location to anybody BUT Russell H. immediately following his scheduled 10 minuet performance for the locals and tourists.

  2. I am so over DWTS – what a joke, Joanna is way better than the 2 that are in the finals. Mya should not bother to work up a sweat cuz Mr Redbull is gonna win anyway.
    That was so unfair to Joanna.WTF

  3. great idea putting idols back in play. it adds a totally new dimension to the game. nothing better than slapping smug

  4. DonnaP… Now you see how ratings inspired “reality” shows actually work. ABC Polls showed that Joanna in the final 3 would draw fewer viewers than Donnie and Kelly would so it was left up to “America” aka ABC execs to determine the final 3.

    Mya will win ONLY because the final is the final and the two lesser couples can then be dumped without affecting the ratings for the show where they FINALLY get dumped.

  5. Aggie… For the record, I have never seen a movie with a glory hole scene, BUT “Class Reunion” in DC and “Plato’s Retreat” in New York had several of them as I remember.

  6. fp2… My approach was always wait for the lady to make the first quick move and then prolong her advances one button and one bra hook (hopefully 3 or more) at a time very slowly until she can’t take it any more and says DON’T……. STOP! DON’T STOP!

  7. fp2… You know the drill… All good things come to those who wait… My Momma pounded that into my head early on.

  8. Oh my, PK!!! You’re getting me all steamed up!!! No wonder you have a baby bride, you needed someone to keep up with you!

  9. sure wish i could go to a web page and read a discussion on the survivor show. Not into personel drama and temperatures across the way.

  10. Barbi… Look and ye shall find if you REALLY want to. Thursday is Survivor Day and the rest of the week is about whatever comes up, literally and figuratively.

  11. Barbi… Aren’t you supposed to be with Ken somewhere in Estonia cleaning up from bog volleyball in preparation for the next leg of the Amazing Race? Yes Barbi, there is a Santa Clause and we even discuss Amazing Race, DWTS and BB as the mood strikes. You might even call us the “well rounded bunch.” Nicely well rounded, that is, should any of our lovely ladies take that the wrong way.

  12. Barbi, i’m sure if you start talking Survivor everyone in here will be glad to discuss their views on your comments

  13. Aggie… So you are one of those hotties who prefers it when a man just shuts up and gets down to business.

  14. OMG, LATS, now we are in Sin City, Phillip must not have got enough exercise in the playroom last night!

  15. I sometimes have to take care of a customer….so I may
    fall a little behind. But I will catch

    Like you said Sal, The Best Little Whore House in Texas AND Missouri, apparently.

  16. My bank sucks now. I have to leave my cap, my sunglasses and even my Clark Gable mask outside or they won’t let me near the teller’s window.

  17. aggie. Me personally, I like a woman with a lot of spunk. Anywhere she wants it. It is sugar free, right?

  18. fp2… Back in the late 1800’s there were several patents that addressed the bank robbery problem from the ground up, literally. A jail cell was constructed in the basement of the bank and trap doors were placed in front of every teller’s window. Bank robber says this is a stick up and teller steps on button on floor and sends the robber to the lower level without further ado.

  19. Back in the late 1800’s there were also many patents for devices to prevent little boys from playing with their winkies or placing it where it shouldn’t go and for little girls to stay protected the old fashioned way. Unfortunately, George Kroll, now deceased, the patent office comic, put so many of his funny captions on all of them that they became impossible to read with a straight face.

  20. Sal….what is a Little Daisy cupcake. Do you mean
    Little Debbie? Unless Daisy has a special meaning. In that
    case….alrighty then.

  21. Hey… don’t make it too tempting. I heard of a guy once who got the full coating treatment and it looked so good he ate it himself. :lol:

  22. Well BARBIE, you sure picked the wrong day to log in here…

    I cannot believe you two, well maybe I can, serving yourselves up so willingly as PHILLIP’s easy targets. And such topics this early. At least try to challenge him. And SAL is such a shit stirrer… or is it shirt?

  23. Hey girls… Leave Ted alone. Ted doesn’t want to fight with anybody unless I include his name on the fight card like I did last night. Aggie won, as expected, and now it’s time to say “Good Morning Ted” Can you do that ladies?

  24. Good Heavens… I just caught up on the personal attacks… AGGIE shaving cream is better than whipped cream, but of course it doesn’t taste as good. The drawback to whipped cream is that it gets rancid after a bit. Okay, since you girls are getting so worked up and desperate for attention I will give you a PK type story… In 1975 I was returning to Sacto. from Calgary with a friend who had a buddy who owned a car dealership in Boise. He called and had him set up a party at a hotel. Great suite with Jacuzzi, etc. Two women joined us, one of which was 6’3″. The long and short of it (oh, guess I shouldn’t have said that) is that we kept calling room service requesting more whipped cream and towels, which pissed them off, and they threatened to kick us out. I often think about the tall one.

    Emotion Lotion… wow, haven’t heard that in a long time… FRANNIE!

  25. PK…..I heard that a little differently.
    My version….Do you know the difference between fried chicken
    and dick? Want to go on a picnic?

  26. Ted… Where were you when “Class Reunion” booked the two top floors of the Twin Bridges Marriott in Virginia for a swing party in ’76. Room service took on a whole new meaning that night. You’d have loved it even without a 6’3″ amazon to spin you around.

  27. TED….what you talking about. There are many banks in Mo.
    with long lines….just not here. WE ARE a very profitable bank.
    Customers don’t have to come in to be busy. We have a lot of
    businesses that scan their work themselves. Then I check to
    be sure they are not putting checks through with a different
    business name. So there…………smarty pants. :twisted:

  28. Okay… I’m leaving now and when I return I hope to see some talk remotely concerning Survivor… although I am as guilty as anyone in scarring away barbie and dixieland. Oh well.

  29. aggie….I said emotion lotion.
    NOW…..What did I say to make you angry last night?
    Please don’t tell me to go back and read….I barely have time
    to keep up here.

  30. I remember….I think he asked a question but then
    someone answered it. That’s why he said NVM.
    I would have to go back to read it.

  31. Damn….just got a phone call from my part time teller and she is
    not coming in today. That means now I am STUCK behind the
    teller line all day. And I have to close. I was supposed to go
    get my haircut. Good day just went bad.

  32. I am so confused….I need a potty break to clear my mind.
    Be back….and I’ll remember to sing Old MacDonald just for

  33. I love asparagus. Back in Green River, Utah, on the ranch, asparagus grows wild in all of the gravity ditch banks in the early spring and I used to always just break off the tips, my favorite part, and leave the rest.

  34. I didn’t know that aggie, but I do know that anybody who cooks corn and pees in the same pot is VERY unsanitary.

  35. fp2… I haven’t told you any of my fish stories yet, but I do have lots of them from Alaska to my favorite lakes and rivers in Utah. If you are a salmon or trout, you better watch what goes into your mouth when I’m around.

  36. Hi TED, I read somewhere that the purple rock will be used at Thursday’s Tribal Council. Cant remember how the purple rock works..let me know if you recall how it works.Thanks

  37. DonnaP: History of the “Purple Rock.”

    No tie occurred on the Survivor after the initial “Purple Rock” tiebraker until six seasons later on Palau. It was during that season that the tie-breaker was revealed to be a fire-making challenge. However, Survivors who took part in the show between the Marquesas and Palau seasons believed that the “Purple Rock” challenge was still intact. As a result, many contestants would change alliances in order to avoid another tie and another chance of drawing the “Purple Rock.”

    Since Palau, there have been four tie situations that were settled with fire-making challenges, all of which were at the Final Four stage of the game. In Survivor: Micronesia, it was theorized that the “Purple Rock tiebreaker is the tiebreaker for all ties except in the Final Four, when a challenge is used instead.

  38. DonnaP… I agree, in case of ANY tie, the winner should be determined based on survivor skills, not simply by the luck of the draw.

  39. Three Little Pigs (Latest Version)

    Thought I would share this joke.

    The Big Bad Wolf said,

    I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!
    The three little pigs said,

    F off or we’ll sneeze on you!

  40. I really wanted to go a different direction with the “Purple Rock” thing but it’s probably best to leave my January swim down a Utah mountain stream story buried in the distant past.

  41. fp2… I’m color blind, sort of, so I can’t tell blue from purple most of the time. Still, I think the color certain parts of my body turned after my mountain swim was definitely purple.

  42. My favorite color is whatever color the girl’s eyes are that I’m with when I’m asked what my favorite color is. :grin:

  43. Only certain things PK.
    I am actually pretty busy here. I have NO teller. Damn
    biotch called in sick. She has some nerve making me have to

  44. one, two, Freddy’s coming for you….three, four better lock
    your door….five, six grab a crucifix….seven, eight gonna stay
    up late….nine, ten never sleep again.

    I’m bored….can you tell?

  45. fp2… I’m no fan of most banking institutions, but I do really love profiting from their failures.

    Most recent was Bank on America. TARP money fed to it like it was a division of the US Government itself while BAC stock dropped to below $4.00. Buy, Buy, Buy in March and Sell, Sell, Sell in August for $17.50 per share.

    Now that is how I like to Bank in America with Bank of America.

  46. Don’t like B of A. I really like the bank I’m at now. There are
    no sales pressures. Now….where I came from, the goals were
    unreal. We were located in an area that people just couldn’t
    get an account. That made goals tough. The branch that I worked
    at was written up (the entire office) and if we didn’t meet or
    exceed our goals in 90 days,we would be on a final warning. They
    could have fired the whole staff at anytime in 30 days. Well…. I
    left…the financial service rep left…all within a month. We both
    came to work for the same bank. Life is less stressful. All is good.

  47. PK….I now work in an area where people have money. We
    don’t have to try and sell, the money comes very easily.

  48. Fine….I am going to go order my cat some kitty caviar. I have
    to mix it with her food because she is spoiled. BBL

  49. fp2… I use to laugh in law school every time some newbee underclassman would ask me how to interpret the law in the UCC, particularly the sections on banking law.

    I’d tell them to forget all logic that works fairly well in tort law and always answer any questions about the UCC banking code as though you are a bank. What ever answer serves the banks’ best interests is ALWAYS the right answer in the code, no exceptions.

  50. You lost me PK….we have our own attorney located at
    our corp. office. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  51. What I was saying not only applies to banking law but ALL statutory law as well. Once you can determine WHO or WHAT was behind drafting the laws in the first place, you immediately know who or what the law is designed to serve and protect. Joe Public DID NOT draft the banking statutes SO, unless the US Government steps in as they have done lately, what the Bans say is the law IS THE LAW.

  52. fp2… Why don’t we both just pop some Rohypnol and forget about today and start out fresh tomorrow with big smiles we can’t explain.

  53. A Day in the Work Life of FRANNIE P…
    Unlock front door of Bank
    Say hello to arriving employees
    Check e-mail
    Log on to SSB
    Go to Lunch
    Check e-mail
    Run personal errands
    Log on to SSB
    Surf the net
    Log on to SSb
    Say goodnight to employees
    Lock door of bank

  54. I know i’m missing alot. Went to dr today so that was a HUGE concern I’m finally glad is over with (for six mos)..though i didn’t get everything I wanted I did ok. so……………..ok Survivor (sounds like my life sometimes) you DON’T wanna know.
    crossbow, looks like fun.
    seems like they break plates on every show now.
    I’d like to see them have a paint ball shoot out sometime.
    anywho…..look foward to tomorrow’s show.
    bhyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,tendr

  55. Hi tendr… glad you’re a Survivor… I need you here on my tribe! Glad some stress is off. They usually break other peoples plates, but the way they are lined up looks like they are doing their own. Damn The Great one is short! The crossbow does look like fun but lethal too. Brett looks focused… that would be exasperating to try to do under pressure, and without a lot of practice. Paint ball is a good idea but might not fit with the native theme. See ya soon…

  56. Love you too aggie! I do wish I was in Chicago to take you out on that toddling town! fp2 could take a road trip to join us.

  57. Ted….you forgot to include many breaks that
    I take to join my fellow employees that have that
    nasty smoking habit. Not today though. I like to
    have fun at work.

  58. Damn frannie are you all alone??? Huge storm here… computer keeps going off… went to my daughter’s for dinner… I hope the tower for the internet provider on Orcas Island does not go down… it receives the signal from Seattle and sometimes gets knocked off line. I know this is probably boring, but if I don’t come back you’ll know why. So, how did you like SYTYCD last night? I liked and voted for #1 and #5… I thought the Paso Doble was very well done. Results show @8… no guests tonight. Can’t wait for tomorrow and Russell’s next triumph!

    I was going to include the breaks, but thought that was a given. How’s all your family? Feeling better I hope. Do the ghosts get sick too?

    BTW… what exactly is ‘riding the donkey’?

  59. Am I too late now? Where is eveyone?

    Ted…you asked how my family is…Everyone is better.
    My grandson is having surgery on his shoulder tomorrow.
    He has torn ligaments in his shouder, that’s why his shoulder
    keeps trying to come out. Should take a couple of hours
    nd will be out of sports for quite a while.

  60. about SYTYCD
    Ted…there was a guest. The ones that were eliminated
    should not have been the ones to go. Once again, the
    people were wrong.

  61. No, I meant I did not have a guest… no granddaughter tonight. Taping it for her. I haven’t seen it yet… now you have me worried. Tell your grandson good luck from the West Coast!

    I got the Chinese wrong? Oh, maybe they should be backwards. 9 then 6??? I meant why in Chinese…

  62. Busy day, but I finally made it home and started catching up on my reading. I see that Aggie is pissed at some people and think, “Oh good, this ought to be funny.. maybe she’ll tell that person to go suck a fat one or something”. Aggie being mad at someone is funny reading.

    Then I get to 10:24am and find out she is pissed at ME! WTF? I’ve always been on her side and told her to go get whoever she was after. So why the hell is she pissed at me now? I had to go back and read… this is what I think.

    Aggie, when I wrote, “you really think so?”, It was in response to you saying that I talk about sports a lot. I know I talk about sports a lot… it was a rhetorical question.

    Then you asked what NVM meant and I answered, “Nevermind”. I wasn’t telling you to “nevermind”, I was telling you what NVM meant.

    Not sure if that’s why you were upset with me, but as far as having a question that I wimped out on asking you…. I don’t know what that’s about. If I have a question, I ask it. I just didn’t have a question for you that I know of. If it was something else, let me know… you know I still love ya.
    PS, Ride ‘em cowgirl!

  63. Is this still considered a fly by if there is nobody here to “fly by”? Hmmmm? G’nite all! see ya tomorrow… ZZZzzzz.

  64. Dammit man—-already on 285 posts for today. What gives people?? We usually don’t get THAT many on Survivor night–let alone during the week!!! BBBlogger must be happy about this. Of course after reading most of them, I can see where things got weird. :lol: Not that I have anything against weird—maybe that’s not the right word. Wild would be more like it—or as wild as one can get on a blog. :lol: BUT it’s great to see that Aggie & Frannie are keeping you guys in line. :mrgreen: The BIG question is —who is going to keep them in line?? hahahahaha Certainly not me, I’m not even going to try—they do such a good job all by themselves. Makes me proud of them. LMAO Anyhow—just wanted to jump in & say hello to everybody but as usual it looks like everybody is gone again. I REALLY have to try to do better at getting online earlier. :lol: Oh well. Maybe tomorrow night after the show.

    BTW—the crossbow looks like FUUUUUUUNNN!!! Would love to compete in that one. But the breaking of plates—nah—I only break plates when I’m super mad.

    Ted this is for you. GO RUSS! GO RUSS! GO RUSS!!!! YEAH!!! And I agree. :mrgreen:

    Frannie my thoughts are with you & your Grandson for the surgery. He’s going to be ok dear. Let us know how he is doing ok??

    Aggie oh sweet Aggie—what to say about you?? You are buck ass wild woman. hehehehehehehe You said “Spunk” hehehehehehehe You kill me :lol:

    Snake I saw those eyes!! SCARY!! :lol: Reminded me of when my Daddy used to get mad at me. :lol: Take a new picture SMILING or something ok?? Let’s get a really good look at our fearless leader!!!

    Oh—would ANYBODY do me a favor?? I need to know when all of these other shows come on. DWTS, SYTYCD & The Biggest Loser. Do you know, I just found out last night that when you guys were talking about the Biggest Loser—I THOUGHT you were talking about a show about slimeball dead beat LOSERS!!! LMAO @ MYSELF I had NO CLUE it was like a weight loss reality show. For real. No I’m NOT blonde—but whatever!! I tried to find them on the schedule so I could watch but I couldn’t find chit. So anybody with DirecTv—please hook me up ok?? I usually have my TV on the movie channels & I seem to be missing a lot.

    Well I’m out of here. Will check back later after I do e-mail.


  65. car trouble. my key wouldn’t come out of my ignition and car wouldn’t turn off. three junkers in the yard and now not one will run. and i thot today was finally going good.

    wish i had a horse.

  66. OKAAAAAAAAY—people left again. :sad: Guess I’ll check my e-mail for real this time.

    JT love the clown. Tendr sorry about your car. AC–I hate you. JK. :lol”:

  67. Cynthia, dissing Sals picture shame on you, Thanks for the nice words but i dont think sweet is an accurate description believe me i have never been called that.

  68. Cynthia , Dancing with the stars is on Monday and tuesday, Where i live its on at 7:00 Pm Monday 8:OO PM. On Tuesday they are going too have the finale soon, they are down to the final3,Have a good one Cynthia.

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