The Kingdom of Russell, …….

As he sits on his throne he says I’m in charge of  this Kingdom. 

His loyal subjects wll follow him to their deaths(unbeknownst to them). The rebel forces are dwindling in numbers as the King has them evicted from the kingdom.

The king checked the tree mail and found there was some. He brought it back to the castle and distibuted it amongst the subjects. In the envelopes, money to spend in the Kingdom of Jeff at the yearly Survivor Auction. Jubulation explodes amonst the subjects as they realize whats in the envelopes. The king march everyone over to the Kingdom of Jeff and the auction began.

As the first item is put up Jeff asks if they want  to uncover it. A unanimus yes goes up. Jeff uncovers a PB & J sandwich. Natalie immediatly bids $200.00. Jeff questions her bid, but no one outbids her and the sandwich is hers. Next up a covered item.  Jaison starts the bidding at $80, after a few bids Shambo wins with a $240 bid. Jeff lifts the cover to display sea Noodles and Slug Guts and he adds Parmisean Cheese. Shambo takes a bite and declares it tasty. Next up another covered dish. Dave bids $300 quickly, Jaison raises it to$320 and Monica follows with a $340 bid. With no raises Monica wins. Everyone thinks it’s another Junk item but Jeff uncovers a whole roasted chicken. The uhs and ahs and moans were load. Monica digs into the leg. Next, an advantage at the next immunity challenge is brough up. Bidding started at $100 and quickly got to $300. Jaison questions tie bids. Jeff tells him first one to bid it wins. Jaison thinks momentaily and bids $500 to win the clue. Jaison gets his clue and sits down. Jeff brings up the next item and pulls off the lid. Before he can announce what it is, Mick bids $500 bucks. He gets a Cheesebuger, Fries and a cold Beer. And it’s a monster size burger, Jaison’s jaw drops as he sees it and realizes he could have had it. Next item up is the clue to the HII (which Russell has). After few bids between natalie and John, John wins it with a $200 bid.  One last item, a shower with soap, shampoo and clean underware. Natalie wins with a bid of  $120. The  shower show begins with wolf calls. However rhe next item is up and uncovered, a monster size piece of apple pie. John wins with a bid of $300. As John goes up to get it Jeff brings up another item. John gets the choice of his pie or the next item, a whole pie he can give to 4 people.  Johngets greedy and keeps the single piece for himself. That is strike 2, 1 being the Laura vote. The auction ends and the King didn’t bid on anything. Brett, Dave and Russell go away with nothing. Except for Jaison eveyone else got something to eat.

Back at camp, John reads the clue and begins looking for the HII. After a little looking and finding the rock formation he realizes that some one has found the idol and assumes it’s Russell.  Around the campfire it’s time to get the chickens and cook them because they aren’t producing eggs. Shambo says someone else will have to kill them because there is no way she can do it. The guys getthe chikens and kill them. Sham cleans then up and decides she is going to boil them. Dave walks into camp and asks what the hell she is doing boiling them. She tells dave to shut up. He tells her she is going to ruin them and she doesn’t care what he says. Dave tells her he won the chickens and has the right to say how to cook them and she tells him she doesn’t care what he says.

The immunity challenge is up next. They have to stand on a platfoem and hold a log up by a rope with one hand. After 3 minutes they must switch hands and move down the rope 1 knot.  At the fourth knot they start to drop,Jaison took his advantage to move back to the 2nd knot. Shanbo dropped first, followed by Russell who said he had a charlie horse in his arm. Third to go was Monica, John fourth, fifth was Brett, next was Mick and then Natalie.  Dave looked like he might outlast but the advantage helped Jaison hold on for the immunity win. 

Back at camp all the talk centered on who to evict. no clear choice seemed to be presented. John seemed to be logical but Shambo wanted Dave. After the vote which was 7 for John, 1 for Mik and 1 for Dave, John and Shambo were both surprise at the vote. Bye bye John!

The King (Gnome Prince) rules again

sorry Ted

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  1. Ted, since nobody answered you about Jeff and Jordan, yes they met on the show and had a”showmance” that carried over when the show ended. She was a real cutie pie who was very careful about how she was presenting herself so her and Jeff were hardly ever even seen kissing. She’s a good girl who knew her grandpa was watching. Jeff was the typical Chicago guy, so of course we were rooting for them! That’s your update.

  2. Thank you Holly! I’ll be looking forward to seeing them on the next AR… ‘typical Chicago guy’… that brings back memories of the first ‘Chicago Guy’ I met at my first job after I moved there… he taught me that Chicago term ‘Jagoff’ (not sure of the spelling) which I loved and have not heard used anywhere else, but love to use.

  3. yep, that’s what I’m talking about! He throws around a lot of f bombs but he has a good heart. He didn’t go with the flow of all the other athletes and gang up on people, he stayed true to who he is. I know you don’t know what I’m talking about since you didn’t watch but trust me, he’s a cool cat with a Chicago style mouth.

  4. Just read the Fearless Leader’s Recap… waited to read in my rush to be first. Very clever Sal… Sir Thomas Malory has nothing to be worried about though, and, at the risk of questioning authority, I would suggest you hire a proof reader. But, your efforts and the links you provide are always appreciated.

  5. Holly… he sounds like a Boston Rob type of guy, who after Russell H. is my favorite Survivor. And for the record… I really like Jonny Fairplay!

  6. Mr Strutz

    I don’t get paid to do this so if I make a mistake, whoppie doppie

    (think he cares?)

    PS – Ted, before you jump on me for calling the Gnome what he is …… I personally know the dude, my company has a customer who deals with Russell and i’ve met him a few times. he is a very nice man. So I’ll can him what I want!!!!!!

  7. Yea, I loved Boston Rob too! Especially liked when him and Amber were on AR, thought they did a good job but was disappointed when they didn’t win.

  8. I left my monster long comments on the other blog. i just now got this one. so this may be why i don’t see some of the questions asked me. i think my mail is lagged.

  9. If russ wins………since he’s so rich and believes john should have done the unselfish thing, he’ll himself will donate the money he doesn’t need to the families of the damaged for good, soldiers coming back from war.
    i hope someone who neesds the money wins.

    btw earlier the talk about eye candy came up, right?
    Jeff is all the eye candy i need……..i’m just sayin’. :)

  10. Tendr… I do chicken two ways, BBQ bone in breasts on the grill or roasted whole chicken over the grill. Rebecca makes “southern” chicken and dumplins from boiled chicken and what she calls dumplins that look more like thick pasta strips on steroids not fluffy flour dumplins my Mom used to make. I eat the boiled chicken and pasta strips, but it’s not something I ever specifically ask for.

  11. Holly, I have too say i hated Boston Rob I found him very annoying and he was just as annoying on the amazing race. I am looking forward to Jeff and Jordan on the amazing Race, i hope it doesnt kill their relationship, because Jordan is not the brightest Bulb i can see alot of fighting ahead, Jeff has quite a potty mouth he wasnt always nice to Jordan.

  12. Aggie, if it wasn’t for Jeff being attached to Jordan and sometimes advising her what to do as they neared the end of BB11, I don’t think she would have won the $500,000. I agree she wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she certainly knew what to do at the end after Jeff left the house. Maybe she will surprise everyone on AR.

    JT, did you see the post from”STRA” at 4:46 am?

    You people are making me hungry talking about how to cook chicken. I personally like a large ‘broiled seafood combination’ if I ever go out to dine!

    You can tell Ted hasn’t been here when BB11 was being commented on. (I am refering to his ‘proof reader’ comment to Sal). He would be climbing the walls with some of the things on this site.

  13. Ted I don’t think you would have like Jeff because he is the second stupidest player to have played Big Brother(second to Marcellious) Jeff is only eye Candy. He had BB in the bag but got fooled by two players who hated him from the beginning.So Ted if you like a good gamer Jeff is not your guy.

  14. I would love to see the Amazing Race run by 12 married couples all involved in nasty divorces. The winning couple gets one million split 50/50 as expected. What a show that would be. The unscripted dialog would surely qualify for an emmy.

  15. Jeff is to Jordan what Sarah Palin is to her traveling Rogue tour bus – side by side as needed to sell the story for profit.

  16. PK, in your scenario about AR, before the race ended, CSI would have to get involved. It is an interesting concept thou.

  17. Well, count me in on the next Big Brother… I watched a few of the first one and didn’t catch on because of the time commitment, and it wasn’t like Survivor. Will check out the next one for sure. And, FRANKS, thanks for the heads up… I meant no disrespect to SNAKEBIT SAL, I just think that the magnificence of his writing should not be marred by a few typos. I have learned to accept the status quo of this site and have conformed.

    Oh AGGIE… you are so true to form… like oil & water… I just knew you didn’t like Boston Rob. I thought he and Amber ran a very good race. But on that show, anything can happen! And, that ‘anything’ could happen to Meghan and Cheyne this Sunday. They deserve to win.

    Sal… I would love to have the chance to meet Russell… You are a lucky guy.

  18. Franks… Exactly… Another opportunity for a CBS cross promotion. Interpol could even get involved.

  19. Ted, I knew you meant no disrespect to Sal.

    You will enjoy BB12, I will guarantee it. The personalities that come out of the woodwork on this blog are worth the price of admission. At times you need a lot of patience. :)

  20. tendr… ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ (Ab Fab) was a British sitcom on the BBC in the early ’90s and early 2000s. A zany dark comedy a bit like ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, except not that outrageous.

  21. Thanks Franks… looking forward to it… This blog can only enhance the experience… It’s kind of like a mini BB only we aren’t locked in the same room… then we would have to call CSI!!! I need a lot patience here, but then they could all say the same about me!

  22. Franks,wrong I love BB. Loved the great players such as Evil Dick and Janelle. Just don’t like the stupid players like Jeff and Marcellios.

  23. Maybe this will work better…

    It is a SURVIVOR Christmas Tree Ornament… Outwit Outplay Outlast from

  24. DonnaP, I agree with you about Evil (Evel) Dick and Marcellios. It is easy from the outside looking in and see what everybody else is doing and saying in the house. Put yourself in their position and what they have to go through. It is almost like being in prison. Do you think you could put up with what they have to? If they do screw up, I don’t blame them.

    And BB1 was a completely different house. If you love BB or anything else for that matter, don’t judge people lest ye be judged in the same manner.

  25. Franks you are just upset that there are people out there who can’t stand Jeff.I can’t help you with your bromance dude. As for judging people,I believe we are all guilty of that.we do it on these boards all the time.

  26. Franks… I did copy and paste… that’s how it came out… I forgot how to do the bracket thing to make it come out as a link.

    DonnaP… Truer words were never spoken!!!

  27. DonnaP, what the hell are you talking about? I don’t care who likes or dislikes Jeff. This has nothing to do with BROMANCE.

    As far as judging people on this site, I haven’t judged anyone. But you obviously have. That ‘chip’ on your shoulder seems to be getting bigger and bigger!

  28. OH ted, i’ve never heard of that one before. I watch a bunch of them late night and wk ends but right this min i can’t think of all of them. All on pbs and on sunday nights also. Even though i’ve seen them over and over i still watch them again.
    As Time Goes By (love judi dench) Vicar of Dibley…cracks me up. There’s a bunch and i think they relax me.

  29. Franks, you saw the chip only when I mentioned your boy I have posted many times before and you have never responded until I dare to mention st jeff.Go back and read your post, you agree that Marcellios is a dumb player, but disagree about Jeff. Lighten up dude everyone judges people..I guess you are the exception.

  30. They need to make a BB with everyone 40 and older. Seriously. I’m tired of seeing ‘kids’ all the time. Let someone older be a “kid” ya know?

  31. Donna, I never mentioned it before because I haven’t been posting for quite a while, yesterday was the first time in quite a while that I posted! St. Jeff???
    I am curious about something, who has ‘crapped’ on you recently? Your posting like someone has shi* all over you!

    You don’t know me so don’t judge me!

  32. I didn’t always like the way jeff acted but i liked the way he joked with jordan and i really liked her alot. then again we don’t know them personally. doesn’t matter to me who likes whom. i never liked E.Dick. still don’t. I think they get too carried away on BB in alot of ways but i still watch it.

  33. Do I have to come in here again and referee another opinion head butting? Jeff has fans and Jeff has detractors. He smokes so I wouldn’t want him smelling up my house even if he brought Jordan along to appeal to my other senses. I’m just saying

  34. i’m kinda laughing in a way becuz i see how ppl fight online allllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. no matter what forum i go in…even if it’s youtube or just about anywhere ppl fight. so you can imagine having to live with ppl and having no way to have privacy. the worst would most likely come out and jordan was probably one of the least nutso’s there. she wasn’t real bright but i’d rather that than mean. to me she was cute. i loved her relationship with her mother. i wish my daughter’s were more like that.

  35. Franks you are a walking contradiction.For someone who has a problem with me judging your boyfriend you sure don’t have a problem judging me. Dude your dirty insults only shows the kind of person you are. You seem to know a lot about crap.

  36. Hey PK… glad you showed up… some real pros here to show us how it’s done… The gloves are off!

  37. Yeah i hate being around smokers. So Jeff would have to take it outside then get nagged when he came inside. But i loved when he talked about buying jordan an engagement ring and she told him what kind she wanted (while he was playing pool) and he told her “grinning” ‘you’ll take whatever i buy you”
    made me laugh.
    We see so little of what really happens. i didn’t buy the feed but i would read all the bloggers telling what was happening and see the photo’s. With so many ppl lying to each other it’d be difficult to be what everyone would consider a smart player. Jordan deserved to win in my opinion.
    I guess Dr Will was to me…and it’s just an opinion, the smartest player ever on all the BB’s. Wasn’t crazy about him but he did make me laugh alot.

  38. Ted… Wars of words are never won with a final word from either. Opinions are personal. Insults based on one’s opinions are even more personal and intended so I believe.

  39. Tendr, this may sound funny to you, but I hate arguing, especially about stupid nonsense like this. With all of the things that can and do go wrong in our lives, we are talking about something that doesn’t mean anything to anybody.

  40. Really being told not to judge was kinda harsh. I don’t think it’s really judging when you talk about a person playing a game that you don’t really even know. You’re talking about a stranger and some come off as rough and some ppl like that and some come off as dumb or funny. It’s different if someone says something bad about your family member. A stranger on a game show really isn’t worth getting upset over. We or at least I have real problems that I try to escape from a few minutes a day.
    My mom used to make my brother and I kiss each other when we’d fight. Prob why we don’t kiss now. lol

  41. Franks, I don’t agree with everything donna or anyone most likely on here says but you DID say to her “don’t judge people lest ye be judged in the same manner”

    It’s just a game folks.

  42. I always said that during BB11 that Jordan was Country smart and City dumb because of the small community she came from; she was nieve about lots of things

  43. Ted, picture this inside the BB house are nearly 100 cameras everywhere except inside the bathroom toilet stall. Us Bloggers who watch for free get 3 – 1hr shows each week, the people who have showtime get the 3 free hrs plus 3 hours each night live coverage, and us really diehard fans(like me) pay for 24/7 coverage on the live feeds plus all those other things i said before. Now you see why Bloggers have so much to talk about

  44. You have to be kidding 24/7…! Is it really that interesting? I guess it is. It’s something I’ve always wondered about on Survivor, AR and the other shows… I guess they get used to the cameras being around and begin to act normal and not be aware they are there. You can tell the ones who don’t and play for the camera. That was an interesting link about the long range Survivor cameras in the helicopter and such.

  45. SAL… thanks for putting the link up for the Survivor Christmas Tree Ornament. I’ve ordered mine. I will have to learn how to do the link thing.

  46. Okay… Survivor… In the interview with Shannon… she said that the chickens reminded her of her golden retriever. At first I was going to make a joke at her expense, but then, realized that she was equating them with the undying love of a pet. She said, in effect, that they were the only company she had there. So Kinder Gentler Ted decided to show her some compassion. Each show has a Shambo and they are easy targets to make fun of, and also easy targets to feel for sometimes.

    But Shannon… you are supposed to simmer the chickens… not boil.

  47. And before anyone tells me there is no heat adjustment on a campfire… there is a way to do it.

    Hi Fp2!

  48. Donna, Frank, i’m not upset with either of you. I hope we all can have opinions but not take things so seriously when it’s not about a family member. I mean bad mouth my momma and yes i’ll get ugly. Or maybe even someone i think highly of , uh like Bonnie Hunt…lol…don’t say anything bad about her or i’ll get huffy then slam the door on the way out. :)
    It’s getting so cold here and i want to go to the flea mkt tomorrow so i’m kinda dreding it. I’m not good in crowds.
    (and all that glass) guess i’m looking for something unusual and a deal, for Cmas.
    Didn’t we just have Cmas a couple mos ago? :)

    did everyone leave? Hope everyone has a great wk end.

  49. OKAY… I googled ‘jeff and jordan’… looked at some of the clips… definitely do not like that guy! But think they will be great on AR. Also, it looked like they were doing challenges on BB. Do they do that?

    Don’t think I would do 24/7, but do have Showtime and Tivo!

  50. Wow… glad I got the heads-up on Bonnie Hunt… I do not want to get on tendr’s bad side.

    See you all later tonight!

  51. Donna, i understand. ted, shame on you. you can’t no like jeff by watching a clip.
    ya know, i forget most of the ppl after a few mos most of the time. i like jeff and j. no one’s perfect all the time and out of the choices this time i almost gave up watching BB. that’s why i’d like to have all “adults” playing for once. everyone over forty. no one caring what they look like in the swimming pool..i think it’d be funny.
    anyway..i thot i was gone for the evening but i’m THAT bored.
    i will go now and try to unwind ‘this time’ before the sun comes up. have a great Saturday everyone.
    oh and Ted so you’re a birthday boy? I peeked at frannie..
    thanks for saying it frannie…happy bd ted. eat some cake for me.

  52. FRANKS, thanks for mentioning the Star post. It wasn’t there earlier. She must have needed some moderation or something! :lol: I went back and looked.. and sure enough, there she was wedged between aggie and Cynthia’s comments which I had already read.

    Star! Jump in here from time to time! I miss you :sad: I’m sure Sal will be happy to send you an e-mail if that’s what you need to post! Right Sal? :lol:

    Marcellas definitely made the dumbest move in BB history. For those not familiar, he was on season 3 (2002). He was on the block for eviction and won the power of veto. He chose not to use it “knowing” that he was safe. He was then voted out. He appeared again in Season 7 all-stars.

    Jeff made a mistake by getting rid of Russell for sure. But after seeing Russell in action along with Michele, it is a mistake a lot of us may have made. Donna P is right that trusting people who had been enemies the whole time was dumb. But given the circumstances, I can understand why he didn’t trust Russell either. A mistake, yes, but a far cry from Marcellas’ blunder. But that is just my opinion.

  53. PS, Star, I think kev11 needed a break. But we do expect him back in full force for BB12.

    Ted, you are getting good practice here. Maybe by the time BB12 starts, you’ll have the art of letting things go down pat. I highly recommend watching BB on Showtime. Live feeds are a bit much. Showtime will tell you everything you need to know so that you can see through CBS’s clever editing. People that just watch the 3 hrs per week are misled ….unless they read along on this (that) blog! We speak the truth!

  54. Hi Jt, alot of people missed you on here, I thought it was funny Sal was trying to play that bob character, and got busted by nobody other than me. I saw that he was the same guy sal was,. You should have tried to be some kind of Bad ass character Sal ,then i would not have known.Peace out.

  55. Good morning, JT. I always enjoy your perspective. Your good people. Be proud to have you as a relative. (Don’t wrong the wrong idea people)

  56. Good job on that one Aggie! I had no idea til you busted him! I thought it was suspicious that “Bob”, of all people, would mention me and the fact I had responded to an e-mail from Sal.

  57. Morning FRANKS, Star? Care to join in? It’s late… just like you like it! Kev11, are you even reading along these days? I always think I will get on here someday and see a post from you.

  58. Sal, you remember all the problems Star had getting e-mails from the blog. That’s one of the reasons she quit posting. I was just teasing her a bit.

  59. I don’t think it ever got resolved. I seem to remember that Star got frustrated and gave up on it. She signed up to receive e-mails, but never got them.

    Good thing I never signed up for them, that could have been aggravating.

  60. TED A belated Happy Birthday to you dear man. Sorry I missed it by a few hours. Please forgive. OK? OH & to answer your questions about comps on BB, YES they do Food comps, Head of Household comps, & Power of Veto comps every week & most of the time a couple of Luxury comps thrown in there for chits & giggles along the way too. You are going to L-O-V-E it Ted. Trust me on this one. :lol:

  61. It’s not looking so good here folks. Only 104 posts?? When we (well mostly You all) have been setting record numbers the last few weeks?? WOW!!! I must say, what a let down. And after Snake puts in such GREAT work making sure we have a new Blog EVERY DAY & then have nobdy come read it. Shame, shame. Must be the new rules. Or maybe not. Who knows? I’m just saying…..

    So—-since I CAN’T Do the Google Talk thing—where is everybody going to chat about OFF-TOPIC things now?? Facebook or where??

    Tendr You totally crack me up Lady. Some of your posts are hilarious!! :lol: I don’t know if you mean for them to be so funny but daaaaamn–you kill me. LMAO Mostly because I can relate to what you are saying I guess & we must find our humor where we can–right?? :lol:

    JT Damn skippy I handled my business. :lol: Had no choice. Just sorry it came out on this blog like it did. But THANK YOU for saying hello!! :lol: Felt like a red-headed step child last night. LMAO

    Now to use my SURVIVOR <—-see I used the word again…..quota for the day. Yes it does look like they are going after Russell next week. BUT how many times have we seen this, where "it looked like" this before? And even if they do actually TRY to go after him, I think they will find themselves in a world a chit at tribal. :lol: That dude is sooooooo far ahead of the others it's just unreal. And SNAKE I’d like a personal intro to THE MAN ok?? :lol: So see if you can make that can happen. :lol: I’ll give you anything you want—within reason. :mrgreen:

    Knotty It’s good to see I’m not the only one on here that has to have a “Happy Place.” :lol: Just going by what PK said. I look for mine regularly. :lol:

  62. Star 09.14.09 at 10:14 pm
    OMG!! This is SOOOOO embarrasing!!!
    That dumbass post just showed up ALL over the place!!!!!
    What the HELL??????

    ^^Someone on this blog reminds me of Star. :lol:

  63. Oh MY GOD—well take the first one off Snake. That is just sooooooo wrong!! Why did it make you approve it??

  64. Just wanted to say Ac i laughed out loud at that one, no Naked pics exist. i dont know what you put in there, but i deleted of course. as curious as i was about it, Hummmm Maybe then again i was a stripper in another life.

  65. Ok can anybody answer this?? So—-since I CAN’T Do the Google Talk thing—where is everybody going to chat about OFF-TOPIC things now?? Facebook or where??

  66. Hey I’m back Cynthia… thanks for the HB wish… very sweet… and Aggie too if she is lurking about. Thanks for the fill in about BB challenges Cyn. I like challenges… my favorite part of Survivor, in addition to the scheming.

  67. And what is going on here… like Aliens landed awhile ago.

    I definitely approve of AC’s avatar now… much better than the bad ass ones he usually tries to sport.

  68. Cynthia… I think you can usually do a little off topic, as long as it’s not too long and too lame.

  69. Always lurking about Ted , Cynthia, Pk ,Liz and Fran do facebook not my thing, Sal has been trying to get us to do google chat, but no one wants to ,we just like it here, i guess we dont like change.

  70. Oh no, Aggie… I would never try to dictate to the group. Not me. Did you see the Survivor Holiday Ornament link awhile back that Sal put on?
    I’m getting one and expect you to get one too, Aggie.

  71. What are you doing up… it’s 10 to 3 in Chi-Town! What part of Chicago do you live in? I’ll suggest some good places! In fact there is a bar/restaurant called Sal’s, I think on Dearborn. You would like it. I’ll try to remember the streets.

  72. Aggie I don’t trust Facebook. I read an article in a PC magazine about Facebook & how they collected private info on all of their users, not to mention how easily the acounts there can be hacked into. So I’m guess I’m stuck here also because I CAN’T do Google Talk. Now I DO have Yahoo IM. But I only go there when I know someone I want to talk to might be there. And even it freezes my computer sometimes. So whatever.

  73. Not a lot Cynthia… I watched a few shows when it first came on and wasn’t hooked. I didn’t want to commit that much time to it. I think it is on a lot more times a week now than it was then. I’m willing to try it. I went and looked at Jeff and Jordan because they are going to be on AR and I had seen Jordan’s pic and thought she was a babe. Although she is not really my type. I thought Jeff looked like a cocky jagoff, and from what I hear not to nice.

  74. As far as facebook goes, it’s like anything else… depends what you want to put on it. What’s there to hack if you don’t put anything on???
    The only thing you have to put is your e-mail add. And you can control who sees your stuff. Give it a try. Some cool sites. A good Survivor one. I’ll bet a lot of BB groups. I’ll have to check them out… should be lots of photos.

  75. Oh AGGIE… you are here! I have never corrected Sal’s spelling… I just wasn’t familiar with his style. And you should know that Google Chat isn’t a chat room. More like instant messaging. Just like talking on the phone. I think you can do it without leaving this page.

  76. Ted Strutz December 5, 2009 at 2:44 am
    Cynthia… I think you can usually do a little off topic, as long as it’s not too long and too lame.

    That is what gets me though Ted. MOST of the people that complained about there not being enough talk about SS ARE NOT regulars here. Well, you complained but you came around. :lol: And usually if anybody came on here with stuff to say about SS—-there was always someone around to respond to them. I agree with BBBlogger that the “sexual” comments should be toned down or stopped because kids can read this as well as adults. HOWEVER, I do NOT think it’s fair that we should be put on restriction when WE are the ones that are LOYAL to this blog. Most of us are followers of the BB blog & we just followed to the SS Blog. But SS is only on once a week. NOT much to talk about after Friday. Know what I mean? And yes we got off topic on BB too, but it WAS mainly about the show. But with SS that is just not realistic. Soooooo…. with all of this time on our hands, of course we get off topic—we want to learn about each other because most of us post regularly & have become like a family, & we want to play a little & have fun. What is sooooo wrong with that?? Not to mention is was a bit disrespectful, in my opinion, to Snake cause he does his BEST to put up a new blog ABOUT the show EVERY DAY so we will come here & post & read. And he does a bang up job of it too. MOST of the Blogs up at the top of the page aren’t even updated. So when you have a blog that is doing really well, why smack the folks that make it that way?? But whatever…that is just my opinion.

  77. Good point Cynthia… I was dismayed when I first started and voiced my concern… but was quickly set straight by a few people, rather quickly I might add, in fact one of them might even lurking about now… just maybe. So I made the decision to stay and not complain, but try to get people on Survivor occasionally. I do appreciate Sal’s efforts and try to support him by getting the talk going. But, I decided to stay because I liked the people and it seemed fun. Even a certain blowhard. I am led to understand that this was a BB site that became a Survivor site to keep a place for the gang to hang out. That’s fine with me as long as there is some Survivor talk. We can’t control who logs in and doesn’t see all Survivor and decides to leave. It was getting a little carried away at some times and I wouldn’t stick around sometimes. So having a few guidelines by the powers to be is a good thing. I wouldn’t post this long, but since it’s almost 1:30 here and 4:30 where you are, I guess it’s okay… hope you are still here.

  78. Hi Aggie… you still here??? So what I’m saying, Cyn… I don’t think it has to be all Survivor and reality shows. You know Damn Well that come Sunday… whose going to be talking football… Sal, Frannie, JT, AC, maybe Baconbits Bob who I do not think, contrary to popular opinion, is Sal. Although, Strawberry Hill sure as hell was Sal. The worst one talking sports is Aggie, she can go on and on and cite stats all morning. I wouldn’t violate the rules and talk sports as long as Da Bears win!

    See ya tomorrow… SURVIVOR…oh and AC, Хороший!!!

  79. Oh, didn’t see you there Aggie… Bob is not Sal. You know I’m always right… Just like Russell. And go back and read that post, I think you misread my intent.

    La bonne nuit, le sommeil serré et ne laisse pas les punaises mordre Aggie!

  80. Well Ted, the sun isn’t up yet in Friday Harbor, so I will respond as though it is still December 4th and wish you a Happy Birthday and welcome you to Route 66.

    Other 1943 alumni long departed:

    Janice Joplin
    Jim Morrison

  81. Phillip, I could have spelled out the word and didnt. I dont like these people who come on here ,pretty infrequently and complain just a thought.

  82. Just a few observations. Read if you’d like, skip to the next post if you prefer.

    A) Jeff said he rarely if ever smokes outside the bubble of the BB house. It was a coping mechanism for him at the start.
    2) Ted if you watch the BB telecast and Tivo or DVR BBAD on Showtime, (you can easily ffwd thru the boring parts that way) you will have plenty of information to form educated opinions on what’s going on in the house.
    3) The people that have the live feeds will periodically give alerts and post a link for a clip of something of interest that happens at other times.
    D) While there was off topic chat on the BB Blog, it still remained roughly 85% BB chat. This blog at times goes 95% chat having nothing to do with any of the shows. The problem isn’t so much in getting off topic, as stayiing there for hundreds of posts in a row.
    5) I have been one of the ones that have said something about the above and have done so on this forum and haven’t hidden it from anyone.
    F) Telling people to STFU and leave (many of whom were also regular posters on the BB Blog) simply because they would prefer the blog to stay on topic more often is out of line.
    7) :lol: I knew AC would have something crafty behind the Aggie naked pics link.

  83. Good Morning, I like the surprize behind the naked picture of Aggie. Any picture of Russell will be ok with me. As for the ugly stuff last night its a new day so I am pass that. Ted I didn’t know it was your Bday yesterday.Happy belated.

  84. PGA Dok I totally forgot about Jeff’s lame “I only smoke here” excuse… i guess we will see now how true that is! Or he may have quit. But as a smoker I know for sure he wasn’t a casual smoker… casual smokers usually only smoke with a drink and not back to back for sure! Besides they don’t usually buy ciggs they bum and Claim to be non-smokers… which is such BS, lol!

  85. Jeff said he rarely if ever smokes outside the bubble of the BB house. It was a coping mechanism for him at the start.

    9) Same basic lame response every smoker gives to rationalize an addiction to cigarettes. I wonder what coping mechanism he is now relying on to break the habit?

  86. Good Morning Aggie… I missed you earlier i think you’d just logged out! Gotta get your email address again.. have Frannie Facebook it to me if you don’t want to post it here again.

  87. I think if you went back to the BB Blog you would see how much I commented and I’ve stated my reasons clearly for not contributing here as much :)

  88. I like Jeff as a person.It is just my opinion that he was not good at the game. He is veeerrryyy hott.

  89. I think where Jeff started off as a good BB player… I ecspecially like what he did not sharing his info.. I think where he messed up was when he was in the perfect situation (as russell is now on SS) he friggin wimped out and got cocky and lost sight of his game play. And I mean by not being original in is hotness… he doesnt have an original look… maybe because I live in the LA area i see Jeff look alikes on every corner… but to be hot to me you have to have originality. No denying he wasnt a cutie though!

  90. No love from a fellow Chicagoan :sad: None of this is personal aggie. I just know there have been comments on why there aren’t more people participating and I’m simply giving reasons.

  91. Aggie… It was Jeff’s weird sounding accent that bothered me most about him. You know what I mean? :roll:

  92. k just sent it again.. i messed up, lol! let me know if you get it… gotta jet, going to Grandma’s 98 bday party then the Clippers game… they are having Autism night! BBL!

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