The Long Winded Egomaniac is a Player

Villains Tribe

“Coach” Ben Wade, Tocantins
Slaying dragons, duh.
Outwitticism: ”C’mon, guess what they call me in this game? The Dragon Slayer. Because I’m slaying all the dragons! I’m running this freakin’ show, let me tell you that right now. I think I’m going to be in that final two unless something crazy comes up.”

Survivor: Tocantins, Benjamin "Coach" Wade

Coach Ben Wade. Wade was the 11th one voted off the island last May. When not in front of the camera, he is the conductor for the Susanville Symphony and coaches soccer in Missouri. Wade will be one of nine Survivor alumni on the “villains” team. They will take on the “heroes” team in. Tune in to see how he’ll do this time around.

28 thoughts on “The Long Winded Egomaniac is a Player”

  1. So this is what happens when I quit paying attention! …. about 5 new posts slipped past me!

    Ahhhh, now finally a chance to see what all the fuss about this “Coach” clown is. I know I don’t care for his writing, pretty sure I’ll grow to like him less and less…. or should that be grow to dislike him more and more? Let’s just say I know I’ll HATE him… and leave it at that.

  2. exactly Jt, you dont check your mail, of course you wouldnt like this guy not many do, the only nice thing i can say about him is he is easy on the eyes, no one could call him ugly.

  3. Just shut Coach’s ramblins out and see he is an okay player. Listen to him like grownups on Charlie Brown cartoons…MWAH, MWAH, MWAH. That makes him funnier and bearable.

  4. As for Deon’s comments, last post… very disturbing is all I can say…

    I forgot you are new to Survivor, JT… Coach is one you will love to hate. The sad thing is, is that I think he believes what he says. But, the girls all think he is so cute. Go Figure! I’m thinking the midwest girls of course. Shelly has the right idea about Coach.

    I’m most interested to see how Tyson and Russell get along… in fact, I’m most interested to see how they all respond to Russell, since he is the only unknown factor in the game.

  5. Hey Ted, don’t lump all midwestern girls together, cause I DO NOT like coach. I think he looks dirty and his personality kills any possibility for him to be considered good looking. He is a complete TOOL!!

  6. justa, i LOVE coach!!! try to keep an open mind about him, justfor me and you may see what i see in him. (you will have to work to get past the arrogance and narcissism, but since i’ve worked for attorneys in a past life, i could do it!

    missed you, my friend. everyone else, too!

  7. ok, well, i don’t know where i’ve been hiding for the last two months but i just saw snake’s clip of the hero’s vs. villans.

    boston rob: just the IDEA of the sound of his voice has sent my shoulders up around my ears. please, let me cast the first stone! and jerri manthey. fu-uuuuh, i never wanted to see HER again.

    since i’ve missed thousands of comments, sorry bill, and have some reading to do, i’ll try to keep things current, (Ted, did you read about us in the B’ham Herald?) however; did everyone else notice the ANGER on Evil Russell’s face when Nat won? I know, old news, but it was palpable. I ALMOST felt sorry for him – only the thought of how awful i would have felt, had he won, kept me from feeling sorry for him!

  8. Hey Princess, happy to see you back! I’ve been pretty sporadic myself with life just taking precedence.

    As for Coach, I don’t think he’s good looking at all. He has that mad, angry look on his face. As for his personality, his ego seems to be huge. The one redeeming quality I see is that he is a conductor of a symphony and coaches soccer. The kids probably love him. I’m assuming it’s children, is it?

  9. First of all Ted, I thought Deons Comments were funny, I guess thats where the twisted personality comes in. I dont like coach , that isnt a great pic of him ,but he is good looking, nice body and tattoos also.If Russell plays the same kind of game he did the last time, count on them not getting along with him, maybe he learned something from the last time.

  10. Boston Rob ,I really could not stand either, I just wanted to tape his mouth shut.On the amazing Race, he was an A Hole also.

  11. The other Survivor 20 tribe members, who are familiar with how each played the game in the past, have not seen how Russell H. plays the game. That can hurt him probably more than help him. It may help him because the others come into the game not knowing exactly what his strengths are, but it can hurt him since the others will assume he must have played very well to be on the all star Survivor Samoa and an immediate target for expulsion to avoid any game play surprises from the new comer.

    The only time tattoos make any aesthetic sense to me is when a person has severe acne scarring and chooses to have a Grand Canyon or Craters of the Moon tattoo applied to the affected areas.

  12. PRINCESS!! Damn good to see you on here again! :smile:

    You ask me to keep an open mind as far as “Coach” goes. Ok, for you I will. But remember, the doorway to my mind has rusty hinges… and they get rustier each year. That door doesn’t open as wide as it used to. Even an open mind for me is nearly shut (just ask Aggie).

    I was hoping Russell would win and you hated him… so maybe I will like this coach clown after all. I doubt it though.. after reading his blogs on here. I liked Russell because he was the whole game. If coach is responsible for each eviction and the only reason to watch, I will give him credit too.

    We will see…… and WELCOME BACK!

  13. thanks so much for the welcome aggie, starfish, and JT!

    no, i did not hate Russell. i just didn’t (small minded, yes) want him to get the money at the end because of his arrogance in announcing so many times how he didn’t need it and wasn’t here (there) for it. he played the best game i’ve seen since richard hatch. perhaps better. there have been many imitators but no one has outdone the HATCH! until perhaps russell.

    btw, where would you like me to start working on you with my can of WD-40?

    missed ya!

  14. Phillip, Depends on how many tattoos someone has, the coaches are kind of sexy, for a woman at the lower part of her back is sexy, or on the shoulder.

  15. Jt, I like you just the way you are ,I wouldnt change a thing, except the email thing of course, as i said i will remind you.

  16. Dallas is kicking the Phillys butt, I guess Romo is finally living up to the hype. The Jets are playing great at the right time.

  17. thank you DonnaP and aggie. boston rob is one of my least favorite players, as is johnny ? fairplay. oh well, maybe we’ll get lucky and rob will get voted out first. i doubt it though, he’s pretty manipulative!

  18. Princess, The WD-40? In my present state of mind… I better not answer that one.

    Good morning all! I know I said this on Aggie’s blog… but I feel like sayin’ it again! …DAMN! I feel good today! I know Monday will pull my magic carpet right out from under me, but for this day, nothing can get to me.

    3 degrees and headed for 20 and snow…… and lovin’ every minute of it! (for today at least)

  19. Ok, I guess I’m the one person on this blog that LOVES Boston Rob!! I can’t believe that but you guys say it so it must be so!
    If there are any others out there that are brave enough to declare you like him against EVERYONE else on this blog, speak up and join me!

    All I can say about Coach is YUK!!!

  20. …haven’t been online for awhile. ABOUT COACH
    TED com’ ere :)
    i know i sound like forest gump but ‘pretty is as pretty does’. I may think someone is cute until i see the way they act and then it changes. a kind heart makes me see the person as attractive. (just like a house that may look pretty but if the foundation is weak, the pretty part will fall)
    and i NEVER could stand the coach after he was an a$$ which to me is/was everytime he speaks or does his silly “i’m a dragon slayer dance”. wish i was good at vids and i’d make one of him on the sand going thru his “whatever it was he was doing on that sand in the sun like he was some ninja or somthing….and i’d have a dragon fly by and bite his head off”
    (but only pretend…. i don’t look good in prison orange)

    i wonder which one of the “bad guys” will pee the farthest?
    hugs to those who’ve been emailing me. been tending to things keeping me pretty much offline. i’m slowly catching up.

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