The Mighty Gnome Strikes Again

You either loved him or hated him. Most thought he should have won. NOW, he’s back to show the all-stars how to play the game!

Russell Hantz is back on Survivor

January 7th, 2010  

The question is, how will someone like Russell survive when he’s competing against deviants such as himself? It won’t be easy. He’s competing with people as deceptive as Rob Mariano (Boston Rob) and likeable as Rupert Boneham.       Read More>>

Russell Hantz, Samoa
Villainy: Sabotage (emptying water and burning socks), deceit (lies, so many lies!), manipulation (secret alliances with just about everybody, blond or brunette) and cunning (finding immunity idols sans clues)—the master manipulator controlled the game from beginning until, er, almost the end.
Outwitticism: “I plan on making it as miserable as possible—making it hell for everybody to get what I want.”

15 thoughts on “The Mighty Gnome Strikes Again”

  1. Good Morning , I hope Russell does not allign with the jerkoff Boston Rob or Coach Weird because I cant stand those two. He has to stick with a girl who is as devious as himself..mean girl Parvarti..that girl is the bomb at playing survivor. Too bad Russell and my man James are on opposite team.

  2. All i can say, it will be tough for Russell to hang in there, way to many egos to deal with ,he will probably be lucky with the immunity idol again, It just might keep him in the game.

  3. This ought to be a good season.
    It will be very exciting to see Russell try to out smart the others at his level.

  4. Would love to see Boston Rob and Russell team up. I think he and Pavarti will team up because he did well with a girl on SS19… or at least he thinks so.

    Good point Aggie… The other players will not think to look for a hidden II. Russell will from the minute he steps on the island… But, will they have a hidden idol this time???

    And Sarge is right… These people are old hands at this game… some better than others of course.

    Very happy with the list. Some of my all time faves. Will be nice to see Candace again.

  5. I love Boston Rob, Coach, and Russell these are only 3 reasons why Russell has an advantage. He knows HOW they’ve played and if correct they have no idea how he played. Let’s hope Russell won’t start tooting his own horn. This is anyones game to win or lose, and I can’t wait. I have not been this anxious since the last all-stars season.

  6. One thing Russell has going for him, no one saw his performance on SS19. Everyone else has been watched from their shows. No one knows the bullshit Russell pulled and how he found the HII’s

  7. Nice to meet you Shelley… love you’re thinking on who to like…

    Boy, those guys in Texas wear some ugly shirts… only thing he does not have going for him.

  8. Russell will never be a fashion plate, considering he is wealthy you would never think so the way he dresses, I really do think clothes make the man. The white trash look isnt hot.

  9. RRRRRRRRRR, When I think of Russell H, I think of the stinky stanky little nugget that refuses to get flushed down the commode.
    You know when you go to the bathroom, take a dump, flush, flush again, continue flushing, etc., and no matter how many times you flush, up pops this stinky stanky little nugget that continues to float to the top of the water. RRRRRRRRRRRRR!
    Whoa are the poor prospective castaways who will have to be subjected to the utter misery of undergoing Russell’s manipulating torture. Talk about cruel and unusual torment. AAAUUUGHHHH!

  10. Russell honey, it’s “I COULDN’T care less…not i could care less”

    and if i catch ye, will ye take me to your pot o’ gold?

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