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Coach  |  Blogging From the Dragon’s Lair

September 28, 2009

Hello Survivor fans and welcome to the first official “Immunity Blog” on with the Dragon Slayer and the Princess giving our thoughts on the season.

Let’s not waste anytime here. I know there are already lots of comparisons between last season’s number one “villain” Coach (aka the Dragon Slayer) and the new villain on Survivor: Samoa, Russell Hantz. Lets compare the two of us if we shall because I for one think we are polar opposites. You might disagree but as iron sharpens iron perhaps we can come up with more similarities/opposites.

Coach                                                     Russell H.
Noble                                                      Ignoble
Honest                                                    Dishonest
Unselfish                                                Selfish
Team Player                                         In It For Himself
Tells Inspirational Stories              Tells Flat Out Lies

Despite all that, I was impressed with him finding the immunity idol without a clue. I know Debbie may not believe me, but I actually have to give him a lot of credit for playing the game harder at this point then just about anyone I’ve seen in a long time.

Now that’s out of the way, I really want to focus on the people who are not getting all the attention and might be major characters of the season.

I’ve got to go back to last week’s episode. The Dragon Slayer once said, “take your weaknesses and make them your strength. Take your strengths and make yourself invincible.” So when Shambo basically said “ah shucks, smarts aint my thing” and then she proceeded to rock the puzzle in the first challenge of the season, I had stop and think for a second. Was she just playing the game at that point? Or is she a real person, one who is going to bring that “down home” work ethic and determination to the “survival” aspect on Survivor.

But wait a minute; remember that often times just when someone impresses you…they blow it. One thing I have learned in Survivor is to not say something absolute or concrete (that storm is going to go right past us…remember?) Shambo had to go and brag to the tribe and say, “spear fishing is my thing”. Not only did she not catch any fish, but she also lost some of the fishing gear. You have to catch fish to live out there…. not a good move Shambo.

Now as many of us have already established, Russell H. will be the guy this year most people will despise. But Ben is another villain that we will love to hate, or hate to love this season. So he smashed and killed a lizard to eat. Not bad. But the things that come out of his mouth? Straight forward, guttural, spiteful and….come on you have to admit…kind of funny at times.

My top three of the night: Calling Yasmin a hooker, calling Yasmin Ghetto trash and saying that she should go back to eating catsup sandwiches and kool aid.

Yasmin, you gotta admit you asked for controversy. Now I don’t condone using derogatory terms, but I mean come on. You go over to the other tribe and approach it that way? You should be walking on eggshells. You are on enemy samurai ground. Dragon Slayer rule: “Tread lightly and carry no stick!” And then you take on Ben by confronting him? I’ll say one thing for him, the guy will take ownership of his actions.

Now if Ben can just stop high fiving Russell in front of everyone at tribal, stop chopping wood in the middle of the night, and stop getting kicked out of challenges, maybe he might be around awhile to give us more laughs and sarcasm. But please, no shooting police officers, even with a “hand” gun. Not cool.

Betsy: Too bad you had to leave so soon. You are a straightforward cop, with good instincts. Why wouldn’t anyone listen to you!!!! “Trust your intuition..its strong!” What a great line, if only the ladies would have listened to you, because I think they are on the chopping block next. Not only did you call out Russell from day one but you called out Ben as a bad apple as well. Two for two in my book!

That’s all from the Dragon’s Lair for this week. Have a great weekend!


Debbie  |  Russell is the New Dragon to Slay

September 28, 2009

Hi everyone! I’m back and I’m thrilled to be apart of these “Immunity Blogs” with the Dragon Slayer. Let’s dive right in shall we?

It appears Samoa is going to be a wild ride. This season has started with a bang and, in my opinion, has two cast members that could possibly go down as the most hated Survivors ever! Sorry Coach! Russell is quickly emerging as a total sinister, pathologic jerk. As a matter of fact, he can be your new dragon to slay. For anyone to gain sympathy by telling a lie about being in the New Orleans Katrina disaster is not only sick, but also maddening.

Being from the South and having victims move their children into my school and community, I have personally witnessed what true victims of this tragedy have gone through. They’ve lost homes and possessions they will never regain. I know lying is a part of Survivor; however, using a personal lie like Johnny Fairplay and his grandmother story is one thing, but not a terrible natural disaster. That infuriated me!

Then you have Ben, ironically Russell’s tribemate. Ben’s cultural comments regarding Yasmin were out of line and totally inappropriate. He has completely shown his ignorance. I have to give Marissa and Betsy complete credit. They were on to both Ben and Russell from the beginning and unfortunately it costs them. Is Russell really controlling this game? I still have to have faith that Foa Foa will catch on to him soon.

I’m hoping Jasion will eventually turn on him. I get the feeling he’s going to emerge as a strong leader and hopefully will do well in this game as a result. He has remained calm, but is also very smart and is going to catch on to these guys. Strength is key in this game; however, a major component is who can you live with and who you can tolerate in those terrible harsh conditions. Much more time is spent around camp and living together than in the challenges. It is obvious that Foa Foa has not connected. Maybe that will change?

Moving on to Galu, it’s very clear, we don’t know much about them. Although what we do know is that Russell sent Yasmin to collect information on Foa Foa with interesting results. She should have gone into camp, laid low, and then persuaded them to talk to her to bring information back to Galu. That clearly didn’t happen! Knowing the other tribe members is critical for the merge and challenges. Yasmin probably set everyone back a few steps with that little trip.

On a separate note, Shambo, why in the world would you tell everyone you lost the mouth piece while lying in the water and relaxing? Are you nuts?!? Tell them a shark ate it. Tell them a dragon came down from the sky and scooped it out of your hand. Tell them anything else, but don’t tell them you lost it and then chilled for an hour. Now you have a big target on your back. I still don’t understand why Shambo went fishing alone. Where was the rest of the tribe? I guess they must not have been that hungry.

To wrap-up, I’m sorry to see Betsy go; she was a smart woman with great instincts. Although I was not surprised to see Mike’s health fail. I was concerned from the moment he fell off of the boat arriving in camp. I have to give him credit though, because he gave the challenge his all.

Next week’s preview gives me some hope that things are going turn around for Foa Foa, although I guess we will have to wait and see. I am also anxious to see more of the Galu tribe. It appears on the surface that they are not as dysfunctional as Foa Foa, but this is “Survivor” and first impressions aren’t always right.



If you read this far here is a bonus about the Hidden Immunity Idol - HII

40 thoughts on “The View as seen from last years Good and Evil”

  1. SAL, GReat article with coach and DEBBIE, I really enjoyed that you have really out done yourself this time ,.great job.I am looking forward to survivor tonight, I hope the shows really great.It is now 7:33 , Hi everyone ,have a very good day.

  2. Aggie… you forgot the weather… 6:32 and rain forecast here.

    I never considered Coach a villain, and was never sure if he was a put on or just a nut case. I tend to think the second. Russell is just a smart guy who has thought of a way to become a Reality Celebrity… if he can last for awhile. Ben is more the real deal… he will be interesting to watch. As far as the other Russell is concerned… have to question his leadership judgement in sending Yasmin. Nice to hear from Debbie, always liked her, and waiting for her to say what she really thinks.

  3. Incidentally… Aggie, thank you for setting me straight… I took a closer look at the top of this page and see that this site is for all reality shows and not just Survivor. I also like Amazing Race. I stand corrected! Where do you live in Chicago? I lived in Wicker Park and Bucktown.

    Princess… yes Friday Harbor is within spitting distance of Bellingham… if you are a good spitter!

  4. Now I may be way off base here, but in the Survivor Preview, Jeff says that the immunity idols that are hidden in the two camps can ONLY be found by a member of one tribe being sent to the other tribe, reading the clue that tribe member was given before going to the other camp and then finding the idol right under the noses of the other tribe’s noses.

    Now Jeff et al make the rules, it’s their show so they can also change the rules to suit their agenda or unforeseen circumstances, BUT the way Jeff stated the accepted means for finding the immunity idol, did not include Russell H finding the idol in his own camp, therefore not complying with the accepted rules for finding the idol and he should not be able to gain any benefit from it other than if someone from the other tribe (obviously not confrontational, hoods in the woods Jasmin) for some “strategic” reason told Russell H that the other tribe’s immunity idol was hidden in his camp and vice versa and Russell H made a deal/alliance with that person for giving them the idol he had already found.

    But then the attorney in me (slap slap ouch) comes out and argues that what Jeff said about the immunity idol could be interpreted many different ways (much like ANY document I EVER drafted for ANYBODY) and that it is OK for Russell H to keep and use the idol under the well established legal doctrine of “Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

  5. Tsunami News Update

    According to a spokesperson from CBS, the tsunami currently wrecking havoc in the small island nation of Samoa will have no impact on the filming / airing of “Survivor: Samoa.” The popular reality show was filmed earlier this summer, and there were no members of the cast or crew injured by the vicious storm caused by an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. (A 20th season of “Survivor” also filmed in Samoa this summer, but wrapped up production a couple of weeks ago.)

    There was some speculation that in light of the storms (which to this point have killed at least 99 people) CBS would decide to take a brief hiatus from airing the show. However, that appears to not be the case; rather, the network will very likely use the show as an opportunity to promote tsunami relief efforts. When “The Amazing Race” went to New Orleans in 2005, CBS later used the show as an opportunity to spur the Katrina relief effort. (They also used a similar strategy in the past for another tsunami in the South Pacific.)

    Therefore, it would surely not be a surprise if Thursday’s episode of “Survivor” was preceded by a brief statement asking viewers to give to The Red Cross or another relief fund for the people in Samoa. Do you think that the network should air the show, and should they ask people to give to the relief effort? Let me know your thoughts with a comment below.

  6. They ended the shooting of S19 in July, there is no need to not show the current episode. I do however think they may have a support the Red Cross or whomever is sending the relief to Samoa clip before the show airs tonight.

  7. Good Morning All…

    If anyone is curious just where the two camps were located, I found a map.

    PK, interesting info on the Hidden Idol that Russel found. Survivor Production could easily make a new Idol and simply replace the one that Russel found and explain that he wasn’t allowed to find it — that it was there for the vistiting tribe ONLY! Sorry Russel (not). I personally would find it amusing f Russel tried to use it, only to have Jeff explain that rule. Then of course be immediately voted out…

    Being more realistic, I believe that we have several more weeks of Russel. I ma not impressed at all by his tribe. A bunch of Lemmings ready to be led off a cliff IMO.

    Anyway, Enjoy the Day Everyone…

  8. ted, my darling ted, princesses don’t “spit” but i’m in bellingham, and lived in chicago for years. Clarendon Hills, outside Oakbrook/Downer’s Grove and Hoffman Estates next door to Schamburg.

    nice to see a local on here! can’t identify your chicago areas, though.

  9. princess… I was born in DC during WW11, but my nanny was from Cisero. So got plenty of Chicagoland bohemian influence early on… MeMa was the name I gave her and it stuck. Much easier for everybody than Maria Zeeman…

  10. Took a break from all my quarter end crap. Seems pretty quiet
    here as usual. Hopefully things will get interesting tonight after
    Survivor. Gotta get back to work. Catch up later.

  11. russell tells so many lies he makes johnny playfair look like a choir boy. who knows if he is really a millionaire. neither of his 2 companys he supposedly owns show great revenue.

  12. ditto, murray. i’ve been saying that since the beginning. we only have his WORD that he’s a multi-millionaire who doesn’t need the money.

    fp2, did you catch my notes to you yesterday regarding 9/30 being our FISCAL year-end???

    PK, just bring the kool-aid. i’ll drink it if it’ll get me outta this year end inventory and financial wrap up.

  13. pk, sorry wrong kool-aid reference. i was thinking historically, not ben’s comments. but you already got that, didn’t you.

  14. princess. I did :) but there just ain’t no substitute for a just fresh made “Catch up” sammich and some ice cold Kool-aid on a hot day in Detriot.

  15. tick … tock … tick … tock … only a few hours to go … who dat, who dat, who dat got kicked off Survivor ….. even money on Ben tonight, unless someone elses tribe loses the immunity challenge!!!

  16. Sal… Ben possibly, BUT does his high five buddy, Russell H, need him around Foa Foa more than he needs any one of the remaining dumb and dumber alliance?

  17. If they plan on winning these physical challenges they need him, tonights RC is another tough one in the water! These guys are be battered and bruised, and from some of the spoiler sites they are getting ready to have a weeks worth of rain ….. sooooooo, keeping the fire going will be crucial also!!

  18. I’m looking forward to the show tonight and reading all your posts makes me happy.

    PK, you ain’t nothin but a hound dog. Loved your comment the other day, “Sherman plundered and I plucked”. lmao My husband who loves history even chuckled. Great stuff! A MeMa, really? :) Lucky boy you!

  19. TED, When I was younger I lift on the north side of CHICAGO, NOw I am living on the northwest side of CHICAGO ,the portage park area.I hope you enjoy the show tonight I agree the show should be on more than once aweek, the last day being elimination day.

  20. At least Ben and RUSSEl H., make things interesting on the show, they need people like that ,otherwise the show would be as boring as hell.

  21. aggie, when i was newly married (hack, cough) i stayed with my (sigh) in-laws in Brighton Park on the more Southerly side of Chi-town.

    survivor is starting in about 10 minutes for some of you, so i’ll have to sign off. it doesn’t come on til 8pm pacific. i’m due at work at 6am for inventory tomorrow! i hate early mornings. ok, princesses don’t like mornings much at all…

  22. I would say Ben is probably more hated ,than Russell H. As much as I hated Yasmin ,Jaison had a point about not talking to a lady like that.

  23. What the hell? From the preview, they made it seem like Jaison was recruiting people to get rid of Russell. Where was the so called army to fight Russell? These people can make us believe anything, the way they edit this show.

  24. Not sad to see Ben go… guys like that make the show interesting, but he was too ignorant to stay. As far as Russell being able to use the idol to save himself… which has rarely been done… it will benefit him by showing trust to others, which he has been doing. He is a shrewd guy, at least so far, but I think it will catch up with him. And, I think there is something fishy about him finding the Idol so easily.

    Nice to see all the Chicagoans here… Princess, what the hell are we doing in the PNW? We should be strolling State Street! Miss it So!
    Wicker Park is at Damen and North…. Home of the Busy Bee!

  25. how did you get to FH from there, Ted. almost everyone who posts here has SOME kinda Chicago connection. really. it was the only city i’ve ever lived in that had such a small town, we’re all in this together, feeling. maybe it was the weather. granted chicago has it’s share of problems, but it is real.

  26. there are two things about russell the hat. 1) he is an incredible judge of character and sized people up acurately and quickly and b) he is an incredibly good manipulator.

    it made me kinda sad that he said this was why God had put him on this earth to manipulate this game. if that’s all he’s got goin’ for him, he’s got nothing.

    but his game play is the best i’ve seen since richard hatch.

  27. KIND of sad last night, survivor is only on once a week ,and the night it is on, no one is on here to talk aboutit ,that doesnt make alot of sense ,I know the people that are loyal to this BLOG, and then their are the ones that this is a pit stop along the way.

  28. I like Russell’s hat… and the look in his eyes, you can see right in and know he is laughing on the inside. I do think, however, that they are making it a little too much about Russell. On another note, it would be interesting to see how Ben interacts at the bar where he works. And, while he would never use the term ghetto in referring to the other women, I really don’t think he meant it as a racial remark. And what about Shambo(she is my woman in the pool)… she was halfway up the inside of that tree!! Russell the Hat must have been splitting with laughter. And what about Russell the Sugar Daddy… I think he shot himself in the foot with that move. Would love to see this guy in a courtroom. I couldn’t remember who some of those people in the Galu tribe were, it had been so long since we saw them. I wondered why everyone was running around in their underwear… nice to see them get bathing suits. Did you notice that Elizabeth tied her Bikini Top together with her buff… clever woman!

    Princess… didn’t mean to demean your ladyship, you don’t have to spit…. you can take the ferry. Yes, there is a kindred sprit to Chicagoans… wherever we may be. I came here to be with my daughters and their families. So from a city of millions to a town of about 5,000. THAT was a shocker! Are you on fb?

  29. ted, i’m just learning about fb. i logged in and there were a lot of people i didn’t know, and some i did. turns out most of them were attached to my SISTER who lives in Canada, so i don’t know how they put us together. it’s an eerie kind of magic…

  30. Russell is gonna last a long, long, long time this season and next season. Just ask Coach who got rid of him, Rob, and J.T. in 20 – LMAO

  31. I am more unimpressed with the way the producers hid the idol then I am impressed with Russell finding it. So come on coach, not to much credit for Russell, but I still think he is the greatest. One of the few people in Survivor history that is really playing!

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