The will to win versus the will to survive!

The weather looks like it might again play a factor in Samoa. The sense of life survival could just out weigh the need to hang in there for $1M bucks. Also, taking a look at your odds with the way game play goes might be a factor to stay in the game. Not sure how many of you have had the experience of extended cold. There is no feeling in the world quite like it. It doesn’t even have to be that cold, but when you add the wetness that drives clear to your bones it is unbearable. I remember the feeling when I was a kid and we stayed out all day playing and how ready I was at the end of the day to get inside and stand above a floor register to have the heat blow up and warm you from head to toe. Also, while I was stationed in Newfoundland when I was in the Navy. The extreme cold of a harsh Northern Atlantic winter is a truly scary feeling. When I saw the cold weather freeze the ocean water so thick that it backed upĀ  the water under a small bridge along the shoreline in a cove just off the coast of the ocean that it raised the bridge off the ground and crack it, I could only imagine what it would do to me if I was exposed to that amount of cold for very long.

Five people left now. Russell still seems to have the advantage even though he no longer has any HII power left. His FF teammates seem prepared to go to the F4 together. Brett must go at all costs. At this point, immunity is the only thing that can keep him in the game. Just the odds at a immunity challenge are against him. Any of the FF4 win immunity and Brett is gone.

Shambo’s final words

Shambo – The day after

Shambo at the Reward Challenge Feast

Shanbo at Ponderosa – Pt.1

Shambo at Ponderosa – Pt.2

It all ends Sunday. My take is Russell, Natalie and Mick will be the F3. Brett out next and Jaison after that(unless he wimps out from the cold). So, how soon will Sunday get here?

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  1. Where are you guys? I certainly can’t be first. Agree with Sal on F3… providing Brett cooperates and loses a challenge. But, Remember Tom the Fireman? Kind of the same deal going on here, except you knew his name from the start of the game.

  2. Can’t stay and chat, because I have to go help set trusses on a house. Not my favorite thing to do in the rain… and, because I’m too damn old for that shit. Oh well, I am dying to watch the Ponderosa clips but I’m late. At least it’s 49f, so that’s a plus. Bee back when i can.

  3. Liz… feel your pain… How could not have had a season pass set??? The challenge was a real good one. You missed the prayerathon that Brett pulled off with Natalie. Have PK give you a rundown. Better yet, go watch the show itself.

  4. Snakebit Sal December 11, 2009 at 3:16 pm
    Early Prediction for next week:

    Brett wins II and is safe
    Shambo has worn out her welcome, drives Russell crazy and gets evicted.

  5. Liz, you didn’t miss much. Lots of game talk and then the Reward Challenge. If you want to watch go to and go to the Survivor page. Click on the episode and watch the first 15 minutes.

  6. Liz… First 15 minutes began with the typical Russell “I’m the greatest survivor” monologue that led into Brett reciting Bible scriptures to “all ears hallelujah” Natalie prior the the reward challenge. Two teams, Russell, Jaison and Shambo vs Natalie, Brett and Mick. Russlee and Natalie were the two captains of the two teams and chose team members with Natalie choosing Brett first instead of a foa foa to the surprise and concern of the other foa foa’s. Russell’s team won the reward and were treated to a Samoan luau.

  7. What are we doing after the Monday discussion following Sundays finale??? That was the question and I need an answer! My leg will still be broke and I will still be bored!

    Liz, I can’t believe you didn’t have your dvr set!! WTF, are you a rookie or something?!?! I didn’t know why Nat chose Brett first but was happy when Russell knew she wouldn’t turn. I think she is solid in the f3.

    Hi whoever is here

  8. As I contemplated decking the halls with Holly
    All the guys started feeling Mary
    She left so the guys jumped for Joy

    Happy Holidays

  9. Sal, was right and it happens that way a lot. Just when you make a plan, that guy wins immunity. I think Brett would definitely win against any one of the F4 so they must get him out. Now the odds are against him.

    Shambo’s exit was gracious I thought.

    After the Sunday finale, we wait for BB12. WooHoo Unless there’s something else someone has up their sleeve.

    Cute poem PK. Holly, Mary & Joy!! :razz:

  10. Hi Starfish! PK, know he’s cute sometimes, don’t encourage him!

    Just watched Shambo at the Ponderosa and if Ted still likes Laura, I’ll be surprised! What a BITCH!! Her and Kelly are just mean spirited LOSERS!! By the way they are all eating so much even Laura had a gut, YUK. I DO NOT like mean girls who pick on others and they are those kind of girls!

  11. Sham bimbo is gone, Sham not so WOW is gone. Now if I could never see her again life would be GREAT. I really don’t understand why anyone liked the person. She was a traitor, she had little talent and she was completely useless.

  12. Shelley, she was better than the mean girls and she would have been loyal but as soon as Galu started eating their own, she protected herself. It was a smart move cause it kept he there longer. Sham was a little ecentric but she had a good heart! She certainly was NOT a traitor, the bitches turned on her and still are picking on her as we speak.

  13. Shelley… Now I’m anxiously awaiting the Beef Council of America ad where Shambo dressed as a chicken with a mullet “comb” escapes from her giant cage screaming “eat more beef!”

  14. Here is an audience grabbing scenario for a reality show called, “Immunity Idol.” 18 hearty survivalists are airlifted to various isolated jungle and remote areas around the world without the benefit of disease preventing vaccinations. One by one they die off form malaria, yellow fever or some other malady until only one remnains alive and is declared “Immunity Idol” and then on the way to collect the million dollar prize, the winner is kidnapped by the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta and confined in a reasonably comfortable cell for the remainder of his/her life for research purposes.

    Could we have fun blogging that show or what?

  15. Holly, I agree with you about Shambo. She did not have a choice but to leave Galu and team up with Foa Foa. From day one the Galution “ladies” treated her like crap because she was different. Shambo could teach muleface Laura and the others a thing or two about class.

  16. she also would have found the 1st HII if Russell hadn’t, then gave the clues to Galu so they could find #2 HII

  17. That’s exactly what I’m talking about DonnaP. Sal, I forgot about the rewards that she didn’t get to participate in. They were always mean to her.

  18. I agree Holly ShamFro had class… she won my heart back, and Laura and Kelly at Ponderosa were stupid mean girls. Kelly mustve forgot her whole tribe voted against her!!! And Laura blah… doesn’t she have a grandbaby… why is she acting like she’s 16 in the halls of Anytown, USA Highschool?? Super lame! Can’t stand either of them. Never disliked Kelly until now! What a waste of space the both of ‘em!

  19. I personally thought Russell S. was a shitty tribal chief. You have to delegate authority. All he did was let the dumb woman alliance push him around. They didn’t like Shambo, so hse was pushed aside, she got sent to FF camp 2 straight times because the women thought she was an ass who couldn’t do anything. If you sent me to the other camp I would have done the same thing she did. No chance to share in a reward that she helped win sucks. They all thought she couldn’t play the game. Well, well, well looky who outlasted 8 other Galuted Gassers. Even while it is an individual game to win, you are part of a team to begin the game. Stick togeether, treat each other fairly and peace will reign in your camp. Doesn’t matter how bad you hate someone, treat them with respect and they will be glad to aid in the teams success not backstab when they get the chance. (PS – Shambo didn’t vote for Eric when he got evicted)

  20. Shelley, the Galuations never treated her as a team mate, they ostracized her. She was like Rudolph. She wasn’t included in any Galutian games. She was kept outside the group because her ways of the world didn’t fall in line with the bitch patrol.

  21. Just look at any team sport, as soon as one member is pushed aside for his game play the team falls apart!!

  22. Im not surprised the folks at ponderosa didnt give shambo a very nice welcome, I knew it would be awkward,those girls were bitches ,Laura the queen of the bitches, seemed pretty thrilled when she was voted out,Im sure shambo could probably teach the ponderosa crew, how to be a gracious loser. As i said if shambo were final two with Russell ,nobody would have voted for her, its a shame it didnt work out that way.

  23. Wow… I see the Shambo Loveathon is still going on!!! I thought it would have died out with Frannie and Aggie this a.m…. but it still rages on with the rest of the girls + Sal joining in. Only Shelly has any sense here to see the truth. Still missing Laura, but do get to see her at Ponderosa.

  24. HaHaHa… never happen…. Only reason I’m sorry to see her go is that she was my girl in the Survivor pool and I’ve lost my chance @ 1 thou. Can only hope that Brett doesn’t win immunity. Would love to see the Foas go on that Sentimental Journey…

  25. Shelley and Ted you are outnumbered by more reasonable people as far as Sham is concerned!

    I’m still not liking the mean girls and stand by my earlier post!

  26. love ya holly, fran, Liz, Ted i guess you like bitchy women ,go figure, as i said you would have loved Nat from BB11, you should go watch that season, I think its only you and Ac , are the only ones that like her., Oh by the way Ted, i will be going out tonight if you want to know, See you guys tommorrow.

  27. I say ‘have fun’ too Aggie… go by Lotties and tell me whats happening there. I will watch BB11… and report back… I know AC has good taste and I am sure JT is on board with Natalie too. I’m sure they both stand with Shell and me on the Shambo issue.

  28. Yeah Ted, the men on here will not like Shambo cuz she is not hott. Us ladies and Sal are thinking with our heads.

  29. Shambo had a good heart. She was pretty clumsy around camp, but meant well. I still have to watch today’s videos. I certainly don’t blame Shambo for teaming with FF. You gotta play the hand that you are dealt… and that’s what Shambo did. I think the fact that she admitted to being a “traitor” shows some humility. (I don’t think she was a traitor.. Galu gave her no choice)

    I really didn’t care if she stayed or went at this point. I wanted her to stay a while just for entertainment value…. and she did. Besides Russell, she was always the first one that I would wonder about. “What will Shambo do tonight.”

    Ted, loved the Jack/Santa clip! You would not have been a BB11 Natalie fan. Are you a fan of people that lay in bed all day and stuff skittles and twizzlers down their yap? Don’t do dishes, or clean? Have nothing when it comes to competitions and even worse.. go on and on about how they could have won… and will win next time.. but don’t. She wouldn’t even take a shower! (and on BB, they can take one whenever they want). AC didn’t care too much for her at the end either. Based SOLELY on a picture.. you get a pass for liking her. You may have been a Russell fan or Jessie fan… who knows? Maybe you would have hated all of them.

    Natalie (Survivor) talk, I thought it was absolutely brilliant of Natalie to choose Brett first. She knew Russell would have her back and smooth things over for her. Who’s on the jury? Galutians! What better way to sway a few votes in the event that she makes it to the end than to suck up to one of their own. She’s got Brett’s vote.. and probably Monica and Laura too. Brett’s a likeable guy, maybe he can get in enough ears at the Ponderosa to send a million bucks Natalie’s way. Just a little extra cement on her position.

    I know, she probably didn’t give it much thought and I am really just playing Devil’s advocate. But that would be my story if I were her. (of course wait til it’s all over to tell the story). Tell Russ (and therefore the rest), “I didn’t have time to think and just picked him.. I guess I kind of felt sorry for him…. but I WILL vote his ass out!” …or something like that.

  30. Natalie picked Brett because he was the best chance to win the challenge. I agree that she probably didn’t give it a lot of thought or have a big motive other than to win the challenge. She did kind of shake everyone up a little.

    I never pick people because I think they are hot. I pick the people who I think are the best players. Boy, didn’t Laura look great at Ponderosa?

  31. LOL at DonnaP’s 7:31pm comment. :lol: Maybe the women on here are thinking with their heads, but some the things that have been written by them on this blog might have come from somewhere else. It’s all good. We know the ugly truth! LOL :lol:

  32. Ted, I am guilty of judging supermodels on hotness. Game show I judge on character and gameplay. Music.. I buy and listen to based on voice. Janis Joplin was tough on the eyes, but I bought her music… can’t say the same about all the “pop tarts”.

  33. That’s what I love about this blog… so many people with skillz!! Mention a name and presto…. a video link. Good job Liz!!

  34. After Sunday will you all still come back here. would you believe i don’t go to any other forum or chat or anything. i just read online alot and make stuff.
    but i like coming here and venting and reading. THE BACHELOR starts early JAN. I will watch it for sure.
    I know alot of you talk in butt book and email but i’m just here and in myspace.
    hey i even play scrabble against myself.
    am i gonna end up alone totally? I’m so sick of crochetting but i’ll prob go back to it. i can yell at the lady in the youtube video becuz she’s so good but fast and i have to pause her constantly cuz i’m on my first stitch and she’s finished with the thing..
    ok i’m off the subject……..but i’m tired. i’ve baked at least eighteen loaves of cakes and breads and made so many gifts only becuz i couldn’t buy them. and i’m tired so much i feel like i’m getting a sore throat and like i have no energy. tomorrow i go to the family ‘thingy’ of them. i just want to see my grandson. if he’s not there i’m gonna go into hybernation for the winter.

  35. OK SNAKE & BBBlogger First of all, last night when I tried to get on here, your gadgets & widgets caused my browser to open 63 damn windows & I had to disconnect & totally reboot to do anything. I REALLY wish you would fix that BBBlogger. I’m just saying….

    Now —the question of the day seems to be, where will everybody go after Sunday?? I’d really like to know this also. So somebody please post a response to that ok?? Snake is there going to be a place for us to go or what??

  36. OMG Cyn.. I feel your pain.. well, not really, but I do feel for ya. Must be VERY aggravating. I am laughing WITH you.. even though you are not laughing.

    tendr, Hi, aggie and I aren’t on “Butt book” (I almost spit some coke out when I read that!) :lol: :lol: I don’t blog anywhere else either (except a few Dexter comments at another blog last Sunday). Before BB11, I never blogged about anything.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m sure I’ll check out the AI blog. I don’t know if Bloggergal1 will still be doing that, but the last update posted (5 months ago) is from her.

    When 24 starts.. maybe I’ll look up a blog for that. Not sure I’d be into it for a regular tv show though.

    Of course when AR and SS20 start, we’ll be back. In the mean time, who knows where everyone will be. Maybe I’ll use time spent on the computer to actually get a few things done around here! I need to put in a new kitchen light fixture, need to replace a bathroom sink faucet. Need to do some painting inside. With winter almost here, I should give the furnace the once over. I guess if I think about it, I shouldn’t be on here at all. Only one solution to that…. don’t think about it! :lol:

  37. Good Thinking JT… or non thinking. Did DonnaP ever say how old she was or was she putting everyone on? I will have to ask my 14 yr. old granddaughter if she knows who Jannis is. This is the first time I’ve ever blogged also. I did on a fb Survivor group kind of… but totally different format.

    Can’t wait for Sunday… I think I will have to log in here during the reunion show. It’s always interesting to see the contestants families too. And don’t forget the Early Show on CBS the next day for the check presentation.

  38. Guess my avatar has been banned…

    JT… what do you mean ‘Winter”? I would say -5 is kind of Winter. Can’t really see a 24 blog like this working. I will be checking out BB11 as soon as Xmas is over… it can take the place of Survivor… I’ll see if I like it.

  39. Donna P, you must be one of the kids ,if you dont know who Janis Joplin is,Hell you ought check out some of her music, she was one of the greats, whos nickname was Pearl.Tendr, you crack me up, Butt Book,good one ,better yet how about WTF book, And the latest one DIGG, WTF is that., I would probably be into alot of that stuff if i were a teenage girl, we are definitely an older crowd here, The blog was fine until another Kid BBB tried to shove this stuff down are throats, now people go else where ,so its not helping this Blog man ,get a clue and as Cynthia says its screwing up her computer,This used to be a good place to be, now you have messed that up,Cynthia their is always some other blog you can go on but probably more of the same if the show is only once a week. It wont be good again until BB is on , At least i hope it will still be good. HOpefully you wont F UP ,that blog as well.

  40. The blog won’t close down just cause the show is over. Sal can still put a new one up daily if he chooses. We don’t even need a topic. Just a place to chit chat. 8)

  41. Aggie, how was your date? I agree Aggie, I loved Melissa and Joss, saw it the !st time it was on but it was nice to relive it!

    AC we don’t judge each other’s grammer here so leave Aggie alone!

    Ted, waiting to hear if yor grandaughter knows Joplin, I agree Aggie, DonnaP must be a kid.

    DonnaP, we don’t care how old you are, we’re just curious if you’re young or just live ubder a rock??! EVERBODY knows Janis Joplin, she rocked!! Rent the movie with Bette Midler called “the Rose”, the closest you’ll get.

  42. I like to think of myself as guided by a higher power but Holy…………………….that’s a little much, Ted!

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