There isn’t any fire in the forest!

Looks like the flint is growing thin for the Foa Foa. This could mean trouble for warmth and cooking. It was getting low before they evicted Ben, now is almost gone because of the problems getting fire started and the kindling is damp. Both tribes may have the same problem if they get lots of rain. once the fire gets started they some one to keep it going.

With 2 major problems, very little flint and massive rain storms the cast-a-ways can’t boil water. Hopefully the tribes no how to set up a funnel collection system and collect all the rain they can  since it is fresh water and won’t need boiled. Fruits will be the only foods if they can withstand going out in the rain and wind and get it. No fire means no meat to cook.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and always enjoyed playing out in the cold snowy weather while I was growing up. Winter sports are major income makers for the northern areas of  the Northern Hemispehre. Alaska has a 30 day night time cycle. Extreme weather is not new, but adapting to it is where the problems are and our cast-a-ways now have to deal with it. Anyone like sitting under a waterfall? Try doing it for 2 straight days or longer!

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  1. AC!! I was going to be 1st.,. for the 1st time.. drat!! Oh yeah, time and weather… It is 8:15 AM in the Twin Cities and the temp is 26 degrees F…. I’ll leave it up to you as to what the “F” stands for.

  2. Muggy 70 degrees F in Mobile at 8:27 with scattered showers throughout the day. May reach 85 degrees later today. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss the cool, dry fall weather in the mountains of Utah?

  3. GOODmorning Everyone, I said it before the worst mistake they ever made was to get rid of Ben, because alot of them arepretty useless around camp,Ben used to always be telling them to be careful with the flint cause their wasnt much of it left. Now what the hell are they goingto do without a fireor boiling water It just seems like probably more than one person will get sick to be constantly wet ALLthe time not good. I really like the show but I could never deal with that not even for 1,000000dollars.

  4. FRannie and Phillip, who do you think will be going tonight on DWTS, I say possibly louieor chuck. PHILLIp your girl Natalie is doing pretty well so far.

  5. Yes, I said 26 degrees… I’m not dyslexic.. and it wasn’t a typo… 26 degrees F. Or 26 F’n degrees.. however you want to say it! GREAT!, if it could just warm up 6 degrees…. I could STILL make ice outside. 2 days under a waterfall on Samoa you say? Sign me up!!

  6. Sal… At 66 still going on 18, I remember the 1950’s winters in the Maryland suburbs just outside of Washington DC. No snow plows and one snow storm after another throughout the winter. The snow piled up on the roads and stayed for days on end. A kid back then without a finely tuned sled was like a kid today without a game box.

    On no school days, in addition to sledding down the longest downhill streets, I would stand at stop signs with my sled ready to grab onto the rear bumper of the first car that drove by and ride for miles or until my arms got tired, whichever came first. There were many “no school snow days” back then particularly in my county since the superintendent of schools lived close by and my buddies and I would pile snow up on his front yard early in the morning on snow days after we delivered our newspapers.

    The last time it snowed in Mobile, Alabama, Wooly Mammoths were trying their best to avoid JT spear thrower just outside of the Twin Cities.

  7. 45 degrees in St. Peters, Mo. Off work today but plan on
    going shopping later on. Who knows…maybe Wal-mart :)

  8. Aggie… Natalie is very good with a natural smile to die for, but Mya is in a league of her own and should win it all if America and the judges vote for who is actually the best dancer among the stars.

    Michael Irvin, Chuck Liddell, and Louie Vito should all give themselves standing ovations for doing more standing than dancing or anything else. Pick one. All three need to go.

  9. PK…my ex in-laws lived in Mobile. We would go down every year for 2 weeks in July. The kids were small then and always had a great time. I would have had more fun if the in-laws
    weren’t there. Oh well…that was a different life ago.

  10. Louie was probably a little worse than the others. He didn’t
    even try to dance. GOING, GOING, GONE

  11. I agree with you aggie. It was a very fun show to watch.
    It seemed they, or most of them were enjoying themselves.

  12. Hey PK, we didn’t need sleds for bumper riding, just grab on and hang on for dear life, and hope the driver didn’t see us.
    Now, with sleds, my great grandmother had a great hill. Starting at the top you you would ride for about 100 ft, then a drop off of 3-4ft to the drive way. Hopefully you had enough speed to cear it then down another 40-50 ft to the bottom. When we got tired there she had 3 or 4 neighbors with kids my age who also had some neat hills, great times back then.
    Almost forgot, we also had a skating (ice) rink almost next door for our weekends and Friday nights. Small town and we knew everyone that came to the rink.

  13. Phillip, Those wooly mammoths tried, But I got a few hides to show that they were too slow!! I do remember grabbing bumpers.. whether on skiis, a sled, or nothing. Then when I got older, I would return the favor and let kids grab on to my car. I think we called it “Hookey Bump”. I was a “rink rat” as well. With 11,800 and some frozen lakes.. never had to go far for an ice rink. Never had many no school days. It took something major to shut down school.

  14. 49 and cloudy, rain by noon in Seattle… hope not. Saw first STEELY DAN concert last night… words cannot describe how fantastic that was… they played almost all the great ones… tonight they will play the rest! Can’t wait. I saw ZOMBIELAND before the concert… DON’T MISS IT!

    I grew up in Sacramento and the only snow I saw was when we went skiing at Squaw Valley. Then I moved to Chicago and learned what it was like to LIVE in snow. The first real snow I saw was when I was on a date, I think at the Baja Beach Club, and looked out the window and saw that it was white. Biggest flakes I’d ever seen. That was only the start. I loved it until I had to walk down sidewalks in a channel of snow for weeks on end. It was worth it to be living in Chicago! Oh, btw I’ll be 66 in Dec. Social Sec… Yay! And yes, I feel like I never got out of my ’30s.

    It will be interesting to see who steps up to keep the fire going… if anyone.

    For you DWTS fans… is Donnie doing as well as his Sis?

  15. Ted…I don’t think Donnie is doing quite as well as Marie.
    He is fun to watch but Marie was much more smooth and
    light on her feet. I have a hard time watching his facial
    expressions and was even told about it. The expressions
    have gotten somewhat better.

  16. Donnie hasn’t passed out yet after dancing, so he is better at “I’m still standing” than Sis.

  17. I grew up in St. Louis and went to a private school. I
    can’t remember getting off school because of snow. No
    one took a bus to school, we all walked. I realize the winters are not as bad as Chicago or Minnesota but we can get some pretty wicked ice storms. Kids today get off for the least
    bit of snow. They even call off school if the weather guys call for alot of snow…and then nothing happens. WTF

  18. Isn’t it amazing how when we were young we always found
    things to occupy our time. The kids today have so many
    electronic games and computers & yet they are always
    bored. Now, what would we all do without computers or
    even cell phones? However, I would not trade my life growing
    up with anything. I learned to apreech everything so
    much more.

  19. fp2… No Ipod, Wii, blackberry, or anything else I didn’t have in 1969 at the “live for today, may never be a tomorrow” age of 26 could ever equal driving my VW Camper from DC to Woodstock with my two best girlfriends with benefits by my side and adding a third with benefits when the rains came. Life just don’t get no better than that!

  20. PK-you were at Woodstock?…..I’m jealous. A VW Camper???
    I was a bug person. Always liked VW bugs. Had many types of VW’s but never a camper.

  21. Ted, I think DOnnie is great on there, way better than marie, also very funny, Marie wasnt always that good sometimes ,she had her moments though. Donnie probably will go all the way he has alot of popularity.

  22. fp2… I had a 1963 blue and white VW “Westfalia” camper. Enter Westfalia in search and Wikipedia has a history.

  23. You are probably right aggie, because that how the fans
    vote. It makes no difference how good they are, only how the votes add up. Tis a shame. I like Donnie, don’t get wrong, but I just think there are some that are better.

  24. Frannie , DEFINATELY lOUIE SHOULD BE GOING, but it is hard to say even if someone isnt that good, it still depends on their popularityit could also be Chuck, Michael wont be going cause ball players always stay in there ,way to long.

  25. If you go back to 10:03 A.M. there was a post from Crasty.
    What was the question about? That wasn’t there earlier and
    it didn’t get a response. Does anyone have a clue?

  26. our family had a westfalia, too. used it for doing missionary work. also 3 bugs throught the history. great on gas…

  27. fp2… My 1963 VW Westfalia camper didn’t have a pop-up roof that was available on later models. Mine had the bed, mini-kitchen and closet storage. I had my Mom replace the see-through window drapes with super thick fabric that a flood light couldn’t penetrate. I told her it was for my safety to prevent criminals from seeing me inside and my Mom actually believed me. Nice Mom! I added a clothes pole over the bed that spanned from one side to the other, but had to constantly reinstall it after my girlfriends with benefits used it for support as needed.

  28. Louie got to go! He didn’t even dance… he walked, I still love watching… but I miss Big Brother! They should of never sent Ben out of Survivor…Russell should have his own show… he is crazy….his trible will realize what he really is all about, just give them some time, but I hope it won’t be too late!

  29. Just remembered my VW Camper was a 1965 model. I had a 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS hard top coupe I traded in for the VW camper to have a more “practical” means or transportation, etc.

  30. P2 ….. the comment was on the spam list, approved it but have no idea what it means. Hmmmmm, my first car was a metalic blue 1973 Olds Cutlass S. I was still in the Navy, got it while I was home on leave from NavFac Argentia, Newfoundland. Drove it back up to Newfie when I went back up.

  31. About 62 degrees in Dana Point, CA with storm clouds threatening. A few sprinkles today but it will be trouble for those in the burn area if they get as much as predicted.

    Sal, I also grew up in PA and loved the winters. One year the snow was 4 to 5 feet in our front yard and my dad was shoveling all day I think. Loved sledding, getting tongue stuck on sled, racing down the hills, snowball fights, etc. etc. I still miss the seasons. They aren’t getting the snow they used to get in western PA according to my cousins still living there.

    As for Survivor, I agree with you all, they messed up letting Ben go before they learned how to make a fire. And Russell choosing pillows, idiot!

    DWTS is great. Donnie is doing great but I think Mya so far is best. Also like Kelly a lot and the Esther Williams look alike and I can’t think of her name. Michael & Chuck were the worst IMHO. But popularity goes a long way with the voters. We’ll see. Good to read all you posts.

  32. Haven’t been able to log on for awhile and I just wrote a nice long post that the gremlins are eating I think. I still enjoy all the posts. Justdon’thavetimetorewritethewholething.

  33. not surprising it was Chuck tonight ,He is pretty much like a bull in achina shop. SHAKIRA guys need I say more, she was great, I really like that song HIPS DONT LIe. NExt week the group dance is going to be even tougher, they have to learn two dances.

  34. Just got through watching the biggest loser. Boy did that give me a headache. All I have to say for the blue team is, whatever Tracie brings their way is their own fault. They really had to ask themselves who was the biggest threat to their team? I’m dumb founded.

  35. WOW PHILLIP, you were in woodstock, I wish it were me, I love the music from there back in the 70s, I got the soundtrack from there, I still love the music, SANTANA especially.

  36. SANTANA ROCKS!!!!>8-}

    @Franniep2—I saw that post by Crasty—don’t know what was informative but OH WELL!!

    I also see we have PK, Ted, Snake, & earlier JT & AC. WOW most of our men are back except K11!! Now I’m really woried about him.

    @AC—I thought we were friends.>8-} I saw what you did last night. LMAO

  37. Did anyone see the previews for this week on SS?? Is it me or were they having the “eating nasty chit” challenge???

  38. CYNTHIA, as far as survivor I dont know about what they will be eating just alot of weather problems and not being able to make a fire. Yes, I saw what AC did to, for shame AC.

  39. OOPS MY BUTT!! hahahahaha You know you did it on purpose AC. LMAO

    As for SS, YES they are surely going to catch hell with the rain & wind Aggie. I can’t wait to watch them do the “everyone blaming everyone” thing. That’s awful of me isn’t it?? hehehehehe Well we know they will blame Russell S. for taking pillows. But I wonder who will get blamed on Foa Foa?? Should be interesting. And I hope it is the “eating nasty chit” challenge. It’s amazing to see what people will put in their mouths for money. (No crack out of you AC)>8-} Of course we know they CAN’T actually give them anything that would hurt them & it’s all mind over matter—but it sure is a trip to watch.>8-}

  40. Cyn, aggie, fp2, and anybody else worried about kev11…. I’m going to ask all of you to just trust me on this… Kev11 is FINE. He is just taking a break for a while. Don’t we all get blogged down from time to time? No matter how much time we spend on here.. life just keeps happening. Sometimes we need to step away and address real issues.. even if it’s only laundry, cooking, and cleaning or whatever. He’ll be back when it’s the right time for him. I don’t have a lot of inside info.. so this isn’t a Q & A. Justa statement that I hope you will accept as fact. Don’t worry… be happy!

  41. Good to “see” you King Avatar. I guess you really like that shot of Monica in her war paint. She looks good in it.

  42. Hey AC, Here’s a trivia Q for ya. The guy that says, “Warriors, come out and play” and Ajax (James Remar) were both in another movie together… know what it was?

  43. A movie from 1979 with a bunch of rival New York Street Gangs (Not Bloods & Crips). Kind of a classic from that era. And yes Hell’s Kitchen is a cooking competition with foul mouth Chef Gordon Ramsy. I taped it earlier. Watching it now.

  44. Trudy, not sure what happened to your other non de plume. You might have to login to gravatar to get it to work.
    Where in Pa? I lived in Beaver Falls.

    And from our dear friend K11: ————————————————————-
    I have been chilling with the Internet and my computer after being on it seemingly non-stop from July-September and have become a little burned out. Thanks for e-mailing and tell everyone I’m OK but probably won’t be back until Big Brother 12.

  45. I’ll give you credit for that answer AC… anything posted within a minute is close enough to know you had it.

  46. Thanks Snake for the info—we already had a tip from JT too. Tell K11 we are all thinking of him & wishing him well.

    JT I believed you no worries.8-) Yes I know the song, never saw the movie though.

    As for Hells Kitchen–I thought I saw a commercial for it while I was watching the cake comps & Cake Boss earlier. :grin:

  47. Warriors, great movie ….. they were the gang blamed for killing a leader of a gang trying to unite NY gangs … the show has them trying to get back to their hood. etc, etc, etc….

  48. Cyn, I don’t recommend that you watch that movie now. I saw it in the theaters many times when I was 13 yrs old. It’s one of those cult classics for boys of that era….. it’s almost laughable now.. but I still love it because of childhood.

  49. Not that I actually bake or chit like that—but it is soooooo cool to watch talented people make stuff like that!!

  50. I’m easy…. I don’t watch “Terms of Endearment”, “Fried Green Tomatos”, “Bridges of Madison County”, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” etc.. etc… etc. And I don’t expect women to like “The Warriors”, “The Omega Man”, & “Mad Max”. It works.

  51. However–I did watch How Stella Got Her Groove Back once—cause—well–I was trying to get my own groove back. But somehow—it didn’t work out for me like it did for her. BUT it was a great theory!!! LMAO

  52. Hey Cyn, I do have to thank you for the laughs yesterday. I was getting caught up on reading and got to your posts from a few days ago. I was ROTFLMFAO!! Your posts showed up again… and again.. and again.. and again. I think that was even after Sal deleted some of them.. I don’t know why that cracks me up so much.. but it does.. justask Star, she’ll tell you. Where you at Star? Miss you. Cyn, are you related to Star? That you know of? You remind me of her…. and not just because of the re-posts.(It’s a good thing.. not bad)

  53. Well guys, I gotta go for tonight. Have to be alert in about 4 hours (my time) so catch you all later. Have a blast. :grin:

  54. You liked “The Omega Man”?? That’s GREAT!! I didn’t care too much for the latest version.. “I Am Legend”. Give me the old 70’s Charleton Heston version any day!

  55. Yeah that was a bad night JT & when I didn’t see my post I just kept posting & posting. Like I said–D-U-M-B-A-S-S right here. No I don’t know who Star is. Lucky for Star huh??:lol:

    Goodnight sweeties!!

  56. So, since you guys are talking about movies now… I just saw ZOMBIELAND and WHIP IT… Great Fun… don’t miss either one.


  58. Hey aggie, I knew he’d be gone for a while… but not til BB12 (possibly). That’s a long stretch to go w/o my bro. But I do know that this can take it’s toll.. especially for guys like kev11 and myself that aren’t used to blogging about anything. Maybe he’ll pop in from time to time just to say “Hi!”.

  59. JT, as long as everything is o.k. with him what ever he wants to do is ok with me that was the mystery question I know PRIncess and kinogirl asked about him before also.

  60. I’m surprised you missed it aggie, you’ve really stepped up your game on this blog.. can we look forward to the same for BB12?… that’s when I really kick back in…. if I don’t burn out by then too (lol).

  61. PHILLIP, You have to tell us about your woodstock experience ,I thought that was great that you went. I got the soundtrack from woodstock when I was in ST. PASCALS elementary SCHOOL ,It was agreat piece of work .I practically wore it out. I also had seen footage from there ,it truly looked awesome indeed.

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