They’ll let anyone talk about Survivor!

Numb3rs compares Survivor players to prisoners

Survivor Samoa »   by Andy Dehnart / November 16, 2009


Do you remember any of these people????

You can be a “Survivor”!



So you’ve seen the show and now want to know how to become a part of SURVIVOR. Here is a

breakdown of the selection process:

1. If you have previously applied for SURVIVOR and you were a finalist in Los Angeles,

please do not reapply. Unless you specifically notify us in writing that we should not consider

your prior application and submission in connection with an upcoming SURVIVOR, we will be

reviewing your previously submitted applications and videotape submissions for SURVIVOR.

We will not consider any new application or submission you may submit. Second, if you have

previously applied for SURVIVOR and you were

reapply if you wish because we will not be considering your previously submitted applications

and videotape submissions for upcoming SURVIVORs.

2. Written application forms are available for downloading on this website. Applications

must be received by January 6, 2010.

3. A total of approximately 800 applicants

by the Producers in person at one of the following locations: Los Angeles, Ca; New York, NY;

Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX: Detroit, MI; Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; and

Denver, CO. Producers reserve the right to change the number or the identity of the foregoing

locations at any time. All travel expenses for the interview will be the applicants’ sole expense.

4. Semi-finalists (the number of which will be determined by Producers) will be invited to

Los Angeles as scheduled by Producers for final interviews with the SURVIVOR producers.

Roundtrip economy air travel between Los Angeles and your local airport in the United States

and lodging will be provided by Producers.

5. Approximately 16 finalists for each cycle (the final number of which will be determined

by Producers) will be selected as contestants to participate in this SURVIVOR program. Filming

is presently scheduled to occur for cycles 21 and 22 in summer to fall of 2010 (or as otherwise

scheduled by Producers) at a remote location to be announced.

6. All decisions made by the Producers are final and not subject to review or appeal.

So now you’re probably wondering what kind of person is eligible to be selected for this once in a

lifetime opportunity. Here are the guidelines:




not a finalist in Los Angeles, feel free tomay be invited to interview as may be scheduled


333 thoughts on “They’ll let anyone talk about Survivor!”

  1. Ted…at 10:39 last night you said I would be back later.
    FYI… one can predict what or where I will show
    up next. Don’t even try to figure me out. :)

  2. About the 69 in Chinese….it’s not the real way to say
    it in Chinese, think like me, if you dare…. :roll:

  3. HI Frannie and Pk and all, I will be basically doing fly bys Today ,and possibly tommorrow ,my friend is moving and i am helping him with lots of stuff, I had a great night last night Frannie i think you know what i mean, i will have to tape survivor because i wont have time. Have a nice day all. im sure Pk and you will be very entertaining.

  4. my friend is moving and i am helping him with lots of stuff

    aggie… Does that include helping him move too?

  5. Good Morning everyone,
    A few more hours then we will see The Great One at work.
    Hope he finds the idol AGAIN, or wins immunity.

    No one at Galu deserve to win cuz they are too stupid..they went to the merge with a huge advantage and the first thing they did was to get rid of their own Erik(my fav) so good riddance to them all.

  6. DP… As much as I love to hate him, Russell H is really the only survivor playing the game. Laura is simply fighting every minute to stay alive in the game and continues to be obsessed with Shambo removal for whatever reason.

    The only game plan in play by most survivors in the merged tribe seems to be rooted in a vote out anybody but me mentality that disregards pledged alliances and keeps the weaker players in the game at the expense of the strong players who become easy targets.

    Kelly learned the hard way last week that the above strategy often fails.

  7. Murray… A Canadian survivor would be very interesting. Cameras would surely focus on him/her for at least the first week or so just documenting the thawing process when a Canadian is introduced into a tropical climate, eh!

  8. aggie….I meant to tell you……….YOU GO GIRL…………….
    You deserve to have had a great night. Maybe I’ll be here
    during one of your fly bys.

  9. Aggie… FYI… Don’t forget that brooms require full inspection and servicing as needed after 10 fly bys or 20 hours whichever comes first.

  10. So true. Ted always gives me trouble for be on here so
    much while I’m at work. He just wishes he could play as much.
    Just kidding Ted….you know we love you.

  11. Just kidding Ted….you know we love you.

    fp2… that’s it, final, no more Frannie as our spokesperson. :grin:

  12. fp2… Have you seen the pharmacy ad where the woman says she just calls in her prescription and it’s ready for her to pick up and then she smiles as she looks at her husband and acknowledges that he actually picks up her prescription?

    Well I am that husband again today.

    Pick up Rebecca’s order of girl stuff at Clinique counter in Dillards.

    Pich up groceries on Rebecca’s grocery list for her dinner menu for tonight that I will be cooking.

    Just another day in the life….

  13. fp2… To italicize, left arrow i right arrow at beginning. Left arrow back slash i right arrow at the end.

  14. Do you know how to say 69 in Chinese?

    Same as I do in English. It always looks the same from above in any language. :shock:

  15. I wanna play I wanna play. Can I get a clue other than when I checked the Chinese markets today, 69 in China looks like this —-> 69

  16. fp2… Come on girl… You know you love to give it away so don’t stop now just ’cause it’s me asking.

  17. Another stab at an answer. Chinese and other Asian and Mid-East Languages read from left to right, so 69 in Chinese would appear as 96 when written in Chinese,

  18. fp2… How could I have possibly forgotten twocanchew after that glorious weekend in Hong Kong with Nancy Kwan in my dreams. Her overbite was breathtaking.

  19. To you Frannie just because:

    Only you
    can make this world seem right
    Only you
    can make the darkness bright
    Only you and you alone
    can thrill me like you do
    and fill my heart with love for only you

    Only you
    can make this change in me
    For it’s true
    you are my destiny
    When you hold my hand, I understand
    the magic that you do
    You’re my dream come true
    my one and only you, only you

    Only you and you alone
    can thrill me like you do
    and fill my heart with love for only you

    Only you
    can make this change in me
    For it’s true
    you are my destiny
    When you hold my hand, i understand
    the magic that you do do
    You’re my dream come true
    my one my one my one and only you

  20. I’m still here. For now, the Platters matter and the honey do list can “take that job and shove it.”

  21. What a hoot… Frannie and Aggie on Survivor in the AARP tribe with their cute white with red cross design headbands.

  22. Classic Comment @ 10:48 Phillip!!! It’s a good thing computers don’t use paper… you two would have killed a few trees this morning. Where do I start…

  23. Hi Kids… You took the words out of my mouth PK..
    i am helling him with lots of stuff

    You did surprise me last night franniep2. But lets give credit where credit is due… Correct Chinese…韋衣! I thought you were serious for some foolish reason.

  24. fp2… I would rather see you and Aggie in Big Brother. I have your nicknames picked out already.

    After bitching about the lousy food, no TV and a picture of her on the wall that was taken recently , Aggie becomes “Naggie.”

    You Frannie, would covet all of the young guys in the house and teach them everything you know in front of the cameras and God so by the end of week one Frannie becomes “The Nanny.”

  25. Nothing going on today… This is my slow time of the year. Not much call for minuets at the Ferry Landing.

    I applaud your efforts in supporting your wife Phillip. A true test of a loving relationship, and the best way to get a good meal is to cook it yourself. Everyone knows that men are the more interesting cooks.

    Frannie… I wasn’t sorry about who got voted off last night on DYTYCD. They were both lower on the talent list I thought, but in all fairness, I have only just started watching in earnest last week. Not familiar with all the back stories that may be tugging at you heart.

  26. Ted… I don’t mind cooking, but I worry about Rebecca reading recipes to me over her cell phone with her cruise control set to 70 while on I-10 on her way home from Florida, Mississippi or Louisiana.

  27. fp2… You get SS John, the rocket scientist, who turns out the be Big Bang Theory Sheldon’s cousin and the three of you have a theoretical physics threesome. Sounds like something right out of this world.

  28. PK….I don’t cook. My daughter does the cooking. One time I
    was home and my grandson was hungry. I asked him if he wanted
    a grilled cheese sandwich and he said…..Do you know how to
    make that? He was about 10 at the time. :twisted:

  29. fp2… No Piggly Wiggly in Mobile, just Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Winn-Dixie, one still surviving Brunos, and Food Town and Food World 10% that sell for 10% above whatever that say they paid for anything.

  30. Okay… let’s talk about SURVIVORDonna I’m with you rooting for TGO, and I know frannie and phillip are onboard too. Hope he makes it through this one intact. If he does find a third idol however, I’m going to think something is fishy. Now this is something from one os Andy Denhart’s earlier blogs:
    “For Survivor Samoa, just four of the 20 contestants actually applied, and that includes Mike Borassi, who applied last season and was asked back this season after being pulled pre-game. Of the other 15, four applied for other shows (like Amazing Race) and were cast instead for Survivor, which means 12 were recruited off the street.” We know this…Sierra @ the Taco Stand… but only 4! What does that say of the applicants? Maybe we do need some Canadians! BUT STILL… if you are cast, wouldn’t you want to watch some past shows? I will have to ask Andy which 4 actually applied… does anyone know?

    If you have never seen an application it’s worth the download. My smartass daughters printed one, and filled it out for me for Christmas one year… very funny! What was surprising was some of the things they put down that I didn’t know they knew… HaHa. They did give me a nice Official Survivor Coffee Mug which I use every Thursday and is my facebook photo every Thurs.

  31. fp2… I had a Nanny as a kid who always fixed fancy stuff, so I will never forget the first time I ate out at a friends house when I was 9 or so. I’ve always had excellent hearing, but I really was hoping that when my friends mom said we were having “fish dicks” that I somehow heard it wrong. I did, fortunately.

  32. PK….I forgot to mention….if I get off work early because I have
    to work Saturday (only if a teller needs off) it is considered
    my day to cook. We go out for dinner and am told I cook well. :)

  33. fp2… Good thing I like all seafood including tuna and oysters otherwise I’d be restricted to a very low twocanchew diet. :roll:

  34. I remember when I would come down there….they would
    even fish with shrimp. Shrimp for almost every meal made
    differently each time. YUKKKKKKKKKKKK. I went to Red Lobster
    one time and the waiter walked behind me at my table and
    dropped some crab legs shells onto my plate. They replaced
    my meal but after that….I couldn’t eat any more. They even
    fell onto my arm. I about freaked out.

  35. Just got a text from my daughter….my grandson is out of surgery
    but is having trouble breathing. They have him on oxygen. She
    said he is a little loopy…

    Time to go have lunch Ted….in case your keeping tabs on me. :)

    PK….go get the chores done. No better time than the present.

  36. Frannie… it sounds like your grandson has you figured out… wish him well for me today!!!

    The most accepted version of how Friday Harbor got it’s name is: In the late 1850’s an Indian named Joe Friday (no kidding) was standing on the dock in the harbor when a British warship came in. They asked what the name of the place was and he thought they asked his name. So the town became Friday Harbor. San Juan Island is named after Juan de Fuca an explorer on a Spanish ship. He is believed to be the first European to see this area. He actually was a Greek guy. One of the straits is the Strait of Juan de Fuca… There is a mystery called ‘Who in the Hell is Wanda Fuca?’. An interesting twist on naming Friday Harbor is that around 1900 a group of white citizens started a petition, which went to a vote, to change the name of the town because they didn’t want to live in a place named after an indian. Good sense prevailed as we are still F H.

    Aren’t you glad you asked?

  37. Fun to see the old immunity challenge… Thanks SSL. That would be great to see Shane on SS20… and of course Courtney!

  38. Ted….google Big Brother and look at the cast for BB11.
    And…in answer to your question to DonnaP….RUSSELL
    was THE MAN.

  39. ok Ted…..with your permission, I am going to check out
    my e-mails. You probably won’t even know since your AWOL.

  40. Hi tendr glad you’re here…

    See you had a nice lunch ‘hour’ fp2!

    This storm is wreaking havoc with internet connection! In and Out… mostly out!

  41. franniep2… maybe you should give your grandson his Christmas present early? (That way you could use it sooner too) It might be a nice ‘get well’ present.

  42. Ted….so Friday Harbor has a history. And yes I am glad I asked.
    A history lesson once in a while never hurt anyone.

    tendr….Nat is also a good choice.
    Tonight should be very funny….like the Keystone Cops.

  43. Not that long of a lunch… busy running my mouth.
    On my last post I actually started it about 2:15. Better late than
    Ted….I will not give him his present early. There are 2 other
    puters for him to use.
    They are back home and he is in bed. He wanted to eat JacK in
    the Box and she said he ate like a pig. When they were leaving
    the hospital…he said…..I’m driving. He’s just like his grandma.

  44. I want to thank you guys for your concern for Josh. He likes
    the attention and has been asking his mom if anyone has been
    asking about him. He wanted to know what everyones saying.
    Of course I won’t tell him about the blog concerns. I like
    to stay mysterious.

  45. BBL…There’s a football game on tonight and I need to go check
    out who’s playing and which team I want to pick. Seems slow
    here today….I keep missing eveyone, so I will probably check in
    later tonight. Now I can shop for a while (Ted). Ebay is my friend.

  46. fp2… I second that. Josh deserves all the attention we can send his way and furthermore, I think it’s about time that a guy finally got some attention for a change anyway. Girls think attention was only invented for them and that’s just plain wrong. That’s what I think!.

  47. Well PK….men are babies when it comes to feeling sick.
    OMG….you would think they are dying.

    Not in my house. I am never sick and I should own Blue Cross Blue Shield by now for all the money I’ve paid them with no claims over 40 or more years. Now Rebecca is a whole different story. I even have to adjust her heating pad for her when she has back pain so she won’t burn her “baby” butt. She knows a boo hoo for any reason will save her a trip to the kitchen for a cold soda and her pill of choice any time, day or night. Now whose the baby?


    Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them,

    ‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and

    Fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.’

    They got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine.

    They’re such asses …

  49. PK….You have Rebecca spoiled, that’s not most women.
    I speak the truth about (most) guys being babies.

  50. I have a living will too Frannie.

    I’ve told Rebecca and her daughter Jamie, “please do not bury me while I’m still alive.” Tempting though, I’m sure. :lol:

  51. fp2… Behave? I’m still imagining how your sister can repay me for all my BC/BS premiums I’ve paid to keep her gainfully employed…

  52. HI guys, Whoa ,alot to do i did not expect so much, I can see you guys had a good old time as usual, Phillip i can see myself and Frannie on BB but survivor never, just doing without food would have my hands around somebodys neck pretty quick.Have a good night guys.

  53. aggie….I could never last on Survivor either because
    of the crap you have to eat to survive. If there
    are no warm beds and showers…forget about it.
    Plus…..if I see just one bug, it’s time to spray and
    get rid of the pests. I don’t even like lady bugs and
    they’re half way cute.

  54. fp2… That man is me at 21… Can you actually see it? It is not from Facebook either, don’t know what is happening…

  55. fp2… I guess to see bloggers facebook pic/avitars you have to be logged in to Facebook to see them.

  56. Time for me to go wach SS. I’ll talk to tomorrow. I
    MAY be a little later from work….we have a conf.
    meeting. Useless….they go over all the losses/gains
    and crap I don’t even want to hear.

  57. FRannie, Like the Living will story I feel the same way, The last part was funny. Phillip as far as me being nicknamed Naggie on BB your probably right, i would have a hard time keeping the mouth shut ,the ole foot in your mouth kind of thing.Sal what are you trying to say with the letters? Interesting.

  58. Any West coasters here? …or planning on being here before tonight’s episode? This “no spoilers” stuff really sucks!

  59. I say they shouldn’t come to a blog about SS, knowing
    some people would have already watched. And
    Sal….the letters, they have to be a code or something
    about SS. I watched and I sure don’t know what
    you and JT are telling each other.

    aggie….are you here? High five to you MS. THING.

  60. SPOILERS are coming.. unless I hear (see) objections real soon… Starfish and Ted wont come on here.. princess hasn’t been on here for 2 weeks.

  61. I didn’t get Sal’s right away.. but I knew it had to be another hidden spoiler. Can we do away with hidden spoilers now? West coasters know not to come on here unless they want to know… right?

  62. JT….Keep in mind that I only see a small pic of you.
    So…don’t hate if the resemblance isn’t even close.

  63. Does anyone know WHY we have to have different time
    zones? If this is a stupid question….consider the sourse.

  64. I wont hate. It doesn’t bother me. Usually comparisons are based on hair or facial hair. When I shave the goatee, I don’t look anything like some of the people that I am tode I look like.

    I think PK’s picture looks like a country singer from the 50s or 60s.. (can’t think of who). But it’s more because the pic is black and white. And also that he is looking off in the distance rather than at the camera.. like an album cover pose.

  65. Don’t know Sal….We haven’t heard fro you in a while.
    Thought maybe it was getting too raunchy in here.

  66. JT….Are you all talked out?

    I swear to Bullwinkle….this computer is getting on my
    last nerve. It is so flippin slow.

  67. I guess not.. I should have known better.. Johnny Cash was my very first favorite singer. Mom used to play his records all the time.

  68. NOT braggin’ about my age fp2… but I was 4 years old when Johnny was my fav… I had never heard any other music than country at the time.. I outgrew it. :lol:

  69. I didn’t see the likeness in the few pics I found of Kelley. But like I said before, everybody sees things different.. no biggie.

  70. Most of the people I work with call me ‘old man”. I tell them, “Don’t worry, you’ll be in your 40s before you know it.”

  71. And….we have all done that too.

    My daughter is a lead day care teacher and if
    she asks one of them how old she is they will say
    50’s or sometimes more. She’s 36…bad kids.

  72. Yeah, I guess when I was in my 20s, I called some co-workers “old man” too. (Just in fun and they didn’t mind.. as I don’t now). I had no idea how fast the next 20 years would go by.. and I’m sure the next 20 will be that much faster.

  73. It’s already been a decade since we were going through the big y2k scare. A lot of businesses were scrambling to get back-up generators installed.. seems like just a few months ago.

  74. I’ve come up with a mathematical theory as to why time seems to go faster the older we get. I won’t bore everyone with details, but it makes perfect sense… to me anyway! :lol:

  75. I remember that all too well. I had to go into work
    on New Years Day and was ALMOST hit head on
    by a guy that prolly hadn’t been to sleep yet. That
    was some scary chit.

  76. about Y2K….you wouldn’t believe how many people
    withdrew their money out of the banks. They were
    afraid the computers would lose everything.

  77. good grief.
    why don’t they vote out shamu? I’m so tired of looking at her she’s starting to make troll look good. and talk to the hand (i’m not looking, my eyes are closed) about russ and his ability to find things in dirty places. i dun’t kare.
    i can’t believe they were about to vote out Nat. she did so great in that comp. i thot she was going to fall.
    anyway, Laura’s not as bad as shamu.
    what i don’t understand is this….why become one team? It’s in name only. which is stupid. they should HAVE to be one team now…and each person realize they’re fighting for themselves…cuz so far they’re still just doing what russy says and if he or shamu wins then the rest of the players deserve to be called stupid.
    Ok you all keep having fun. :)
    go nat.

  78. The business that I am in (mechanical contracting) was very busy around that time. Businesses were in a big panic that they would have no power.

  79. We did so much testing before hand. We had everything
    on backup just in case. When it comes to peoples money,
    OMG we must be careful. You have no idea what they
    get like if they think the banks screwed them out of a
    dime of interest.

  80. My mom used to work in a bank in California. She told me a lot of stories. She went through a robbery too… only once though.

  81. I have seen tapes on Cal. robberies. They seem to be
    more violent. The worst one we had…they caught the guy,
    sent him to jail and months later the FBI came and
    very carefully told us he had put a hit out on 4
    of the employees. The bank placed them with other

  82. They even had a pic of his girlfriend so we could
    call the police if she came in. She looked like one tough

  83. Scary stuff.. I think I would always be on edge if I worked at a bank… I would be suspicious of everyone and would be lacking in customer service because of it… I’d prolly get fired!

  84. Not as scary where I’m at now. It’s a pretty good area.
    Not that that has anything to do with it. We are
    seeing more and more now because of the economy.
    There will be more now that X-mas is coming.

  85. Is it just editing.. or did next weeks previews make it look like Russell’s team is turning on him? Maybe it’s just another ploy. Or maybe they are tired of his antics too. I wonder if they knew he set the chickens free. I don’t get what he is thinking sometimes. How does setting chickens free further your game?

  86. Well Jt….I guess I better head to sleep. At least I don’t
    have to get up as early since my daughter and grandson
    won’t have to get up. We have a schedule as to when
    and who takes showers when. Three bathrooms and
    we still have a problem. It’s called all wanting hot water.

    And Sal….I take it you’ll talk later.

    Both of you take care… and pleasant dreams

  87. fp2, do you have NFL network? I watched some of last week’s game on-line. I had NFL network last year.. just to watch the Packers – Cowboys game. I didn’t get it this year, but I do want to see the Saints/Cowboys game.. looks like I’ll be on-line that night.

  88. I guess I might as well go for a while too, I’ll check in before bed and see if West-coasters had anything to say about tonight’s show. CUL8R…

  89. PK, didnt know that was your picture, what am i thinkingYou do look like some singer Its a nice picture. Frannie, Jt, nice too see you on, Im not going to even try to guess what Sal is saying, i dont have a clue.Ted ,you need to put a better picture less muggy ,dont pose either.

  90. WHAT THE HELL!!! Why aren’t you people talking about Survivor… TENDR is the only one! Would have been on sooner, but there is a huge storm here 50+ with gusts of 70… lots of damage. So, my internet service is iffy. Glad the wind didn’t move my directv dish… it did one year, and you can believe it is bolted down good now.

    What a great show… I can’t believe that TGO has found the Idol again. Albeit with some help from Sprint… but others had the same clue. Plus, I’ll bet the others had given up looking and following him. He does deserve what he gets… the Foas and Monica could have been looking for it when they were laying in the tent. And, Russell was out looking for it when the others were still asleep, so He is the best. Notice, I have elevated TGO to a higher plane.

    I was holding my breath during the final reading of the vote. TGO could have gotten the purple rock. But I also felt that John was no idiot. I now think Brett is a total wuss, although he is young.

    Oh sad day, I hated to see Laura go. The only thing I have ever agreed with Coach about is that she is sexy.

  91. Oh, while I was typing that I see JT is talking Survivor… I don’t think they were talking about Russell, although that’s what they want us to think. I think Russell is trying to keep everyone on edge and deflect some attention away from him by releasing the chickens.

  92. You guys do not have to wait until 9 pst to start talking about Survivor… thank you for the courtesy, but I log out of here @5 est and you can be damn sure I won’t be on until I’ve seen the show. I think I can speak for PRINCESS & STARFISH when I say that. I think the West Coast members are of slightly higher intelligence than… of well nuff said.

  93. Where are you guys? My computer keeps going off.

    AGGIE… how did the move go? Don’t you just love looking into Russell’s Baby Blue Eyes?

  94. FRANNIE… I think the Matriarch is entitled to first dibs on the hot water, and I will be happy to send an e-mail informing them of that fact. And yes, I am sad to see Laura go, but not at the expense of Nat, who has moved into my frontrunner status. She deserves to win for her effort in that challenge. they did a good job on the ropes… but, she hung out there to get the flags. John was just laying on his board. She is fearless in more ways than one.

  95. PK… I see a b/w pic of a handsome dude for you today… My avatar is my current facebook profile pic. I see JT’s but sometimes other people see something different. He’s a clown right now. I have never seen Laura’s Boobs as some claim to see… I think a myth. Also, I can’t find you on fb. See if you can find me.

  96. Higher intelligence on the West coast huh? …if it helps you to believe that.. go for it! :lol: …remember, we have PK upping the curve in the midwest! :roll:

  97. I agree, the editing can be tricky to see past sometimes. That’s what’s great about BB, they edit it to make it look completely different.. but we all know the truth. Watching those people 21 hours a week live and unedited tells us some truths that CBS’s 3 hours don’t.

  98. Ted, I was anxious to talk Survivor on here. But after last week’s “no spoilers” rule, I didn’t want to give anything away. By the time the show was over in the West.. the moment was gone and I am looking forward to next week.

    Galu had a great advantage in numbers.. that advantage is gone. Now Foa2 has the numbers to wipe out the remaining Galuites. It’s never that simple though.. is it. I know on BB, you can count on the tide turning a few times before it’s all over.

    Sure am glad it’s Friday!! I can make a Friday on little sleep.

    Good to see you aggie. I have to think more about who PK reminds me of. Maybe I have to dig through my Mom’s old album collection. I can see the face and pose I am thinking of… just can’t tie together the who and where.

  99. Ted… “He’s a clown right now…” ..yes Ted, a clown now. Always was.. and always will be. :smile:

    Good night all! :cool:

  100. ALL I CAN SAY IS—-sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! Whoever it was that said, “If he finds another HII, then it’s fixed” is crazy!!! They all saw the clues on their reward trip. He was just faster at running when
    they were chasing him in the woods!! LMAO Went RIGHT back to where Mr. High IQ was looking & pulled it out of the tree from under the rock. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! That man has got to be a Survivor freak in the strongest sense. :lol:

    As for him letting the chickens out—aren’t they supposed to be Shambo’s responsibility?? If so, she is screwed–doesn’t matter how much they edit it to make it look like they are after Russell. Whoever gets blamed for letting the chickens out—THAT person will be going home next week. UNLESS they win immunity. They all HAVE to know that Russell has the other HII so why would they go after him AGAIN? Nobody can keep their mouths shut long enough for it not to get back to him, & then boom—he uses the idol & IF they keep putting it back into play—another Russell find. LMAO It’s just too rich.

    And MORE shocked faces as Laura was voted off. :lol: That just cracked me the hell up. Poor Monica was looking sooooo lost & Mr. IQ was dumbfounded. WHY??? He should have known nobody was going to risk a tie & have to draw balls.(no pun intended)

    Snake Most excellent post. I actually downloaded the application for Survivor & BB & well—–they want to know too damn much personal stuff. Like “who is your hero & why?” Who the hell cares?? Well I guess that could be a problem if you wrote Ted Bundy or something BUT—damn too much info. Guess I’ll NEVER be a Survivor or on BB!! But it was fun to read!!! :lol:

    Oh well, that’s it for now. I’ve done my Survivor duty for the week. hahahahahahaha RUSSELL IS THE SHIZNIT!!!! :mrgreen:

  101. FRANNIE I am very glad to hear that Josh made it through surgery ok. Now the rehab starts soon. Tell him we all are thinking of him & to just stay strong ok?? And you too.

    TED Looks like our guy did it again. :lol: I’m really starting to like this troll. :lol:

    JT Love the clown. :mrgreen:

    AggieI know you’ll pop in here sooner or later—so be good ok & no bitch slapping tonight—-unless they really need it. hahahahahaha

    See you guys & Gals later.

  102. Ted, your being scary again never call another dude handsome, unless you are batting for the other team, AS far as survivor goes i cheered when the bitch Laura was booted, I thought it was funny the look on shambos face. I hate to admit it but Fat Russell is growing on me, the fact that he got yet another Idol was pretty cool, Ted, talking about Russells eyes is a little creepy Man your taking the man crush thing a little far, Jt, You should have been in bed along tiime ago you get up too early.

  103. Ohhh nooo, your tire’s all flat and junk.
    Aww, did I do that?
    Here, let me get my cellular out, call you a wrecker….
    Oh shoot, I got no phone.
    Cause I’m a pothole.

    K, bye!!


  104. AC, That was probably the weirdest ever when it comes to comments ,i never said you were a pothole, your much higher than that your the dungeon master.

  105. Aggie, you were right. I should have gone to bed earlier. Speaking of… when did you sleep? Did you sleep yet? At least it’s Friday, I’ll probably be a bit tired after work though.

  106. AC, I gotta admit.. that one is beyond me too.

    Cyn, I love the clown too. Krusty has made me laugh way more than Bozo, Clarabell, Ronald, and all the rest combined!

  107. I’ll get a second wind and make it through today just fine…. now, where did I leave my motivation to get my butt out the door? Ahhh, there it is…. a stack of bills that must be paid. That’s motivation enough for me! See y’all later……….. :mrgreen:

  108. Ted said:

    I think the West Coast members are of slightly higher intelligence than… Dumbo, Barney, Wilma, Elmer Fudd, The Entire Cast of The Keystone Cops, Any Simpson Family Members, and Sarah Palin with or without a teleprompter.

  109. Clues for Ted to assist in decoding BB Bob’s post.

    1. Don’t follow west coast logic.
    2. Think Mid-East and Asian writing.
    3. Think how you back your car out of the garage.

    Finally, do not ask aggie for help. She is still mad at you.

  110. Regarding the who I resembled when I was 21, Johnny Cash was not on the list. I did closely resemble two other people, however, including Jerry West, and while living in LA during the mid 60’s, people would even buy me drinks thinking I was him. I. of course, was smart enough NOT to stand up – I’m only 6’1″ – as long as the drinks were coming. Many others at the time thought I resembled Lee Majors. No wonder I was a ladies man back then. :lol:

  111. Good morning all….Anyone here?
    I’m a little late to day. Home computer would not
    come up for some strange reason and I had a staff
    meeting that was conferenced in from the main office.
    What a big waste of my time.

    aggie….I was thinking the same way as you about Ted.
    And PK….now Ted is stalking you on facebook. Watch your
    back(side) :lol:

  112. PHILLIP, you trouble maker im not mad at Ted he is just the designated punching bag around here for being such a fuddy duddy. It is just funny to tease him because he gets so pissy.

  113. Well, a bright good morning to you all… oh, that didn’t sound too southern did it? I couldn’t believe you guys weren’t talking about the show last night. I thought ‘what a bunch of losers’… DID NOT know about the ‘spoiler rule’ which I think is ridiculous and should be rescinded at once. Why should you have to wait to talk about the show until we’ve seen it? For DONNA and CYN (I don’t know about PK, he’s probably in a special zone) it would be midnight! Hence, the intelligence crack… believe me, we are not going to come here until we’ve seen the show. And if I did, I would deserve to have it spoiled. And then would have to move to the Midwest!

  114. Ted……………I’m multi-tasking here. That’s the secret to
    working and playing. Wake up sleepy head, haul you hiney
    out of bed….motivate you sleepy head….(can’t remamber
    the rest) They used to play that on the radio when my daughter was
    in high school. I would hear it ever morning from my bedroom.

  115. Before moving on to Survivor… Let’s clear up a few things… AGGIE. there is nothing gay about thinking another member of the same sex is handsome. PK did look like Jerry West, and I can see a little Lee Majors, if that is in fact his photo. You are missing the point about facebook, but since you do not choose to have a photo here or anything else, then it is probably not your thing. You might find it fun though.

    JT… I will definitely will have to watch BB next time. Thanks for letting me know about the spoiler rule.

    PK… What did you prepare for dinner last night? And, don’t be dissing Sarah Palin, one of our greatest thinkers and finest politicians.

    FRANNIE… Tell Josh I said hi. And, let’s see… Oh, 10:02 a.m. I guess you are on your coffee break…

  116. So you don’t have to go back and read my brilliant post of last night, and because I am too lazy to rethink or retype:

    What a great show… I can’t believe that TGO has found the Idol again. Albeit with some help from Sprint… but others had the same clue. Plus, I’ll bet the others had given up looking and following him. He does deserve what he gets… the Foas and Monica could have been looking for it when they were laying in the tent. And, Russell was out looking for it when the others were still asleep, so He is the best. Notice, I have elevated TGO to a higher plane.

    I was holding my breath during the final reading of the vote. TGO could have gotten the purple rock. But I also felt that John was no idiot. I now think Brett is a total wuss, although he is young.

    Oh sad day, I hated to see Laura go. The only thing I have ever agreed with Coach about is that she is sexy.

    I don’t think they were talking about Russell, although that’s what they want us to think. I think Russell is trying to keep everyone on edge and deflect some attention away from him by releasing the chickens.

    TENDER… I’m with you about Nat. (along with TGO needless to say!)

    CYNTHIA… hadn’t thought of the Shambo angle in TGO releasing the chickens… but they will jump on her for sure. And yes, the looks on their faces was priceless… And Eric is sure loving seeing the traitors getting their just desserts.

  117. Good Morning to everyone
    What a great show lastnight..Thank goodness the biznatch is finally gone..the look on her and Stupid Dave’s face was priceless.
    RUSSELL – how can I discribe this guy..AWESOME

    I know the haters will say he got some help from the producers but I think that is bullshirt..Laura her self said that he is always sneaking around the camp. Why? cuz he is always thinking of the game.

    BTW – BaconBits Bob that “baby” photo is really freaking me out.

  118. Now BBB don’t even try to get me in trouble with SNAKE. He is far to busy getting his next blog ready to be drawn into your B.S.

  119. Hi DONNA… Yes, I think they were confident it was going to a tie. Monica, Dave and Brett have to know they are screwed now. But then, they really don’t know who turned. Don’t blame John at all… he could have gotten the purple rock, and probably would have… that’s how fate works. I thought his remark ‘don’t you think you should have run that by me first’ was classic. Last week I said he would turn… although not for that reason. But I felt he would be playing his own game.

    Agree with you about that Baby Photo.

  120. Ted… The black and white photo is, in fact, a self portrait of me at 21 using a speed graphic camera while experimenting with lighting effects.

    Now at 66 I’m told, particularly when I’m in Utah, that I closely resemble another NBA great and long time coach of the Utah Jazz, Jerry Sloan.

    Please Ted, tell me you are not serious about Sarah Palin. Considering her Sandpoint, Idaho roots, I’m surprised she hasn’t shaved her head and picked out her own customized swastika tattoo yet.

  121. You know I was ready to cry foul if TGO found another idol, but since they showed everyone on the reward how to find it then I’m okay with it. I was also starting to question his stamina and was glad to hear him say ‘I really need to eat’ when they won the reward. I’m sure the producers knew they had a good one when they cast him… knew they had solid gold after they saw him starting to play. He is a great interview. And very funny off the cuff remarks.

  122. Hey PK… that is a nice photo… I can see what you were doing with the lighting… Don’t see Sloan at all, however I do see young Marlon Brando. Incidentally I thought it was absolutely hilarious when I did a ‘Stella’ parody and said A-G-G-I-E! one day. No one commented except Aggie and I think it pissed her off. Maybe she didn’t get it.

  123. Hey DonnaP….I seen that you enjoyed Survivor too.
    I laughed my butt off when Russell found the idol again.
    Better yet..he didn’t have to play it.

  124. Ted… Dinner last night was Goober’s “secret ingredient” recipe for spaghetti that I stole from the Andy Griffith show.

  125. fp2…Now I will “attempt” to make my 66 photo my avitar.

    Ted… I look like Jerry Sloan now not when I was 21.

  126. What was the “secret ingredient”? That was a great show!

    Good Point about Russell not having to play the idol, FRANNIE. I forgot all about that… And, Why, didn’t he have to employ the idol? Why was he so confident in his own safety? Why did he know how the Galu leftovers were planning to vote? They certainly weren’t taking Shambo into their confidence. So, did John turn before the vote and pass on the Intel? Oh Yes, it is getting good…

  127. Oh, silver hair and all… Jerry is a good looking guy… I think the girls on this site are luck to have good looking guys like us to talk too! And AGGIE don’t go reading anything into that remark with that fertile mind of yours.

  128. Too bad we will have to wait 2 weeks to see Russell in action again. The Thanksgiving episode will be a will be on anyways.

  129. oops…..speaking of football, I have to go check out
    the teams and get my picks for Sundays games. I save
    this kind of stuff for work computer.

  130. Ted… I really should not reveal Goober’s secret spaghetti ingredient, but I can’t ever keep a secret: oregano

    Promise you won’t tell anybody else though.

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