Tonight’s the Night, won’t be just any night ………

Because Russell will send his next victim home!

Tonight, tonight won’t be just any night, cause i’ll be watching football instead of Survivor (NOT). Tonight, Galu gets whittled down to 3 (Shambo excluded). Countdown is on!

Jeff Probst blogs his Thanksgiving thoughts

No blog this week.  I’m having Thanksgiving with the family. Hope you are all having a good holiday and enjoyed the “recap” show.

If you didn’t enjoy it, don’t blame me!  I don’t really like them either but sometimes they’re a necessary evil, because…
INSIGHT: In the television world, Thanksgiving evening is a tough night to get people to watch television.  So often networks will air re-runs or “specials” and save their original episodes for the following week.

Same thing often happens with Survivor during March Madness when college basketball takes over the airwaves.

We just don’t want any of our loyal fans to miss out on an episode of Survivor. Especially this season with so much great stuff happening.

I hope you’re ready for a great finish.  So many questions…

Can Foa Foa continue their run?  Or is Galu going to figure out a way to stop them?

How much longer can Russell avoid the vote?

And the big one….

Will Shambo cut her hair for the live show?

Talk next week.

371 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night, won’t be just any night ………”

  1. Aggie.. I was refering to tight rounded corners when I race down mountain roads. What were you thinking naughty lady?

  2. Well Thursday is here and I cant wait to see the Russell show.
    I hope he put the con on SuperDave(not) really good. hope eye candy John is not the one to leave tonight but miss Pitts.

  3. I have liked Russell since before this season’s Survivor even started. I think he is a player that plays this game like many past winners of Big Brother played that game.

  4. I was not a Russell fan right away….I thought he was way too cocky and was making a mockery of the game.

    Well, I guess he is impressing me now and I have to admit…he is doing an amazing job. It is weird to see him go from HATED to LOVED as he has in the eye of the public.

    Does anyone else see it this way or am I just really out of touch this season? (which could be the case)


  5. Also on a technical note for the blog….

    I installed Google friend connect under the Facebook connect. When I had these 2 on my it made people’s browser’s crash. Please let me know if you have any technical difficulties with the blog.

    I believe you can connect with your google account or with a twitter account using the Google Friend connect so let me know if it is working or if you have any issues.

    Peace, BBBlogger

    PS: Sal you are doing a great job with this blog this season! Thank you!

  6. Morning all!
    Really, I thought he was a jerk for pouring everyones water out. I still don’t get the point of some of his little tricks but it’s working for him so I guess he knows what he’s doing.
    Tendr, no not born in Dec, just have a cool mom!

  7. I never said I LOVED Russ, i just think he is a great survivor. I have a question: Would any of you want to be friends with Russ in his real life?

  8. I’d be his friend, I was in the Navy and learned to appreciate the person and not the looks. He seems to be a nice guy that is playing a game and is using a plan to get ahead. He knows the game which is evident by being able to figure out where the HII’s where with NO clues. Cut the guy a break.

  9. As far as this blog goes…

    I would like to keep comments more to the GAME and the SHOW Survivor.

    I am ok with other conversations however I would like it not to DOMINATE the comments section.

    I have setup a SURVIVOR FORUM and a SURVIVOR CHAT ROOM at so feel free to go there and chat away about non game related things.

    I LOVE the fact that you have made your own community but the goal of this blog is SURVIVOR so lets try to keep it that way.

    Love you all….I am glad that this blog is something you enjoy. I owe it all to you guys…without you this blog would not exist.

    Peace, BBBlogger

  10. Holly… Hopefully BB Blogger will understand that moving mature to old as hell folks like us to unfamiliar surroundings, forums or chats is traumatic at best and may even require counseling for some.

    We Are Family… We Are Family… everybody join in… We Are Family…

  11. Thanks PK, I thought I was losing it but I’m with you, I don’t want to move!!!!
    We Are Family………..get up everybody and sing!

  12. Had to iron a shirt for Reb. Her ironing skills are equal to her ability to tone down here thick Alabama accent. She will probably be wearing that shirt when we watch Survivor tonight though.

  13. Phil, I had a friend in the Navy who was from Alabama, about 6′ 3″, named Jethro Pugh. When he got out I went and visited him while I was stationed @ NAS Atlanta. The dude never wore shoes. He lived over near Auburn Univ.

  14. Morning all… That was an excellent question Shelly, about being a friend of Russell in real life, and I think that Bob has a good answer. He would probably be a high maintenance friend… but would have your back. I absolutely do not think he would have done to Big Easy what Dan did on AR.

  15. yea PK, wwe can’t talk about anything anymore. Can I just say, what fun is this gonna be except for once a week if that is true?!

  16. Ted, I cant stand Sam and Damn on AR, but I would have done the samething to Big Easy. It is a race for 1M.

  17. Glad SURVIVOR showed up for awhile… I think the key word in what he says is DOMINATE. The quantity of comments is much less important than the quality. It was getting to be 80% non-survivor… even on Friday’s.

  18. Sal does this mean that no SYTYCD, AR, sports. just Survivor.
    if that is the case see you all every Thursday.

  19. Not even Thursdays ladies, cause of the west coasters. It will be later Thursday or Fridays! I understand the need for less dirty talk but come on, why can’t we talk about other shows that we all like?!

  20. Hey BaconBits Bob. Refresh the page and look over on the right side under the multimedia box. :) PS: You are in charge of telling people HOW TO use it and get in! :p

    Yes you can talk other Reality TV shows here…

    I just want to keep things more focused around here…new people get a little…overwhelmed and I want this blog more inviting….I hope that makes sense.

    Love you all!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  21. Frannie… Notice that I did include a Survivor reference in my ironing comment just to be safe…

  22. Hey… SURVIVOR or BBBlogger… Thanks for including other reality shows… and putting things back on track so to speak.

    Hi Holly and DonnaP… Don’t think you have to wait to talk about the show as soon as it is over… I think that I speak about all us WestCoasters when I say… ‘We are smart enough not to log in here until after we have seen the show!’ I’m sure our friends in the MidWest would say the same.

  23. I noticed Phil… very clever I thought (and safe)… did you see tendr’s late nite post last night? She was covering her bases too! You still sticking with Russell keeping John around?

  24. Phil….i hear your need to discuss other things….as I said I have TRIED to give you places for that stuff. I honestly think you would LOVE the chat room and forum at but again…that is just my opinion.

    PS: I changed from SURVIVOR to BBBlogger to help will all the confusion.

    Also…I added the Google chat area but not sure it is working as I had hoped. Let me know if you guys use it or not….if not I will remove it.

    Peace, BBBlogger

  25. Holly…a few weeks ago that was put into effect and then rescinded after I complained that it was unfair to you guys… Yes, I will take full credit and SAL in his infinite wisdom agreed. I also don’t come on here once AR starts in DonnaP’s town.

  26. Ted… Rebecca has no real favorite on Survivor. She has mentioned Mick’s name on occasion, however, since she got her new TV glasses.

  27. Ted… I still think Russell’s smartest move this week is to get Brett (JT all over again candidate) off the island and deal with the others, John included, another day.

  28. I see Rebecca has the same criteria for picking favorites as you Phil. Does she like Survivor or just tolerate it as you claim to do with DWTS?

    I think Russell will take out John… What I really am looking forward to is whether he will show anyone the idol to keep them in his fold.

  29. OK y’all the Google Talk has a group chat option to it. we can talk about “anything” there. Don’t let something new overwhelm you. You can group chat or individual chat for privacy. Need help, i”ll help you set it up

  30. That would be a smart move too. I am thinking he will see John more of an immediate threat. Russell could win Immunity tonight as it looks like a pure strength challenge.

  31. I agree with you Ted, I think he will take out John since he has proven that he will turn on his own, he can’t be trusted. I also agree with PK though that taking out Brett would be the smarter move since he is the better athlete.

  32. Finally!!!! bbblogger and survivor…saying what many have thought…I actually posted once before….on topic.

    I know several chatters that click on this site, notice that it is almost no survivor being chatted about..when that see the usual chatters, they just delete without reading “stuff”

  33. What does everyone think of Jeff’s comment regarding Shannon cutting her hair? Somewhere I saw her say that her mullet is her trademark and she would never cut it off. I think the opportunity to have a glam makeover by CBS would be tempting.

  34. Rebecca is totally responsible for my viewing every show listed below:

    Survivor, Big Brother, DWTS, Bachelor, Bachelorette, America’s Got Talent, The Mole, and some others I have fortunately already forgotten. Her favorite channel, however, that she tortures me with daily and turns to at ever commercial break in any reality or other show we’re watching is the dreaded FOOD Channel.

  35. I don’t recall Brett being a standout athlete in the challenges. I think John is stronger. And Brett is not a JT. Just a nice guy who we haven’t ever seen much of.

  36. As long as Russell has the HII, he has no need to show it (he has 3 faithful tribemates and a + in Shambo) He also has the votes to do as he pleases, so it doesn’t really matter who goes. The Galu pissed on and pissed off the Foa Foa people so bad that no Galu will not be able to have one of them switch over. Russell has kept the Foa Foa together and it might be near impossible to keep FF4 out of the Final 4.

  37. PK, I love the food channel, especially Drive Inns, Diners, and Dives…………….AWESOME show! No wonder you love Rebecca she has good taste in tv viewing!

  38. Ted, don’t you remember John being terrible at a challenge?? I think it might have been the very first one and he was huffing and puffing along. Brett is a sleeper, look out for him!

  39. Sal… Good luck with trying to teach a bunch of old dogs a new trick. Keep in mind that most od us are BB11 Survivors looking for a new home, any home, and this became it.

  40. Can’t disagree Sal, except that Russell has to get rid of Nat and go to the end with Shambo to be safe.

  41. Have to go to work… see ya later.

    Oh, PK… does Rebecca print out recipes she sees on the FC for you to cook. Sounds like a good idea to me Rebecca. My favorite show as Alton Brown’s. Haven’t watched FC in some time… no time. This Blog doesn’t help.

  42. FrannieP, Aggie, Holly, Ted talk to you guys after the show or tomorrow. Not much left to discuss about survivor at the moment.

  43. Would this work? Imagine 18 survivors starting out on a 39 day trek down the entire length of the mighty Mississippi on the newly refurbished paddle wheeler, The Dixie Lee . Two tribes at first, the port tribe and the starboard tribe, would have to survive entirely off what they claim from the river with stops along the way for challenges.

    Come on back now y’hear.

  44. I’m with Donna, since we are limited to our discussions, I’m out until later tonite or tomorrow, too.


  45. Hi, peeking in. just got online.
    Holly, me too, with the cool mom tho she’s now in her seventies she’s still my best friend and still cool. oh and she is a Cmas baby.
    Looking forward to survivor tonight tho STILL not a Russ fan he is entertainment. Like a godzilla and kingkong type entertainment.
    OH and FRINGE is on tonight. I love love that show.
    I’m so not ready for Cmas. Trying to find an old rocking chair or rocking horse for my little grandson who’ll be one in feb. i’d rather find an old one i can refinish than a new one (so expensive)
    anyway, everyone have a great day and i’ll go surfing. :)
    Frannie, hope you’re feeling better.

  46. Tue Dec 1, 6:04 pm ET
    BOSTON – The winner of the CBS reality television show “Big Brother 9″ was ordered on Tuesday to undergo substance abuse counseling at a Massachusetts treatment center before being released on bail on drug charges.

    Adam Jasinski, of Delray Beach, Fla., has pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempting to sell 2,000 pills of oxycodone, the main active ingredient in OxyContin and other painkillers.

  47. Sal, sorry i tried a chat room once i didnt like it, i never went back., If your going to be a hard ass about this ,you are just going to scare people away, I am just saying people need to get a grip ,survivor is on just once its not like big brother .

  48. Hey Tendr, I’m a fringe fan too, have been since it began. I can’t wait for survivor tonight, I love the food auctions! I never liked Russell but I can appreciate his gameplay!

    Aggie, I’m with you on the whole chat room thing. If we can’t work this out we will just peace out on the site!

  49. Holly, it seems not much is on the other nights but tonight is survivor, the mentalist, fringe and vampire diaries and supernatural….all which i try to record on 2 tv’s so i’m running from one room to the other to start and stop the vcr…yes i still use a vcr. :)
    I’ve given up trying to figure out what the survivor ppl are going to do and just watch it becuz you never know. I just know i wouldn’t miss shambo yet i guess she’d be the one to take to the end if you wanted to win.
    BaconBits Bob- I don’t judge Russ by his looks though becuz of his MOUTH i do tease about them now. If he were a nice guy he wouldn’t call the girls dumbasses. AND i mean he did this before he even knew them. He called them blonde dumbasses and even some of the guys and how he can control everyone which EVEN if he is because they’re so stupid to follow him (or scared) he still is NOT a person of class. You can win a game and play hard, out smart everyone else and still do it with an ounce of class but he brags and calls them names. It’s a huge turn off to me so for that reason i don’t like him. I don’t hate anyone. (that’s too passionate) but i dislike him and if he were a nice guy with a gentlemans attitude i’d be saying “go russ instead of GO NAT” It may not happen on tv but he’s the kind of guy that needs a girl to kick his butt on national tv. I’m sure it’s happened alot In real life where we can’t see hence his bitterness towards women who aren’t barefoot and pregnant or wearing an apron and standing at a stove.

  50. I do like Nat too but think Russell might just have it in the bag, but as you said we can never predict so we’ll just have to wait and see. 67 minutes, see ya after the show.

  51. Holly… Russell will last as long as his HII’s are still in his pocket and he wins immunity challenges when all his HII’s are gone. After that he is the one to vote out at first opportunity…

  52. Well said tendr… those things have bothered me too, however I do believe they were well calculated and I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Afraid Phil’s right… hopefully he will get immunity tonight. Wanted to get on sooner… will have to get off in 5 min.

  53. Oh, by the way, Big Fringe Fan from the start… best show on TV (of its type) for me. Giant Squidish Parasites tonight!!!

  54. John is gone, Brett was a disappointment, Natalie is The new bionic woman and Russell is screwed for turning on Shambo.

  55. They should have went with what Shambo wanted, i would ofwanted Dave to go.As usual she was left in the dark and really surprised by it.

  56. yea, I didn’t know what the big deal was about getting John out, would have went with Dave to make Shambo happy. Russell shouldn’t have cared because he still had the upper hand no matter who on Galu went home.

  57. Holly… Russell slipped up (ego out of control) and let John know he had the HII and immediately knew he had made a strategic mistake and that John had to go for fear that he would tell others that Russell had the HII. That meant going against Shambo’s choice, Dave, and Jaison may be right and now Shambo will move away from Foa Foa.

  58. :lol: :lol: Shambo and her fantasy world of being a good survivor :roll: THOUGHT she had the power :lol: :lol: Cue Kevin from BB11 “Biznatch please” Even fp2 (no offense), who admittedly doesn’t cook, knows you don’t boil chicken for 2 hours. Too bad they didn’t show them gagging on the rubber chicken soup. You’re best way to hang around is NOT to ask Russell if he has the idol and DON’T tell anyone you think he has it. If they choose to go after him next week they will have to keep Nat in the dark. He has kept her close and shared a lot of information with her. I would think she would tip him off. By the way Nat way to hang in there in the challenge.

  59. loved the look on sham’s face. russ needs to keep his mouth shut. but we know he’s never done a very good job of that.
    i think the rest are starting to see the snake bites becuz it’s a snake. the only reason to keep sham around is i think just about anyone, even a mossy rock, would win against her.

    did russ not bid on anything?
    go NAT. i was so proud of that tiny girl.

  60. tendr Russell just sat there and took the whole thing in. It was funny watching him when they were bidding on the HII clue. It was one of those “go ahead waste your cash I know where it is”.

  61. Were it not for the fact that Shambo has it out for Dave, Jaison’s prediction of a 4 to 4 match up would probably occur. Still going to be 5 to 3 with Shambo boiling for the next week even longer than her chicken soup disaster.

  62. We’ve lost that bloggin’ feeling,
    Whoa, that bloggin’ feeling,
    We’ve lost that bloggin’ feeling,
    Now it’s gone…gone…gone…wooooooh.

  63. Hey gang! I know I’ve been AWOL for 2 weeks. Nothing to do with the blog… life just gets in the way sometimes. I caught up on reading finally. Looks like I missed a lot.

    I think Russell pi$$ed off Shambo, but will be able to smooth talk her. I guess he doesn’t have a whole week to do it though. I forget that part. This whole thing is 39 days spread over months. Russ better do some fast talkin.

    I see that princess commented lately. princess, my webtv has been down 2 weeks. I don’t have access to my e-mail there. I’d write you if I remembered your e-mail addy… lol.

    I also see some people from the past. Hey FRANKS! How ya been? And did my eyes deceive me, or was that hpr56 I saw the other day? hpr, we need you here to represent Mountain Time. Salk Lake City if I recall correctly. Always good to see “my pal” Margie too. (Ted, she lives in Missouri via New York… big part of BB blog)

    Hi Aggie! I know you have missed my sports talk :lol: You’re in luck, looks like sports has been pulled off this table. (Go Vikes!!). BBBlogger is a Vikes fan too… so that was ok. Kind of odd that we need to be scolded by the youngest person on here. He’s a year younger than AC!! It’s his blog though. I say sports could be considered a reality show… but I won’t push it.

    I am going to try to be on here more now. Just not sure I have much to add (right Ted). I don’t really watch many reality tv shows. I’m justa BB diehard that clung on to this group.

    Glad to hear about J&J being on AR. I will be sure to watch that. Ted, BB11 started on July 5th and ended on Sep 15th I believe. BB12 should be the same time-frame. Jordan is that blonde that you thought was cute…. she won.

  64. I waited 10 minutes… so this wasn’t a fly-by…. or even a touch and go.

    See y’all later!!

  65. Justaguy (JT), this was my first blog in about 9 weeks, I know it wasn’t ‘Survivor’ related, but I thought it was interesting because I am more a Big Brother watcher and blogger. I have been reading all these Survivor blogs for the past 9 weeks and noticed your abscence. I missed you and Kevineleven!

  66. One last peek before bed…. Hi Sal, Bill, Bob, Eye Data, Faceless Knight. Don’t ask, I’ve confused myself too.

    Thanks FRANKS (i’ve missed doing that!). Missed you too.. and kev11. He bailed a long time ago.. guess you know that though. We are, after all, Scarecrow, Lion, and Tinman. Haven’t seen Dorothy in ages either! Where are you Stra? Star?

    I have to watch Survivor again tomorrow on demand. I missed most of it tonight. Maybe I’ll have some wonderful insights after that….. not bloody well likely though. (does that pass this off as gametalk?)

  67. The reason that I commented on the BB 9 winner, Adam Jasinski being sent to rehab was for obvious reasons. He was supposed to give that $500,000 to a charity for Autism. But instead he used it to buy “pills” and go up and down the East Coast and sell them until he tried to sell them to the wrong person.
    He used to live with his parents in N.J. (who live about 5 miles from me) prior to going on BB 9.

  68. Good stuff FRANKS. I had heard about Adam being arrested. I haven’t heard anything since. Keep us posted. You can comment about BB according to the rules I read.

  69. FRANKS.. you’ve been reading this, you know google is not my friend. We are getting acquainted though :lol: I will google it. Could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

  70. Hey JT…I’ve been rooting for the Vikes for you while you’ve been gone. I think a little sports talk is okay… after all it is Sal we’re dealing with.

    But SURVIVOR!!! Loved this episode! I knew John was going. Won’t crow about it, but another blindside! Loved the progression on his face when the votes were read… we had to play it back about 10 times. Russell will talk Shannon down and back to the fold. Oh yeah, they are just making it look like they are after Russell… and PGA is right, Nat would tip Russell off if they do.

  71. Nice to meet Franks… I read about Adam in the paper, but of course didn’t know anything about him or the circumstances. Just one of the BB Losers who won the game.

    Great news that Jordan will be on AR… She is very pretty… I thought Jordan was the Brunette with fake boobs. Will definitely watch BB next time.

    Natalie is the Woman!!! Very impressed. And Monica did pretty well too. We all picked her to go first. Jaison got his $500 worth… liked his comment about taking one for the team. He is a classy guy. The Chicken Boiling was pretty funny. And Dave Ball’s expressions were priceless as ever. But the biggest moment for us was when Mick immediately bid $500 for the food. We replayed that back a bunch of times while falling off the couch.

    FrannieP2… glad to see you finally got on.

    Going down to 29f here tonite!

  72. Well, this is what sucks about being on the West Coast… I get to talk about Survivor by myself… I know tendr is out there, being the night owl she is… don’t like the hate you are putting on TGO… but I think your ‘mossy rock’ comment is a classic! We know why he didn’t bid on the clue… and I think he didn’t want to bid on food and look weak… but, I think he made a mistake in not snapping up the immunity helper before Jaison. If he got immunity he would have been even stronger. Maybe he feels he can always find another next time. And then, maybe he just didn’t see any food he liked.

    Didn’t I say the first food item would be peanut butter??? Also, poor Shambo… didn’t you just know it would be something awful?

  73. took me forever to get in here. i couldn’t get in thru my mail so had to go thru every blog. now that i’m here i don’t have anything interesting to say. guess i’m tired. have been trying to learn to draw nouveau art and i’m frustrated.
    Wish Survivor was on 2x a week.
    watching tv and so my show will be on in a few min. my dog starts getting scared that i’m going to make him go to bed so he won’t come near me but sticks to me all day long.
    ok you all have a great night. I’ll peek in tomorrow afternoon.

  74. Well another episode over. Everything that I was thinking has already been said about the SS show. And since we can’t post about anything else, guess I’m outta here. WHY does it have to be this way??? I CAN’T DO THE GOOGLE TALK THING!! So I guess I’m just here for one night a week from now on. This is making me very very sad!!

  75. JT after you watch Survivor <—-see I said the word—-YOU COULD say hey to me ya know. :lol: NOT feeling any love here tonight!!!

  76. JT!! Franks!! And BBBlogger!!! WOW! I haven’t posted on here since probably Sept, since I never did seem to get hooked up with the email thing and haven’t even read it in a few weeks. What a night I picked to check in!!!

    Thanks Franks(I’ve missed that too….lol)for the Adam update. What a jerk!!! One of those BB’s that I wasn’t thrilled with the winner. And WHO beleived him, even back THEN, that he was going to give ANY of his dough to charity! As IF!! Nose picker…lol He got his just deserts. I think it’s BB karma! Nice to see you tho,Lion!! <3

    And Justa…what can i SAY?? Missed ya! Is the treehouse still alive and well? I understand the *life in the way thing* totally! And the COLD!! Got our 1st snow today! UGH! What ever DID happen to K11?? I saw awhile ago that you *tode* us something about knowing where he went. Is he ok? He wasn't a chatter at ALL ..or blogger…so maybe he just got tired of it. I know that after BB, I was a little bit. Needed a break, altho I am happy as HECK to see you, Scarecrow!!

    BBBlogger…I AM getting into Survivor more now!!! And I have to agree a LITTLE with what you said. On BBB, we went off topic alot but most of it was show talk. I kNOW you guys are a tight group here and I'm not judging, but it did feel weird butting in to all your personal talk…kind of like I was crashing a party. But we were prolly like that on BB too. Plus alot of y'all are EARLY peeps! WAY early! and As JT and Franks can tell ya, I am SO not! But I was SHOCKED to see John go tonight. As was HE! You SO do not want to piss off RUssel. Hasn't he pretty much orchestrated most of the evictions?? Ya can't help but give the guy his props, tho. For someone who doesn't NEED the money, he sure is playing one Helluva game! Not sure why anyone trusts him. Or WHY the !@#$$ Shambo is still there….except tht Russ seems to like her for some reason.

    Ok…someone just tell me to SHUT UP!!(that's your cue, JT!!)LOL

    Feels good to see familiar faces tho and HeY to aggie & Margie and Sal too!! I'll try to check in more often:)

    Take care all!

    Peace and light,
    Star,Stra, Dorothy

  77. Jt, great to see you back, i was unable to get on site last night i think it has something to do with google Chrome browser,Fran had same problem i did, Cynthia great to see you on ,also I agree with you about the google chat thing ,no one seems to want to do it we dont like new things i guess.

  78. Dm, Deleted it!! I told Pk about it through Email, Man your slipping not very creative at all, what happened to the mad genius of you. come on the learn chinese thing was actually pretty cool.

  79. tendr….I think many of us are having troible getting in
    here tonight. I thought we were blocked. :lol: Aggie
    was having trouble too.

    Cynthia….love the avatar.

    Ted….I’ll talk to you later my friend. Glad to hear you
    and your sister will get use from the recipes. And Ted….
    never count me out okay….I’m a SURVIVOR!!!!!

  80. They should have went with what shambo wanted ,again she was stunned by the change of plans, a total blindeside ,i really wish it were Dave, he might really be alot more trouble for them.

  81. Aggie… Shambo proves to us every episode that she is truly a jack of all trades and a master of none. And the nerve of Dave to question Survivor’s own master chef’s chicken recipe to die from. Shambo makes the perfect person to sit next to in the final two so nobody wants to vote her out despite her continual loose cannon appeal.

    If Shambo weren’t too many cards short of a full deck to mention, I’d say Russell was in trouble for denying her wish to vote out Dave, but Russell will no doubt convince her that John had a secret plot to vote her out and Russell came to the rescue at the last moment to save her even though he did not tell her for fear that She would let John know about his plot.

    Unless Brett intentionally threw the last immunity challenge, he is no JT and is just another bridge on the way to a million bucks Russell can burn at will.

    To appease Shambo, Russell will orchestrate Dave’s exit at the next Tribal council. Perfect opportunity for Mick, Jaison, Monica and Dave to unite against the snake and catch Russell with his HII in his pocket as the votes are counted.

  82. Aggie… Shamo’s bogus food value loss comparing roasting over flame to boiling into a fowl mush should have got her banned from any aspect of food preparation in the future.

  83. What I would like to know is why did John not scream out “Russell has the immunity idol” on his way out as a return favor for Russell turning on him.

  84. Hey Aggie, the better question is where is Dixielee I thought she would be all over the blog this morning talking survivor.
    Cant give away what you know for potentially new people..just saying

    Anyhoo, Shambo really got on my last nerves last night. I liked this woman but she is trully something else. As PK said she is Jack of all trades and master of none.

  85. Aggie… The way the pie purchase worked was that John could keep his one piece and eat it himself OR give 4 pieces to other tribe members but none for himself. He chose to eat HIS pie

  86. John should have shut his pie hole, that is why he got voted out because the puppet master didnt like how their conversation went. If you threaten TGO in any way you are bye bye.

  87. Aggie… John was starving too. I bought the pie. Why should he take one for the team and upstage Jaison.

  88. Yeah it was awesome last night… was a little worried Jaison was gonna let go during the challange… glad he pulled through… and the look on Johns face during the reading of the votes was great!

  89. So true aggie and sharing wouldn’t of upstaged Jaison… its not like he got a smaller piece if he shared… the other pieces were just as big. That was just an a**hole move

  90. Liz… John would not have been sharing, he would have been going without so others could eat four pieces of pie HE PAID FOR not them

  91. And you are so right about boiling the chicken for that long… shambo was an idiot for that one… its not like it was a stove where you can turn the burner down and simmer it! Lame!

  92. problem is she doesnt have the numbers to get revenge. Dave hates her as much as she hates him. Besides Russell will smooth talk her and get her back in his graces.

  93. And Mick felt OK about closing out ALL bids from starving tribemates with his $500 for the hamburger platter and suds? Right?

  94. I didn’t get to see last nights episode so thank goodness we
    all have this blog site where we can talk about Survivor. Now
    I will have a clue as to what happened. I will read what everyone
    has to say.

  95. So was Mick’s split second $500 food purchase moral? He wanted food. John wanted food. Both got exactly what they paid for.

  96. PK Mick did not have the option to feed others. It seems as if its a monetary issue with you so therefore debating with you is pointles… as usual.

  97. I dont think Foa Foa will turn on Russell yet, they will continue to vote out the Galutians then fight among themselves after.
    CBS just wants to keep it interesting by showing that Russell might be in trouble next week.

  98. Liz… I just have a problem with what appears to be selective morality. All bidders got what THEY bid on. All were hungry. All could have bid on and won the pie. John did. John’s pie not theirs regardless the option to go without for the team. Jaison’s immunity advantage purchase for the team or for Jaison? I think the latter.

    Money(get what you pay for) had nothing to to with anything, just a figure of speech.

  99. Its a really good show… You should watch it you’ve only missed one season and they will probably recap it before the next season starts! It’s about a mom with multiple personalities and its super funny… she has really funny alters and her family deals with all of them. Diablo Cody writes it I think.

  100. Winning immunities is selfish, finding HII’s and not sharing with a tribe mate in need is selfish, not being the hardest worker in the camp is selfish, one hungry person not giving up his food so another hungry person can eat is selfish. Everything anybody on survivor is selfish… They want to win a million bucks, not do charity work so another person can win.

  101. Aggie… That was my point from the start. Survivor is all about selfish. He who performs selfish best wins.

  102. It seems as if its a monetary issue with you so therefore debating with you is pointless… as usual.

    It wasn’t, of course, and issues maybe?

  103. Were it not for the lumps on Shambo’s chest, she could do a good Billy Ray Cyrus on a bad day imitation.

  104. Aggie… always important to determine who said what and when before drawing conclusions… I’m just saying..

  105. I don’t follow Billy Ray’s Career. Last Time I saw a pic of him he had a mullet (Daniel Boone Hat) without harming a raccoon.

  106. Wow, I came in late again! PK, I thought he could share and still have his piece of pie?? He wouldn’t get any if he shared? I missed that part, I might have to re-watch cause how could I miss that? I thought he was a douche for not sharing but I’ll have to rethink that if it meant he wouldn’t get any.

    Liz, I love that Untited States of Tara too! What a good job that actress is to play all those parts! When is it back on?

  107. Holly… I had to do a double take rewind and replay on the pie option before it became clear that If John shared he got none. He was hungry. Would any of the others done differently under the same circumstances? I think not.

  108. So, you’re sure that if he shared, he wouldn’t have been able to have any? I thought he could share with people (including himself) or eat the whole thing, in which case I thought he made a bad move. If you’re right, then I guess hunger would win out with any of them!

  109. Holly… I am sure. The plate with the single piece was his to eat, BUT if he selected the plate with four pieces, he had to give g=his single piece back to Jeff and give the four pieces to four tribemates he could chose BUT none for John and no sharing food.

  110. Majority opinion in here spearheaded by Liz is that what John did was immoral and selfish. He should go hungry so others can eat. Say what? This is Survivor, not Salvation Army Camp

  111. She sent that to me too Aggie. Does the WT stand for “want to.”
    Just curious… I’ll ask her lol

  112. And Monica calling John, Judas..what a hypocrite after what they did to Erik. Erik is so much fun to watch at TC..he is just loving Galu’s self destruction.

  113. I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN… AGGIE has seen the light on TGO!!!

    Hi everyone… sorry to be so late getting on, but we had a power outage for awhile… Island Life…

    Read some of the posts… Phil is right on with the pie comments. Nice to see some Survivor talk… I’m going to repost my comments from last night for those to lazy to go back. Wow you guys are harsh on Shambo… but I bet the Marines had a celebration when she mustered out!

  114. Thanks DonnaP….I miss you guys too. I just haven’t seen
    the episode from last night. Still around, just reading.

  115. Hey JT…I’ve been rooting for the Vikes for you while you’ve been gone. I think a little sports talk is okay… after all it is Sal we’re dealing with.

    But SURVIVOR!!! Loved this episode! I knew John was going. Won’t crow about it, but another blindside! Loved the progression on his face when the votes were read… we had to play it back about 10 times. Russell will talk Shannon down and back to the fold. Oh yeah, they are just making it look like they are after Russell… and PGA is right, Nat would tip Russell off if they do.

    Great news that Jordan will be on AR… She is very pretty… I thought Jordan was the Brunette with fake boobs. Will definitely watch BB next time.

    Natalie is the Woman!!! Very impressed. And Monica did pretty well too. We all picked her to go first. Jaison got his $500 worth… liked his comment about taking one for the team. He is a classy guy. The Chicken Boiling was pretty funny. And Dave Ball’s expressions were priceless as ever. But the biggest moment for us was when Mick immediately bid $500 for the food. We replayed that back a bunch of times while falling off the couch.

    Well, this is what sucks about being on the West Coast… I get to talk about Survivor by myself… I know tendr is out there, being the night owl she is… don’t like the hate you are putting on TGO… but I think your ‘mossy rock’ comment is a classic! We know why he didn’t bid on the clue… and I think he didn’t want to bid on food and look weak… but, I think he made a mistake in not snapping up the immunity helper before Jaison. If he got immunity he would have been even stronger. Maybe he feels he can always find another next time. And then, maybe he just didn’t see any food he liked.

    Didn’t I say the first food item would be peanut butter??? Also, poor Shambo… didn’t you just know it would be something awful?

  116. Pretty funny about the days of the week, Frannie. Never thought of that…

    I don’t think anyone held it against John to take the pie… And you are right, PK, Jaison bought the clue for his sake, but I do think he also was doing his part because of who was also bidding on it. Russell should have put out an early bid to throw them off.

  117. Ted… Glad somebody agrees with me about John not going without rather than fed the competition. Bad moral decision according to one blogger. Survivor and morality in the same sentence. What a novel concept.

  118. Well Phill, I guess there are two camps watching Survivor…Lie, Cheat and Steal… Oh Wait, it’s Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. Everything is fair… especially when it’s unfair. I think a good twist to the food challenge would be that they would have to share with one other person their food.

  119. Hi Cynthia!! :lol: How was that? Good to see your sense of humor remains as strong as you are. Forgive my brain lapse for not giving you a shout-out last night. ps, I thought you handled your business very well…. that was absolutely no surprise to me though. Good to see you again.

    I am sitting here watching Survivor from last night. I just watched the food auction and thought I’d throw my 3 cents in the mix.

    I think the smart thing for John to have done would have been to give a piece of pie to 4 others. However, he really got the short end of the stick on that one. He was the only one put in the awkward position of making that choice. Bad draw for him. He was probably going to be voted out anyway, so might as well enjoy a slice. He didn’t know that though. I do believe that Russ would have shared, simply because he seemed to not be interested in any of the items up for bid. He always remains focused on the game and already provides for himself.
    I doubt Mick would have given up his $500 cheeseburger, fries, and beer. I doubt Monica would have given up her $340 roasted chicken.

    Natalie… I like her as a lot of you do. Not sure she would have given up her pb&j.. maybe she would have? I am sure of this.. it was not very wise of her to open bidding at $200 for a pb&j sandwich. I get that they are hungry and I am not in their shoes, but why not start at the minimum of $20? You open with 10 times that? 40 percent of your total bankroll? You can always work your way up to $200.

    But at least Natalie walked away with 2 prises. Dave and Brett walked away with nothing. So did Russell, but we all know he is just fine with that. He never intended on bidding on anything.

    Ok, I’m going to continue watching now.

  120. Not to go off subject here, but, what is the deal with Jordan and Jeff on BB… did they hook up on the show and are they a couple now, it would seem so if they are on AR.

  121. Yeah, that was pretty funny… since when did she become a chef… And why did anyone believe Shambo would be a cook? I think they were all to lazy to do the job. And Dave… he doesn’t mince words. I don’t think he is doing it to piss Shambo off on purpose at the start.

  122. Remember that Jackass Keith from Australian Outback… he was a Real chef… and screwed up cooking the rice?

  123. Nobody intentionally pisses Shambo off, she just assumes that anything other than a salute and followed by a firm yessir is an insult.

  124. JT… you are so right about TGO… he just sat back and took it all in… He is very laid back, until it comes to putting his plans into effect. He will have no trouble from Shambo.

  125. You might be right about that, PK… I wonder what her tour of duty consisted of in the Marines. She must have been on kitchen duty I would guess. Did she every say that on the show… I missed it if she did… anyone know?

  126. Off Topic Alert!

    Ted, thanks for rooting for my Vikings in my absence. I do read EVERYTHING on here however. I know you weren’t rooting for them last Sunday. I’ll give you a pass though. I couldn’t expect an ex-Chicagoan to root against da Bears!

  127. Whatever Shambo did in the Marines, she should have been given two years of debriefing for every year served to bring her mind and body back to the real world, maybe.

  128. I think it’s okay to stray a little bit… It was hard, JT, because I really want to see Farve lead the Vikings all the way, just to stuff it in the Packers face!!! Did not think that with the Jets… it wouldn’t have been the same. Just for the Record… I hate the Vikings almost as much as the Packers!

    What did you think of Survivor… and did you ever see the interview with Monica that came after Dalton’s interview with Laura (who I miss so much)?

  129. Hey, do you think any of the contestants ever check out this blog and see the awful things(and good) we say about them? Did any of the BBs ever come on?

  130. Ted… Was it the Shambo image that drew a once normal Shannon to the fringe or was it a abnormal Shannon finding herself in the Shambo image?

    Reminds me of what we use to say about psychiatrists. Did psychiatry make the doctor crazy or did a crazy doctor naturally gravitate to psychiatry?

  131. Ted, talking to your self I see.. I think Russell threw the IC last night, he gave up too quick and he is a strong guy. I wonder what he was thinking.

  132. DonnaP… Russell is a short, fat guy. It hurts when he sits on you but he could never lift you over a hazzard.

  133. Hi Donna… I’m mixed about that… I don’t think he did… I think his arm did cramp and give out. Having immunity and the idol in his pocket would have been too huge. But then again, knowing it would be hard to beat Jaison’s advantage, it would be smart to give in and not appear a physical threat.

  134. DonnaP… Russell is thinner than when he arrived, but it just make him less fat not more muscular…

  135. Another great episode Ted. I have enjoyed the whole season, but just really started getting into it 4 weeks ago. TGO just keeps doing whatever he wants. I don’t think he can make it to the end. Each week that passes makes him that much bigger of a threat. The others know this and will be gunning for him.

    Ted, I think it’s funny that you hate the Vikes. We do agree on your reasoning. I too hate the Pack. I don’t know how far the Vikes can go, but seeing those Packer fans when Favre went to Green Bay and won was priceless. That made the whole season for me.

  136. More off topic stuff… but it relates to this blog.

    I have read numerous problems that people have had with signing on here, getting e-mail alerts of new posts, and using Gravatar. Also signing in with facebook.

    I gotta admit I am lost on all of that. I came on board near the start of BB11. I was using a late 90s webtv. I never signed up for e-mails or anything. I just saved the page as a favorite and always got access. Now that I do this on my computer too, I still have had no problems. I save the current post as a desktop favorite and am here in 2 clicks.

    Not sure why PK had to sign up for facebook for this blog. I know that’s what he said earlier.

    Also not sure about problems with gravatar. I started using it when I added my computer to this mix. I have about 40 images saved there and can change my avatar in 30 seconds.

    Don’t yell at me, I am not claiming wisdom over anyone. Quite the opposite in fact, that’s why I’m writing this. I know everybody here knows more about computers than me. I figure if I can do this problem-free, then anybody can. Maybe I’m just having a really good run of blind luck on here! (LOL)

  137. JT… I have no problem with the Glavitar program and I even have several images saved there, BUT Glavitar provides the image for WordPress, the program that this blog uses, and what WordPress says Glavitar has provided as the WordPress (Survivor) image does not show up on the blog and I have never figured out why, but since Facebook works, I haven’t spent much time solving the problem.

  138. That game made my day too JT!

    I think when you are signed on thru fb it overrides everything else. I could not get the Glavitar to work when I wasn’t on with fb… but I’m not all that computer savvy either. Maybe I will try to unfacebook and see if I can get it to work. Would rather not be on thru fb as that is the avatar that shows.

  139. I must ask SAL (who always seems to be lurking about) for some administrative help… how do I get off facebook as my ‘username’ which it says I cannot change? I would like to be set-up to be able to use Glavitar at will. Can you free me from the chains of facebook?

  140. TED…two thirty in OK. and am just now getting on. I don’t remember seeing your question nor know what Ab Fab is. sometimes i skim through some of the comments if they are short and i think i missed some too. Ask me again.
    I’m not putting hate on russ. As i said before i don’t hate anyone on that show. Hate’s such a big thing. I just don’t have any real good feelings about anyone actually this season like usually i have several fav’s but this time i had to slowly like Nat (as a personality) nothing personal…we don’t really know these ppl so as characters i just happen to like Nat best and the rest are either bland or i think nuts or mean. lol

    Yeah, i go to bed between four and five a.m. just as hubby is getting up and get up anywhere between ten to eleven but i work on stuff and let the dog sleep and he’s where the computer is. I can’t get much done becuz he’s equal to three human boy toddlers.
    i’m cold so i’m curled up in a fat chair at the pc with him as a lap warmer but he keeps biting my shirt and i’m trying to read comments here. So i’ll go back and kinda skim them.
    I just wondered also why russ didn’t bid on what Jaison got. maybe the idol he has makes him feel extra safe and so does he just keep the money? you’d think he’d eat something just to be stronger.
    Sham is someone i at first, felt sorry for. But i thought give it some time before you decide to like or not like her. I think she’s kinda in the nuts catagory but honestly i’d prob be nuts if i were there too. She can get mean. One reason i like Nat is i feel she’s holding in alot of her feelings. That takes alot of strength. To not say everything you want. If she did Russ would prob demand everyone vote her off. At first the strong women got voted off becuz Russ felt threatened. To me that said alot of “bad” stuff about him. so i’m not going to luv your guy even if he wins this thing. But i don’t hate him. ok?
    I don’t have enough feelings to put together hate for him. he annoys me and i don’t like him though sometimes he does say something that makes sense and he’s prob ok to be around as long as he’s the center of attention and no one disputes anything he says or disagrees with know what i mean? some ppl can have a disagreement in a gentle kind way and still be friends. i don’t think russ is one of those kind of ppl.
    go Nat.

  141. Ted, since nobody answered you about Jeff and Jordan, yes they met on the show and had a”showmance” that carried over when the show ended. She was a real cutie pie who was very careful about how she was presenting herself so her and Jeff were hardly ever even seen kissing. She’s a good girl who knew her grandpa was watching. Jeff was the typical Chicago guy, so of course we were rooting for them! That’s your update.

  142. PK, i’ve boiled chicken many times. Just until it’s so tender the meat starts coming off the bone. My mom did it that way many times to make soup. you can put the water in the fridge and the fat will harden then you skim it off but then end up with broth. It’s actually not much different than a crock pot. anytime i’ve used one of those it’s full of chicken fat and i pull the meat off the bone and season it..add noodles to the liquid but then pull them all out and not eat the fat. Trick is to season it.

  143. Ok just kinda skimmed though. I don’t see anything wrong with us mentioning real life or saying something NOT about survivor as long as survivor is the main topic (or other shows we’re watching) so i guess if the blog gods want me to shut up just hit delete.
    anyway, if i had been john i would have eaten MY piece of pie also. sure the romantic unselfish thing to do is to give everyone else pie (most whom had already eaten or chose NOT to bid) but he had eaten nothing and when i’m hungry i get mean. i don’t mean to i just can’t deal with starving. why give everyone else pie who could have bid or had already eaten something and then starve? AND if you want to say the game players should do the unselfish thing then why not just quit the game and let someone else have the money? I mean i still don’t understand the loyalty to anyone actually. it’s a game where only ONE person wins and to me each person is his own team. i’d be loyal to no one but myself if i had to try to win money for my family back home. these are ppl they’ll never see again most likely and i’d sure want to win for my kids and my parents and myself and not do anything to weaken myself. here russ isn’t being unselfish is he? he votes ppl off who stand up to him (women mostly) or like when he opens his mouth to john and russ makes the mistake he votes off john. his ego is bigger than his belly and he smiles and talks nice when it benefits him. you all who like him call that playing the game. if you want someone to be unselfish in this game then why doesn’t russ give the idol to someone else? this is not a game you can think of someone else before yourself and win and that might not sound nice in real everyday life but in reality we all do it everyday. Not to the same extent but we have to theyself first be true. Nat at first i yelled at her, for offering so much money for the pbj but then it was actually the smart thing to do. she got fed first and over with. John was actually the nice guy by letting her go ahead and have the shower. but he made a mistake by trusting russ and then got back doored (just about in every way) becuz of russ (the unselfish thing? and russ bitched about john not being unselfish? john was going to get voted off anyway) russ says one thing and does another.
    go nat.

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