Touch your gloves and come out of your corner ready to fight!

It’s round ten of this 15 round heavyweight bout and it’s every man against Russell. Is he up to the challenge or will there be a knoutout this week. It seems as if Russell has been earmarked for eviction, can he round up enough help to stay in the fight?

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The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie


  Debbie  |   As the Game Turns…

November 9, 2009

The tribal merge is always an exciting time on the show and along with the merge a new game is born. The initial reaction of those still standing is excitement, joy and, of course, the long waited gorging of food. However, once the “newness” wears off reality hits, the game continues and it is time for new alliances to be formed. That is what happened the other night. The episode left my head spinning due to everything that occurred in the merge. Russell summed it up best by stating, “All hell broke loose.”

The new AIGA tribe keeps referring to Galu’s control of the game because they have the numbers. Did anyone watch Tocantins? Timbira was up by two people and they took us all out one by one! Believe me it can happen.

I was more than thrilled to see the girls finally getting involved in strategizing. Laura is really strong, but needs to watch what she says and conceal her dislike for Shambo. Others watched and listened to her outburst with Shambo. Erik stated, “We all know Shambo is crazy. If you fight with crazy, you are crazy.” The tribe appeared to be in shock that Laura would engage in an argument with Shambo concerning the canteen. Heck, have you taken note of what you are eating and drinking? Who cares whose canteen you drink from? I do believe if Laura did not win the challenge, the initial plan would have been followed and she would have been eliminated. Be careful, Laura, you are strong and doing well. Do not let your frustrations get the best of you.

Russell loves the merge because he felt he once again was in control. I cringed when watching Monica feed him grapes. Russell actually called himself “The King”. Monica better be cautious. She might be the next Ann Boylen and have her head chopped if she trusts this King! As much as I love to “hate” Russell, I have to admit, the guy is growing on me. I still am furious that he lied about his involvement in Katrina, but Russell never lets up. He definitely knows how to play the game; he constantly has his brain wrapped around his next move.

I thought bartenders attend listening 101 classes. Erik lacks the listening skills so he must have failed or missed that class. Every bartender I know loves to listen and take care of their patrons. It seemed that AIGA had not made their final decisions regarding their vote until Erik started his verbal rampage. He cut down Foa Foa and even went after my beloved Jaison (Coach, I will admit you were right about his performance last week, however, I still think you are going see it my way in the end.)

I do not think it was a bad move for Russell to play the idol. He had already exposed the prized jewel to everyone and he made himself a target anyway. The previews were attention-grabbing. It looks like Russell will be squirming next week. It appears that he better win the immunity or it may be his last opportunity. Dave is emerging as one of my strong favorites. I loved his comment stating that his sport was “making love” and when Jeff asked if he had practiced and he stated, “Not enough.” Was he really raised by a preacher? He sure makes me laugh; therefore, I hope to see him continue. Time will tell!



Coach  |   My Advice To All

November 9, 2009

The Dragon Slayer would like to introduce the theory of the famous Prisoner of War Chinese Water Torture. The incessant drip of water, sporadically that starts as a small nuisance but becomes a mind bender and killer. Drip drip drip.

Thus the finest comparison I can give to relate to the incessant bickering around camp. Magnified by the conditions of rain, cold, hunger and depravation of sleep. Drip, drip, drip. It will drive you to insanity, paranoia and delirium.

And then the merge comes. Like a prisoner coming out of his/her cell for a temporary stay in the torture of arguing. But my little dragons, it’s only temporary. Believe me after the feast is digested, the complaining and bickering and backstabbing will return with a vengeance twice as forceful as before. Just you wait. Drip drip drip.

Dragon Slayer advice for the day. “Use the wise words of your predecessor to gain success in battle.” In order to assist you all I have compiled a list for many of you to use in the upcoming weeks…that is if you are listening.

Erik, I learned the hard way…pride comes before the fall. Be careful thinking the game is in hand. You are all on day 19! And never, and I say never take walks by yourself on game (Tribal) day.

Gollum (Russell H). Your little man’s syndrome is catching up to you. Showing one person the idol? Brilliant. Showing half a dozen people? Foolish. Dead men tell no tales. And playing the idol? INCONGRUOUS, PREPOSTEROUS, VAPID, VAUCOUS, INCENSATE. Go ahead and look those words up because I doubt you can figure them out.

Shambo. Tsk tsk. Such a good person you are at the core. Naïve but good. But as Nietzsche once said “The problem with studying monsters is that in doing so you may become one.” Don’t get in bed with the wrong guy! Napoleon is dynamite.

Danger Dave: Keep the wit coming. You remind me of my man Tyson with the quick sly wit and boyish smile. You are becoming one of my favorites! Keep it up.

Laura you sexy grandma you: That was a close one. Better keep winning immunity.

Jaison: A young dragon slayer in training once said (i.e. Erik) “Jaison is pretty much worthless” Yep that pretty much sums it up. You may have won the battle tonight but you have not won the war.

Mick: Could you please do something? Strategy? Challenge? Witty comments?

Brett: Keep it up. Your boyish charm and smile continues to win hearts and minds and keep you under he radar.

John Boy: I like the way you handled yourself pre tribal in strategizing with the girls. Smart. Remember a woman’s intuition. And winning first immunity for the guys. Are you willing to walk the way of the noble warrior and join my alliance? I hope so because I am losing numbers!

Erik the Viking, your new name. You spoke truth in tribal, every time. You did not care about the repercussions. You played with heart. Your head held high. You swam up stream when everyone else went with the flow. Your eloquence continued to flow as the stream even as your neck was on the chopping block. And even in defeat your head was held high and you gave it your all. Oh yeah, one more thing… use your idol. Wait! Too late.

You have made it to the sixth layer of Dragon Slayer heaven. Well done my son.


253 thoughts on “Touch your gloves and come out of your corner ready to fight!”

  1. eyeballs was looking for someone who is usually here, suprised me no one had posted yet

    Like Spielberg, he looks a little like me!! :grin:

  2. COACH he just cant help himself with the big words, He looks good in the picture though, he is definately a hottie its just too bad he can speak, thats what ruins it every time for me. I love the hair , the tattoos , the body.

  3. Coach Biography:
    The incessant drip of water, sporadically that starts as a small nuisance but becomes a mind bender and killer. Drip drip drip.

  4. Cockroach is at it again with all those big words. Cant help but reading what he has to say though.
    DWTS was awesome last night – My Dimitry and Mya kicked butts.

  5. DONNA, Dimitri and Mya are pretty awesome they deserve to be inthe finals .My faves, are Donnie and Kim, Joanna and derek ,and mya and Dimitri. They really all deserve to be in the finals .Kelly or Aaron are probably on their way out today.

  6. Aggie the only reason I watch the show is Dimitry – love him since season 2 of SYTYCD. He is awesome and soooo hott.

  7. DONNA, I agree about Dimitri he seems like a great guy ,but he does have some major competition from Derek Hough ,that guy is a very talented dancer choreographer.

  8. Why oh why do we have Coach inflicted on us again!!! That guy drove me nuts when he was on the show and now we still have to read his words and I can actually hear him saying it! All I have to say is what a drip, drip, drip.

  9. Ok, PK, just got caught up from yesterday and I, like your wife am more than jealous of your ability to maintain you weight while eating an entire chicken!!! My husband is the same as you and I’ve gained 20lbs since we married that refuse to leave me. When we first started dating, I was the hottie that was a size 2/4 and he was 20-30 lbs over weight…………how did this shift???? Well, I have upped the ante on cardio and am watching my caloric intake so maybe before I get any older I can revisit my youth. I would like to look sexy at least one more time!!!
    Back to the games……….I could not believe that Cheyne made that poor girl (Meg) push around those bales of hay!! Chivalry is truly dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a douche!

  10. Yeah Sal ,as Holly said why do we have to have coachs mouth inflicted on us, next time just put a picture no words, I like the picture thats it.

  11. Coach, you are an obnoxious schmuck! If anyone is vacuous, it’s you. :mad: You and Debbie should probably go back to 6th grade spelling class. Incensate, what is that? Do you mean incessant, like you? Good grief man, get an education. While you’re at it, look up the word schmuck too, it describes you perfectly!

  12. I am going to drift off course for a bit….
    If Mya doesn’t win the DWTS glass trophy, it will be because
    of the judges. That girl can move. They were a little easier on
    her this week. They called it right for a change.
    I feel that it will be Aarons last night. Kelly brought it this
    week but she doesn’t seem to be having any fun. It seems as
    though Louie is coaching her while dancing because that is the
    only time that girl smiles.

    Someone needs to tell Bruno that he can’t sing. OMG
    Did everyone see the bachelorette on the show last night?
    She did pretty good when she was on DWTS.

    Ok….back to SS. Coach really needs to retire from writing
    about SS. What a jerkoff!!! Sorry folks but I didn’t like him
    even when he was on Survivor. Cocky little shit.

  13. FRANNIE, Your right Mya is great, But i dont know, i think Joanna could easily take it from her, derek is a great dancer and choreographer. Possibly Donnie will be in final 3 also.

  14. Oh yes, now I remember why I like Tuesdays so much… Coach & Debbie! I really liked Debbie, but always wondered how smart she really was, and how she became a principal. She is terribly naive… yes, a bartender likes to take care of his patrons, mostly because his tip depends on his service. And sometimes that service includes listening. But… no bartender ‘loves’ to listen to his customers. In fact, that’s the last thing you want to be doing… listening to drunks. But the worst, sometimes are the ones who aren’t drunk. And yes, for two educated people to write with misspellings and left out letters on a blog which other people will read is inexcusable. This is not instant messaging… whatever happened to proofreading? Or pride in what you are producing?

    Now I Feel Better… Don’t like the looks of the promo… in the old days you knew that what they were hinting at wasn’t going to happen… but lately that’s exactly what has happened, with Race too. I think Russell will escape elimination this week… or maybe it’s just a hope. Wish he hadn’t pissed off Laura, as I think she is a force on Galu. At least Coach got one thing right… she is a sexy grandma.

    SAL… my error re: The Texans… I got mixed up and thought they won… sorry to bring up a painful memory.

    FRANNIE… don’t dis Coach, as it upsets AGGIE. And I do agree about Dimitri… he is a very good dancer and I see why he is a favorite. My favorite sytycd girl is Chelsey and it’s fun to see her on DWTS.

    I like PK’s ‘Coach Biography’, but I think it only takes 1 drip with that guy. But he is so much ‘fun to hate’!

  15. I didn’t think Joanna did very good last night. They have been
    in the bottom three before. I guess We will just have to wait
    until tonight to find out.
    Donny has so much fun….I hope he stays around untill the
    end…at least the final 3.

  16. Agree that Coach is no George Clooney – more like Mickey Rooney. I cant even remember who the sidekick Debbie is.

  17. Okay, what did I miss? I see Aggie just wanting Coach’s picture not that she really really likes him. I’m not even so sure about a picture. I don’t even think he’s attractive – maybe with a spear. :mrgreen:

  18. Ted…..I know you were just joking but in answer to the
    question yesterday….Yes my son is quite old enough. He
    frames new homes for a living but with the housing market
    the way it is today, he has been laid off for a year now. He
    does things to keep him busy to keep his condo and truck
    payments current. Times are bad all over. My grandson is 16
    and I guess he could be old enough but Lord only knows what
    his projects would look like.

  19. What aggie and eveyone else is saying is that whenever
    Coach opens his mouth, all that comes out is him coming
    off stupid.

  20. Sunny and 70s in Dana Point, CA. Actually it’s boring weather and I know we’re lucky so don’t beat me up on that one. :D I miss the seasons even though I was young when we left PA. I remember loving all the different seasons even when all the leaves were off the trees, I found something wonderful in it. I’ll never get my husband out of CA. He was an army brat and lived everywhere and says this is the best place to be.

    He threatens to take me to Seattle so I can spend a week vacationing in the rain. ;)

  21. Unfortunately, I wanted the Broncos to win. I didn’t do very good
    with the football picks this week. I sucked big time.

  22. I went back up and read Coach’s capital letter tirade. When he said, “Go ahead and look those words up because I doubt you can figure them out”, I thought he was referring to us but now I realize he was referring to Russell. Sooooo, I apologize for calling him a schmuck but not about my comments about his horrible spelling.

    Fp2, congrats on the Grandson. My son and his wife are also having a terrible time in this economy. It’s really hard on them and I wish I had millions to help them but alas, I don’t. :(

  23. /Users/Ted/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2009/Aug 28, 2009_2/8928_148943902581_778257581_2725028_3944132_n.jpg

    For Snake…

  24. Happy, Happy Day Sal!!!!! :) What would we do without you? I agree with Ted, Fearless Leader – absolutely!! :cool:

  25. TO: Sal…

    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday Fearless Leader,
    Happy Birthday to You.

    Now just imagine Marilyn Monroe singing that to you. :wink:

  26. Why isn’t Erik’s face x’d out? COACH why couldn’t you just say foolish and emtpy or dull instead of using words which actually have no meaning to most and only make you look like you’re showing off? You aren’t lacking somewhere are you?
    By the way… may want to check the spelling of your “big words” It always cracks me up when someone uses words you have to look up and there’s no such word until you change the spelling. I call you “repetitive.”

  27. I’ll take your singing any day FRANNIEP2… and I need to see your 16 yr old neighbor Eric to help me with my computer!

  28. The pic was in my iphoto files. Tried to copy and paste but it doesn’t work here. I don’t know how to make it a http or whatever it is.

  29. Ted….Eric was a joke I got in an e-mail. There is no Eric
    that lives next door. Sorry….I didn’t mean to confuse you.
    As far as http and iphoto files….it’s all Greek to me. I am
    computer illiterate and I can’t spell.

  30. Hey Sal… Happy Birthday from Vinnie, Carmine, Tony, Guido and the rest of the Pittsburgh Family and me too…

  31. The Eric joke has been circulating on the Internet for quite awhile now. I’ve had friends email it to me several times now. However, I did fall for it the first time but she confessed at the end. Sorry Ted. :(

  32. Yeah, the ending of that story I had heard about spelling idiot… but FP told it so convincingly that I was fooled big time… I do wish I had an Eric next door though. I’m too lazy to read all the Mac books I’ve bought.

  33. fp2… Ted is joking ’cause I’m sure he doesn’t want to see what “Cougar” claws can do at close range.

  34. Ted, I dont care if someone makes fun of coach, i make fun of him too, But i still think he is a good looking guy he photographs well.

  35. Sal… Ida brought some rain and moderate wind to West Mobile, but several “unnamed” thunderstorms this past summer had stronger winds and a lot more rain.

    Some coastal areas were affected, however, particularly the west end of Dauphin Island near the mouth of the Mobile Bay where the white sand from the beachfront is everywhere but on the beachfront now due to high surf.

  36. aggie… Ted was a TV personality in Sacramento and, thus, had plenty of in front of camera time so he probably got quite good at it.

  37. DONNA, Coach like Mickey Rooney have you seen him lately you could play connect the dots on the age spots. SOrry i have to disagree Coach is an annoying guy But a good looking one And i see him aging very well also.

  38. Oh AGGIE… you do me an injustice! Mug… I don’t think so. I love to take photos and think everyone should be showing their face. I like to change mine a lot… wouldn’t like you girls to get bored with me. Actually, now that I look at the latest one… it is kind of ‘muggy’!

    And speaking of Coach, I do agree, he is a good looking guy. I’ve seen a photo of him in ‘real life’ and I will try to figure out how to post it for you to see. But wouldn’t you rather see a new one of Russell?

  39. What the hell? I missed a birthday party? Is there any cake left? I didn’t even bring a gift! Happy B-Day Sal, …I had no idea til I got to Cyn’s post. :cool:

  40. NO TED, I think you have a man crush on Russell, the guy is good for the show I admit that ,it will never be boring as long as he is on there.

  41. I dont get why people like Michael Buble that much , HE sang a NINa SImone song which was a bad choice for him, nobody could have sung that better than her.Susan Boyle was great as usual, it was nice seeing her again. Kenny Mane and Jerry Rice were pretty funny criticizing everyone, I t wasnt a surprise that AAron Carter got booted, I knew it would be between him and Kelly I thought he was better than Kelly, but she has the bigger fan base.

  42. aggie, That’s was no ordinary nephew…. that’s my GREAT nephew! :lol: My “ordinary” nephew will be 25 in Feb. No grandkids for me for a few more years (hopefully), so I spoil my sister’s grandson. :cool: You still see him?

  43. JT… Sister’s grandson is slender man on mens’ room door with “No Photo” included on my screen.

  44. aggie, Did you watch “V” before DWTS? I think I’ll watch a couple more weeks til I decide if I like it.

  45. The baby that was “crying”, was actually laughing. It’s from a Kraft commercial and is the cutest commercial ever (IMO). Tyler was the sideways picture.

  46. I watched the first week of V and decided I didn’t like it. I watched the first year of “lost” and never watched it again. It’s just the same thing every week – trying to get the bad guy. For the show to last, they never do, it just goes on and on and on, boring. IMHO. I’m not sure the show will last but we’ll see. I’m still watching Flash Forward but will decide that in a few more weeks.

    Snake, I always celebrate my birthday “month”. You should celebrate every day. Happy Birthday again!

  47. I agree with starfish. First seasons are pretty good (Lost, Prison Break, Sara Conner, Heroes), then they just have to keep the show going until they are cancelled. Writing a show “on the fly” doesn’t usually work very well. I liked the V mini-series in the 80s because it had an ending. The 80s series was primetime soap stuff. I watched the first episode of Flash Forward…. it was ok… haven’t watched any more of it though.

  48. Anybody going to see 2012 when it comes out? I don’t expect it to be a great movie, but I’ll probably check it out for the spfx… they look pretty good.

  49. Didn’t think that logo looked familiar. Never heard of the N.O. Buccaneers. Basketball? I guess most people haven’t heard of the St Paul Saints either (baseball). Maybe I’ll find an avatar for them… maybe you’ll think I’m rooting for your team! :lol:

  50. Haha. You’re not the only one who never heard of them. I knew nothing of them til the Hornets wore the throwback jerseys last season. Turns out they were an ABA team. They played 3 seasons here. Don’t think I was even 1 yr old when they played their last game here. They were long gone before I even knew what basketball was. :lol:

  51. Be honest AC, Did you know the St Paul Saints wore blue…. or did you use that smartass friend of yours again (Google)? G’nite!! Passed my bedtime! …How do the Hornets have throwbacks?… they’re no older than the T-wolves. Just to honor an old ABA team I guess.

  52. Nope didn’t know that. My friend helped me out. I have heard of them before though. Was just checking if they used a fleur-de-lis. 8)

    Would be funny if the Hornets donned the New Orleans Jazz throwback jerseys.

  53. I don’t know what started it, but aggie beat Sal and JT today. Severe punishment for late night partying, I suppose. Her discipline stick of choice was not disclosed, however.

  54. Dang Ted…..I said I was sorry about the Eric joke. I
    thought it looked like something that had been copied
    and pasted. Come on man….can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Now you don’t think you can believe anything
    I say. Now you hurt my feelings. :cry: :sad:

  55. DWTS turned out pretty much as expected. I really
    thought Kelly would go before Aaron but I did say it
    was going to be one of them.
    Ted….if your still talking….Our Chelsea girl got to dance
    last night. She looked good.

  56. FRannie, I knew it would be AARon ,I think Kelly had the bigger fan base ,I dont know why ,i dont think the fans were behind Aaron as much. It was nice to see Sabrina Brian dancing with Mark again ,she is agreat dancer. It was great seeing Susan Boyle sing again, what a great singer she is. Michael Buble I dont get why people like him so much, i was not impressed.

  57. update… Aggie had an accomplice in beating Sal but no slaps delivered because it was Sal’s birthday…

  58. Come on Ted….if there was an Eric, don’t you think I
    would have pushed out the door and swore he fell.
    I wouldn’t have just let a 13 yr old kid call me an
    That all the explaining I’m going to do. Time heals all
    hurts and boo-boos. :wink:

  59. The best thing about Michael on there was getting to
    see Chelsea dance again. I don’t care too much for him
    either. I am getting tired of hearing Susan Boyle sing
    that song, over and over again.

  60. fp2… aggie gave me an opportunity to play with a different meaning of “beat.” Not what she meant, but probably still OK with her anyway, :lol:

  61. fp2… aggie is currently flying down the interstate on her way to the NW St. Louis suburbs to bitch slap the person who blabbed about her age. :grin:

  62. I’m 56 and I don’t care either. You’re only as old
    as you feel, and I feel like dancing, I mean 40.

  63. aggie….I have co-workers that are in their 20’s and
    one that’s in college that wants to hang out. The last time
    I went to the horse races, he called in sick so that he
    and his girlfriend could go. We have been to the races
    twice now. He is a super smart kid and will go far in life.

  64. The last big wet ones I gave were on Halloween as a naughty kid. When certain neighbor girls came to the front door, I would drop water balloons on them from the window above to get their attention. It worked every time. Bad Phillip.

  65. I don’t think they will arrive at the same time.
    I had gotten an e-mail once that showed a dog
    licking the screen. Too bad I didn’t keep that. I
    could have sent Sal that but then SOMEBODY would
    have thought it was maybe me or it was real. (ted)

  66. I guess the birthday boy partyed too much last night…Usually there is a new blog by the time I get here.

  67. Puppy licking screen should wake up Sal no matter how hard he partied last night… But what happens if Sal’s dog starts licking back?

  68. ooohhh…I almost forgot…princess, if you read this,
    the baby switch is going to be revealed Thursday.
    Damn….I just remember, DOOL was on at 3:30 this
    morning but like a dumbass that I can be, I forgot
    to tape it.

  69. fp2… Just guessing… I did read about it though in a medical journal while staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

  70. aggie… Remember to sing a full chorus of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” at the sink washing your hands after flushing…

  71. fp2… I transferred Mr. Hand’s duties to Miss, Mrs. and Ms hands many years ago. I don’t penalize for too many strokes either.

  72. On that subject, I used to love to mess with the “Red Phones” at airports. My favorite page names were “Jack Meoff” “Dick Gozenya” and “Buster Hyman.”

  73. My grandson has big hands and wears a size 15 shoe.
    I wonder what that means? Or perhaps the two just
    wash each other out.

  74. Ok guys….I realy have to go now. I’m off work today
    and I really need to get some stuff done. It’s been fun
    but as they say….all good things must come to an end.
    Have fun guys and gals. And Sal………………………….
    WAKE YOUR ASS UP!!!! :lol:

  75. My grandson has big hands and wears a size 15 shoe.
    I wonder what that means?

    It probably means he still can’t jump.

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