Trouble right here in River City.

Russells was down and out like a punch drunk boxer! He was definately in big trouble when he went down.  Here is what he had to say in an interview on Friday.

Russell Swan: “my memory is completely different than what I saw on TV”

 by Andy Dehnart of Reality Blurred  October 23, 2009
 An interview in the Los Angeles Times
 — Amy Kaufman
The severity of Russell’s condition was really scary, what we saw on TV in know way comes close to how bad he was. These reality games came very close to being very real reality. I know they are to survive but I didn’t see them getting the rice and other things past shows have had. IMHO they need
to give them a little more sustanince because of all the physical competitions they make them do. I don’t want them to go easy on the cast-a-ways but make sure they maintain a minimum of health. These guys still had 24 more days and it looked they were ready to drop dead at 15.
I went thru summer practice for football my senior year and I know how you can drag after 3 days a week of ball-busting exercise. If food isn’t available for them to find, some basic things good be given to them. The challenge winners could get more the the losers. Protein and vitamin rich vegtables 2 or 3 times a week if nothing can be caught or harvested. Call me a weinie but this game is getting to the point of being dangerous. Let me know what y’all feel about it. With me or agaainst me? 

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  1. They really need to give the teams some type of food, the bad conditions they have ,its just to hard to have the strength to move forward., without food. they used to give them something in past seasons, after all that happened with Russell s, He doesnt give them the pizza after all that, pretty ridiculous.

  2. Lousy weather ,and tons of leaves every day, on the ground.Cynthia, I wish i was in florida right about now, you really dont know how lucky you are.

  3. me thinks we have a bunch of spoiled city slickers , they go into it thinking ITS ONLY 39 days, so most do not appear to be putting much effort into making a decent shelter or hunt food. Sure give them SOMETHING, but ding it , get off your butttttts in between the downpours and work on your shelter. Due to editing, whose to say what is really going on. I was ticked at the Russells and some of the worker bees, but they are to be commmended for not letting the weather get them down!! Bunch of whinye babies.

  4. Season 2’s Elizabeth Hasslebeck suffered for months after she came home from the bug bites and intestional parasites. She said it was during that time she realized something pertaining to her later diagnosed celiac disease…she felt better while on Survivor. They told her it was ill advised to compete in the 1st ALLSTARS, she was asked but turned it down. She wanted to have children, and while on Survivor she lost so muc weight for a thin person that it was damaging her chances of concieving. So it looks as if Survivor has been always been risky in all sorts of ways.


  6. Shelly….I think if people wanting to be on Survivor knew
    about what Elizabeth went through and continues to go
    through, they might think twice. Smart of her to turn down
    Allstars. I guess I never gave it alot of thought as to the
    after effects of this game. They should give them plenty of
    rice and provide them with bottled water, at least until they
    have the means to make fire so they can boil it. I know
    this is called Survivor, but don’t risk the life of another
    human being just to provide the audience with a reality
    show. Is it worth losing a life over? :sad:

    Oh yea….9:47 in St Peters, Mo. with a temp. of 43 degrees.
    We do have sun today. WhoHoo!!

  7. Thanks for the well wishes for my grandson Ted,
    aggie, and Cynthia. He is 16 years old and has alot
    of sports life left in him. This may ruin any chance
    for a scholarship in basketball. Oh well, his health
    is the important thing.

  8. Good morning America, how are ya? I agree, they need basic foods. Ted’s position of (in a soup nazi voice), “No pizza for you!” is valid I guess. He’s right, they didn’t complete the challenge. But was it their fault that they never got the chance to complete it? No. I say again, Pizza for all! Not that pizza addresses basic food needs, it’s just an example of production having two choices. They chose to be hard core about it. I don’t like the sitting around and whining & shivering either. They should have gotten off their a$$es and done something, anything, to improve their situation. But let’s all remember something important…. this is just a game show!! Let’s not treat it as if these people are training for a grueling mission. In that case, they could learn some life saving things out there. At the end of their 39 days, these people will be going back to being lawyers, students, civilians, etc. Some will go back and sit in their office in hopes of achieving a title like, “Chief Executive In Charge Of Looking Out Of The Window”. It is supposed to be a tough game, I don’t want that to change. Maybe they need to screen people better. No whiners. No physically unfit. No slackers. Gotta give Russell H credit. But, when all is said and done, it’s still justa GAME… not boot camp.

  9. They shouldn’t get people that barely have any meat on
    their bones to start with. I know it’s eye candy for most,
    but after a few days….they start looking anorexic. Then it
    doesn’t look so good. Those that are heavier, have trouble
    keeping up with the more fit ones. So….where do they draw
    the line? True JT….they do go back to their eveyday jobs,
    but they should be able to do it in a healthy way. If they
    get some lasting health issues from being on Survivor, there
    is not a darn thing anyone can do about it. I’m sure they have to sign a release form.

  10. Not to argue with you JT….but in boot camp, they still
    get to eat. Sure they put them through alot in boot camp
    but the conditions don’t even compare.

  11. As for the pizza issue….I’m sure they already had the
    pizza there….why not let them eat. They may have only
    been able to get a piece each, but that’s better than
    nothing. Just because one team looked to be winning
    it doesn’t mean they would have. Let them all party
    together. Bring out the wine and beer too. :lol:

  12. My point exactly fp2. At the end of the day, or in this case, 39 days, they go back to civilization. No need to put their health (much less their lives) in jeopardy. It’s just a game. They can still have a good show. As stated earlier, maybe more chances to earn food would help. At least provide for them some basic needs.

  13. I seem to be alone again so I geuss I’ll go do
    something domestic. Then off to the grocery
    store. How BORING!!!
    Later all :)

  14. All I meant by using boot camp was this, boot camp is training for what you may go through in the future…. in a controlled environment. This is a game show that is training for nothing. I am well aware that they don’t compare.

  15. Almost forgot… 39 degrees and partly cloudy… headed for 50 degrees today. Time to play bumper carts (groceries). I really hate when I go this late. Too much cart traffic. I should have gone 3 or 4 hours ago like I usually do. BBL…

  16. What happened to Russell S. is unfortunate for him and for the game. While it is true that I consider some of the survivor challenges to be ill conceived and capable of causing serious injury even to the most fit in the game, “catering” the event beyond rewards for performance would diminish the whole survivor concept upon which the entire show has been based since the beginning.

    I wonder if the natives stop looking for food and stop improving their living conditions just because it’s raining outside. Were that the case, remote island nations would have died out long ago.

  17. Ted… Dee “Devon” never mentioned the name of his firm, but I believe he and his first wife were the business. I also remember that a flood in Sacramento many years ago destroyed many of his clients records.

  18. fp2… I hope all is well now with your grandson, Ted. Often playing sports exposes health issues that may have gone unnoticed until later in life when the conditions may have become more critical.

    Good health is more important than anything else in life. My grandfather Knudsen buried all of his seven children but my father who lived to be 74. Most died in their teens and early twenty’s from aneurysms and one died in an auto accident. My grandmother lived long enough to have the seven children and then died from complications of Marfans Syndome that she passed on to all of her children, my father included. Only females can pass on the disease to their children, so although it ultimately led to my father’s death, he did could not pass it on to me.

  19. I agree with PHILLIP. I am surprised that someone hasn’t been seriously injured in a challenge. I think two have had to leave due to an injury on a challenge that became infected. And, as far as food goes… that’s Survivor, and has been from the start. Even though they haven’t shown it this season, I’m sure they have been given rice. It looked like someone on Galu, I think John, was eating rice on a leaf in the second show. By not giving them the pizza keeps the Survivors on edge and does follow the Survivor rules… and yes, I know they can make exceptions. On some shows they have been given tools and building supplies… this one, nothing. I still cannot believe that both those teams could not have built a better shelter. Laziness and stupidity is the root of the problem there. I think Russell H. would have built a better shelter if he wasn’t following his ‘misery for them is better for me’ creed.

    Nice interview with Russell by Amy… Thanks SNAKE. I find his take on being elected Chief,and how it affected his playing the game, very interesting. Certainly a different approach than Mick. I would like to hear Mick’s thoughts on this. He seems to have not taken his chief-ness too seriously and is more democratic. I think he is laying as low as he can.

    On another matter… I think that CBS is showing and giving away too much on the previews. Some interesting comments on the Reality Blurred link up above. I agree… while it’s fun to be teased, it’s another matter to give away what’s going to happen. I naively thought ‘oh, Russell won’t leave the game because they showed so much’. Same thing on Amazing Race with Zev’s passport. Now I will look at those previews with a different eye.

    See you guys later… 48f and Sunny in Friday Harbor

  20. Snake, great interview, TY for that. I agree with you 100% about some food for them. Do they take any kind of vitamin/mineral supplement? That would be a good idea too.

    Frannie, I hope your grandson is doing great. I can absolutely empathasize with you. It’s so stressful when one of your own has something like this happen especially when they’re in the hospital. Both my kids were athletes and my son, basketball player & now 39, had orthoscopic surgery on his knee recently because he was in so much pain for years. He has permenant damage that may cause him some major problems. He’s a basketball referee now and you know how much they run around.

    Phil, I don’t know if you read my post at the end of the day yesterday but I want to reiterate that you should consider keeping copies of all your posts regarding your phenomenal memory. I’m jealous about that one. But, just being a mom, keep those memories on some vehicle because you will one day love reading them, especially your writing ability which makes your memory fun & interesting to read. You are very lucky in so many ways.

    JT, yep boot camp is different and the Survivors are training for nothing. But I do agree that they should somehow be better vetted for this show. Then again, look at Russell, what a specimen he was but he pushed himself so far that his body said “okay buddy you’re done.” As Jeff Probst said his body shut down.

    Also, going to the market – grandchildren coming today for an overnight. Will be busy. It’s 70 degress amd warm in Dana Point, CA. Great day for watching Grandchildren.

  21. JT, the market cart traffic was worse than usual today. It’s the people who stand around while their products are being checked and then wait to pull out and write a check. Makes me crazy. :twisted:

  22. I agree starfish….people wait until the all groceries have
    been scanned and then pull out the checkbook. Do they
    think they will be free? I rarely write checks….debit cards
    are MUCH quicker, but when I did, I would have everything
    filled out except the amount. That saved some time. :grin:

    PK…per your blog at 10:34, my grandsons name is Josh, not Ted. When I wrote my blog at 8:50, I forgot to put a comma
    after grandson, so it did seem like his name was Ted. I was
    thanking Ted for his well wishes.

    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I appreciate it
    so much.

    It is now 61 degrees in St. Peters, Mo. at 3:33.

  23. You put items in a grocery cart every place I’ve ever been until Mobile, Alabama. Here it’s a buggy. I wonder if moms roll their babies around in a baby cart, lol?

  24. fp2, I hope Josh does well also. My Nephew/Godson (Jason) had something similar. He was a pretty good QB in High School. I don’t know if he had big time potential, but may have gone on to division 2.. or at least 3. He’s not that upset about it. The only thing he’s still a bit pi$$ed about is that he didn’t get the opportunity to throw the ball to his High School team-mate… Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals). He mostly laughs about it now though. I guess it’s one of those things that he would have enjoyed telling his kids about (He only has one so far… Tyler.. 16 months old). Now the only footballs he cares about throwing is to his son(s), in the years to come.

  25. I agree!! No more checkbooks. They are obsolete! That’s one reason that I usually go at 6 or 7AM. I’m in and out of there in no time. Checkbooks, price checks, huge coupon books, and just people blocking the aisles in general.. that’s what got me going so early. At least I don’t have to go inside of gas stations. That was painful to have to stand in line behind people buying and checking scratch-off tickets…. just so I could plop down my $20 for pump #7. Technology is a good thing.

  26. I feel bad for RUssell s He applied 8 times to be on the show, and I doubt they will ever let him be on another allstar show ,it seems like once someone gets injured in some way, they dont get to be on anymore .RememberMICHAEL SKUPIN ,he got burned once by the fire he was never on again and he was a good player.

  27. Sal… Must be buggies in Houston, too, lol. My wife is always fixin to do something, but today is “Sayerday” so tomorrow or the day after that will have to do.

  28. I put my groceries in my tummy :lol: …. but to get them home, I put them in a bag (paper… not plastic). For my Dad, it’s still “fixin” to rain. For me, it’s going to rain (or gonna rain.. if I’m feelin’ lazy). For many of my fellow Minnesotans its, “She’s lookin’ pretty dark out dere, I tink a Nordeaster’s blowin’ in, close da damn shutters Ma…. you betcha!” Pop is fine. Soda is fine. Soda-pop is fine. I just call it what it is…. “I’ll have a Sprite”… or whatever brand I’m thirsty for at the time.

  29. Not to pi$$ off Ted, but have any of you gotten into the thumb print thing at the grocery store yet? It’s been around for years, but I haven’t bothered with it. I think debit cards are efficient enough. I guess it would be kind of neat if all I had to do was to remember to bring my thumb to the store (even I can handle that!). I just haven’t tried it yet.

  30. My groceries go in a cart. Diet Coke is my SODA of
    choice. I bought James Pattersons book ‘Bikini’ so I
    am getting ready to read it. We don’t do the thumbprint
    thing here to make purchases. Some banks will ask for
    your thumbprint to cash a check if the check is drawn
    off their bank but you do not have an account with them.
    Some banks even charge a fee to cash a check.

  31. Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About…..

    As a family, we go out for dinner as a family every Saturday.
    Here in St. Peters, Mo., some of the restaurants we go to
    are…..Pasta House (Italian), Chevy’s (Mexican), Red Lobster
    (seafood), Longhorn (steak). We have Hooters, O’Charlie’s,
    Ruby Tuesday, Red Robin. Just curious…..are any of these
    in your states?
    Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  32. fp2, Nice Bonnie Raitt reference (nobody must have liked my Arlo Guthrie from earlier). We have Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday’s, and Hooters. It’s Olive Garden or Green Mill for Italian and Outback for steak. Applebee’s covers a lot and is a personal fav. I guess Mexican would be Chi Chi’s (and yes, I know what the translation is). Chile’s for Tex-Mex. Those are all chain resturants and aren’t as good as a small specialty place… as I am sure is the case in most places.

  33. I’m a Coke Zero guy. I just switched from regular to zero a couple months ago. What’s the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke?

  34. We also have Olive Garden, Outback, Applebee’s, TGIFridays
    I agree….there nothing better than a small specialty place
    for some of the best foods.
    I must have mised your Arlo Guthrie. :sad:

  35. I think I’m a bit paler than you. Remember, I did give my avatar a fresh coat of white paint!

  36. Time to go watch the two episodes of Flashforward that I taped. Nothing on the boobtube tonight so now is as good
    of time as any.

  37. I know it is 0 calories. Maybe it’s a taste preference thing. I tried Diet Coke for many years.. didn’t like it. I was sold on Coke Zero after the second can… and yet you are just the opposite.

  38. Now I gotta watch some of Longhorns vs Tigers. This is supposed to be a night of no tv… damn schedule. Go Horns!!.. 14-0 in the 1st, that’s a good start.

  39. FRANNIE, I will drink anything diet simply because other sodas are just toosweet ,the only diet soda i dont like is 7up.I love snapple Ice tea regular or diet, also ARIzona ice tea, it comes in a really nice bottle and tastes great ,regular or diet. We have alot of red lobsters around here ,good place to eat, everything is good.

  40. Bag… Soda… never ‘Fixin’ on anything. JT, why would the thumbprint thing piss me off? Actually, I’ve heard about them but have never seen one. No franchise restaurants on this Island. When I visit my Mom in Sacto. our favorite is Mimi’s. I dated a girl who worked for a Red Lobster in Chicago once.

  41. Oh, I forgot… Cart. But for babies, I think they are called Strollers these days. And JT… you are right about the soda… I always say Pepsi, Coke or whatever it is I want. But, people in Chicago would ask for a pop which meant a Coke. Is that right AGGIE? And contrary to what you see in the movies… NO ONE ever came into the bar and asked for a beer or a whiskey. They always called out a brand. No one ever left it up to me to pick which beer they would drink.

  42. All this talk about Red Lobster restaurants reminds me of a book called ‘Last Night at the Lobster’ by Stuart O’Nan. I don’t know if anyone here ever reads or just watches Reality TV, but it is a bittersweet and humorous account of the closing of a restaurant and the impact on the employee’s lives. An interesting cast of characters.

    Oh, I forgot, FRANNIE reads… I like Paterson too. And, I did Flashforward last night, It’s getting good!

  43. Sorry Ted, I know you were a bit prickly the other night when we were so off topic.(but you knew that’s what I meant) I just say no to drugs… as far as being drunk.. not on a work night… usually :lol: Tonight may be a different story though, so be careful! You seem to be open minded and take things pretty well. That’s good. Good point about “I’ll have a beer”. It doesn’t happen! I guess that’s part of why I just ask for what I want by name. Funny, I remember the second time we moved to Texas… I would ask for a Coke.. and they would ask what kind? WTF? Didn’t I just say Coke? Maybe it has changed, but back in the mid 70s, Coke meant pop. Pretty much the opposite of your experience in Chicago.

  44. About the thumb print thing. I just figured that if we had them in “fly over land”, that everybody else must too. I’ve seen them for a few years, but only at grocery stores. They look like they work pretty good. Press your thumb and that’s it! You’ve paid! Of course you have to go through the initial set up and tying it to your bank account, I just don’t really see the need. Swiping my card is pretty much as fast.

  45. JT, theirs many different cokes thats why they ask what kind, they probably should have said diet or regular, I think Ted thinks we are abunch of drunks on here ,im not drunk to often, probably a holiday even then i would say more like tipsy ,I love those margaritas

  46. I read.. these blogs count as reading.. don’t they? :lol: I do actually enjoy reading when I can find the time..(or make the time is more accurate). Texas 35-7.. back to the game.

  47. JT, They do have the thumbprint thing at the grocery store here, I have never used it, I think it is only on the self service machines, which i use allthe time ,you usually dont have to wait in line then which is always great.

  48. Dangit!! They took the Texas game off and put on USC. I guess that’s what I get for moving away!

  49. Chili’s, Red Lobster, TGIFridays, Chuy’s, Red Robin, Applebee’s, Benigans, Hooters, Joes Crab Shack, Olive Garden, Pappadeaux, P.F.Changs, Buffalo Wild Wings,
    Coke Zero, Diet Dr Pepper, Iced Tea
    Have seen thumbprints at Banks here
    Grocery cart, Baby buggy or Stroller
    U of H is kicking butt tonight!! UT also kicking ass!! Pitt won big. Penn State won big ….. good day here

  50. aggie, they do have a lot of different cokes now. Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Coke Zero (probably diet in Cherry and Vanilla too). I don’t even know if they make some of them anymore. I know “New” Coke went away… thank bulwinkle!! It tasted like Pepsi. I’m talking about 1974-75-76 though, I think all they had back then was Coke. Yet they still asked what kind I wanted. I learned from friends and cousins that Coke meant pop.. and then you had to say Coca Cola, Sprite…etc.

  51. I was just kidding about drunks and drugs… the topics were so scattered and out there, and it was a Thurs. nite at that! Glad Texas is winning, I do like the Longhorns… Oh, by the way, where is ‘fly over land’?

    Do we need to take up a collection to buy SNAKE a new red pen?

  52. aggie, I think Ted has come around. He seems to have a sense of humor about it all. I think he has adopted the “if you can’t beat ‘em.. join ‘em” approach. Right Ted? :lol: :roll:

  53. TED, They say pop or soda in chicago, When it comes to alcohol I think if you dont say what beer or whiskey you want, they will just give you something crappy. I was in a polish restaurant awhile ago Big mistake to order a margarita there I dont think they had a clue how to make it, it was the worst I ever had, I didnt complain about it though, they would probably spit in your drink.

  54. JT, Love the rolling of the eyes smiley ,I know SAL likes to give me thatone.They are way over the top with the cola drinks, their is way to many of them ,and i have probably tried them all.

  55. Sal doesn’t handle the red pen business and BBBlogger aint gonna X out his hometown girl here in flyover land (Minnesota… Midwest)

  56. TEd, You dont always seem like your kidding ,sometimes you seem pretty pissed off.Thats the thing about thursday night after survivor ,people should be on here after the show, but usually their not. In Chicago the show is over at 8:oo pm. I know people live in different time zones, I dont no when its on where you live.

  57. I was here on Thursday for a half hour before the show up til a half hour into it. I was alone so I left for a while. I was even commenting about SURVIVOR :!:

  58. aggie, you, myself, fp2, AC, PK, Margie, and Sal are all in the same time zone. starfish, Ted, and princess are all out west. Cynthia, Shelley, and kinogirl are in the east. The only time zone that we don’t have anybody from is the same time zone that these posts show up on (Mountain goat time). Kind of ironic. We need hpr56 back to cover this time zone!!

  59. bonnie raitt? i was still stuck on an appropriate response to being gone 500 miles when the day is done!

  60. Shhh, don’t combine flowers and miss (or missing) in the same sentence. Maybe she didn’t read that from Thursday night.

  61. 15 miles and 15 relenless riders, oh, sorry, i tode you we’d leave my sex life out of the next conversation!

  62. hi snake, nice to “see” you. i get to keep these flowers ’cause there was no vote. i liked yours, they may not be samoan, but they may get used soon!!

  63. btw, don’t i always try to give you somethin’ to talk about?

    JT, i think coke zero has no caffine. sorta like ordering a decaf non-fat latte (known at Starbucks as a “what’s the point”)

  64. Too late? In that case… I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist stealing a flower for my hat… forgive me?

  65. sweetie, there are always flowers for you!

    i actually have a most beautiful pink (what else) floral arrangement on the fireplace mantle from thursday. but you can take any of the flowers you want…

  66. it does, then what’s the point? of diet coke vs. coke zero??

    zero tastes flat to me. i LOVE the diet coke with lime. way too much, i’m really addicted.

  67. I’m sure that arrangement is very nice. I wont steal from it.. I know it means a lot to you. I do have some morals.

  68. Maybe I’d like diet coke with lime too. I’m not a fan of it by itself. IDK… I guess everybody is different. I thought Diet Coke was flat… then when zero came out, I avoided it because I thought it would be the same… go figure??

  69. PRINCESS, Im with you on the diet coke with lime ,love that stuff ,I also like coke zero ,I didnt like the coke with lemon as much, VAnilla and cherry coke are good as well.

  70. what, no comment on my ode to Arlo justfor you? was it that obscure?

    AC, where are you when i need you?

    yes, and i bought the teal blue heels, not the red ones. i couldn’t remember your size, though. i hope they fit.

  71. aggie! how great to see you here! sorry i confused you with frannie, i’ve done that twice. i’m really sorrry. i should be more aware, but, as a princess it really is all about me you know!!!

    i used to be justas addicted to diet coke w vanilla. then i tried the lime. got my boss semi-addicted, too. if he’ running errands he knows the drill – he’ll even stop at the Fred Meyer store near where we work and pick up a case of DCwL for me – NO ONE in the office wants to work with me if i can’t get me fix!! really!! lol, my boss is really a nice guy to put up with me. he’s no justa, but he’s a great guy, too.

  72. ok justa, well there’s something else i didn’t make clear about Sami’s babies. after the twins were born, i mentioned she was pregnant and went into witness protection. this was another pregnancy by EJ when the kissed and made up after the divorce. however, nicole switched that baby at birth for one she “bought” ’cause she miscarried EJ’s baby. both of EJ’s babies were born on January 28 (my father’s birthday so i remember) but only one was really EJ’s. The other was the baby of a pregnant teenager nicole talked into giving her baby up to her for “adoption” and passed it off as EJ’s natural daughter ’cause she faked the last trimester of her pregnancy. then, when Sami’s second baby by EJ was born, she had the doctor switch them. Sami’s (not reallY) baby died and after little grace died at about 5 1/2 months, she told EJ it was his daughter and he went berserk. now he’s found out that nicole “adopted” their daughter and she isn’t his flesh and blood and he flipped out again and threw nicole and that baby out, not knowing that the baby he threw out with nicole is really his baby with Sami that nicole traded for Mia (the teenager’s) baby who was the baby that died. clear?

  73. ok, justa, there musta been some confusion. you watch dr. phil and oprah, you asked me to continue to explain the several different kinds of eyeliner one could use; cream, shadow/liner, automatic, wet, dry, pencil and how various colors flatter different eye color so naturally i assumed the teal blue heels would be a good beginning…

  74. hey, snake. throw something in here to change the direction. justa doesn’t seem to want to talk about his new high heels!!

  75. Clear? I guess as clear as it ever will be.. clear as mud. You should write for that show.. or.. focus that energy on a Survivor wrap-up. I bet Sal would let you guest write an opening.

  76. l love Mally Roncal’s new waterproof eyeliner pencils. they do not budge! i have them in every color. she does make up for Beyonce and jLo as well as a bunch of celebs. i’ve actually seen her on the Rachel Ray show. She has twin girls and is now about 36 months pregnant with another child.

  77. AGGIE… 2 things… 1~ I am never pissed off, and 2~ SAL is right… never ever order a margarita in a Polish restaurant. You must have been on the North Side.

    And JT… you are so right, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’! I’ve given in! So, let’s discuss The Red Pen; If ‘fly over land’ is Minnesota, and Ashley is from Minnesota, and the person with The Red Pen is a Minnesotan, then it does not take a ‘Clue Expert’ to deduce that you are the Power with The Pen! I must say it is appalling that you have not dashed a Red X across pretty Ashley’s face. And Russell to boot! I cannot believe that Sentiment has gotten in the way of Group Responsibility! We have all been blaming poor SNAKE for shirking his duty, when the real culprit is up North! And somebody called ‘BBBlogger’ at that! I don’t want to have to call for a vote…

    Just finished catching up on Desperate Housewives tonight… Okay everyone… lay into me for that one… but, I love Desperate Housewives!

    Hey PRINCESS… nice look!

  78. All of Mally’s new pencils are waterproof. I have 6 different colors. Smashbox also has a whole line of waterproof liners and a killer eyeliner brush that sells for $22. if you’re interested, i’ll let you know when i’m listing my extra’s on ebay. i start the bidding at $1.89 for almost everything. even $30 eyeliners. i have 5 of those colors, too.

    i guess because i’ve been told my eyes (very blue) are one of my best features, i spend a fair amount of money on what i use. i hate runny, smeary eyeliner, too!!

  79. Ted, one flaw with your theory… I’m not the only one that lives in Minnesota.. we have a couple others.

  80. Wait a minute… since I just posted there is about 20 comments after JT’s asking about Samatha’s Siamese Twins and my comment. How did that happen and what the hell is the deal with Siamese Twins?

  81. ted, if you go back about a week…

    they are not siamese twins. JT is being funny. Sami (aka Samantha Brady, a character on Days of our Lives, had twins by two different fathers, medically rare but not impossible) Sami twins = justa’s version: siamese twins.

  82. Hmmmm… hadn’t thought of that JT. And AGGIE… I get pissed off in real life but not in talking with you guys.

  83. it’s comfortable. and i’m glad you use that expression. that’s the one i use.

    boxers, great! with color…

  84. Well, I just checked out Big Brother Blog to see if I could figure out who the Blogger is… lost cause I think. Wow, Jordan is a Babe! I should have been watching BB. I’m glad she won. Maybe now that it’s over, the Blogger can spend more time here.

    Sorry to go against you SAL, but I feel the Vikes are going to do it. AGGIE… you crack me up!

  85. I was a good sport the other night. Does it have to be “pick on JT” night every night?… It does? Ok, glad I can deal with it!

  86. ok, how about music…. for a change of pace. who is listening to what, currently.

    i have several different styles going, depending on my mood.

    when i’m more medatative and reflective (lately) i’ve been listening to a lot of chris tomlin. john baldry to get me goin’ in the morning, you can actually HEAR the difference on the flip sides of his “It Ain’t Easy” album. Rod Stewart produced one side and Elton John produced the other. You can HEAR Elton’s piano, the sound is so distinctive.

    Love jack johnson and eagle-eye cherry at work, non-intrusive… also, archie shepp has a CD called “Goin’ Home” a complete departure from his particular jazz style, so mellow and smooth, most of his stuff is WAY out there, but not this one…

  87. I hope you are right Ted. Just remember, it’s a lot easier to have faith in the Vikings from Friday Harbor.

  88. i really like that song, aggie. just don’t have the CD. only really started getting into music not that long ago. ex-h only listened to country so, that’s all that was “allowed.”

    i know way too much about johnny paycheck, waylon jennings, et al.

  89. Ted, you need to join us for BB12. I’m not a big Survivor fan, but enjoy this blog. There’ll be a lot of people coming back for you to meet.

  90. ted, justa is right. and in the BB blog, it’s far more on-topic cause there’s BB 3x per week, BBAD every night, and many people have live feed. there is always something on the show to talk about!

  91. I’m with aggie, I mostly listen to 60s 70s and 80s classic rock. I catch some new stuff sometimes… no (c)rap though.

  92. i really like ska, rocksteady, raggae, too. blondie to bob marly. j geils to golden earring – radar love has got to be the best driving song ever!!! and i’ve done a lot of long-distance driving and the one i alway call bullet to the bone…

  93. snake, love Alan Parsons Project, can’t remember the name of the one i have “spoke the raven…”

    yes, aggie, i do enjoy roy orbison, just took my traveling wilbury’s collection to work cause it fits into the background. i have a really hard time not LISTENING to music, so i have to be really selective at work or i’ll just stop and listen. really like tom petty too.

    anyone familiar with one of my favs, Richard Thompson? English…

  94. The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zep, Chicago, Boston, Moody Blues, Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, The Cars, Journey, The Pretenders, Heart, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Doors, Eagles, REO Speedwagon, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Brittany Spears… nope, not that.

  95. I love Roy Orbison too. Did you guys know that Alan Parsons produced Dark Side of the Moon? Probably common knowledge huh?

  96. ok, justa, you’re a little more hard core than i am. listen to a little of almost everything you’ve mentioned, but, except the pretenders, fleetwood mac, S&G, Eagles, Glen Frey, prev. mentioned APP, don’t have any of the others. do like some of ZZ top, had aerosmith back, way back, blue cover on LP… sigh. we’re getting older…

  97. Yeah AC you’ve missed a doozy… you wouldn’t happen to be BBBlogger would you?

    PRINCESS… I knew there was a reason I liked you… JOHNNY PAYCHECK!! ‘Nobody Plays Rhythm Guitar Like Jesus!’, One of my all time favorite songs!

  98. Alabama, Anita Baker, Asia, Atlanta Rythm Blues, BB King, Bare Naked Ladies, The Black Crowes, Bonnie Raitt, Canned Heat, Charlie Daniels, Chicago, Clint Black, Confederate Railroad, CCR, C,S,N & Y, David Bowie, Doobie Brothers, The Drifters (love motown), Eli Young Band …………….

    Now playing …. James Taylor

  99. i think the raven is my fav. APP song! it’s the reason i bought that album, CD, cassette, whatever it was originally… justnot an 8 track, although i did have those, too.

  100. wow, snake. i like your repertoire! i LOVE blues. BB King and Lucille. Eric Clapton and BB King collaborated on a CD i have in my collection. Also fan of Tracy (blanked out), but hate the song “you got a fast car”

  101. Those are just the beginning of whatson my I-Touch, very extensive CD collection, over 800 LP’s and a turntable to play them on ….

    Now Playing ……. Michael Jackson , baby Be Mine (the now playing are on my itunes collection on puter) I dust lub muzic

  102. oh, nevermind, Ted correctly identified it. as a girly-girl, i just didn’t see the connection!

    sorry. i tend to blank out when things become sports-related.

  103. princess, did I understand your post? You’ve never listened to The Eagles or Fleetwood Mac? Hotel California and Rumors are both in my top 5 all time favorite albums/cds.

  104. AC, i hope you catch up on your reading tonight. especially where justa is talking about his new high heels!

  105. no, justa. other way around. those are the ones i have. sorry i wasn’t clear.

    saying at our office “you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.” everyone who has ever worked there comes back for a visit or to reapply. some, 20 years later. some, not allowed on property. and some, like my 6’4″ HUGE facilities guy who nearly hit me one night (he really had a problem working for a woman) i hope to never see again!

  106. Herbie Hancock, Hermans Hermits, The Hollies, The Human League, Jack Johnson, Jackson Brown, James Tayor, The Jeff Healey Band, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, …..

    Now Playing ….. Canned Heat

  107. yes, chapman!!

    george thorogood only had one good song… lol

    etta james, now she brings the house down!

  108. love jeff healy, saw jackson browne in an acoustic concert here in “my little town.” he was fantastic. also saw indigo girls that same year. a little confusing. i went with a female friend who LOVES music like snake does. i have never seen so much plaid flannel and bad short haircuts in one venue.

    the opening act was an all girl band dressed in UPS like brown uniforms. instead of UPS, the embroidery was DYK.

    then i got it.

  109. of course!! have the soundtrack. worth it! although never been a real fan of howlin’ wolf. have the original muddy waters plantation recordings. the ones they did near the beginning. it’s two full CDs

  110. aggie, it was the bad haircuts in the audience that got to me!

    and all that plaid. why plaid? it’s ugly, unless you are a farmer or a logger or it’s a chanel jacket.

  111. justa, that’s who i was thinking of at that precise moment. LOVE van morrison…. have a couple of CDs

  112. Sal:
    Ok, do you put your groceries in a bag, poke or sack??
    First we make groceries. Then put them in a bag. :D

    Is it pop or soda?
    Neither. Down here its Cold Drink. 8)

  113. Tuesday Afternoon, Gemini Dream, The Story In Your Eyes, The Other Side Of Life, Question…. justa a few Moody Blues tracks that I love!

  114. princess, you go to an Indigo Girls concert and yet you want to accuse me of something? I’ve never been to a Right Said Fred concert.

  115. aggie, i was justthinking about that. visualizing justa in his red lace bikini underwear, in teal blue heels, holding siamese twins! what a sight!!

    btw, justa. wednesday night – Criminal Minds. 9pm CBS. great show, backstories not so hard to follow as DOOL.

  116. just having fun with princess aggie. She gets it. We like sarcasm. Not getting touch at all… this is play time.

  117. thanks snake, but i’m still not sure i understand the reference. these guys are beyond my frame of reference, JT.

    aggie, no g-string. the little red ruffles are about all i can take.

  118. Wow, AGGIE it must have been that Polish Margarita!

    JT… Boz… yeah! Have you heard ‘New York Rock and Soul Review?

  119. No beer gut.. not exactly a six pack either :lol: No piercings. I don’t even have a tattoo. No bling-bling either. I have 2 watches that are nice (both gifts,.. one from Dad.. one from work).

  120. i have a bigger problem. i just finished my last diet coke with lime and there are no more left. i checked my purse for the emergency can, nope, used that up with family.

    took the last emergency case out of my trunk last night.

    this is why i need a new husband. i just don’t do well taking care of myself and all these damn details i have to look after. i need one now!!! how am i going to make it until morning when the store opens?

    ted, you’re only 50 miles away, can you drive up here with a couple of cases of diet coke with lime?

  121. will the circle be unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by
    there’s a better home awaiting, in the sky Lord, in the sky.

    interesting title to your last post, snake. musta been referring to the rain…

    makes me sad…

    someone say something ridiculously humorous.

  122. It’s just Trans Siberian Orchestra. You’re mixing in ELO… Which I can’t believe I didn’t mention… LOVE ELO!!

  123. good for you. do i get credit for introducing you to LJB?

    i played “boogie-woogie” when i was driving on Thursday to keep me UP! i love the piano intro on that song…

    it ain’t easy and it still ain’t easy are great…

  124. I guess I better get my Zs too. Thanks for stoppin’ in Ted! Aggie, you just keep getting funnier… good stuff tonight. Thanks for hangin’ with us Sal. AC, later bro! princess, what can I say? Welcome back! Good to hear from you again. I’ve missed the sarcasm. I wish you the best in tough times.

  125. I wished they at least gave the contestants at least something such as nuts and/or raisins — to hold them over while they had to endure those vicious rainstorms. The human body can only take so much, and poor Russell S. was an example.

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