Turn out the lights, the Partys over!

Well, most of us were disappointed. The Jury had it’s way and Natalie was crowned “The Sole Survivor”! America knew better and made Russell, Americas favorite.

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‘Survivor: Samoa’ finale recap: The worst jury vote ever

Did the right person win ‘Survivor: Samoa’? Um, how should I put this? NO!

By Dalton Ross | Dec 21, 2009

86 thoughts on “Turn out the lights, the Partys over!”

  1. Absolutely the right person did not win survivor, I am honestly questioning whether I will watch the next. The whole idea of the game is to outwit, outsmart, and outplay, no where does it say you have to play by being 100% moral. Russell was very loyal to his team all the way to the end. That was the worst jury in survivor history and I hope they all get a lot of flack on the street for their choice of vote.

  2. I am extremely disapointed that those retards gave the money to Natalie. Russell H. was by far the person deserving to win the game. At least the people who actually watch the show were smart enough to give him the $100,000.
    I hope Russell will be part of Survivor 20. I am curious to see what he could do against the best of the best.

  3. This was a great season; however, I really think Russell should have won. I did not like him for most of the game, but he played it, and he played it hard. I do like Nathalie, but I honestly did not think she played the game. I think she did kind of ride on Russell’s coat tails.

    That’s just my opinion ya’ll. It doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong.

    I am excited about next season. I wonder if Stephanie will be back?

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  5. Yep Sal, a bit disappointed but more so at Natalie’s attitude. She always seemed so sweet but her cockiness really showed last night IMHO. She really thought she earned it. Not I felt badly for Russell because he truly was the best player. This is a cheat and lie kinda game, not tiddly winks. He should have won but at least he received America’s vote. All the missies, especially Jaison, on the jury were sore losers that they simply were outsmarted and outgamed!

    Is Russell in the Villain section for season 20? I remember early on that Sal or someone had a list of those participating. I just remembered that the show was filmed and over already so I guess Russell can’t be in it. Duh – answered my own question.

  6. I kinda think that if Russell wasn’t so arrogant when addressing the jury, that the outcome might have been different. I sure agree about the sore loser thing – esp Jaison. Jaison was the laziest in the past couple weeks and deserved to get punted, but he should have respected Russell’s game…everyone should have. His arrogance did him in – even Brett voted for him …and he made the same promises to Brett that he made to Jaison. It was fitting that Mick got no votes…he had no game. I have no idea how Natalie even made it to the end, but I truly don’t feel she should have won.

    I wanna see Russell in for the Villian team of season 20. Say what you will…he ruled the game from start thru finish!

  7. It doesn’t take alot of brains to see how Nat made it to the end. she played a different quiet game. she was tough in a challenge BEFORE russ was. the tiny quiet woman knew if she stood up for herself she’d be outted becuz russ would demand it. some of the most dangerous animals are the quietest. the woman did what alot of women do to survive. TOOK CRAP and took it with grace and class. so i’m sure you’re sick of me but i saw her game becuz i see women live that way. Nat was there giving russ advice. you have to remember we see such a small part of the game. yet we did see russ asking nat’s advice about jaison and mick. she even said she stood behind the loud abbrasive russ and talked to him while he took the bullets (he was proud to take) when you look at America and keep telling them how wonderful you are, it gets sickening. not once did nat do that.
    i cannot stand cocky people. Russ needed to know there’s a time you ‘think’ things and don’t say them.

  8. yeah, it was most likely ‘tv make up’ too which i’m sure feels like a mudpack. i think she’s a natural beauty. russ needed a shirt a size bigger. he was about to pop the buttons on his. looked like alot had gained weight back but
    Mike said he lost sixty five. May have been for his health. was glad to see everyone there though. I liked the girls who were voted off from the very beginning..that’s when i thought, if you’re female and open your mouth with any truth or wisdom russ will demand he’s being threatened (baby) and demand everyone else who were stupid enough to obey him and vote them off. THAT’S when Nat started playing the game under the radar. to me, that was brave, gutsy, patient (cuz i sure wouldn’t have) so why do you have to be mean, mouthy, braggy to be a winner? you don’t. we’ve had some nice more quiet winners in the past and then there’s ppl like richard hatch that’s right up there with russ…..anyway, i do hope russ comes back and i even wish they’d put him in big brother. i’d love that. HOW entertaining would that be! (or even put his wife in there instead?) there’s an idea.

  9. Ohh tendr….Russell and big brother…what a match made in heaven. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see that!

  10. It really would be funny. and who would you put in there with him? maybe a “guy” that thinks russ is too sexy for his shirt? lol…russ would probably punch someone. or scream ‘i’ve been threatened” for him to still at the end here calling Nat that stupid girl or whatever , he called her stupid..for not giving him the title was pitiful and i noticed a pacifier around russ’s neck. HOW FITTING. i know russ played hard but he was cruel.
    AND the nice ppl don’t always win. in survivor AND big brother.
    but Dr will to me was the best BB player ever. he was a liar and sneaky but funny. he didn’t hurt ppl’s feelings or say horrible things. he was more commical and even faked tears himself. he was a blast to watch and he won. so i’m just saying………..russ is over-bearing and i not once had respect for his game. now someone here said nat was cocky. GIVE ME A BREAK. if Russ had been female everyone would have hated her. if a woman acts like a man she’s a bitch but if it’s a guy, it’s normal? (lack of common sense in this thinking..this is not 1950)

  11. I DID agree with Russ when he said “they should have voted me off” i said when he was so confident and wearing the idol they should have voted him off AFTER voting shambo off first..but they didn’t and that was group stupid not just nat stupid. they didn’t vote as one and to do that they would have had to get rid of shambo first instead of dave and then russ next. i do agree with that. and it was frustrating seeing so many scrared of russ so what did nat do? she kept her enemy the closest. she became friends (there only i do believe) with the one most pushy and mouthy person that everyone else obeyed. ya know, i used to ride motorcycles with my husband and we’d pull up close to a semi and let off the gas and let it pull us miles….we didn’t use any of our energy except to be very careful and we still go to the same place the semi did but it took talent. i saw Nat that way.
    she played the only way she could TO STAY IN THE GAME.

  12. I just wonder what the survivor people think of each other after they get home, and see what other people say about them, I just wonder if shambo had seen ,what Russell said about her, if he would have got her vote, True the galu people really trashed her, but Russell was not much better.

  13. Erik’s “closing argument” cost Russell one million bucks. Any attorney knows the impact the final “say” has on any jury, in court or in a Samoan’s jungle. Granted Erik’s argument was filled with bias and half truths, but it was very effective in swaying the jury vote away from Russell H.

    When Erik reviews the scene leading up to his surprise departure and discovers that Natalie orchestrated it, he might wish he could go back and rewrite his anti-Russell spin to the jury.

    The real twist, particularly after watching the finale and reunion show, is that nasty Russell H in Samoa is probably Mr. Nice Guy and Super Dad back home in Texas, whereas Sweet, Coattail riding Natalie, for most of her stay in Samoa, is a true unbridled bitch stateside just with a different zip code than the 90210 “princesses.”

  14. I was surprised that Russell didn’t win. If he had one, he would have been saying how stupid all the other players were, etc. He didn’t win and he’s saying they were stupid. Natalie thanked them. If someone lied to me and talked about how stupid I was, I might not vote for him.

  15. I was no Russell fan, just an “admirer” and I did want Natalie to win, but I had hoped she would give credit the TGO for her privilege to be even be sitting next to him in the final 3. Funny how money changes people and Natalie was no exception. she was just all into herself, IMO.

  16. Well, Russell will go down in Survivor History and the Master Manipulator and most inventive player ever. He will also go down as the Least Gracious Runner-up ever… which is too bad. It was painful to see him begging for the Sole Survivor title. He was still kicking and screaming on the Early Show when Natalie got her check. I was glad he won the fan favorite award because he deserved it. He deserved to win the game too, but I think he alienated jury members who may have been leaning toward him by his arrogant speech at Tribal Council. If he had spoken to the jury like he did to them individually in the jungle, he would have won. His Svengali effect on the players was a joy to watch… too bad it deserted him when he needed it the most.

  17. Now… on to Survivor Samoa 20!!! February 11th. Less that 2 months away… hope to see some official announcements soon. Will be interesting to see what happens with TGO. No one will really know him or his gameplay. But then, he will be up against some seasoned game players who all think they are the best players ever. Will they wonder…’who the hell’s this upstart”? It is going to be fun to see.

  18. Ted… Erik beat Russell, not Russell. Had Erik not delivered the “closing and final anti-Russell argument” Russell would have won regardless any comments Russell delivered with his usual bravado.

  19. The real twist, particularly after watching the finale and reunion show, is that nasty Russell H in Samoa is probably Mr. Nice Guy and Super Dad back home in Texas, whereas Sweet, Coattail riding Natalie, for most of her stay in Samoa, is a true unbridled bitch stateside just with a different zip code than the 90210 “princesses.”
    totally unfair statement. you don’t know nat and we saw russ be an ass even on live tv by calling nat stupid for not letting him have his way. he throws fits like a child and she turned down more money. AGAIN you called her a bitch becuz there’s a chance she might act like a man at times and have some balls instead of sucking her thumb and wearing an apron and standing at the stove like a good little woman should.
    it’s a double standard. a woman is a bitch when she acts like a real man. UNFAIR

  20. Have they posted the vote yet? I see Shambo and Danger Dave voting for Russell. But, Jeff only read 7 votes. Russell may have gotten some more… but actually if he had they would have stretched it out some more, so forget that idea. I have to replay Eric’s speech again… I think people’s minds were made up by the time he spoke.

  21. i do not believe russ would have won after the other members got together and realized how russ lied to them and the things he said to other members that they shared with each other and then after going home and watching the show…….i’m sure russ has no friends in that game that will spend time with him. i don’t for one second believe he is not hard assed in real life. he said he’s a nice guy but on the show what did he say DAY ONE? “i control my family, my friends, my work……so on”
    Then on live tv he couldn’t even keep his temper under control. the man is a control freak and i have no doubt. i have not changed my feelings from the very beginning. not one of you here would be able to hang out with him for very long i bet without getting into a fight with him. he is the kind of man who has to be the winner, have the last word, and can’t talk about anyone without calling them names. he’s a bully. i want to say some nice things. he has pretty eyes and his wife ‘LOOKS’ cute. but that’s all i can say.

  22. NAT did give credit to russie…she said ‘he took the bullets…….but he deserved to take them and i feel he enjoyed it. he bragged constantly about being the tough one, the boss, the one in control. he needed to be knocked down a few pegs…a few pegs he can’t afford to lose. one day he says brett’s a punk and the next time we see him he says he wants his daughter’s to meet a guy ‘like you’ which was a freakin’ lie.he wanted bretts vote..he admitted brett was a nice nice guy and so to get on his good side brett would vote for him. he even said if he acted honorable MAYBE the jury would give him some votes..the important word here is ACTED.

  23. NAT didn’t do one thing wrong except maybe not talk to other members after sham left (except by then it may have been too late) to vote out sham. with her being so close to russ one of the guys should have done it earlier and gotten sham out (who’d not vote against russ-tho he said horrible things about her i’m sure she’s not happy about it but she is quite odd..noticed she was praying during a comp and then she called nat a bitch, later back at the ponderosa she goes back to smoking) poor sham is my Christmas tree…some of the bulbs have burnt out. Nat deserved the scream of yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i did when they gave her the vote for putting up with russ. i bet not one person here could have done it.

  24. i meant nat could have mentioned to vote out russ except not while shambo was around. she would have run to tell him and russ wouldn’t take his eyes off nat. you all say she road his coatails? he said NAT belongs to me. those were his exact words. he wouldn’t let her out of his sight and if she spoke to someone else he wanted to know what about. she was a thin starving woman against this over bearing man and she did the only thing she could have done to stay in the game.
    i’m done.
    i’m proud of her. she deserves the best. she would even say “enjoy your trip or prize” when her team lost when talking to the other team. she never played in a cruel way. good for her for getting erik and brett out with other’s. she played the game. you all that are saying she didn’t do anything are all of a sudden blaming her for getting some ppl out. that’s called “playing the game” if she stuck her face in the camera and call the guys “dumbass dicks” and said how stupid everyone was and said the things russ said and she found the idols and she complained about anyone who stood up to her what would you say? you’d call her a bitch.
    a bitch is just a woman acting like a man.

  25. Phillip, I dont see natalie as a bitch, any more than some of those people on the jury, I really think the Jurys mind was made up along time ago, especially laura the queen of the bitches.

  26. ey aggie…I do have to agree with PK. She would not
    say that Phillip helped her get to where she was. She
    really thought she did it on her own

  27. For all of you girls who are bad mouthing Laura… go watch Shambo’s interview with Lynette Rice.

    Everyone has their own ego, and while it would be nice if Nat had acknowledged Russell more, she still played her game and is going to take the credit.

    Be sure to see Dalton’s interviews with Natalie and Russell. Russell says that John is the one who voted for him with Shambo. John voted for the best player… the others voted because they didn’t like Russell. Nat’s interview explains part of that.

  28. I am not a Laura fan, but she looked beautiful last night. And PK I agree with you 100 percent. Erik is a crying sore loser.

  29. The biggest bitch last night was cry cry baby Erik. Would just love to see that douche’s face when he realises that Natalie was the reason for his eviction.

  30. Oh Me Too… but I’m sure he was clued in at Ponderosa… They spent a lot of time hashing over what happened to get him voted out. It’s possible that it was put on Russell’s head. I was laughing when he got so emotional.

    You’re with me on SS20, right DonnaP? Have you ordered your shirt?

  31. The partys over so sad about that, but we do have a new place to go, make sure all of of you check it out.I feel bad survivor is over, i cant wait till the allstar show, that will be really good, It will be interesting to see how well Russell will do, on that show, possibly not as good.

  32. Erik knows nat voted him out…jeff reminded him and they even showed the clip. big deal. but she didn’t go after him with name calling. i feel like i’m talking to a brick wall.

    i watched the show where family members are found that were given up for adoption tonight. it’s really good.
    do i get invited to this new place you all are going?
    if not i’ll go back to painting i guess.

  33. Hey… anyone out there??? Here is the latest List I have seen for Survivor Samoa 20:

    HEROES: Colby Donaldson (S2: Australia), Rupert Boneham (S7: Pearl Islands), Tom Weston (S10: Palau), Stephenie LaGrossa (S10: Palau), Cirie Fields (S12: Panama), Candice Woodcock (S13: Cook Islands), Amanda Kimmel (S15: China), James Clement (S15: China), Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (S17: Gabon), James “J.T.” Thomas (S18: Tocantins)

    VILLAINS: Jerry Manthey (S2: Australia), “Boston Rob” Mariano (S4: Marquesas), Sandra Diaz –Twine (S7: Pearl Islands), Danielle DiLorenzo (S12: Panama), Parvati Shallow (S13: Cook Islands), Courtney Yates (S15: China), Randy Bailey (S17: Gabon), Ben “Coach” Wade (S18: Tocantins), Tyson Apostol (S18: Tocantins), Russell Hantz (S19: Samoa)

    Don’t know if it’s going to happen like this, but very happy to see some of my favorite women… Courtney, Stephenie & Jessica. Sorry to see Jonny Fairplay missing… but he had way too much going on when the show was being filmed, so I’m not expecting him.

    I’m sure that James Clement will be there, so the drooling can start now girls.

  34. Ted….your my BFF too. You’re just not as nosey
    as PK. He thinks he has to know everything.
    I’m just going to leave it at that.

  35. Aggie and Holly… You’d think Ted would know better, but please inform him that the loop is in Chicago and has never been in Friday Harbor…

  36. Sal could you give us the link again? i sometimes rush through here…it’s hectic here. AGAIN have three junk cars in my yard and none running after just getting one going after going thru hell (don’t use pepboys) so i’m a bit upset.

    yes, i crochet full size “afgans” but so far not for myself. i am making headbands with a flower on it for my daughter’s and neices. i thot i was done with that stuff then my bro n law wants one for his bd (a hat lol, not a headband)
    and i still need to make me and hubby some mittens. (finger tips off so you can still type n work on stuff) but you use baby yarn so it takes forever. think i need some diet pills so i can move real fast.
    I hope Stephanie is the one i liked so much. I have ONE brain cell that holds very little memory (you should see the notes alover my wall i’ve written myself) thot richard hatch would be there but is he still in jail? maybe they should have all jail birds and can put ‘baller’ from bb in there too?- eg

  37. oh ted, my parents got the crochet “blanket” afgan. It was almost six feet long. i felt guilty not making two but it’d take me all year. so i guess i need to start now for next yr. if i can ever stop spending money i don’t have on cars. i hate cars. (not really…just hate mine) sometimes i wish we’d all ride bikes. everyone would still get there (eventually) and also get into shape.

  38. laff at me and i’ll post a link to my face with no make up and wearing my glasses. you don’t wanna see that. (or i’ll post my hubby’s hair butt)

  39. i know you are all probably home but hiding on the floor with the lights off so i’ll think no one’s home.

  40. Sal’s working on his ‘visionary site’, and I have no clue as to why it’s snowing… maybe he has scared everyone off with his scarry babies!!!

  41. Stephanie was the Survivor on the team that was totally eliminated. She was one tough cookie, I think she was probably as popular as Rupert who definitely is the ‘Greatest Survivor’.

  42. If you have 3 cars in your yard that do not work, then tell your husband to get his ass off the couch and go fix one of them. And if your brother-in-law wants a hat… tell him to go help!!!

  43. In fact, I have a great suggestion … I think you should crochet Russell a hat for Christmas! He could wear it to the final night of Survivor Samoa 20. I’m sure he would give you a shout out on TV for it!

  44. Tendr… Post can your e-mail here as many have already done and you do live a safe distance from Ted so stalking should not be a problem either though Aggie is still not convinced.

  45. Ted, the loop is in Chicago, not Friday Harbor. It was always there and will always remain there!

    How’s that PK?

  46. @ Tendr: “it’s a double standard. a woman is a bitch when she acts like a real man. UNFAIR”

    This is probably one of the things I agree with you on.

  47. @Ted, thanks for the list. As a new Survivor fan, I’ll have to catch up. Russell definitely is in the right group. :)

    @Tendr, that last sentence didn’t come out right. I definitely agree with you on that statement. Unfair isn’t the half of it, it’s mostly BS between their big brains and their little brains. :razz:

  48. OH, BTW, I finally saw the man’s dancing naked video. Quite interesting and very funny if it’s the same group with the plates in front of their hohas. Dancing???? Not quite. :)

  49. That wasnt it Starfish, The guy was holding a sign with your name on it ,have Ted or Ac send it too you, i sent it too both of them.

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