Wasting away again in Margaritaville, better know as Russamoa Island.


As the show opened, Russell was laying and talking about how he thinks his game is a work of art and he is creating a Picasso.


Laura and Monica are talking about Russell and saying he is a snake and can’t be trusted and how they underestimated him.


Shambo andRussell are kidding around about Laura and how dumb she is/was. Shambo said she overheard Laura at tribal council saying that Russell has screwed up all their plans.


Day 25

Russell is up early and wabdering around looking for the HII. Shabo has a 6 pack of names she says Laura is worthy of being called. Russell checks with Shambo to be sure their alliance is still good.


Reward Challenge

The challenge has 4 people pulling on ropes to control the fifth person who is on a swing. They must get the person on the swing maneuvered around a ring a grab 15 flags and place them in a log in numerical order.

Yellow Team has Shambo, Jaison, Monica and Mick on the ropes with John in the swing.

Purple Teak has Dave, Brett, Russell and Laura on the ropes with Natalie in the swing.

As they get started Purple takes an early lead. They get a 2 flag lead when yellow knocks a flag out and has to fix it. Giving Purple a bigger. Purple is close but Laura is so close to falling out of her swing that Jeff says she needs to hold on. She is hanging by her legs but manages to stay on and give Purple the win.

The reward is a plane trip to another island that has a lake with a waterfall and a picnic. Jeff gives them a Palm Pre phone from sprint to take pictures. The picnic has hot dogs, pie, fruit, sodas, etc., etc, ….. As they are eating Russell notices there is a clue about the HII in the memos on the phone. It’s another clue to the HII idol, after they check out the clue there is also a short video showing that the HII is hidden under a rock.


Back at camp, Jaison and Mick are trying to talk Monica into voting with the FF4 because they  have 5 votes and only need 1 more to evict their choice. Monica thinks Shambo is the FF4’s extra vote but the guys won’t verify that.


Day 27


Immunity challenge

The challenge is a two part game. The first part they must throw a lava rock at some plates. They each have 3 plates and for everyone they break they earn an arrow for part two. They each get one throw.

Monica, Shambo, Russell, Natalie, John and Laura all miss. Shambo laughs when Laurs misses. (GEE Sham, let us know how you really feel)

Jaison, Dave and Monica (gets a shot because Dave broke one of her plates) each get 1 shot. Brett broke 2 plates so he gets 2 shots.

Brett up first hits the 2ndring of target. Jaison misses. Monica hits the target in the fourth ring,she is out. Mick hits the target in the 2nd ring and closer than Brett and takes the lead. Brett now gets his second shot. He hits the target but is outside the 2nd ring, Mick wins Immunity.


Back at camp the manuvering begins, shambo lets John know she is voting for Laura and no one else. John is pissed when he learns his cohorts are playing with his game life. The Galuwhiny butts are trying to figure out a way to cross up FF4. The send Monica over and try to get them to vote for John in a backstab, but intend to vote out Natalie. Russell tells John what they are up to and say they are still voting out Laura.  It Looks like a tie is immenent and tell John that if a tie andthey go to  a second vote if he switches he will remain in the game and they will help him.


Tribal Council


After Jeff’s questions to get them riled up as usual they go to the vote.

The FF4 and Shambo vote 4 Laura …… the G5 vote for Natalie .. It’s a tie!!!

If the second vote is a tie, they go to the rock pull.

Vote 2 is at 4 for Laura 3 for Natale (laura and Nat get no vote in 2ndvote) the next vote is for laura and she becomes the 9theviction of the season. It turns out that John changed his vote to laura and now she is gone.

Dave was simply amazed at the turn of events and Eric was supperhappy and said there goes the lead!


Next week: Russell is at his games again and sets the chickens free.

Special Notice!!!!!!!!!

Per commenter’s requests ….. The Spoiler rule is no longer in effect, Blog away.

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  1. I give up for now. Glavitar says another pic should appear here, but it just ain’t so. maybe it takes time for the switch? I dunno.

  2. PK… be patient and it shall come! If you are really being true and not baiting us.

    SNAKE… Thank you for rescinding the Spoiler Rule… Once the “Survivor Aura’ wears off they never talk about Survivor. Nice Summary, thanks, but I think Russell was equating himself to Picasso!

    Lots of good stuff last night… Monica the ‘actress’… Shambo laughing at Laura, well put Sal… Shambo grinning all through Tribal… the way they sat Monica, Dave and Brett all together and John on the other side… All of them looking at John after the vote… The way Nat seemed pensive during the vote and Laura’s stressed confidence… AND the look on Laura’s face when the jig was up! Not to mention the looks on the rest of Galu.

  3. Ted… Here is the deal.

    Facebook profile pics are easy to use as avitars BUT many on this blof can’t see the Facebook pics.

    I’m trying to figure out the “Glavitar” site and so far it is not working as advertised.

    Ted… Are you sure your real name isn’t Doubting Thomas?

  4. Oh, I get it now… Let’s see: A person in a large office decides to get take out for lunch… He or she can sit and eat at desk while surfing the net to check e-mail, do some shopping and while away some time in a chat room… All the while the boss looks in, and sees this dedicated employee ‘working’ during her lunch hour.

  5. Oh heavens NO, PHILLIP… however, you never know how many snakes are on this site. I don’t think that Glavitar site works too well either. I tried to put on some diff pics, but it keeps always putting up fb pics. Maybe I can undo myself from fb here. Maybe SAL can help solve this. Speaking of pics, I need to change mine again. Looking forward to your old self soon.

  6. Ted….so, to let you know, I ate my lunch in the board
    room with my boss. I will still take my normal lunch time
    later so I can step to the back and read the paper/make any necessary calls (not that I can’t do that from here) or just
    catch a couple of zzzzzzzzz’s. But Ted, I do appreciate
    the concern you have for my company paying an employee
    for what I do….or not do.
    I’ll be sure to inform you when I decide to go take another
    lunch. I want to keep you up to date of my whereabouts.

  7. PK….no I didn’t have the twocanchew today….I’m at
    work silly. There are a few things I will not do while at work.

  8. Used to dislike Russell and Shambo…. now they are my favs…dont forget Russell promised to sacrifice one of the ff4 next to get johns vote. cant see that happening.

  9. Sal…I see my Facebook pic and you only see white and blue. This avitar thingy is a royal pain in the butt.

  10. PK… thank you for the correction.. I do strive for accuracy here. No, I only see your silhouette. And, I do not find you in a search… Most of the PKs are kids or don’t seem right for some reason.

    Russell has reached even greater heights and the ultimate gamesman. You could see him saying ‘Yeah right, like that’s going to happen’ to John’s face as he was promising to vote a Foa. He has everyone (except D,M & B)fooled into going to the finals with him… for now.

  11. Classic Survivor Line of the Day for me:

    JOHN… “Laura picks a fight with somebody who I think is going to knock her out, and I’m not going to step in the way of the punch”!

  12. Don’t see you PHILLIP… goes right to my ‘news feed’… must conclude it is a fraud. What do you see SAL?

  13. Going to be hard to wait 2 weeks for a new Survivor. Well I must go do some some storm damage repair before it starts raining again. Ugh!

  14. PHIL… I’m thinking that maybe your fb privacy settings are such that you have blocked everyone from seeing your profile. Check at the top of page and click on settings.

  15. Hey Sal, one correction, it was Nat that was in danger of falling out, not Laura. Not that it really matters but that girl hung on for dear life and I think we need to give credit where it is do!

  16. Ted… I just checked the Facebook privacy settings and I think “everyone” can see me now. Remember, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are not really sites I’m into.

  17. This Facebook stuff is just to useless for my tastes. I just accessed the link I posted earlier and when the window opens I am required to log in to Facebook.

    There has got to be a convenient way to have several pics in one place ready to switch from on to another to use as avitars on this blog, BUT I sure haven’t discovered it yet. Glavitar site is not working for me and Facebook doesn’t seem to be working either.

  18. I forgot to say in the last post that I accessed my Facebook link from a different computer and it required me to log in to Facebook.

  19. PK… that is correct about fb login… put my name in the fb search and see if you can see my profile page. I can’t get Glavitar to do much either. I would rather have photos there and switch from there rather than facebook. I don’t want to deprive the girls here from seeing my welcoming face each day… and you shouldn’t either.

  20. Well Nat doesn’t have to worry about Laura anymore. They crushed that challenge, due in large part to Nat’s efforts by extending out of the swing to reach the flags. Plus, the rope handlers got into the swing of things right from the start. That was an exciting challenge.

    I liked when Jaison and Mick were trying to talk Monica into defecting… very cagy on their parts.

    Hi HOLLY and TENDR… I know one of you is from Florida and the other from Chicago… which city belongs to whom. At least that’s what I think I remember.

  21. Ted… I see your Facebook profile pic next to your post and entering your name in Facebook search took me to your Facebook site and also listed another Ted Strutz as well.

    So why is it that aggie and fp2 et al cannot see my facebook pics on here but they can see yours? Beats me!

  22. Ted, Yes I did know what you were talking about isee alot of movies street car named desire was one of them. The Stella thing was one of the classic lines. Do you have some kind of problem with Frannie, your always on her case about something. I always said Russell H was good for the show.Frannie, I dont really have problems with my back, everything is going good should be done by tommorrow.

  23. Despite Russell H’s masterful game play, though offset frequently by his unnecessary, uncivilized and uncouth behavior, I do hope Natalie goes to the end and wins it all.

    One thing is for certain, during the last reward challenge, Nat gave the expression “hanging in there” a wonderful visual I won’t soon forget.

  24. PK… I agree! I would love to see Natalie win it all. More that any of them. And you are right about hanging in there… I was holding my breath. For one she could get hurt, and also they had it won and I thought at one point she was going to slip out and the other team would win. And I really wanted to see Natalie and Russell get a reward.

  25. Sal… I have multiple pics in both places and can’t get either one of them to work properly in this blog.

    I’m signed in with Facebook now> Is My 66 pic showing to you? In the past my Facebook pics, though I see them here, ere nit visible by others like aggie and frannie.

  26. AGGIE… Now how can you think that? In fact FRANNIE should be getting home about now… hope the bumper cars were few tonight. In fact she should be logging in about now.

    Glad the move is going well. And I know you respect Russell’s play, but I think I see a hint of admiration in your posts.

  27. Ted… I see everybody’s pics. I see your Facebook profile pic but you can’t see mine. Strange in deed.

  28. Just changed “search” privacy settings to include everybody. This Facebook all new to me so I am learning as I go.

  29. Sal… Is that me with the fluffy white hair and dark eyes? Damn. I’ve changed today more than usual.

  30. YOU guys make way to big a deal about pictures ,get over yourself ,Please!!Ted i dont see any new ones of yours.Only 58 comments, boy what a slow day.

  31. As a matter of fact Ted, I did get home about 5:25 but
    my son was here so I had to visit with him and my

  32. Aggie and frannie… Fewer posts today because a day without you two is like a day without Sunshine or was it Strychnine? It’s one of them. :lol:

  33. Fp2… Admit it, you were too busy with your twocanchew take out on very casual Friday to spend time with us.

  34. Fp2.. I know for certain that you are not a dude. No dude could ever come up with a clever non-self-serving expression like twocanchew.

  35. Hey PHILLIP,/b> you are a cool looking guy! Sorry AGGIE, try not to read too much into that remark. I can see your pic just fine. Can you see him FRANNIE? Nice pic SAL!

  36. Oops… left something out with that bold thing… but then, it should be all bold. What an accomplishment. The fb experience takes a little time to figure out. It is fun though. Depends what you are interested in. Can be a useful tool and a big time sucker… like this blog. It’s all in what you want and how you work it. I enjoy doing photo albums on different things. And fantastic if you are interested in Art, Music, Photography… anything.

  37. Ted… What would aggie think if she knew how much time we bot spent with “Ferries,” you to Friday Harbor and Me to Port Orchard via Vashon Island. The HORROR!

  38. FRANNIEP2 I’ve already got you figured out… and I like what I see. Or what I perceive, since all of you girls hide yourselves from view.

  39. What is with you and dogs? You should put on a snake! But then you are SAL actually, just snakebit. I used to hang out at a bar called Sal’s in the loop in Chicago between shifts. I will think of the address and we can send AGGIE to check it out. She would like that place I think. Good food.

  40. Yeah PK… a little… Winston is quite handsome I must say! I’m going to have to figure out how to make photos into http’s so I can do that.

  41. Ted… I wrote string arrangements for him many years ago in New York. Was a nut case then and only got worse. Too bad, too, because he was a talented producer.

  42. aggie… I was byesexual in college. Once she gave it up, I said bye. Was just part of my education.

  43. Fp2… I just noticed that you and Aggie have identical blue and white silhouettes. Are you two twins?

  44. This looks like a fun bunch of folks here. I’ve been reading the posts for a couple of days now but have never posted before. Can I join you guys.

  45. I don’t know why they can’t see your pic Phillip… Hey FRANNIE can you see PK’s pic? Glad you are here Frannie.

  46. That other Ted Strutz lives in Ohio. I am the better looking one of course… and much more interesting. I am picturing Frannie as a brunette… is that correct? And how is your grandson, bye the way. Probably going stir crazy, or is he in too much pain?

    Trying to catch up on you guys… had my grandson over, he is 16 too, and took him to the theater to get in line to see New Moon. Big line 1hr. before showtime. Nothing else to do here… there is a bowling alley and that’s it.

  47. Hmmm… you should be able to see PK’s present state which I assure you will like. Oh no, AGGIE will have a field day with that one too.

  48. Say… Phillip… under the submit button here does it say ‘publish this comment to Facebook’ with a check box? Maybe you haven’t signed up completely.

  49. Ted. I did and Glavitar indicates that my 66 pic is my default pic for this blog, but on here it isn’t. Go figure.

  50. Dark hair….right, as long as I color it to tame the
    gray that wants to keep coming back.

    Josh is doing ok. He’s at his girlfriends house. I guess
    when your’re younger things don’t hurt as bad….or he just
    doesn’t care. Puppy love.

  51. Hey Frannie… look up at the top at the box with all the avatars that says ‘Last Visitors’… Phil is at the top left on my page. Black tee shirt… really old looking guy. Do you see him there?

  52. Sal…… You are a hard person to figure out.
    Ok so don’t talk….when you’re ready, you know
    where we are.

  53. Just got the chance to see Laura at Ponderosa… she really handled that with a lot of class. Of course she wasn’t really blindsided like Kelly and Eric. I am going to miss her.

    Oh and another thing… Remember when Dave shouted out “I lost him”?
    Wouldn’t TGO have about 3 people running along with him, or at least 2? Cameraman and sound man at least.

  54. Since nobody seems to be doing their job tonight just post this for me when you finish moderating me.

    I’d like to start out by saying I need help.
    Help finding someone that I’ve been looking for for awhile now. I know she posts here because I have read them. If you see her online, tell her I found her & left this poem for her in case she doesn’t read it.

    When I met you my life was blue
    Overnight you made it new.
    Just as quickly you turned away
    Been looking for you since that day.

    You stay away, that makes me sad
    Now all my heart feels is bad.
    You left me standing in the rain
    You left me to deal with all this pain.

    You took off so quickly in a cab
    You did not know what you could have had.
    I’ve found you now, I know where you are
    Rest assured I’ll never be far.

    You need to know how badly you hurt me
    I will show you so you won’t desert me.

    Once you know the pain you have caused
    Hurting me again will make you pause.
    We’ll be happy together, you & I
    Our last meeting will NOT be our last goodbye.

    Waiting to see you again. C_Y_N_T_H_I_A

  55. Aggie’s friend figured One Horny Chick with a van beat the hell out of two men and a truck at moving time. Smart guy as Howie Long would say.

  56. Ted… I don’t know how you did it (I’ll figure that out later) but you are now my Facebook friend. No aggie, it;s not what you’re thinking.

  57. Frannie, you are a lone cougar among wolves. Could be good or bad, depending on your natural instincts. :wink:

  58. Alas, the madding crowd is thinning and so now must I bid my farewell ’til the ‘morrow. You’re tire too, Frannie. Night Night

  59. Well dammit man—-I TRIED to get on here earlier–got a phone call had to leave—but still tried to get back in time—& wouldn’t you know it—just as I get here everyone is saying Goodnight!!! I GIVE UP. I can’t win. :lol: No matter what time it is—nobody is hanging out!!!! WTF??? :mrgreen: Is there a warning sign that pops up for you guys & gals that says, “Run she’s coming??” LMAO JK hahahahaha

    Hope you all have a great night.

  60. Weather for tomorrow–check. E-mail done—-check. Blog??—-DEAD—check. Well—-guess I’ll go to bed then. Whoever gets here later have a good time ALONE!! :lol: Check.


  61. Good morning all….

    Cynthia….I know the feeling. That happens to me all the time.
    It doesn’t matter what time of day. Every scatters when
    they see my name pop up.

    aggie…I’ve been up since 4:45. Cat wanted to eat.

  62. I won’t be here long….I have to do the grocery shopping.
    I don’t have a Phillip do do my shopping.

  63. My mind moves in all directions, but typically starts at chest level fans out from there one it gets the go ahead.

  64. I-70 ends in Utah just north of Beaver when it connects with I-15. Your map info for today compliments of Philquest

  65. You’d think Beaver, Utah, would be a great place to pick up girls but it is just a dot on the map along I-15 in central Utah.

  66. I guess the new post won’t go up until I’m gone.
    That’s the story of my life. Wait until I’m on vacation…
    I’ll be first every day.

  67. I thought I told you that even as a juvenile, I wanted a wet her pants doll, not a fire engine that squirts water? Why? I wanted to hang with the little girls, NOT the little boys. Nothing has changed in 66 years… I like girls!

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