Wasting away again in Margaritaville,

Don’t these cast-a-ways wish they were kicked back and having Margaritas on some island paradise. Well, they are on an island paradise, but in the jungle the mighty jungle the lightining strikes each night. However, if you ask the evicted Foa Foa cast-a-ways they might say it was Devils Island.  Devils Island was a penal colony on an island off the coast  French Guinea in the Carribean.
Meanwhile on the current penal colony of Samoa Island, starvation, disease, accidents, dehydration, some possible overwork but I don’t believe execution, wait a minute, we do have evictions, heh heh heh.
This  penal colony was first established during by CBS under the Jeff Probst Era, who needed an out-of-the-way place to tuck away suckers crazy enough to want to find a million dollar treasures. He also saw the penal colony as a means to torture these cast-aways for 39 gruling days.He required the cast-a-ways to live in the unbearable conditions and compete with each other doing weird and strange things called challenges to determine the weak and absurdly strange habits that would frustrate and humiliate all who were foolish enough to apply and be accepted for a period of time wihich could be a short  prison term. If evicted before 39 days they must remain on the island until all such harsh treatment was dealt out back in the prison. Foa Foa and Galu were the barrack names where these people were housed. Barracks chiefs were elected to rule their house of pain.

The electedcast-a-ways that were sent to Samoa Island suffered appalling conditions, many of which were worked as slave labor on the game show beach front, where they suffered under the overpowering, merciless tropical sun and from the ever-present harassment of such creatures as Devish demons. Those who failed to keep up with their work quota, winning challenges or felling trees to build shelters, had their already meager rations cut still further.

Even though the solitary confinement of excile island had been abolished from the punishment list, some members of one tribe were sent to invade the other tribe and find an artifact of redemption.

It’s been said that those who survive violent competition are subject to becoming a ghost and will reside in a limbo state until a live television show determines who wins the gold. If that is so, there might well be thousands of viewers haunting the living rooms of homes around the world to watch the once imprisoned cast-a-ways still who were unable to find their elusive final goal of being “The Ultimate Survivor” and for the rest of their  life toil in misery.

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  1. As penal like colonies go, Western and American Samoa don’t even make the C list. Unlike Borneo and other relatively uncivilized islands, the Samoas are quite modern by comparison. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Western Samoa where Survivor Samoa was filmed even has a bug abatement program.

  2. ITs 8:22 looks like a pretty good day out, Sal, its nice to see STeve Mcqueen again, i havent seen any of his movies in awhile, Papillion i have never seen. but it looks interesting.Hi everyone, all you dwts fans PHillip and Frannie, I think LOUIE could possibly get the boot tonight what do you think?

  3. PRINcess, YOU MEntioned last night about DOOL I never watch that show, im pretty sure thats FRANNIE your thinking of. K11 used confuse FRANNIE and I also ,I dont know maybe its the ie in our names.

  4. aggie… Me a DWTS fan :eek: My wife is a DWTS fan so therefore, according to her, that makes me a fan. Ditto Golden Girls, Momma’s Family, Iron Chef, Magic Chef and every other chef. But, Just because I like college football that includes teams outside of the state of Alabama, does not make her a fan and that’s final.

    Hard to say who goes from DWTS this week. all of the bad dancers improved this week so there was no obvious two left foot candidate.

    Side note: Hopefully they will add a new dance called the “swim” to the show. That way the DWTS judges’ bias against Natalie will be obvious if they point out that her stroke is not exactly what the judges were looking for.

  5. 46f & Fogged-In @ Friday Harbor
    Saw the Survivor preview for this week. Looked scary for Russell. Hope he doesn’t have to leave. SAL… Nice intro today… don’t forget Ashley’s X.

  6. I used to watch golden girls at one time, also mommas family bothwere funny .most of the golden girls are dead now, but their memories live on. Phillip I bet you really like the show like JUstaguy you dont want to admit it even he is taking alook at it now for the simpy outfits ,also it was quite funny when mormon Donny OSMond ,made out with BRUNO.

  7. aggie… I’m sure Donny told his Bishop (pastor) that it wasn’t really a kiss (even a hint of anything resembling gay behavior in the Mormon Church results in a ticket out the door) but that he was simply spreading the Gospel in Bruno’s ear to get a needed boost from God.

  8. aggie… only half of the Golden Girls are gone. Blanche (Rue) and Rose (Betty) are still kicking. I’m almost embarrassed that I actually know that.

  9. Morning all….
    Watched DWTS….they have too much fun don’t they? Liked the
    group hustle. Just like old times!!!
    Louie reminded me of the little guy on Jackass….can’t remember
    his name. He does look a bit short. I think Louis has improved
    some since last week, but will it be enough to keep him there?
    Melissa seemed like she was holding back. I think she better give
    100% or she may be gone.
    And Mya….she is fantastic. Also up there was Donny.
    We will find out tonight who the fans want to see gone.

  10. aggie…your right, I’m the (ie) that watches Days. It’s the only
    soap I tape and watch. There has been talk about it being taken
    off…..SAD day if that would happen.

  11. JT….why would you want to get rid of the guys on DWTS?
    Do you prefer watching two girls dancing those sexy dances
    together? Kinky stuff there fella :razz: :lol:

    Ok, so am I the only person that wanted Denver to win? I have to go
    with the Broncos because my son is so into them he just got a
    german shepard and named him….you got it….BRONCO :grin:
    He is such a cutie and a very good dog.

  12. don’t want to rub it in, but i will be wasting away again in Margaritaville, next week in key west. & fantasy fest………….but i will be watching this weeks show…………

  13. BB9 Winner Adam Jasinski Busted On Drug Dealing
    Posted: 20 Oct 2009 07:28 AM PDT
    If Julie Chen asked most Big Brother winners how they planned to spend their half-million dollar prize money I doubt many would admit any ideas of funding a large-scale drug ring. BB9 winner Adam Jasinski has broken the mold.
    Jasinski was charged on October 19th with possession of oxycodone pills with the intent to distribute and could be going away for a long, long time:
    Authorities say in court papers that Jasinski had nearly 2,000 oxycodone pills on him when he flew from his home in Delray Beach, Florida to Logan Airport.
    Authorities say Jasinski, whose nickname is “Baller,” flew into Massachusetts with drugs hiding in his pants. Jasinski allegedly confessed that he had been selling thousands of oxycodone pills all along the East Cost over the past several months, and had been funding his enterprise with the $500,000 price he won from the “Big Brother Season 9” show.
    If convicted, Jasinski faces up to 20 years imprisonment and a $1 million fine.
    It’s hilarious that they even mention his nickname. Well, if any past winner was sketchy enough to use the prize money to start-up a drug business I guess it’d have to be Adam “so the retards can get together” Jasinski.
    Hmm, looks like he’ll be needing a swing at the next All-Stars to help pay that fine. Either that or a cage match with Chima! Bets on who would win?

  14. His nickname will fit perfectly in prison…..if you know what
    I mean. :grin: Hey Baller, just don’t bend over to pick up that
    bar of soap.

  15. Here in American Samoa there is concern over the absence of sour cream. Tacos, baked potatos, even lovers of true chicken paprikash are lamenting this (hopefully) temporary loss.

    Meanwhile, 22 inch rims are must accessories for slades, land cruisers, sequoias and, of course, Navvies.

    From Pago Pago,

    John Wasko

  16. fp2… Baller meets the boys from Butcher Holler’. The “Deliverance” is forthcoming soon on pay per view.

  17. In the jungle the mighty jungle the lightning strikes each night….
    Good one Sal. How do you come up with this stuff? Great job
    by the way.

  18. Now a look back at the day I should have died.
    Quit smiling Ted.

    I had taken the Eastern Shuttle from DC to New York on Thursday afternoon May 15, 1977, and spent a few hours in our New York Office before checking into the Waldorf Astoria to get a good night’s rest before flying to Paris on Friday to meet with a client, Velcro SA. I was to meet up with my friend and associate, Dave Toomey, at a specified time on Friday for our flight from JFK to Paris. We agreed that to save time we would meet on top of the Pan Am Building and take the helicopter shuttle to JFK, our usual routine.

    Don’t know exactly why, but I got restless Thursday night and went to Charley Brown’s, one of my favorite NY bars, and one thing led to another and ultimately led me to a young lady’s flat in Floral Park, Queens. No need to go back to the city in the morning, so I called Dave and had him pick up my travel case at the Waldorf on his way to the Pan Am Building and I would just meet him at JFK when he arrived from the city.

    This is what I missed:

    Helicopter Crash Kills Five and Injures 13
    On Friday, May 16, 1977, a helicopter accident killed five people and wounded 13 at the Pan Am Building.

    Passengers had paid $25 to ride the 30-seat Sikorsky S-61 chopper from midtown Manhattan to Kennedy International Airport. The flight was to last 10 minutes.

    Several passengers had already boarded the aircraft and a dozen stood waiting when a landing-gear attachment malfunctioned. The helicopter began to tilt, its blades cutting into some of the passengers in line.

    Four people waiting in line to board were killed. Parts of the helicopter rotors ricocheted from the roof of the building, soaring nearly two blocks and killing a pedestrian on the corner of 43rd street and Madison Avenue. An additional 13 people were injured.

    A witness described the terrible scene in a New York Times article: “There was nothing but screaming and metal glass flying.” Another bystander reported, “Everyone threw themselves on the floor. There was blood all over everyone.”

    I would have been the fifth person killed standing in line with my associate, Dave Toomey, who was literally cut in half by the rotor had it not been for me going out late at night AGAIN chasing skirts and ending up where I wasn’t supposed to be. That time I only wish I could have hooked Dave up with a lady over in Queens too.

  19. SAL, what a shocker about ADAM ,I ACTUALLY liked the guy, how stupid can somebody be, he was suppose to give some of that money to charity which probably was total BS. Now i wish Ryan would have won.

  20. aggie… It was a sad day, indeed. First total disbelief when I got the news at JFK and then shock and sadness when the reality of it all set in later. Dave Toomey was a proof positive that all too often only the good die young.

  21. FRANNIE, I think it could possibly be LOuie this time, That little guy from jackass you mean the dwarf, LOuie is short but i dont think hes that short.

  22. aggie… Louie probably is only around 5’5″ or so. A low and bulky center of gravity gives a natural advantage to trick snowboarders.

  23. PHILLIP, I am surprised LOUIe wasnt better with the dancing ,considering his athletic ability the dancing should be easy for him but i guess not ,unfortunately. Iliked the guy, i m not sure why but i did.

  24. Figure skaters would be expected to be graceful dancers. Most athletes, however, are strong and have endurance but are not necessarily graceful.

  25. HOw embarrassing for CBS, they have had a few porn stars on there now Adam the drug dealer with 500,000 dollars you couldnt come up with a better way to make money, how sad and embarassing for your other family members.

  26. YEAH PHillip, BAller WIll be getting lots of BALLING in prison, he will be someones Bitch sooner or later, I almost feel sorry for him.

  27. Sal…is this another secret? I thought we were all
    friends here.

    PK…so sad about your friend. You know….they say
    everything happens for a reason. All I can say is you
    had someone watching out for you that day. Wow…it
    must have taken a long time to get over that, if ever.

    aggie…I didn’t mean Louie looked like the little guy
    because he’s short. He looked like him in the face and
    with that hat thingy he was wearing.

  28. aggie….bottom two tonight….Melissa & Louie.

    I will watch Biggest Loser for 2 hours so I will be
    taping DWTS. I hate when everything comes on at
    the same time.

  29. FRANNIE, I think LOuie is cute, their is something about him I think I like the personality. and he is way better looking than the little dwarf guy, I have to say. I hope he doesnt go tonight I think I would rather see Melissa go .

  30. Me too aggie, at least he has personality. Melissa is so
    quiet. She needs to take a chill pill…hehehe

  31. aggie…we will just have to agree to disagree. I am
    sticking with Ryan. That’s ok…we’re entitled to our opinions.

  32. Yea and by that time….I go upstairs to watch my shows
    and everyone gets together to have a blast.

  33. Hi,
    I just stopped in to drop bombshell regarding Adam of BB
    I should have known you guys would be all over it.
    Now I have a question, isn’t Adam the guy who worked with special needs kids/adults and was going to use the prize money to help them??? I could be wrong but I think it was him
    Well if that is the case he somehow got misled along the way.
    Hope all is well with you guys, talk to you soon
    Mama Margie

  34. hey aggie…weren’t Baller & Ryan supposed to start
    some kind of business together? Well, I guess Baller
    started his own little drug business all by himself.

  35. i guess there is little left to shock me.
    I am now off to see the biggest loser, I am torn between dancing with the sluts as my best friend calls them lol and the biggest loser. Happened to Hells Kitchen also, I do so love all my realty shows lol they all seem to be on at the same time…
    Tell everyone i said hi, will talk to you guys soon
    mama margie

  36. fp2,… LOL! Funny comment earlier about my “kinky” wishes of having the women dance together… not a bad idea. I guess you do need the men on there.. although I’m not so sure that all of them prefer to be dancing with women (no judgement.. just an observation). Nice to see Margie “pop in” again. Maybe she’ll do so more often now that she sees the casual format of discussion.

  37. ADAM… not surprised at all. He always had a nervous “tick” about him that SCREAMED.. “drugs!!”. I know that aggie and I had this discussion during BB11.. but I was really hoping that Ryan would win. Ryan is no saint, but given the 2 options.. Ryan all the way!! He really got screwed that season. He only received ONE vote to win! WTF?! The jury HATED his GF (Jen), so they voted against Ryan. That’s a hell of a system! Like Jen or not, Ryan clearly played the best game. I think “Baller” put the charity stuff in his speach to help himself win. Maybe he did intend on making a donation.. then learned he had lost his job over his STUPID comments. Does anybody actually know if he did give some of his money?

  38. JT, I did like ADam for some reason, I guess it was personality, I thought it was funny the way he and sheila argued, like an old married couple. I just didnt like ryan ,maybe it was because of JEn THe weird thing is he ended up breaking up with her.I doubt he gave any money to charity it was probably BS.

  39. Aggie, I do agree that watching Adam and Sheila bicker was hilarious! I also liked watching “Batty Nattie” bicker with Sheila…. dragging her all over the house counting sh#t.. classic. Seems that people that argued with Sheila have been making the news lately.

  40. Sal, cool lookin’ “secret” flower. It has all the same colors as our trees do now with Fall in full swing.

  41. I cant believe they got rid of Natalie and Alec , she wasnt even a bad dancer so unfair I really thought it would be LOUIe or Melissa.Fans of the show you have to vote at ABC.COM I did yesterday. its the only way to keep people you like on.Everyone gets like ten votes apiece ,you can vote for as many asyou like.

  42. JT, I liked Sheila she seemed to be a more fun person after the show. she seemed to have alot of down time at times on the show. she was someone who could tell alot of great stories, but she didnt seem to want to talk alot about herself on the show.

  43. Sal, great intro. Did you see the snow in Beaver Falls the other day already?

    Aggie, I agree, Louie should probably go but what a bod on that kid for one so young.

    Absolutely PK, I thought I was just imagining things but I also feel the judges have a bias toward her. Maybe it’s her cute innocent smile and she’s an Esther Williams look alike to boot. I like her.

    I’ll keep reading.

  44. Aggie, I thought the same thing that Louie should be a good dancer because of his athletic prowess. However, his feet are strapped to a board all the time.

  45. starfish.. LOL. I agree, some of those “throw-back” uniforms are throw backs for a reason….. THEY WERE FUGLY!! That’s why they changed them in the first place. Take the throw-back uniforms and throw them back into storage! It’s nice to honor 50 years of the AFL, but our eyes can only take so much!!

  46. Hey Mama Margie, I forgot about that. Yes, he’s the one who was going to help special needs kids but he’s also the one who called them retards which really got everyone going as I recall. He’ll get his and I hope Bubba likes him a lot! :D

  47. Sal, thanks for the heads up yesterday regarding the Playmate mags. We’ll be going up there this weekend and I’ll put them all in boxes to see what kind of shape they’re in and take a look at the dates. They’ve been in those filing cabinets for I don’t know how long. At least since 1993 when my brother passed and we empied his apartment and moved all that stuff to my parent’s garage. This is a humungous job! Besides, the nude pictures of girls in two or three 2 drawer filing cabinets isn’t my idea of a great afternoon.

  48. JT are you seeing the entire puppy or just a face? The face is old, I’m trying to get my new picture up.

  49. I see the entire puppy.. cute little puppy face to cute little puppy feet. Appears to be sitting on a light green towel on a beige couch.

  50. How about my avatar gang? Are you seeing the old justaguy?… or the new and improved one complete with a fresh coat of white paint?

  51. Wow, I see him now too. You got it exactly right JT. Green towel on beige couch. Gotta have a towel since he thinks he’s a lap dog. I may have mentioned before but this puppy is 11 mths old, 70 lbs, breed is Bouvier des Flandres and he’ll probably gain another 20 to 30 lbs. My other Bouv weighed 105 lbs. Great dogs!

    I emptied my cache in IE, also from my control panel and then booted my computer. Finally, it worked. WoHoo

  52. I think we’re the gang right now. :lol: I’m going to watch NCIS now so talk later and I won’t call you Hon. How about cutie, sweetie, darlin, pumpkin, or handsome. :lol:

  53. That’s a picture of myself from a couple years ago….. right after I thought I had seen a ghost!!…. turned out to just be a sheet hanging up to dry!

  54. Yankees-10 Angels-1 … not lookin’ good for California baseball. Dodgers and Angels are down 3 games to 1.

  55. STARFISH, cute dog im not sure what kind of dog it is but it looks similar to my sisters dog whos a cocker spaniel. About all the playboy memorabilia ,you ought to consider EBAY ,their are always collectors that would be glad to buy pictures or old magazines.

  56. Aggie, he’s a Bouvier des Flandres. Way bigger than a cocker spaniel but I’ve had them too. See my post @ 8:56.

  57. Hey everyone,
    I’m here for a bit. Anyone there? As for the intro—great as always Snake.

    PK what an awful story. You definitely had an angel on your shoulder that night dude. Sooooooooo sorry about your friend Dave though. That is the kind of thing you never get over. It WASN’T your fault though. I know people say there is this plan & everything happens for a reason, & most of the time I believe that but sometimes, I think the plan screws up & shit just happens. Not much comfort for you I’m sure. But be thankful ok?? Dave is in a better place I’m certain.

    As for Baller, WOW!! Will he go to prison in Florida or Massachusetts? Florida will put him in Federal prison for sure. He’ll be out in no time depending on who he rats on. You don’t pull THAT kind of weight by yourself, so he didn’t do this alone. As for Massachusetts, have no clue what their penal system is like. The fact is Baller got greedy. Here in Florida ONE pill goes for $1 per milligram. So if he had 60mg pills he was making $60 for one little pill. In the right area & in the run of ONE week, he could have easily made his paper & sat down. But GREED is a beiotch!! What a waste of a life. Plus IF Florida is where he made his “purchases”—depending on his contacts—he may never make court because these guys down here don’t play. If they think he will rat them out, the next thing you will hear is he is dead. It’s stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

  58. Well ok, I’ll try again later today. But I know the morning crew will be up soon, so good morning Aggie, PK, Snake, Ted, & all. :lol: Can’t remember evrybody. They say the mind is the first thing to go eh??

    See all of you later—hopefully. :lol:

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