Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games….

 This will finish up the active Foa Foa Tribe


Mick Trimming (33)   Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.   Occupation: Doctor
Mick Trimming (33) Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Doctor
Smart, funny, charming and a doctor, Mick is every single woman’s dream and every single man’s nightmare. At 33 years old, this Idaho import is a resident anesthesiologist at UCLA who takes great pride in his intense occupation.  He is highly motivated to do whatever it takes to win the million dollar prize in order to pay off the hundreds of thousands that he owes in student loans.

With all of the stress in his life, he candidly describes his perfect day being one where he is able to sleep in until 7:30 (or maybe 8:00) a.m. In addition to reading trade magazines, he enjoys the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and the ones hidden underneath his mattress.

A man of humor, another one of Mick’s pet peeves is when people cannot admit they are wrong.  He also admits that the quickest way to get him angry is to throw dirt clods at him.  Definitely a conversationalist, topics that are off limits to Mick are ridiculous situations that people find themselves in, and he absolutely refuses to talk about the sexual escapades of people’s grandparents.

In addition to his desire to pay off student loans, he hopes to buy a vacuum cleaner with the winnings. Oddly enough, the wildest thing he would do to win would be to “give a homeless person a tongue bath” but he would never go as far as disabling someone … well at least not permanently.

Currently, Mick resides in Los Angeles, Calif. His birthday is May 10th.

Mick was interviewed by Andy Dehnart on August 31, 2009 for the website Reality Blurred


Elizabeth Kim (33)   Hometown: New York, N.Y.    Occupation: Attorney
Elizabeth Kim (33) Hometown: New York, N.Y. Occupation: Attorney

Elizabeth Kim wasn’t born in this country, but that is not stopping her from living the American dream. “Everything I’ve gotten to this date has been out of pure determination.”  Emigrating from South Korea with her parents at age two, Elizabeth grew up in Franklin Lakes, NJ and is the elder of two children.  The first in her family to go to college, this Ivy Leaguer’s positive outlook combined with her determination has served her well in life helping her to earn degrees from Barnard-Columbia, Princeton, and University of Pennsylvania, Law School, where she served on Law Review.

After several years of practicing litigation at a top New York City law firm, Elizabeth now works as an urban planner in coordinating and managing industrial real estate development projects for New York City government, although just how much she’ll reveal to her fellow tribemates is still up in the air. “I’m not sure I’m going to tell people where I went to school or that I’m an attorney.”  A self-described “social butterfly,” Elizabeth sees herself as an “outgoing people person” who is opinionated and passionate about life. She admits that this behavior often leads to her being blunt with others and putting her foot in her mouth, and that her biggest challenge will be “being assertive without being abrasive.”

A runner and avid tennis player, Elizabeth tries to stay active as much as possible.  She recently completed training for a marathon, and is looking forward to tackling the game’s many physical and mental challenges.  

Currently, Elizabeth resides in New York City. Her birth date is November 24th.

Elizabeth was interviewed by Andy Dehnart / September 13, 2009 for thewebsite Reality Blurred

CBS Video of Meet Elizabeth

110 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games….”

  1. Mick is the loss leader. Hopefully he will see past his nose before Russell H is the only remaining Foa Foa survivor.

    Haven’t seen enough of Elizabeth yet to really have an opinion about her.

  2. All I can say about MICK TRIMMING, Is what a HOT GUY HES pretty much got it all Ladies ,hes the JEFF of SUrvivor.ELIZABETH kim, IS an attractive talented woman ,Who pretty much has it all also.IT is 7:38 now in CHICAGO ,55 degrees their was a pretty bad storm last night, I thought we were going to loose power but thank god we did not.

  3. F Ben… “You all” is yet another of your convenient talking out of your big fat ass (any color) generalizations.

    As I stated in an earlier post that apparently flew through your empty head , “Where have you been dude? Most of the ghetto trash, hooker, and ketchup eating sandwich bitches a public defender friend of mine in DC represents are white. Only their pimps are black.

    I frankly don’t give a moose turd who you are or what color you happen to be. It’s your unabashed ignorance that I do find disturbing, however.

  4. The only thing I had decided was you were an asshole. who cares what race you are! YOU also are assuming, no different than those you berate!!

  5. Way to say Phillip!!! I kinda like the doc, but I’ve had a thing for a semi- retired psychitrist for years. Not so sure I give a rats patootie about Liz. Still don’t hate Russell, but I think the big clock is tickin loudly for him to be caught in his own web of lies.

  6. franniep2 September 27, 2009 at 5:30 pm
    THIS WAS POSTED 9/28/09 at 5:30 AM not pm
    I copy and pasted to answer AC

    AC…I picked NY Giants. WON 24-0. That means I’ll
    get to stay in for another week. Thanks for asking.

    franniep2 September 27, 2009 at 5:36 pm
    I was kinda hoping for Baltimore to lose because a loss
    would have knocked out 12 people. It would have included
    my own daughter in there with a loss. Oh well, everyone
    has to get out for there to be a winner. So far, no one
    has been eliminated this week. I think 1 person has Dallas
    but I picked Dallas to win in another weekly pool.

  7. F Ben… I stand corrected, I should have said “Most of you all”.
    and I probably should have said, You are entitled to your opinions, regardless how devoid of substantiated facts they may be, but I’d rather just say get the fuck out of here and take your third grade attempt at sarcasm along with you on the way out…

  8. One more thing…isn’t it amazing how big a low life can act when
    saying things online. He probably walks with his tail between his
    legs in real life. A sissy girl!!!

  9. F BEN… You couldn’t hit a nerve on your best day. But it is truly worth multiple HA HA HA HA’s from our group of bloggers continually laughing at you for even thinking anything emerging from your lame brain ever could hit anything, particularly anything remotely of interest to anybody.

    Now F BEN, consider yourself on IGGY ad infinitum.

  10. Phillip Knudsen September 28, 2009 at 11:53 am
    F BEN… You couldn’t hit a nerve on your best day. But it is truly worth multiple HA HA HA HA’s from our group of bloggers continually laughing at you for even thinking anything emerging from your lame brain ever could hit anything, particularly anything remotely of interest to anybody.

    Contradiction Ms Knudsen – You keep responding therefore it is of interest at least to you.

  11. Hey PK…..looks like it’s just me and you on here today.
    Oh, and a nasty gnat. SWAT…………………….

  12. AC, yes, i did clear my cache, several times!

    k11, hope you were happy with my response to football. at least you know i’m in washington!

  13. it is really far beneath my integrity to respond, but this one and only time i will give you a passing nod.

    F-off Ben. You are not of interest to the intelligent, articulate people here and goading us into a response is childish and a waste of my keyboarding skills. therefore, i will not deign to address you again.

    THE princess.

  14. Blog Basics 101… There is a BIG difference between responding to a fellow blogger and holding a self appointed class jerk up to continual ridicule.

  15. Sorry SS. I didn’t mean to leave you out. I know you’re always
    here. You are like Big Brother, always watching.

  16. princess, Washington, DC or Washington state, sister? Redskins or Seahawks? Either way, Sunday was an “L” for your team. k11

  17. sorry k11, it was posted late yesterday’s blog. no, i will not translate that into english or american…

    love ya,


  18. F Ben said…

    Can you imagine if Jaison had said those words about Ashley how you all would react.

    The problem with this proposed rhetorical reality is that Jaison has class, something Yasmin and Ben are obviously both sorely lacking. And to assume most white people like Joe Wilson (“You lie”) is preposterous. So you think most white people like that fucking douchebag? I am starting to see the real problem F Ben–you think backwards with your race being the predominant factor. We’re all pink on the inside and you know homegirl was asking for it the way she went at him. They are both doomed in SS. But certainly fun to talk about in a blog about a reality show, eh. And let’s have a show of hands of those who got to vote on what shade their pigmentation is? Thought so. 0. The same number of passes Terrell Owens caught (made $405K for Sunday) against the Saints yesterday. And is anyone who disagrees with your silliness–here and in Life–deemed a racist? Seems you’re making it all worse and not better. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror tonight and think about who you really are. You are proving your own point. People are people and should be judged on their own merits and deeds. May be time for a mental re-boot if you have it in you… k11

  19. Sal (and Freda), That’s no sausage brother, that’s like a 10-pound burrito! I won’t say anythind bad about your/our Steelers as I listened to it on sirius radio yestrday. Okay, maybe I will. Trade Limas Sweed. Start Mike Wallace. Give Big Ben a dancing class. Score more points when you can. Get another RB. Okay, enough. What I have noticed over the last 5 years is that everyone has their best game against Pittsburgh. And at 1-2 with SD coming to town, we all know the Steelers need this one to stay on track to even make the playoffs. What a league! (Except Skins, Lions, Bucs, Raiders) Toodles! k11

  20. snake, i LOVED today’s heading. On my computer, it’s Welcome to the jungle, we got fu….

    hmmm, freudian? fun, was not my first thought at finishing that sentance.

    we haven’t been able to talk much! just wanted to say hi.

    OMG, i can see kevin’s sausage with a wrapper. a little risque?

  21. is there ANYONE in the known universe NOT listening to Buddy Guy (Sweet Tea). the REAL deal as far as blues…

  22. princess, Wasn’t princesss the name that Chima called herself onBig Brother 11? And how did you know I have green eyes 8) sister? Imagine that, a Purple Man with Green and Yellow eyes who’s Pink inside. Guess color really does matter…And the red M&M taste the same as the brown M&M’s anyway so I’m sick of all the hype. If we could all go way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way back in time, we’d see we came from the same so why are we wasting time talking Crayola?

  23. princess, Assuming my big burrito is a sausage is something between you and yourself! 8) And Buddy Guy? Does it get any better? And a Chicagoan to boot! Love Buddy Guy and saw him back-up the Rolling Stones here in Sin City years ago in one of the most memorable concerts of my Life. Can I say I love Buddy Guy here? Cool. Buddy Guy is the shit. Now time to go back to last night and read what who inferred. By the way, do you provide Cliff’s Notes for your posts so I don’t keep getting so lost in the translation? The avatar–as I wrote last night 8) (gotcha)–is a baby and a burrito. The burrito is the one on the right. k11

  24. K11… I used to write and jam with several black musicians at Howard University in DC. Van McCoy (The Hustle) but also a great jazz musician was a friend and died way too soon, and Eddie Drennon, still the greatest jazz violinist on the planet IMO. Some folks who continually butt in everywhere the play the race card sure would not want to hear what Van and Eddie, both well educated and honorable black men, used to call the predominantly black criminal element hanging out on Georgia Avenue anytime I even as much as hinted at going outside alone to get a burger or a soda.

  25. From princess, late last night…

    hi, k11. thanks for the confirmation on the avatar. on yours here i see shambo! never did see PK’s pic of lucky. i’m in washington state so seagulls or seahawks, something like that. there’s some sorta baseball team too, a friend goes to games in seattle and i think there’s a basketball team, too.

    princess, My bad. Should have gone back and read late last night’s posts. Some sorta baseball team? You have the Mariners and my man Ichiro Suzuki. and your NBA team, the SuperSonics fled to Oklahoma City with my main man Kevin Durant. What are you a woman or something? Bet you have a deep collection of scented candles at home! 8) And Thank Buddy Guy, no hidden meanings! My head hurts! Send p!

    aggie, The experts? There are no experts girl. Just people, like myself (Las Vegas based handicapper and writer) who think they are! (Enter soundtrack of my bookie laughing right here). I suggest you listen to myself, Sal, justaguy, PGA Dok, AC and PK over the experts although you are the one pulling the trigger. (Thank God you didn’t listen to me with the Skins!) If you worry too much about what other people think in your pool or the so-called experts (Fuck the experts, they should be picking against the spread, not straight-up winners anyway), you will certainly bow out sooner than you want. You’ll see. And any expert picking the Bears to beat the Lions ain’t telling you nothing that baby in my avatar couldn’t tell you…I have lived in Las Vegas 18 years now and can tell you there are no experts and that nobody wins in gambling in the long run. I wrote about that deeply on the BBBlog, something FRANKS understood perfectly. Thinking too much in Life can end up being a bad thing. And being a fan of a team can be a dangerous thing in pools and betting sports. Think with your head and not your heart. And please let us know Friday who you end up taking, as I wondered all day yesterday who you had… k11

  26. K11… I also jammed with Roy Buchanan (white male in this case) in DC and Maryland. He is considered my many blues critics to be one of the best blues guitarists ever. He too, died way too young, hanging himself in a Northern Virginia jail after a booze related arrest.

  27. PK, Love the musician references, you make me feel young! And they don’t make music like they used to, eh? And won’t tell you what my good friend (who justhappens to be Black), the head maintenance guy here at the complex said last Thursday about hiring black people as it would appear his words would seem to be racist. But he’s black and always tells the Truth. So I can relate to what you went through with the “Georgia Avenue” thing. People are all different. And can I say as a white man that I generally love black people? Most of my idols in sports have been black, several of my friends are black and I can guarantee you they love the honesty I put out there that most are scared to dish in this PC-world. Honestly, it’s the filthy rich white people (lobbyists, lawyers, politicians) that scare the shit out of this Caucasoid (whose family is half Latin American)! And I guar-ON-tee you I am not alone on this front. I work hard on not thinking with my sausage or my skin pigmentation and let my brain do the heavy lifting. And PK, what color are we in the Afterlife? You know. Same as it ever was brother…

  28. PK, I would love to hear some Roy Buchanan blues. Funny how blues gave birth to rock n’ roll and that zillions of white artists like Elvis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones all embraced and gave credit to their start to the many black blues guys from the USA who motivated them with their music. Remember after The Rolling Stones played a concert I saw in Chicago in the 80’s that Mick Jagger and Keith Richard headed straight to the Checkerboard Lounge on Chicago’s South Side to jam with Buddy Guy provide the simplest point we are trying to make in all this–that Game recognizes Game…and skin color is really a non-issue for those in the know. Better to worry and change things we can do something about than fret about stupid things we can’t change. Or, a 5-5 dude shouldn’t want to be 6-5, or hate someone 6-5 for being born tall. Beatuty is in the eye of the beholder and would a giraffe think someone 6-5 was “tall”? Or they were not worthy because they didn’t have spots or a long neck? Giraffes are smart. They don’t waste time worrying about stupid shit.

  29. KEVIN, I am NOT into sports at all But being from Chicago I will always root for my home team The BEARs Anything they win Is fine with me.

  30. Hey Keven 11…..it is me and not aggie that plays in the
    suicide football pool. Do we look alike or something? I was
    going to pick Eagles but my heart said to go with the
    Giants. I will let you know who my pick is just as soon as
    I enter it. I don’t take what the experts say, I just listen
    to what they have to say. Yea, when you said go with Wash.,
    I said that worried me a little. Something was saying not to
    pick them. I only do this for fun.

  31. Oh no…say it isn’t so. I had him going far in the comp.
    There’s still some good ones left. We will see. Maybe
    they give him something so he can get through the night.
    I did’nt hear, what happened?

  32. k11, answering them as they come along. how could you guess i was a girly-girl. yes, scented candles in my house (condo) and a sofa with pink and cream flowers. 10 needlepoint and petitpoint pillows on couch. 11 fluffy decorative pillows on bed, plus 4 to sleep with. it musta been the comment i left after the part of the blog i posted. took two bathroom vanities to hold most of my cosmetic collection when i moved in here 6 months ago!!

    one friend who helped me pack up part of my closet kept calling me Imelda. still have boxes of jewelry that are not unpacked. sorry, that’s probably as boring to you and Eagles and Steelers and Green Bay Packers are to me, unless i dated one of them. no, that was a Dallas cowboy not an Eagle, but the rest are correct. another life ago.

  33. I am not into any one type of music or group, EXCEPT…
    The Eagles. I usually burn songs onto a CD so I have only
    the songs I like. What music I once had, I lost in the divorce.
    That’s ok. I like a lot of the music of today.

  34. k11, and you too, PK, kevin, you are leaving SO much out of your ‘birth of the blues scene.’ yeah, muddy waters and howling wolf, but the english blues scene with Long John Baldry, still my hero, was responsible for Elton John, Rod Stewart, and The Stones.

    LJB found Rod Stewart in a train station playing harmonica and took him on the road with him and mentored him. Elton John, then Reggie d, was his piano player. Long JOHN Baldry is the John in Elton John. Elton was another blues man. Eric Clapton credits LJB for his interest in blues. EJ plays piano on one of LJB best known albums, It Ain’t Easy. He produced one side and Rod Stewart produced the other side. the song “someone saved my life tonight” was written by EJ/Bernie Taupin about a conversation LJB had with Elton John when he was engaged to be married and just couldn’t go through with it. “you nearly had me roped and tied…” EJ also credits LJB with coming to terms with his own sexuality, since LJB had been “out” in the late 50’s and early 60’s when it wasn’t cool.

    did i mention that when they were starting out the stones opened for LJB?

    ok, enough.

  35. K11… Do you remember Virgil Carter, my old college bud at BYU (I used to toss the football around with him to keep him focused, lol) who went on to briefly play for the Bears. He really was the first of the “air it out” offense quarterbacks at BYU even before Lavell Edwards became head coach? Before Carter, BYU had it’s own version of North Carolina’s Charley Cho Cho Justice in Eldon Fortie who at 5’9″ and 165 pounds was the quarterback who gained more yardage running with the ball than he ever did passing it. Clever and evasive as he weaved and bobbed down field avoiding one tackle after another unlike another drinking bud in DC, John Riggins, who chose to just run over defenders. You’ll get a charge out of this Kevin, since your situation has you puffing as needed, I would actually witness Riggo puff through a full pack of Winstons on any given OK to go out on the town night during the regular season. But he never claimed to be a long distance runner, did he?

  36. franniep2, I thought I was addressing you. My bad. And not the first time that has happened! You know who I meant. And yes, you and aggie bear a striking resemblance (avatar-wise). Where do you live fp2?

    On the avatar, It’s small but hard to see. The NASCAR Cafe here in LV offers like an 8- or 10-pound burrito that you get for free if you can eat it all. The picture is of an infant baby next to the burrito, to show how big the burrito is (Was on an episode of Food Network’s Man vs. Food. Will change it tonight, as it is confusing (but funny) and I need to pick my Game up to keep pace with our very own King Avatar, Augustus Cole. Oh, the possibilities….

    princess, Your a pararphernelia (candles, needlepoint and pedipoint?) freak, eh? Reminds me of someone. And I didn’t want to write an encylopedia on the Blues roots but anyone worth their salt knows where it all started, JJ Cale, Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson (?) really lived the blues so writing and playing that music came naturally as opposed to our devolution where cellphones, the Internet and TV have created a reality where no one really does Blues like they did the Blues. Music was all they had and they perfected their craft, much like Pablo Picasso painting all day long. Anyone that can make their guitar talk like those guys are legendary, and we should enjoy the guys like Buddy Guy and BB King while they are still alive and displaying their artistic craft. Funny how a couple stupid comments from a dork can spark a conversation about the Blues and how integral it is to what some of the greatest music ever made (rock n’ roll). Keith Richards knows this better than anyone I think. And Motown didn’t hurt either! R-E-S-P-E-C-T Gotta go. Have a lovely lilac throw pillow I need to finish crocheting! 8)

    <I used to worry alot
    I used to hurry alot
    I used to stay out 'til the break of day.

    DWTS Fans, May Tom Delay vanquish from my TV screen tonight. And may Ms. Krupa head this way to Sin City to dance on my cranium.

  37. Lost a long post for first time in weeks. Either computer betting squirrely or server. Addressed franniep2 (know you’re not aggie, was going too fast), princess and DWTS. Too dizzy to try and re-type it all. Maybe it will post.

    The avatar is of a big burrito and a baby but now I am going to change it as explaining it 4x has left me weak… Send help…

  38. PK, I do remember Virgil Carter. (There goes my keyboard again…Forgot how hard this can be sometimes) And I loved John Riggins (#44?) as he figured why run around people when you can run right through them? He and Larry Csonka were my favorite FBs but I imagine you got to see Jim Brown and some of the other greats from a postiton that has devolved basically to a blocking back. Sorry ladies.

  39. k11, you’ll just have to post your long post, hmmm, again. you can’t leave all your “girls” hangin’ and just address your man, PK!

  40. Don’t fret ladies, K11 will NEVER put granddad before his lady friends. Don’t blame him either… :) Must be some sort of Las Vegas neon and laser induced techno overload eatin’ his lady posts.

  41. Well I’ll be, some numb nut just screwed up K11’s name. Typical for that numb nut come lately though, you think?

  42. F Ben, At least my perceived stupidity is original. And people here know who I am and where I live. I don’t need to hide or change my handle (observer) so blogererettes have no idea who it is taking stupid pot-shots to defend some douchebag on a reality show.

  43. F-off Ben. i told you i wouldn’t deign to recognize your existence in this world but leave KEVIN alone. you have absolutely no friends here if you take on one of our own. this is not a site for your personal attacks and you don’t know k11 and thankfully, never will.

    your ignorance only serves to prove the point that your being on this site is a useless waste of energy and space. much like your dick.

    get the fuck away from k11 and stay away. you really don’t want to piss me off. i can out think you, out type you and the IQ points on this site will mop the floor up with you – you entitlement driven piece of guana.

  44. IT is apparently crying out for attention attention or a diaper change… But there is no IT… IT isn’t. Just wants to be. Too bad, so sad. Not…

  45. let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that “IT” no longer exists in our world.

    way to go, aggie, girl.

    agreed, PK

  46. F Ben,

    Wish all PK’s Black buddies from the past could talk to you face to face and teach you a little something about Life. But you may still not get it. And what was your name on the BBBlog site? Could you reveal it? Or do you feel more secure being vague? You onviouslyhave some serious issues with white people. Probably best to take it up with those who have made you so bitter and not this group of decent people who make up this Survivor: Samoa site.

  47. agggie, It’s important in F Ben’s small mind to keep his perceived racism he-she sees here so he-she can justify being so fucking bitter. And F Ben, you’d fit in much better with the Klan as they’re all about hatred and quite obviously, so are you. Go Chima!

  48. hey, k11,sweetie, did you catch my post above about the English blues scene? it’s really true, i’ve done my homework.

    got to listen to joe cocker’s let’s go get stoned on the way to work. haven’t heard it in 10 years and it’s still good.

    also playing warren zevon to keep my head on straight (is that an oxymoron) at work today. a little buddy guy, a little tom petty, a little candi stanton, she’s got a new CD out. WOW!

    also going back and forth leaving messages.

  49. aggie, k11 and i know each other from a completely different blog site and yes, i adore him and will not tolerate having him demeaned in our space.

    wonder where AC is tonight?

  50. aggie, Maybe you and fp2 were right after all–it may be Chima. Thinks the same limited way. My Rx? Meet some different people than the crowd you’re hanging with as they probably make it OK to think so narrow-minded.

  51. I have friends at Howard
    I have friends at Brown
    and both stress education
    not more IT just dumbing down

  52. aggie, i’m sorry i’m no longer a DWTS fan. i do like the show, but had to give it up for Biggest Loser. the last season i watched in full had Lisa Rinna, who used to be on Days of Our Lives and was one of my favs. i understand she got in such great shape, she and her dancing partner opened a dance/exercise studio. i wonder if that’s still going strong. looks like REALLY hard work, and when they get on the floor, they make it look easy!!

  53. F Ben, Believe it or not, my sheets are black baby and I am white. And if you’re not black, than I’m not white, right genius?

  54. princess, Hard to believe girls like chocolate and boys like boobs. Thanks for the love, sister. It has reached CHRIS-like levels of ignorance.

    PK, Only wish this douche could see what you’ve seen in your Life. Doubt it would have the onions to apologize, a trait classy people have.

    F Ben, Still haven’t answered what your name was at BBB…Wonder why?

  55. F Ben,

    And your (latest) name suits you perfectly too–aimed at a stupid, racist white guy on a reality show with the “F” word before it–after you changed it from “observer.” You two belong together,

    Still haven’t said what your name was at BBB. Keep hiding fuckhead.

  56. I AGREE PRINcess, KEVIN is one of the best people on here, i have much RESPECT for him.LISA RHINNA AND LOUIS VON AMSTEL her for partner from D W T s, DO still run a Dance studio together, she was one of my faves in her season.

  57. Hey guys

    Just got finished reading all of your blogs today. Boy, F Ben is really getting people dander up. The language. Maybe that’s only what some people understand. Anyone who doesn’t have anything positive to say, ever, is not someone we should be paying attention to.

  58. i wish people who posted on this site could spell or use proper grammar, don’t you, PK. i remember on the BB site there were long discussions about the use of grammar and it not being necessarily related to any socio-economic group. it just makes the message lose any credibility at all. i hope we get to compare travel stories sometime. although you have a few years on me, i can’t make many of the same claims to fame but i have had some interesting times in my past.

    so far, all i’ve read doesn’t seem that our paths have crossed, but i do see a few similarities.

    i keep wondering what Thursday will bring. i actually hope they stop focusing so much on E. Russell and start giving us some info (beside yoga) on the purple (Galu) tribe. Poor Shambo, she would never see Yoga as real excersize (sp??) lol!!

  59. Ben did make racist remarks, however, Yasmin was no Angel herself. I wouldn’t defend either of them. It just week two we may have a different perspective on things in the weeks to come.

  60. IT is all anybody needs to wonder about. Wonder why it insists on being the perpetual ass hole. Though I am a fervent advocate of free speech, I really do think it is past time for BBBlogger to cut the cord on IT and send IT back to stupid is as stupid does land.

  61. F.ben , You are about as clueless as one could get, I know your really CHIMA or one of her family members, Because she was an angry little BITCH just like you.

  62. kino, we all agree! nice to see you. you don’t seem to have as much time to post as you did on BB, but it’s a different vibe with only one show per week.

    i don’t know if you’re into Amazing Race, but it was a GREAT show on Sunday. one of the best openings i’ve seen. i know i said that about SS but i really mean that – so much better than the previous Survivor that left 2 people on the “outside” fighting their way back in.

  63. “F-off Ben. You are not of interest to the intelligent, articulate people here”

    Intelligent? Articulate? More like a clique with way too much time on their hands.

    Have fun.

  64. I try to look in at least twice a day to see what’s going on, otherwise it takes too long to read everybodies blog. Yes, I’m watching Amazing Race, Survivor, The Biggest Loser and when the Apprentice comes back I’ll be there too. I tried a new drama tonight called Trauma on nbc was actually pretty good.
    It’s a long way until Thursday. It gives us too much time on our hands to talk about everything else.

    K11 Hey

    How old are you? Don’t answer that. I was just saying because of all the things your able to talk about.

  65. I just can’t seem to keep up with all of you. Briefly scrolled through the posts, just don’t have the time right now. I know you love to respond to idiots and I can see you all are doing a wonderful job with that.

    K11 I lost my job nearly 2 years ago and still not working but supervising the care of elderly parents is taking so much time and then all I want to do is dive into whatever book I’m reading. Also, take care of grandchildren whenever possible. Sooo, I’ll pop in every now and again otherwise, I’ll for sure see you all for BB12.

    Snake I’ll for sure read the bios which really give us a good feel for the islander.

  66. strfsh, REALLY happy to see you here. missed you! hope you pop in and out so we can keep in touch.

    kino, with only one SS per week we can always keep up with our other interests mixed with SS. that’ll kill sometime before next Thursday. went to work today and someone had to remind me it was monday. wow!

  67. DWTS was really good, DONNY, AArON, AND MAYA did the best. I say PROBABLY TOM DULAY or KATHY IRELAND WILL be LEAVING,. SEVERAL other people have potential also.

  68. kinogirl September 28, 2009 at 8:20 pm
    Hey guys

    Just got finished reading all of your blogs today. Boy, F Ben is really getting people dander up. The language. Maybe that’s only what some people understand. Anyone who doesn’t have anything positive to say, ever, is not someone we should be paying attention to.

    Words of the wise, kinogirl. “Someone we should not be paying attention to.” And he-she can’t even remember what he-she said Friday about the BBBlog and won’t respond to it. Can’t make stupid people smart. Thanks for jumping in Philly, we need you when some people start seeing things through their skin color but refuse to say who, what or where they are. You know we all know each other here and he-she stirring it us is exactly what IT wants. You said it best last week and today IMO–both Ben and Yasmin are idiots, and may be racist in their own limited way. Wonder if they’ll ever interact again on SS. What was great, was that Jaison didn’t buy her BS either and he could care less what color she was. Classy dude. k11 8)

    How dumb is IT?

    I never commented on BB you were nastier than Nat – hypocrite.

    And I never inferred you did, I’ll go back and cut and paste IT’s comment I WAS referring to.

  69. kinogirl, 49 but made much wiser than my age because of this blog! But honestly, the older the get the less I know. A smart human realizes we all really know nothing. And all we’ve done in my Life is go to the Moon. Whupty-fucking-do! We have Moon dust. 8)

  70. starfish, Glad to hear from you. Use your time wisely and sorry to hear about your job loss. My goal for the BBBlog next year is that you, me and kinogirl are all employed. We need to go 3-3 on that front. Hopefully the world will change a little. Keep Hope alive. And send the Valium Truck! 8) k11

  71. Here are the first two posts I was referring to from Friday…

    observer September 25, 2009 at 10:36 am
    It is funny how the author went on about Yasmin being a biatch like Nat, but seems to agree with Ben calling her ghetto trash, ketchup sandwich eating.

    I see only 2 similarities between Nat & Yasmin thet both have a big mouth and ………

    F Ben September 25, 2009 at 11:40 am
    where are all the people who called Chima a racist(rightfully so). Ben is a racist, he call Yasmin a ghetto trash, hooker, and ketchup eating sandwich bitch.

    Now that the tide is turn you all are hush hush.

    I bet this will not be posted because it is not what the moderator wants to hear.

    BEN IS A RACIST and hush hush from you all

    So anyone wanting to call Ben a racist had 64 minutes to do so or be deemed a HUSH HUSHER from our boy here. And the same words in back-to-back posts but under a different, now mean-sound name? Clever. Never could have figured that out. And what I was inferring, was if the poster said “where are all the people who called Chima a racist(rightfully so). that he must have been on the BBBlog to think that’s what the masses thought. Now it seems, he wants to forget he inferred he was on the BBBlog, and demanded the blogfolk here to call Ben a racist for what he said. If my eyes don’t fool me, at least 4 people said Ben was a racist, and at least 4 more said he was an idiot. Hard to remember what you wrote when you’re trying to pretend to be someone your not and hide from yourself. Seems he was more mad at the day’s post and not the 64 minutes of HUSH. at least he could say Chima was a racist. although I’m not so sure Chima thinks so. Chima’s grandmother nailed it. And there were no Nat referneces so remember two things: The posts stick and Reading is Fundamental. Peace. k11

    No more wasted time on this silliness. Should listen to justaguy and kinogirl’s wisdom. Real things to do. And God I miss gobbki!

  72. love the way you do that kino. justa is working 80 plus hours per week so not around here so much. but i heard it will only last a couple more weeks at most and he’ll be back to regular hours. then we can all torture him with our nonsense!!

  73. Mick may have a good strategy for being a calm, level headed leader who can fly under the radar which seems impossible for a tribe leader. Might work if he knows how to be cut throat at just the right time.

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