We’ve got a new attitude!

A Foa Foa win may change the outcome of this game. Even Russell doesn’t seem like the devil anymore. They seemed like a team while they celebrated and that might help them. To me, even though they haven’t won anything until now, Foa Foa has looked more like a team than Galu has. Galu seemed to be headed in 3 different directions in their camp. The workers, the slackers and the Yogi Bear Yogas! Good ridence to Yazmin, she may have been a good competitor but you also need to work around the camp to keep  your team fed and in shape to compete. Shambo is a good worker but seems to be making some bad choices at times. Dave has a big ego and it might  hurt him if he starts making comments.  Russell looks like he wants to take charge, but with 8 other people he might have trouble getting his way, look out for stones rolling downhill there Russell. Eric now with Idol#2, he can start to play a different game now that he has immunity, maybe?   We’re still not clear on the immunity idols be found by the team that wasn’t supposed to find them. The Galu girls seem oblivious the fact that there is a game going on if they aren’t at the challenges. The bikini babes of Galu, we need to make a calender for 2010!!

Foa Foa, Mick is running the team, RIGHT??  Russell looks like he has run out of things to do to his own tribe. Hopeful so now that they look competitive. Jaison, now that he has a taste of winning seems to be ready to go again. The girls will follow the boys and pray that they can  keep up the winning. They look like better hunters and have eaten better than Galu. The rain is going to be the biggest factor in the game, it will drive you crazy living out in it and not being able to cope with such a drastic change from what is the norm in their daily routines. Look for at least one person to get sick within the next 3 weeks and have to be med evicted from the game.

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  1. RUSSEllh, is not going to let any of the guys take over ,if he has anything to say about it, anyone that gets in his way will probably be gone. he is al.ready disgusted with JAISON ,if he has his way he could be the next to go. The Galu tribe, yes DAve does have somewhat of an ego problem, I could see several of the guys on that team struggling for some sort of power, The 90210 yoga bunch really crack me up, I have never seen anyone go as far with that as they do ,T he only one I can think of is COACH at one time ,with all his meditation B. S.Have agood day everyone, It is now 7:18on a cold saturday morning, It is only 44 here, and way to many leaves on the ground.

  2. It’s 8:26 here and the rain has finally stopped. It is 36 degrees
    and as I say, “colder than a well diggers a$$.

  3. Oh Sal….you always come with secrets. Now we have to
    wonder who will get sick. I don’t even want to try and guess.
    Feels like a soap opera……the cliffhangers always keep you
    coming back. Good job snake.

  4. We need to send out a search party for k11. Hopefully all
    is well. We are all worried about you.
    I am going to assume you are checking in to read the post
    here so I want to tell you which team I am picking for the
    football sucide pool. Well actually I haven’t made up my mind
    100% but it is between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia but
    leaning more toward the Eagles. Whatcha think???
    If anyone thinks one over the other, feel free to chime in :)

  5. Oh yea….the teams I have already picked and cannot
    pick again are:
    New York Giants
    San Fran

  6. Cynthia, did you change your e-mail lately for this blog?
    I found your posts, they were marked as spam and I cleared them for you!!

  7. snake….there are about 25 people left. The first 2 weeks,
    no one was eliminated. The third week, about 9 were
    dropped. Last week, only one.
    Still don’t know who I’m picking but I have until 10:00
    tomorrow morning.

    Thursday was a bad day for St. Louis fans. The St. Louis Cardinals lost, Mizzou lost and The St. Louis Blues lost.
    Now waiting for the Rams to lose tomorrow. Hopefully the
    Cards can pull out a win today or they will be out of the
    division series. Fingers crossed….GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Frannie, you have got me beat with the weather ,it is 46 here, Sal, now you have me wondering,who will be gone because of weather conditions, I dont know even the strongest person can be taken out because of weather conditions,They should of had the show somewhere with better conditions.

  9. FRANNIE, AS far as K11 thats the mystery question, I have no idea what happened ,he has been a regular on here for along time. It is really strange, who knows what happened, I just hope everything is o.k. with him.

  10. Well, I’m sorry to see Yaz go… only because she was so funny. But, if I had been voting I would have written her name down too. Ben said he had never watched Survivor and I’m sure Yasmine never watched either. That’s one of the problems of Central Casting. But, I sure as hell would have done a cram course if I had been selected, like some in the past have done. And what is the big deal about Monica… yeah, she was a little slow on the rope, but she was the first one stacking boxes when they got them loose. So… I guess they would have time to pick up the dropped boxes and stack in those secs. she lost. Looks like Shambo is really out of the loop with Galu and Out of the Loop with Reality. My daughter thinks Shambo blew her throws on purpose to impress Foa Foa… that last one was pathetic. Dave has impressed me with some of his comments, but has the potential to be a loose cannon maybe. Hopefully people will think he is an eccentric and he won’t piss them off. Best line of the night… ‘the chicken laid the egg, not Shambo’!!! Best laugh of the night… Russell crossing the rope!

    I guess the survivors were told to show up in their work clothes to start the game… is that right Snake?

    59 and Sunny @ 4:28 in Friday Harbor

  11. YES I know. They have been sucking lately. It’s not over till
    it’s over. Who am I trying to kid. They need to get their heads
    out of their a$$es and start playing some baseball.

  12. I agree with you Ted. I think Monica did the best she could.
    She might have a fear about walking on the ropes. I’m sure
    they shake a bit under their feet. I doubt that Russell S
    could have done any better.

  13. Signing off for awhile. I’m going to go watch the game and
    ROOT ROOT ROOT for the home team. Maybe I can send them
    some good vibes.

  14. REally some of these people that come on there should have done their homework, they should have watched passed seasons to get afeel of how the game is played,then some of them dont have aclue ,because they have never seen a show.I wonder If the ROcket scientist, is going to try to step up in a more leadership role.

  15. AH aggie, the rocket scientist doesn’t have to do anything
    but sit there a look good. Seriously, we haven’t seen too much of him yet to say what he’s like. Hopefully we’ll get to
    see more of them that tend to sit back and nap alot.

  16. YES FRAnnie, The rocket scientist is agood looking guy, BUt I think Mick the doctor ,is the hottie for this season, Him I like alot.I hope he is able to hang in there. No matter how he does, he is nice to look at.A little eye candy for the ladies and some guys to.

  17. Mick is good looking but John is the hottie. I don’t remember any other season where there were this many cute girls
    and good looking guys. There are a lot this year. Maybe
    the producers were hoping for an X-rated show.

  18. SNAKE—-thank you for finding my posts. No I have never changed my address for this blog. WOW!! I didn’t realize I tried THAT many times. THAT’S probably why they were marked as SPAM, because I was trying like hell to get my 2 cents in. PLEASE delete the repeats on the Oct. 8th spot so I don’t sound like such a retard ok?? hahahahahaha Please just leave one ok?? It was the first time I had a legit opinion about the show & I couldn’t get it posted. LMAO

    So how is everyone tonight?? After reading today’s posts, I’m ready to be ill. JK!! All of this cold weather everywhere & I’M MISSING IT!! Rainy & muggy here in Florida!! It sucks!! LMAO

  19. Hey ladies, we do have some eye candy this year don’t we?? YEAH!!! But as bad as I HATE to admit it—Russell H. has the sexiest eyes. That or it’s just been too damn long for me, ya know?? hehehehehehe

  20. Hi CYNTHIA, Yes indeed ,we definately have some eye candy this year, I always thought Jeff Probst was cute too, I like the dimples.HEalso has a great body, if you have seen him without a shirt, as far as RUSSELL H goes, the eyes are nice but its the only nice thing about him, its hard to believe that guys amillionaire he is so classless, he didnt even fix his missing tooth which makes him look like white trash.

  21. FRANNIE, IT would definately make it a more interesting show, if it were X RATED, now were talking. a little spice for the folks Its o.k. with me thats for sure bring it on.

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