What evil lurks on the shores of Samoa?

     Who knows what evil lurks on  the shores of Samoa, Jeff Probst knows. Heh-heh-heh-heh.     And tonight so will we, It comes in the form of a short stout man named Russell. Mr Evil

Russell Hantz ,36   

Hometown Dayton, Texas

Oil Company Owner.






Russell’s personality speaks for itself when he proudly displays a missing tooth that he refuses to fix!  This married father of four is visually memorable. Standing tall at only 5’6”, he is built like a brick house with a bald head. At 200 pounds of pure muscle, Russell’s solid figure and sharp tongue has helped him carve out a multi-million dollar business in the oil-tanking industry.
     A huge SURVIVOR fan, this self-made man built his business from scratch by working hard, speaking his mind and stepping on anyone who got in his way. Russell won’t apologize for his style of game play either saying, “I’m not going out there to make friends. I’m just not doing it. But everybody is going to think I’m their best friend, because I’m just such a lovable character.”
     Russell can’t wait to get in the competition and show “these morons how it’s done” and he “plans to play the game dirtier, smarter and more cunning than anyone can imagine.”  It is those skills that have allowed him to achieve his biggest accomplishment in life and that is being able to provide for his family.
     Russell is married with four children and currently resides in Dayton, Texas. His birth date is October 10th.

The face of evil is in a reality game. Soon we get to judge this man on his game play. Is it a good move? Is there such a thing as a “Dumb Girl Alliance”? Is he the Puppet Master?

When interviewed before the show he said  “I like the strategies, all the blindsides, the wittiness, the backstabbing. It wouldn’t be a show unless that was going on. Me, I control every aspect of my life: I control my family, I control my job, even my friends, and I feel I can bring that to this the game. I’m going to control each and every  individual out here. Matter of fact, you can call me the puppetmaster.”   He said “it’s necessary to control people without even knowing that you’re pulling the strings,” and one can accomplish that, he said, if “you make it as miserable as possible for everybody out there, you can beat ‘em.”

     Will you love him or hate him for such game play? I’m not sure about me, but this Survivor has the possibility of being unlike any other season we have seen. We have 19 other cast-aways to choose from to take him down. Who will side with him and who will go after him and how long will he last with such a strategy?

So, tonight begins Survivor Samoa and I can hardly wait for the outriggers to come ashore a the game to begin.

I just want to thank BBBlogger for letting me help him out with his SS Blog. I know a lot of y’all will be discussing the fine points of Survivor here. I’m going to post twice a week, Friday after each show and at the beginning of the next week. I’ll try to give you the lowdown on a new houseguest of interest.

As for you newbies, if y’all have any questions, just ask and I’ll try to make this a great experience. There is no game like Survivor and we will have a week between shows to discuss how we would play the game, who is making dumb moves and of course pick your favorite character to root for.

This post brought to you by snakebit sal.

Since these cast-aways will probably start dropping like flies, I’m going to try to post a new cast-away a day so y’all can know more about them before they get voted out at a tribal council. Unfortunately, someone will be gone tonight  so their info will not be needed. I would hate to be the first to go on a show where i’m halfway around the world!!

158 thoughts on “What evil lurks on the shores of Samoa?”

  1. I cannot even begin to tell all of you bloggers how much this has added to the BB experience and, I am sure, it will be the same here…This Russell sounds like the BB Russell with, possibly, brains? Looking forward to this evening.

  2. Looking forward to meeting the new castaways this evening. Already having withdrawl signs as BB11 came to the finish. How many followers of Survivor would like to be able to check in on it 24/7 like Big Brother? Wonder if that will have be made available? Anybody interested in watching the cast more than one hour a week?

  3. It sounds like it will be interesting. Russell is a wild card and he may suffer the same fate as Ronnie from BB who came on too strong, too fast.

  4. I am looking forward to the new season of survivor, I have seen every one of them, this one looks like it could be an interesting one. This Russell guy, I have a feeling once they find out his occupation they aregoing to want him out of there. UNless he doesnt tell them.

  5. hi every1
    It appears Russell it going to be nasty, and his using what happen in N O to all the people to gain sympathy is low. I hope they vote him out early.

  6. Can’t wait for the new season!! I’ve never missed one and loved Survivor from day one. It’s already set on my DVR in case I’m away from home. It’s nice to have a place to discuss it without spoilers. I love the suspense of finding out who will be kicked off — just wish we could se behind the scenes about true personalities like with B.Brother.

  7. Hi all

    I think this will be an awsome season of survivour, this Russell sounds lik an idiot it will actually be interesting to see how far this domineering stratagy will take him. I am not sure if its just me but this guy sounds like a huge bully and I am not so sure how well others will take that, but nothing surproses me in this game so I cannot wait for tonight!!

  8. I’m looking forwrd to meeting this Russell. His lie to gain sympathy reminds me of Johnnie Fairplay…I LOVED hating him. Give me fun trickery and I’m onboard. Russell from BB11 was thought to be downright mean but HE was just playin his game…didn’t work to well for him, and people still can’t stand him. WE SHALL SEE what itty bitty, fireplug Russ is about starting tonight…I’ll be there.

  9. Aggie, what difference does russel’s occupation make. He’s an oilfield hand that bought a small rig. He isn’t no rich man. oil field is a dirty, hard job. you take a gamble when you drill a hole. There is not a true garantee that the hole will fill. 90% are dry. I LIKE THE DIRTY PLAYERS. Look how Rupert started out, He took the other teams shoes and traded for food and comfort when told they were pirates. One of the best moves that early in a game. GOTTA LOVE THE BAD BOYS!

  10. So I have a question….

    **raising my hand**

    does SS blog mean Survivor Samao or Snakebit Sal?


    I am excited for this blog this year….I know it will rock!

    Peace, BBBlogger

  11. Sounds like Russell has himself upon a pedestal and oh how I love to see someone with that attitude get knocked off their pedestal! I can see that he thinks a whole lot of himself…….but it remains to be seen what others will think of him. He will no doubt bring drama but if he is a bully and considers everyone else to be beneath him………it will be sweet to see him get a real dose of reality. Here’s to a great season of Survivor! Oh…..if this Survivor Russell is controlling with his family and friends than in my opinion……he won’t be playing a role in Survivor……he be playing himself! And I agree with Betty….under those circumstances…..I hope he’s out early….maybe even first! His ego would be sooooo deflated! LOL

  12. Take out Russell. I myself will be pulling for Ben. I am in a Survivor
    pool and he’s the man. A little added bonus…he is from Missouri. I
    too am from Missouri, however, not that close. GOOOOO BEN!!

  13. Hey SnakeBite or Bloggerman.. I need to be subscribed to get the email notification but cant seem to make it work.. I want to be notified that there is a new blog daily.. HELP ME please…. wwwwaaaaahhhhh..
    kim mitchell

  14. Oops one more thing.. Sal is it houseguest or Islandmates? Just messing with you.. With us just leaving BB11 I figured you were feeling a bit of a loss…

  15. Wait a min.. I have a question..
    Now this is my first season here on the blog but I watch Survivor each year..
    My understanding is that this has been going on already and we are seeing recorded weekly shows..
    The show has actually ended and the winner will be revealed at the end of this show.. Right or wrong..
    Sooo basically that is why we can not have live feeds.. I had the live feeds for BB and love them.. But honestly there is no way we can have the live feeds for Survivor.. Besides can you imagine how they would rig that one??? LOL
    Just my thoughts.. Sal do you know?

  16. They are either completed or almost done. All shows are recorded which is why so many spoilers show up on the spoiler sites, things get leaked by cast-aways or crew, who knows.
    Things to watch for: Who finds the immunity idol(s) and who makes the biggest blunder, lots of floaters in this gaem!!

  17. Greetings everyone…I am so excited to have a Survivor blog..I also have watched every one since the very beginning. Snakebit Sal, thanks so much for the info about contestants. I missed the TVGuide channel show (yes, I know it was on several times and I just waited too long), and usually the TVGuide magazine has a page or two about all the contestants but not this year, so I have written down everything you wrote..I keep notes during the shows (I know…I have no life).
    I think all the hype they are giving Russell from Texas is overkill and he will be one of the first to go, OR he will win. See you all on the boards. Happy day everyone.

  18. Sal, What’s up Snake. Didn’t I see you somewhere else about 11 minutes ago? Good luck with the blog man. Off to a good start. 8)

    Kim, You made it sister! Wonderful. Not sure I’ll call you by the new name as I lnow you as Kim Mitchell, so take it with a grain of salt. This season promises to be fantastic. And can we hate Russell as much as Chima or Natalie? I doubt it, but we’ll see. He sound liks a bad man! Love ya. k11

    prosen, What’s percolating? If you didn’t see it, I addressed you 12/21/12 question late last night in the BBB. We can plug the BBBlog here, eh BBBlogger? Thought so. Check it out prosen, you’ll like it I thimk. I am a very cynical person by nature. Look forward to continuing blogging with you here. May need to plug my avatar in. Let’s see… 8)

  19. Kim, You’re spot on. The show has already been recorded I’m almost positive and the weekly shows we’re seeing have already happened. And how would the Producers know this Russell dude is so evil had they not judged his adtions in the context of the entire season? He must have made it pretty far. Survivor is the best, along with BB, reality show in my opinion. Wonder if we’ll get the same flow here, with 1 show weekly as opposed to the 17 NN had weekly plus your live feeds. And aren’t you and your husband glad all that mess is over? Deep breath Mrs. Mitchell! 8)

    BBBlogger, Seems typing in this comment box is way easier than the fight I had/have on the BBBlog. If there is something different in terms of software, hardware, whatever, I’m telling you as a fucking Luddite, this is way better. You may know why. Love it. So maybe technology ain’t so bad after all and some of the hamsters I thoiught wer in my computer at BBB were actually a reality of the O/S, or something? anyhow, much easier to type and post in this space. Big ups to you Man of The Mighty Blue Screen. Let’s do this all over again. k11 8)

  20. Cynthia, aggie, hpr56, Great to see you guys here. This will be different, but extremely entertaining But bad for me, still out West and 3 hours behind the curve. Let’s have some more fun. k11

  21. Hey Franniep

    I am in a survivor pool as well and guess what???? I have Russell. OMG what are we in for???? Sounds like a blast

  22. k11.. this is actually my yahoo name and the name I usually use on all blogs but I had linked my facebook acct to the BB11 blog and my name flowed over.. Never did figure out how to change it so I just went with the flow..
    It really dont matter to me which name you call me by as long as you dont call me a Ho.. hee hee hee….
    I am excited about tonights show.. I actually want to like this Russell and be on the opposite side of the track here and be a bit of a villian.. We shall see.. The devil is coming out in me..
    OT.. I wonder if we will ever see or hear if Jeff takes Jordan and what becomes of their relationship. Also, I actually would love to hear about Gnasty, as long as it is to hear the Jason dumped her ugly, hateful, nappy, lying arse… :) That was for old time sake…

  23. Hi Kids.
    Not sure how much of Survivor I will see this season. Haven’t watched it in a few years. I will however stop in and say howdy now and then.

  24. k11, good to see you. i left an answer to the “k” question on the last day of BB Blog. hope you saw it.

  25. Kim, Don’t forget that Jeff is on The Bonnie Hunt Show tomorrow. May be a good idea to tape it. And you want to back Russell when you don’t even know what he’s about? We’ll see how that evolves/devolves! Hope all tha gang starts leaking over here and it is pretty sad to see the BBBlog closing down after all the fun we had <———— that wy in the past. Was great to meet you, Star, starfish and justaguy that first night in the BBB. As have said before, had that first night not been so intoxicating, I may not have returned for another drink. Thanks again for the Cyberlove sister and muchas gracias for all you did this summer to keep us all update (and fighting) the Live Feeds. Much appreesh. k11 8)

  26. My first blog at the top said,”Your comment is awaiting moderation”?

    I didn’t say anything, I just posted 2 ‘Smileys’

  27. Well now, the ladies et al got the skinny on Russell as the one not to trust (making deals with everybody – Ronnie with a bigger gut) so what do they do? Vote out the source of the truth about Russell.

    Stupid is as stupid does, ya know….

  28. Lost my first post. Oh well, happy to be here. Great to see all the “old” BB folks. Sal, loved your comments up top. Good stuff.

    Let’s see if this one posts.

  29. Texas Russell will be the true villain this year and will probably be around for awhile, he is sure cocky as hell and his lies will catch up with him.

    Kevin and Kim you are right and I believe by the time the show starts getting Jury members I think the show has already been concluded because they have interviews of those that are eliminated on the CBS morning show.

  30. I thought they closed “Devils Island”? Apparently ‘Papillion’ wasn’t the only one to escape from there!

  31. Ok saw the show and totally hate the Russell guy from Texas, N O or where ever he is actually from.. I think he is a cajin coonass.. What do you all think??? He really is trying to be the worse villian around by doing some of the things he done tonight..
    I was really hoping that Marrissa would hang around longer.. Guess the Russell dude worked his magic on the other memebers…
    I think that Russell and Gnasty should be tribe members and see who gets who first.. Oh hell forget that.. she would not last on Survivor.. she would actually not have her own bed.. hee hee hee
    Well I am a bit disappointed with the show tonight but I know as I get to love and hate the islanders I will get into it much more..
    Ok folks.. Out to go Walmart walking.. this old chick needs her exercise.. hee hee hee hee..

  32. Anyone who says he “controls” his wife and “everything” around him and admits to being a control freak, doesn’t sound like my favorite player. However, the biggest bullies are the biggest babies and I’ll lay you dimes to donuts his wife rules the roost. He’s just all blab as far as home life goes. We’ll see how his survivor persona plays out. Big talk sometimes small brain. :lol:

  33. What gives I put in for this bad boy to show up as east coast time and I’m rocking billy goat mountain times? Jeff Probst aka BBBlogger aka Man of the Blue Screen how did that happen? This site definitely operates at a much faster pace. Maybe all that Zipp Fizz I gave to Kev11’s hamsters wound up in the main water supply.

  34. Okay. Thanks for clearing that up. However I can be a

    I’ out for the night. 4:30 comes around to quick. It’s 10:00
    in Misery (Missouri)

  35. p2, Thanks. I’ll go back and read it. Watching SS now, hard to figure out much 14 minutes in. I as on until like 1am PT but it must have been after I went to sleep. 8)

  36. EET, No Snatch Hatch, Just watching the first competition. Seem slike both teams have 407 players. Some hot chicks on the cast. That’s very nice. 8)

  37. starfish, PGA Dok, FRANKS, Kim, skellygirl, It’s 8:24pm PT, 11:24pm ET and no one in this blog has said Foa-Foa and Galu. Let me be the first to say, Foa-Foa and Galu. Unsure which teams I like or player yet. Shamno scares me. Don’t tell me I had to be the first to say the name Shambo!!!… Eeeeeww! Hep me. .. k11 8)

  38. EET, I can’t believe it. I think I may like this bad Russell guy. (There’s a cool Russell on the other tribe.) Kim, maybe you were on to something. He’s entertaining to say the least. Peace.

  39. No Snatch Hatch??? But I heard he go married…. To a women no less! Some not-too-bright lady from Argentina but he couldn’t get permission to leave the country be with her because of his parole. I guess the lady lucked out there!!!

    Gobbs, and we know “No Snatch Hatch” is you Gobbs. could “No Snatch Hatch” be a play on words for you? Is Gnat a little POed about not getting Jessie’s vote and just not in the mood to put out right now? Count you blessings man is all I have to say…

    Now, Russel… What an Ass comes to mind and I pretty sure the satisfaction we didn’t get by seeing The Gnat evicted will be rewarded when they blind-side this jerk.

    Gotta love CBS giving us people to hate… First there was Gnat, now Russel and we’ve always had Katy Couric.

  40. bulwinkle. You’re right. The more I watch, the more the bad Russell seems like a cruel fool. Pouring the water out and burning a sock? Reminds me of, umm…… 8)

  41. EET, FRANKS, You’re right EET, There’s something weird about the posts. I go to PREVIOUS COMMENTS and go back a 2nd time and it has a bunch of stuff all you guys wrote (PGA, FRANKS, EET) hours back I think, And do you see just three posts when you log in and have to hit PREVIOUS COMMENTS to read all? Something is weird, off. And EET, that’s why I didn’t read Shambo before, it wasn’t there even after 2 refrehes of PREV COMM. Hope it looks more like BBB flow.

  42. @EET, yes loved the show. You’re cute! Don’t know which team I like yet. Foa-Foa or Gulu? WTF who knows. As for our charming Russell, well he be an A$$hole of the large kind. Emptying their canteens and doing things that actually hurt the TEAM is stupid since they have to work together to win comps.

    As for Snatch, we can play with him just like we did with Gobbki. Of course it was mostly you guys but I’ll give it a shot too. It’ll be fun to trade barbs with another “I can do anything”. The other one is on the island. Justsayin.

  43. K11, EET & Franks really weird the order of the posts. Gotta go back and then see more that somehow ended up in the middle or something like that. Very weird.

  44. EET, Right now the last post above my Comment here is your Shambo
    answer yo my question I dodn;t get to see. 6:32? It’s 9:12 in the West and tou answered that question years ago! So it’s like if I was reading the whole day, I’d be resposding to you saying the below, right now!!! Something’s off

    ————————————————–Right Above “Leave A Comment”
    Evils Evil Twin September 17, 2009 at 6:32 pm
    Team colors… Her name is Shambo (WTF?). She’s a middle aged former marine who’s more of a man than I’ll EVER be.


  45. it looks as though the blog is allowing 100 posts per page and it automatically jumps you to the end, so if you haven’t read the earlier posts, yo need to click previous comments… I lied the BB blog way of doing it better, just lists them all on one page.

  46. starfish, Glad you’re seeing it too girl. Can’t even concentrate on show because of choppiness. Didn’t see posts from EET, p2, FRANKAS and OPGA, then saw them like 3-4 hours later. Hard to communicate this way. Hope you get to read this. LOL 8)

  47. Hey I like shambo, give a girl a break here. She’s not eye candy but she’s tough and maybe even smart compared to some of the eye candy. My dad was a marine so I have respect for her. There’s a physicist or something who’s great eye candy for the girls but I’m not so sure he’s one of the strongest players. Looked like he was struggling to me.

    I’m pretty open to all islandrats right now except the self-named ‘puppetmaster’ who I’m definitely leaning toward not so much.

  48. bulwinkle, But when I go back and read PREVIOUS COMMENTS, stuff from way earlier that I would have read magically appears. I’ve refreshed or bounced at least 24 times here and it seemed the posts are different”falling in”? starfish, EET, Anyone? Is it just me?

  49. @k11, yep, agree, too choppy to keep track of the posts. I lost my first post mentioning all our fellow BBBloggers and it’s somewhere in cyberspace. It may change to BB format just all on one page. Keeps us on our toes though. :mrgreen:

  50. Don’t worry guys, i’m having the same problem. Will have to ask BBB if there is a way to change it.
    Is anyone still getting moderated when they post??

  51. I said earlier that I like this site.

    The problem we are having is that it is ‘Choppier’ than a ‘butcher shop on steroids’.

    I can see blogs then when I try to come back I can’t find them!


  52. Lets just go back to BB Blog and post survivor comments there… I’d rather see Jordan pict then this russel guy anyway… :)

  53. ok, till i can get BBB to check things out here is what i had to do read comments. When you come in it takes you to the end of the comments. If you want to read old posts you have to click on previous. Once back at the begining i had to reload the page and not refresh(refresh kept me on the same page)
    Pain in the ass and I hope BBB can correct it.

  54. Al ready can’t stand Russell, what a jerk,and why didn’t anyone catch him at this, he should have been the first one to go, what a slob!!!

  55. Ok did I miss everybody AGAIN?? (Pout) Dammit man. ANYWAY—Just wanted to say–I already know who I hate on this season’s show. That damn sawed off, munchkin, fraction of a whatever he is, Russell. He certainly is NOT a man. Not a REAl man anyway. If I could get him alone for about 10 minutes with a weapon, I’d change his mind about control. What a JackOff!! I guess I hate him so bad cause he reminds me OooooooH Soooooo MUCH of my ex-husband. Just proves money can’t buy class.

  56. Well now that that is out of my system, great job on the intro Snakebit. And HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO everyone. Told you I’d be here.>8-} Oh joy huh?? LMAO


  57. So far so good

    I can not wait to see who will have strong personalities so far we only have one. Russell. The really cute guy on the other team that sucked at the first challenge swimming seems like he’ll be another character. Watching the Survivor preview Jeff said he strikes him as a poser. (Some posing for the cameras on the beach all the time)
    We’ll see. Did you check out the black chick with her high heels on? I have to admit Russell does kind of have a shock factor for me. That Katrina story had my mouth wide open when he said none of it was true.

  58. I thought tonight was a good show. Funny how Russell voted for Marisa for team leader and Marisa voted for Russell in the beginning. Then Russell was key in getting her voted out at the end.

    Russell might be the villain, but he sure was fun to watch. At least he didn’t slack in the comps. That sucker sure is quick for his size, the way he sprinted to those logs. And the 1st over the ramps.

    Favorite Quotes:

    “It is day 1 now, and I got an alliance with the dumb short hair blonde and the even dumber long hair blonde” “I like to call it my dumb ass girl alliance” :lol:

    “This is a dog eat dog game, and we’re all wearing Milkbone underwear.”

    Galu Tribe:
    “Galu, Galu. Galu is in the house. Galu, Galu. Galu is in the house.” <~~~~Made me get up and start dancing. 8)

  59. Hi everyone, glad to see a familiar cast of characters! Not sure I like the layout of this, I want to see what everyone has to say!Hopefully this can be fixed so it’s the same as the bbb. Hey Prosen, I’m housebound too but only because I’ve been downsized, yuk!
    Since I CAN’ T SEE everyones comments I’m gonna try and remember but I think it was Frannie who said she is watching too much reality tv, well don’t worry sister, I’m right there with ya!! I especially can’t wait for the Amazing Race to start! Is that gonna be on a seperate site snakebit?? I know we will want to talk about that!

  60. Gotta be honest here! Now I remember why I stopped watching Survivor…it’s just too edited for my taste.

    They made it the “asshole Russell” show! I don’t want to see some schmuck for the hour. Let’s show the other Russell………good guy.
    How about Mick and John………..good looking guys.

    I don’t like the way they let someone get away with basically stealing…taking socks?….and just basic grade school behavior.

    IDK…..might give it another week……but I don’t think I can stomach Russell the idiot!!!!
    But…I will still come in and say hello……unless I can continue to type on the BB site???? LOL, would anyone answer me there????

  61. Apparently, I’ve been successfully screened, investigated, sniffed, and unspammed so my posts can now be published… :)

  62. That sniffing was uncomfortable huh PK??

    So do we get daily email alerts from this site like BB?

    I agree with what others were saying….I like it when all the comments are on one page ! I’m sure the mighty and powerful BBBlogger, Jeff Probst, etc..can help!!

    Bulwinkle………hope to see you in here today……..have something weird to tell you!!!! LOL

  63. Was Russell one of the people irradiated by the UFO in Dayton back in 1980? Sure acts like someting is loose. By the way what is oil-tanking industry? A fancy name for tanker truck driver?

  64. Rocket scientist John needs to listen to ground control and alter his trajectory or he is going to be plummeting back to the mainland real soon.

  65. PK, I don’t know, I think John first needs to take an inventory of things he needs to do… he’s never gonna last…

  66. Damn engineers are always making easy problems tough. Cut wood, tie wood together, place palm leaves on top, done!!

  67. Hi All! I’m new to this blog but have been watching Survivor since the beginning. Looking forward to ‘watching’ with you all!

    This season has a lot of potential and I’ve got high hopes for Betsy. She’s already suspicious of Russell but is keeping quiet about it. It really was a stupid move on Marisa’s part to tell him she didn’t trust him. Amateur move. I’m less hopeful for Yasmin, though. High heels on Survivor… Has she ever watched the show?!!!

  68. Reality Show Rule One: First person who outs the rat, is not long in the game…

    Laura… BB11
    Marisa… Survivor Samoa

    Frankly, Russell H might want to avoid any contact with the native Samoans lest he find himself wrapped in palm leaves simmering at the bottom of a luau pit.

  69. Hi every one!

    Gonadz…oil tanking is the processes of removing oil from ground to refinery.

    Russel stated he didn’t need the money just playing the game to show how easy it is to win. His ego is large. very large. On paper he does have over a million dollars but alot of people can say that. Add house, car, savings, 401, and anything in closets and it will add up. Doesnt mean he has it on hand. I think Russel will go far in this game. Don’t know if he can be in the final but this ‘make them weak and dependent’ plan is working. He looks good in comps and they falter.

  70. Barbi, thats what I thought…drive up to tank battery with truck, load oil take to refinery. aka truck driver. Since he isn’t in it for the money maybe he could buy some chrome for his trucking buddies. He just looks like the stereotypical truck driver.

  71. Where are the “POSTS” between 12:15 pm EST, and 4:34 pm EST?

    When I try to ‘refresh’, the last post I receive is 10:15 pm MST!

  72. OHMY can you imagine having a “friend” who says he controls you? And he controls his family which I guess is the wifey too? I wonder if she knows this? I don’t like ppl like this. From now on he’s going to be called Russevil………reminds me of my EX except not so rich and taller. . . oh and with hair.
    Poor marisa was catching on to his evilness and for everyone not to realize Russevil had TOLD each one of them how to vote? I mean you look around and see everyone almost, voting for the same girl because “oh she dare tell Russevil she was a bit weary of him?” He acts like he’s a god. I want his short flat a$$ out so i hope the other’s open their eyes. I can’t believe he poured out water and burnt their sox. Wish someone would be a step ahead of him. WoW Natalie looks like a disney character next to him…..HE has kids? ew

  73. I see my comment’s waiting moderation. I left comments in the BB blog then wonder if they were turned down? anyway I’d like to see another BB with This Russevil playing. I would enjoy THAT more than seeing him on Survivor. btw…I wonder if he has any daughter’s and if he’d like some guy calling them the ‘dumb blonde, dumb girl..you know..’

  74. Can’t wait to see Russell taken down. Anyone with an ego as large as his will fall, and fall hard. Good bye Russ.

  75. Russel is a mixture between Russel and Ronnie from Big Brother 11. He is very evil. I think he is playing his strategy too early because 2 people are already catching on to his game right after the second game is played. This could be his downfall.

  76. I agree about your comment about Russell using his stategy too early. If you look back to Survivor: Micronesia, Joel, the huge fireman, was playing way too hard way too quick. He did not last last too long. I think that if there is another strong personality within the group that can catch on soon, we will see him gone sooner rather than later. If not, he will be around for awhile.

  77. If you think about it though, Russell’s strategy could work well up to the “merge”. If the tribe goes on a winning streak, he obviously has nothing to worry about. However, if he depletes his team of water and other basic camp necessities required for survival, he is only going to aggrevate his tribemates and get them all riled up. Then, they will just vote off who is making camp life miserable or who is not performing well at challenges. Russell should not fall into any of the categories until the merge unless he gets caught.

  78. BARBI…….are you an oil field expert? WHERE do you get the idea that 90% of all holes drilled for oil are dry? LOLL i guess you think they just drive out somewhere and start drilling a hole where ever? ever hear of a thing called TECHNOLOGY? we’ve come a long way from the old days…they know EXACTLY where to drill. ya’ll need to stop obsessing over Russell….ITS A SHOW! who cares what his personality is? you dont have to live with the man. he’s playing the game! change the channel if you think he’s so disgusting…i can think of a million other things in real life that you can get all worked up over……………..geez

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