When in Samoa, do like the Samoan’s. Sit back and watch Survivor!

‘Survivor Talk': Kelly on weeping after getting blindsided by Russell

I’ve been watching Survivor for years and couldn’t list 10 people I remember from past years. Good, bad, indifferent, love him, hate him, Russell Hantz will be hard to forget. The man is playing one of the best games ever played. He has lied, and stolen but so far hasn’t cheated at anything. He plays hard at the challenges but has had the Foa Foa bad luck. His sense of the game has led him to find 2 HII’s without the benefit of a clue. He knows the game, but is a little lack in his social game play. He seems to play like it’s a business but the customers aren’t all willing to buy what he has.
The Medusa touch however is ready to put the SS curse on Russell and get him a free van ride to the Jury hide-a-way. She looks willing to lead with an iron fist and step on anyone in her way.
The 7 dwarves, now 6 with the demise of Snow White are going to Hi Ho, Hi Ho were with the witch ya’ know. And there may be descention among them. Sleepy, Dopey, Sneezy, Doc seem to walk around in a daze. While Goofy is following the Three Blind Mice and the Farmer. His wife stayed home for this adventure, so no tails will be cut off!
The Grand Pu-bah Probst is enamered  and amazed how the Fairy Tale is going. We now have to see who lives happily ever after.

232 thoughts on “When in Samoa, do like the Samoan’s. Sit back and watch Survivor!”

  1. I should change my avatar. Don’t want to get PK started. Recognize those PK? ………. it’s obscene. :roll: :lol:

  2. aggie… According to Cynthia, she suffers from multiple age syndrome… Very common in anybody over 40.

  3. When I turn 18 AGAIN on January 17 (Ben Franklin and me) only the dreaded mirror will lie and say I’m 67 and distort the real me to conform to what it thinks I should look like.

  4. WE can all be young at heart thats all i can say.

    Aggie… You can and will say MORE as always, admit it.

  5. Fp2… You, aggie and JT aka JR are happening but JT better quit messing around with Laura. His last avitar is a pic of his face after staring at her boobs for more than a minute without my permission.

  6. fp2… Is JT’s distorted round yellow blob avitar with one black eye the N stars logo? If so, get a graphic designer Minnesota

  7. How about the more “PC” Laura?…. PK prolly liked the cut down one better! :lol: …Ted, this is another one from BB11.

  8. JT… I knew I saw a “Terminator Smiley” but it was also the curse I put on you for staring at Laura’s boobs for over a minute with out my permission.

  9. Jt… That line will have to wait. I’m next up in the Laura line and there is no way I’m giving up my spot.

  10. I found today’s video interesting. Kelly complaining that she played the game the right way. WTF? What is the right way to play? ….whatever keeps you in the game!! She said Russell doesn’t deserve to be there. I can’t think of anyone more deserving!! I guess it’s just sour grapes.

  11. I’ll put my face up temporarily as an avatar. When you see me, slap away PK… then I’m going back to other pics!! :lol:

  12. aggie… Wife is fine. Just now beginning her two hour prep for one of her (whatever you call her niece’s child’s) birthday parties we are going to this afternoon.

    Birthday girl is Gracie who will be 5 and when I complimented her on her cute earrings a while back her response was, “They’re pierced earrings” with Gretta Garbo flair. How cute! WTF!

  13. Thanks JT, I’m just learning all those family terms. I paid for my step-daughter’s boob job ONLY if she promised me that there would NEVER be any kid of hers calling me Granddad so long as I live. We’ll see if she holds up her end ’cause my end of the deal is holding up quite nicely.

  14. Come on PK, I look forward to being a Grandpa….. not yet though. My son is 20 and not quite established enough to even think about kids. My daughter is 17 and I’ll go to prison for murder if she makes me a Grandpa any time soon! (Not her….. the little SOB responsible!)

  15. You wanna slap me, so I give you a shot. Now you want Laura’s assets to stay? WTF? Make up your mind.. :lol:

  16. JT… I don’t need to be called Grandpa, my wife already has one of our bedrooms decorated, furnished and awaiting the decision, pink or blue for the paint, hoping her daughter Jamie won’t keep her promise to me.

  17. JT… Fortunately for me, short term at least, is that Jamie dumps boyfriends more often than I dump the trash.

  18. Well here everyone is… i was still in yesterday’s posts… so I will paste my post from there here, because I’m too lazy to type it again…


    Interesting Logos… Utah Jazz…. that was a while ago. And JT… is that Houston Oilers? AND incidentally, I know you all think I’m perfect, but I have made a typo on occasion. Sorry JT!

    The Foas were right to get rid of one of the girls, because Laura is dangerous. I think they wanted to get rid of TGO so bad they dismissed the Nattalie idea. If he finds another, then something is rigged.

    33f in Friday Harbor & Cloudy… Hope PRINCESS is warm inside because it’s really cold there.

  19. It’s only a phase… she’ll outgrow it and then you’ll be “Granddad”….. whether they call you it or not.

  20. aggie… make fun of JT and make sure he responds every time so I get plenty of Laura boobs before I have to leave for the birthday party.

  21. BTW… Where is BB Blogger? Not a Survivor fan I take it, but in charge of this site I guess? SAL needs the red pen. Have to go watch Dalton’s interview with Kelly now.

  22. Ted, I did have “my” Houston Oilers logo up. I also had Mpls Lakers & North Stars….. all have moved away :sad: I knew what you meant by JR… no harm. JR sounds kind of cool…. maybe I’ll change my last name to something starting with R. :cool:

  23. Some see Oilers, some see boobs, some see North Stars… Anybody see me yet? I’m still waiting to get slapped.

  24. Well, forget the has been teams and put the boobs again. Did you say Laura from a BB show? Certainly not our Laura…

    Good idea about AGGIE’s autography PK. All I know, is that she is a blond living in Chicago who can’t type. AND, thinks Dave is cute!?!?

  25. No, you are right JT… but, we live to see the red X! However, it will be a sad day when it’s on Russell. Don’t want Laura to get one either.

  26. I want Russell (TGO) to stay as well….. Laura, not so much. I got a hunch that you would have been a Chima, Russell, Ronnie, Jessie, and Natalie fan if you had watched BB11.

  27. Ted… aggie can type, she just needs to get her caps lock key fixed and refine her run on sentences. But we do have to always remember, she is blonde.

  28. Good one PK… how are you typing in bold?

    Laura is a cute one all right… but, Jordan is really cute. Didn’t she win?

  29. PK, as long as you are learning all those “family terms”….. here’s one… W I F E. …we can look at Laura too! Can’t see over your head though… Down in front!!

  30. Ted. To bold, begin with left arrow then b then right arrow. To end bold, type left arrow then back slash then b and finally right arrow.

  31. Hey… it works… thanks you guys. AGGIE… PK is right… now, the Caps Lock Key is the BIG one to the left of the A Key

  32. Ted, you only need the 2nd command if you want it to change back to normal words…. that’s what the / does.

  33. I found the BB Code page. Do all those codes work here? Maybe I can figure out how to post a photo… I did it once, but forgot how.

    BIG TV event here today. Every year when the first freeze hits, everyone is surprised and there are a ton of spin outs on the freeways around Seattle. And the news stations are all over it. Luckily no one is hurt… lots of great pics.

  34. Ted get it right, if dave had a makeover he would be cute.

    And if aggie were a brunette, she could be a rocket scientist, maybe

  35. This is fun… even though I’m not the one getting picked on! Tell ‘em aggie! Don’t put up with that sh#t!! :lol:

  36. Gotta run gang… BBL. Aggie, don’t let those two get away with talkin’ smack!! Nobody puts aggie in the corner!

  37. Got to go to birthday party… later

    Aggie’s got Ted along now
    maybe they can work it out some how how.


  38. A…..G…..G…..I…..E (That’s a ‘Stella Scream’ from Streetcar) are you still here? Is it just us alone? Did you watch Dalton’s interview with Kelly? Love those. I think she is really a sweetheart and a natural beauty. Didn’t really get much airtime… and interesting what she said about not wanting to create a character. Too bad she got the boot through no fault of her own. And how fun to see Courtney… one of my all time faves… Do hope she is on S-20 with TGO!

  39. Do you guys enjoy screwing with aggie? I’m not blonde but I definately have my problems with typing and spelling. Not
    everone is created equal. :sad: Hell….half of the time when you are talking….I’m lost. Especially PK and Sal. And three on
    one is not fair fighting. Next time aggie ….give me a holler…
    I’ve got your back. Ted….you’re not usually like this….what
    happened? :roll:

    BTW JT….I do see your face. Slap away aggie!!! :lol:

  40. JT… Lucky guy. If fp2 can see your face and I can only see Laura’s boobs, you must be in heaven….

  41. Birthday party over. 22 kids and only one trampoline. Foetunately, I was inside with the sane few watching the Ole Miss vs Tenn game.

  42. I thought I was being nice to AGGIE… she is without a doubt my favorite girl from Chicago! That is a pic from when I played Hamlet in a college production. I only see the Oilers logo for JT. When is FRANNIE going to put up an avatar??? I only see the silhouette for you JT… tried to find you on fb… no luck. How was the Birthday Party?

  43. Ted….no pics of me. I don’t want to scare anyone away
    from here. Not on facebook. I don’t want to get addicted
    like my daughter. Just kidding. Do you want me to get fired at work? I’m playing more than I work.

  44. Actually I am about to leave again and watch a movie on LMN with my wife AT HER REQUEST!

    I really am not a big football fan.

    Unless it’s Lingerie football and, unfortunately, I don’t have the channel that covers that league.

  45. See ya PK.

    Thanks for the suggestion. That who I wanted but my
    grandson said KC. That’s his fav. team.

  46. Yes FRANNIE, but I work for myself. I’ve heard that PK… would love to be 1/10 of the cool Jack is.

  47. Ted….I get my work done by 10:00 and then it’s
    play time. I’m a good designator….I’m no dummy… :roll:

  48. Well, more power to you then FP2… this place wouldn’t be the same without you! No I really have to go! Enjoy the movie PK… you aren’t fooling anybody with the ‘AT HER REQUEST!

  49. PK… thanks… haven’t seen that in years. One of the classic scenes. What movie did you watch this afternoon?

    AGGIE… Why are you picking on me???

  50. My daughter went to see Paranormal Activities last night
    and when she got up this morning….she was pissed at me.
    She was not able to sleep last night. I didn’t think it was
    that bad, but she said she’s the one that sleeps in the
    basement where most of the stuff goes on. It took her an hour an a half to fall asleep. Ahhh!!!! I hear some when I’m
    down here on the computer, but I just keep typing away.
    I ignore the sounds, even when it sounds like someone
    just got into her bed. We have lived here over 10 years
    already. I’m not about to move out now.

  51. PK…if I’m not mistaken….you brought up the flagpole
    story. She’s just wanting you to add to it.

  52. Ted… Movie was “DO YOU KNOW ME” on LMN

    SYNOPSIS: A shocking secret from the past jeopardizes the life of a young woman.

    I had seen it before but it is a great “B” film where you really can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys until close to the end.

  53. fp2… I had a Paranormal Activity years ago. Lisa and Judy were both sort of normal as I recall, but it has been a while now.

    Then I saw a paradox on the Chesapeake Bay. One had been torn up by a recent storm though.

  54. Ted…I took your advice and took Oakland. I hope
    you are right. I need to win….I’m the one that does
    all the work and gets it all together and I get NOTHING…

  55. fp2… I fly into O’hare occasionally so maybe if i keep it up, some time in the future the person holding up the “Knudsen” sign will be a sensuous blonde instead of the usual “multinational” English optional driver.

  56. Sal…..everytime I refresh, my screen goes back to your
    pic. I think you’re stalking me along with Ted. :roll:

  57. FRANNIE… I’m shocked that you make your daughter sleep in the basement. Dark and dank with only one way out… no wonder the poor thing is frightened.

  58. My grandson needs to get better by next Thursday. He is
    having surgery on his shoulder and they won’t do it if he’s
    sick. His shoulder keeps going out.

  59. Hi AGGIE, at least you are talking to me, and you are right I do love it! But I’m at a loss as to this… I’m going to have to phone a friend or poll the audience… don’t know if I like all the f’s at the end. The a’s could be bad too. Anyone???

  60. My granddaughter is over for a sleepover tonight… watching Spongebob and eating a Banana Split. Of course Grandpa’s is her favorite place to go!

  61. I am stunned that you guys could not figure it out, and im suppose to be the dumb blonde, pretty funny to me.One big clue is their are no curse words involved . and of couse it has to do with sex.

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