“When in the course of human events ….

…………We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We are pursuing our right of Happiness to root for our favorites in these games. They call them Reallity but I belive they should be called harsh, brutal and sometimes inhumane. People for the love of fame or money get themselves subjected to UNreal events, games and punishments for the sake of entertainment. Broadcast networks make large advertising income from them, we blog about them. The participants sometimes suffer through them. We patiently and/or impatiently await the night they are broadcast so we can watch them and yell at the screen when they do something stupid or sit in disbelief when a little rotund man finds HII after HII, without a clue. Then as his competition sits around he finds the third one when a clue shows exactly where it is and gets overpassed by a tall balding skinny man.

Now, as the game renews is efforts, they get to bid for the right to win a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Pleeeeeease give me a break!  Hold on to your dough and wait for the really, really good item at the end of the auction!

Twists, turns, challenges and a peanut butter sandwich are awaiting us as the next installment of  .. “As the Suvivor Samoa Turns.” Get ready for Jury member 4 to be elected (or evicted) on “The Gnome Knows”

Two more days, 60 hours till the Harsh , Brutal and Inhumane action begins again. “Lets Get Ready to Rumble in the Jungle”

354 thoughts on ““When in the course of human events ….”

  1. This blog is the pits, it seems like most all the people who post on it don’t even care about Survivor, they just want to talk to each other. I wish you would respect the reason why it’s here. So many times I have looked at the comments and all it says are comments like “I’m first” and “I’m second” – it’s just so selfish that we have a blog to talk about Survivor and all most people are doing is talking to other bloggers about themselves. That’s not the reason we have it. Please find a chat room so you can all hang out with yourselves and the rest of us can talk about Survivor. Thank You.

  2. So I get this e-mail today that tells me that I have a new signature left on my Classmates page. I check it out and look who slipped in under the cover of darkness …

    William Thomas (aka Snakebit Sal)
    Birthday: November 10 School: Beaver Falls Area
    High School
    Beaver Falls, PA
    Class of 1970 Interests: Channel surfing Galleries/museums Movies

    Now if I could just get Frannie McCollum, Class of 61, to sign in and say that we are still good despite our nasty breakup the summer of 1960 before I left for BYU.

    Good morning Sal…

    How much did my ex number ? pay you to find me? :shock:

  3. Like I said before Aggie, it’s just not the same as the BB one.
    Things are going down hill fast here!

  4. Georgia… Even the New York Times abandons its pledge “only the new fit to print” frequently to have a little fun and recognize, as must we all, that the First Amendment is still on the books.

  5. Georgia, et. al …………. looking at those other SS Blogs, there might be a comment every 5 or 10 days. Also, they don’t post a new Blog story everyday either. If it’s just Survivor info you want, just ask. We are knowledgeable on the subject or just go to those other blogs. I’m sorry we don’t meet your standards!

  6. Aggie… In case anybody asks, since you are our blog’s designated survivor blonde who I’ve I never talk down to you, but instead just on occasion address you with a blonde accent. I don’t even raise my voice an octave and say here kitty kitty, here’s do wa wa when my cats are thirsty. I don’t talk down to anybody.

    Look closely, Georgia. there is a survivor reference in the above paragraph…

  7. You never did Aggie, because I never have talked down to you or anybody else, with intended emphasis on anybody else.

  8. Thanks for the Elimination Station, Sal. I can barely remember the couple talking about getting married, but I did like them. Nice to see that Lance is still a jerk. And, also good to see that Mika has her own room. Thinking it’s Barbie & Ken barring a bad cab ride. She showed great composure with the Franz challenge. I’m pretty sure I would have recognized the Kafka connection with the phone room and the supervisors. Like PK said about Gen-x… times have changed. And, of course I’m used to a Z at the end of a name.

  9. Not mad at anybody Aggie, but just a bit disappointed perhaps that there are some on this blog who, despite Brian and Ericka’s less than stellar performance during the race hope they win just because they are a mixed couple and have allegedly experienced “hardships.” I didn’t buy into that reasoning yesterday and still don’t. Too bad it turned into such a verbal foray.

  10. aggie… Root for them because you like them as many do and that’s what fans are all about.

    I think Ericka is without a doubt the sexiest female in the race and am still wondering what she was drinking the night she hooked up with Brian. Just my assessment though.

  11. Aggie… looking as good as Ericka does, she can get away with an occasional bitchy fit and it’s fine by me.

  12. Holly didn’t start it I did… so I am ending it… it was just a lil point that got blown out of proportion. (((Big Hugs)))…. oooh the countdown until Thursday can’t wait. I missed the Bach but watched House.. hey aggie never got the email :(

  13. As long as it’s in small caps Franniep2… you all know who TGO is.

    Agree with Aggie about Brian… I thought Erika was a babe and Brian a total whiney jerk… but he has grown on me, and I think he is probably a lot of fun to be around. Her, maybe not so much. My favorites in the race are Barbie, Brian and Dan. (Sam’s the cry baby right?)

  14. Aggie… I think that what pushed Holly’s buttons was when she mentioned that Brian and Erica are a mixed couple and, therefore, experienced hardships. I replied with my typical wit, about Tiger Woods and his wife, the most recent “hardship” couple in the news. Holly didn’t laugh and everything went downhill from that point on. Oh well.. Today is another day, right?

  15. TGO stands for The Great One… as in Russell the greatest player (in my opinion) to ever play Survivor.

  16. Ted…..
    As long as it’s in small caps Franniep2… you all know who TGO is
    Why are you telling me this?

  17. The pic is one of Laura from the same site as the one of Russell on your blog. I thought it was a nice pic of her.

  18. Has anyone ever noticed that in the photos of the Survivors above… everyone is smiling, except Russell? He had his game face on before the game started.

  19. Hey Aggie thanks for sticking up for me!! I tried to make up with Pk but he doesn’t want to so that’s his loss! Anyway, I want the link you sent to Liz, I need some eye candy, too!!

  20. Hey Ted, I’m with you about Brian growing on us! Erica can be a tad bitchy sometimes but Brian was sooo funny when he did the Franz roadblock and was all excited that he even did it drunk (on 1 shot)!

  21. I am a big BB fan and followed over to this blog to keep up with all the news. I cannot believe that anyone would complain over something that is free. The blog is free to be read if you want to and contribute to but also it is a choice to read just like anything on TV you do not have to choose to watch or read in this case. I just really got tired of reading all the complaints each and everyday. If I do not like something I avoid it; who am I to complain about something that is a free service.
    So thanks to those who spend their valuable time to keep those of us who want to read to be able to do so.

  22. I’m like SO in the dark. lol.
    I don’t read in here enough to really know what’s going on.
    Just so much ‘crap’ to deal with off line.
    anyway i think if survivor was on twice a week instead of once we’d be talking about it more, don’t you? It seemed pretty easy to talk about BB alot.
    btw…when is the next AR becuz i may try to watch it….i’ll try.
    I know this is a survivor blog but it’s hard for me to say more than what i’ve said until i see the next show. I just hope Nat doesn’t get booted off…I’d be happy to see russ or sham go.
    (don’t hit me)
    PK….also..this frannie Mc………….that’s my last name (maiden) just sayin’.
    you all have a great day though here it’s half over. :)

  23. Tendr… My high school girl friend was Frances McCollum who graduated from Bladensburg HS, in Maryland. She lived in Kentland Maryland throughout high school. Any Relation?

  24. DonnaP… Nobody who regularly participates in this blog is afraid to enter. Coming here is something our bloggers do as time permits, some having considerably more time than others. Subjects vary as well. If, for example, The Biggest Loser or any of the soap operas were the major subjects of this blog, I would have planned my exit strategy long ago. Fortunately, several of the reality shows I watch regularly are always open for discussion. Additionally, I have made many friends on this blog, some still here and many will more than likely rejoin the group when BB12 gets underway.

    That’s what I think anyway…

  25. Yes knotty..i had said it in the past blog..i went back to it and yes i copied it and put it in favs. i just have reg tv so i don’t get that many channels but i do have a few things i watch. our best tv time (well, mine) seems to be from one a.m. to 4.
    my days and nights are mixed up.
    HI DONNA…since i don’t really know the conversations going on in here..just skim through mostly i always feel out of place but why stop now huh? lol.
    PK, i don’t know if we could be related. I have a huge family and don’t even know half of them. But i was raised in Ok. where i am now. I just rarely see that name.
    hubby works real early in the a.m. then comes home any min. then leaves again for pt job. so i fix him something to eat. so i best run and i’ll ck in later.
    i tend to read alot online and work out during shows i watch. trying to get ahold of my daughter but she’s not answering. i know the baby had a drs app yesterday (serious deal) and i don’t know why she hasn’t returned the call. makes my tummy hurt.

  26. You thought right Aggie… I still like Cheyne and Meg to win the Amazing Race because they have run the best race overall and deserve to win for that reason and no other. Anything can happen during the final lap, however, so it ain’t over ’til Barbie sings, lol

  27. Aggie… Frannie is having a bad day today and that’s why she has been absent. She misses everyone and will be back soon, I’m sure.

  28. Hello PK, Aggie, Tendr & all. Where did you guys go?? I’m here ealry for a change, at least for me it’s early, & everyone is STILL gone. WTF?? :mrgreen:

  29. I’m just the same old Phillip for better or worse. Just making sure I back out of my driveway VERY carefully at 2:30 am from now on though.

  30. Yes that kind of worries me too Aggie—JT missing is a bad sign. I wish I knew how to find him. Well hell—-what am I saying—AC knows I’m sure :lol: but somebody definitely NEEDS to check on JT. Heck even Princess was posting one day—-I think yesterday. But JT —still AWOL. :sad:

  31. As far as the amazing Race goes i really think its probably between Meghan and cheyne and the brothers, either one could win but i would rather see Brian and erica get it.

  32. Aggie… Folks who speak ill of me personally, not my opinions on any subject, and sarcastically refer to me as God, do not make the best friends. Not mad though. Just a bit more cautious in the future.

  33. Ya know–I might have to watch the AR —-I did once, serveral seasons ago, & it made me mad so I didn’t watch anymore. Things just seemed so off balance for EVERYBODY that I gave up & changed the channel. But I might give it another shot since almost everyone on here watches it.

    Aggie—I DID watch SYTYCD & I was rather impressed with it. Very talented people there. Damn—I think it’s on tonight right?? Let me go check my guide!! I’d hate to miss it after last week. YES THANK YOU ALL KNOWING AC FOR HOOKING ME UP WITH SYTYCD!! :lol:

  34. OK—I just read where someone called PK God. I must have skimmed over that in my reading trying to catch up. My goodness—-I have missed a lot. Let me check my guide for SYTYCD then I MUST read closer to get to the bottom of this. :lol:

  35. My prediction for NCIS tonight… Jethro and his NCIS crew will catch the killer, I just don’t know who that is yet so I will have to watch to find out.

  36. I’m baaack. :lol: Ok someone explain to me why SYTYCD is on for 2 1/2 hours tonight. I don’t know how they do things on this show yet.

  37. alllllllllllrighty then—going to catch up on re-reading things. BBL after Presidential Address & SYTYCD!! Have fun guys & gals.

  38. NCIS repeat, boo. I already know what happens. Looks like another Law and Order SVU repeats marathon tonight. I’ll let Aggie give me the Canned brief on SYTYCD tomorrow.

  39. Survivor time… I think the producers should have added a special event before the immunity challenge that air this Thursday. Russell should have been given two hours to recapture the chickens alive or surrender his immunity idol just before the council. He would have been allowed to pick one tribe member to assist him in the challenge. That would have been worth watching over and over again.

  40. DonnaP… I’ve had e-mail communication with Frannie today and MTH-End @ work is the least of what she is having to deal with now beyond the normal stress of the Holiday Season. Frannie is strong and will be back just as soon as she can…

  41. Holly about the website you wanted, i dont think Sal would appreciate me mentioning it. But i can tell you how to find it. Just Google Nude Pics of Russell Kairouz of BB 11 , and that site will tell you the website also Jesse is on their Braden Bacha also.

  42. Did I hear nude pics of TGO..ohh Russell from BB. Hey FrannieP hope all is good. I guess sytycd will come on after Pres Obama is done speaking.

  43. Donna I wouldnt want too look at Russell from survivor ,what a sight that would be ,he is probably little everywhere if you know what i mean.

  44. Aggie… I talk to all my friends… I’ve just been more concerned about Frannie today. Family time though for the rest of the evening. Keep up the good rapport everybody…

  45. Hi Kids!!! Got a sec to chat, then have to straighten my house up for Isabel so we can watch SYTYCD!

    Hi Girls!!!

    DonnaP… even I don’t want to see TGO naked!

    Philip Knudsen… so it ain’t over ’til Barbie sings Funniest line I have heard in along time… Should be in the SSB Hall of Fame

    Aggie… what’s your e-mail?

    Frannie… how’s my BFF? Stay Strong!!!

  46. AGGIE… I suggested you go on facebook… will be glad to give you tips. Don’t you want to see FRANNIE’s grandson? I’m still working on her. If you don’t like it… quit… it’s free. And I want to be your first friend… then Frannie… then God… then we’ll tell you how to get Sal.

  47. Oh aggie facebook is so easy but beware, its’ very addicting! and I’m not going anywhere either so don’t worry!!

  48. Wow… you girls are on gmail!!! Fantastic Holly… a nice Italian girl who likes to cook! I figured my BFF was Italian but started to wonder when she said she didn’t cook… I still love her thought!

    Aggie… I’m sending you a very nice Picture… just for you! Easy answer to e-mail you don’t like… Laugh like Hell and hit DELETE,!

  49. aggie trust me, you won’t need any help with facebook, it is super easy, just do like Ted said and follow the instructions

  50. Russell is really super good with the game ,but i would never find him hot ,i dont like the accent either he sounds like a hick.

  51. I already grabbed it aggie and I’m gonna send you a pic of the cutest little baby in the world who my hubby and I refer to as the “g-baby”

  52. I had to e-mail a friend, Holly… Yes, I think Russell is moving on with his plan to incorporate more Galus. He will feed Dave’s ego and Dave will follow him. Now… how many people will Russell show his third idol to? Or will he keep this one secret? And who will fall for the peanut butter cookie or donut and glass of milk which will probably be first on the food auction. Of course, the best example of that was Heidi and Jenna… even though it wasn’t an auction…LMAO!

  53. I don’t do facebook. my ex and his ‘perfect’ (his words) wife and my kids are in there. i’m still in ‘myspace’. i don’t even use a cell phone. sometimes i just say i live in a cave that has internet.

    i’m watch’n sytycd…..i feel like jaba the hutt (did i spell that correctly?) i’d get up and work out but my dog’s asleep in my lap and snoring away. (ok, so it’s a lously excuse)

    I wish they showed Survivor 2x a week. I still think Russ should be in the next BB. Don’t you? :)

  54. tendr… I would watch for sure!!! Waiting for my granddaughter to get her so we can watch sytycd too. I’m with you on 2x a week Survivor!

  55. Hey AC… not on here yet… Anxious to see new pairings… Elenore & Jakob sounds strong… I really liked Ashley and Jakob together.

    How about the game last night!!! Saints were in the zone!

  56. Who is Legacy’s partner? Did you see that crab walk or whatever the hell he called it last week?

  57. I forget her name. But yeah he did that crab walk in his audition, and i think that helped him make it to the show. BTW, his solo routine tonight was really good too.

  58. Man, people can’t stop talking about the Saints here. It’s Saints fever. 8) That was a statement game. To be the best, you gotta beat the best. And we put it on them last night. I couldn’t believe Bill Belichick waived the white flag with 5+ minutes left in the game :shock:

  59. Hi DonnaP… He’s my favorite guy… I would like Ashley to go far and Ryan to get the boot… something about that guy bugs me.

  60. Ted I checked out facebook, i dont think its for me. If you want to correspond do it through E- mail. I will be sending you one as soon as i can.

  61. Sadly, it doesn’t always work out like that. I thought Brandon was clearly the best last season, but lost to Jeanine. He and Janette were my favorites last season.

  62. DM, just recieved many E-mails which im assuming you sent since you said you would I want you to know they were unopened no one is going too give me a virus YOU ASSWIPE, so think again.You ought to get out of the Dungeon more, its screwing with your head.

  63. Hey Aggie… you have to do facebook! It’s actually pretty fun! Got your email address and saw the Russels LM…. LOL! I have Aggie and Ted on mine.

  64. DM, are you kidding me , I really did not think their was someone BSC on here, but dude you take the cake,I did not open E-mail not even of Russell Kairouz Naked.

  65. aggiebabe1@hotblondechicks.com

    Yo Babe, I just hijacked PK’s identity and now that I have your e-mail, I want you to know that you will never get any virus from me unless I sneeze within 10 feet of you, hold your hand and you don’t sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm when you wash your hands afterward or I kiss you when your friend isn’t looking.

    ps. I’m 6’6″, unwrapped eye candy and, available only for you and if your friend reads this please tell him I am the cover picture on your favorite Harlequin novel.

  66. Good Morning peeps,
    OK so one more day to go before Survivor and I cant wait.
    I think it will be a good one with Jaison finally winning something. SYTYCD last night was awesome..oh what a talent is Jakob, he should win it all.

  67. Liz… Electronically controlled oops! Big time… Anchors are supposed to report the story, not become the story on a billboard.

  68. 37f and clear in Friday Harbor… Hi all… DonnaP, I agree that Jakob should win at this point. And, for me, Ashley for the women.

    Hey PK, I went to hotblondchicks.com and could not find her???

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