Which Russell is truly the evil one?

Descension among the purple people eaters has begun. Is the Chief truly a big cry baby who is ready to take his ball and go home so his friends can’t play? Russell is more overbearing than truly ruly, he needs to lead and not dictate what is going on.

Facial expressions in this video is worth a thousand words, watch it closely.

This game is now getting interesting. The worms are starting to turn and peoples opinions of others will now start to develop and alliances against each.

The rain is the newest endevour to overcome. How will the tribes plot and scheme if they can’t/won’t leave there castles. Tribal votes could all depend on performance. A good, as well as a bad performance might cost them the game.  Do they now get rid of the weakest link in the tribes or start getting the biggest threats?

I do not envy them and the conditions they are suffering through. These are worse than the Navy puts Seals through during their intensive training. Just try sleeping with rain constantly falling on you, hell just trying sleeping in a tent with a leak. I know that one is tough, I have done it a few times. I even was lucky enough to be in a tent when a very windy storm blew through a state park I was camping in and it scared the sh….t out of me. Think it’s fun getting out of a collapsed tent in a driving rain storm?

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  1. VERY interesting SAL, I could easily see galu overthrowing RUssell, Their is definitely tension between Russell and Dave, I can really see them taking out Russell and I think its a good Idea.But unfortunately they will probably take shambo out first, her I like ,i would feel bad about that.Ok , Master P, as soon as your ready to tell the Jack warden story Ill be back later to read it. MOrning everyone Its 8:32, on away to cold morning.

  2. You got up too early this morming aggie, good morning from a cool and comfy Houston this morning
    56º cool and breezy, mostly sunny

    ¿ º 8-Þ

  3. I agree the rain makes this game interesting. And as for me saying this is/was a snoozefest, I haven’t cared about Survivor for three years. It is S.S.D.T. (same stuff different teams), and yes, at times in those three years there were high points. I haven’t watched closely because I hadn’t become truly invested till the merge in more than three years but I do know what is going on. And, I am serious that I find P.K. to be a most interesting fellow, and I do enjoy reading all of the comments here…

  4. Good morning all…..looks like I missed a fun night last
    night. You folks had too much fun. Sorry I missed it.

    It’s 11:32 in St. Peters, Mo. and we have SUN w/45 degrees

    Ok PK, you have us waiting for your next story.

    I’ll check back later….getting ready to watch some
    football. Rooting for Philadelphia…..GOOooo Eagles.

  5. Sal….Quick ?, do you know when we are on here? I often
    leave this up so I can come back to it later. If I’m at work,
    it’s usually behind other stuff so most people there can’t
    see what I’m up to. Just curious :)

  6. It’s kickoff time… now we’ll see just how over-rated the Vikes are. If they can handle the Ravens defense.. I’ll come around on them. fp2, I’ll be watching your team of the week (Eagles) at 3:00. When will I find time to enjoy a sunny 60 degree day.. I know we don’t have many left.

  7. Good afternoon all and Happy Sunday.

    Sal… My sister-in-law, Glenda, is married to a guy close to your age who was born and raised in Pittsburgh. His name is Michael Lucina and he, of course, is a die hard Steelers fan.

    Now aggie, for more on Jack (Lebzelter) Warden. To begin, I have to introduce the initial where and why and how I fit into the picture. During the 1970’s European Health Spa had locations all over the country. I knew the founder, Bob Rice, who was from Salt Lake City and is the Rice in Rice-Eccles Stadium where the University of Utah plays football thanks to his very large donation before European Health Spas and other of his ventures went belly up. The Eccles name is one of the oldest banking families in Utah.

    Bob Rice knew me as an athlete at BYU in the 60’s. When I returned to DC for law school, I interned at an IP law firm at Crystal Plaza, Virginia, near the US Patent and Trademark Office. The European Health Spa was located at the lower lever of Crystal Plaza and Bob Rice gave me a lifetime membership (the spas, not mine). I had taken up body building very seriously by the late 60’s if only to get the rest of my body to match up with my legs that were huge after 20 years of skiing, mostly competetive. By 1972, I made Jessie from BB11 look like a pimple by comparison. I was 6’2″ and weighed 225, and yes, I took steroids and anybody who gets that big, Arnold, Lou, Peter Lupo (remember him) included and claims they weren’t on steroids is LYING.

    With that preliminary stuff out of the way, many elebrities, wanna be body builders et all congregated at the European Health Spa at Crystal City when they were in town and I was the in house guy to try to match at any lift. Jack was much older than me, but he did try to stay in decent shape and I suggested certain exercises specifically for him. That is how we met.

    Now for how I really affected his life. During the disco mania of the late 70’s, Three very unique sisters accompanied me around the DC dance circuit. Their mother was an incredibly intelligent Black/Mayan/Spanish woman from Honduras working for the State Department and their father was one of those blond haired, blue eyed Germans who somehow found his way to Honduras after WW11 and now missing in action, again.

    The three sisters were Jenoveva, the oldest and my sort of GF with benefits, Jacqueline, and Marucha, the youngest. Each sister took on one of their mothers genetic characteristics blended with some Aryian. Jenoveva got the Mayan gene, Jacqueline got the Black gene, and Marucha got the Spanish gene.

    Next chapter… Jack Warden had separated from his wife and wanted to meet a sweet, sexy young lady to overcome his seven year itch that had become terminal years earlier. I had Jack accompany the three sisters and me out dancing one night, Jack took a serious interest in Marucha, she liked him and before I knew it the two of them were a couple separated by more years than I care to disclose and she stayed by his side until the day he died, even though Jack never divorced his first wife. Even though most reports at the time listed Marucha’s last name as Hinds, I remember the sister’s last name in the 70’s as more German like Hintz, Hinz or close thereto.

    So Aggie, Jack was really a nice guy, great character actor, generous to a fault, unlike many celebrity cheepos and the guy I introduced to his sweetheart of more than 25 years until he died in 2006.

  8. snake, ewww, sleeping in a TENT!!! i don’t even like RVs.

    my idea of strenuous activity is to hike to the top of Sak’s and charge my way down!!

  9. princess… I had a fun lunch at the Plaza Hotel many years ago with a trademark attorney representing your favorite hiking location, Saks Fifth Avenue. Seems his client had filed an opposition proceeding against a trademark application I had filed for my client, Saks Washington. Though my client’s first date of use clearly shown in the application was over 50 years before Saks (family name) Fifth Avenue opened its doors in the late 1920’s, somebody on their end failed to read carefully or forgot that first date of use trumps any similar mark filed thereafter. So when I mentioned to my new lunch buddy that I would immediately be filing cancellation proceedings against each and every Saks Fifth Avenue trademark registration unless his client’s opposition to my clients trademark application was withdrawn by the time I got back to DC. It was and he even bought lunch to show his appreciation for me coming all the way up from DC to meet with him. Even back then, you could stock your freezer for what a lunch cost at the Plaza.

  10. love the story, PK. i worked for almost 10 years for the “best” land use attorney in this area. i was his personal assistant. i understand attorneys, perhaps too well. interesting breed. i’ve always wondered how a JD seems to sutomatically accompany arrogance and entitlement (present correspondent excluded, of course!!) but not necessarily intelligence (except in respect to the lawyer i worked for, brilliant man!)

  11. I know that I’m the only one here who gives a sh#t about the Vikings (other than BBBlogger.. and he’s not even here).. Ravens driving for winning score

  12. Hey princess… Didn’t anybody ever tell you that a JD was the prerequisite to rational thought? I thought everybody knew that, lol… I know I heard that over and over again in law school.

  13. Spiked ball with 2 seconds left.. Ravens attempting winning FG (44 yards).. Timeout Vikings.. gotta “ice” the kicker.

  14. i can believe that! however, i now work for a philosophy major who is running a business…

    OM Moose! the education i’m getting…

  15. I’m Norwegian too (part)…. and Swedish, Irish, Scottish, and English.. a regular mutt (lol). Thanks for caring!

  16. my ex-h was half norw… i still don’t understand football. would like too. maybe someday someone can explain some of the subtleties of the game to me. like why do grown men put their heads down and crash into each other. oh, forgot, money.

  17. I know princess enjoys a good football play by play on here… right princess? Gotta check e-mail now.

  18. princess… the last philosophy major I knew personally was at the University of Utah and he took off in a U of U vehicle back in the 60’s with a 15 year old girl headed for Furnace Creek California, in the middle of Death Valley for a lifetime of payote and whatever you do when you are constantly high on it. Was a short lifetime in the desert, since he got arrested shortly after he and his teenie bopper arrived and he learned first hand all about what happens even to philosophy graduate students who commit statutory rape and violate the Mann Act. Dwight Goode was his name, though I’m sure he got a number in California.

  19. I learned something about college football yesterday. When the Florida Gaitors play at the swamp, home team advantage includes the fans and the officials. Arkansas had the game to lose, but the officials made sure just in case Arkansas’s kicker could find the uprights.

  20. AC, Saints hangin’ 48 on the Giants (the #1 defense in the NFL). Pretty impressive… don’t know that anyone can stop them.

  21. Awww PK are you insinuating that the officials have their own agenda? For shame. However, I can call it pretty often when I’m watching the play the first time and I’m not even there and they have to watch the rerun. It surprises my husband. The one thing they don’t call is tripping which irritates the hell out of me. I actually watched someone lift their leg (not that way) to trip someone in a replayed play and they didn’t even mention it in the broadcast booth. Saw it plain as day in the rerun but they were concentrating on whether someone had his knee down, he did. Isn’t tripping a penalty now? Did I miss something. Watch their feet when they are on the ground and they try to trip someone. Oh well, something to talk about. I love football! Saints kicked some A$$ today!!! Go Steelers!

  22. Good grief, my picture with my grandchildren is back. I tried to change the picture to my new puppy Gus but no, it’s my facebook picture. Go figure. What’s up with that anyway?

  23. Two nail-biters….St. Louis @ Jax and Balt. @ Minn. with
    each home team winning. That’s good for my sheet. So far,
    I lead the pack with number of wins. I can’t believe KC won.
    I can’t win them all I guess.
    I would love to see Tenn. win against New England. That
    would eliminate 2 people. So far….everyone is still in the
    suicide pool. At least for the early games.

    GOOOOoooo Eagles
    and Tenn., even though I have N.E to win, but so does
    everyone else.

  24. Just saw a Survivor clip and it showed Russell with hair knocking his lights out. Sounded like Jeff said it was the scarriest moment ever on Survivor. Didn’t look pretty.

  25. PK, the funny thing is I didn’t sign in with facebook. I guess I have to check what’s on the bottom below Leave a Comment. Sometimes it just puts my facebook stuff up.

  26. Thanks fp2. They are my loves.

    AC, I still see my granddaughter sacked out in the rocking chair on my screen.

  27. AC, he’s 11 months old and weights 70 pounds. Not so little in real life. He thinks he’s a lap dog though. He’ll still gain another 20 to 30 pounds. I wish I could see the pic. Oh well, eventually it should come around. Maybe I need to clear my cache yet again. :)

  28. haunted or mixed signals have gone beyond not really knowing what you want but expressing your desires anyway to blog land

  29. Great story as usual PK you never dissapoint, I could tell Jack was a good guy ,He just seemed like a cool guy to me. the biggest surprise was you taking steroids ,did you have any health problems because of that?

  30. aggie… steroids made me feel like I was having morning sickness so I stopped using them. I knew I shouldn’t feel that way all things considered…

  31. I cleared my cache and booted. One more try and then it’s great weather for a nap. :D

    About 68 degrees, a little foggy and some sun in Dana Point, CA. Good napping weather. Steelers aren’t televised out here. :cry:

  32. oh my good goodness. i never realized just how much football there was on one day. i just looked it up in my TIVO guide. how can anyone keep up with all that…

    i can barely keep up with all Smashbox Cosmetics new lip gloss colors!!!

  33. ok, i guess that’s as much understanding of the game as i can take it for one day. s l o w l e y, i change, step by step…

    cloudy day here, low ceiling. may be drizzling. hey AC, if you’re tired of football, i moved in 6 months ago and have one full room of boxes to unpack and put away… are you that bored, yet???

  34. 6 months ago and still have a full room of boxes? :shock:
    Sorry. Today’s my off day. Football all day. Plus another game later tonight. Plus The Amazing Race. Nope, can’t say I’m bored. :D

  35. back problems, Cole Train. lifting is an issue – and i’m a bit of a collector; a large collection of pink depression glass, several sets of china, 14 boxes of sce… oh, scrap that… you get the idea…

    i’m a bit of a girly girl. just the walk in closet and skin care took 3 days to organize. the cosmetics took 8 boxes to pack… i had to ask my boss if i could store my extra bedspreads and comforter sets in the office upstairs storage ’cause i ran out of room here.

  36. Update for princess, I am watching Eagles-Raiders. fp2’s pick for the week (Eagles) aren’t looking very good. Oakland is leading 13-9 with less than 4 minutes left. I’m still pullin’ for ya fp2….. How can Philly lose to Oakland? WTF??

  37. Eagles lose. Sorry fp2. I thought you picked a winner. I guess “On any given Sunday” remains true! (or Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday… I think Tuesday and Wednesday are the only 2 days that the NFL never plays on). Hard to believe that a team that was averaging 31 points per game could look that pathetic…. against the Raiders!

  38. My CBS station stuck with the 59-0 nail-biter. We haven’t seen a score like that in 33 years!!

  39. LMAO. The Bills were about to go for the winning Field Goal against the NY Jets. And in the background you can hear the stadium speakers playing “Under Pressure”, by Queen I think. He missed it. :lol:

  40. If the Jets lose, my daughter will be out too.
    My son is still in it….he picked Jax. When in
    doubt, go with the team playing the Rams.

  41. Gotta wonder…..If it ends in a tie, how will they score
    that in the suicide pool. It would not be a loss but it will not
    be a win either. Just wondering

  42. oh aggie, how can you say you hate sports? I live for
    football. Baseball is ok…hate Hockey and basketball.

  43. aggie…never did like the poker players. I think it’s because they are poker players and that’s what gnasty said she did.
    I always make first impressions. Once I do, there is no
    changing my mind. I am a hard headed Italian.

  44. Maybe I’ll watch Amazing Race for the first time tonight. That Tiffiny (or whatever her name is) I know is a royal pain in the ass…. on poker anyway. Last year at “The Main Event” (The Super Bowl of poker), she was rooting AGAINST all other women so that she could be the last one in it. She was, and she celebrated when the 2nd to last woman got knocked out. I’d like to watch her lose at something else!

  45. Wow what a play by play you guys had going on with the jets. I can’t even believe my used to be fave team the Raiders actually beat someone and it had to be the Eagles. :( I love football, basketball (my son refs locally), baseball is okay, volleyball I love(my daughter had a full ride scholarship to UC Santa Barbara), my hubby loves Nascar and I’m getting used to it, Hockey not so much (don’t know the game) but now figure skating, that’s the bomb as the kids say. It’s also the broad in me. :D

    BTW, my puppy Gus, if he ever shows up, is a Bouvier. My daughter bought him for me last Christmas because we had to put my other one down. I still miss him :cry: but this puppy sure keeps us busy. Two good walks a day and play time when it’s bed time of course. Gotta love your animals whatever you prefer.

  46. Does everyone remember my cat story? Peekie is
    17 1/2 and was very sick when I first started reading
    & blogging. Well, I’m happy to say, she is doing alot
    better, but she has been on antibiotics ever since.
    Whatever it takes to keep her with us and feeling good.

  47. justa, are you totally serious? tuesday and wednesday are the only days without FOOTBALL??

    oh my Bulwinkle. i’m suffering from testosterone poisening just thinking about it!! seriously? i thought my addition to diel coke with lime (NOT pepsi) and flully/frou-frou things was bad; but this scares the estrogen out of me. ok, that’s not possible, but i think i need to go check my lipgloss…

  48. I almost forgot….I hate to watch golf. BORING!!!
    Volleyball is ok to watch but I enjoyed playing when
    I was younger….in my 40’s.

  49. justa, regarding AR. it’s not rocket science. you’ll be fine…

    i really do like the show. there’s some manipulation but that’s to be expected by anyone trying to win a mil.

  50. ok, signing off before there are any AR spoilers. i don’t get to watch for another couple of hours and i’ve been working at home so monday will be an easier day, but the computer is really slow, not cooperating at all.

  51. Speaking of hockey… never was a fan as a kid growing up in Texas. Then we moved here in the summer of ’79. It was all about hockey here.. so as a kid of 13.. I had to try to get into it. If you recall, a mere 7 months later, they played a little tournament in Lake Placid (Feb ’80). Most of the team was from here.. and the coach, Herb Brooks. Watching the “Miracle on Ice” during the 1980 Olympics hooked me on hockey for life. No other game has that fast of a pace. It’s a great game.

  52. frannie, i’m sure justa wouldn’t take offense at that, he’s pretty nice about things like that and takes them into perspective…

    and i wasn’t criticizing when i said it wasn’t rocket science, either; justto be clear. i totally didn’t think about your comment when i wrote mine, so i hope you don’t take offense, either.

  53. Oh I know that fp2. I was just saying that I’ll try to catch up “on the fly”. I will use google if I have any questions though… Thanks.

  54. signing off too….Gotta get ready for AR.
    JT…after it’s over, come back and let us all know
    what you think. I will probably read it tomorrow.
    Not sure if I’ll get back here tonight.

  55. I have seen some clips of the show. They do have nice outfits. Can I just watch with it on mute? (LOL)….. sorry for that.. couldn’t resist!!

  56. JT, they dance to many of the in songs of the day along with show tunes, waltzes, etc. depending on the dance. But I agree with fp2, the eye candy for the guys you justcan’tresist. Yes, sure mute the TV. Just watch the beginning and see the outfits as they walk down the steps. Besides, the female dance instructors have bodies that are real because they can’t airbrush live TV. :D Try it, you like it if you like looking at million dollar bodies that sparkle, wiggle, sway, and shake all seductively and look good doing it, dancing that is.

  57. hey all u bb fans, a voice from your past.
    Sorry was not able to get into survivor, but keep up with your chats.
    I just wanted to drop in and share a bit of news.
    I am watching Really Awards, and they gave the award for the favorite duo to guesssssssssssssssss
    yes Jeff and Jordan, she has not changed an iota, lol
    still the same, Jeff had to remind her to thank all those at big brother.
    Well, that is the news for now, hope you all are well.
    take care and hope to chat with you all soon
    mama margie

  58. Thanks for that Margie! We miss you! Pop in and chat sometime. We don’t talk a lot of SS… as you can see!

  59. Next week looks like they get to have a lot of fun! How did this Mika girl ever think she should go on this show? Seems like a bit too much of a priss to be on there.

  60. Don’t look now Sal.. but the 6-0 Vikings are headed for Pittsburgh.. then they’ll come back 6-1.

  61. Just keepin’ it real AC.. I guess today showed us that anything can happen though. As far as the faith… the Vikes have taught us for 49 years not to get too excited. ’98 was the last time I bought into them. Randy Moss’ first year.. 15-1.. still couldn’t get ‘er done!

  62. Watching A R now. Also not happy to hear it might be Russell H who got hurt! Hope he doesn’t have to leave the game.

  63. Wow, really dead here tonight.. although we are approaching 200 comments. I guess the weekend must be over. I better get some sleep for the start of another work week… CYNTHIA, I guess this is your cue to show up now and get pi$$ed that nobody is here! :lol: :cool:

  64. Can somebody tell me how in the hell the Phillies can get
    more points than the Eagles? WTF!!! That just burns my a$$.
    How on moose’s green earth did they lose to Oakland :cry:

    6:24 in St. Peters, Mo. with a temperature of 39 degrees.
    Damn…is it Monday already??

  65. Hey Mama Margie, good to hear from you. Hope all is going
    good for you. Thanks for sharing some BB news.

    And JT….really??? Vikings WILL win at Pittsburgh.

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