136 thoughts on “Who will survive and make it to Sundays finale?”

  1. Jaison and Mick are really useless in the game. This challenge should have been a piece of cake for them. Hope they get the boot soon

  2. Yeah Shambo has class. I know there was a reason I liked her.hope she gets a new hairdo for the reunion show.

  3. aggie….he was just showing everyone he is confident
    that he will make it to the end. But your right, he better
    watch his back.

  4. aggie…how can you compare the two? Russell, even
    though he’s missing a tooth, looks better than Shambo.
    I can’t get past Shambo’s hair….time to chop it off

  5. Hello Frannie, Aggie, DonnaP and AC… Several insects only founf in Samoa are about to be imported to America in Shambos hair…

  6. Flavor Flav is an idiot. Of all the handsome black bachelors in America that is who the network chose.please

  7. oh aggie…please say it’s not some of the stuff you sent me.
    Oh my….Ted will freak out. Funny though

  8. yea aggie…and when those parts get built up we know
    what happens to the major parts….ya know what I mean

  9. hey…there is a football game on tonight. I wonder who’s
    winning. I picked Indy….but with my luck lately, they’ll
    probably lose.

  10. Where is everyone tonight.lately its like people are somewhere else..it all that additional stuff that BBBlogger added on here

  11. Donnap…I think alot haven’t seen Survivor yet. Funny, but
    it seems like on Thursday nights, not much is said here

  12. aggie…I’m going to check out the football score and
    then go watch some TV. Have a good one aggie.

    Peace out

  13. LOL @ Frannie. That stuff only works with AC. He seems to be the only one on here that can be summoned like that.

  14. perfect time to vote russ off but nooooooooooooooooooooo.
    never realized how cute brett and nat are together. yes i like them the best. i hope brett or nat makes it to the end. i just want to pinch jaison for trusting russ. it’s like they’re all so blind.
    oh well…i wanted sham off last week so was glad to see her go. Hope someone cuts off her hair..maybe she thinks it makes her strong?
    would like to be a fly on the wall at the ponderosa.

  15. Hey… good Survivor… Hi JT and Tendr… you still on? Flipped thru the comments quickly… After the big Shambo Loveathon at the start then the brain trust launched into something totally not Survivor. Did not care for any of the people those two were talking about.

    Of Course Shambo had to go. As soon as Brett won immunity that was a given, and she did exit with class. Will be fun to see what happens at Ponderosa. I’m sure they will be nice to her.

  16. Some thoughts from tonights Survivor:

    Lordy, Lordy look who played the religion card…!!! Boy those little Southern Girls sure fall hard for a smooth talker with a gilded tongue! Scared me for a moment, but she came back to the fold of TGO!!! I thought she was very sweet wishing them luck with their reward, which was very genuine.

    Loved the Challenges tonight! Very clever with the coconuts and rope. How about those leis at the reward… very cool.

    Did you see how Russell led the charge into the jungle at the counting challenge… had to play that back a few times. That guy can really move on those little legs!

  17. Hey JT… we are catching a Pineapple Express right now… 50F outside right now… Low of 48 tonight. Maybe some will blow your way… Lots of hot air coming out of the midwest tonight… mostly IL & MO!

    Foa Foa has got to get the immunity from Brett next show. Nat will stick with Russell for sure, and Mick and Jaison both think they are going to the F3 with Russell. But they do have to nail Brett. But, maybe Brett can sway Jaison and Mick to vote with him against Russell if he does win.

  18. Brett is the only reason not to vote Russell out right now. FF4 knows that if he makes it to the final, he just might win, with all his Galu friends on the jury. But if Brett wins immunity again, then Russell is in trouble. Because that would be the perfect time to vote him out, with no HII to play.

  19. I think Russell may need to win every IC left to get to the finals… Maybe not the very next one, as long as Brett doesn’t win it. But the next 1 or 2 after that for sure. I wonder if they will have a final 2 or final 3 this year.

    Go Russell

  20. Well Ted…if you’re getting the weather from Mo. and Il.,
    you’re not going to want anymore. It’s 34 degrees and
    we are expecting snow overnight. We may actually see
    a white Christmas this year. You know what we say here
    in St. Louis….if you don’t like the weather now, stick
    around a couple of hours. It can go from feeling like spring
    to winter in a matter of hours.

  21. I missed the first 15 min!!! ARGHHHH!! I was at my Autism Parenting Group and I started flipping out *inside my head* because I forgot to set the friggin TIVO!! The last 15min is Question Time and I was thinking if one more person asks a question I am going to scream…. I made it home by 8:15 but by then I felt the “Parent guilt” you feel when you kinda tune out on something…. but I watched Survivor anyways! So someone pleeeeeeeeeeease fill me in word for word, lol, okay not word for word, but as best as you can on the first 15 min. I walked in when Shambo, Jaison, & Russell were at reward.. which confused the hell out of me! And why did they say Nat picked Brett first OMG… I MISSED THAT???????

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